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St. Lawrence American. (Ogdensburgh, N.Y.) 1855-1???, February 19, 1857, Image 1

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VOL,. 3 . \)triotoraIs. STORE K. STATION KK. H\SR EMOVKD ? ,'.^'\r one dour**,.; - \ '• K -\ , -'-E ISU.fK,F«r.. .r.. t-^iKrehewiB bepleast-0 -eh is,.Id an J new customers i»l tm-mta. II.- Ii-* just returned from .! \ aJiia'.'r Assortment of STATIONERY, u : iji«- >uuiiltt.-il works of the •M'TTUFs -• :.. -...*.: ^.pu^r w. urkf I\. .r..U ..r-lv',,.. y>t\ • i:.f i-HLal««rut!S of . ..: , ..:>..-:it-r - ^ru-vs. 0 W E R Y . , • ; .:•••! ;•» iijf.t tho wants o ''> - - * \>t e \ -, l!*-.i tn North - • I' \i .:N I'-I.H. Inkitaiiiis, - -. A.-, an.I oihvr I. |.irt- UMI.1- .-.-. S !t i *>. L...\ . , S«i' Ac. -••ib variety, and - ''arrtt'1 on by * ^ -ikMicn, an.1 li'M' v •! -i< :.•.• ^o rtin^tit .>t .^.unit-ut ... r^iant^s, Meiudeoaa, :u i %V.. 9-tf k' &BRO. ¥ EMPORIUffl *STORK. instantly reviving from New- %-•• •;. •,\ 'h.- :,,•«,- ui\I uvpul&r ••* f the .'av Tht-,r facfiities .i. at any ,-ar!> .iav, all,the pop- >h-tK't 'ire unequalled Their nam- new a.'.-l valuable Works. lajor L- -..h.-.te.L i *>. Mf.-har I.- - - RWk , i-Str..'_ i h^Icnsburgh, N. T. g 4jo use.' . YOUNG7 ock of- Goods ever ais Market, for the^ iaamer of 1856. ' \I KK MASS THROWN her -i«h,-» .if winter and is be- o aniline her arare so beantl- pr-d tip the cental reason, ahd men are destrons to imitate her :N .. w if! ~:..! a^l the requisites : *> st :s« Ford-Street, o I'ru[iiaeti>r having just retnrn- iiarkvL, i- n..w opening the most : AND KLEGANT assortment xi* tor S.entlemea's a.!np*,-d t.i the present and ever been e\hiMted tn Ogden* 'y it. ii.jTkvt. he nadTavora- kini: his selections from the r^ M curing thereby advantages n..w ^,i..u Mp t„ hfa friend!\ »ftexture and \stylea.\ are the •s*. he..ff. r« Slack Broad- t Maii^uactorer's of Germany, t r«'ncii iind (iernian assi meres in Black, a splen- itit', £• loreoce Cord, in \ (••.Sicag-s,, in all colors, arKnesis to the Whiteness of the i'^'' 1 - \r Bi SINKSS brrrg, he n'U- Vn'lierrv. Claret, Green, •UJ.% . : all sradeia. apair ..f FisrY French Cassi- M«. SB. atiil if we caqsaot shew rtment ..r Fancy French Cassi- r tiefi.re -^-\n in thts-BrKGH,\ vhaj-e. Uh AN'.i'AWMERES. Black I r,!,,^ «atinetx Tweeds, Cash- ULN Uo. .us for MMMEE WEAR; tripe.1 asi.i Checked Marseines ove, we hifre the \ SPEAKS\ ot lich, in the bands of their mm- or of the •- Magician's Wand\ in eautiful fabrics into the most ly rutins COATS, VESTS, and We wi'J also sell Goods in •rs: by the case, pieqe, yard, or il<>rs\ Trimmings, Wholesale or invite th<$*e in want of BE OLCO'HIIirG ock intijisiine, aswe havebyfar •yt fn.ni. than can be found in '.n iie.it- .sbiirsh, a!l „f which, .re. .-it in the most approved LI MiuE. Thb Stock consists ' >\ V ki'«>ATS. for Spring wear, • 1 -ar k I .Biia. made from Broad- .•yimeres. t'oiotLS, Cashmerets, . imck. r>rilK Marseilles, Lto- I*a.sits and. Vests of ..•ih.^. »1,.. wish for CHEAP n- a .-a. a.s ne bavte on hand • •! th» \.rv articles yon want, •U priees *,> low. as to defy com- u a V. HJIJ: SI'IT for TWO ha:. -.|. t-. EESPEfTABLE oodv, ii i- snfncient to say, ne-w. K'.-^an.H» and N.ivolty oi •rj- fir exra-eds mv thing of the ! tr N-.rth. rv. N = w V.. r k i floth^ig, ,f all kinds, at !-. var;, :-.^ :i, ;>r ., v ft^n, tea ; i arpet. L.-ati, e r. and Robber 'IVO '!„-,M ? b.. U '. St I^wrence 4- .-a- Ket! them fmni TES to * . '.I.... ,a., '. U y |. : SrK Y.irk •!>.-m i lotliiua verv much su- aiL-.hip. WM H YnfMQ. e. 10 J-'ord-treet. Mechanic's :^. 9 tf «V VIL.A8. BOOTS & SHOES, FOB ALL SEASONS! \V'o. IO Jo street. MJ'KN \'IL.\S Ii now prepared to offer tn his • -. ..-t..!'.. t -n ami the pnhltr. » very <J^E.V and eorour.hensive -t...k ..) H««>TS and SHOES, : '' ' '•' •\ '•••(' y '-^' iiiaiiufae- '.'ir- rs. which. «;th his own (;i -;.iuu-s fii»« most varied and '. .•! 'n -*• v ..r .v.antry • E TRADE. ' .U:I.A.VGEMEN\T» WITH ifcrtn-rn are'^jch a- to enable «•'!- A..rl all.-La to tWTra.i.. va Ilt e *-nm Inan^facta^e^s• cost. ti.'<r I'r>IK.\BLE QfAL- Jf --ki?i^ at VILA.-. N'. Ford street I, LOOK OUT.' RAC^S! s i r i r*' 1 * 1 *' 1 - *> CASH vl FH »:''.- •,,;V,T-.1 a the P. MM,,. oe-letis^Dr.-h. N Y. ii -Ki.VNf.l; i'roprtetor. •i.i'A KI.:. A.M... JT tf WANTED. \•Ml! W JI.I. PA V < M«h, r.<r t:.e t«Kt ,.r ite Fall Wheat, V. -. i »_• . --bur.'h. •- N I.VIl.i IIILP. •i-tf RHERSI ~\\ «. at O^deiisliarfb, . < nss rssTi,v oHf ib>ri>, or lumber, to ** *•!•«!. npmn as favorable \.-I. ..r >'..uriri}? Mill in the f' .win'^-r wheat. delivere.J, at -.-., E. N.FAIBCniU). 'OR SAIS.••'.•/>'.'-'^ H.<>( SA\I> CIUCKS FOB riis . • • _ .' • - ' r\ IS' AU.GJ &S0N8: -' •' s \\. , •-•'. : •; *-tf. . KM BRICK!H i- NO W PEEPAfiEB T G «i the, rrar.Hc a; Splendid *a geiupa, with; extra earo Sf MATEBIAE, sat wttfi ne'ry, it that the Elln i» KM hat erf for note in thu market I and see before pitrcfaifflMfe ^ SMITH PAJOK. , on**, 1S56. --' flW I ! #t. f ilnmtt %mmxn t 7 §TO» tfsrls. m PUBiUSHEB BTO1EY ra^BSDAT, 4 T oaMmsBtmss, ai iu.vBSK«KJoiwianf, IMW TO»K, BC EJDWIIf HI. »OI«»ROOK» Editor «n4 Propilc-tor. Office lik Telegx»i>n BnilAisi^, Cdrnei oS Ford anA IsabcUa. Streets* TERMS OF THE ASCBRIQA&c To Mail and Oflico SaDscnhi.r9—OneJDoB^r pownauffl, always in advance. To Vilhga STib^rHjew, Who »t& served by OiftOarrier-^nSDoMarinCTtiaitf-flvfcOBlitS. EAT^IS OF ABVERJraSn^O/I i«tte|. ai4*rnA«ia fibotita come 8u$ *Tong Wftyj'wHkati iqtiste- qpickft«88*of f&t&itffoftij oyet &e water. 4 Td pe - 6ii», tfew J w«« »] hear* the #(>&«& r|rjt^ r ma^nr i*K»*r» a -ii -i3Ki. '/JL jL*a3. JUI Oneaquare,one week, $9 50 Do. do. two do 0 T5 Do, do. threa do. 0 SS Do. da one month, Do. do. two do Do. do. three, do _ ._ Do. do. six ds * 0d- Do.e do. ea»yeq&_ ^ -§}-M 1«& Do. 2(00 5t column twomoDthsfi 00 Do da. ihr«e- do. T 00 Bo do «is 4a. I&OQL iff. onayew* 1500 -^«oltimn,6fteTttonthi 4 00 »o 40 twoi do. I^QO Dot do -Do do three do. dx do. ^flS, ^ column, onftmwrfE fc \lMH> fDgr dy^xmeToa^' \#156\ On oolamn^for three months, or longer, attho rata, per year-of-W 00 Btisinffia Gard% ot«Mnes or I^ss, ins«(rt^d an^et»pp»- ; priate head, -with priviltee of change, *t $a pet-year-• Advertising under oonwacts; as above, cOHflaed to the Advertiser's OTMtbusmesp. I<egaI^V6iiisomeDisJnser^ea- at the rates established py law, I i * .. _ j-_._.L-^„^—j^^^J .^_Lg UNION TELEGRAPH LINE, BUD aCB^DAtT^Ojierator AJBID TJEB5HJNTAND-B0STGS''- ^_ * JL B^BilLffEBJfS, Qperatorf? j*B&x 41 GEAJNETS BLOOX^ FOED SIBXET, • XJGDESSBUEOH, N Y. Busihessloi^kllparfaolr the- tTnlted States and 1 Canada promptly deswrtchea. All Comnmnxoatlons stnctly -• nfial. \Offi« \ \ - - -- • gguta&te*- EXPRESS COMPANY TO Ain> yJKOH Ajm PABTfl O* THI,40HimW» s &TATB8. XSJf 'm& CANATjAS., •ln«)inneoaonTrith,aBtb% J , x *\ Prineipal Expiess CompftalM, MCOKEY TO EUROPE, la sums to suit customers, CHENEY, FISKE & 60., Marc&l,3856. j PBOPBTBTOBS. 1 ' — ' •—nr—.— ' T ' • '—' CHABIBERLAIN & CRAWFORD, Conrarders & Conixais«ii,oii Mexcl»ant« •AKP— i 3»E!JjyBRS IN iPittOBTTCE, Fire Proof Brick. \KarelTousev corner of'Merwin-aad Division Str0ets,\ncarjtufrBridge* - O^ETELrAHB OHIO, Proprietors of tfcoMW York andjOMaI4naon tBoOhlo Canal, andAgettfafortho Korthe'ra Trans- ^portat^o^ Campany * ' ^r*'3E'arBculat' 'attenttoS\ given in iBe pnrcbaw of Produce onOomtnusion Xor.Jle Eastern Markets. April 10th, 185ffi; v I 4 T-tf JKifJ^ trstKMW 3rWj3«. Wri^onko«3iri«^Pr>OMdia|«W«m|H^»5«« 0, w- venllo vl«te)y held i£Vi_omim f l&lfc* ] lff\MB» BttW. 1 ' fS'ojr^a 8fc I«*reno6 Ainttiotti' J TJnloiuow a»a UnlorceVar, ^ r s t|i6brytli»taUsbpnlirittg . Jt^aifiiriaioj»*fterai^b.t l ' * ' It^Toi!4Bla'fi8«jtdi«d.t t Ifcva* » dear, dearp»cha» bonjht $ »«• Byj3ito,-flsp trnjs an4 tri^fl. By atrtSafai of bloody and trt>dfea>to>*tf, r 0h£ wJuta^reidQliixatet r -i{ SflHte - i pr$t^ pracejonly tkeit wai n<t«i_ attd^olves about, *nd jna»a. ~wnM not *)1OW1I?SP l^^^t?? &<m,$$l, t^em wa» sttqh'iMeatititd 'flowers, ?be oould g&- iherthetn^ani tnaWjnama;\* nosegay/ In this way d!3't!?e little pralflet be^ guite^umy a lonely ioW 1 of ifta.^*, JoimV life, wiifet her rufcband i*aa oe<seg« Jieg^jr ^.jjbyed |u ^is ^grie^ttijal pur» 8*\ \\ ' • * •*- • - ~ *- - ~ i *J -- senBi^-,, , r _ r _. jr _.- rf .-_ . ^ »• r ti (Uo Supreme •feeai^ krhls trhnBmberetf riiWeW » t 'WM|' \ ^ and fcn^ir they vera p^rfue^l. „Sfcu1 he lbwwted for a rffotteerit hy ibe stde o^ 3S£r«fc SCJohV teemipgV^deteTfernea-wlaU or 5augbt^rloj#fi^ irie iajt|ie>d£cliae.,of \ iMy father ^sfe jme a strong qsestiQir/ Bafo^th% fc 8iidajw. -\^Thi* snows v? fesny f w^t^SiaT^^^eredFonrifiy^he^^Buic^ ©oursB'to teke- €3fe;ef-ke te5h1fc(ia^i«aihiaf 4tite ^ttg 1 BoVe^ca^e^j|la|[d#&;nif*vf%f grfisp-of 4h^ fthjld r? »aiia^hfea BOBie,4em<p Doreier wth the speed bf an arrow, from* 'the-spok\ ' \-\V*-* f AlM - adeed-watchei confident: 5fficaionr4from T A 31. to 8 P.M. J MffKAUGHTON; Attorney^ Coaasellorj &Cr * Gives hia enaieattenapato the practice of W» prqfessfon, andsoHeitspatroSage. I \ ' Office, comer Tord and Isatfella'Streetai ?.» OQDE3SESBS?QH,liI.Y. - MX* H S. HUMPHREY^ ^ t ; Wholesalaand retafi Dealer St ,./ Drugs and Medicines, Painty OilSr Dye-Stn®, Window Glass, °J)agaejrteol5!pe Stock, Dentists' aud^SnrdcaLTnstrttmenta, \Winea-anA ' Ofears,—So. 2 EAGUESBIOOK, t FOED STBEET V OGHEKSBTIBeH, If Y. PROUTY & KDiO]f©l}, * Wholesale and, tetaftdeateia to Brags, and Medicines, Faints, Oils, Vam1Sh,Jfec.i alsOfDental Jn'trnmentsj Teeth, ^Ooiayollj&c.j^c. i*0^» gnSHBE* One Door above A. Yilaa\ Sho^^torei 1-tf OCSJENSBIBRGH, S Y-. 1 ^ DIBXCIOBS EristuaBtas.Prestdent, William <X Brown, SttDmaflTFoote, V Pros <i \ ' •fiaWieelocTC 4 < Enjatt^VThite, . SoorgerE Bell, J.-~ D&YliCrichton, r-*r S TL STEELE\^ * \Wholesafe and iretafi dealer ia GROCERIES $.^i3» ^KOiVtSIONS, Pni% and^ttt^, PieWes, Preserve^ , OUYEgi TAMAEIBID8, &e, Aaron's New BtdMing, Ford Street^ • ; {pPPOSriK. EAQIE HMIjJ GffDENSBrrjlOB\ J* Y.-, ^•Casli paid for Producei. l«tf GEORGE WITHERHEAU, DEALER tN Groeeifes ftrProvisionsj. Plonr, Corn, Meal, PorfejiFish^ Frait, Wooden v Ware, ice, &c, ^ '-. i{Q> Hi &EANEPI TSLOCK, FOKD STREET, v ' : OGtJ>mSBJJR(m } N. Y, *„ ^T'GJlsh.er Exchange Trade paid IbrCjtnntry Pio4iioe.' Goods delivered to any part of the village, free at charge. January lit, 1866 ^IS-ly a —_— ' • W.^W. UORGABT, Dealer In Groceries, Pork, Flour, Lard, Hams, Fish, Salt) and a good assortment o£ Provisions^ * x \ No. 2 MMn Street, opjbsltB tlie St I«wjreno€f Bxehange * i rOflPSOAMt, W. 3E, i 8ft-tf~ U856. CRAWFORD & CO., 1856. Forwarders & Commission merchants Proprietors of ^bie Horfeern BaiLBoatt LJao of STEAM PROPELLERS, *\ Between Ogdenshurgn, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago. Also, dealers inCWonjand Grain, BADE. iOjf»^EPOT, ! D(JDBi!fSBtJBeH,Tir«Y eff~AU orders for *he purrfuuso anoysUnmentof Flour* Grata, and.otb.er •Western,Eroduce t -will be prompt!y,at- tendecttoby ^teSMBEEEAm-lfc CBAWFOBD: f , j *• eioveland, Ohio; Or, taATHETi * OO, Chicago, DBhois. T-tf MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OHABTEB BENEWED FOBVwENTY'YfiiBSt 0gdenst)iiig15, St tsv^Sace 1 Connty, ^ Y. \* ^ ' r ea^*ta*,-^0050tfd(, « ^ W rtt isrsoBE-DWEiiiiiNGa Ajsto jAiat KgOPERTl otmorftf&vpmlileteripsta Stock, Companies _^ Office, Hopk^n3 !, Bloel^. VKateFStreefc „ J But, that nobleraoe,—itls gone, , * Broipt flwlwSiaraiid.ttiam, 5 \Whose Wye Should over <uW« tki on to^rtfeaoiaVftnifa toaharo. ^ Butaa,«WofthatjioWeJfe-ir, BetprlitiJwKKtaSealiO'he, Y Thanjiv<»ito»eeaa<««?crejr f Dwaafiflsiimllji , \ i i * ' , Better^lwpr-wittiitheir noble .rnateaj And afeofcJr^rltfneliiMw^^^ Than livfi to. *eo those happy Sc * KT«hwl»n^tnetelera!. Thenile|W sing tjiajt goo4 otif^onf, Thatabngourlat^erataUghW , And^ise: the chorus loud anAlorig, - Tbatbbdsua^handand^thous^ti j. trnlonlaiatvvana.T/nion.ever, ISthesjonzjhatalfsliould-BiDgl » COTOsM^jDiBUKiost*«f5sr,' ^ec^thatallshoularing^v •» i A k*|d jtoovidenoetJ^wt mde^cuyaictteffi smmion, and lour daya^ana.traess =t^a sae \W&*Wir$^M$eam)< ,^h,,pe<ju3iar ^hover w ob-tIie coMne^ o£ f eternfty? %# care. By„.the eood- jnanagement of MR. tfiuMH&otmjiaBy wapderthg w Jatflbv*^ f- 5 :^ ? i n s- MissiHJi,!Feb. 1,186T. 4 h (M, The dreadfi^sweiiis ofjfehe^gfc. &$r honr§ to#e ajid. pjroiEeo^iw^s, my^ow^o^ugbJer, which he mangfer took from mev* *\23b no, *I%tddn?t nailf with^i&yVhite Sfed;* f - Ki * Ji[ot if yoVsaw ^\WftlnotBei? «iaind- ing hkiffiA^ca^ied oahjdsao&t&^-alpn;?, w)fe»rAd4l^ofl(iiuwftW?J „. -f *The- mother of my bird is a long way i^olTVero, l M f te,i 4 hld; ^ -*i,io%«Knisr o^iav \ T ,* .!f- „ \THEBEyOma£oS^»PEEiT 3S&W YOBK, E'eh?^—Tbe steamer :*»f 4 Ttfle 1 oftne UatJjrScfctlerj^ John JHolden, Silos IT Claffci Edwin Ctaifc, Edward J£ Shepard, AHenChaney,. CSAS iL. WHS, Secretary. FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE Bt OTB,, J j *. Kfortli-Western ^nsiirajuce Comjoanr* of Oaweso.S«w York, >• Capital, $iS0,OQ0 Spriligl|.eia lire & Marine' Ins. Co., >of Spri&g&ia, Hhsa, Capital, $160,000 Contmentotiaiisuranice Compaay, otlKHvYorit Capita], t500VMW-t , Atlantic yiye & Marine Xnsnxaiice Co.y ^ of Providence, E X Capital, flifp.OOO. Bridgeport Eire-, ^Marine Inls. Co., of Bnagepor^Conn. Capital, $100jQ0O. -^\^^STxcrtT^ltafliSpB^ \' ^?~-T&e atove Btock Companies, ara Among the. Jrat ^, c ArOgdensburgh r Sow-York. %* Law BasiueSs.Intrusted\to haa-wiUTrecelro pMmpt attention. \* „ -r ^ s- nr - *\*» WOODRUFF HOUSE, ^ 4g& •> WATEBTOWN, 3T Y. J! JUUL ST. LAWRENCE HOTELj OGDENSBTM&B; *. Y. e ». »O^SI>Y»F^opr:let,or. / GALTIN W. (HBBS;^ waot-JseAic.AS» BEIAII. IHB-AI** t* foreign and. Bometttc ••'•,.:•••': DRirsooDS,, i Woolens, Tailor's Trimminaj, Foxnlshlng Goofe and Readyimade CL0TBTJ5S, MsOHAKioa' Biiopx, lfff 34 Ford-street, Ogdensburgh, g Y. s *f - J ALLEK^ORPH'S Variety and Yankee Notion Store, MECBaiEKSS BOWy-^So 88FOBD BTBEET, OSDESSBEDBOB\ 2T Y^ WBaVms. H^ YOUNG, WholesafeasdiietalldealexiB / Ready-Made Clothing, Cloths, Cassimeres, Yeetmgs andr TiJmihih^, Shirts, Bowers, Wrapper*»eraV»tS, St»jekB, Colto, BupBeT anftOtt ©offitagj-CarpetBaes, Tr&tka; Ac, i No. 86 MJSOBEASIO% Bow, Fo*a* Srajnai r 1. 7 OSDE3SfSBCB»Hi ». Y„ i!If 5 B'AiyewHrftausB, ! lll , j CDBNEBr OP ^ ^_ Catharinieand Ui^isioit ^Stree<«, (Near the Steamboatldtoding,) ^EBEMrA^t/BAtowrsr, P^oprietofc MT\ Carriages <will ho in readiness at the 'JWrroad. Dopotan^StcamboatXanding-, fttJaonvey. Paasengei»a«a, Baggage fe> andftotn1hafloiise,ftea of charge- ^ From 'Are BY C 'ItVB yp« iter Union tod Atfwr^ior, ^ , tfr ,_. ig, dearest^, fa leave these broad jlanaa and princely halH ^h all the\bl issed assocTations or youth- and' home, foB t|ieh6wling wilderness?., H^ve yon the courage* to brave tW angry odsaja. waves, aid! meet fearlessthfc ted man of the foref ^ who vn!J t perhaps welcome * vis with Jbe|bl3eqH? war Hoop and fatal toma natives. Kfiiw ftftd ihefr pTope^^nffer^d?4n tlifc, leaatf^firom^theBt 4rft«rcojBnie „withTthem» Qn the, ooatrajgr |p*|jr ,jpf thern had added in^noBtlo*deg|ee to,t|eh? family comfor^ hy voluntary, contributiqimofgame tQ\*thff the wirfier* stores^ J * > ¥ <\ Anotlferwmtefr-passed, and^ the^sprhig. opened&po& them in ^ILit^he^ftt^ jmdt suddenness, a characteristic peculiar-tpjour, climate^ Tho anow^Aad-melted from the bip^ijai^l^ $» fttfp- ij^a^^laces. tbickly'^afpeted wrth green verdures.— Thousands o&wiirblers^TrexO'fiendirig.lorth thelr^jr^s ^wijIt.-unQeasing.'enerjy, and th^hfearta oF^all see^ned^to joiri in,the glad- some chorua. 'Rutalfis! a •cloud'was \rTa time at yasf, '\all 'h&ye,ofvflapphiii88. JPhereifiad beon a herwd m>gsaQreta|. a neighboring fietde- raent. j Their firsit experience of \ Indian warfare, L A^fe^'f , ugi|iv^8 hadascajpecf to tell the dreadful %^ory, and Imploting aid itfjSBscuinffsome D1 V their'beloved one^ Mioiharl^befin^ialr^ir prisoners Every heart bqrrre4rwi% iD<3ign|ition.at jho-bnt a ^al outrage. <-Hrv t S£ >John lade^a-baaty a&ien to lns;famil^ 4^hastene<l \^th a|t ^fhktwAi c^apSifo of b%aruig *rms to the nu^A^ntmjiaBy wapderihg i^ tlitf lbv%d tlre^parebfiof thi*^tdy^replw§ theQoy- ,scfene^*£her'*htiahoodV bomeS, Jt* i»fnx,f ejrfor v ^TheyjofeiryiJUi thxopgha^%| .Mr>BK>hn> «g^fm{.rWJ9f^ <Wr&ffb$J& ¥%**&*&$%F* -was atJength, fopa.i^by lt wjfiij|S?ing *H 3™W \ e ^l* ^ I10 * g>1«wtl'*fwr Jg» resrst'tbeir ^rfSatrwOv^ry^o&rlo^offinf W ib^ldaftiea S^rydtwIU^ofc-refuso 2»,^%W San'Franelseo lateslofTolh &. do^r ^MQQ,' W&opdBtiob Bank ^Ja^M^VtBOi Far' ^^o^ob^iBei^^i^^' hawk? ^ould- it lot hejbetter for yoUj to reEoam junder ^OUE_ kind father's $t&^ tectio^^ild^n^e go lorth done tomake some btOelpreparatioif to welcome you to your new home ? r \ ^.-> *Kevirj t gfe«ry; I plead a, wife's prlvi^ l$ge^ Where,ve& thou goeai, 'I wiil^o-; thy country shall 'be my copntrrc and th^ X3o\d nWAQorl.^ You know htfie fof.,wo> man'arh^u;t r if, ypn HhihT? I%ato re^t^tf a pa#t4Mto„ nJe- »£it ^*aa my husband's Itarne^ A.? ^* the red man, w 4 e witt wnt hrm tQ-tfe byAW^tkjndnesB 7 \ i 4 her of alnoble and ancient line of ahces- iry.iSL.Tbe mined th|s wars> ol jhe Roses had * fir4df r> jbrtunes of\ hla house, \?fbich AMERICAN HOTEL, GE5TEBAL STA<3-E OFFICE, Near the Steamboattandltog, OsmESSBKBSH, N.Y I Je^DWIN & SON, Proprietors, :aBraBe4a*nafeomibaHo0se, free of charge , ^pThe StaroOffiea fcr W*tarta«!ii andlnttrtwdlate tace»i.Ia atttiaJlopse. - l it i-y 'B W: BESTEHEDT, Maatrfarturer and 4e«l«r & Hats, Caps, Fnrs and Robes, Ladles* and Genflemerfs Fur «rfov&, Collars, Yictotinaa, CMaretfs Fancy Caps, Ac.-H»mpri8ibjra g>wral**> sortmenfc of his ownand^ «>anufrcturc, ST Cash paid *a- ail iffida of Tuts, Woot*na8ha&p Pelts, at the old stand, No IS Mechanfc'aBow, F*rd ^t, Ogdensburgh, N Y. \\ ATXrffiH3C®»___ FOBD ^BEET, OfiDKHSBTOBflM, N^WYOBB? Always on hand, th*-ia'^«».^? rtl 2^* .S* J^S^ 4 Caps, of every qjeserfpQonVto be,&TOdteth« njarket asso, * _, Mtttfe, Fur eiovea, CbraBtlats, I^|^Mft^Cu«a,Yieto- rines, Children's Faaey Caps, of all descrip«0Ba,ch6ap« than can be boaBht elsewhere. _« . ,. ««. « i ? * T c ATeHJgqa. >UU> It CO.* \\ land dealers in LADIES*, aSaSfTS AND JtESBlS' Boots, Shoes, Robbers, fcc, Itc.j No S» Vmmiuns** Kow t EOED STBEET, 0€H>KN$BW»H, g t^ oavixit PAS*, - B-<Q ****?Z Ig- WASHinaT^jrsojEii! *•- \ ,COBHWW»»HIS5ltOir AWD «Uat8»DQ( >M., oeDENsntiaciBr^N^f COVtZbATSm, ^ T ,*?i«>rp*letO*4 HT Pawengera cofiTeyftdto- and from the Boata and Carafree-ofciiam!; Thishause-baaheea!atelyj:e-fltto4 and iiconYeiflenttoib^teamhoathading Wtfp BAClQOE*3CV»X» «0HSB. Kept T»Y J$en|attkl«t Wl»KMi«SY» BAUt BOAD DEP03?, NOB3» POTSDAM, *T ToATTBENCB CQDNEK, BJrY. ThlrHoosftia deUghttPy altoated^itepleaaantYfl- lageof Bieq.uettrllSat'Se Depot of tho rfgffanAtttgh- B^BwtdVarol ha» feen fitted- v» tejgooH ahapefcrffio pleasure and oonvenienooof tnepublJo* July 46th, 1868. saoTwas tbointeTeview^when^sh^9earne^ j^r.tbe'firs^ the.fiill exteS^ of tKrifcjfcisforr tune?. * Her, hearty jfe^aqfa treasures forr^ %mhw, andjfn 3Uph,^ , vpY J I r would^ have bpen athouaahtf time^eaisler for the fond mofhet to > ha;ve^eeu i 1ief^<&iia.i die* iEan 6X9036*1:0 1ihe s Cmet rS^rcie's otUthe Indian. * 5 X<4 ?•>& -\ rc 1 , These depredations ^ere^fatfow^dvby other ^anaftr cmelj ^attd it \W^as deemed presumptuous forihem to re^am longer Vhere they wek* -TheVe^re ffiqr^Wff 1 adieu-to theiiKonce \flourishthg^ cornfiMd andhap^y homes,*lto 4begin their Jaboy 'anew In tbo.^cin|^»ol'^mo / Ja^ge sefe%; njent where they c^,^»^pte^ from future assailants* - , , ; ^ight after night when Mrs. \St. 3obn rettte^to jreat, she^wbuld be hllinietl rti? Visions of her: daTlmg^iboldmg-^-outf JieT\ «rmsto her, and,hear ^^atvojctenleaa;* mg fear thafc protection which shetiA -vain %.dto afford. Then §he would irouse ^h^self; and pi-ay'to Ood'to-suataui her m ^ tftia sorotml, anoVHe did no^tuirnl^^Baf ei«V bUtnouted\the bairn; of chnsTtian •c«8b r i •*s'» family of onjCOvmore-sei w r< hadmearty gone onf^when'if'vyas'sudden- ly rW^fed oy;?m imf&Seen, OGCurrencq. tJ ifis* St. Jfchrf w^s oneway ousy about 1 itatt; r8sctfe' Ad»yv?atchf€.the/Utle band nn- Eolation into,her.vs;<«inae,d j bosgro^^ 4 j- r5 tij if SvfisiiQ^ongeryisible, and,.the.ti tu.rfl« ; ,, Tears pa#ed O^an^e J^jjgBpgsjg <ed slowly *md with a heavy; heart^owa { rdg« bc*pp which I had rem ; ^ her collage. Per f|ars almost \overca'i heraa'ahe J^avf the twiljght deepen 'ir _ night? She VcwgHfr henrplfldw, ~bnt sleep flea her 7 conchy \and an ioy v chillnesi crept thrxragh het vein^. She arose .and wilkedto t}ie t win(3ow^>^h e ^!P? n ?. w ^h hec silver light, ^was e ndmg ^majestacalijr through the heavens.' Everythipgw*asso| cHlm-^and serenely beautiful, th^at Wen Ardy'aJeara were allayed, and after agairf and again eortraandfog'herJiusband to ©Ivinopro^tTon} «he;so»ghfc f and foinjrj thaj^repofe vimich had^jbefore leejj denied »-tr EDWARD F OSBORIT, Wholesale and retail dealer 1» lAmnatfottAip* umrsL+oav Tannen' and 0nxri§n' Tools, Shoemaker** f—U mm* V*m*imvh PATENT AND 3ENAMEIXD WBAtlBEg, ~ jijttTia« ajn»a*»rta»iJMi«»aav Parish Block, \Water******* Og.il laiiliiiiah, B. Y. \•' arCaahpald far miM.Jgj fltMl«Mt* <MH»tl*tf jr OOOKHSBCTtOH, *** mm**; X ff. BENTO^ M. Bv Office »*0* JTwtAMlii '»»»!£» %tmX#*U 0gdenshargh,Angn«t3,lSBK TjrYOTJ WODla} 39Atrl! OOOD /^- Signs Painted, jm CARRIAGES WELL: PAINTED, „ / CALL OH 0HH.D k HETCALF, AIT <la« «t« «*»»«• *«H*e* DraMbittgenu an<isak«Ua streets. ^ HOCB? PAwraarcr, to •)U!&!$gg£g&J h » 0tawb»nih,Mir>li1>lW* r Hf TirATKIlS'S' Shaving and Hair-Dwutng Saloon, labaaemoit o»«*ryriVfla#*»>otaw* Sho* tiara, roap>. yrwarr, on»tp»«atiin« *tT. roU«tt, 01W»«« k I^arnard, COMHISSIOH M110HANTS, FOB *HE SAXE Olr f Butt**, Cheeao, Egg*, Beaps, Peas, Beef, Pork, L»d, Hams, Wool, Grain, Flour, Aihe% Seed, Dried Apples, &<*,*fce. jr«* • CMMaaeiree ******* t^^^i BO-T.M. time |fad-ndVbe.en able lo rep&k-- t/ 'W»th the Co^nwelbaro.\ period, new difficulties arose* vihich detefmihed^liim and many^ others to become voluntary exiles *<>*%, 'new w&Vl^ hoppig tcMRnd ^peace-of lM, ana enjoy that Kbettyjofconscience which/i was-deihea th^m in $be -oth\. Jfot this ^urposejhehadpuichased.a'-large tracbof land, ajfd, with a little band- of trosty-fol- lowersi 6 wa8Voting hi the first fav^frble ttdetofwift^hihem to new>*nd untried^ scenes pf danger. W\ „ - \ ? •\ He'liai . ? led ^o tbealtefrhnt a^hoittime previous to the commencement of our stouy, tfieiyonng-an^ljeaiitifttl A^ny Dud- lyi whq, as we iiave aeen^ie^Ertetd wife a ^vomanlB loVoand fh^^ewtl^eanwe't.ea- treaties! ^her nuaband ^o remain, whiltr hewer^tlo'pione^ritlie.way. t > \? We-pan fetrdly picture to owielwa ihe mighty struggles which agitated ,-tW bo som of the 1 TpBgwrnsaS lne W W^ ^^ °* Albion f^ed from their sfcrawedvisio*i?. i Attif was the first to break the jnb«r% fill Ailejickj \ '•• *ChJ3eF up iny husband, our pfcepoBtja nYenofspldaTkaaSourfond J&ttcy ^rajs them, 11 know that it ja T on my account those 4I0U1I9 are. gathering On yo«» bto*, but letjme kisa themjaway and assure yoii again and again thatit^ n*y prid^ and happirieskto be by your Me, I WW not «zlcbange situation w^th th t e noblest danieBaii Srfgl^nd, -besides, Ja noJ; out. flrmtrW iff Israel's God2 wha wft not forsakes bufc'go^wrth uftfronr*l««d-of<»w» oppression to our chosen home.' ' %. STohn could not rea^t.t)^ |e^der t»v reaseafoiihis lovely bride, W&aetfeM ^ termii|e4 to follow her n»bh» «x»»PP <* courage] | 1 Mniiig after eYening would ifce^to- gethei wjttph the aun a» he #v»»W» — west wlrir hi* w\tfwtf0t%»tfr~m<m& lonptyjome?^ . _ _^ , Theisquawr after a .long silence^ ex- qiafmed* %* A ' 1 r iC Tfie^ainiibu teltajme-toIeetBesttahge ( bi|d go jkO hVowif nest. Ton? ntay\send tormy-^wigwam for hecfTbui i%ha«e.L*4J 'IHscarrah^nd anoJfer-dKU£h|©Tr ^..^ \TDittle more of our story remains to he told^, „ ?^ ' M> °*B£i^jkmtf tolhe Gov|nior,^'^hab- ited^in^suit'bf English, and^xesea'tedJfej, h& Raiting- pasents,^srho najfte^liateiy xgg '\\''\\* * \ * * ' ' ^ughter, you^no^ kn't^lv ^otuTmother ?' % ^These VdrdsTs^m^fco'taase -the W mantfacnlties-efiihe' chUd> for ^shellooked wildljmta %frrj(o|he)- r slface, slow^yl% P^a^thalr^othfr^and-w^one^ pQuud Bprung intq her open arnis^ , ?„ fii Clothing and Catcnlng Cold. ^ •^feJdft «#^ughs^a?arrfl's W crblips, s^fBjuilcles'^mi 'nenrMgic^jaw^achrag ^eetj^and^hjeuma^:ig-t^iageH,with fye^uenl Tlpi , , ,,_ who shonia meet her a^tomshed-gaze brit •Narcotti, the old, sqnaw\ we- have before mentioned. Heriheattvinstantly^old her |here w**mtfj& Mh<J * &* antf of h§r red *;»& vnlch jrangai^ every httle cemfort fori her^ h^rs,- band*a return, ^although her Jieart whisper- ed her, how, unce?ton Vas^that l return. To lessen, if posaible^the w-eary anlsioua hbu<8het sallied forth^onah errand of imercy^touaetfasqnaw whoiad been.very ilHiwijff the^inter* »*Whrt Fa»hersor:^ pj;i«e^on jgaching thenwgw^m to find ^ desolate^hd.eed there was no appearance of l^Tbaving^ heen mhabueftlbr some l^iie. ^Thisinciaent added greatly^o Her pfivlous^ 'deptessiorj for .aha itnewr Hareotti was too 7 feeble Jtfleate without assistance* Opcei ortjvice jghe -was-^r^led^fcom her^reir ery, by jeA, or Infginary noises.,, J£»r Srfit'en,q.u.iry on jreaohmg^ honie wap/for RertbaJ She-fonnd hsft. putting 9 String* pf coral around $reptfcrr|e'sf , neckj/whbr lay ss^etched o\ut wii^i his b%ad obJhiS young, mjateqsse^^ap patiently jauhipitting & $i& decoration, / . Siiddeniy there canje a sound w] ch&ld notjtre mistakeBr. The dog' up apd gave: a. low contwwed 'bowh^ •< MercifulSuthejf the-Indiaps are Upon us-!' cried. H^ St. -John, as sbi caught Bejtha W^fcr arms^^hile Jesitaftng: what nieasures to take for security, SneV saw at a distance several tfork; am ^tlmoefc ' 9 aked fbwhs, ^Pdered stilt -n*m| Wrifio- % tihe!r ho*id war-pwt aSid '\JSWthere.v-. This det€Sisr«ned Ainyywitb. herwembhng Child to «Wt the »W» rf ^e>»d*r-y Another iwift io«d iadterrible elwut-reai i^ air, a*wJ * sheejt p^ fire-was *fen tow- ering to the he|ve6s. The scene which etiaoed balk* <teHerjptio». The refterated toil* of the saynges, the erackhn^ef the,hnrhmg biiikliiigs, and the Arieks^BdgrOaiS Sfthe defewwless vic- tims as *ey T*8h«d fr*iB the fit*, to per* ssh by *i»4«*r»**»k, chafned Amy toihe spot Here and*there w«*«5e*4«av«gw iwi*hn*tfa#4»fghl loeks of an infteit, in tb* <*&ri*s£ bis «gMfed *»¥ag\ km^ Wau w , ' Mr!Go3| I thank^Uiee!, pyere 5 thef&st ,words that escaped boSH'ty^ %^W^ fji|Vbeart, as she fletv to somTnumcate the Jad* tidings tp her husband,' £/* \ a '\ \^TarcotU g*aV tfifim a-^&canist^tia1 history of past jeYeftti'f#39ie IndrsttiSjWeKe disaffected' wiijh i;he)^hvfe8^foi^ > vi>i[ous causes^ F^sft'andTO^pr^etn^emed to be^tljeir —\* \ \ 1 —***- So ^here hate\d Sound^ . . t \Game* vm alreadyf^ttang.^scirce^ andl ^ey secre% deter^mijitfd to pht K^WE^O thffi&Wiroachm.ents^bv. exteEminatioewjf ia 4 tnos| nnjnatlyteraCed, is^io^a^rjnmds, f?fSS?jSYe j^frpzenUoes ^and^bre jioses, with ajong'catalogue of interniediate t mal- adies, among wfiic^ are^mpuenzas, pneu moniaV/joihitaMkngiclieutns,* and allhron' ehial difficulties ^ y. 5- J- si> ^And^som^doetors^asiweliias man/ pee- plej are tOO^ptito suppose that the* pre* Yentajionrfor^all thsseiUs andaihags-is to ^e'fo^afdiwholly^in^flie ^quantity ofitht ^lo^ijij^^e^nKOHrid s ourBeives.twjrii^ \ 1 ircotll] ^.TheBosJouifedical JFournal, an*a, ilate WIS tting\ ytftftoi! them-lie, •^fetanAwn^ 3 ^ snake's skin, THid/ oFconrse, heir Jdend% iwj3?ni»|g- ? #is> -covered; Top^feveptjnjtherjpmmumca-, iion w»th the 7«Vte\l^o^wishurr^d away, and a gufrrd placfed over W& whicl -was^ontinued irtltt^&ftendf^g-dmiglSR^ foral^ti*^ 'gJ&iaded-heVwwtafchy <*«ymg thl^^HWe- ti^lpi^jrejnovedlo^ef uln.loh'AB/'fuirl +W wriif« rlrnw*-w«s the tothefehthnsiastic mU'it *«fe St John J ?^^^?£ J ^^# t &*JEi k elonois harbinger of feWttliwr tfiffltei* ing ^«Wc<ot^»<««m«id w«^(^pi»*ffc •finiiw'shd would «ay to h* ^'\ttW«r<*^r* , «^*^ A, »^*^ banPStw^WTmSUdi^^ Amyp«a«f }«r«ha4 forts tfSr«»ln«»^M % t #^f, ^S|S^fcSSK« f 53def theakb^S ofow^'i^tiw^^* 1 «Wf. 5^S^S^!^»S1*w2S .nuer^tth^^I^b^^j^^^ «* *M^ {>01 «£>«?»» «*w rat* I4wtf*we y<*f ined she wrtb *«n^ 'i •»» a TZ mm TZ fina opportunity of, da^MftfJg^g hopewifery^ 4t »* ^W-J^i»#*M*% th^t^eroachmSepts^by ex^giiminfttiog^jf By soT^eaccldent^their designs bebame known to^aTCotfi^wlo^deterWneai$Vp- prile Her frieods-of thlirintniineliidan|er. For this\pnrpo*» beingtoo; ill-to> carry.the' t*d was th^f Bertha, on ^ day^fhir ci^tfem, «Hf9r- cottiassuised Ae» M¥^Ml%.^ rest she would be ablet to^nducl { tbetipt |o tbelr lost child/ Bh* r V^ aft«id' J ffi? redraothef could ftot t*SfreTSil«I upon to parfe with the Wia*«B»*% botfebeSold, the» they muKt go 1p thjt, p»rej:nof;of panada, *»d hfl.l^ ^k^ 1 ^ . This w«s indeed an nndertaking from which itie stod^t'te*^ i$ie¥ «^Nr cfrcwwjtanofts *w«iBd Hk^r^f^arfS^ Tart Mr, #&m4t%k<*m **&&?&& 4arlm& «lfe«bM|^d«^dled, t jh^i%«g^ nificanc^be^ethem. 'TIaioaewiwd ft»>«»i^ twfa * laggM aoqu4inted ii4*i^^|»«l^|« hopeisooa to be«^^iwm>ii%^«>»*'_ , hdw proud ?sh»H ^^.^JPrW* ing pf 4 repast p*ep««d tf pf St*» haada.' » ear M one morobig on *e*. aww werVabkto dweem <#l*V f |»» A i^ t*w vptiA m sijrhtl \ ThencoiBtw^ed tk» «doow *^*_* C * y^>» camMtfV W? f h* hr$W «l th» «t*«l b|w«d its Stern «ip««8ion as he reolfedt •TfcoF»i«i «tep» hghtty; her frd i* l»ots#•l^*l^«lewood»*r•witr, , Amy oomprerwoded him, ««d panted to her chiki 'Tb* yotm* eMje <*nnot %, it hwi no rtreafOC rf t Ael6id»«n,« he took Ber- thainhkama, mmi waseoon hidden in tbedeepreee»»esofthefor«rt. A»y fol* Ita^wUttfemWiai i^pt. Thdy had aljrs'elecf ftfm Ual^rliSreSSff Se pa8%ejrger^ /< * -t «*«,*.?\»» 3^ s-c c/ J^?4^^^^ en dencewa*stailyiKff off>Paha>fial ^WMfe*«^fe [ban^toan. -^evyanfveasatAspinwall ,<Advicgs frlm^P^ma-Jare to %e ^d inst^^teamer ^ie^^Sfev^di^amvgd CIB^uifOTtbe^ierra Kevada repojr t«at 'hfmw<Walk& atRivas^ontheUvTth Jan- na^5 an^ thjt 1^86 <md38&&$S? enJ Y*gin Bay^as reported J hy3&e Br'tt- ish steamer at Grey town, nor AadlSley made fins! # e fflP^«fion ^San Juan dej where pe^has a ^nndrvib/casiting' Tjalls' r Tfe'^iearagqa rBut^, however/is hiok \Walker had E&IU heard ,of:J;he captinte, ot his steamer&jip Mhe J^th, but sus- pected somethiijg^was Mgiqng,^ «? Ship NarragansetTjT of Pr0yidence7 ar \ rivediatSawJiatt deLSur Janv.13^ , H | ITro»tt ? .t%e JStfjrtIa r 3Pacm^ Cdgist. _ Adyices^lBagamaarejfrom Yajparaiso to the 1st or^nuary, Callao llth, and Australia to^jS^y Ilf ' ' \ r ' ' ' a -* Business -at valparaiso r duTli 'The TJ. Bi 5 shTpJJohnpiAdams- -wasi stilt- tberej C^pfe. Boufcwell had arrivod ^t-t Panama, a %Wk r passage & tWG^Ojrge Law. The revolution at Peru progresses, the the msfffgenls^rawing^n'earer ike Capital - *Ah insurgent fleet -entered 3 ffie>larhor M CallaofBec. 32sL, and\ haia\ sbghfeskir' mish with, the fbrJs^ao.d a goyerament steamer, in which several foreign vessels, ^H»^aiL^m\jfhfe£ffijsene of Dressumakes' SQWejndiw^nsopservatibns ^\fifeBrrors* o| suddenT andimptpperea^osures, and ad- vises thick, shoes, heavy eloth, and abun. ^Wt^^^jaSl^of garments, as ,the panacea in the matjer of keeping the ar% mal temperature above the cold-catching 'point if*j> J -^ s^ M- *.*» p ^Bnf ^lere-is- a physiological limit to |b?ess:as wejl as any other -hygienic agent ^'•JBPTWJFW* <rfj%pdliUg,Y js^all very- weltand, very necessary toacejftan extent; yet esce|ss hf/clpt|uj^ l ,,is\an^evil and is t causes of a ronsofW jperatiire^ ,*v -' - t-^-*' -v Of equal SrrmQrtaneeWith |he amount of iOur clotnulg are, the quality.of our blood w . ad v bne-*of T ttfe p'rmcipal oifgaHSiO^hlood ptirificadon. »]feiis| i£AK0re^e^|othe ,the b^dyj T?e cer- ^%^en^^Wfrsjof se^proteition, a«d, m the*nd, induce; the very^vi| 4 it is the object oi clothing, io prevent ^ ( we dr^spist a^Jiglftlysas -we c*n % mthost The Jil^-rprincipal > ^SaiUj jts. our main protection against \the elements without An& to \have the^be^^rotectiop under alE\ circnnistan^jO^h^iapa ^|p!t ^md their wer-'varyt^ !< *v^^lt3^^, W must keep KaKottitb^k.fiom'b'er-^Qm^a chiles grtrptethf whlc&iiefend^eye^ tihrfefc* thef instanfelyswsogafaedas ^sfe.vff«»*jr ^Wyit^ity^nIke*A^dVig^n^pkyi I r The5mostj'prevaient j error in«dressisfoo 'little Ahoht the feet and too v much about 'lElte neck anU- chest Since \heavy neck fi8TiaTre»!c%^««re *4SR!*t%igS8h, tfiejat aita'ftid qoiiisyS Bm*i^&0^'&&i&«: ponjingl^ ^«P#*»«^ ^ae^niBan^ jmc- eons enW*M«»ed ^of a pendency to fie- ^neb^at&cks of qnijwy^ Jy merely ,wash- fag fh£ n'eek e^cfi niorn&g in cold water, 'Ri*«i^ithtrag*aight^bfetm around the ^o^^feripe *e^teedJ^83?rJte»^3» thfeki;retfarr^ J '' T \ w ^\ A morniB^4»th«e*riihlaUwi wiih tepid, cool, or o*M*«**&*fe»i*tf$Q the reac t^hlr»sta^8sp«*e with stoted HvUMm********* &*f *»h«»i«« ne«N^3& vrhjle ^ w*n*s*|% aetitom #>«P*e^ ^o^s-r.oi^iSfd* I* ydi»misb^pk.babu>y ^take cold* or |fr Siey ? r^eded<»%f*y % br»k>e - —*.-— awful aoTftnde of the fore«t, save the ooca- lionat^iji <*f * K»h nxatt 5 isoibe twityd ^•*Vi tree, andtfe* wwiife «f the b»»d« as «*y Aferilht* *MWMi» #D^ *9f#fe disaalbaw^«fjK- ^Sld hewtt : V«t &• I fires they WndW aWM them from' fnrtlier fljolestadooi At ftdg* thai* ftmtf joartey «U«W) »>olo»e. Th»y *** wskirmwi -mta:«wt eor^ial in«»«bylh*.XJoV!»WPi; «ud h«« N«oo«i '4*«ae4,' •eA,ilKiswit.,.He« a great ootwet). Oft- Anothe^ important cofisideratiett for th^ewholl»n)W^rBig;to \freeze to never aBpw the naeailir^ blast to tajce^ at a disadtant^, lf«rf*e,pd«fq w»Hc lumgbt at alV Buttons of ike year, and in all states of w^ttd ««l weaftw. %it the great «ai«% pt ourownnneh J^d n^ pe°lW V*** w ^[ ^4»w \bandit -» . ., -, ind l^alkeV^arSm -ei men^and is \W 1^ Active ^force^of 1200 fortified. aLRivas, buhe J an\dal?Vench frigate -interfered for the proteclaon of foreignejr&^ejMihe-jnt ,aur^^iJi*»«^»»«}c4^oi^'^leavingf ^only the stea^mer^Apurimac apchored in thoharbor. A Trench sympathiser with themsuj: gents way-at/eSted, 'having fir hi§ posses Ision «nporran1rpapers.>* * \ / Intercepted letteraAom General Vivan- coffcohis^ife^^re^sgid, to imphcate the British^ and American,\ JiEnisters in the ^Revolujaon. v * A Thg t RevoluJionists had taken posses- si6n of the Chincha Islands. - » « TheiEnglish mad steamer Boliviaj from Panama, wasjhoarded Jan^IO s of£ ClaDao by Jfce^ revolutionary \ steamer Tumbes, anff an attempt made io taWlier mails * ^AlmtheAnSucceslfuT attempt at jrevolu- tion'had been-made inBolivias •7 > Advices from Anltraha^are* unimpDrt- ^.nt-^Thp harvest,prospects, were^good. flour dull 2k%_££2 per top* J „~ Califoynia^newsis^nbt Yery important. The Gbveraor^message -fe J %he Le^sta Lture recommends fM passaga of ad av.fr to Jtoahs^ the^tate-,deb| -ajid a t bjll was m- |raducjsdtor>*hafcput^Q^ ^ s r( \\Several shocks \Bfjeasrliqualfe had been 1eit ^fliroughout^iae ^ State. 'Bnadmga -^fere sba1itefed fe by it in Losr^Angelosrand anfciBarhara. *«> * •v ^-r- _ ^he^nadKparty. attagked f the^^gov- A force has^ beentaiseda^San J Franci!l- *«ffe» ^busfer^ea^editioniiag'gonofa. TiifeaalaiHgraews K^vorable.^ fc At San Francjscpi &e-ieceiptsx)Lnier- chandise i& very, large, CoaljaeclmeCto ^a%l^oT)lrhas?Anthralfe. , l^DOt) lioxes scJamaTi'tine Candles sold for 23 a * The ^mj mtrkht was %ht, and the» lifld been no -sales, of State Bonds. The ~State Treasareif .had ^deposited money wttfvjfchi Paeific Express Compa- ny ifer pay mlfnt^ of the Hfaterhiteres^ but J*« Attorney &«TiemT«biw!Re4 attin|ttBe-. * ii 1 • • #^eaw^ii. • • 4C adrdflj «•*£i^lt a Pleasant T^ie |feople of Detroit have beeCmuch eicited abont^ainnrder said io haye-*erar -eooimittednear B&mmwB. |It,w*sal- Mged iitat mfofiet usit Jwi^wwd at a ,ho«»^Rh«»^^W*a*«»^ ^n^riaght, a«d three; wome^irjereitrwsled^ 15e exajai- nation took place at Beteoit, and it was in testimony that hones were fctrndin * wr- xe% add bloO«, #itfe hoiftaa h*iri» ft, vrtiB seen in various pbwerf.*!•** *fee hmm^~ The case had heenjaily investigated, »nd testimony, when aifbtehnian ,, audience, and yflwmXw^xatt. ihe bones and horse hair which had been pro- x duced'as evidence of A mdto&iag t*km to I'swwunnt his#w» bit% f «s he waa-the &mml peddler who was 8oppoeedtob»ve been mordwred- It «rw fortw^to for the thr»« vomoJ$at tiie man waafMttMw- The toWr rf Watifciia, Haas, has toted \/ ta ia 9 m a ir •h at •e L, It of jd tit S a*

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