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Port Jefferson times-echo. (Port Jefferson, N.Y.) 1931-1935, October 30, 1931, Image 16

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POET JEFFERSON TSBflES-ECHO FIFTY-THIRD YEAR ESTABLISHED 1877 \North Side ' s Leading Newspaper \ En lcrcu as .. ' ec h ini cliv. * mutter ul tlie po ; ,t o f iicV vl Port Jp f f p r. ' . ,,, ] under t in- :icl (if October 3 . 1917 Published Every Friday Morning by the Suffolk Consolidated Pr ess Co., Inc. PAUL BAILEY - Pre i ident - General Manager EDWAUD A . BLE1ER CHARLES S. LATHAM E ditor Business Manager Ollic-c of Publication Post Office Buildinij. Jones Street Port Jefferson. Su ffolk County, New York O ij lc n;ili o ii;it mlvi . ' t :i.r,u, t: rciire M iitativcK: Llttcll. Murr t ty. Ildrnli l li , inc. . Ill K., ^ ,1 l i - ltli St., Mew York C ly. Bwj i ch cln r< ;' . ciiic h ko. i i o h ton Member of \TH E WESTERN SUFFOLK GROUP\ Other Members THE SMITHTOWN STAR \ \ THE ISLI P PRESS THE S IT N, AMITYVILLE THE BABYLON' EAGLE BAY SHORE SE N TINEL ~ FRTDAY r OCTOBER _ 30 , 19 3 1 The Assembly election this Full is onu of the moiift' 'ifn|)ortHiit in reci ' iit years to the IMH t lc of Nuiv York .Slate. Tun .serious ( j ues- tioi ^ for voters of every party to decide; are: D6 ' you ' desire lo put in control of the af- fairs of the c tilirt' Stale political leaders who _ o io tin; m e . sl <k\sperate l cn/rths ' to defend grafters who c ollwt millions of dollars in spoils and split lliese vast amounts w ' th per- sons whose names they refuse to divulge? Do you know that Turn ninny Hall in New York City controls the votes of the Demo- cratic Assem blymen in the tip-Slate counties just as completely as il does those in New York City ? Do you desire to put in control of the 'Legislature \' of tlie State a party which will 'tolerate in its membership those who openly consort with gamblers , racketeers and boot- leggers? •D o you\ desire that your schools .shall be . shot through ami through with polities and that teachers and even janitors shall be chosen because of theiv party allegiance and not becau.se of fatness ? Do you desire that money shall be taken -from your high way fund , contrary to law , and diverted, io other purposes , including an increase of salaries to State employees? Do you desire to continue in office banking officials who admittedly have disregarded the Jaw , with -the t- esult of bank failures ; \yhich brought disaster to hundreds of thou- sands , mostly poor people? ¦Do;you . ¦ ¦know' that in the .distribution of unemployment relief in Ne i r York City Dem- ocratic ; fe vqri| ;es who were well-to-do re- ceiv ' eia;v.(t . { ' , ' : a ' nd' .; ; 'the ' „ - ' T ' eBlly' - V7riee)r Jy were not helped , ?;V% A ,jii4 * ,; to^ of the d 4 - n 4 - n i« Jt ' i * ji<? , -?A U' ^ ' . ~ /L^ ;. f - , .. ' _L- , : ^ t ^ .tJl' . ' - ' ^ . 'it . - . \^ ' ^ ' a,!- - , :.i _ . .— .Il ^ ^- . ^^^^ . J V * V ^ re- ^ eT r rjTrryT TOn :ti p ts ^m , iu Were Democrats or¦ ' , - agreed to vote , ttu $ . ticket*/ ' • Do you know that practically every meas- ure passed by tlie Legislature of 1931 which was praised by tl ie Democratic Governor wns . introduced by Republicans and passed by R epublican votes, and that the Democrats , from city and county ; tlike , voted solidly against nearly all of them? Do you know thai of the important meas- ures which the Governor condemned the l e gislature for failing to puss nearly every one -would have become a law if ju st a very few of his own party Democrats had lent their support? Do you kno\\v the real reason why there is no ny- S tiite invi>sUj* tuion as at one time do- ' mandud by (hu Democrats in the Legislature ? f N t i x l. Tiu i KcSiiy voli ' i' s will v , o io me pons. The sort of j r i ivernineiil Ihey want, whether it is constructive , fruitless or deslntoiive , de- pend. '; fl U ii ' i'l . ' . ' oil (he I' n lers lliciii. 'ii. ' lve. ' i . Tho Itopnl ' llean ntlniinis l ration in Suffolk County, stiiniiii i K on n record of county-wide iin|)i'(M ' < !ini ' iil. has pr o wd bejond a doubt that it has tht! int erests nl ' the people at heart. Thu counly blind issue mil only will provide work for llmsiMimls of Hu/folk' s u tie in ployed , hut will result in vahiiiliun increases Unit will A Good Count y Ticket Some Issues of 1931 v Oct ober HO , 1031 Port\ J . ilfni ' iifin 'l' .. . iKi- 14liu. ' Dfi . r Sir: Pli'i.sti tinti enclosed ropy of the Cliini . ; l,ii\v„ ' w hi(il i I think Is Inn i ortii i it to puhlliih at this tin..' , State of Nc i v Y o i'k ' Cm.iH'i'ViitlnH Lull' 1.1 Iti ' lulloll lo (limit' .i A» amended Id the c lnso ol t bu rciuiliir M' s slnn H l' . ID. Art icle IV I'liri HI f' tim, 177 1, Minium' «( ' tuklni! ci.tiii 1 . Qaini' protected b y Imv i i li n ll only bit taken In Iho ilny tin in lifter minrksi' nntl be- fo re minuet with . . mill ll . 't'd »t iirni ' ii leniith, without vest. «r with the limn bow , mik'su ntlinrwlue s pecUli'i i lly per- mitted by Ui lH nrilci t ' . (T hin ii|i|i||i - a to woudeuek us well lis (hides. Yours tru ly, am.AH 1), 8TBONCJ, Tl» ' ( UulnvK , B t' tft U kel , L>. I. Our Readers Write —,— r * Tlii . l ' ,8 OF <!AMK I..W mean still more to the properl y owner ' . - ' pocketboo k. The ability of Asse m blyman John G. Downs is known throughout the State. The record of Richard W. Hawkins , candidate for County Judge to succeed George 11. Furmaii who is running for a .seal on the Supreme Court Bench , is one ho can well be proud of. Mr. Hawkins was admitted to the bar in 3904 , and later serv e i l four terms as justice of the peace. Twice he was supervisor of Huntington township, being endorsed by the Democrats two years ago. His record as chairman of the Suffolk County Board of Su- pervisors is above reproach. Former County Ju t l y e Goorj -r e II. Furman, who resigned fro m that* post recently in order to run for the Supreme Court Bench, has an enviable record of achievements in the coun- ty. Joseph P. U' arUi , for many years a pub- lic figure in Babylon town , is tho candidate for Sheriff. Mr. Warta gained much execu- tive ability as supervisor of the town of I' j aby- lon. The automobile accident problem should be approached from the standpoint that it is the individual driver ' s problem . All encouragement should be given to moves to modernize tra ffi c codes and to pass laws requiring the examination of vehicles and drivers ' . These steps can save many lives , to say nothin g of thousands of dollars worth of property. But at the same time we must do our utmost to drive home to the in- dividual the responsibility that is his when he takes the wheel of a car nnd embarks upon the public streets and highways. It has been suggested that an honor code be created for drivers . If all drivers would seriously, subscribe to it the ghastly toil of deaths would drop over night. Not one fatal accident in ten is strictly- unavoidable. In nine cases someone , through recklessness , carelessness or incompetence , has erred. A life snuffed out is the result. A ton or two of metal , moving at high speed, represents a tremendous destructive forc e if it is mishandled. None of us would take a ch t t nee on putting a slick of dynamite in a fire or looking down the muzzle of a gun and playing with the trigger. Yet hun- dreds of thousands of drivers do the motoring equivalents of these acts—by going at ex- cessive speeds on narrow or rough roads , by passing on curves , by cutting in? and out in Ihe face of oncoming traflic , by driving on the wrong side of the highway. Public opinion must be directed , witT T all its force , toward making the individual con- scious of his duty, if the accident toll is to be materially checked, A report to the American Chemical So- ciety states that silicosis , an illness due to breathing' dust , is wore widespread than was hitherto; believed. Silicosis is caused by , silica , a white c rystal- line substance composed of oxygen and sili- con , the two most abundant elements in the earth' s crust. They are believetl either tp dissolve iii the lung or to form a colloid , a substance of g luclike consistency which floats in the lung tissue fluids. The resulting irritation creates sca t' tissue , and once estab- lished silicosis is permanent. The disease is usually ' progressive and frequently culmin- ates in the dreaded tuberculosis. Silicosis , of course , is most pre rulent among industrial workers such as drillers and muckers in subways. But this menace to our health is faced , lo a lesser degree' , by all of i«. when ' ive travel over rJ ti.sl.ry roads ' ;— and silica is especially plentiful in sand , of which many rouds are purtly composed. This is just one more reason for pushing the good roads movement. Eliminating the dust and dirt by even inexpensively bound top surface , we liuve always known adds much to comfort , and we now learn il is an aid to health. hong Island is particularly luilunale. in Unit alt of its prin cipal thoroughfares are paved in sii e h a fashion ns lo eliminate dust as much as possible. I l is also I ' orliii i Mti- I hat Uh> soil in Stiff.)li t Cuunly is sandy, nntl not as apt to do injury as the hue grime that comes from soil composed mostly of clay. The Danger of Dust It ' s Up to You ! Mr. Driver l ^ r i e w j t l iMMM i Mi mm. < ^ f inU i Bi'llV un d e l i - j raclw, witli n ureiit Inteii ' i i t i'i the rlvlr. nntl li f iifiiil Improvement ui our toiiimuii ltu. ' .s. f Iikv c «r. -Tv! rtt J cm l y ot ob j ec t lon a i. i the rL-clKL -litj.i of Mr. Ncvtns upon till: pl' i i t hu: he is mil rcii t lvrlnt! lull .vrv ltt- us n uuimlwr ut I lie Town Board uml Justice ol the Twice. Hint, im iiU U m l c Is tint, correct. Jntllio Nct'inti t.s ii reiiiiliir attendant ii, ' the niiiuti nits ol the ' - Town B o nr d mi d on 1 ! ol tt:- , nasi vti liuiule mill nc- cwHirj' nieml*. ' !'* , , As Justice of thn Ponce he has «t- trnilntl 'o n il cuki ' .i urom i lM to him lor lieni'lnu. All locul Justices of the P rni ce hour cii s c i on ly In tin- cvriiIiir, mid •Mv, Novhw is n« nvnllriuVu nn ivny of Ilium. Yours very tru ly, MBt U lEPONT E. TW I TOHEUi, To tlio Editor: lu t ho Hood oltl tlays or, tlm snloon, ( 15 yenrii a ( {0 , vylicn. the y nuulo (wncl litil/ f—tlint dlil ' not wn l«i mon crnity, you know—1 hiw n sl « lit Unit so Im - prcB s od Illic it an my mli w l tln . t I hnvo novo. ' I m u Dlle n It, Jiut below »iy Iwm ti was n snloon , One , tiny I lien v rt tovrmto r . 'loi. ot H Ko . iy nntl miner mlxoil wit h v ile ciiiviiui, ' Looking down tlio lilrccl, 1 niiw tl|n snloon kotipcr with a riuv lil il o whip, wind Inn It nroiiiirt it mail tunny ill link - Thoy went mound In n tiro In (. Oil Willi every -blow ot . t lio whin thn n u u/ii would H i irl ti u , liito ' . tlw rtlr , with . ' ' \' . ' 'ii , ' ,i )V' ' ¦ ' ¦ , - ' i - , ' . - ; ¦ ' . < 'i ' • - . !\ ' .ii '!7 , ;; ; : V i / V' i v 'k ' y. • ''' . . , ' '¦ ! ¦ 'V' i' i , - ' W - . v.- i^ / ' .r. ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ •7' / ' , '- v , Tl i l. l. H OI' \( I HOI ) («, ! > »AV»\ -EN TH U SIAS TS * * io Suffolk County ' s Future * • The sixth in a scries of articles to it: published in this newspaper , based ot. men who arc p lajinc: a noteworthy part In the progress of Suffolk County. W IIE N we first saw Herbert F. Austin , a friend pointed him out to us on Main St., Pat- i iosi . K. \See that fellow , \ said the friend. \He ' s a m illion dollar salesman. \ \ Salesman of what?\ wc as ked. \ Life insurance , \ ivas t he reply. Thiit Suffolk County could boast of n million dollar life Insurance sales- m an ™t s news to us then , but we soon learned that the friend wasn 't bidding. S ' . n ec ' . hen wc have come to know Kerb Austin personally, and we arc convinced that If the life insurance business had not claimed him, he could have made a good living soiling elec- tr ic ice boxes to the natives OZ north- s ii Greenland, He is a SALESMAN , - p sl led just ^ so , In capital letters. , Lite insurance isn't all t lia t Austin i f lls. For some years he has been sel l - : « B Ions , Island, particularly Suffolk County, to trie rest of the world , and h is Erlends and neighbors know that he has been making a good job . of mat . too , t hough his success there cann ot be measured by the usual busi- ness yard stick of dollars and cents. Like most of the rest of us , Herb is a chap who frequently gets an idea , but -unl ike many of the rest of us , he doesn 't keep an Idea u n de i ' Ills hat when he be lieves it's a goo d one. That' s P ' . , obabIy i t he • ' chief reason why he c ' iml j td into the million dollar class a;, a. life insurance salesman. A few years ago he had an idea w hich the Associated Press thought so favora bly of that it broadcast it t hro i i u hout the country. It was sim- ply that golf players should vote be- fore being permitted to play on any go lf-course in the country on Election Day. This idea was endorsed by the Un ited state. Chamber ot Commerce a s being an excelltnt move in the in- tere s t o f good government. No one has ever accused Austin of being a pessimist , an d lie is conti- nually preaching Long Island to Long Islanders and outsiders as well. Quick to em brace new things that look good to 3)im, it was Herb , who, when the nid J o industry was still practically in He I n fancy, amniged to broadcast the wonders an d beauties of Long Island , psa - tlcularly Patchogue and vicinity. Wits brought a great deal of'publicity to Suflolk County. The airplane is another modern ma- chi n e which has attracted, and held 4 fe 4 fi!iBr « *''8M te H Wf fesa ^ -afid' versatile young man , and he was the oigonlz i r of the first delivery of air mall across Great South Bay, which under s pecial arrangement with tho Post Office Department, carried mall by plane from Patchogue to Cherry drove. . Austin also or G an ' zed nnd took part tn tile first aerial golf g nmo In which the partici pants played u olf Irom air- planes with partners on the ground chdplng up and holing out. He Hlso arranged the llrst time In lilstory, for a fio l f p l nycr to arrive at a country cl -t il i by airplane. Without tho airplane stop ping, tlio golfer threw the bag of clubs and balls from the plane at- tached to a parachute , following with ' anot her parachute. Golfer and clubs landed in a sand trap i and the golfer p layed a round of the course. This stunt was stage d at the Island Hills Country Club at Sayville. Herb Austin was born in New York City on Oct. -5 , 1888. He spent fifteen years tn t he -wholesale fruit and veg- etable business before deciding that the life Insurance field offefef _ hro5 g Gr. . sco pe for his talent aj-a sa lesman. He ¦6&U!3tt§5i«U Srt r \ ^ aTc hogue agency of t he New York Life Insurance Co,, in 1921 , ' an d now , ten years ' l ater, this a gency is regarded as one of the fore- most su burban ' a gencies in the coun- try , producing over a million dollars oi now bus iness annually. Amon g the organizations Austin be- longs to are the $400, 000 Club which io ma de up ol the best ot the agency forces o f tlio New Yorlc Life Insur- ance Co,, and the Million Dollar Hound Table Club whose members nre leading agents of all companies doing busi- ness In t he United Stales. Member- ship in this organization Is one ol t he highest honors that can bo ac- corded a man in the life Insurance | business. - j Austin is a charte r member and. di- : rector of the Patchogue Chamber of | Commerce and was Its president for J two years. He was one of the original ; mem bers and is a past director of the j Long Island Chamber of . Commerce. | He is a charter member . and- a' i f pv- i ernor _ D _ f _ t he Islan d -IIiEs Country Club, ari ' ~ organf i er-eiia president since its or ganization of the \Patchogue Plying Club , an organ izer.of the United Civic Bodies of Suffolk County, a charter mem ber of the Patchogue Round Table Club , c hairman of the entertainment comm ittees of the Patchogue Lodge of Elks nnd the Island Hills Country Club and a member of tho Aviallon Committee of the Long Island Cham- ber. Herb was married In 1012 to Miss Mabel L. Hcgeman , of Jericho , L. I., and Bernardsvlllc , N. J. ' They ' have four children, three boys and a girl , and t heir home is nt 205 Bay nvc , Patchogue. His office Is at 83 East k laln st., Patchogue. \ Guns Roar—So Foxy Rabbits Quail and Duck This is t the first week of the open Hua s on on rabbits on Lohh Island , and from early reports tho animals ave plentiful Ui i liard Ui sot, atuuany a dream of \haiist'iip f o ffcr \ has bc t . - n sli. ' illci ' e t l when only n cloud of smoke and dust has taken the place of a lively r ftbl i lt. Ot her gunners liuve hern more foi' -< im in te. Ninth of Islip and Buy Shore , \ jiftir 6 ' aiiiiiutck, mi d ill the Hunti ti gr \ ton sector ruhbltn lnwo been reported .ii plentiful. The various town clerks fire lui s y telling liuntlnrr l icenses , and th ere tire us ninny olitliUDlnat s n a In former years . U pland Shooting Hcttcr Upliuul shooting on Longjsland this year will be butter than u s unl due to favora ble wentlier conditions , despite siM - loiui wood llren that dovaBtntctl over 2l! , 000 acres ol cover and food for wild Me lust yt'nr , according to Jerowo V. Jerome ol East Iallp, president ol the L ong Island Association of Sporl m rioii ' s Clubs. Qui.il , rnbl i lt and pheasant nre plen- t iful on tome of tho club Bicumd s , w hich have tnlten care of- them hy p liutlttil! food nntl controlling vermin. The North Shore O nmo Protective As- sociat ion with over 100 momb o ra and niio o f tlio Urgent cluua on tho Inland, bus plante d ninny patches of feed for b hdn, The a - ooklinvon Ctiimu Protec- t ive Assocln ilnn linn nlno planted ovory strv t cti of r trotitid . ' (Mf t fiUil e to v a rteiM k ln t ln til ft i «d for g amo blrd u and linn ac quired n :jrent number of additional fit . 'inn In tlm largo , wcron g o .It now - HERBERT F. AUSTIN lenses. Blrdn me reported more plenti- ful on Its' Kt c u n d s thui ; . ever Ixtore - , niiu il bringing out two hatches this year. The late hutch 1h s still I small , w hile the many plicftsatita formerly liberated have done exceptionally well th in year. P lenty of Diivk u Huntavi are tnkliiff n keen Interest, In tho duck season, wh ich begins nt noon on Nov. IB and eiids on December IS—only ono month ns compared with t hree months In former yearn, It In reported that black duck, which breed In O roiit South Day nnd vicinity to n grant extent, are very plentiful nnd t hat ninny broatlblll tiro now coin- ing In, Possibly, n» uowe o bserve r claim , ttioi'o in mora concentration than usual u l onij tho At lantic Count due to tlie dry spe lls further lnltmtl during Uio punt few years, causing tlio blrtl a to crmi i iic Utctc flight lioutli lu senicli o f .w.iter, Tho uea a on for ducku , g coiie , lirrint nnd cent Is tho same , from Nov, fl at noon lo Dec, IS, und Hie bus limit lu 15 n t iny, wit h it po nn caslon limit pf no. > Luitf c I'iro Damage S uf t onc leatla oilier Now Yoric BU i to counlfoii In the num ber of fives dwtn u 1030 , n lotnl of 37 0 having boon re- ported , A Brent numl i ru' nvo ciumod by li.nokorn , who aw urnetl to v t umiml i ei t lmt uvury (llucnriled clfin i 'fltt o Hint In nt lll biu'uliiii may menu niintnur ' lire Willi resultant foiwit nnd , twmo tlnm- aatt, . ' ¦ Tlio p u rrcet draliumo nnd innit dry «l>flll« In a i iffcH : nr e « cfliiWnnt 'ww ..Co, CnroHi M . rldein In nutQ . n o bllou cant their \ o iBinoltu u ' l iy tlili(r:o ' at|ijlrtOi Tli o l « »i» Xitlan (l:Awwl(.t|nn 1 «|,jH|) r>j'( i Ji : S i tl ilii i ill men ' s Clubs recently passed a resolu- t ion which It Hopes to have embodied in a law stating that anyone throwing a lighted cigar , c igarette or mutch frpm an automobile shall be guilty of a m isdemeanor, 1,1st of Game Seasons Here is the list of gi . nie seasons lor this year on Long Island. Keep a copy of them for your Information In Uio future : - Woodcock—Oct. 15 to Nov, id; limit 4 a dnV; season, 24, Jac k-snipe—Oct. IC to Jim, 15; llmil 20 a day. l ia tililts—Oct. 2G to Jim. si; limit 6' a day. Squirrels—Nov. 1 to Dec, 31; limit 5 a day. Quail—Nov. 1 to Dec. ai| limit 0 u day; season , 40. Partr idge—Nov. 1 to Deo. 31; limit 2 n day; neason , 15. Pheasant—Nov. 1 to Dec, 31; limit 4 males a day; season, 30, Wildfowl , (Ducks , Q ccse , Bnii . t and Coot)—Nov, 10 noon to Dec, 15; limit 1 0 a duy; possession limit , 30. Mq g:!cian Will Perform At St. Jame s Entertainment Ticket), are n pw oh «alo for an enter- tapm a cht n t . ' ll p flt. Jumtm Kritaenpiil pl . lireh ' P iirlu l i¦ ITonba tills owning ut * ' v ' -^ , ' . 'i, ' i ' ' ' H!v i^ ;i - ; ' . . - ; i n' , ' » l i ' ' ;v v ..>| ' is. - ¦ , ;: WEEKL Y HALF DOZEN j VU I TOH WATT desires to fe'li t tht ! way lor Ills Democrat ic breth - ! rcn in Huntington by running for } . ¦iiipcr vlsoi- . But Hint' s u big job for j on ly one Watt. I p X -UOV. SMITH is against re- j fore stalioii. He doesn 't depend ' ; on trees for his perennial burk. ' ; UE IS also n u aiiist ( ;iving Queens. i Nassau and Suffolk a judicial I district of their own. Two Al' s— ! Smi th nnd Hasquiu—with but a : .sing le thought. J A CCORDING to Unscjiiii i . his party boss , John McCouey. put on ont of those father-son banquets. . PKOINEEB SAI . TZMA N gets' gold biitltni f or 30 yenrs ' serv ice with the L. I. It. R. ivliich . with charac- teristic generosity, also lets its press agen t -si - nd a free publicity story about Ihe gift lo L. I . newspapers. j DAN D ITS lii i kl up Jericho turnpike j bakery. Some crust! ! C. WEED. CLASSIFIED ADS iREAL ESfAT F roR SADr bungal ows rem SALE in Und unburst. Nic e Min porch, dlnin' ,; room. 3 bedrooms , ku?h rn. built, ci'll.trs with licailne ' plan t , water . ( •«. - ,. r - Icftrtc. Price 53750 - 5«00 - S55Q0. Sniiiii cii s h dim n pi t yiiipi t t. li ulnncc monthly 1H : r rent. M n k i ; your rent receipts valuable by pnyiii R otl your li ous™ . Cull Russell H calty Co.. Inc., Merrick Rond nud 3rd Ave., Lin- dcn i mr.st. Phone a3 7 Lindenhurst. tl FOR SA L E O R' KE t VT—nuriKaJo w * otl Rive r- lip i id I toad. Apply to Gc a r g e E. Dnrlin R , owner. Port Jc ll er - s t m, N . Y. L3t51 FOR RENT HOUSE FOI1 RENT—Six rooms , hot wnlcr hcuf. P. J. QllUworlh. Isl ip, N. Y. , L-6 1 52 ROOMS—Furnished , tiewly <!ccor«tcd . steam Ii eat nntl hot water sitfi ji ly; 7 mitiutes tc Amityvi l le Itnitroa d Stntlon. 32ft Broadway. A ra i tyvi l lc, 10-21 GARAO E TO RENT—Prlvttto \ S t rlctl} wen thorp root. S4 per week. 110 Hl y h Strcc* P ort Jefferson. Phoite 92-J. CLUB ROOM For Ulrc-ror Club or Lod gi mcetlnjt.s, so clii] lunctioiis , ono bine): fron MassnpcqUH stntlon. For particular ' s phom Mas i npe f i u a C B l or sue George Oan g loI I Grand Ave , flfn : > siirjcqun. _, , , .. ,, , 1 0- ' i TO R E W r— Ecvcn-room house , nit ImproV'? merits , to responsible parties only. Nd chtl dreu, R. N. Wil son , SurJ Ave. Port JeJ l e w or; Ltr s FOR SALE j POP. SA LE— Prautlcnlly new r us stove costin g $ I C0, Will r,oll clicip. May be . - . ccn at O rls- wol d Machine Winks , 412 Main St., Port Jet- ' ! fer. 'i oit , N. V. L- U 52 [ FOR BALE—China CJmct. Dnirc t and upri g h t I piano , very cheap, No u se for snm c . Call j and soc them. Mrs . Dun , corner Shore Road (and Carlton Ave., East Si i taukui . L- U S2 . FOIt SALE-otto cow. s everal p fp s nnd g ee g c. R c n hnmilile. John Ati a iibtnltls , Eaat S cLimket , N- V. , LU 8 3 BABY CARRIAGE ontl cot for sale cheap, Telephoinf 2801-J Amityville, 10-23 USED FURNITURE—Good comffffoii. Daven- p ort, M ' crvmry. cl i nlr n , tables ,, etc. Contnnt w M n i i i l i . p j uiiiiCMl. aooil ) >n r „ nlH. PJ i ono Jsllp U 1B2. 2 6 ! roil SALE Fine rotted immure, $1.00 per • l i ushi! ! ; StiM per Iruci : lo iu i. Pulverized peat , itii.. s H . 52. ' J5 ptr liiil o ut Laurel Contra Gar- \ i Um , pun jenurvm ritittl u n. P Uot to 330. IJtfil I f OTA lOES ' FOR .SALTC- - Also co nn L ill If.1 by . Uie hi miln il at mv l uvm ul port Jcllcrnon ! Bliitit j ii, violin J. Miiipliy, U'lep l i cii t c 3 15-M. L-t f -Sl i ' HELP WANTED ~\ ' i . « » - > :!:. 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Eluotlon Dn y, l l oth « li» im.Ji i i ' ' pai llfiii Di ' i i nmil it Hut o) ciiniil . lntnH Inv tli.i' vnrlm i H ol lluoo to hi) Illicit on l i locllon t)ny. in i ,—, * ' D D N 'T l - ' All, TO VOTE Wesley Wolfe wns rorlominntcct ns clflot of tlio St, Jmnci Flic Depiit - tincnt at t lio iioiiiJiintlon of oftor a nicetlr i R hol d In u t Wwlncsdny ovonln n nt the llt'ohou n o. Nqm lnntcrt iiiimilmoii/ily t vltli Wollo wcio T imothy Si illlvnn, ns s lstniH chle l ; O coiRO Solimnll , cn ptnln; Clnionce Ackor. foioihiiii: Wllllnm Hniinclilldt, tronsiii ' cr; nobc r t Nelson , i t nnnclnl s ec- rotniy; ailboit U n l o s , iccm dhiB liccro- lar y; IJw i j y eim l mll u , n iuliitn »t j- ccowl - l» l{ nocrutnry ; Jnlin I'lmiim, I ' ioi I Hoh- iimnii , P. II, ( Ji illlvnn , d ircctoivi; acuii i o nn lloclc , Jo hn lli - oiiiiuii , nml Ctlwniil Wo lmio , tvustocs, Wesley Wolfe Again Named Chief of St. James Vamps 8:15 o ' clock , at which Charles Nngle of Moiilmttaii, well known prestidigitator , will perform. , ' Hallowe ' en part y ' for children will M art at i- evoii o ' cl o c - I; , preceding the cn U' 1'ti.i.ii.w..t. All children with tickets lor the magician ' s performance will be welcome at the party, an d are asked to attend In costume. Tickets may be piirr l uuscd at Larry O. Smith' s and Ilartic ' s dru i r store i f i . St. James and William Bishop ' s statid l iery i tore in Sniitl i t own Erancli., ; ^ - . - , - •

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