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PRESIDENT SPEAKS ON BUSINESS Calk For Continued Econo- my of Expenditures PRAISES BUDGET SYSTEM PLATTSBURGH SENTINEL v. H. H. ThmnHing, Pastor of St. Williams Church. Karqudlc , Lake. Victim ! Cabinet OfTitJ Kish (iovci ;IIK! Numerous M)t Officials WiHi r-iMnM officers fi'i'l nmne r \-—vt.jiv.uuy im-b suuerea ui iTht Z!P» • offices ,„;. - wars aml (hcn wcnt t0 Albany M and hardships of frontier \ t nr roprr ton of h , mastcr ° f cleric s i n Our Lady ° f distant South African ar #n II I Amiel S Pranclscan convcnt - He was American fields. *\ C t '*\ . \!.\', 1 1L '\ . b ^ il1 I-o«isville. Ky.. about 50, Wilh hifi Bibl p anr t ,. WR WASHINGTON Calling T.T e;nti Federal expvndi Coolidge t jni;'.h!, < dietory to the iy,v. organisation. cabinet ous sei budi i that have elapsed since its initiation, thanked federal enmloyes i'or their cooperation in effecting Savings and warned that economy in the administration of national 'and local g'>vermnr'iit..s we to continued national prosperity. Asserting that Die \margin be- tween prosperity and depression is always very small,\ Mr. Coolidge Bald that a decrea.se of ton percent In the national income would bo- sufficient to produce a deficit, in the present budget. RACQUETX!-: LAKK N. Y, Jan. 1!7, .I'. An all nighl search for the body of Rev. Henry 13. Thamcling, pa.stor ol HI. William's church, Rae- ipiette Lake, was rewarded early this morning \when the priest's body! was found beneath the ice a few | feet from the opening through his' auto plunped Saturday night while returning home. The ear Was located in 40 feet of water with lights still burning-. An open door showed the clergyman',(/p ( An had escaped from the car but was the Rev LEAVES FOR PASTORATE ON LONELY ISLE Rat-Infested Island Furnish Him With By PLAUTUS I. LIPSEY, Jr. ' (Associated Press Staff Writer) SOUTHAMPTION, Eng., Jan. 25. ' adventurous clergyman ' Augustus Partridge, sailed President \ nnbl c t o fm d th o °P enIn &- He was from here today for his new sta- ' I hi-Vile , lavnv n t 0 b r a • stl ' ong swimmer. I tion in \the worlds lonliest island,'' •s hi'r-iiie^ ' Pilthc r Thamelin B. ordained in ' Tristan da Cunba. ILal - v i n m] - w \ s assistant at St. | The daunt iess padre-a bacheloi .Joseph's church, Utica, for three _ _ a]rcady has suffe red the perils posts in and South 50 I With his Bible and \vest pocket organ, as inspiration and aids to missions in Wisconsin and was also I years ago. FaUicr Thameling also conducted ihj^^bo\;;^ Ml , PartridB C i s takin( ? with him to Tristan a huge supply of rat poison. For rats are tlv located at Syracuse at St. Francis' \spniial convcnt - He had been in charge of, flcrscst crcaturcs the- local parish since 1909. COMMON COUNCIL HELD in this lonelv l ocean oasis. The traveling preacher—still on the sunny side of middle-age—has a vigorous trame andtrim figure. It was just last month that he return- i lnis ^tnkiiiR photo of an o( ed home to London from his min-i Gai ' J l l d diium., don side cis and a ci' o< ]->l vunl Islands An SO S biou{,h TUE3., JAN. 29, 1929 i RUSSIAN CHORUS WILL llTNIYCDiyAAlY SING IN LOCAL CHURCH UWUMWUUU Kev. Mr. Armstrong; Donates Ust Of Presbylerian Church to State Normal School Music De- partment The world lamous Russian Cos- 1 DIES NEAR MOUNT VERNON r a ?r ZZXZL* ^ hm * Alabama Senator Was National Figure jjust opposite the Strand Theatre i nder the auspices of the state nor- linal school music department.' Rather than disappoint the hun. ( dreds of music lovers Professor | Street immediately accepted Rev. Armstrong's kindness in offering ( the church and it is hoped that the many who await the coming of the ! chorus will take advantage of this orle;\ DEATH ASURPRISE Family Kent Notice of Condition a Secret in Hope of Recovery o Salary Of Public Health Nurse istry in Brabil. But when he heard | liaised From $1500 A Year i that the chaplain at Tristan da He pictured the costs nf ::fatc and To $1800 Cunha was sick and must be re- local governments, which he said lieved, he volunteered at once foi were \n»pidly mounting,\ as a siy- The Common Council held their the uninviting task. ••nul, warning Uir? notional that un- regular meeting last evening, May- j After serving during the war in ' less they are curtailed n repetition 'or John II. McGaulley presiding. 'the British Red Cross, Mr. Part- of the \disaster whirh overtook j ~. A. Tucker, electrical inspector ridge entered the Anglican minis- Che country in the dnsinir days of o f ( n r a ty , submitted his report try and soon responded to the call 1951\ may be expected. These ex- r o r the year, which showed he to for foreign service in the Society penditurv.s he termed \the greatest made 267» inspections, for the Propagation of the Gospel menace f<> the continuance of pros- ' R _ g Long j n behalf of Benja- He went out to South Africa and perity, 1 ' mij! Speilberg, addressed the Coun in the Johannesburg mining dis- In addition, I he president contras- ci l anf l ejtated he desired to protest trict—rough and unruly as mining ted economic conditions prevailing against the present condition of countries are — he took charge ol when the budget system was inaug- j ae plattsburgh Theatre. The cor- three churches, one of these for na- urated with the situation today and pora tion counsel was ordered to in- tives. \I had to rush about from one en- church to another on period. '•'I do not contend.\ he said, \that action by the national government deserves all the credit fo: 1 the rr-i.ni.l restoration of our country's busi- t n 1 i a i tlv '! i e cu K < und I il 0 i 11. hows M( arru >n Mit Jl U S a : ii fl life bo t Pan- uii i Re i ion t'u lie WASHINGTON. Jan. 25. </p>—Os- r W. Underwood of Alabama, one ! In the music of the Russian Cos-' of the notable political leaders of sack chorus the great heart of his time, died today at Woodlawn; awakening Russia thrills. Living his country home in nearby Virgin- en the* outskirts of Russia to pro- ia where he had retired at the end | tect her against invasion the Cos- cf a public career which had seen sicks developed the heroic epic in his name repeatedly brought for- ' which they express in music their ward for the presidential nomina- iexploits, their lordships and their tion of the Democratic party. j happiness—the music which has Death came at 11:15 o'clock, this now become characteristic of the morning in the massive brick struc- country as a whole. . ture overlooking the Potomac river It has been said by noted critics an d the George Washington shrine that the Russian Cossack chorus', at Mount Vernon. The former sen - 1 as a place all its own in the his- '• ator had been un'conscious for two Itory of the music world. Thei dav s and his death had been ex-, ! chorus made its first tour in Jugo- P ecte d sinc e yesterday. His family JMavia, after which an invitation! however, had withheld notice of his d with pj^st ga nu n the S S Pie&ident ' was received to give a series of con- i condition until the last, hopeful Hie r CMO nt GufcM \\i i 9J pa^se^g-I certs in the Royal Conservatory of that he would rally. i'( oir the poithein tip cf U Bahama j Music at Milan. Here vast audi- ! Even his former colleagues in the d i 1 mie sou HL t o< ab ml the Pin- ences heard the singers in four senate and in the house, in.both of cited what he considered the ac- V estigate. • complishments of the intervening | prank S. Smith, illuminating ness from the great depression of 1821, or for the steady progress that has since taken place. Unquestion- ably, however, wise government policies and parti\ularly wi.se econ- omy in government expenditure;; 'With steady reduction of the na- tional debt have had a dominant influence' \The president was followed by Herbert M. Lord, director of the \budget bureau, who predicted a steady increase in necessary govern- ment disbursements and a conse- my motoi •ginecr of the Associated Gas and bike.\ he said in relating his ad- Electric Company and Mr. Cris- ventures before he sailed today tlcll. traffic expert, of the General \and they called me 'the Flying Pai Electric Company, addressed the son.' council in connection with the in- \One day a native woman came .stallation of stop and go signals, running to me, her face streaming No action was taken by the coun- with blood. She had been attack- tji • ed by some superstitious persons, The council voted to increase the both Christian and non-Christian salary of the public health nurse who charged that she had buried a from $ir>00 to $1800. charm in front of the church and The corporation counsel was dir caused the death of a native dea- ected to prepare a local law to in- con. trca.se .salary of the milk and sani- \I put on all my canonical vest- tary inspector from $1000 a year to ments to overawe the crowd. Then $1200. DCBLAKER PLEADS NOT omy. Both addresses were CHICK NELSON MUST SERVE JAIL SENTENCE Chick Nelson ri this city who on last Monday revived a MX month; fouspended Jtnl .sentence after lie pleaded guilty in city court, before being a disorderly person rested yesterday afternooi same charge by Patrol ma I went out and lug up the ground jj l c myself to show them there was no ' charm there. I had to excommuni- cate the church members who had attacked the poor woman.\ r»iTBf T\T nrnnnr nnfkTll ! After otne r like trials, Mr. Part- GUILTY BEFORE BOOTH »'idge was transferred across the At lantic to Santos, the great Brazil- ———— . ; ian coffee port. The young clergy- ()n Charge of Embezzling $2,400 man found this city a strenuous From Owner of fletld. Carousing sailors, reckless Carnival beachcombers, and down-and-out- ——- ,'ers of many nationalities destroy- Haroid DcBlaker of Paterson, N. ed the peace of the place and made J.. who was arrested in that city on his life one fight after another, a warrant issued by the district at- '• But in his new. island station •a;; ar- torney's office of Ahis county charg- the preacher no longer will have on the ing with grand larceny, first de- to struggle with violent men and Homer gree, was arraigned before Judge R. worse women. Tristan's population Ijadd. He wi'l be arraigned again C. Booth this morning in city court and will afternoon. now have to serve his time in jail. DeBIakcr 'plaint of ; Capital Beauty in city eourj- yesterday is not much more than 100. Its , farmers and fishermen are describ- was arrested on com- ed as moral and religious, industri- a man named Traver, ous and hospitable; they have no owner of a carnival, who claimed alcoholic liquors, and they have no ' that hile DeBlaker was managing one iil his shows he embezzled !j,J 400 DeBLtkcr pleaded 'not guilty to the charge before Judge Booth :md demanded an examination which was set down for Friday morning. Bail v,as fixed at $1500 which was tin nished. .rime among them. Tlrs new chaplain will have charge of the education of the chil- dren of the island, who are con- tented prisoners on the little area of 16 square miles. TEACHERS ASS'N jTRAPPERS IN LUXURY AS FUR PRICES RISE i • = i concerts and a diploma from the which he had served as leader of his conservatory was awarded them for P art y» were unaware of the gravity their excellent rendition of both o f nis illness. Announcement of his Russian and Italian music. , death was followed by immediate In 1924 a tour of France and 'adjournment of the senate out ot fopain was made with more than aspect to his memory and expres- 150 appearance. & tour of Central sion s c f regret over his death flow- America and Mexico followed wrth' ed from congress and government its mounting volume of triumph. ! of S <;ia -s throughout the day. In 1925 in Panama the chorus sang Mr - Underwood died as a result of before its first American audience. acereb ra l hemorrhage suffered ear- Sergi Socoloff ; conducts the I y i n December. Two weeks later c horus using the voices 6s he would ne had a str0 ^ of paralysis from play upon musical instruments to which he raffled for a time, giving 1 roduce marvelous effects. Bern r i s e t o the beIie f that he might re- in the city of Mo^ow in. 1887 the coVer - Several days ago, however, son of a noted musician and choir hL s con <«tion became worse and he leader, he took up his studies in Ia P se d O n Wednesday into a state of the Imperial Conservatory of Music uncons ciousness from which he was in the city of his birth and then unabl « to rouse himself.' . v at the University of Moscow, grad- T -he-death of the Alabama states- uating from both in 1915. At this man rem <>ved a man who left ah time he was called to military ser- indelib] e impression- of an Individ- vice and gave many years of his ua I Wlfc h unusual quaUties of states^. hfe as an officer in the Cossack ™ anshi P and marked capacity as a service. The chorus will appear in der \ this city at the Presbyterian church In the Nafci °nal Democratic Con- cn Wednesday evening, January 30. vention o f 1924, the first in which Reserved seats are being rapidly radio broadc asting was attempted disposed of at Beemer's store, Ful- on a large scale > his nan ^e resound- Music e d l n thousands of homes through the medium of the voice of Gov- I ernor Brandon of Alabama. \Twenty four votes for Oscar W. Underwood,\ thundered by the deep voiced Alabama governor and car- ried to the four corners of the na- Produced under auspices Platts- tio n fo r a 100 ballots or more. burgh Glee Club for benefit of The burial will take place in Blr- Champlain Valley hospital, Strand mi \gham Monday, the funeral par- Iheatre. evening, February 11 and ty having Alexandria, Va., aboard matinee and evening, Feb. 12. j tne Birmingham special of the Frederick, the Pirate Apprentice, southern railway at 4.52 P. M. to-.- 'who is out of his indentures on the morrow - I day that the opera opens, but who' O&olidge Sends Regrets idue to the fact that he was born| WASHINGTON, Jan. 25, {jpy- I on the 29th of February, finds him-! Presid < ?nt CooUdge today addressed celf to be only five instead of 21. is a Iette r o f sympathy and confidence chief protagonist of the opera t o Mrs - Oscar W. Underwood upon 'around whom all the smiles, love the death o f her husband, former and tears center. .Senator Underwood of Alabama: The role of Frederick runs the' \ U is witn ? re »t regret,\ Jthe 'whole gamut both of histrionic and P residen t wrote \that I have heard Uocal demands. Intensely dramatic o f the P as si\g of yo.ur distinguish- jiecitatives with -'Ruth.\ 'the e d nusba »d the Honorable Oscar W. piratical-maid-of-all - work.\ lyric Underw ood. I came in contact with arias and love duets with Mabel, hlm when J became- vice-president his sweetheart, give Mr. Frank L. and leara ed to have the highest re- Frovost. who is singing this part so gard fo r lli s ability and character. H ( ^^t r Austin's and Clarkson's o u h Rooms, om d ! t ol ntw PIRATES OF PENZANCE FRANK L. PROVOST admirably, a -chance to display X knew \ from reports of his long both his beautiful voice and his f ervice U1 the house ,of representa- acting ability more spectacularly, ^, veS> where he ros e t o a Position and skilfully than in any other role till. 111 boi tl in Ml it o 1 ' u It B t m thi cl( '' of great influence. It has always . , he has ever sung in Plattsburgh. ' been ^y privilege of regarding him \id loou al those elands! Mr. Provost has appeared in fol- ; as my fnend - Tne character of his Notice the \\a\ b\ the baths m M> Llni Hi is NEA One of tho mo Jngton ili'bnta iMtss PeRKy TyiuT. wi pented recently at a tin her honor. She is of Mr. and Mrs. Al «n<l spondrt much of h <»]i«^ ubruad with IH HELD MEETING ! OTTAWA. Canada. Jan. 27. ./!>.- i The fur coat has established itself [ ;;s tm economic factor. Not only :lorf And Mr. Ufisfon is it bringing wealth and style to ( i Itcliri'mcnt System the boulevards, but it is sending .•onipnrative wealth and comfort ih< Pittsburgh Teachers A.s.so- lu tho trappers who obtain the e.s- ti.i'ion held a meeting last evening ' s<?ntial pelts. ,it tin New High School. L. B. According to advices reaching ( liniiun president, presided. , here from the Canadian northwest. Mi (-. M. Klmendorl. stipenn- ti-appers are becoming prosperous | tri.l. m of M-hools. and Mr. Benton with an average per capita income I, )ili p ke on the conlerenee they c;f ?-'.000 r to $10,000. ranking amon;: dtietded al Buffalo recently rela- \ u > highest in the dominion, and ti\. K, ih<- t<arlu:is reiircine'nt sys- ;ir o l[slu ^ thf ' i r increased buying (un pr-wer to 'obtain elaborate equip- | \oil .v.iiii'. Ilic bu.smrss Inwtill n ' m\iit for t heir woo<iland shack.s. ' Mrs 1 e-irnrd -ui\ ••ever-il selecl - : Men who mush out to trading ions. Shr vv il; . an-ompluiied by Mis:; l )l)lSl ' ; wll h sltnl ]oad s oi lurs r( '- r .tlna Hudson. i n of Miss Mr. Kilbi Quinluu, nine and bull Kiv»Mi n.v- | Mi.s.s Den.s Mi.ss liotuin. The li-eshineni cumniitl.i.c ua.s in charge ol Miss Na.sli. Miss Butter- field, Mi.sjj 1-os.s and Mi:, L,. B. Ben- ton. ,(iirn with carcocs of radios, falkin:; : machines, sewing machines, cannet! fruits, cigars and other good things i of modern civilization which a lew- years a-o were regarded in the liorfhland as unatainable luxuries. Radio sets are .said to be especially popular because the fur region is i .shut o!T from eivili/.atiun tnanv I j .n«n,.,»..,™,.,, s «,r •Bimbo.- K v of C. play St. lowing productions: •Jack\ in \Miss Cherry Blos- som.\ P. H. S. play in 1922. \Ralph in Gilbert and Sulli- van's Pinafore in 1923 under aus- pices of Army Relief Society. I ••Thaddius.\ in \The Bohemian Curl\ in 1924, auspices of C. V. hos- pital. •Jack, l I 1925. •Lord Bashful,\ in \Miss While.\ K. of C. play, 1926. Since 1914. tenor soloist i P( tor's church choir of Plattsburgh md its director since October. 1927. 14 years a member of the Platts- ourgh Glee Club during which tune h ive assisted in the club's annual minstrel offerings. Has sung in rario nut numerous other musical events. p upii of Prof. Rudo Lu'fll, Mass. Uso studied with bt isni of Bosto r leilisch and Mr. ii New York. Now conduct inf. irance Agency, ti U well known public service made all the < i under obligation to him and his | personality was such as endeared ,him to all who came hi contact with him. \Mrs. Coolidge joins me in ex- pressing deepest sympathy for you and liie other members oi his fa- mily.\ i Or Fn Mada . Warn entin . J. ; Vc i Sha OKLAPIOMA CITY, Jan. ^8. (/I>) —Tiie appearnce of Henry S, Johns ton, suspended governor, to an- swer charges before the state Sen- ate court of impeachment, was postponed today until Thursday and the spotlight swung back t0 a committee investigating of a far- flung activities of the governor's confidential .secretary. Mrs. O. O. Hammonds. and \Frederic\ in the costume in which he will appear in this production is i of the subject of one of the posters now en display. His picture also . E. appears in a poster with Mr. Ed. Gallant as \The Pirate King\ and' Mr. Morris Lucia as \Samuel;\ with Miss Mildred Coste as \Mabel:\ with Mrs. W. C. Thompson as \Frederick\ in the costume in which In- nce com- —Ruth.\ mnyrap M'\ Provost . Seats now on sale at Plattsburgh National Bank & Trust Co,

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