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Fairport herald-mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1925-1962, May 09, 1962, Image 1

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u FArRPORJT PUBLIC IS PERjj/iN ST. FiURPORT, N.Y. LIBRARY . ;l^ihety-first Yeair...-r-? N(j>.|i5 FAIRPORTI .MONRQEICOUNTY, N.-Y M MAY 9; I96J2 Proclamation This is. how ' the riev • Mobil station will look when building is o'tmpleted and the old station de- molished. The' kuulsonie Colonial motif, is the re. 'suit of cooperation between the Socony people and the village administration. It will be the only Co- ff\ U | WHEREAS: The vear I9(ifc luus b«w» d.ij^tetlJ to celebrating the l\)(Jtli year of the founding ojjI'lre , Town of Pcrmton,-Ne\v Vork. j . j, I WHEREAS: The Town ir IVrinton haslet! ;uside tilt' dates ol'Millv 2f)th lhhi **)tli of tliW veurjj l(j) 'celebrate this important milestone with Parades,.! Praise and Pageantry. , { WHEREAS: The people 0 f The Town ofJVrin-j t<j>n are joining in their efforts tjo present a program'; in keeping with this great Scsqliid-eiitenniaJ t>Iebra-| 1 ion. ' \V II BR MAS: As ti further means ol\ t'oi.iii^nMii(>>| rating this great oeension, a souvi'iiir ,in the shape| a wooden nickel has been nla<|ie ;md distributed.? tin; cooperating merchants in The TJ>\vn wfi, Perinton. o among THEREIN)R: I proclaim that these Woodeir* i iirjuiMiwib. i j)i una i in j i iit'ii uii'M\ Nickels are to he eon side red as I legal Tender in|r*oop- erating stores and business pla *es ol\ The Tojivii of Perinton from Mav 12th thru Jjilv 27thj IIMJl^ . i . ' ' •'• gned- this Hltli day . , I!M)2 )»y hand and seal\ !< Kenneth P. Courtney ? : '/ SujM'rvisor, Tojvvri of Perinton., X. ^'. Proclamation of Mav Mdmsmm^m mm « wmm lonial type station In New Vork State. The official opening is set for July 16 in time for the Sesquleen- tennlal celebration. Man-in Noblett; is thei pro- prietor. Chest Workers I ! : .' i • K tin Ms^^m^uEiCi ; ft|rfv 'J* ; -is ,;prJD^s^(cf;'Bj • ypiSr t<^j3^Hstbriaiij that tbe-re I- ;' : _t^at the repres jnfativ s, j[^sqm^tLt^^i'(|om^Stt^i)'- i\ ea(5]i. f chui:cl|; ; siigge8t that a sheet of -history be enclosed iri'i the -. chiirqjti bulletin, ; stating /why;that'f.dalte jandj this year should foe. • obs$rved,l ' On May -26; 1812, the Legisla- ture of the ; S4!ate of (New iYork | passedithis act: VThatj from and after rjhe first: Monday :L * — :1 \ Viext, all that' part of i of Boyle, in the county or luntano, -.,».., i „ r . .J, ,- r. alfores^d, known 'and lisfnguish- ^, on J take any Wooden N^k- ^ed'oy township'numbeftle^e,, in ?£. That age od expre SS1 bn knl tf tc wn shipsi in ^ ecome OjwJ?» l as ° f n \f t wee^c 'hereby | qrecied h ^ T The Town ^ of PerintoiJ By T official proclamation of •• Super- ' oy townehip £i \the fourth ranige' said county, is V: 1 \\ ~ r \ T \ t i\ 4 L ill\*.!-. ^„L.-v omciai prociamauon ox-iauper- ihto a separate town, by £ le name - * • -. L, . r, :/: of Perinton; knd T thaE the tjfet ^/Kenneth Courtney wooden ^ m m _ L town-meeting shaliTbe hell at j he \ lok f s wiU toecome legalm tender of the SesquicentenniaJ « in ^ house of Cyrus Packard, In sjaid ln The.Town of Penntonquicenten- in con- rector of the Perlnton cimmu.s .'*-:-«»: w«««ul rv.„r.t4- lnai not Junction with the Sesquicenten- ^^ le Cno ^ 3 The Cnol ^|.: is S J '^ lua *I—»«Y«. i •\;*£\- junction Monroe County fas; not ^ Celemration town established until 1J821. ' .Included also, Iperhkps • jlncmaea aisu ^\f^liJ'l'.T SCamn ,^ ^ a i\r aay ' m y^,i1\ 1 \Erbland majored in Oboe at the Mrs. Arthur Fink and Mrs. Alary thiir : \6ridgeun. this sh;eet^could^b^a| *£«$£ the people^of_The_Town of_P_erm- ^^ ^^ of Music?and;st ) ld . BroomfieldL _ L ._ . i»ry of that i. church, tory or uiai. < i;uu«iu,i ^u*i» t '\r-\' ton nave tneir cnoice or accepumg irbm abundant: material available, regu]ar money or now legal wood- ied cnoral [direction in New Ydrk ., - ^-^ alove his en nickels in cha nge at cooperat- Cit y- He has also had choral ex- — I _i-_i-u noHdn/vi in mimprnus f*hlirp.hes toy a student member, 1 , Or her [name. A' picture oi[ ! ..if; each churchi would Ibe 'i' '' \Hymn is\ being distribijitecj ••j : .^auith old church hymns • t.-jinight\ toe included in : 1800 were the J hymns J3otjie Trjou jjjicij t U ~ me people Ol ine IOWII oi r-cnn- I - , cbmpiled, ton 1^^ t^eir choice of accepting Eastman School of-Music|and;stiid- Broomfield. C,each church ^ u,a l DB l™JJ. place or individual wishing to re- l^pMay 1^^ a\'reiital with [A copy of dn __ Annjv..r-sary ^ ^_ ^ ni ^ a , a ^ r . u _ ^^^uiJ..- ™,.<„ rt»wL»« L \^ilbout 1551. School Orcteilsttc ieffed 'Tops'jAgbirt :!<•,., :.,'r • > i, i. j. , tee nas naa tnese wouuen iiat;nuiis —- | r . l^fTcSt Sfete -™*. - \\ I* liferent = o! or 8 ^^S^f 'Sel^fc ^ \\.\- »!! \^ «^-\« — \\\'^ ^.^JafiOde^ brought i added glor;^ to ;the and evryone will want a complete and Josepliine Bartolottaj propel ty. The properties were: the Victor iQr student j. wno> whether it has Miss j Ann , and Josephine Bartolottat properjty. been proficicnf > v in sports. ^i^^^tdnity^^.^kw|h€d'for'|the set to?keep.as a Souvenir of this 764 TurkjHill Rd.. Vernon |nd y'-S'^+tiiiA'. rtiwcoMitfve-1 time '\.tl 9H9BQ^@^¥^^^ I 1 - i I '• ^advisers Mrs. Elizabeth Huriev.S^^^^ HS ^S,,ik .^P^iM-M'^^ stage, one!of= their;jus^yrta J ^^- -a—^i Af th,» wj<*h Sehodti = rtre PP a ,t Mr - Kfi 1 \ 1 ^ 11 swart^, p. ) ^BRBiiebii^St^^ Wooden Nickels i Are'Legal'Here! Heads Chord Fur the past tw(j weeks, over senting 21 Towns and Villages in vision have been*solieitiiig eontri 2,i30(J volunteers' i'«*l»ljefj the Monroe Cojinfy \)j )i(tions for Uib* 'urnHtit» rinmrte; Community Chest-lfed C'j'oss Campaign, 'fnlji, Fairport, Lawrence H. Chapman. j-- -- --- '\'*!\] chairman, named the following a.s Tnin iCaptaln, Mrs. '^M'P' 1 ^™ tmbers of the Campaign organi- , MM .f : Workers Mrs; tiavld \vfe:! iat r iQn: , i- - del!. Mrs. George DitjnliK. SJri; r ConiBlerefck Group Chairman, ^ck Holt, Mis s Terry libit; j|jys| Jtalph E. Burrun; Worlccnt - Mr. Patricia Caracci. Mrs. Ernest j%iv; G. O. Williams, Mr.. Don-Malcolm. lon - >f rH - ™chard Laws. M Mr. L'. Bruening, Mr. Merrill T. b<>rt P mz > MrH ' ^°rg« ]Pj- VVatson, Mr. A. Streppa and Mrs. Mis « * Z(iilh Bli nh<)ld. ( ; ^ Lois Peeler. TV^,, Captain, Mrs. Hriry' .jlaU S|HH-ial (iift Chairman, K Irvinp <*»»1Sf»S Workers Mr. jH, .&&{ Anderson; Workers - Mr. William clangilo, Mrs. L. Ma.scfan^elo. Mrs; H. Rich. Mr. Charles Beck. Mr. Wa V^elLs and-Mrs. Call-in.-^jp, Charlew Stauber, Mr. J. Gordpn «--iang«lfi inside starting Saturday, May 12th Ross. Mr. Donald H. Hull, Mr. David Jordan. Mr. Paul Shannon and Mr. Clinton R. Emery. Team Captain, Mrs. Norman Lareau; Workers Mrs. John Bell, Mrs. William Schutt., Mrs. Tom Alririch. Mrs. Harland Doe- Bill Erbland, Musical 'Producer bereiner and Mrs. Paul Ruster. di- Team Oiptsiin, Mrs. (it><>rw Cdrnmunity Ttmilinsan; Workers.. William Erbland in con- rec tor of the, Perinton Community Timillnson; Workers.. , Mrs. Schwmm. Mrs. ,Wesley Hilmb^^lt.'. Tyj^je Chorus. The Choi-u is .spin- Thomas Nesbit, Mrs. Waldo' Wood- Mrs. |Eleanor Dujrm. Mrs} Ii-^juji^ sored by tihe Recreation Depart- worth, Mrs. Leonard' Sweet, Mrs. VanSIjykes. Mrs. lone Dul;t»>n,.;l\i^A ' ment. ' Eben Hoag, Mrs. Edwin Berger, Charles!;Breckheitner and Mrs. !/|r j. TTpVilnn/< tnTiinrnri in Oniru> at thf» \Aytz ii-thni. T?inl/ 'in/I Tl/f».t. Mn.nr •'•••\ b«J«m..i. '•' ''.i sketch j fine. erTnickeis \in\'change at^\cooperat- Ci ' tv - H e has also had choral ex- - ing business places. Any business perience in numerous ^chjirches in ! p -. C * \i place or individual wishing to re- T^^' S\^ a ^J^S : KOtfl IV '0 ilOIIOr bCfllOS .v.^ which, deem their wooden nickels for the Rochester Civic Orchestra. He . . . . . . I an3 music cash may do so at the Security also teaches piano and organ. Recognizing the wort h- while-hess of ;je!lieye|ii( _ a program Trust Co< of .Rochester, Fairport The Chorus meets Mohday'e/e- Seniors in the Fairport High Sell >ol, the l^otarv! ( rf-^ofbe quite generally used Before Br&nch thrU 3 I 2?th 196? ; How . ^ng at 8 :30 at the, Crosman Arms. p aj| - ^ j ) Ut \ f \' m .r \) u >\ v first! '*S < .juor-'Ae|h IM iu. u,^u« D NTAO THOM J t Center on I East Avenue. , Plans to . .,. ,. .»7 . ,. J. J ! \ r -t -1800 were tne.inymns yuutu; iiwu ... ., •: ; : Almighty King and Awake.' My ever > Jt is ejected that these form a Women . s ChorUK next s ' }.'.'; :!SoulT Old Hundredth Was wiiitjien nickels will be souvenir pieces for tember are underway. \ •_'.••.•--.i* _•_ t +,*.** it-k/>ol nonnlo and Inlnrk folks <?nminrr ' • i » i. celebration week Annexations FinaI local people and |also folks coming back during the of Juy 25th thnj 29th. The fou j. p roper . Ueg ^ opt€d The Sesquicentennial Commit- a resolution for annexation to tee has had these wooden nickels vilIa S* of Fairport have v pow boen J%£$jtii$- -consecutive| tirnle \they j-re- 15u th Birthday, ;::[^!-celv^d ; :topTfating in the StitejMu. The Toym Qf ponton. i t ^l#iJ#tiy.a1,atjCo^tlan l i, »'. T-; . gest ^ you get ^ our set f '-^^ll^lii j/- ; p--K* iLJ I.. . '•• ' the initial- order! has been is sug- early as Turk Hill containing Rdl, 'Z a parcel of ldnd 2.40 acres of [the \Ox nickels sent to has been set at taining 3f acres adjoining |he me miuoi uiucii iu» TJ*^> . «<• «*v tauung s* acres aajouung uic r> otamr club a hnrited nuirfber. These wooden south line! of | the village! of Fair- ^ old friends and port on the east side of Mosley fed The Annexation became officjial »L. .^ResM$!Citcifor ::'^M^ : ''^'^-'^'Vi^Ji '--L .-K -^••'•' , reiauves wm '•:'. i^f-lilTJxie'JBSgypt^Flre-pepa ton mfc con- . JB dfeat_- B sad±« ^i.^k^>sy^|^ »p#es. • So : -remember -k Prom-May 12th Roasf Beef At j Egypt aniuninced Vi.«^Ti,i« vtth Thi^Towni «f Per- .i_ „_L 1^,J «- L.^^ relatives wiU be appreciated in Ane '* n f?f uu F ._ L .. on April 30, 1962 come; Team ('aptaln. Mrs.f AnTlpil> ; Kartolotlu; Workers jMirs. •K&'U? vJripp^n, Mrs. Walter Philips.- N}rs. L. Eriiesl Bleier. Mrs. Ai*m>ld Wflt, Mis. Joseph Ct.iarino. Mi - ^. • Wjlj ton liisig j»nd Mrs. Kenneth jS|kvar|i{jji; ,v;j rt reani Captain, Mrs. C'iilr Kr hie; W iirkcrs Mrs 111\' I\3en CONTINUED ON PAJGE 10 to ' ' ! . 4 p. Award\ dinner on Monday, .Mav filial the lligl For many years Fairport Ro- tary sponsored a football Banquet. giving 1 recognition to the gridiron activity of the Big Reds'and enter- ,u < - 'f \ <K- ' Senjors who hav« trator; and Mr. Joe Ciim niin«s in taining an increasing number ol he the stalwart teams of'this sport. lo r ,.f« e fve special recog \This year Rotary would like Mr. (iary Barnhart. Mis[s Miss Susan Boekes, Mis, aca . Bramfrr, Mr. Charles Btjec^he demic scholarship, mus'ieal ability Miss j Margaret Brue|ii f-Hosciv :M itind; Anniversary of Patricia Fitzgerald pronerty, 726 Qr studr;nL i eadcTsh ip. merit com- Ward j Clark. Mr. Clifford fc^H 1 - munity recognition of their ac- Mr. Tecrence Dutton. MrPli complishmenLs,\ says. Harvey E. Eagarj, Mr. Duane Fee, bow\ andj a; parcel of ?and cm- ^^ h p reji i den t „f the Fai!-port Martha Harding. Miss J dricka, Miss Catherine U Miss JMichelle Hull. Mi.s, ei tr ! i' r •si r » Th t, R ? V L', Che T r ^ v.** 1 °5 Huttings, Miss Jan,|t » L - fc P ! Ul ,? wT 2? Ur S t Miss GaJe King. Mr. Dkvid 2ilosh- Rochester will address 4hcj Rotary , Sally Murphy. JMr. Frank'. Club and their guests at this pre- ^J^ ^ ^ n [ f< j r J ^ • j 1 T^ 0 ? ^ nnCr ^r SC ^ 2SS Mis>.^sLan Rosack, MisslTcbn> I n/ivisersl Mrs. Elizabeth Hurley_r.^_z.J ui-..i -.-,_! !»,-^j._Li».i 3

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