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Herald-mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1962-1979, June 20, 1962, Image 11

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111 ilm i «M«i •'|wiii i> i» tmt* i »» PAIRPORT HERALD-MAIL, If AIRPORT, N. Y., WEDNESDAY,' JUNE 20, 1962 ercvre Hooper explain the *plans fpf th? apprdachms' S^squicsnten- xji»! ce'.fb ation. They sounded -very .gay and wonderful with one .•cc two exceptions to which I voic '^lAjesBy or wrrax fncve you. the j b?ok-ke«ptag headaches caved I would- b: enormous! A* for the-\ plates that.are currently •'feeing usfd. as,.,a. vote-garnering |gim- mick — why are they not at iye| and intei-stmr snot'«rh 'in\\ themselves to sell very-well? This sort * of promotion is not w arthy j/,.;. e'd an objection th:rre and to which of |the lovely young ladies* hr-j ot- th* 1 TbwTl ot\ Permtoit. • I;j;wou'd like to voice now:. The volved, in my opinion, and Is MVr>^ «,«,, t>i«r> ™ ^ ;J«- ™ ejection I would like to make is i v jto act as a deterrent. rather; • fifCB - T»a\* s »re ^ing m objection I would like to make is j v |to act as a deterrent. rather, -*\*\• V **!•* *A C21 io \ ,(Ulc WI T \foo^ 0 \ ^^ u '\\ u \ „jtp-the nrthod by which Mr Hoopr.^hah an incentive t& the, purchaser «*ver to jbe held in thip pait of ti\\e country. Boards have >-• ep proposes to srdsct a Sesquicen- of jwhat otherwise might [be a been sprouting for the past -£rix -tenr»*al QneoTr. The queen who very desirable souvenir, ^wlll're-i-e*»ent o'»r town to all our *i| suggest this, not as months! and nowthe girls, not the best be outdone, are appearing ;.|ju?at«? (Mr. Hoomr predicts there alternative, but as a workable onej • Sesquicentennial dresses and b« :rt p-cess of 20.000) will The only reason I make anjrf su'g- nets. Everyone is \getting T-be selected by \popularity\ votes', .gesjtions. at all is that I tel s <w» act i;3tJiju>>- — • <**ch dollar spent with that if .a. person offers criticism 1 . On Sunday, • June 17th •p^prCT 1 rwerrhant will br> count3d he [should offer some con »3a»Va vo'e for. the girl the pur- alternative. I believe tht a | \oJia'^ d°«! ictive Off\ for to in their «*f j —»• •<\ SW0C wpth? Six! weeks from Wednesday the 150th Birthday party starts and willMast antil July j*» youfr to the nikde for the biggest celebration lS «wyjrtie« ard Wheals Jhe, The worldVfe whim ydu, ( giggle| iThe world is when you Seel • veryk- rappy. ^Its when'|yw fall off a/^^.v.-i 'like. The sun. and' the- Stars ar^ltv^'j pie world. The^Mid , i»'-tpett-youi^r^ > *' , '' ; father goes to work and corneal •/ jjack. When- you fide- somewhere\'; •\''. be formally announced. These girls will be the Queen and her Robert JEJtunt . i'j' Bob Hunt is \an\ etijpkt year,} old pupU of Johdma PerrintSehool ,;. Bunts of Ho son of the Richai van JRd. To us it ii the talents of a lnto^-2rliP!??S M -J:^5«^ k* is eanaayi your Sesqui - centennial oil of Queen jwas held 'at Potter Mem- will start on that dat» for the top five girls and will run until July 23rd at which time thje Queen will be announced fl/pe of educators local schools^ 'orid. dPhe worltfv tndjyojtt. tes not only:' young nun ;•- Scwtiije' of tin •' we have in om fc\ 'mates! ^The fallacies thej candidates would reveaJ that orial. A jlarge group attended^ a- 5. The top prize for :he Queen is —-rhri *»«» oH\iou<* Sbe some such alteration in the voting long Wlh the 23 Candidal es. a week - r end^ vacation all expenses < • 1! \0(Sf >\~ V •would bi \elected\ by th- simples method would be far more •PT!\'''*'' ' 1w rlh o till in her behalf. Ar« < ,--v > ,Tyj^y propose herself as a-c^nT.'c'atc. t'i '\••'• >leas- \WayneJBaumer opened the meet- paid at the Hotel Marcy in beauti- fam- ing wijthj a brief resume of the ful Lake Placid in tihe Heart of plans anji purpose: of the.Sesdui- the Adirondacks. r—: }}•>/» f* ft- •• —.o tr a/»f«<»T)t th° pr^'es ^^» '•'»-• \\\h^V'Yo-'\ — fine. But ing| to the girls and their ilies. : To. say of this arrangemen: that centenial, celebration. Following everyone else is doing, it o: has his talk the Candidates w<>re intjro- donejt and that therefore it must duced jbjj the Contest Committee be-.iall ri«rht is ssttin^ up a nighty Chairman, Mrs. Nicholas iMoratito to r standard of public bel lavibr' She turned the meetingl over 1 . •r\'t- •rpirtti-st. Don our young.pecple to see. Such Georgej Hooper. Director and Con W * U L \T. 11 ^\ 1 \ ^w- u -rationalization is not good eiough sultant of the Celebration!, to riad 'adv^-should be the >^T • ••,„_.,„ -^ *V. „A,„° T __^ ,l s _ tU _ ^_*_» L...I-«TT- the most poised and 17- - *>><» ve*\v B^RT can- ^ better method than the .4fttott. v , ~~ r:rr — ^ Committ « T M- .H^ww ms.sts on using ^ ( ntegt ^ c can <\i-eV be found ii of Ithe commercial promotio:v and maike it th» in^-^sting, attractive event it should be. ! Sincerely, \.'T Elfzabeth Nirth H» has ob- to the. usual judging xrijethoHq on the grounds-that un- dfi\ '\\uence is too easily aoplied. •tin that. .case, why not make the ' -matter a real pooulariy contest in \ which ballots could be supplied 'free o* charge and each adult 1 jne T nb°r of families residing in. the i area since the beginning of the •f' Sesoui year, could have one vote, ;< v -#Thi~ ' c?i»ld easily be j a^ain^t the directory). j nv^'rants nr*st\'have th? traffic t cfem-'Cted with this, contest, per- bans,each of the Ladies Fair could \ P*^*?- lS % **\. ^ be aligned to a:sponsoring mer^fi-* 1 ** is not onlv P my..-familv and. by. goflly, I and explain the Contest Rules. In •fdpri't ttunk it's .good enough for brief the' rules consist ot:. m\\ townl I feel tr^ Executive 1. For each Souvenir plate \the will — contestant or sponsor sejls Jie realm Contestant or Candidate; will re- toe can — if it Teacher Praised 3d^tor checked.^tirport Hnra'd Mail If the Fairoort. N. Y. E»ear Editor: ceive 1,000 votes. 2. 500 * Bonus votes will be glVen for eachj Plate Hanger sold with the \plate. i 3. Ballots listing all Queen Can- didates! will be placed inj all busi- ness p'jaces in the Town [of Peri ni- ton by [Wednesday, June 20th. For every dollar of merchandise' pur- the customer can cast ONE - SEE - chased vote' for th? candidate [ of \th chant ;so that hs nr.ght display practiced by one of Fai beit teachers — Mrs. Esda eir her. picture, wear her colors, dis- , 1 I • tr-b-te voting Wanks in .her ; be- ••* \•**» High School. Art depart- business choice. Ballots must be (deposited in the Ballot Box at the point! of purchase. Ballots will be picked up twice a week and votjes will be registered .twice a. week. 4. Bulletins will be published and distributed twioe a week to places in the |Town half. etc. Or each merchant might rnent. w Perintqn for these places to hang passV. the bulletins in their'windows. If or U S.-- the Public to read. act as a. polling place tD--|ikbee*#^^^g^^'\7^ f his- customers to cast, their O^E ^T 0 ?^ *** ear ! ld ? n l ^ vnte for the girl of their* choice. i* Th^'. imrchant who coUected the ^P- but tno?c - wh <> are. bbtain 17th ttirn July 14th, On wot ballots could then^haye some, »?-* ^^ ^ ust »' education in a. Buffet Luncheon will simple -honor like, crowning- Her are lucky enough to be in a class. 5. This contest runs from June July,i(5th be given vhich Art. Mrsc Street also teach» eti-f for all the Candidateis at w] quette, psycholcgy, philojophyj time the top five-candidates will J' anjd- sociology. She is ajso t bl^ to .7— .• '••J[ j make many minds more t-aterti Parade Enfries Obkervant, and perceptive. Her •. . . .chfsses are informal, educaUonal '. ^ s 5 S «« ^\ we 4 ^PpUca- ai?d - fun ( a-hard set-up to get ^ 0 ™ wi }[ be accepted for the Per- SUNDAYS CBS=1V j Joseph S. Malafronte- ?1 96 ; W. JefTerson- Rd. ,rMtt«f«»rd, X. ,Y LF S-S487 FARM QUanJie- HAS THE- f30AT Y0.TDL WANT.. FOE ?NEW-0R USED;BOATS; MOTPSS, AND TEAIL^ IHE&S;-: '; •:•• .\ KEPAIES- LAUNCHING ; iitooKAaE: . i se$L r*» 4 fun ( a-hard set-up aiwwhere). I .Mrs,} Street teaches tactiuiness through her example of fiiiding anything bad; for there is aljvays seme .good in everyone~and :r\'thing. >hrj is always making sjugges-- tt(ins or asking if she ma/ help yqu or. just inquiring about you. j is. students at Fairpo t are fortunate in having such a ,7-who will take sjch a Bitt&rest not only, in . work fidtC'alsb ; in the students themf feeives.'.J:- ; . flf there could, be more' such \vcnderfuh aotimistic. precipe, inj- -^erestcd teachers. . Certainly Mrs. Street hak gone beyond iff* caH of duty.. JThrough all- her patient efforts and hard work, she has produced many students who are hirdworkijng, not only in Art but othrr subjects also. j [We -wisih to thank, you Mrs- Jtireet, for helping your students. inton Sesquicentennial which Will *e held on ncver afternoon • the 28th of July. Parade Saturday We still have for additional units, so don't Hesi tate to plenty) of contact Chairman J; Schrader this week at ton Town Hall. 1961 V0LKSWAG0N Sedjan 196l! RAJVLBLER Classic 6 i Automatic. Sharp — Like New 1959 RAMBLER Classic 6 Wagon (3) Automatic and Excellent 1959| RAMBLER American 6 2fdoor Sedan. Clean ^ , 1958 RAMBLER Classic 6 Sedan\ ! (p. Very Nice 1958 FORD Country Sedan Wagon Automatic. A real buy at 1958 RAMBLER Custom 6 Wagon Automatic. Clean and Good 1957 RAMBLER 6 Sedan Automatic - CHEVROIETS 1957 BEL AIR Wagon. I Automatic^ Very Nice 1957 CHEYROiLET 4-door Sedan, ' I Very Glean , 4 ' ; ' v -••'•'•.-«, 195^ CBCEVRC^LET 4-door Sedan %\1 I Excellent; Shape '\.: ! 1957 I*LyMOTJTH 6 v I . }:• Stick Shift. 4-Uoor Sedan . ! I I INEXPEI^IVE BCJtfS\ DESOTO'SEDAN -^ HUDSON SEDAN CHEVROLET 1955 ., : HUDSON 1956 GOOD RAMBLER 1956 SrX CYLINDER , VAUXHALLSEDAN L i j$1495 '$1895 1$ 295 -f i the Pe SCHAUFELBERGER BROS. 4 CORNERS LU 6-7422 in one rrr'ater life.\ rejalize that \All the arts, iway or another, \to some •it lesser extent., interpret To MT3,\ Street — \All art is u a sqns -of, the. joy of life.* Marjie McMahon knd Mary >B^ .Messerinb Class ofi 1962. t:' MA£TOE> me. ~\.< 'n<A s !M^y3^:^fi«I»«?. FAIRPORT FB*:^-«2a;i J HocrifiP.BostianDiei j Funeral.services:-were.held from, t'ie Ford i Funeral Home ta. East B ochester'. on .Tuesday for Homer E ostian . of. Gardeii' CircleJ Fair- p >rt. who died June 6; 1962. . !\• He i3 survived by his wife, Cath- e ine. three son3: and Ave [daugh- tisjs. JVVilliam. Daniel. Cecil. Mrs. Etaia Backus,- Miss Mahalia .Bpa- tjan of Fairport.-. Mrs.- Marguerite . •iHearir -Qf-Fioridacr Mrs. •Ma]y : .Mf3z-~ T$t Of I?. J. and;MrsT'\i^Cfi{l l tew-: land pf Fillmore,\ thirteeni:g5and-*- } children and tWo^greatrg?? wdchil-.- drenand one brother and .two sis-. t^ra^jn-.*EenzuByteania.> - ,: , ; $845 \i • 'If%> •-• -.i • $.95. \$-95'. $139 : •sids' $145:- &95 PENFEELD; GRADUATION CARDS BY C^NIKK. €«S»MEII€Sf byHtemvim Cirfy, Yardley, Ribinsi ein y—Whifmin, : .•»\• MbOT-'Se:resp(»j2>. -ipsi^rtt^-W MM •• r-i.-.i. ••'•-:•) '

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