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Swans will badlsplaye and Seneca as holid^ wd^i)|^^§;^^lili€h:file ^ag ^K /^us arid Manlius Restoration and Development Committee, which provided funding, and students, instructors am administrators of lakeside BOCES, who donated the! labor, cooperated to produce the 25 swans. Displaying one of the decorations are, from left, Michael Master- pole, student instructor; Hal Thomas, Lakeside princi­ pal; Mike Lennon, student; Peg Cheney, of MR and D who helped design the project; Arkle Albanese, mayor; Greg Karwowski, student; and Vincent Palerino, special project administrator for the Village of Manlius. Area Featured In zine A Christmas layout photo­ graphed the first day/^fspring in Fayetteville ax^^$t^n1ftts has appealed in thevecember issue of Better Homes - and Gardens magazine. The feature, l^oiuin^Honm Tqqhriate^^a^qn¥^Jjm' llIrami:of 116^s^ SVF/ayej senior .era etiifor of the -magazine which is published inDea Mbme^lo'tora, and Jilann ,Seversqn,«aj$bciate crafts editor. M*.\ Wuliaihs .is a former ' at\ Fayetteville-Manlius High ScKooh A story about the magazine project and a picture ofMr. ; Wil­ liams decorating a Christmas tree in the Manlius gazebo with the assistance of Patti Fairbank-Fowler of Fairbank's Farm Market were featured on the front page of the March 26 issue of the Eagle Bulletin. A full page photo of the David Orlando residence, 503 East Seneca St., Manlius, is the frontspiece of the 10-page fea­ ture that begins on page 49. The following six pages have photos taken in the William Macaulay residence at 8074 Cazenovia Rd., Manlius. Mr. Macaulay, shown on page 50 holding Erin Heckler dhd. standin^inside the front door of his home, is the son of the late William and Catherine Macajalay who; lived, at 90 Linck- laen St u Cazenoyia. jn,-Jipage_ 61T,\nSSalffil# room ^hle^ith ;I)^alGt «esotL Pages-l5 &JwdJp >7 feature ,pic- tures taken inside the.Silver Nutmeg, \A Shop Full Of Won- der,*' in Limestone PlSzafFayet- teville. Shown peering ill- the shop, window is Andrew Weicker. The \Hometown Picture Album\ on pages 58 and 59 has pictures of the swans in the Manlius swan pond, the gazebo on Ea3t Seneca St. at Academy St. and Christ (Episcopal) Church of Manlius, in addition * to others taken inside the Macaulay home. Erin and Dana are pictured on those pages also. Photos for \A Farm Christ­ mas\ and \Cozy Woodland New Year's,\ which complete the \Coming Home To Christmas\ feature, ;also were tafeeh^in March by Mr. Williams'-and his crew in Indiana and the Adironr dacks. 30$ Copy . Eaye£teYij )jB ,sManlius. district administrative staff has recommended that Mott Rd. Elementary School be reopened in September 1987 to handle the increased number of elementary students living in the.district. The FM school board will hold a public hearing, focused on the recommendation, at 7:30 p.m. Monday, November 17 at Wellwood Middle School Au­ ditorium. The board plans to take action on the recommendation at its December 1 meeting. Elementary school enroll­ ment in the district declined steadily between 1972-73 and 1983-84 When it' reached 1,046 students. Since then it has in­ creased.by 13 per cent to 1,182 this year and is projected to reach 1,293 ;in 1987-88. By 1991-92, a36j»r^niincrease-is expected .to reach, 1,427 stu-. dents...v^ •„ ~ %,currei^ Ento;^,^^ attendance zorie^iftan.^n the Fayetteville :$rea, a.disparity that is expected to continue in future years. 'The magnitude of the en­ rollment increase provides-orily The proposed realignment-of .elementary school atten­ dance zones inihe Fayertevllle-ManHMS school district will have students living west (left)'of the vertical hash line attending Mott Rd. Elementary School, those living east (right) and north of the lines attending Fayetteville Elementary School and those living Wast and south of the lines attending. Enders Rd. Elementary School. two viable alternatives!'-stated for a third elementary school to the board in a specij&je^i&fmof bej $4jOO,O0p compared with $2.2 ^mal^^j^^^i^^^^*^:^^oti( i\o construe* 16 clas* Aufc^ithe district,' ^opening: the- srooms; a ldndergarlen^hfAUgh- ..Sx5hooi ^lsow ;oul4Tnequirerezon- ffird, f6iim^W$§g$fii&ih dngt'toth riders Rd. and Fayefc- and ^in^thrpughrl2th grade alignment and building 16addi- tional classrooms.\ ^e^dministration has esti- ntatedfihe annual operation cost teVille Elementary school. Eventual 'fifth-through-eighth grade enrollment increases would require middle school re- zoning in 1990-91. *For the second year in avjow^ Ames Department Stores is challenging the property as­ sessments -of -the DeWitt Plaza off. East Genesee St., which in- ciijdes Fays Drug Store, Service Merchandise and Wegmans. -jn its legal action, Ames claims that the total value of the seven tax parcels that make up the shopping plaza is $1,525,130 and not the $8,056,000 value as­ signed by DeWitt assessors. The store also claims the total assessment of $503,500 ought to be reduced to $95,325, a loss of $408,175 on the tax base; The same property is also involved in Proper Limit Eludes Officials, Fayetteville officials would like the speed-limit on Rt. 5 re­ duced to 35 mph to the eastern village limit, five mph less than / recommended by the state Dept. / /^Transportation. X The idea was endorsed by a / Brookside resident who was v at- tending Monday's meeting with his Cub Scout pack. In addition, trustees suggested at their November 10 meeting that the speed limit should be r-educed from 55 mph to 40 mph to east of the Green Lakes State Park entrance and will ask the Town of Manlius to cooperate^with the village in seeking the reduction. Village officials, asked DOT recently to* reduce\ the speed limit, now 55 .^nph,.to v $5 mph easterly to the Village\line-. But after an on-site survey in the be enforced, company of a state police officer *'Why can't you extend the 35/ and Capt. Michael Darmento of (mph speed limit) to the village the Manlius Town Police Dept., limit, and why can't you enforce DOT officials recommended that it?' asked a Brookside resident. a legal action over expansion of Wegmans and construction of a Toys 'R Us store. This proposal has been denied by DeWitt offi­ cials and the town is now consid­ ering rezoning the Genesee St. corridor to exclude new retail businesses. The assessment action con­ tends the DeWitt Plaza assess­ ments are 33 per cent of the full value of the property instead of the 6.25 per cent that prevails elsewhere, according to legal papers filed by attorneys for Ames. The challenge states the \as­ sessment is unequal...and such inequality exists not only in specific instances but generally throughout the assessment rolls of-DeWitt.\ If the challenge goes to trial, the town is responsible for pay­ ing legal fees, appraisals, and any settlement that is granted. Jack Gallagher, attorney for DeWitt, says the town only re­ ceives about 17 cents of each property tax dollar collected, while the Jamesville-DeWitt School District receives between 50 and 60 cents and the rest goes to the county. In spite of the way the tax re­ venue is split, the entire cost of defending assessment law suits is borne by town taxpayers, be­ cause the assessment is done by a town official. According to Bob Boulware, business manager for the Jame8ville -DeWitt School Dis­ trict, if the challenge is success­ ful. JD would lose more than $1 million in tax revenue. Money already collected through the assessment, if judged incorrect, would have to be repaid to the property owner. the village extend its 30 mph limit east from Tracy's lumber yard to Redfield Dr. and that a 40 mph speed limit be estab­ lished between Redfield Dr. and the easterly village limit, near Duguid Rd. Currently, the speed limit, changes from 35 mph to 55 mph just east of the Brookside entr­ ance, too close to the entrance to. expect traffic to be traveling at 35 mph, police say. State officials dubbed the 35 mph limit between Tracy's and Brookside \unrealistic\ because it is routinely ignored, by motorists and cannot effectively He said a left turn from Rt. 5 into Brookside at : rush hour/ while\ facing fast^oying.-westbound traffic and \vithf.fa^s>mp.ving eastbound traffic passing bn-$ht$ right, is a senousyprobjem. \I don't think the st&te^svre- commendation isfludicroias' rioiW' that- /»v«aw ^*T ^&v{vi»viVft said! mmn Nativity Scene Donations are being solicited to purchase a Nativity scene for \display during thehoIiday r sea- r son on the green near the gazebo ' facing East Seneca St. in Man- -iius. A menofah has been in place there for several yearn Peg Hennigan, representing state proposal i^,^6re^el0lUcS^ th e , M a#lius Village Holiday ifkeeps the 55 m p^^fe*- 1 ------ totally out of the, 'Capt. DarmenS ^Ko^c,^^-^,., to submit his re <»WM ^^«JP^ect, : yhich also has sup- ^^^^.tei^SfifomlJ^^W, both Christians and for speed limits to ^ fore .it .responds; tojjgjgjgfespi^s commendation. Three almostiife-sized fi­ gures, the stable and lighting are expected to cost about $1,00.0. Any<money.received in -excess of $1,000 will be used to purchase additional figures for 1987. The?stable has already been buildlby Frank Oley, Individuals-and groups wish- lage IJdlidaysedimmttee' and send'them to -M^iiis 'Village, Centre/Qne;Elm1>rpok Dfe West,- Manlius: \ ^' ^ ' '

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