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Joan Bennett , who plays the lead- ing feminine role in the Fox produc- tion , \Hush Money, \ at the Port Jef- ferson Theatre next Thursday learn- ed the full significance of the famous third degree. In one scene of the screen play, Miss . Bennett falls into the hands of the police. In nn endeavor to make her confess she Is seated at a table with a dim light from above shining on her face , and grouped around her, a dozen \di cks \ with accusing fingers pointed at her , trying to force her to t ell. . , . It was so realistic , so brutal , one might say, \ declared Miss Bennett after the scene was over , \ that I had difficulty remembering my linos, I con sympathize with any unfortunate having to undergo the real third de- gree. I can readily understand how one would bo willing to tell anything to escape the terrific mind pounding. \ \Hu sh money, \ from a story by Philip Klein nnd Courtcnny Torrott , wi th dialog by Dudley Nichols , treats of modern blackmailers. H andle Albright plays the lend op- posite Miss Bennett with Owen Moore , C. Henry Gordon. Dou g lnn Cos g rove , George Rath and Myrna Loy porml- nent in the cast. Sidney Lanficftf di- rected. Joan Be nnett Gets Film Third De gree mastered the stunt of crawling on his stomach like a dog. This stunt Buck deems of e s pecial value , as it will enable Silver to suc- cessfully Impersonate a horse that has been wounded hi a shooting fray and wants to get under cover to prevent receiving further injuries. Aite , P A TCH O GUE MMTSE \Bad Gi rl*' Showing At Patchogue Theatre A picture that is considered by critics throughout the country to be without qu estion the greatest and most throb- bing human drama ever prodiiced comes to the Patchogue Theatre on Sunday for a four days ' engagement This picture is \B a d Gi r l\ and intro- duces two young stars who are destined to be America ' s most popular screen lovers , Sally Eilers and James Dunn \Bad Girl\ is a simple , human, heroic story of a girl who wasn ' t really bad and a boy who was almost too good in their search together for simple happi- ness. Your heart will warm at their tender a0ections . love lite , dreams and Thrills and romance arc cleverly mixed in \Son of India, \ m which Ramon Novai r o is delighting audiences nt the Patchogue Theatre the last half of this week. In his turban and Hindu accoutrements the star was never more romantically attractive. . The story, which keeps moving nt a InsTpaTO T iUB\tortho'xlcveT-rlirection-of Jacques Feydcr, opens with an exciting bandit raid In which a rich rajah Is murdered and robbed, Novnrro , Ills son , is able to escape by nn Ingenious method In which he Is burled alive but Ramon No varro in The \S on of India \ During tho past week tho Pntcho g uc Theatre has ngnln demonstrated Its ability to bring Its patrons real Broad- way vaudeville. Tlie bills h ave been of unusual excellence nnd have boon greatly enjoyed by tho large , crowd? ' ivlio liiiv i ; attended IIiIm popular play- house. A novelty bill that caused :i g icnt dcnl of fnvornble comment wns nn nll- g l rl .show, liendllnlni! Horry G lrnrd' n Calif ornia Nightingales. This wonder- ful group of singers come to Patchogue direct from tho Onpltol Theatre , -Now Yo rk , nnd were certainly n treat for all lovers of good music. Tho Emper- ors of Harmony, n colored oiinrlotte another big tlmo act, wns hero the Inst holt of the wcolc. Those hoys certainly Real Broadwa y Vaudeville Showin g at Patchogue struggles and you will sit spellbound through this glorious plcturl z ation of Vin a Delmar ' s .inspiring story. James Dunn , who portrays the part of Eddie Colltns is certain to become the most popular male star the screen has ever known. A smiling lad oozing with personality who hails from New Yorks ' West Side fresh, from Ills Broad- way conquest In a number of plays Sally Eilers as Dorothy the famous \Bad Girl\ gives a performance that Is remarkable and really unforgettable This Is he f most important role and one that immediately ranks her with the leading feminine stars of the screen. So real is her portrayal that not once do you feel that you are looking at a picture—but an actual happening from life. could sing nnd were encored again and again nt every performance. On the same bill was tlio Havana Rumba Orchestra , which Is one of the mail popular orchestra? of Its kind on the vnudcvlllc stage today and literally s topped the show every time tliey ap- pe a red. The bill for the first hal f of tills week wns splendid mid plnyed .to capacity audiences nl every show . H consisted of Junta Oomlr F D uninine , Te mpest and Dickinson , U nyncs and Bock and Bus- ier Shaver nnd Ills 'liny Town Rovuc n. group of high-powered littl e people who were well worth seeing. For tlio coming week tho Patchogue Tlientrc has soma exceptional talen t lined up. Full det ails of the show ore not available as we bo to press but wc nro assured Hint the bill will bo a treat f or ovoryboely. Legislative Appropriation To Be Sought at Next Session To Assure New « Park in 1932 INCLUDES 1 , 368 ACRES Will Be Fi rst Long Island Stale Park To H ave Public Golf Course—Will Fill a Long Needed Want Development of the Yoakum estate near Farmlngdale into a public park Is now practically assured. An option on the property which includes 1 , 368 acres of land includlrig a completed 18-hole gol f course , and another part- ly completed , has been obtained by the Long Island State Park Commis- sion through the cooperation of me Suffolk and Nassau boards of super- visors. The State will now have to raise by legislative appropriation or by i ndividual gift the balance of the money needed to consum n te the pur- chase. The purchase price of the land is hold to be extremely low—$850 per acre. Besides the golf course , the prop- erty Is in a highly developed state with buildings and various Improve- ments. Suffolk County ' s participation in obtaining the money needed for —: option was to the extent ot $10 , 000. The Town of Oyster Bay provided twice that amount. Both , it Is under- stood , have agreed to contribute toward the purchase price. This park will be the first Long Is- land State Park having public golf courses , a feature for which there has been a genuine demand over since the Island' s parks and parkways systems were started. Not only Is the tract ac- cessible but it offers an ideal location for a parkway spur connecting the Northern and Southern State Park- ways , according to Benjamin L. Van Scl mlck , executive secretary of the Commission. The tract is made up of beautiful rolling country, a large part of which is heavily wooded. Golf would , of course , be the prin- cipal feature at this new park. Be- siaes the development of the two courses the park commission would lay out bridle paths , picnic areas and oilier facilities. The Yoakum heirs , said Mr. Van Schalck have been extremely generous In naming a price considerably below the real value of the property. Its ac- quisition by the Long Island State Park Commission is looked for eager- ly by many. . ;•; \h\A Cm smkmm (Gefis Of Sl©i IFsdf Yoakum Estate *¦ J EFFERSON THEATRE ' Free Parfcin g - H ead Phones for the Deaf .:, : , HEALTHFULLY COOLE D ) [•TODAY—FRIDAY ' y £ JACKIE SEARLE and ; P Mil ZI GREEN in * ' < X * . ¦ ¦ J * : \ v , C-; ? ¦ ¦• £ i V \ ' v 1 fo r bidden § * wi f A d venture s ^ ff + C <3bramaioa 9ictwt T : '-}M ? * or T \0 j t il * . ? \ . ' . ' &!& 4 AISO * ' ' v»:!-. - ; + _—— » «--T - j am»« ^ »ss » _t ' : : : - ' J *M l i fflMHT * I J t ra T llnr T k TT \ ' \ Mat inee 2:30 ^ j J tj : \ ) • $ • £ *SAT ., AUG. 22 I '^'f tt t x 2 All Talkin g Features '| - ; ' / -^ GEORGE O'BRIEN in |, S^ \A H ol y Terror \ If ! t and- . ' J J : y .fi ; 'H _ T 1 , ' V ii 'V A |__ _ j ; ..;. ; ^ : ISUN-MON . —AUG. 23-24 j | ' . ' |||f I h m & b&dj i:rjs wp ,;' ' : S |i t S;«* j^ d:.x.:. ^ p:e ' rXljf i ; ; ; i|: | I ~^ Wj $* *. | v ; ';i| I' i n r m tluBft h ft .in I ^ ' ' \ will {j' ' ' . ' ; ' V $ 1 /C \ l : .R*> * KK . \ a'l Xl * ir. o . due _ llof _ \ i ¦ • $$ $TUES. —AUG. 28 jj , ; p The Broadwa y Stage Hit J j /. , ' .; i CTtRr la ^ m Mm ^ :: ::¦ ; - \ ® . I — ' I • . ' , J . j- , * |WED. —AUG. 26 \\ V • I « '* ' ¦ ' ¦' < ;[ Now a Paramoun t Star J ; ' '•¦ . :¦; * f a a^ t ^ v ^^^^ f f aai is s sBBBBBBBBB a al _r * ** j f T * \ T r ^3 r ^ 5\ si T ^ B » sr ^ LaiT ^^ al > l I *J I I * T T CI ^ **jV . , J jt S a a Me s aJaWaAaMtwK t fl > I \THE B\I S ii GIRL m ii M ii HABirftJ ii .: ':i : i a <3 mm w u &Wf * i:V\ ':. '} , I > I- ' : . ' ' .; ' ¦ \ THUR 3. — AUG. 27 ' <} : ' \\ i iJOAN BENNETTli j » i * 1 I'HUSH MONEY'f L. L. Da rling ' s Variet y Store NEXT TO POST OFFICE EAST SETAUKET ^ ; Full Lino of Childr -on -n Clothimt ~ : * A* ^ A* ^ * «Hirll , * * >'» ' *ll,d Sult s ' . - for Iho ' Boys ' : . .. • 1 3 S Mh l l$ M al , Di ' o«sc» for - . tli e , -Girl u , , . , , a tesfi S Msaai ^ s ^ i M T __ H ur~ j j T | \ir , m ~ j ill j c( l<LLE!!Ji!L \*' T \ '\ ' \'\' - \ - ( u Son of India S^ J , m W A I t omiiDcr of fl i iiiiniipri, full of ex- Yfl w Mw ^ MBIIl ^ ^Vi liM I ' cIlltiK H c n nni ontl tiroull t lcii- . be mity. \ ^ kVlmmy ^ MF N m M mmWmmWM I • rv graiul \ t ory, n nrw w cttl n t. it imlftbl c ^^ H|H .BS« ^^ BB * I R 9 M t nN i tiHT R i i ow HATintiMV ^^ ^^^S SSnWm f mmm E * wm mz m ~~ . ' ' \ ' 8UN wr-n wHm . ™ 0 •v , n. r t«.::•, , f.. ';!r^• , ! j o» „,r t . H l .« V •\ ¦ '\• f\ :' ' i_i | ami a lior wlm was a lmoiil four Aol i « l _ M _ H _ H _ B iM HP» M \ l0 «oml . »n<l Uitlr ir i roli n , ... .. .. ' saaaaaaaamir ^W-W lk 'lf j i toMlll.r for s lmillo ll»PU < - , \\ 1 \\ \\\ I a ^ aBi ^ V . ' BaCk ll/lA' tJl nc«, Vnu will r««imiul willi V A 11 n K V I Mi ll ¦a ^ a m l Wfl i a BK frWiW mm l i »»rl to llil\ il»rlou» . I t _ H _ B , 'iT 'iv ? _ ^ _g_ U U M nimur i iiilNin «f Vina Hal- ,, • . , ¦r saaaaK ^ Sl ^ PlK ffi i' J » aiia W W»'aaTalP' ^ r * af'** # l a *l I\ *<• IllmpUolly Xl a H H. ^yS j ^ EjUa v ir V V ' l all * W a ll lul , _B_PJ ? J_ K )?JaaaWl l .Mr I Is VTV l f A\ ll j l . ' W '\ : \' \«\\ > L H _j_ H _ K p NH _ 1 _ rn U M l Hl ^ nddUMH. .nioii a ^ a ^ HjaV ^ av ^ HaaVl ! [ ffl t ^ ' . '* E ' ^ _ ^ H _ H | l _| .^. B i- ' . ¦ H T l ~7 ^^T^^^ 1 ' l ib a MN ' ; ¦ •?' , ' ¦: ) * ymymyMv F i ^ ?.\' - - ' i ^ . SEE PLAY BILLY BURKE NATIONAL OPEN TITLE HOLDER — VS NATIONAL OPEN RUNNER-UP 3 6'Hole Match AT-— ' Timber Point Club G reat River , N. Y. SATURDAY , AUGUST 29 lat ROUND at 10i30 A. M. 2nd BOUND at 2»30 P. M. ADMISSION , $2.00 OPEN TO ALL «OLF LOVERS Buddies of Fil ms T eamed in \Diri g ible \ J ack Kolt and Ralph Graves , b ud- di es of. \Submarine , \ \Pligh t , \ nnd \Hell' s Island , \ are brought togeth- er again in \Di rigible , \ the Colum- bia - air special which opens an en- gagement at the Port Jefferson Thea- fectlon is harborea in secret. Graves , enacting the role of a dare- de vil Navy flier , makes an exploration trip to the South pole , c rashing his plane. Drama enters the plot when Holt , commander of a huge Navy dir- igible , goes and rescues him , return- ing him to the woman both love. Pull cooperation \ of the United States Navy was accorded executives tre next Sunday and Monday. Prank Ca p ra , who directed the first two pic- tures , also directed \Dirigible. \ Dirigible is a tote of adventure ana courage , with most of its action laid at the Naval air station at Lakehurst, N. J., or in the wastes of the Antarc- tic region. Holt and Graves play the role of buddies , both In love with the same woman , though Graves , In the film is married to her and Holt' s ; af- o f Columbia Pictures \ i n the making of the film , arid the entire resources of the air station , including the use of the dirigible Los Angeles , placed at thei r d 's po s al Capra and his company spent several weeks rai the location trip to the cast. Hobart Bosworth has an important role in the cast , and others of; note are Fay Wroy, Roscoe Katns and Clarence Muse. ! ¦;¦ : . , : ' , - . ' : . ' ¦ ' ¦ ;;¦ ' :: : ¦ At ft llS ' ' l lli pl^lJ FFEis i M TMEAT 1 E o Ha BMMtt M«MB tt u H Bn ^ Ham M a a^^ MDWBasa M w n as ^^^ n «n a^M Tlioro Is Just ono thins t ' hnt will stir B uck Joriei up \ to tlio point of brassing n bit, nnd that Is n now nccompllsh- i neii l acquired by Ills home, Silver, You see , B uck , whoso n owost s tri r rlng vehicle fo r Columbia Is I 'Tho Fighting Shoi'lff , \ showing nt tho Port Jefferson Theatre, Saturday, 1 ms done so many roin a rlc- riblo things himself that It' s prnctlcnlly Impossible for him to wax enthusiastic over nny , of his own now ntiints. But Sil ver -Is differ e n t! Sliver Is tho ncc co wboy ' s p ride , -altd ovory tlmo tho I n l entcd nnlmnl masters a now trick B u ck' s cheat \ swells with pardonable nrlclol ¦ . ' , ' ¦ , . - . Lolnuro lioiir o f . oi' Bu ck nro iminlly working ho u rii for fl llvoiv nnd It was in tho Interim between tho malting of \Tlio Toxnn Itnii e or \ nnd \Tho Pl n ht- I nn: Sheriff\ that ' . Sllvo r prnctlcnlly l eaped out of tho horse High School nnd ohtoro e l college. To bo exact, lie Buck Jone n in \T ho ' Fighting Sheriff\ Charlie Buggies , who , in \Ctiarley ' s Aunt , \ as both the Charley and the Aunt , became the favorite farceur of film fandom overnight , comes to the Port Jefferson Theatre next Wednes- d ay. Ruggl es ' fin e comedy work in . such pictures as \Her Wedding Night , \ Honor Among Lovers, \ \Y oung Man of- -M anhattan ^ - 'Roadhouse ' Mights , \ and others ftnally _ \ earned for ti i m- the ¦distinction , of stardom. \ . ' -:Hfs first starring p f cture Is \ iii e Girl Habit , \ which Is the product of the very capable type-writers ot Owen Davis and Gertrude Purcell . and Is based upon a stage success by A, E. Thomas nnd Clayton Hamilton. It Is fnroc from stnrt to finish and ono l augh follows on the giggling trail of another with convulsing rapidity. Charlie Is seen ns the wealthy young bachelor who is cn8nECd\ ' to ho mnrricd to a pretty society eirl (Sue Conroy). Bu t Charlie hns.long been ,1 victim of th e \ gi rl hnblt, \ H o Is so v klnd to the females , s o obliging, that thoy Just,will not let him nlono. A s n. consequence , ho has consid er- able difficulty' In proving to hla sweet- h eart that ho Is rcn l ly nil hers. A but fel' o of old love fetters Jn tho hands of r a mar a Q bvn, exo tic cx- flnm o of Ohnrllo ' n , brin g s him nil sor ts of luillcrous trouble, Charlie Ru f fgle a Now Star- in His Own Right Try ' a Claa s iRed Ad in the Western Suf f olk Group Appreciation should bo tondorod tho Suwn s so t anrdon Club for tho Im- proved appearance of tho (crounda at tho depot nt Port Jefferson Station, GROUNDS AUG IMPROVED L©H g iSea c ii GardeR Club - Prepares lior Exhibit: The Garden Club of Long Bench , of which Mrs. Edward A. Isaacs Is presi- dent , has set September 2nd and 3rd as the date for holding its Flower Sho w. The sliow will be held at the Hotel Nassa u, Long Beach, ana will be open to any amateur growers regardless of where they may reside. A very broad schedule , comprising forty-five classes , covers most any flower which will be blooming in early September. A number of classes In the flower ar- rangement section , gives the amateur a wide scope in which to compete. ¦ There will be a large representation of commercial growers, but they will not compete In nnj of the classes ar- ranged for the amalcur. Ribbons are being awarded as first and second prizes in each of the forty-five classes A silver cup will be given to - the ex- hibitor scoring the greatest number of points in any section. Two silver cups will be given as sweepstakes. All prizes have been donated by the Mayor ol the City of Long Beach , the Honorable F rank Prankel. Schedules of Classes may be procured by communicating with Mrs. Isaacs. The great Golfing Double act , Billy Burke . , the national open champion , and George Von Elm , victim of the marathon play-off at Inverness , which will move into , action at the Timber Poin t Club on Saturday, August 29 , was an overnight sensation. Their coming together was an entirely new phenom- enon and • one that either of them would have been glad to pass up, If the coveted title could have . been won any other way. Burke and ' Von Elm gravitated to- gether through the unforgettable seventy-two hole playoff for the recent national open championship at Inver- ness , Toledo. Ifm i ght have been a dull performance, or a show in duplicate, if the two had employed the same style of play. But actually they are poles apart in methods of stroking. Burke Is clai ming, and Justly the mantle for stroke-saving which v/as worn regally by Walter Hagan and Bobby Jones. Al though Von Elm has been chal- lenged many times , his hour of tri- umph came at Baltimore in the final of the 1926 championship. He took on Jones when the Atlanta wizard was in full possession of his game , and trounced the titan 2—1. Burke and Von Elm will appear In a 36 round play at Timber Point on Saturday, August 29. The first round begins at 10:30 and the second will be at 2:30. The matches are open to tho public. Admission will be ? 2. ' :? . ; . -; ; - - . •: £ Billy Burke-George Von Elm Match at Timber Point Club manages to breathe through a stem. A si ngle valuable ' Jewel which he manages to retain on Ms person makes him rich. On nn elephant hunt he saves the life of on attractive American girl which starts off a series of ro- mantic adventures leading to the in- evitable conflict of inter-raclal mar- riage. The scene of the elephant stampede Is one of the most exciting shown on the screen In-somo-Umo,—It-is-d o ubtful if the villain over had a more spectacu- lar death than that ot Mlljnn In this episode. It carries the audience to the very edge of their scats and keeps them there..

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