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Herald-mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1962-1979, June 20, 1962, Image 8

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FAIRPORT'HERALD-MAIL, FAIRPORT, N. Y., WEDNESDAY. JUNE 20. 1962 Western Science Congress crt McKay. Rob- XOs .IUN t\si': Kay j winner of the Gar ju t> >1> wus hijjh mini Winners in American Chemical Society Test — John Brownell and Robert McKay. Syracuse Citizenship Conference Certificates Chris North.!Ward Sally Murphy. John ind Jennifer Ritchie. Cup Marguerite las Turner. Bajrjoaifi Dawn Boone. Dirk \\ Caplingj, Nancy Lciifriui Wkleman. Charloll.o LSor lyn Wat.son, Jujly Clarke, Brownell Senior Streppa. Rotary Williams. Senior Margaret Theresa Anne 'I Sharon Hollz. Miller. Cotton. Stark Kersey. ummarclU Denny, i\ Bonnie R> Rohe.t M: Kalhy IvJi Vii-kv Fi:irM;<<U a Scholarship jDonna l ; *iandadk. ;e of FHS is B\>b Me- Science GonKije^bi. Making the presentation as Mrs. it Newspapers 'Science .Doris ODellj. jFHS Science teacher. Class Day... Murphy. C. Rieck. B. Sanjistrom, J. Welkley, J. Ritchie, D. jUlrich. Class Scholarships Bruenmg., KJe:i|nelh Swartz and Marjorie McMiihon. The following activities awards were announced: Kathy Marvin Basketball Me- morial Trophy Martha Harding. Lady Victory Award ijinda Bramer. Officers of the G.A.A. President, Cindy Roberts; 'Vice President., Nancy Wood; Secre- tary, Ruth Lund; Treasurer. Sar- ah Harding. Officers of the Officials Cljib - President. Pan) Brown; Vice'Pres- ident. Betty Moll; Secretary; (Bar- bara Oder; Treasurer, Sharon Williams. Varsity Cheerleaders Barbara SaWstrom, Kathy Kane; Laurie Hiitchings. ..Cindy Roberts, Njincy Mpore. Donna DeGraiff, Nincv Also. Manager Judy Lbl'oie; Mail tising. Bruce .Hold i9«:i: An Kciit.n ney; jAssi.:t.uU Burge e: L.iyou VanBnrtle; Stall\. Lyniu* StetTi-n. Sharon j Ma mo. Ja Steve j Hewitt; SmiUi. i Mrs. ->S: Sehworhi. Sportsmanship Tunens. Dramatics flub .'.tiwu-c S;evens. i m ltt:j|c-ohu. n J>auiii^ie rid M: t u!\ (\iiviikidSSn ig<fr ill' Atjvjrr- puittfor J'at lv<5n- . •* i;'..r>jj^r.i Aids Corp.- s uorps lii)jui<r Do N. Moore, L. King, J. Smith, D. Kraai, B. Borgese, S. Harding. . V U y XRAI&AN'S AE •] B?i J: . exch uige |. sitiident front ;' her cliisr.nia'.tes. tap EMBRYONIC EDISONS: John Brpwncil, left, who scored in the ten in the difficult! A with Bob McKay Who More than 300 vied for honors, j Lovely, downs under\ Vnua'l : Doniia Wi Noel Hill. Waym* V'pgt. Marilyn Phillips] Robert ter, Charlotte tf>: Nancy jDoughnev Jean Sargent. Wood. Judy Allen. J. V. Cheerleaders. li*U,y Murdock. Patty Hull..M.-ir*e|lat|W.it- Joteph Itohi'lard ty, Bely Moll. Janet Whitney. Jack . Welkley. Monica Biancucci, Judy CorbeiJ. Donna Bown. In a surprise presentation. Mr. John Ryan, J >hr Mierswa. S.MIIV 4 W|uty awarded a Re 1 Oin •Hard- , y e t j ing, D. DeC-raff, R Sether.i K. Knapp, T. Dutton. B. Powers, W. Crosby. G. Adler, T. Cobb. JK. Van Winkle, M. Witty, P. Hull. P. Morrow, J. Allen, S. VVeWitt, B. Emery, M. DiCUsio, and A. Baker. M. Seaman Barbara . Elmira College Key — Oder. Harvard Book - Kay. N.H:S. Scholarship Finalist jCertl heates — Charles Breqkheimer and Catherine Holmes. Y-Teen Scholarships mington for saving the life of a' small boy from drowning on last Memorial Oay. Hrtour Gla-s StaiT Co-'Ed of; 396^ Hour Glass: Barbara T S^nd.strom and Batbara Qder. Staff Members: Robert Alles. tor Gail John uli', Cai intle, Jame ol(l and j Stephen I Gary ; Stubhing phy iKcnne'.h Pappaiardo (\n ;rry Dutton; RJi^keJb^Il trrensl Red Raiders Ti lames Torrensf Corbel]- Traik, I'lr j: , f^ir.l ii. jSairjtey r>avid. Til- s. -Ann 1 luck ok m • _ ; t Dim ;; l-'orsay. e^niT Grosi'. Robert I.ucvk. eiiarjl Op'pjelt.' R:ch ; kt,Ni .M i jilliy. M;i«/y popular'Jennifer Ritchie!, an is «how ; n.* bidding tarewel 1 to Anderson, Pam Brown. Brownell Margaret Collin. Carol sU'.mm|ng. ' Don? Robert Mc Crawford. Kathy Loe, Bonnie Bob Cdstanza; Wr Martin, Nancy Moore, Cindy JRob- tyoKay: e -ts, Charles Schmidt, Jean dent, Charlotte Stradfort E-eth Wilson. Also. Typists for next year's Hutchings and-Pat Doyle.j V ok: Judy\ Allen. Dona DeGraff. Jacjk yVelk- ^^y Martens, Mary Ellen Shep- sm and Anne. Tummarelo. Busi- Hi-Y Scholarship ley. ••'•• F.T.A.' Book Martha Harding. Scholastic Art Awards Key Awards: 1. Rober (Finalist in watercolor); Rosack; 3. Carol Eckert; — i Sue Schola-ship — ness Staff: Sandra Memmo, c Itoug- exercises. Sar- and George presented Tennis Cup to Mr. cbach County tinza, who in lb t(j Mr. Witty for The ceremonieJ Ba .-el: Terr.\ K r;i :\ estlin Yniyn th D.^lglA.'* r.|r\vn- \.t\ tty\>- J.lines I Sui'iri', :il. Corky . Dutton; i;-1 Tennis g. rii>bt:rt i L. ienhis' Monnw, Bob Cos-' n pijesenicd;: it the 'school, were 'coniphdeil with the traditional, jiovipg ./up — Gold ; Lueck 2, Sue 4.i John mirican Chemlleal Society Itcst ta.ks it i>vjr wlon honorable mention in the same tcxamina Venema. Honorable Mentions: Ed- ward Buscemi, Nancy Pat Kinney, Richard Marsh and Ma-yj Beth Hill. Other Awards: jicklynne Schutt, Angela Prof eta, Catherine Holmes, Jean Hendricks, Susan Bland, Sharon Nichols ind Joy 'Dillingham. , Industrial Arts : Merits & Achievement Certificates —| Cer- tificate of Merit and Achievement: General Shop, Steve Hill; pWetal Shop, Charles Rieck; Electric Shop. Wayne Crosby. Certificates of Leadership: President Wayne Crosby; Vice President, Fred.So- zio; Secretary, Bruce Wieiirick; Treasurer, Gary Bennett. Health Career Club Scholarship — '• Evelyn Grinell. j BILL & DON'S! ATLANTIC SERVICE & PARAGE Future Scientist of Award — Chris North. Top Winner of 1962 S^iSoB SHE TROl. team mate j tc victory, jpieaents the troiAy-,symbolic >£ •^!WhoiIe»d'j6lS: : ±£4*ie&ha^^ «c* »I; 'Witty 1 . •^. Arfierica mtral TINE rrs OVERHAULS SERVICE REPAIRS 154 N. MAIN OPEN A.M.- \'i Mil), PHONK h '« 7-99^2 O WII11EL BAL/\>'T'IN • LUBE o WASH O CHEVROLET S* NEW CASE. 530 BACKHQE-LOADER FAIRPORT)! , handlet wi'dt at higher profit EI{\ U I '. : 1 b',\ iove* yon mope/ on firtl (oit* '; r range of job* 'f lo you i.. tall for 're* demembration* ] M0NR0S TRACTOR $ta. ltd. EI) INC^ AT CANANDAIGUA, NEVNA YORK SPECIAL EXCURSION PACKAGE FROM | $| ROCHESTER , Troflwoy Bvt teoVe* Mldlown Ipaxa, ' mom tO 2-7400 cenpktt INCLUOESt .. Trade AdmitiloM • IMNWHOI • «M»d Mp fore 1 p.m., Moo. tfcra Sot. POST TIME Lj NG-QAIjLY;; N DkY) PT S IU General admission .... Jt« Clubhouse .........«i to CONVENIENT PARK OVER 4000 C For reservations or Info i Victor. N.Y.. WA 4 r • •••••••••••• SOUTH OffTHRUWA 1U, i inel..|| J51.S0 i incl..|i,S3.0a I iOR f atloln call 2518 };'<• • . **-. i A- i, v.*. k '!;•• ;, i

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