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Port Jefferson times-echo. (Port Jefferson, N.Y.) 1931-1935, October 30, 1931, Image 10

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n nn © to e © © ] fj] wi ([_ M y b i£ © @ II16\J ^ By Edwar <3 A, Bloler n \ \ ¦ IlH Empire State ; ' Looking up, trying to see the top of - . ' the Empire State Building. V Quite a little pile. Must be a nice view from the top. Must go up! I enter the building. Get in one ' ¦ ¦ ' \ ' o f many, many elevators. Going to <; t he topi ; . Speed. Speed. Yet no sensation nt ;¦;. . ' . all. i . One minute later. \Seventieth floor. ¦ j . AH' out. \ . ' ;. Into another ele - vator. \Eighty-sixth floor , all out. \ This is the deck with the terrace- pronie r ade , and the \loftiest soda J; . . fountain in the wor ld. \ Many people remam f n , here. They buy souvenirs—an d gaze at the Isle of Manhattan , and more distant points. I get into another elevator. \One hundred and second floor , all out. \ This Is the obser vation tower . Every - thing Is enclosed in glass windows nnd steel. Th'6 walls and stan chions arc all of steeL Steel is the God of the Skyscraper , particularly the God of the Empire State . . It is also its back- bone , Its arteries ' , - its very life blood. The tower doesn ' t seem to be more than about 20 feet in- diameter. It is circular , and people are looking out of 'the windows , placed all ar ound the observatory. Some have binoculars , but ' one c\ . see plenty without that aid One sees—a map of Manh attan and outlying districts , in original colors. A b i g matchstlck points skyward , below. It Is the Chrysler Tower. One looks north. There ' s Central Fark—the Reservoir , the Lakes, Further north . That must be Har lem. Can 't make out the cabarets from here. To the right , the East Elver. A rib- * bon, and not ft very wide one nt that. . Quee n sboro Bridge. An old friend. ' Boats poke their way about. Further around , in . the distance , the Ocean. Back to Manhattan. Wall Street and Its sky-ttcklera. Watting around , to the right. The ;¦ ' ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ . Hudson R l ver l Ocean liners , toys , are v pushed out by important little tugs , . 7 toys. Soon they 'll be in Havre . South - ' - ' ampton , Hong Kong, Hamburg , the Malay States—Boston. : - > ¦ The-Statue of Liberty—In miniature. There ' s Times Square. Doesn ' t look ;., so important from . here. In fact , not , - - . .- • at all Important. - still , the Cross- . roads of the World! Advertising signs :¦ „/; :ron. roofs cf nearby stecrapers. Good ' ¦way to reach prospective customers , ¦ -star-gazing from the Empire State , or airplane-sightseeing. The new Hucl- s pn. River bridge. Also , dedicated to ¦y 7J; : 8tbe]. - . 7. - ' . . , . 7 ' - . .i ' ,; 75*B (sight , is tremendous , v Black ' ¦? , ' armt ^ rnovajla 7%L gtogels . be l o w , _ _so- S '^ we alS lRor iV(w O S E ma(ab.Lar ger Y ; ' v- ;. ' M At ' - ' ca rt' 7' U ate«j«tti; - »n' - \U». lm- a g tB tttion , -large!r ana faster , the Sub- . .yra ' y ronr s . I take notice ot others in the Tower. They seem to lw en joying themselves. However , they <lon 't seem thrilled. It ' . ' , s takes a lot to thrill people nowada ys. , ¦ - And these are not a ll New Yorkers. (I ask an attendant— \Oh I should - Bay about ninety percent axe from out ¦of town. \) Perhaps if the building wore ten times as li _ b. But even then —It takes a lot to thrill people nowa- da ys. Two young men ore en g aged in sn absorbed business discuss ion. They are far awa y. To the 86th I descend to the Sdlh floor. A big , part of the floor is enclosed. One large room Is furnished with comfortable ' ;. chairs and loun ges. One can sit here , ' at one ' K case , with Uie world n t one ' ^ feet ! There In also the soda fountain room, the 'loftiest. ' People uncon - , ceincdly sip U' u . A:t outdoor ( ei - ratt circles the floor. The view from here seems about the same us mxu -w i siora - b tibov c. Tlie air Is invigorating. Cm- G ct c quite it breeze tip linn \ There ' ll n telesco pe. A dime In t he j nlot anil you can look throu gh It, l tnlto a look. Oct one view, and , bin go —it oloson up, Somothlnir wrong, but I l n not going to invest another dime . ¦ • . ' to find out whnt , ..:• . Tho ' mnp ' of Wow York la ya at m y ¦ Uet, It u tould be grd n t if school chil- dren could lown their geography in \ . this wny. Better, an well as easier, '' , Somo day p o rhap o they will be taken - , , around tlio vvocld by air plane for Iheli h ' r. BCo g vapliy coui 's e, Better , and still ' easier. Water ' f, :,. , Tho city l ooks nbout the same ns It ' ' slid from up nuovo, Reminds one ol _ ¦ \ walking a nhlp ' a clock . Plenty of wntci ill vlniblo hero, too, Tho 'Oce un, Lon n Isl and Sound, li nyu, riven; and lakes Ilelo w one can see pentlioiiiuui. A bll > ' - of country In . th o oily. Dill only f oi ¦ ' /. ¦ tho rich, I; Malco u one tool small? In a wny ,; ' . and In a way It malcc/s one fool deuced- ,, . Iy bin. Tlio w orld nt o iw ' ti feet, A mi In n InilldlrtB of ntono and mortar n»d ' ' ¦ ' , ' ' (itool , 103 stoics nbovo MrecMov o l. Am overy ploco at s Io i id , and e voiy Men: be am, pl a oeil In ponltl ni i by n follow uu mnn, Si nnll—anil big— , - ' A party ot SlHtui'ii are enjnyln u the View. Bo nis oli l ldiet i « l«o, Awl c itel people , and mldillo aged , uiul young. .. ;. ¦¦ , ' : . year n and yo f iltlon In life fnll to liiiuiiir ttj i tir t io liilloii, Inin g lii u tlan lielns. . ¦• . . , And t hat' ll U nit, Into tho olovntoi ' , 'J i Down, s pned, tint no feeling of it, ' , . ' , ¦ Ohnn g o ut tlio r ,ovci»tl e tli , Do w n. Dow n, One miimlo Inter I am Ixiek i ' i- ! ' on tlio ntrcot. '' , . • ' . I Raw up, So that' ll wlierfl I just unmo from, I walk nloivly n wny, nun ' , ' of tlio immll. I i lnol t np o ts t But I have a few things again st lliee , because thou hast there , them that hold the doctrine o ' t Balaam who taught Balak to cast a slumb l iir ff block l i efore the children of Israel to cat Ihln j s sacrificed unto idols and to commit fornicat / on. Reie i atio B 2:14. Balaam was a prophet of God. He was gifted but double-minded. He en- deavored to serve the Lord and at the same time serve his own ends. He was lying in wall for opportunity for self-aggrandizem ent. When the repre- sentatives ot Balak king of Moab , ap- peared on the scene, the occasion found him In an agreeab le frame of mind. These men stated their case , but Jehovah had to be considered. Balaam was on the fence. No man should be on the fence In mat ters of morals. Chr ist' s criticism of the Lao- dicean church was lukewarm ncss. \I would that thou wert hot or cold , \ says He. Balcem was ostensib ly a servant of God. He was no less a servant of Bal- aam. The propo sition made by King Balak wns nfter (his order : Israel had menaced the interests of Balak; Is- rael' s victories over the Amoritcs chal- lenged the security of Moab. The bless- ing of God upon Israel accounted for these victorie s . Balaam as repre senta- tive of God was administrator of the blessings or cur ses of Jehovah. \Whom thou blessest is blest; whom thou cur- sest is cursed \ ' was Balnk ' s under- standing. The pr oposition was, You curse Israel and I'll ' enrich you and promote you to great honor. . by Rev. Cha rles Elmer Furaao God' s dealings with Balaam are il- lustrative of the perm issive and di- rective will of the Lord. As if was he wanted to go to Balak. The idea he entertained was that the proposit ion was worth looking into. If it wasn 't according to the strict code of- honor some compromise might be effected or some adjustment made that might be satisfactory all arou nd : meanwhile yielding honors and a nice little nest egg for himself. Balaam ' s mistake was In his first move. Balnk ' s proposition to say the least was doubtful and should have been repudiated at once . A man one time was considering as to whether his collar was clean enough to wear the second day. His wife solved the problem for him. Said she: \John , if it Is doubtful , it is dirty. \ But Balaam was itching to go to Balak. Money position and honors , all very inviting, added to 'the incentive. So it happen- ed when , at a later date , a group ot more pmnunent and. J ofln s ntia l men ca s ne- t o ^ ai W - « » ^ , ' . ir>e a j « g c : .i e t . J jB g a; toce wltlf * « prophet , i Gioa \ who lmcmrs all hearts , iftrbeivBd that Salaam *b s T ritn them 2ri spirit, awl • rduetanay consented to his going . Compulsory obedience is of Utile worth. Balaam and Balak meet face to face, ! Balam promptly assures Moab ' s king ; that God' s tcord would stand and that he could not curse whom the Lord would bless. However he ordered seven altars to be erected. By perfection ot ri tual he would cover the imperfections ot his deeds. Imagine a prophet of God using the money of a heathen king lo build altars to Jehovah. M«n seek to ' place God under obligation or by sacrifices endeavor t-o placate Him. . U 't us pause to quote a familiar verse ' ol Scripture. \Th e sacrifice ol the ; wicked is an abomination to the Lord\ . ; Proverbs 15:8 . ' Balaam tells Balak to stand by tl ie altars while he goes up to confer wiUi the Lord . Not only Bala!-:, but we all will have to stand by what we -do . Balaam finds Jehovah unmoved by the strate gy of tin- altars. All unri Rlit- . i - ous - - il u- m pls to iiuiUL - ncu the Al- mi ghty will likewise b« met with de- feat . He boasts of these altars , as much lis to sny: H tiiold wliat I have done lor Thee-; now l e tum the favor Ijy cursln g Israel . i But It must have ben disquieting tc Balak to hear from God throug h [ Balaam the defeat ot his purpese. God makes Balaam His mouthpiece— ti soiled one to be sure but He makes oven the wrath of man to praise Hl in. PmiJ h i 70:10. you cm get Balaa m ' * p. 'opl iecy in Numbers 23:0 , io. Imn filno Bnla ' k, proud and imperious , hearing these exalted words concerning a i ieo- ple whom he would l irln g under the , ban of the Almighty. I l nlnk conceived tho idea that j litl- nnm ' / i poetic description of tho glory ot I nn iol, might have been tho result oi beholding Israel ' s oxultriUon rather tlmn n divine flat; l ie therefore will adopt nnothc i- strategic expedient, Ho will tnkc him to where the futility of cursing Israel wan not no apparent , nut It hapi i onn that from this Inferior a ngle , thora uppennt tlio moral glories nt Is rael, the iircticnco of God with hi m and the nliout of a king among tho rn, Numbers 33:21. Ilo wovm- with tlio pernlntoncc of the devil hi mself, Bnlnlt i rn yii , \Co nm I will lii - lnf? tiicc Into i tnat l ic - r place , |io r- nclvoiitui' i! It will plcn xe Clod that thou l unyciit ciiriio mo there from tlienco, \ Bo Bnlnh brought B nlnnm to tlm top ' oi ' Mount f ear , Thin paiileiilnr moun- tai n wan given over to Idol woi' t liip. It lmd n religious atitio s phoic, Tliono, wh o lllui Balak , have no cono op tlon of tl w ehnrnetor » tit ll w A l iw lf lity, would assume that H « could be In- fluenced by Hint fact. On tliln Jnount limy repent I h olr oxpcimlvo dblnt loiut. Peop le will bo rollg l ou u-M ixpeiiiitvoly no—ir only they mnyinio their voll o ton to fu vthoi' tliolr own ends, Thlnf itlov n LIGHT ON Li fe ' s Pathway Se iaahet Bernard Selleck and sister , Mrs. John Thomas Pettlt met v T' lth an ac- cident when on their way to Dr. King ' s Hospital , Bay Shore, to see Mrs. Sel- leck. Arthur Goode of Brlghtwat ers ran into them near Bay Shore , not far from the . hospital. The car wns , turned completely over and badly damaged. Mrs. Pettlt received several cuts and bruise s , one a big cut on her forehead which requ ired three stitche s. She is gettin g along good but feels the effects of the severe shock. Mr. Sel- leck received slight injuries and Is still suffering from the shock. The Girl Scouts of Setaukct will give a Hallow e ' en party at the Neighbor - hood House on Saturday evening , Oct. 31st. Ernest Da vis was taken to Dr. ' King ' s Hospital , Bay Shore , on Wednesda y, «Oct. 21st. The Suffolk County Public Health Mur s e Associatio n , Mrs ' . Lillian Mad - < toe, chairman , held their regular monthly meeting at the Hea lth Center, Setauket Neighborhood House on Mon- day , Oct. 19th. The speaker was Miss Cushman , Director of the Mat ernity Center in Brooklyn. Delegates mre appointed ^ to attAid the State Nufscs Association and the Eye Clinics to be held in New York City at the Pennsyl- vania hotel this week and next. Mr s. Maddox was the hostess. Refreshmen ts were served . Mrs. Arnold Pfeif f er is taking a week' s vacation from her duties at the telephone office. Mr. and Mrs. Ernes t F. Ebert , Jr., entertained Ihe Ebert family on Tues- day evening , also Miss Arvine Jaco bs of Port Jefferso n. Mrs. PattI Bloxsom, daughter Betty J ane , and son Richard , of Grand Rapid s , Mich., were among the guests. Mrs . Bloxsom is a sister of Ernest Ebert, Jr . On Saturday Mrs. Bloxsom and children left for home. Louise Byron and Arthur Lynott went to New York last Friday , to see Earl Carroll ' s vanities and afterward s nslted Will Oakland ' s night club. Ten day sale at ' the Pattern Shop, Surf Avenue , Port Jefferson , starting Friday, Oct. 30. 10% discount on all goods. —Adv. 2t52 Mrs. Charles -Lynott and family vis- ited Mr. Lynott ' s brothe r , Edward , over the weekend at their home on Quaker Path. Mrs. Wesley Hawkins and daughter , Caroline , have been .on the sick list for a week with tonsilitls. Mrs. Charles Hawkins has been taking care of them. Mrs. Sarah Randall spent a few days •with Mrs. Henr y Smith this week. The Young Peoples ' Auxiliary of the M. E. Church met with Miss Lillian Van Brunt on Wednesday ot this week. Mrs. Poppy Weston sang at the Bap- tat Church , Port Jefferson on Sunday -e» 3 a$mrv « abe was accompanied byiMvs. Charles . S pence. . ' Fred Jones and sister. Emily will s epnd the winter with . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Adams of Del Ray, Florida. They will motor down next Wednes- day. . Mrs. Harry Ma ihnger of South Sel- auket spent the weekend at Occan side , L. 1 , with her sister, Mrs. William Leubawry. NT. nnd Mrs. Samuel Thelss are moving Into their new heme this week. Mr. and Mrs. J , Ferdinand Bate s en- tertained Mr. nnd Mrs , John H. Gre- gory at dinner just before they left for their home in Kingston. Mrs. Walter Jones Is still on the sick list and Mrs. Ray Tyler has been staying with her the last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferdinand Bates had ns their dinner guests «n Sunday eve- nin g Mr. and Mrs. Archibald H. Qll- dcrsleeve nnd Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hasten. Lnnl . week we published In cn - or that Edward Bennett, alter H iving up his job in: chauffeur for Judge Lnlml x icr , Is driving a truck for Fred Davis. Mr , Bennett Is still emp loyed by Judge Lalmboer. ¦ Mrs. Howard Ko il dr ove to Brooklyn Sunday to visit her husband who Is working there , and her sister. Ruth Holger sc n, a student • nurse nt St. John ' s Hospital. Miss Martha Hol g cr s on was homo from school with a heavy cold cevernl days this week. also wns unavailing. Balaam In filvon n tl l l further ylnlor ts of Israel' s glory. Ilia coneHinlon to Balak In , tl . mt a pco- plu so obviously blest of Clod, can never l ie . cursed by tin ambitiou s pro- phet, Whereupon Bal i t k charge s Bnl- nnm with what ho •really holds God rcs |ioiull)lc for, l lalunm In henceforth expelled from Kulak ' s p r ciion t o, Strange that a t iu rv a mt of aod, with tho Lord .in hit reward, should nook profermen t nt the hands of u heathen Iclnff , But Balaam, Ills uyo ttttll ovll, finds n way to g f n tlfy B u lnk, This , wn« by causing tho children of luraol to bring ciii' s i'B down upon their own head, Alioin l i inblu InmlncBB thin for ft ser- vant of t! i« llvlns Ooil. He /iiicc e wlod unlo(tun n toly, On ono occasion, when Balaam ren - ll iotl Hint whom tho Lord blent wnn blent Indeed , brol i o but with tl ila re- qiumt; \Lot mo die tho death of the rlfjhtemm nnd let my h int end ho like his. \ How niun y nre like him, They would like to rilo right, -but nvo not willing tn live right. Inotoud Bnlnnm died of lilu own (oily at tho h i md s ol hln own people. In tho war j iiltli tlia Mlillnnttou. Thtm ondnd tho enreor ot u in titi wlid' i e Ufa might hnvo uliono with u q il en i lor uccoml to noun. George J. Blester, minister 9:45 a. m. Church School. Classes for all ages. 11:00 a. nt Morning Worship. Ser- mon : \The Christian ' s Altitude in a Changing Wor ld , \ Sermon I , \Our Confidence. \ 4:30 p. m. Vesper Service. \The Christian ' s Attitude In a Changing World. \ Sermon II , \The Parable of Unemployment. \ CHURCH SCHOOL OP MISSIONS , Wednesday, 7:30 ' p. m. Three classes studying vital subjects. A cordial invi- tation Is extended to all. • o * The Woman ' s Club of the Presbyter- Ian Church will meet at the home of Mrs. Annie T ooker , 803 Main St. , Tues- day evening, at eight o ' clock. . «* » * The Presbyterian Church will begin the Fifth ' Season of Fall and 'Winter Vesper Services , Sunday afternoon , Nov. 1 , nt 4 :30 o ' clock . This service will take the place ot the Evening Service, The Vesper Services will continue until the first Sunday In March. . The ser- mon next Sunday afternoon .. will be •The Parable \t TOemployment. 1 ' j ' • ' STON T BROOK M. E. CHURCH Bev. Chas. Wllll i uns , Pastor Sunday School at 10 a. m. .Morning worship and sermon nt 11 a. m. Tho Evening Service nt 7:45. A spe- cial feature is expected. CHRIST CHURCH . pPISCOPA l Bev. Charles A. Livingston Choral Eucharist and sermon 9.0? A. M. Church school 10.30 A. M. CHB I SMAIV \ SCIENCE SOCIETY Odd Fellows ' Hall , Port Je fferson A branch of The mother Church , The First Church of Christ , Scientist, In ST. PAUI/S LTJTHEBA N CHDBC H John 3. MStal , Pastor Sunday school every Sunday at 10 A. M. Divine service with sermon at 7.30 P. M. Everybody welcome. PORT JEFFERSON METHOD IST EPISCOPAL CHURCH Rev. I ' I. ' Smith , Pastor Sunday . 10:00 a. m . Bible School. 11:00 a. m. Morning Worship. Talk to children. Communion Service . 6:30 p. m. Epworth League and junior League. r Devotional Meetin g s 7:30 p. m. World ' s Temperance Sun- day Service. Short talk by Mrs. Ruth Smith Howell , a Delegate to the W. C. T. U. State Convent ion, Sermon by the pastor. Monday 7:45 p. m. Official Board Meeting at the home of Hollls H. Terry , Terryville. Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Boy Scout Meeting. • Wednesday 2:00 p. m. Ladi es ' Aid Society Meet- ing. 7:30 p. m l Cheerful Hour of Worsh ip. FIRST PRESB Y TER IAN CHURCH The Junior League will hold a Hal- lowe ' en social Friday evening from 7 to 9. All nre welcome. MT. SINAI CONGREGATI ONAI, Rev. Frank Voorhcca Morning worship 10:30; All Saints Day services, ' Communion sermon: \Faithful Sayings . \ Tlie Holy Com- munion. Sunday School 11:45. At Rocky Point 2:30, Y. P. 8. c . E. at the Chur ch at 7 p. m, \What Jesus Teaches About Faith In God. \ W. C . T. U. meeting Thursday at the Parsonngc. « FHtST BAl\HBT CHURCH Watson S. Wallace, r uu lu r Sunday School nt 10:00 o ' clock In the mornliiR , There nre classes for all. Coiuo. Morning worship nt 11 o ' clock. Ser- mon , \Needs That We Can Supply. \ We were very happy to have tho fol- lowing come Into our church by bap- tism last Sunday evening: Mrs , Ohc ' itor Davis, Mrs. F. R, Kntni i oy , Miss Funnle Ramsey, Miss Muriel Rowland, ¦ Miss Ruby Nelson nnd Mr. Frank Curt is. Tho Rl g hlhnnd of Fellowship will bo extended to these and also to Mr. Chea- ter Davis , Mr. Guerdon Ramsey, and to Miss Margaret Vnn Kuron at ' tlio com- munion Service next Sunday morn ing, C. E, at (1:45 in (lie evening, Speakers Dorothy Lee , Lillian P o ndloton , Mrs. Dcnlo , nuth Anderson, El inor Holmes , Jr., Mnry Hill and Mr , Wallace , Conio and enjoy the line meeting s wo nro having;, Evening wnmhlp »t 7:30. . W* nvo very Bind to have nn our r um L s for thin service I l ie members of Suffolk Lodge No. GO , F. & A. M. All friends both of tlm lodge mcmho in and of tho church are conllnlly Invited to thin nervine , Tho pastor ' s nubject In, \Man ' o arciUe n t al inlloimo, \ Prayer mooting every W fldonndny nt 7130 p, m. Jr , C, E, on Friday afternoon at 4: > D. This Sunday School will hold it ' s m i- nimi Hallowe ' en party on Friday oven- Ill T C Oct, 30 nt 7:30 , BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ' THE HOUSE ' OF FRIENDLY SERVICE ^ . ©F ' ' ESTABLISH ED 1843 PHONE STONY BROO K 290-291 STONY BROO K FHP Sff J t ^^ Tfae \Rainy Bays \ Think °* \ goal ones\ Rti v * Jm ° ry Fel \ m \ ' Now ! ft Mh r ¦ ¦ ___?_ sap * * Octo lo r ¥m % ° E ' *»¦ We Are Exclusive Agents in This Territory for the Famous DB. A 1XAN K. \SOSC „ Dentist Office over the Bank of Port Jefferson Nest door to Brewster ' s Port Jefferson , isT. N. Y. 1 Office Hours B A .. M. to 4.30 F. M. ¦ISccept Wedn esdays Telephon e Port J e fferson 582 : , - - ' - v. ;. ., - ^. M - . -^ ; ;: i - ' . ' ./ j -; -¦ - - -' ¦;. - - . ' * - ' . ' GEOR GE E. DARLING .Agent for All Kinds ol PLiVTE GLASS - At TT OMO BtLE Mil Other tNSTJICANOB L. I. Lighting; do. ' n Hul l dlu j Second Floor J iv Re gular Democratic Nomination for RECEIVER OF TAXES ^^ _ * ** r i \ > \ ' ., i .- i, ;v. j 1 - ____y____l_ _i - \ ' ¦ ' . -t3 _____________ '&f' I ' iflsis - i flsflsflsflsi H si * r , ' ¦ t; . ! , f _ ^ r ^s _______ l itSmm ^ i ^ nWm » | H B_____ H h ' _______ !. ' . ' - ^a^a^a^a^a^ H HERMAN V. HAWKINS - of Port JufTerton ¦ ¦ ' . ' i i DR. A. B. GILMA K SURGEON B ENTIST Port Jefferson Station EVBN T N Q S BY APPOINT MENT Telep h one: Port Jefferson 430 i • * t_ __lih ^^*^ M j MWIj My t|j| ^ '''* ^ **V -W* * * | C lT flh l __ | ___rriTairi i DmBRbV aMsufl s V v BK ^ tttOn at fl Q s^ HHSB l ^ # IB s MI U ¦ s w H ^ _H____|__ ll p _ m ' ^ w p __ > V V jN S ffi S isI/ f3 Ml anS ^^K^M^ r ™W !fP> ji ^ P ^ t j y A \^ M @ __ g ? ..__f_ P^ E I J5S8BBBIB ^ a ^ a W/ i vM _! ^ W j fc \^^ j ^^^^^^ B ^ __B B __ B B ¦ __ ¦¦¦ ¦¦ ^ HH aM - ^M^M jHBHB ^ i_ JU uuC I \Save a aenoon of r v niouo nnd nt l d vniue to your propef l y x vitF i our Paints nntl Poi-mnncnco, Paint is nt onco n Uomitificr and a prc a orvntivc , \ S ny a P l lACTY CAL. We Carr y a Full tine of Lowe Bros. Co. ' s llvme and Fl oor Paints and Varnishes M-IW.IIIIIWMIHi.il THURBER LUMBER CO. , Inc. , OI ' I ' Q HITR K AU i KOA D I . KI'0 'r , AT ^ ROCKY POINT , t. I. i T oI k S l ioroli nw la LADIES' & CHILD R EN'S COATS AND FUES RENOVATED T FINE DRESSMAKING ^ t Ifome or Out by iht VtLJ PlilCK REASONABLE MRS. MARY HUFFN ER Tel. Islip 1303-B W Sprutt s 1 St., ISLIP M ArlOK CHARLES REPAC1 CONTRACTOR AND LANDSCAPE GAEDENER . : . Top Soli and Fill In For . Sale Port Jefferson Station , N. X. Box 25 . % ; ' . For learning an Instrument Try JU NG'S MUSIC STUpiO Ba'rnum Ave. - Ted. Port Jeffemon 598 The Methods Used There Assure You of Successful Pla c ing in the Shortest Time. . . ¦—¦— ~r~ - — ... . i . • i . • ' DO YOU KNOW ' ¦ ¦ , ¦ - ¦ ::y - ¦ . i t it,: f that the re ore many boats for sale i !). : \ ¦ ' ' . 'iUi ' l j \ (ly * :.Ci - Ui V / (Hii & sifCl k f. at SACBIFICE ' priee a ? For Er f iui ple: , 15 ft. Hu cklns F n lrfonn FJy«r . J B . OOO to 1 1. Enclosed Bridge Mattr a o\ i 8 , 500 ( 0 a. Flectwlnc DOLuxo Cruiser 9, 000 1 8 ft. Mattliews S l nelo Cabin. . 4 , 000 30 ft- Doublo Cabin Crul a er 3 , 000 2 8 tt. Doublo Cabin Richardson 2,760 27 It. KIoo U farlnetto (K30>- 2 . B00 20 ft. Elco Ralscil Beclc Crut a er 1,800 28 1 1. Richardson Cruiser ' .... I1O6O Ilunnbouts an low oo |» O0 . • and man y oilier bargains too nulnnrouB to ment ion W jw » b4 \Bed U oa - t l . W. O. GUNNISON Y AOirx nnoKEii 1 Harold' s Yacht Basin On Mer rick Hood ' ' 2 miles east of Amltyvlllo Phono Amltyvlllo 1231 \If You Want to Buy or Sell I A Boat Consult M fc \ I ^ __ ¦ Mrs. Erne st Griffiths spent the past week in Rhode Islan d. Mrs. Jam es Jerauld art d Mrs. Roger Tyler return ed from Ctiatham , Mass. Mrs. Louise Wackenhelm and Mis. Walter D. Jones are on the sick list. Mrs. JuUa Tyler and daugh ter , Mrs. Menalll , arc touring the Atlantic states by aut omobile. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Van Brunt are In Hudso n , N. Y. , oft their vaca- tion. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. PhieHer have left for Florida for the winter. 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S ARIMAN Ho tel Square , Port Jefferson SANITARY SCAVENGER CISTERNS - CESSFOOXS Reasonable Rates FRANK G1TOSCII V. O. Box 33. Central I i llp , Tel, 11-3. 1. 1 '' I ! ¦ ' \ \IT—•¦— ARDENCRAIG BOWLING & BILLIARD ACADEMY Trem i a ts Jj u vft brrn completely rec!«corated. A lley n plannd mwl rc - coi u l U lcne i i wi th new cqutinnciit DotvlltiK D ntcH for Clubs Now Op«n aPECrAL. RATEfl touh T r ni R llu, V f a o , TclopUana P. J. B5 7 Wliy Use a Bladder Physic? To drive out Impurities atid exec u s Rdds that cattfi * irritation wMkh results In get- ting up rtlBlit s , frequent desire , burning, leg pains or t u ckacno. BU-KETS . ' U i c bladder physic works pleasantly on tho blnddcr as ci y s tor oi3 on t)io bowels, act a 35c lust box from your dru ggist. After four d a ya If no t relieved 8 » back and net your muncy. You will (eel better nfter thin cleansing ' and y ou get your regular u tecii , D aec ' a Z>ruiT Store , poit JciTeraon , N. V.

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