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TEMPERATURE. 3 p. m,—38 above. 3 a. m.—33 abova THE COLUMBIA KEPUBLICAN. . THE WEATHER. Cloudy, followed by rain, or snow Wednesday; Thursday clear­ ing, colder. VOLUME CII. Where You Read It First HUDSON, N. Y., T V m p A Y , NOVEMBER 8, 1921 NUMBER 10 REPUBLICANS WIN IN CXIUNTY, BUT HUDSON GOES DEMOCRATIC COUNCIL DEMOCRATIC OV MAIORIIV OF ONE M. J. Degnan Elected Preside nt of Common Council by Ma­ jority of 382—Four De mocratic and One Republican Supervisor Elected—Th ree Democratic and Two Re­ publican Aldermen Elec ted—Loss in Fourth Ward and of President, Turns Majority Democratic M ichael J. Deg-nan, for th e past rM a rtin Ten E y c k and John Lenehan itour years Supervisor of th e . F ifth jiwero j'eturned to th e ir seats in th e fW ard, was yesterday elected P r e s i - 1 F irst and Second. W a rds respectively ident of the Common Council on th e on the D e m o c ratic ticket. R a lph D e m o c ratic ticket by a m a jority of • H a m m , present Supervisor of the 5-82. votes a f te r one of th e w a rm e st; jca^npaigns in t h e history of th e city. T h e large, m a jorities obtained by ‘ #.he D e m o c ratic candidate in th e two Bower w a rds could n o t be off-set by th e T h ird W a rd, th e RepUbliican ^&tronghGld during th e day. The ffh ir d gave Cortez D. “B u ckm an, the Jftepiiblican candidate, a m a jo rity of 75 an d the second district of th e F if th W a r d gave him 61. The ■ o ther dis­ tric t of th e F ifth however, M r Deg- sfian’s hom e district, gave him enough^ votes to off-set C’ e u b p e r . d is trict’s Tvote a n d gave him the F if tli W a rd by Jil votes. All th e o ther wai'ds w e n t sTor the D e m o c ratic candidate. The 5!''irst W a rd, alw a y s heavily D em o ­ cratic, gave th e w inning candidate a ifiajority of 249. ' ' ’ ■ T h e D e m o c rats added another Su- f/»orvisOr yesterday ,, in . Hudson, by w inning in fo u r of the five w a rds. Third W a rd, was returned, the only R e p u b lican Supervisor to carry thx'U. W illiam TCing w a s elected over M artin Rro.pst, th e p resen t F o u r t h W a rd Su­ pervisor, and Leonai’'d M iller won 3^om H a rold Young in th e F if th. TJre la t t e r ’s election by a m a jority of 97 in a w a rd w h e re a Repujblican A ider- m a n was elected by a m a jority of 176, w a s a m o st peculiar t u r n in politics. The R e p u b licans lost control of the Common Council w h e n th r e e D e m o ­ cratic- candidates fo r A lderm e n w e re successful against two R e p u b lican candidates. The Republicsaris held th e ir own in th e T h ird and F if th W a rd, -but lost in th e F ir s t, Second and F o u rth . In th e latter w a rd F red W u rster, D e m o c rat will replace C lar­ ence R ider, present R epublican A l­ derm a n , w h o declined t5 be a candi­ date again. The gain in this w a rd _____ (C o n tinued on page eight) PREFERENCE DEFEATED HERE Ii[ajority of 369 Votes Against Preference for War Veterans in Hudson. •Preference to veterans of th e Span- ff.'^h-American and W o rld W a r in civ­ s' service appointm e n t \vas disapprov- ^ ed by the voters of the city of Hudson y esterday. T h a t th e re was united op- •X-osition to the proposition know n on 4 he voting macM n es as No. 1, was c-.hovm by the fact th a t it failed to <'-arry in any one o f - th e seven elec-, .lion districts. T h e vote was 547 “fo r” an d 916 \against show ing th a t only a sm all x-roportion' of the voters p a id atten ­ tio n to the am e n d m e n t. The m a jori- .1 >■ here against was SG9. The Am erican Legion w h ich spon- iiOred the proposition In H u d s o n . is b i t te r against m ethods used by th e .<.pposition in furth e rin g th e ir ends. T h e Legion late on M o nday n ight' posted th e city and In the m o rning ■iaey found th a t the m ajoritj\ of th e ^'ig•ns had been tom down. J-it W a rd .................................................144 1-nd W a rd ............................. (jg 492 rd W a rd— 1st Dist. . .............................] 06 1S3 2 60 405 4th W a rd .................. 7s 440 : th W a rd— 1st D ist ............................... 78 115 2 Dist. . ............................... 84 435 'fo tal ................................... 946 M ajority against— 3G9. . SERVED W DY'S’ TERM, NOW PENNILESS Deavenworth, Kan., Kov. S-Penni- iess, H a rry W . Haley, an overseas tvar veteran, was at liberty here to- <-ay under a W a r D e p a rtm e n t order releasing him from the-federal discip- 1‘iary barracks, where he served five xaonths of a six m o n ths’ 'Sentence for desertion imposed upon Thom as G v-iones, Ms “buddy,” an d the m an who M s life while the two m en were -with the Am erican Expeditionary •forces in F rance. H a ley carix&'to the barracks under -the nam e of “Jones,” his reason for serving the sentence being th a t he w a n te d to repay p a r t of tlie debt he -j^aid li owed Jones in saving his life. Jones, who is said to be m a rried aiid ■Ut'ing in Canada, is being sought by federal authorities. B ecause he was n o t the real offender, H a ley was re ­ leased from the barrack s w ithout the usual railro a d fare and sm all com ­ pensation given prisoner.s. 3 KILLED, 5 HURT, AS ADTD DROPS 70 FEET Machine Crashes Through Fence and Drops Over ♦ ‘ Cliff to Railroad Tracks Below Cincinnati, NoV. 8—^Three persons w e re killed an d five others seriously injured a t m idnight w h e n an autom o ­ bile in ’.vhicli they w e re retu r n in g to •their hom es in Cincinnati from M iamitown, Ohio, plunged down a. seventy-foot em b a n k m e n t to thie trac k s of th e Cincinnati, Lawi-ence- burg and A u rora T raction L i n e - n e a r Cleves. John Sullivan, otvner of th e car, w a s killed instantly, and Celia B ing­ ham and Lucille N a k o rs died shortly after being rem o v e d fro m th e yfreck- age. A n n a O’Donnell, T h e lm a -Sig- lock, Charles K rippendorf, H e m y H e n rath, and R o b e rt Zwiek^ the other occupants of the m achine, all receiv­ ed fractured skulls or internal in­ juries. Zwick, who was driving, said the car was travelling rapidly and th a t he being uiracauainted v/ith th e local­ ity did not know of a tu rn in th e road, w h e re th e m a c iiine plunged throug'h a fence an d down the cliff. The victim s w e re b r o u g h t to Cin­ cinnati early today. There will be a num b e r of nexv faces in the B o ard of Supervisors cham b e r when th e new organization convenes a t th e C o u rt House next January, but it will rem a in Demo­ cratic. ''•v Dr. Elwood E. Ol.’.ver, R epublican, defeated George K n ickerbocker, Dem-^ ocratic, in A n c ram who has served since the death of Carl Fischer. John F reehan, Dem. defeated D. W. Lasher, Rep. in Austerlitz and H e n ry D. Frisbee was returned to his seat from Canaan. A b ram P a len was again sent liack. to th e B o a rd from C laverack. S. A. M cIntyre, who h a s served from Co- .pake since F r e d H o lsapple left the' B o ard, was defeated by Charles! Peck, the funeral director and u n d e r­ taker.” iMr M cIntyre w a s one of the Democi’atic “w h ips” during the past year and has handled th e w o rk Qf the b ig com m ittees for several years. ■Cecil D. B arclay, looked upon -.s one of the R epublican floor-leaders since R ansom H. G illett was defeated, by H a rvey D. Sweet in Hillsdale. The -latter has. long been identified w ith D e m o c ratic politics. H a r r y George, of Oerm antow n , was se n t ' to th e 'Supervisors w ith a' fine m a jority over C h arles Hover, who had served b u t one term after defeat­ ing E d g a r De ,W itt by b u t a sm all m a jority tw o years ago. George G a rner again defeated C h arles D. VoMburgh in the Supervi­ sor race in G h e n t an d was re-elem e d by a fine -m ajority. Kinderlnmic, w h ich has been represented by Dr. R.' -C. --W ater:bury,..^ep,..4ofM a B ^^ years, w e n t over to th e Dfem'ocratic side, when H a rry S. N e w ‘‘defeated P.-'il Winsloiii^i ; R o b e rt G, fe&trie, Rep. was re­ elected from Livingston over \Worthy Link and W iliam Donnelly, Dem. was re-elected from New Lebanon, over Lincoln Sackett, Rep. In S tockport.F r e d George won over A lfred Holm es, in a R e p u b lican vic­ tory, while Taghkanic followed th e odd D e m o c ratic result of two j^ears ago and elected F red . Sheldon over G. B. Seutt to tak e the place now held by W infield Myers, Dem. Added to these are the four D e m o ­ cratic and one R e p u b lican elected in Hudson, and the following old num ­ bers of th e B o a rd w h o h a d no oppo­ sition for re-election:— H a rrison E. .P ratt, C h atham . Rep.; H a rold W ilson, Clerm o n t, D e m .; H e r­ m a n V. Lyle, G a llatin, Dem.; W essel Ten B roeck, G reenport, Dem.; John Dibibons, Stuyvesant, Dem. This gives 10 R epublican m em b ers an d 13 Democi’ats. DeW in & WATERBURY SAFE BOWMAN DOUBTFULL Armistice Day 1 Now a Holiday | W a s h ington, Nov. 4,— President! H a rding today signed the joint reso-j lution passed by Congerss, making) Armistice Day, Novenrber 11th, a) ational holiday, for this year only.) Ancram 1st Dist. 106 A n cram 2nd D ist 89 A u sterlitz ___ _ _ Canaan 1st Dist. 135 Canaan 2nd Dist. 110 Chatham 1st D ist 174 Chatham 2nd Dist C h a th a m ,'3rd D ist 109 Chatham '4th D ist Claver’k 1st Dist. 108 Claverack 2nd Dist. C laver’k 3rd D ist 89 C iaver'k 4th D ist 169 Claver’k 5th Dist. 202 Ciaver’k 6th Dist. 202 C lerm o n t 124 Copake 1st D ist . 102 Copake 2nd Dist. 192 G a llatin ............... 150 Germ ’t ’n 1 s t D ist 164 106 129 Germ ’t ’n 2d Disf m 77 152 „„ - 78., I l l - . 64. h e n t 1st Dist. 52 103 49 100 145 92 78 105 127 101 157 107 155 154 113 71 93 186 171 54 138 196 33 135 225 WESTERN ROADS PLAN IMMEDIATE PAY GUT ASSE3IBLY and CO. CIERK 99 189 142 119 192 62 Chicago, Nov. 8—^Managers of tlie w e s tern group of railroads at a m eet­ ing here yesterday decided upon the im m e d iate posting of notices of wage reductions of ten per cent, accord­ ing to an announcem e n t today. The roads reixresented a t the m e e ting in- cliKlGd tli6 Santa Fe Chicago Great Vv estern, Chicago Rock Island and P a ­ cific, Chicago and N o rthw e s tern, Un­ ion Pacific, Noi'tliei’ii Pacific and G reat N o rthern. In the proposed cuts all departm e n ts w ill be affected and committees were appointed to draft the notices im m e d iately so th a t the roads m ay go before the railro a d la­ bor board and ask an early hearing. PoUcc OlTict'i* 111. Officer Thom as P. K ennedy, of the local police force, is confined to his- hom o on N o rtii F o u rth street suffei-- ing an attack of pleurisy. A n c ram 1st Dist. A n c ram 2nd D ist A u s terlitz ........... C anaan 1st Dist. C anaan 2nd Dist. C h atham 1st D ist Chatham , 2nd D ist 263 Chatham , 3rd D ist 112 55 \ C h atham 4th D ist 199 59 'C lav e r ’k 1st Dist. 125 141 C laverack 2nd Dist. C laver’k 3rd D ist 75 107 S3 C laver’k, 4tli D ist 133 131 148 C laver’k 5th Dist. 175 120 193 C laver’k Gth Dist, 176 148 205 C lerm o n t ............. 89 218 183 Ghent 2nd Dist. Ghent 3rd Dist. . 253 78 231 Ghent 4th Dist. . 124 -6-5 122 G reenport H illsdale 1st D ist H illsdale 2nd Dist H illsdale 3rd Dist F irst V/ard . . . . Second W a rd .. oxa 3rd W a rd 1st Dist. 290 256 3rd Ward- 2nd D ist 207 231 F o u rth W a rd . . . 258 5th Ward- 1st D ist 285 5th W a rd 2nd D ist 251 K ind’rh ’k 1st D ist 306 K ind’rh ’k 2nd D ist 308 K ind’rlTk 3d D ist 158 Liv’gston 1st D ist 169 Liv^gston 2d D ist 106 Livingston 3rd Dist. New Lebanon ,. 227 139 226 153 (Stockp’t 1st D ist 198 ' 87 185 180 Stockp’t 2nd D ist 199 118 154 63 Stuyves’t 1st D ist 96 54 113 38 Stuyves’t 2nd D ist 99 41 138 29 Taghkanic 6530 5201 5980 4294 96 335 160 264 221- 188 151 162 190 289 173 -198 166 155 435 89 348 176 209 75 142 62 Car MamifactiiHT Dies. P a s a d e n a , Cal., Nov. 8.— F red- E s tabrook Smith, p a r tn e r in the B a r ­ ney Sm ith C a r W o rks of Dayton, O., died here yesterday a t th e age of 77- S tm A lan n L a s t N ight. R o g ers Hose Co. No. 2 was called on a “still alarm ” about 10:30 o’clock last evening to extinguish a fire which had started in a parrel a t th e cm a of N o rth Second St. 60 105 126 is8 Copake 1st D ist Copake 2nd Dist. G a llatin ............... Germ ’t ’n 1st D ist Germ ’t ’n 2d Dist. G erm ’t ’n 3rd D ist , Ghent 1st Dist. . Ghent 2nd Dist. Ghent 3rd Dist. . Ghent 4th Dist. . H illsdale 1st Dist H illsdale 2nd Dist H illsdale, 3rd Dist F irst W a rd . Second W a rd 3rd W a rd 1st Dist. 237 3rd W a rd 2nd D ist 158 F o u rth W a rd . . . 19S 5th W a rd 1st D ist 207 5th W a rd 2nd D ist 192 K ind’rh ’k 1 s t D ist 398 K in d 'rh ’lc 2nd D ist 350 248 K ind’rh ’k 3d D ist 166 135 Liv’gston 1st D ist 102 Liv’gston 2d D ist 64 Livingston 3rd Dist. New Lebanon .. 239 Stockp’t 1st D ist 214 Stockp’t 2nd D ist 18S Stuyves’t 1st Dist' 127 Stuyves’t 2nd D ist 140 Taghkanic 216 156 206 240 150 148 240 142 136 208 150 6710 6211 7578 5243 SIK DEAD. FIVE WODiEDINKY. ELECTION FIGHT Special Train With Physi­ cians Rushed to Scene of Battle to Attend Wounded. Jackson, Ky., Nov. 8— Six m en were killed and five others were ^wounded in an election fight shortly „„ afte r the polls opened a t the Clay- ‘ liale voting precinct on Troublesom e Creek, B r e a th itt county, about 15 miles from here, today. The dead are; Cleveland Combs, 35; Leslie Comibs, 37; Sphern Allen, 35; George Allen, .31; John Roberts, 30; George McIntosh, 20. 'The wounded are: -William B arn­ ett, 50; E l Davis, 45; W ill Davis, 80; French Combs, 35; Tom M cIntosh • A special train lias been sent from Jackson w ith physicians to attend th e Avounded. The story of the affray as it reach ­ ed Jackson Avas to the effect that Hd Combs,- an unole of the Combs boys and defeated D e m o c ratic candi­ date in th e August prim a ry for county judge, was active in support of the R e p u b lican nom inee for the sam e of­ fice. ‘Combs, it Avas said, entered the polling place today and attem p ted to give orders to the election officers. His relatives, according to the story, rem o n s trated w ith him and out of the argum e n t greAv a fight in which pistols were draw n and the shooting became general. DYLAN ELECTED Uiven Tf^m^clous Malority YMtex^y — Bemo- uratu .Caaim Al­ bany Victory. New Y o rk, Nov. 8— ^Mayor John F. Hylan, D e m o c rat, was re-elected M ayor of G reater New Y o rk today by a plurality of w h a t is believed to be close to 400,000, the greatest ever gi-v- en a candidate fo r M ayor in - th is- city. - . * ■ H y lan’s trem e n d o u s sweep carried w ith him th e en tire ticket in th e five boroughs of the city. The M ayor ran far ahead of both C o m p troller C h arles L. Craig, re-elected to t h a t office, and M u rray H u lbert, D e m o c ratic candi­ date for P resident of th e B o a rd of Aldermen. i The indicated plurality for Craig is about .175,000 and that of Hulbert a b o u t 225,000. T h e ^go ^ ^ jst candidate fo r M ayor did not ru n nearly a s well as his sup­ porters had expected. Miss E lla BoBwell, R epublican, was elected in New YorK ebunty to th e of­ fice of registrar. 2370 election districts of G reater New York gave Andrew s 323,548; Scudder 506,952,. and \Wilcox 90,523. Allbany-r-Little -doubt rem a ins a t ,a late hour tonight- t h a t W illiam S. H a cket, D e m o c rat, has. been elected M ayor. 40 of the 134 distnicts shOAV- ed> W illiam Erving, R epublican, is running 2000 behind. D e m o c rats w e re claim ing H a c k e tt’s election by 5,000 to 8,000 and also' claim e d elec­ tion of the entire city ticket. R e p u b ­ lican headquarters conceded it looked “bad.” Definite results cannot be ex­ pected until tom o rrow . B ingham ton— C h arles L. Banks, Rep. Avas elected to th e Assem b ly to ­ day over C h arles J. P a r k e r fo r Che­ nango county by a m a jority of about 500. In Broom e county, N o rm a n E. W h itcom b and Edm o n d B. Jenks were re-elected by the qsual R e p u b ­ lican m ajorities. D. P. Witter, Rep. of Tioga county was unopposed. Poughkeepsie^—R epublicans elected M ayor by approxim a tely 1,000 m a jo r­ ity, according to com p lete unofficial returns. George D. CamplbeU is the candidate. Y o n k e rs—^Walter Taussig, Dem. defeated U lrich W iesendahter, Rep. for M ayor by 700 plurality. Otsegd— R epublicans liaA'e captured the M ayority election for the fii'st tim e in S years. M. P. Neal Avas elected M ayor by a plurality of G6S. The D e m o c rats carried th e Common Council. Schenectady— F o r M ayor the com ­ plete city returns give Lunn, Dem. a m a jority of approim a tely 3,000. L a t­ est indications are th a t th e Common Council Avill be Democratic. Olean— F o 1 av 5% Dem., was elected M ayor for his fourth tei-m. The Dem ­ ocrats carried the Common Council. E lm ira — ^Wood, Rep. Avas elected Mayor by an estim ated plurality of Fulton, N. Y.—^^SteATnson, Rep. was re-elected M ayor by a plurality of U tica—^Witli only a few districts missing Dr. Fred J. Douglass, Rep. leads Jos. A. Hamlin, Dem. by 1,000 for Mayor. ■Saranac Lake—Early returns indi­ cate the R e p u b licans carried all the n o rthern Adirondack counties. Troy—Early returns indicate Ma­ jor Flem ing, Dem. has'been re-elected over John A. R. Kapps, by at least 1,- 500 m ajority. Rochester— Zandt, Rep. has been re-elected M ayor by a pim-ality of from 8,000 to 10,000 and the whole R epublican Common Council has been 'ep t into office AVith him. Syracuse— ^Walrath, Dem. Avas el­ ected Mayor of Syracuse by a m a j­ ority of 7,090 over De F o rrest Settle, Rep., today. L ittle F a ils—A Dem o c ratic M ayor was elected here today. A m sterdam —^Amsterdam today el­ ected a R epublican Mayor. Buffalo— In Buffalo the “W e t-N o n ­ p a r tisan ” candidate for M ayor was leading his opponent w ith a large margin late tonight. William Fiiilsy and Jas. Many an, Rep., .^so Victorious— Livingston and Goold Make a. Hard Fight After Car­ rying Hudson But Lose in the tolinty Town's—^DeWitt Re-elected County Clerk Over Van Hoesen With a Bigger Majority Than Others. I I BUPRE3IE COURT A n c ram 1st Tlist. A n c ram 2nd D ist ‘91 A u s terlitz _____ 186 C a n a a n 1st Dist. 143 C anaan 2nd Dist. I l l C h atham 1 s t 'D ist Chatham 2nd D ist 257 Chatham , 3rd D ist 107 C h atham 4th D ist 194 C laver’k 1st Dist. 166 C laverack 2nd Dist. Claver’k 3rd Dist. «9 C laver’k 4th Dist, 139 C laver’k 5th D ist. 181 ClaveV’k-6th D ist.'\172 Clerm o n t . .. .......... 139 Copake 1st D ist . 98 • 68 Copake 2nd List. 194 153 G a llatin .... ___ 188 57 G e rm ’t ’n 1st Dist. GOfm’t’n 2d Dist i62 65 G erm ’t ’n 3d D ist 126 66 Germ ’t ’n 1st Dist. 148 94 Ghent- 2nd Disfe ------ - n — Ghent 3rd Dist. . 258 73 Ghent 4th Dist. . 125 ' 56 G reenport H illsdale 1st D ist H illsdale 2nd D ist 32 ; 35 H illsdale 3rd D ist F irst W a rd .104 179 156 119 146 146 108 135 227 118 x<ixou vvaxu, . . . . .X.V1: Becond ■ W a rd .. i77 ' 304 3rd W a rd 1st Dist. 265 210 3rd W a rd 2nd Dist. 190 185 F o u rth W a rd . . . 217 337 5th W a rd 1st D ist 222 257 5th W a rd 2hd D ist 230 ,185 K ind’rh.’k . l s t Dist. K ind’rh ’k 2nd Dist. K indTh’k 3rd D ist 181 96 Liv’gston 1st D ist Liv’gston 2n D ist 97 .63 Livingston 3rd Dist. New Lebanon .. 239 140 Stockp’t 1st D ist 189 .121 Stockp’t 2nd D ist 179 80 Stuyves’t 1 s t 'D ist 109 49 StuyvesT 2nd D ist 93 . 67 T a g h k a n ic 5904 4313 5349 4402 CO. TREAS. and SUPT. OE POOR A n c ram 1 s t' Dist. ,. A n c ram 2nd Dist. .. A u s terlitz ................. iCanaan 1st Dist. .. Canaan 2nd Dist. .. Chatham 1st Dist. .. Chatham , 2nd Dist. C h atham , 3rd Dist. C h atham 4th Dist. .. ClaA’'er’k 1st Dist. .. C laverack 2nd Dist. C laver’k 3rd Dist. Claverack, 4th Dist. C laver’k 5th Dist. .. C laver’k Gth Dist. .. C lerm o n t . ................... Copake 1st D ist .... Copake 2nd Dist. .. G a llatin ..................... Grem ’t ’n. 1st D ist .. G erm ’t ’n 2nd D ist i . m ’t ’n 3rd Dist. G h e n t 1st D ist .......... G h e n t 2nd D ist .......... G h e n t 3rd Dist. . . . Glient 4th D ist .......... H illsdale 1st Dist. . H illsdale, 2nd Dist. H illsdale, 3rd Dist. F irs t W a rd ............... Second W a rd ........... 3rd W ard, 1st Dist. 3rd W a rd 2nd Dist. F o u rth W a rd ........... 5th W a rd 1st Dist. 5th W a rd 2nd Dist. K ind’rh ’k 1st D ist.. K ind’rh ’k 2nd D ist Kind’rh ’k 3d Dist. . . Liv’gston 1st Dist. Liv’gston 2nd Dist. L ivingston 3rd D i s t.' New Lebanon . . . Stockp’t 1st Dist. Stockp’t 2n.d Dist. . . . Stuyves’t 1st Dist. . Stuyves’t 2nd D ist Taghkanic cq 84 160- 226 ■228 117 246 283' 270 133 91 178 120 142 163 122 131 332 178 176 127 337 102 The R e p u b lican county ticket h a s sw e p t th r u tfie county. E v e ry candi­ date AVith the possible exception of Bowm an fo r Superintendent o^J^oor, ;has been elected. W ith 43 ©ut of :-4‘9 election districts h e a rd from., D r. R o s c e e C. W a terbury leads R o b e rt R . .Livingston fo r M em b er of Assemtoly b y 421 votes Gf' t h e ..districts still m issing th'ere are two b i g districts of Ghent, -which are Strongly Republican, the second district of. Claverack, usually R e p u b ­ lican; the th ird district -f Livingston; and Taghkanic and Greenport. Clyde De W itt -has been elected C o u n ty Clerk over M ilton Van H q e - sen by. a b o u t 2,000 , v otes, and H a r r y W. Bowm an altho behind, now y, a •m u ll m argin, is believed a w inner. Judge Andrews has carried th e county by about 1,800 and both W illiam F in ­ ley and Jam e s Hanyon have been elected over E d w a rd H e th and Dr. F lanagan by b e tter th a n 1,400 and 500 respectively.. . In 39 districts of th e county Judge Staley h a s a m a jority pf about .1,500 and Judge Rosefr o f.ab o u t 850. ■ ' The race fo r M em b er of Assem bly has, been unusually close, R o b e rt R. ^laVkhgsron'leaving-Hnaso'n- w ith - t h e larg e s t m a jority of any candidate. H u d son gave him a s t a r t of .7-46.1 V an Hoesen, 550; Goold, 606; Finley, iO, and H e th 541. These m a jorities w e re gradually cut down, however, as th e retu r n s cam e in- a n d early this m o rn­ ing all h a d been wiped dway and th e R epublican candidates w e re safe in the lead. F o r d to M eet W eeks. W a shington, Nov. 8.— H e n ry F o rd will m eet Secretary of W a r. W e eks here a t 4 o’clock F riday, .November 18, to discuss th e M uscle Shoals n it­ ra te project offer, w h ich th e autom o r bile m a n u factu rer has m ade. W eeks stated fo-day. E n g ineers of both F o rd and th e W a r D e p a rtm e n t will atten d th e m eeting. V a luable Dog D ead. 'The train e d police dog owned b y Miss E m m a IMueller, of W asliington street, died M onday afte r an illness of a weeit o r 'm o r e . T h e dog w a s a highly prized one, and was a valuable anim a l of distinguished pedigree. COURT OF APPEALS Ancram 1st D ist .................... 102 A n cram 2nd D ist ................... 96 A u s terlitz ................................ \igi Canaan 1st D ist...................... 142 C anaan 2nd D ist ..................... 121 Chatliam 1st D ist ................... 192 324 172 17'5 Chatham , 2nd D ist ................. 249 153 67 111 Chatham , 3rd D ist ............ .. .. H 5 235 134 128 Chatham 4th D ist .. ............... 199 241 132 141 Claver’k 1st D ist .................. 181 Claver’k 3rd D ist............... 82 C laverack ,4th D ist................. 151 C iaver’k 5th D ist .................. 132 ClaA’-er’k 6th D ist .................. 194 Clerm o n t .................................. 143 Copake 1st D ist ....................... 95 Copake 2nd D ist ..................... 205 194 G a llatin .................................. ; 151 113 Gerni’t ’n 1st D i s t .................. 141 120 Germ ’t ’n 2iicl D ist .................. 168 G e rnvt’n 3rd D ist .. ............... 132 85; G hent 1st Dist. . ................... 144 i Ghent 2nd D ist ....................... Ghent 3rd D ist........................ 263 Glient -ith D ist ........................ 129 G reenport H illsdale 1st D ist ................... 480 480 ■ 384 557 483 427 462 , 265 296 2-55 207 347 263 225 340 374 191 101 213 169 184 89 6709 6875 illsdale 2nd Dist. .• ............. 35 illsdale, 3rd D ist................... - 32 F irst W a rd .............................. 116 Second W-ard ........................ 185 3rd W a rd 1st D ist................. 267 3rd W a rd 2nd D ist ............... 193 F o u r th W a rd . ......................... 224 5th W a rd 1st D ist ................. 213 5th V/ard 2nd D ist................ 222 Ti'i »■> fl 301 216 187 33S 262 205 K ind’rh ’k 1st Dist. K ind’rh ’k 2nd D i s t ............... 238 303 K ind’rh ’k 3rd D ist ................... 183 105 Liv’gston 1st D ist ................... Liv’gston 2nd D ist ................. 101 62 L m n g s to n 3rd Dist. New Lebanon ........................ 232 ISS Stockp’t 1st D ist ..................... 195 105 Stockp’t 2nd D ist ................... 189 81 StuyA-esant, 1st D ist .......... .. 307 52 Stujw e s’t 2nd D ist................... 105 62 Taghkanic 6471 4753

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