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k.dwwMn.••««.?? J'\\ \i c*jragm;r,gr» » v- ,^_-. ^TJ- -V-—^*^-.T rr. •Hf-^-t-i\. Y .FAIRPORT PUBLIC!LIBRARY 18 PEiRRIN ST. FAIRPORT, N.Y. Sesqui Plans In High Gear As tin*'Town of I (ion approaches tin- film n i-»rinioii*^ 1\>0 Annivers^ii'y ]( 'i*31***>\-* '}. wee Ids ol' pn i pjiinti<jh, juMiyiljics ;ire .naininir momentum every lay. Committees ;u l i' jlnjsy arran^in^ tlieir paiils in Hie |)ro«^ram. the -Indies ai|uiii«l v Enst Rochester. Egypt. Bushnell's i ^ $ .;» • Basin and Fairport are putting the finishing touches on.their Ses- quicentennial Dresses, Motor Cal- vacades are being planned and Monday, jtlie '.s|^Snd, oi Jiily, at \fVDay\ in FY irport ami haWn't alheauy gutssed by i P^rmtpn -Bee rea t i on Whitney Road; Plnecrest, at the Building- site on <j ay _ thle Tune bripertkr ait Routi much pop V.l i 31 and Kfeag Rojid ;'• and Friday the Gordin Trenrayne property a; 281 Kresig ; Roail: Tluseii mobile sites are subjject to leyision aj: any time because] of changing con ditions. \m m iWednesdjiyfi Julyj '• • ••.-•'.»• . 11 '' « -»•• 1 Wednesday old Gqns'ervatioiji [Rdute 96;?! Thunsl- beans anp;. sflads and drank s o Registrations arc V>w I beiil ••Tiof-I 9\*%.\mr uilr»_ ^A. a t r»——I „*- M- l *-i«J—1 /NuJ 4th. V>«V 5 -)l^a> Perintori. ^|1||^|4 just about everything that points I^M^Hf t o the Biggest and Best Celebra- tion for this community is in I he making. DRESS UP DAYSJ Friday. June 29th. has been pro- claimed the first official Dre-'s-lJp day in the Town of Perinton. All women in the Town are requested to wear their Sesqui centennial Dresses when they appear on streets of any of the four villages in the Town. In the .event their dresses are not completed these ladies should show th/jir loyalty to the Celebration by wearing one of the Official Bonnets. All of the men are requested to wear a n Official Celebration Tie and if pos- sible one of the Top Hats or Der- bies. . For those that do not have a bonnet, tie or hat as yet re - member they can be pbtained at your Celebration Headquarters at 55 South Main St. i n Fairport. Thursday evening'Jut 7:00? \P.M. We will Jeave Fairport at. ekaj-lly 7:1,5 going over.to ;T?ast Rwc.&es-UM. - then up to Pehfloktij WebsteJ, Wil- liamson and back (to Fajrport. Everyone is invited *t«|i go.a Iqng on these Motor Calva^i»4 t ' s ' ^special- ly member.s of the-JEJ&irded Broth- ers and the Sesqtjf-Kelles. JThesr cjilvacades are o *t V»f the: ije.ft. Good-Will Boosters' to t.he hejgh- bpiing communities .''•••. and! |ets everyone participate' in thb par! of the Sesquieentenfaia] 'prr-cple- bration activities. liet's iflalfe llu's fir. . Motor (\alvai-aiio the ijliggest; calvacade ever in Mobrn«.- IQnintr. ! ' i hi i Keystone K«>p|>«frs ajid ; Kangaroo >K«rt j f, ; I Ktti'stone Kopp^rjt! ha;je| beeii Appointed and will tij» out l^okiiej; fjjr violators of s|iquic^tUenniVl lUlWS serve They have jjfSummtfhsl on to- Back row, .-.v. »v; .... these hWlivid\ial| livh persist in these violiti,(?nis\ , (lt^nand- ing they appear atUhk'Hirsy Kan- garoo Kort which. wilK^bo held Friday evening. June 2at|i.^The.-v ^.angaroo Korts • ig 'fun\ activities in ^if th«- ceh'U iPM^jTl aotheslinej^ Headquarters i s now open'from 4 fun V. activiUeH in yu ,; r p-.-ceh-i 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 in Rations plans. N.o-tfne is! going t( the afternoon every day of the ^ ridicu ied befoj- J\ theft- towns grounds..wili be operated f |n Fair port and Periritoa. In' He villagej they will be at Potter Memorial and Cro.sm.ah Co mjnunity; Center 42 East Avejnue. In the tdjyn thejj •will be at the Egtypt File Associal tion grounds, Charles AYeiia's Bur gundy- Inn grounds, in' Bushnell'4 {Basin, the Peck .Associates grounds in 'MidvaL s. an i the Mo bile Unit. The Mobile I hit's stopi will be as follows: MonJay — the Joseph Casella property off San die prive; Tuesda; r — t|ie Mar •cuccl property pehlnd 1254 West GO iSk# ;;: • v By.Elizab^tJirjjr*. P SXHT.r- ;*.*.>?•:.?. --J - --> Perintonites \wflb !' [listen to p.m., JW11J i)C vVHAM's Louise Wilson; on 'her -Day\ if you 1:00 radio.show, njiay^ :hav every day week Motor Calva<'ad45s and Promenade^ | • The first organized Motor Cal _^>jic_adfi will.fpriu at Headquarter* < .:, —u-: L- -LL T befojJ1thei| : i<r men and they wtitibe hftldi in a n i)rderly. , well pi^nfied | manner. However, the biggest -'violation ,*e been Juniorj High Pre^n\fa h CONTINUED OHJ PAGE! 13 r,»cu uv now llieank\ tiat tlli Fairbort- surprised Monday do hear, the de-' ; j, j ,. , g v-j t - departments p#m4s «fo,*n. ^^^^l^tlS AchieVemeilt AlWirQ}9 For the fourteenth j ear, play-. : — -i — • Clothesline Arts add Crafts Show i ' \ ;>!• , Despite )P ; Club jl affair prej-picnic showers; and at last ,Wedr[esd£y consumed dogs, 200 cream. plies had iWd: pl^rthe Sfisquicentennial Clothesline.Arts anjd Crafts Show and the Perinton Republican'Club- sponsored Tour of 1 ljustoric Homes, described by Mrs. Fen wick jSmall and Mrs. John Norih.jThe :.>jvents, which will both talke place; from noon to.6 on July [21J promise to be both colorful and enjoyable. Artists and craftjnen will jexhib- On Mondav, June 18, 19M2, an Awluds A^semJ)lty was lield at tlie Ajartli L Brown .Juiuor I li^li.Se'rio^l. I|iinn.^ vd ('. tin* program, Alr.i -Floy« the following awards: Fairport Fire jDepartment Award fo r greatest achievement j^ onroc in Eighth Grade Language Arts Peek. Prineipnl jiiM'Senled treatenin^f slkies the Perinton i t at the Potter MenioHal Gifounds Est}ter Harris, Steve Kinney, staged another success- with some display^ and rijemon- •- Powder Mills Park strations scheduled (for the beauti- and coffee that to be obtained. and one Bill Dvryer PR man, time and lorg time raciio voice, stood befpre the mike for hou.rs, priJies, igifts ofj Perinton d r|aerchants. In search- Dana Granger, Daniel DoVidrv), Carol Mulligan, Carol j Miller and Peggy ThistlethWaite. I Fairport Fire ;l|)epa,rtment ful gardens at the Baptist JHome i and at the Green Lantern Inn. The.nearly 1500 in attendance The exhibits^ and (demonstrations ., : several 'thousand hot are fre e to the public. iArtistl both Award for greatest achfevement m doz rolls, gallons of ice amateur and professional, jre in- Ei & hth • Grade ' Sciencje: Elaine pounds and pounds of v}te d to show and sell their) work. Johnson, Chns Colton. Robert • ' ' Hess, Paul Adler, Jennie DiMat- County ! A w a r d, $ o i; a<:hievem2nt ia S^ocial Studies: Jennie DiMatttM^, Penelope Thomp- son, Clayon Thompson^ and Steve Kinney. Pcnnton Historical S OT i « t y Award for best /project^ in Local History: Gold Sfeal. (andfl Bine' Rib- bon Carolyn La.nd: Gold Seal Lee Ann Stutzma!n.' Samuel Beer. Lance Marcone. Margot Roos and aw;a.rding friends The pl'-ygroun^ program will \>n ing for in - effect for eight weikj. begin- on the nin«r Monday, JulV 2, 1:(0 p.m. and nine—sev| concludirig Frida^J August 24. at parents 12:00 p.\- The dlaygrjunds will cash awaird. i ( be open at 1:00 p.m.^cn!iMonday Notes any , Notables^.* Twenty and Tuesday, th<>l2nd iind! 3rd of gross of balloons popped or filled July>to allow fed the two morn- the air ings'. to • Je: utili4ek- for ui^servic E training of our rilaygroiind stai. DA Jack The plajfground^ f will % closed looked iranK s o Registrations are inowbeirtg ac- *—~> »•*— -------- _. new-sup- cepted b y Registration' Chairman teo - steve La \g le y and Clayton Penny Thompson., Paul Miller, 24 West St.. Fajirport, Thompson. ^— on a first come-.firk $eirved basis. Anonymous Mathematics . AS- O Further informatioln may lie had Award for highest average in LOIITeSt Anyone/ by calling Elizabeth itarthTat LU Ei S htn Gradc Mathematics: Linda I i * •• j 6-9152 or Mrs. Frmwick Small at Ax - er < Hannah Kraai. Eric Jensen, The Smoke Eaters ''Chapter of FR 7 0740 This is'a rain of shine David Gropp, Carol Mulligan, the Bearded Brothers of Perinton nercnan^. xn searen „ '„,. and ^ < Noc ^ wil , David North and Mary Waide. are feeling frisky arid ckm^titive «e largest family group | e ^ sheJter i n «^ e - e J ent of Order of th a Eastern SUr This week they [issued a oha«- l Un t,5L H <l rain. Exhibits at the Baptist Home Award for general achievement: l enK e to any an| all SL'^SS? T /n e, ' r wi » be shown in the|chap. : l if it Linda Ater. Elisc Jensen. Alan .Brother Chapters fflj,. a, ^hojshared a ten dollar shower8 ; aIon& wiin | the fc arden Fernaays. Gary D'Annunzio, jany contest. }\ > - T , . . . Ken Courtney, in gray ua^servicp topper aijid spring tie. wis told by feesdui-ish' TJie playj- river boajt;gambler Pi \U*!!** X!'\ IT H™ V kmed Ice Cream } social goooies ^-^ — — •» iT Coriway that he not only ovided at ^ Potter Grodnds*by 'Fairport Chamber of |Commerce *Any of the .Brothers 'wising to ~~-_ A^.ra^w f nr arhif»v«>m«»ht in Indus- accent the challenge ma.V Contact but like a Sheriff Al the biggest nuin on the (in more ways than t|he least . . . Judge grounds will comjnence! ctfi a full Skinner, time baiis, Thdisday, Jfily 5th, grounds, the!'hours heirig 9:00-11530 a.nf. one) atje and 1:00-4:30 pii. J ,.- ., ^ , jt important decision, whether to go The piogram ]>resentfd|will try baefcj£an I jflHI his plate the third to bevvaried so that it v^U toucii ttme . ciujb Prevy Toiti Hartzell the>inteiests of all boy|And giris said ^ eye-popping wife beamed fbl^all af es.' Thtie will be orgar- as t^e clrs ciarae **• a C°ntiinious iieaiganes, active gainMTJ*lowjw*- stream <is&>rging more]and more ganized ;ames, arts &<rafts, sp^-_ picnickejfs . I i Helen Bujtler of the 'CONTINUED DN PAGE 13 Club exhibits which! wjli.be <j>pen to Grace Daniel. Richard Copp and the publjc without charge at the Clayton Thompson, same area. Art watchers 'uho g:'t Root. Funeral Home Award for hungry can sample tjhe ol3-fash- the highest average j in Eighth kmed Ice Cream j Social goodies Grade English: Clare jOrdway. ttarry RpseiJthal had to|make Q fh ^ CO , mb i n t ^-^ \~y- --- a ^ imrfimnni <n Var .,. VlwJr • ^ •• i • l -good old-fashioned fun is richedul- achievement in Vocal Music ed to open the Seiqu] doirigs. Steve Kinney. . L . I Perinton Evening Home Demon , stration Unit Award for achieve- Ornithologist; ment in Home Economics: Alice It is presumed that fit mean.-. tug-o-war, pie-eating, llas<;bail or whatever comes tp'.minp. ; It's all in the intercst i: of. Sesqui promotion and jo>j (the.^ Hayi. provioea at tne r'on.er uruuuua uj r — - the Egypt Fire Association. The Award for achievement in Indus- accept the challenge may ix Green Lantern• has an; attractive trial Arts: Stephen Buster and Main Brother Robert vaisoy. buffet luncheon - available ffom 11 Terry Rieck. , j a.m. to 3 p.m. All i h ail,, a dfcty that Fairport Business and Profes- ihistofy. and sion'al Women's Club ; Award fo r A bird trapped between a screen Johnson. COHTIN(jED OK P^JGE 13 and window at 7 was released by ornithologist. F. D. Inspection | f i The annual inspection K'f the Fairport Fire Department'lwill b-.- conducted in front!of the Fire Hall at 5:30 p.m. Julyjjth'. \' j! j Mayor Charlesj gtaubijr i and members of the VjHage Board will S American Legion Auxiliary <A j Geneva for a parjidik

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