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TEMPERATURE. 3 p. m.—67 above. 3 a. m. — 50 above, THE COLUMBIA KBPUBLICAN. THE WEATHER. Partly cloudy and probably light rains Tuesday; colder at night; .Wednesday fair. r . VOLUME GIL Where You Read It First ■ HUDSON, N. Y., TUESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER XI, 1921 NUMBER 6 ■iANY CASES READY; COiT ISWEEKONIY i§l Actions Marked for Trial —Court Can Not Re­ main Here After This Week. TAKES POSITION WITH ANOTHER CEMENT GO. 0. E. Wasson, Former Suj)t. of Knickerhocker, Leaves Shortly^ for Cres- centdale, Pa. A ltho a t present there is a calen- •ciar packecl w ith cases m a rked ‘'ready” and “reserved,” th e p resent Iterm of the Suprem e C o u rt w h ich t o n v ened a t the C o u rt H o u se yester- •day afternoon w ith Justice Nichols presiding, cannot continue over this w e e k as the Justice has heen assigil- ‘f'd to Saratog-a county begrlnning’ next isionday to hold court for iucapacitat- ed Judgres. Justice Nichols appraised the at# ttorneys of this fa c t w h e n h e con­ v e n e d the term here. H e e w ill a r ­ range however to come back here ter r to receive th e re p o rt t of th< la t e to receiv e th e r e p o r ,??rand ju ry w h ich he in s tr u c ted yes- (terday afternoon, appointed George lA. H o d g e of Hudson its Forem a n , and f,tarted them on th e ir deliberations •over a schedule of nearly 60 cases in ­ clu d in g m a n y alleged V o lstead act violations. T h e r e was a calendar of forty-seven •cases •#hen co u r t convened. In th e jdisposition of the cases, 21 w e re ianaarked “ready,” a m o st unusual num - '4ker w h ich on its-fac e would indicate co u r t t e r m of a t feast th ree weeks. fThen t h e r e w e re 12 cases k e p t on call HaSdi m a rked “reserved” and- in addi- •ffion five cases w e re placed on speci­ fic days for trial. (However it is very probable th a t Jtwo days or so will see the greater -wpart of these case.$ go over th e term , acco rd in g to the ' Attorneys who be- ilieve th a t a w e ek of court here w ill •be all th a t is necessary to clean up tthe calendar. feused by th e court. ju r o r s were aUsent and one is out of Ithe State. 13 w e re excused. T h e re w e re eleven cases placed on jthe day calendar fo r Tuesday. They are:--No’s. 8 9 20 31 36 39 42 43 ’ 4 5 46 and 47. Those m a rk e d ready w e re:—N o ’s. 8 9 20 21 23 25 26 29 30 31 32 33 SS 37 38 42 43 44 45 46 47. Over-No’s. 19 27 28 24 40 and 41. F irst Thursday—^No’s 12 16 and 17. First Friday—^No’s. 10 and 13. To R e feree— ^No 24. ■ SdCtled—-No. 11. Off Calendar—No. 35. Because of the fact th a t .this court (term occurs w ithin 30 days p rio r to (the general election, no n a turalization teases w e re h e a rd a t the first day of ilhe co u r t as usual in this county, i n s t e a d these cases will com e up fi, d a te in November afte r the elec- T h ree of t h e g r a n d 'ju r o r s were_ex- Two of the trial O. E. W a sson form e rly G e n eral Sup­ erintendent of th e K n ickerbocker P o r tlan d Cem ent p lan t of this city will leave w ithin the next two weeks fo r C rescentdale, n e a r W a m p u m , Pa. w h e re he has accepted a position w ith ■ th e C rescent P o rtland Cem ent Co. On account of housing conditions M r W a sson will n o t be able to tak e his fam ily w ith him a t present and they will continue .to reside here som e time. M r W a sson’s d e p a rture from H u d ­ son is a source of genuine regre't and in leaving Hudson the city sustains a distinct loss to .the comme,rclal and social life. M r and M rs Wasson came to H u d son a decade ago w h e n Mr W a sson 'became a chem ist a t the K n ickerbocker plant. H is unsw e rving attention .to duty, lliS ability an d his fairness in dealing With his fellow employees brought prom o tion afte r prom o tion to him until he was m ade th e G e n eral M ana­ ger of th e p lan t to w h ich he cam e in a lesser -capacity. W h e n the K n ickerbocker was sold to the In t e r ­ national P o rtlan d C em ent Co. changes in th e p lan t caused M r W asson to re­ sign his position w ith th a t com pany. M r W a sson h a s ever evidenced a lively in terest in the affairs of his adopted city an d h a s been a large facto r in his recent com m ercial de­ velopm ent. H e is a director of the F a rm e r s N a tional Bank, a director of th e Colum b ia C o u n try Club , a n d m e m b e r of the Elks. H u d son looses a very fine citizen iln Mr W a sson’s dep a rtu re an d his m a n y friends very m u c h re g r e t his goii an d w ish him well in his new field endeavor. SOLVING HUDSON’S' HOUSING PROBLEM. ^.ctnai p h o to g rap h of ono of th e three houses just Completed Key City Housing Corp., on the Storm tract. REPOBUOANS NAME THE TOWN TICKETS eOlUNOTFIND SINGH CANDIDATE T h e com m ittee of th..; D e m o c ratic _^County Com m ittee nam e d to fill v a ­ cancies yesterday took th e only course le f t open to it and endoi’sed th e can- .fiidacy of E d w a rd yv.estover, th e R e - ^‘Ublican candidate for County T reas- trrei*, to succeed him self. A fter W il­ liam J. Kline and John Connor, both im p o rtan t cogs in local D e m o c ratic m a c h inery, had said “No, th a n k you,’’ to th e opportunity of opposing M r .W estover, th e other D e m o c ratic aspi- i ra n ts fo r county office disappeared a t once. XJnable to produce a candidate Tor one of th e m o st im p o rtant offices in th e county, th e com m ittee on v a ­ cancies yesterday had to -endoz'se the STATE THOOFERS FOILBilimARS K inderhook, Oct. 10.— S h o rtly a f ­ te r 12 o’clock S a turday nig h t Troop­ ers Byrnes and Fitzgerald, of the T roy B a rracks, squad, w h o are doing detail duty in this vicinity, w e re sud­ denly aroused from their slumber at the Lindenwald Hotel, ~where\ they are stopping, by the ringing of the ‘burglar alarm at Brown’s garage on' sh o rt .distance below B road street. Immediately res] ann investigatnvestigation a i F in d in g everything all right, tu r n e d to th e hotel, and sh> iponding, they made! of the premises. te r turnini Were aj ;el, an d s h o rtly af- ag a in fo r th e night aw a k e n e d by th e j ’inging n a t 2 a. m . W h e n th e y retu r n e d to th e scene th e y remained on guard duty until m o rning w ithout discoyering an y th in g wrong. D u ring th e first alarm several passing a u ­ tom o b iles w e re stopped by th e offi­ cers and th e ir drivers questioned. The S tate troopers m a d e every effort to locate th e m idnight m a rau d e r s who evidently w e re foiled in th e i r a t ­ tem p t a t gaining entrance, m a d e a quick getaw a y w h e n th e alarm sound- Town caucuses are being held th r u - th e county, nam ing, the town ikets to be balloted upon a t th e gen­ eral election next m o n th. Some of th e R e p u b lican town tickets nom in­ ated Saturday follow ; __ Canaan. The Canhan R epublicans have nom ­ inated the following ticket. I Supervisor—jH enry D. Frishee. Town Clerk—F r a n k S. DeGroff. Collector—Eugene F. Fowler. Overseers of Poor—Edw a rd m ond. G rant Sherrill. C o n stables—E d g a r W. H a ll, Louis \V. H a tch, L u th e r W. Coons, Clayton DeGroff. S upt.'of Highways—;Henry S. Lape. J\ustices of Peace (long term)— Henry S. Nichols. Justice of P e a c e (long term —Oliver T. Shook. Assessor 2 years—^William L. Shav­ er. ' Assessor, 4 y^grs—^Henry A. Bisen- manri. . - Assessor, 2 years—S. L. .Gifford, ‘ —Schoph-'-'-HI-rerctor,- —years—Volta ■Schilling. CliatlianL Republicans Of Chatham held th e ir caucus S a turday and named the following: 'Supervisor—H a rrison E. P r a t t . Town Clerk—'A rthur P. Tripp. Collector—^William Cone. Overseer of the Poor—C h ristopher H . G a rner. Overseer of P o o r— J o h n F. Groves. Constables—E , H. P e a k e , Ellis Sey- W a lter W h e eler, George W, THE ANSHE AMASS CE-EIEGT OFFIISBS WEBEMARFHED HEBE LAST EVERIRG Indianapolis Young lAdy. Becomes the Bride of James Parr, of Hudson. iSTffiW Monday Was First of S a S and Inspection Bays —One House is Furnished. city [e first of th e sales and ins] tion days conducted by th e Key s C o rporation to exhibit dem o n s tration houses just com ­ pleted attra c ted m u c h attention. B o th yesterday afternoon and last evening number of persons interested in owning th e ir own hom es, inspected the houses. The houses will be open this afternoon from 2 to 5 p. m. They will probably be open this evening The center house of th e group, has been handsom ely furnished th r u co­ operation of local business houses. D raperies and window curtains are furnished by M arsh & B a c h m a n Co. As arran g e d by M r Ganley, th e drap- are attractiv e and show w h a t can be done in a house along these lines. The display includes ornam e n - jtal lam p s, silverw a re, doilies, etc. Jo h n T. Guinan Co. has furnished floor coverings and beddings. There are fo u r handsom e rugs in a variety of designs and m a terials. ing took the home a t A quiet but- p retty wedhii place M o n d ay a t 6 p. m. -at of M r and M rs Claude J. W e aver 125 Union street, this city, lyhen Miss Jessie O. Fow ler, of Indianapolis, Ihd„ becam e th e bride of Jam e s f A, P a r r , of Chicago, b u t now of th is city, w h e re he is connected w ith th e H o lbrook Co. They, w e re attended by here a w e d d ing served a t th e H a m p ton H< th e young co u p le/left .fo r . New York city, w h e re they are registered a t - t h e H o tel A s tor fo r a two weeks’ honey­ m oon. They will be a t hom e a t 125 Union street, this city, after October Keste ibaum & W ihstian are rep ­ resen ted by an attradtlY e liv in g room su ite in m a h o g a n y aS d b lu e and OOln SUii.o oii.cx oo-iv R. Q'ra:^s Sons have placed s£ full bed room R . G raj size dining room suite in w a lnut, up ­ holstered in blue leath e r and also a in w a lnut. The fur- CHARGE MAH HAD A ''ORAHTCHTREHr Greenport Man, Arrested on Fairview Ave., to Face Two i Charges in Court [To-day. , G reenport m a n who gave his nam e a t police h e a d q u a rters last :ht as George Truce, will face two irges in th e City Court this m o rn­ ing— t h a t of intoxication and an ­ other of violating th e Volstead act, having a bottle of “hootch” in his possession. It . was shortly before 11 o’clock last night t h a t Sergeant S later receiv­ ed w o rd from F a irview avenue resi­ dents t h a t a m a n evidently und e r the influence of strong drink, was roam­ ing arouncl-. Traffic Officer Kendall was dis­ patched to th e scene and he arrested Truce an d b r o u g h t him to h e a d q u a r­ ters. There it is alleged a quart bot­ tle of “hootch” was found in his pos­ session. Sergeant S later said th a t th e m a n insisted he did not know w h e re he purchased or procured th e bot­ tled goods. H e was locked up over night and will be arraigned in court to-da-j ACCDUNTIRB IN VAR DERSEN CASE bed room i nishings an d enterprise of the- m e r- luch fav o r a b le com- VARIETY SHOWER FOR COMING BRIDE r-ancies y( R e p u b lica .ets on election day. candidate. will be found < Thus M r both tick- iCASHIER SAID TO HAVE TAKEN $100,OGO IN LIBERTY BONDS Ansonia, Conn., Oct. 10— Joseph D. iDrown, m issing cashier of th e A.n- sonia B rass com p any here, is allej The an n u a l m e e ting of th e A n she A m ass congregation w a s held Sunday evening and was very largely a t ­ tended. One of th e chief featu res of th e gathering w a s th e confidence voted all th e old officers, who w e re inanimously re-ellected. The sum of $50 was voted ,ny here , is alleg ed do have left Ansonia w ith $100,000 in cashier’s accounts. B rown left $ 100,00 lerty bonds, according to officials com pany, who exam ined the fSept. 17 on £ lurned. vacation and has not re- MEETING OF MUSIC AND LITERATURE DEPTS. The first reg u lar m e e ting of th e M u sic and L iteratu re D e p a rtm e n ts of tfie tVom an’s Clut) w ill be held T u e s ­ d a y evening, O ctober 18th a t S p. m., a t th e hom e of M rs W illiam B. Wood, Prospect avenue. The L iteratu re D e ­ p a r tm e n t leader will be Miss Collins end the Ivlusic Department leader V.ili Ije M rs P h ilip \Wood. I’liis m e e t­ ing is open to all m em b ers of th e Woman's Club. Drowned m River. Royee Spoor, 33, of 4 Manning I'OUlevarcl, was drow n ed in the «on river opposite the K n ickerbocker ice. house at Coeymans, shortly after 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon. S •was a New Y o rk C e n tral engir r ” ''T 4s survived by his wife and jbEiid. ■e th e H u d son O rphan Asylum F u n d . R e ­ ports on th e new H e b rew F ree School building showed th a t th e w o rk is progressing z-apidly. The following ifficers were re-elected; P resident— ^Victor F. K a u fm a n , Vice Rres.— David Kline. T reasurer— Geo. G o lderm an. Secretary— Isadore C u k erstein. F irst T rustee— ^David Goldstein. Second T rustee— L o u is E rshler. T h ird T rustee— Jos. Rosenberg. F o u r th T rustee— J. Novak. F ifth Trustee— R . H, Grossm an. G a b rishon— ^Harris W instian. Sheini— J o h n Unell. CONVENTION OF BANKERS HERE The fo u r th annual convention of th e Columbia C o u n ty B a n k e rs Asso­ ciation will be held a t The W o rth this city, on Saturday, October 15th. D e le­ te s will assem b le a t six o’clock for :et-together” m e e ting and dinner served a t 7 p. m. An I instr''ictive program “ge will b( ing an d prepared. n interest- ! has been FATHER DWYER GAVE THE SERMON lee of the Mission Church of Boston, lorr Mass., last evening, th e Rev. M ichael fer,er, p aa ss toto rr off St.t. P aa trtr ickick ’s’s churci'hurch A thens, gave th e principal ser- Dwy p o S P c Supt. of H ighw a y s—W illiam 33. Sm ith. Justice of Peace (long term ) — W r ig h t B. D rum m . Justice of Peace (long term —A r­ th u r W. Scott. Justice of Peace— C h arles E, Finch. Assessor, (long term —H o it N. Assessor (long term ) —E. C lark Thorne. School D irector^—P r a n k H. Wood, C a therine S. F landers. H illsdale. • S a turday cans renom inated Cecil for Supervisor and the W illiam H. Gardn nam e d .epubli Barela; am H . G a r P . Bari D e m o c rats AGENTS TD NAB RUM PEDRLERS AT SERIES Miss IS Stottville’ w a s given a surpris h e r hom e in tha Ocl ittie Nicholson, one m o st popular young ladies — -■— — riety show e r [lage P rid a j 7th. Miss Nicholson,, who wil becom e th e bride of George McCon­ nell in th e n e a r future, received m ai beautiful an d useful gifts, includii cut glass, linen and pyrex w e ar. D a inty .refreshm e n ts ■ w e re served. Music, gam e s and dancing w e re en­ joyed by all present. M usic w a s fu r ­ nished by Stottville’s two clever b a n ­ jo players, M r and M rs W illian lanied th e m a t th e piam and they had Miss for som e tim e . Those preseint M rs J. Jackson, M rs W . T rent, M rs B. B lake, M rs G. Griffin, M rs G. Trent, and W illiam T rent, Jr., ac- compai fifteen of th e guests w e re m asked 3 N icholson guessin; se w e r :te?’a New York, Oct. 10—Spectacular raids by federal prohibition agents, in an effort to h a l t the encroachm e n ts of organized bootlegger bands, were be­ ing planned by dry officials here to- (3ay following the visit of Comm ission­ er R o y A. Hayne: understood, will be directei booze stores w h e re gathered for .sale in iing the disarm a m e n t conference and caches from w h ich whiskey is.b e in g w ithdraw n now for disposal to world series fans. \War on th e bootleggers was de­ clared by H a y n es in a speech in New York in which he denounced as an- arcliists to those persons who aid and dlers and help them liquor is being i W a s h ington dur- in, G. Nicholson, Mrs Alex. Nicholson, Jes­ sie Shaw, Pearl Cropper, Clara Han- nett, E d n a Stalbush, Leila K ipp, E d ith B tlem a n , Nellie and F rances Skin’kie, K a th e rin e Dubolski, K a th e r- ne E. M iller, K a therine Jacobs, K itty C. W a lsh, M ary Curtis, M arion O' sheimer, Ruth Greenwood, Annie Nicholson, Jean n e tte Nicholson, Mai Barren, N e ttie Nicholson, Veronic H e rm ance, H u g h Nicholson, Vincent H e rm ance, Jam e s Oakes, W illiam Trent, Sr., William Trent, Jr., Alex. Alex. Nidholson, Jr., Nicholson, Alex. Nil icholson abet the rum , BORAH BILL WAS PASSED BY SENATE W a shington, Oct. 10.— T h e Senate to-ni,ght passed th e B o rah hill g r a n t­ ing free tran s it th r u th e P a n a m a canal fo r A m erican coastw ise vessels. T h e vote was 47 to 37. P a r t y lines w e re sm a shed as h a d been indicated .in th e debate. Twelve D e m o c rats joined th e R e p u b licans voting for th e bill and m a n y R e p u b licans voted With ncluded in this illicit liquor m ay category. One of the first skirm ishes in the new w a r was the raid on the big Washington bootlegger ring, resulting in w h o lesale arrests of m en and v/o- nien who h a d been selling booze a l ­ m o st in the shadow of the capitoi. Within a few hours of that federal agents grounds and rouind suspected of selling booze They were blocked by the guards who fused to admit them on the ground they had no tickets. It was reported later the raiders had quietly provided them selves w ith tickets and th a t they would m a k e a dram a tic appearance am o n g the Polo grounds’ bootleggers before the end of the series. inting done at tried to rush the Polo u up the boo tleg g e r ^ , H a v e your job The R e p u b lican offi lice. S e n a tor Lodge openly urged th a t th e Legislation should not be passed owing to th e com ing disarm a m e n t conference. Owing to th e fact t h a t he s a conference delegate and th e Sen­ ate leader, it was believed th a t his was th e adm inistration view. LEAVES TO ATTEND STATE CONVENTION Rev. W. DeWitt Lukins, past the Baptist church left Si James ;end th'e there toda: LStOr Of lay for Jam estow n , N. Y„ w h e re he will atten d th State Sunday Schools con­ vention which opens there today. He is President of the Columbia County Sunday School Association and cause of th e necessity of leavi:ng day night, there w e re no eveniing.^ser- vices in his church.' chants attra c ted mi The houses in m a terial desi construction -seem to m eet m and. A num b e r of inquiries have been received and it is /believed th a t the houses will be sold at once. F a c ts an d figures a t e also being ^ecure^ The application of t h e executors of th e estate of R o b e rt T. V a n Deusen, deceased, th e C e n tral U n ion T rust Co., of Nw York, and Jam e s nolds and F r a n k S. Becker, derhook, for an Immediate account­ ing of th'eir w a s befoire The executors w e re represented by B e c k e r & H y m an, of K inderhook; Jo h n L. C randell appeared fo r Vivian C. Van Deusen; Samuel B. CofUn for i H u d son City H o s p ital; F ran k BY 1923, M l OF FIE ADDRESS .Delivered Last Night at the Presbyterian Church by Dr. Landrith—Many Present. S. Becker, of Kin- th proceedii fo S u rrogate W h itbeck Mi ■which to base plans' fo r fu r th e r building. There is apparently a con­ siderable dem a n d fo r m o d e rn hous­ es which can bO s e c u red on conveni-. ent term s. I f -the houses can b'e sold a t once it is planned to build several others this fall and p lan s -an d specifications are being- p repared for builders. A meeting of the board of directors, of ! K ey City Hom es C o rporation will held this week to tak e definiti tion on further building plans. JOiT CONFERENCE OF TEACHERS HERE Lindsay, of Philm o n t, app the Board of Foreign Missioi M e thodist church, and. W illiam W . ;al; F r a n k L ip eared for ms of the A joint conference of th e teachers from th e th ree supervisory districts the county was held F riday m e C o u rt H o u se, th e session begin­ ning a t 9:30 in th e m o rning and last- r until 4 in th e afternoon.^ Every .Cher in th e county,, except one from, th e first district, was present, m a n y m a tters dealing w ith edu­ cational subjects w e re disc.ussed w ith inspiration and profit to all. A d d resses w e re given by D istrict Superintendents C. B. Sm ith and C h a rles R ivenburgh d u ring p a r t of th e m o rning session, w h ich proved very interesting. - - The especially helpful talk s of th e day, however, were given by Profes- .sor H o lcom b and Dr. W h eelock,' of th e State educational dep a rtm e n t' at Albany. P rofessor Holcom b divided his tim e allotm e n t into two hours, th e fiFsf of w h ich he devoted to t.he topic, “The T e a c h e r’s Job,” a practi­ cal talk along pedagogical lines. His second h o u r topic was “Essentials of R e c itation,” w h ich contained m u ch helpful advice concerning recitative jram s, r. Wheelock devoted his one hour to a general talk of insph-ation. One period was given over to m a t- rs of interest to th e local supervis­ ory districts and some tim e was de­ voted to th e election of delegates to attend th e annual convention of the Teachers R e tirem e n t System to he held a t B u ffalo on N o v em b er 21. The balloting resulted in the election of the th ree district superintendents, C. B. Sm ith of th e first disti-ict, Charles R ivenblirg of th e second district, and M atthew G. Rickey, of th e th ir d dis­ tinct,^ as the delegates to this con- Vlary’ss church a the Home Chace appeared fo r St. M Of Stuyveaant Falls and for the Aged. A number of othe'r notices of appearance -were, filed by- attorneys representii— ’— F r a n k S. B ecker, • ors, stated th a t t h e re w e re sufficient, fu n d s - in th e 'e s t a te to pay all of th e legacies- and to establish all of the tru s t funds provided fo rip th e will of th e testator. The purpose of th e nterm e d iate accounting was said to be fo r t h e purpose of giving th e cor­ porate legatees an opportunity to ive th e ir identity and rig h t to tak e i bequests m a d e in th e will. 'This dohe> th e executors Will th e n ask fo r a decree of th e court directing th e paym e n t of th e legacies to th e cor- irations nam e d . T h e re are m inor children residing in C a lifornia interested in th e estate and th e court stated th a t he would appoint a special guardian to look a f ­ te r th e i r in terests in as m u c h as th e re w e re several questions’ o f con­ siderable m o m ent to come before the The m a tter w a s adjourned until Nov. 4th, w h e n all th e necessary p a rties t(\ th e proceeding will be in prO! versa!'pub early -\became the duty of Christian E n d e a v o r to prepare and- propose a ram for a national and world- mt, in whieji. yqniig people who are doing a large-sh^e of the w o rk of the w o rld, shoiild be in eid an'd .-.active, ' -FronL time such declaration's were mbs .it has dem a n d ed Interdenom inational 90 PER GENT VOTE FOR RAILWAY STRIKE -Buffalo, Oefc. : —Ninety per cent, the voters favor a strike in case old .wage sched^zle is not put in effect, th e grand board ^ of the Switchmen’s Union announced here this afternoon after completing the count of the ballots. The m em b ers of the board left here later for Chicago taking th e ballots w ith them. ‘A \Warless 'World by 1923’ is no m o re a dream —of a dream er, who dream s th a t he dream s, th a n . w a s ‘A Saloonless N a tion by 1920’, w h e n lirsfr...^uttered by an In tern a tio n a l C h ristian Endeavor Convention at A.t- latic City in 1911. Both evils, the li­ quor traffic and war, ought to be des­ troyed an d the suprem e opportunity fo r ending w a r is im h iediately upon us,” said Dr. Ir a L a n d r ith last n i g h t in an address at the Presbyterian church u n d e r th e auspices of the Colum b ia County C h ristian E n d e a v o r Society. D r. L a n d r ith, .who is E x ­ tension Secretary of .the U n ited So- -ciety of C h ristian Endeavor, is to u ring le State of New Y o rk w ith C a rlton . Sherwood, S tate Secretary of C h ristian Endeavor, speaking a t tw elve leading cities. T h e cam p a ign began iff Buffalo, October 1, and ends In M iddletown October 14. “I hold no brief fo r C h ristian E n ­ deavor,” continued D r. L a n d r ith , \toy th e Scriptural fruits result, it needs no defense. 'An organization Which h a s grow n from a m a n g e r birth in forty years, to an a c t iv e ' lership of 100,000 societies an d lembei 000,00 in th e w o rld can well afford to claim ’ universal com m endation, since ‘by O r- th e ir fru its ye- s h a ll k n o w them .’ < ganized originally fo r C h rist an d th e C h u rch, it has steadily held to its first g reat aim . The salvation and liigious education of children an d ' ■ I in Junior, Intermediate ■ societies, by it, quickly ‘ew to such huge proportions __3 national convention attracl world-wide attention an d elicited u n i- luiblicity. For this reason young peiple and Senior so interest- Kir fy Of other' ideals, -Which at the were Hot popular but universally accepted. It ...are now “B ecause young m en and w o m en m u s t bear th e burfiens of w a r, theirs Y o rk last uly th e m o re th a n 16,000 .tes present adopted the slogan YY.arless World by, 1923” and de­ clared for ‘Demobilization by agree­ ment 'if possible, by example if nec­ essary.’ , No intelligent defense is.now being’made of war. - An impoverished and bleeding world demands of law­ makers and executives an interna­ tional agreement to ‘seek peace and pursue it.’ An American President was the only fcidividual in all the world, who could have called such a conference for the reduction of arma­ ments, as is to meet in Washington Armistice Day—November 11. No nation hut America could ha-ve led in this hour and this is America/s last opportunity. The conference must not fail. Public sentiment must be aroused everywhere to demand that the conferees reach agreement to dis­ arm the arch-criminal of the ages Mars.” Dr. Landrith thinks that most of the great evils of the last decade have ■been proofs of a providential prepara- SETTLED FOR $425. It appears th a t no action was brought by Fred. H illiker, of Pough­ keepsie, against Rev. A. H. W eave: Hu(\son u d as has been i insurance com p a n y holding th e polii !q, he matter with Mr Hilliker for $425, the Weaver automobilq, sett:ed licy l $74.08 WAS CLEARED. The ice cream and cake sale held recently a t the C lerm o n t school. No. 4, in the Cross district, $74.08 was cleared for the H u d son O rphan Asy­ lum . M rs R o b e rt R. Livingston \was chairm a n of the com m ittee in charge w h ich included: The Misses F. Sed- elm y er, D e n egar, Caslson, Cross, E lls­ w o rth and Ross, M rs Jo h n Carlson, M rs Alexander Ross, M rs K n icker­ bocker and Mrs Darker Cross. 'eleasing them from stead of suing for $10,000, Poughkeepsie dispatch had it, tion was brought and only asked for $425. M r W e aver al- eges his car did not ru n into t h e m o - 'Cle but th e claim was m ade th a t had tlje rig h t of way. claims. In- Hilliker Patrolman Charles Curcio, who re ­ signed two weeks ago and sdvers his connection w ith th e police d e p a rt­ ment to-morrow, opened lais new “Little N a p les R e s tau ran t” on North F r o n t street Saturday. F o r th e past six w eeks carpenters and decorators have been busy and th e place is one of th e m o s t attractive in th e city. All Italian arid A m erican dishes are being served. The officer will take active charge after Tuesday. .orcycle i Sun- , a t H u n l F riday Hallov Social on Oct. 28tb. The social a t Y e rnon M iller’s hom e H u m p h reyville w in be held on evening, Oct. 28tli, instead of iwe’en night. TIio Animal Masqueratle Ball. The annual m a s q u e rade ball of :o. F, lOxh Inf., will take place at he State armory on th e evening of Ictober 31st. This dance prom ises to >e th e best ever held by th e soldiers. Before th e ball th e re will he a big H a llow e’en parade in w h ich all who com p ete for prizes will m a rch. Co. F ’s augm e n ted drum corps will fu r ­ nish th e p a r a d e music. I for the international pea of t] that ’orld dem ocracy, a f r u it of th e w o rld th a t Prohibition, tending .r, that Prohibit! world sobriety, and th a t w o m an sr frage, entitling wom en to defend the ballot box t k e ir own children, w ill, all m a k e peace an earlier accomp: ment throughout the ivorld. sure that the impoverishment of blood and treasure, in the world war, leaves most of the nations involved no alter­ native—they must find a way to set­ tle 'th e ir difficulties honorably -with- but appealing to cave-men tactics and savagery. It is estim ated, he declar­ ed, that the actual loss of life> in­ cluding th e reduced b ir th - r a te of the ten European nations involved in the war, is already more than 85,000,000 or one-half the population of. the United States; that paternity has been denied by the sword to the bravest and the fitest manhood in all the warring nations and that through in- fiite generations this horrible . waste must continue. Dr. Landrith closed his address with an argument showing how very it it is just now that the young people of the world, shall be led to right thinking and conduct on this and all other grave questions of public and private morals. Traveling with Dr. Landrith is Carlton M. Sherwood, G e n e ral Secre­ tary of the New York State C. E. Union who was Introduced by Rev. M. C. T. A n d reae of the P h ilm o n t R e ­ formed church and w h o in tu r n in ­ troduced Dr. -Landrith. Before the'm e e ting started a song service was held, several hymns being sung and a pleasing vocal duet '?>’a3 (C o n tinued on page eight) I

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