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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, November 04, 1920, Image 8

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:, and Want Department fe$S—On^Cent a Word each insertion^ Six consecutive insertions fo<r the pric« of five. No advertisements taken for jess'than 25c. ' . (i* PE^'AL NOVICE—Ppge? closes 10:30 ». m. Ait not (a at tljit\ lour will be bcla over until the following dtjr. TELEPHONE—Business Office 24*4, LOST AND FOUND C UNCfr-Sniiill purse containing mm I' Hic-nfe}'. Owner rnny have sume \ y ft Ittng&x JVVJ Elizabeth Shop, L,iu- «l n fet.'*'id<-.vifjlng find paying .\or 2ri2 OST -Sj ten dollar billa between I uimEartnei s tnuiUet on Castle St. * 4 Setwea Kt. i'\lnder return to Otpce. Reward. 170 HELP WANTED-—FfcfiTiALE 'IRST CLASS DRESSMAKING liflp * UHed. .j, Hours 8 a, m. 10 & p. m. ' -\•• salary. Apply or write IB, K. >\>£gl._20B fine. Arts Bids., Roches. •f N '% ' AND WOMEN wanted UB * (Uics^tB in various\ dining rooms, itia iT)) per -month with board and I Om furnished. Htendy positions. •Applv at once. Address , Clifton Pipings Sanitarium, (Tlfton Rpringa, URL wanted for general, office work. I rtnaneiit position. Apjily by letter 01 j)nH at office. Kloe Bros. Co. 140 GIRLS wanted for light tit irk. Apply Standard Optical ! YOUNG~*IRt-*wanted' tcr \tiwist In J lUHPwuik before and . |ift*r achaol MM) SaUi^'aya. Address H-2U, Tlm.-fl 1 Up* 180 flELP WANTED--MALE /WANTED In Bhoer store, ta $aturduya. No experiences nec- ' Call 2698, . 160 fLAB0RER8 wanted /or tho Dale Kn- glnetirlnK Co., COc an liour. Care Gibson Hotel, »7 >MAN wanted, for outside work in Ge- neva nbuut IB to 20 hour« per month, Nomcono now employed olsewlniro can gtt a good rato for tho above amount <>f work regularly eaofi , Montli. He must be, steMy ,and fur- jildh rflferences. Adar'csa H-21, frimcs offtsp. — 3 88 i MIEN WAM-TE& injQur packing vards d flffbSi, Rice Ham St Ice Bros. Co., Wil- 894 TEAMSTERS wanted. Steady wont and Rood pay. Must give refftrcnif. •Jnquire. Rice liroo. Company. SCO SITUATIONS WANTED POSITION -wanted for Konoial office work by young lndy. Address II-1', 1 1mps office. t it MTUATION wanted to connect with T»ell «stu.blhhed conoorn which Is In need of an lioneHt. ambitious and in- t«>Ufg<nt man who hog had excep- tional buWnrsa training and Is a llvo Wre at ,aJj times. l'\»ture ndvanoo- tnont main consideration. Cnn fur- nish befifc-*erTS Terences. P. O, Box • ti, Geneva ' in ROOMS FOR FUHNI8HJO ROOM\ for rent In pri- vate .fatally. Electricity agd, bath. H lifttttOB. Inquiro 16I> S. West St.* \ \ .. JH City. 185 r pURNI$!jKP ROOMS for rent. Ar- ,Mln*ton Hotel,. 396 Exchange St. 15a FURNISHED ROOM for rent. All Improvements. 20* Main St. m FOR RENT. 207 Genesoe St. , TWO FUHINI8HED ROOMS for rent. Call at m s. -!««inSt. ist ite LAFAYETTE AVENUE. e Pleasant room for cent. Itvqulre fiovd Dccoratlrtgr Company, Castle St. 193 • FOR SALE CASE »-1» TRAfcTOR- for sale. Good condition, very reasonable, sacrlflco if •old at ofrco; >«0) 113 Cd&flo St, -Phone IIS CARLOAD of aoloot. tafelno (Green v Jfoui>tain) «ieed potatoes wttil U tod,«ft*P Wftterloff about Nov. 12. For prtaMjjfljone P. H. linger, Wat- « 179 ptaM erloo, K.' C- FRESH CAR PORTLAND CEMENT. Geo C^ Waldo. Hall, N. Y. 165 0A8OLINE IRON for solo cheap. Mandolin and caso .and accordion, all nearly n«-w. Inquire Mrs. Thou. J, Smith, 696 Exchane* street. 188 FOR SALE NEW BARRELS FOR SALE for elder, Just rut of bonded warehouse. Empty or full .t Mclvor's Cider Mill. Phone 8F4, 15& ONE LARGE HOL8TEIN COW for .jwle, -fiv^ ye&tn old, wilh calf by her, side. One pure-bred Jersey tiow, tlirfe years old, with pure-bred heifer f'liJr tjy her stele. Joseph B. Rlpf»ey, 2 miles northwest of Seneca <\astle on King farm. Pfione Stanley, O-Y- 22. . »1 PArR GOOD MULES for sale. 2000 lb. true and ecntle J1C6 or will exchange for five ptiKsangor Kord. Shcop or good eolt Jwo «)• thi<>« yoaru old, Ad- dress H-l_g, Times offlre. 177 PIGS for sale -Thoroughbred Poland Chinas and Uurorka. neor«j W. Lnhr, Waterloo, H. 1. Phono, f-'uy- e'.tn k-K-JZ, . U9 ROOFING—Asplialt ahlngieB mako a better roof. Estimates free. Pontius, Elm St. J. A. 516 SHOT GUN for sale. Ithaca double barrel, immmorlcss. Pine condition. 427- 178 A bargain if bought this week. 429 Exchnnsxe St., Geneva- SWEET CIDER for gallon. Barrel called oied. Phone 25FB. sale— 25c per for and dellv- TEAM \for sale- Mare and horse, weight 2,800; Bound and right; no use - for them. I^en . Hollenbeck t Pholps, N. Y. 144 TWO GOOD YOUNG COWS for sale. \Will freshen soon, one good novon yottr old horse, also colt coming thw. J, W. Phalen, Stanley, 2S-Y-31. 2 WE HAVE A QUANTITY of tho bent offlce\furniture'made which la for sale 1 at a great saving,'constating of roll top desks, steno desk, directors' tabl«, chairs and.finnff cabinet, This furni- ture la practically now. If you want something good*It will pay you to look these over. It you !are 10'Oklng for worn out furnltu.ro this will not interest yon. Write P. O. Box 62 or phono W. O. Banker,..Geneva 8184 for appointment. . 122' WE WILL SAVE YOU $18.00 on Guaranteed Rotary Singer Sewing Machine If taken at once; also one Domestic MaeUIno, perfect stitch,- $t».O0\ Sittget- Bewlng Mapbine- -Co. r . 314 Exchange Street. 200 WILL ARRIVE ON OCT. 14th with 28 head of Iowa horses. Those horsoa aro nil jonng and sound, right ofHtho farms. Dan Hill. 742 2 C/.TOIPOLE &TEAM BOILERS (or i & Hale. Rated 1,000 ft. each. Jensen. 711 2 HEATERS FOR SALE. 1 cojlt stove, a quantity of other household m-ttclcs. 163 N. Main. 12S 200 BARREL8 for ealo-Jl.40 each. S. G. Smith, Flint, 145 i,000 SECON B- HAND~Bft\lCKS for sale, H!o. 35 Elm wood Avc 1 0 GRIDDLE STEWART RANGE for fiftl&_I*Ifi«L.GJBnsva_Oalc stove^ good condition. R. H. and While XegTiorn pullets. C. W. Churohlll, AVhlte Springs Road. Phono UFi3. 1S2 180 ART ANDE8 HEATING STOVE for sale. Good an new, 915. D. V. Minor, 240 E. North' St. 163 WANTED FARM OF 60 TO\ 100 ACRE& wanted to rent. D. II. Mlllcrd, Gonova, R, D. 2. • . • . n GOOD Grade, \Young CQW Wanted for family purposes. Due 'to freahfh soon. Box a«7, <S«nev«CN. Y. . 156 HOUSEWORK wanted. 16 Times office. Address lit •\-* 18S RYE wmitoil for Imtneaiat* d*ll?ery. market price. C. (5. Davlson. j R.OOM wanted with privileges In private fajnJly; south aide\of city preferred. Address H-9 Times ofricp CT HYACrN\T.H8 CROCU8 and. tultpr , for salo—Choice Imported Duvcli bulbs Whllo We offer these at Ibw priwa they last. Maney & Snyre. J283. ],|,; 0. MtLtC—lncreaai your laorsi. Pcoflt by TJnlon Dairy\ ration at J. T. .-;: ' 133 •T-OVE for n Cherry 182 STOVES, FURNITURE and carpets wanted. Bennett'* Second Hand Store, 387 ISxchmts St. Phone 5671, 861 \WE BUY,ALL KINDS OF fufnltw«, nigB, carpets, blothtn*. tools, etc. W. A. Long, 299 Exchange St. Phone 3*63. . 814 WHEAT wanted. Any kind Highest market prlc*. Always luyim. Ge- neva Mills. C. C. Davlson. 117 REAL. ESTATE FOR FURNISHED HOU8E for rent for the winttir to adults. Address H>1S, Times ofllce. • 15a WEST SIDE OF DOUBLE HOUSE for rent,-near Main street. Possession given No.v. 10. Inquire 51 Blm- d m The Farmer'* Market Place Every f«rm»r ii «ontinua(ly adding -to or diipoiing 'of hjf stock, tools and equipment, It uf a wi«« and proar»*»iv# farmer! tlrSniJ-OfW litthnttlt-iii1 p lSniJ-OfW litthnttltiii Th« Gen»V*;Dail>r Time*' i\**%- jfied columns for What h» want* - to buy or «tll. « Thousand* of farmer* in thi« section read the Geneva Patty -TimW'mi- vyatch th« «sla»»ifl«<| columns ipr their opportunities to buy or sell profitably. \ Results \art itHroJ Rate* *•# Penny a word, minimum 25c, W« ta.kt ad* by phone. Dial 24Z4. AUTOMOBItES DODGE BROTHERS ROADSTER for sale—ThtB , ca-r has been overhauled in our shop; good tireo, fenders, etc. Dodge cars give the service and thia \on is cheap. O'Malley Motor Cpm- W FORD TOURING CAR for sale—Late model,' Ift fine condition, top, body, fenders, tires M-ke new. This- car can be bought right. CTMalley THotof Company. . 197 FORD HOADSTErt for sale — Motor overhauled, good tires. This Is a good fcar and will bo sold cheap. O'JIaltey Motor Company. 194 MITCHELL SIX TOURING tor sale— In fine, condition, overhauled, good top, tires, etc, 0'Malle.y-Motor Com- pany. 196 SENECA COUNTY FA«WWNI **• ways\have food farms of all «>?«? on my list; nee nie before touylnj. B. Vr. If * \W -FARM/ tor *»te*WV ^ar»s It ^oac^ ; «in i«ke Boadi cm ea*t die-pi Sen* eca Jjake, »Jat Jjilles from 0enev»i 10 . ~wr«»~ appST orcnara, Tcspt inruneap ^ ti and euItivatBi* O,tfter; iS .fl-ait; j 10 re tillable land, good spwyeti and euItivatBi* O,tfter; iS .flait; also; 10 acres tillable land good f d ll' KdQ& towage etcj fences, good -well,' Stfod -\to^nse etc. $1,500 worth ot fruit \sold from-Jhis place this year, Orchard will soon pay for farm, M. •'&. •WCiddlewoqd, 1ft Lafayette avenue, <3eneva> y 20* FOR EXCHANGE I WANT TO. EXCHANGE a produc- tive tarm in best of condition, only 3 miles from Geneva, for a- good home In the city. P. P, box 171 Ge- neva. • 174 W-f LL. •TRAffE- f0O<>: Ca^bi^et Phono- h, btifl Mhogny gold AffE f0O<> Ca^ graph beautiful Mahogany, gold plated irjrniniiJlgil ~%W S tt S VfaM al \ most new, for ptaae «f- equal value. Address F-»8 Tinies ottip^, , 1 WANTED SEVEN ROOM HOME wanted to buy. Strtcti^-modern, West- aide, paved, Street preferred. 'Give full details, ••ett,acnp5S0Sir snid toVest pricej flr»t letter. Address H-18 TlmeB office. NEW YORK- MARKET. Ne-w York. Nov. 3 FLOUR (New Crop——Market dall Spring ;tft.!e.nt, $lJ.O0@ia.CO; clears, $Sir®300O $S.ir®30.0 WHEAT—Market ruled easy. Pe- cemlivr, tS.-ii 3.4; Martsh, $2.Q0 3-4; spot No. 2 red winter, $2,33 8-*, c. •. r. 0LD8M0BILE EIGHT TOURING for sale—Xcw paint Job, new tires, new top, car overhauled, In flrst- clans condition. If you want a good car »t a-, loflt flg&re look tbrte ovor. O'jfalley Motor Company. 108 No. 2 M-ai-l. _. PORN—MiU'jsvt ruled flrno. yellow, n.-li ^-4,. 10 days' c. i. f. New York; No. 2 white, 1-.4; No. 2 mixed, $1.J2 1-4, OATS i Wb.te)—Marl or. Fniicy vhlte clipped, 72 Intl- 5» € l*io i y white clipped 68c. . 1 - - - ruled easy. Mo. OAKLAND ROADSTER fine condl- tio'n, five good tires, a bargain, leav-1 Wostei n, J102 1-4, o. t.t domestic; Ing JpwjiNpsuB,!; seH. Apply 121 Castje : tt.S7.U2, c. i. 1 active or export 1 Now ) • lftl RADIATORS—For Fords, Honey comb atyle, also second hapd and re- built in stock. John A. Pontius Elm St. . 4»l PLATS FOR RENT FURNISHED FOUR ROOM apart- ment for rent from Dec. 1 t o May 1. Desirable location. Inquire- Phono 358«. \ 1»8 SUITE OF FOUR joining rooms for rent-and bather two large separate rooms, 436 Main street. Dial 2469 or Kbck box <36. 188 FLAT FOR RENT—3 rooms, heated, very central; complete kitchen, bath, electric lights; $80. Elizabeth R. Ph 2138 Phonn 2138. BARLEY--Market <tulet. Malting. >s. i. f., $1.1401.18, New Yorfc export: feeding .. 6 lbs., $104@l,O5, c. .15 f, export, New Yorlf. . \ • • BEBK-Siarket ruled steady. Fam- ily. 26®28c. PORK--Market barely steady. Mess, St'@Sic;.family, 48@53c. ' LARD—Market quiet and nominal. City 19c nominal. Market weak. Mid- dle West, J19.6G@19.7E. TALLOW—Market rule,d steady. City prime, 7 3-4 nominal loose; spe- cial loose, 8c. COFFER— Market weak; 19 to ?l points lower. No. 7 Rio on spot, < l-2c. RICE—Market ruled dull. Domea- tie, 3 l-4@9 3-4c. . MOLASSES—Market ruled dull. Open kettle, $1.20: black strap, 30c. \RAW. SUGAR—Market unchanged. Centrifugal^ $8.26, duty paid; $8.26 3e- Cabbage, 2 heads for Carrots, lb. Gelrey, bunch Eggplant, lb ......... Lettuce, Boston, head Lettuce, South'rn, hM 5 for & 10 •Carrots, lb '. & 5 Onions, pickling, qt. ...... @ 10 Peppers, red, doz ........ • <&• 10 Peppers, green, doz 25@ 10 Potatoes-, per pk @ Sweet Potatoes, 5 lbs. for' 10@ Popcorn, shelled, lb....., @ Potatoes, per Pic <. 4P 25 376 \Hvered\. * REFINE© UPPER FLAT for rent—Heated; no children. Phone 4249. 175 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE HOUSE for sale—Centrally located, o<r Lewis Btreet. Gas, bath, fire place, barn, larce lot; several more houses for gale. Inquiro 139 N. Main street. + 173 8+ 1-8 FT. ON WULLIAM ST nnd ft. on Nursery avenue for fcaje. A bargain and on Pflsy terms. Will SU'J divide into 9 nice lots, all. Geo. F. Dittnars. Buy one or 2«» FINE TEN ROOM HOU8E for sale. Hardwood floors and finish. All Im- provements. -Qood lot, fruit ana srar- don. Onl- J3100. A great bargain as a home or as an investment. Geo. F. Ditmars. 352 SEVEN ROOM 1 MODERN HOU8E for.sale—Good lot, garage, central; 14,500. Bight ropm built eighjt years, all modern; electricity, largo 1 lot, only $3,300. Bload, Linden Block 184 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BARBER 8HOP for sale. S chairs up- to-date, -Reasonable price. Address' H-S, Times oftlce. MISCELLANEOUS TRACTOR DEMONSTRATION of the'new Hart Parr, 30, on the Bush- fleld fgrrxi, three miles east of Can* andalgua, N. X., -Wednesday, Nov. 8, at 1 o'clock p. m. Come and see it 1 demonstrated ftr the first time In western Now York. C. E. Veak. agent, Canandalgua. 1E3- SOME EXTRA. GOOD young cattle for sale; also good 4 year old cow that will freshen soon, H. D. Seeley. Phone. 2F4. 19S SERVICES OFFERED PAPER HAtftJING'and painting done. Charles S. Cooley. Phone 30G9. 983 SUGAK—Market un- changed. Pine granulated, 12.00. BUTTER—Market arm. Creamery extras, salted an,d unsalted, 61 l-2@ 62c; creamery firsts, salted and »n~ salted, 47(g>60c; creamery, higher than extra, 62 -12@64c; dairy tubs, S7® 60c. CHEESE-^-Miiket irregular. -Stu-tf*. whole milk specials, 24@28c; fancy, 21 l-2®25e; lower grades, 2O@21 l-2c; Wisconsin, whole rrilllt fancy Young 27 1.2ffi)28?; tfnin aklms. specials, lS@2Oc; choice, 15@17 fair to good, 12@14 l-2c; lowfer gra'l», 10c. EGGS—Market Irregular-. Nearo? white, fancy, 94@96c; nearby brown fancy, 78@8Bc; extra, 73®74c; flrats. 6B@.68o. PQIATQES—Market ruled eteaJy. Nearby white, |2.50@4.50; Southerns, ... @ BEANS—Market -ruled weak. M«r- t w i cholee, |».2B; pec, choice, 8.00.. ' . DRIED FRUITS Cl^O*—Marltet xxti- chMiKe. Apricots, choice to extra fancy, *° 30@S6c; apples, evaporated, prime to fancy, 8 @lc; prunes, 80s to 60s, 17 l-2@25 l-2c; prunes, «0s to 100s, 11@16 l-2o; peaches, choice to ex.ta, fancy, 18® 21 1-Jc; seeded rais- tns; choice.to fancy, 24 l-2©2Ec. DRESSED POUX.TRY—Marlret rul- ed flriii. Chickens, 24@4Sc; fowls, 25 ©48a; turkeys, 26@48c; fowls, 23'!j> S6c; ducks, 39c. LTVB POULTRY—Market ruted- flrm.\ Chickens, 86® 37c: turkeys, 45# 48o; ducks, J2E@30c: fowls, SO@37c; roosters, 24c jreese, 33c. • COTTONSEED OIL-^-Market rutod steady. Spot, $10.90; crude, »7.7r,@ S.OO . PETROLEtJM—Market flrfim. Crude Pennsylvania,\ $«40.. TURPENTINE—Market firm, $l.2«. WOQI*—Market ea»y. unBettle4. Bo- l fleece XX Ohfo, 22©60e;. do. scoured bail-efcetlioV do- stc e X Oh pulled, scoured basil,- ti it PAINTING AND PAPER HANGING. Jardlne Bros. Phone 2730. 100 TRUCKING by hour, day or Job. 2 1-2 ton capacity, reasonable rates.- F. 'tftaanan. Tel, gllS. , , 101 TO KWOW that^wt have atftliS^atett atylea ot glaaiea and fit the*eye» correctly at rea»on- ftle prices.- W» repair broken glasse*. <3. W. flflieifBr, cor. Caatlb and G«i- noya, ' m ft««d thfc Wan thfc Want Adi. th«y ar« Inlir- mestlc territory sample, scoured basis, 80e@$US. HIDES—Market ruled dull. Native steer* 19@23c; branded steers, 17c. . HAY^-Mirket ruled steady. No. 1 *2.06@2.10; No. 2, $1.8501.90; clover, mixed, *1.70©,2.06. STRAW—Market ruled steady, tl.05 #1.80. \ HOPS (i?2&)— firin, grobdl export de- mand; State, prime.'to choice, \-=---- Pacino Coa»t. prim* \to cholct, Ireland ceased to be a great manu- facturing country In the sixteenth,, cea- tury. Flowers of the tea plant. somewhat resemble plant. those of the strawberry iAlLYMARKEt MARKETS IN NEARBY TOWN* Curly lettuce do, head, per dozen $7.00 cwt, JRed Kidney J10.00, Kidney $ltO0, _ SENECA CASTLE—Sheldon Pears $1.60-2^00 ewt,, Greening APP 1 ? 3 »»; 90 ° cwt, Baldwins $1.00-1.10 ewt., Kings *1.00-i.25 cwt., Cabbage f4.00-4.50. On- ions 60c. bushel. '\\\* ., „„ NAPLES^-Wheat $2.00, Rye $1-™ (60 lbs.>, Grapes <pony basket) 22c, Grapes (ton) $100.00. . HAIXr-Greenlnga, Baldwins, Win- ter varieties lb lb.; graded ~ 1-*\. de- fective apples out. Keifer pears 90c., culls out, Anjou and odd varieties 1 l-2c per lb. Wheat $1,90. Cabbage $5.00. ' PHELPS— Wheat $.1.90, - Potatoes (few) #76c, hand picked apples 76c- $1.00, Cabbage $4.00. WILLIAMSON—Cider apples 25c, cwt, picked apples tit-e run ?1.00 cwt. (very llttlfe buying,) Celery $1.00-1.25 prr 2-3 crate. Onions $1:25 per cwt o (buyer furnish bag.) Lettuce •! -5- $1.75-per box, PRODUCE BUTTER Wholesale Dairy Butter Creamery Eggs ...» rUtail Dairy Butter Creamery Butter, per lb. Eggs .' \.. VEGETABLES 65@ 68® 58 70 66 @ OS 68 @ 7J GUCurabers Befits, lb Cauliflower, b Retail 2 beads for.. 72 ii '4® 2® 75 $0 5 0 25 Radishes, 3 for- String Beans, .lb Squashy lb SwissKhard, lb , Iceberg Lettuce .. Turnips, per pk. . Spinach, per pk. .. 'Beet Greens, lb @ 12® 15 @ Apples, peck\ Cranberries lb. Pears, pk Fruitt 20 30 25 10 a.p.es_Jo*sksL-. Peaches, basket Peaches, basket Plums, <#.•.... Crab apples, ph. bskt Apricots, doz Watermelon Canteloupe, 2 for Quinces lb. ....._..._ ; @ 19 @ 15 25 _SL 20 •if II @/ 40 @ 65 <§> 20 30 40 7S@ i8@ ..@ 2 35 '30® ' 35 45 40 ,.§! ...@ ? M0, 50® i 50 l'i I 14'*Qt. pa'sKet do, bushel ...-....\ do, green, doz. bunches'- do, Texas, per crate, 50 lbs. net ....-• do, Spanish, per crate .. . Parsley, per doz. bches... Parsnips, basket Peppers, green, basket ... do, red, baslie Potatoes, new, bushel do, n.ew, 14-at. basket .. do, Southern, per bbl... d, Sweet, per bbl PumpKios ... . • Radishes,'per doz. bchs... do, per bskt t 100 bchs... do.whi't^ per doz. bi'hs.. Spinach, per bushel. String beaus jellow, 14-qt. basket do, green, basket Sijuash, summer, per doz 2S@ do. Hubbard, lb 1 1-2® Tomatoes. H-Qt. basket.. 30® da green, basket 25® Tuvnips. new, per bskt... 41)(g) Vegetable oysters per do»« bunches ,.^'.\i.\* 40@ Watercress, doz. .bQhjs,<,..». 25@ COUNTRY PRODUCE Butter, dairy, per lb.,....' \ .5&@ Eggs, per doz«n, ,....,,.... 80® 1 Fowls, per lb ...........v 32® «- Springers ........... ..f... 38® 40 Maple Syrup, new, per gal 3 25® BrTTER; CHEESE AND EGGS Prices quoted fey WgWam S. RUey are always the\ average wholesale prices in Rochester,..ana-not the buy- ing prices at country, pqin.ts. Creameiry^ Extras, .l-itb. , do, first, 1-lb. pcln.^.. do, extras, - do, firsts, 60-lb. tabs... Process, l-ib. print. .'...'• do, 60-lb. New, per lb. pBYl j -si> • • CHEESE I Fresh, new*laid, 4o_zen,.i WOOLL A3S[» ~ -.30 1-^2® -31 ,.,@ 70 WOO A,© 0# ; Reported by W. S'...j|ftlie,,lS, Waler St. No. 1, ^teer, trlmmga;-7fi- lbs. and up. No. 2, steer, trimmed, 76- • & lbs, and up. No. 1 cow hides, trimmed. . all weights. No. 2, co.w- hides,, trtmmea /all,- weights —'. l wg No. 1, bull, trimmed, 70- lbs. and up. No. 2, bull, trimmed, 70- lbs. and up. No. 1 calf, 8-15 lbs. per lb @ 13 No. 2 calf, 8-15 lbs. per lb @ 11 No. 1 calf, 15-20 lbs. perlb @ 11 No. 2 calf 15-39-lbs. per lb @ 9 Horse hides, each 4 00® 4 50 Beefs . Fowls, per lb. Hogs, per lb. \Veala per lfc- . MEATS. Live Weight. Beef . Fowls Dressed Meats 13® IS <S> 25' @ 13 —@—J6- Veals, per lb. 23® 25 Veal Pork @ • 16 i GRAINS, ETC.. < (Quotation* from Dav'non'i) Corntneal, per ton 50 00@65 00 Chop Feed, per ton .50 00@53 00 Oats, per bu. 600 SO •' ROCHESTER PRODUCE LIVE POULTRY Chickens, per lb 32®. Tk lb c, p Turkeys, per lb Ducks, per lb '.... Geese, per lb RES , pr l 20@ FRESH DRESSED PdtTLTRY k Turkeys, per lb........ Chickens, per lb Fowls, per lb. Ducks, per lb '. Geeae, per lb. FRESH MEATS \40 30@ * 5 22 5o 40 42 '30 50® 40® 35.® Beef, dressed, Jer cwt... 16 OO@23 00 Veal, per, cwt...., 22 00@25 Off Spring lamb, per owt.... 28 Strale&t pigs, per ewt... 16.00®21 00 00 SMOKED MEATS AND LARD Bacon, per lb. Ham; per lb California hams, per lb. Dried \Tjeetj\ per lb '. Lard in tferces 35 35 25 40 VEGETABLES' Betts, new, per doz, bch.. 35@- 40 do, basket .' 60® 65 Beet, arreea*, bushel @ Cabbage, per dozen 40 @ Co Carrots—T. • New, do^s. bunches .... @ do, basket .........'.... 25® do,' bushel 40® 70® 30 65. 60 7a 50® 1 00 Celery, K%r dozen :.. \ do, large b'ndles, 6s, doz Cauliflower, dozen Cdrn, ,gre§h home'gf'n doz 10® 12 •- do, -Evergreen .....'.;:. is«>' *n Cucumbera, dozen j.\....'.. do. Dill pickles ':..'.'.... do,-, small, per 100 ...':.. Eggplant, per dozen '...'.. \ .Lfv* U Easf Buffalo, Nov. 2— CATTLE— Receipts 4,100 head. Good heavy steers 25@50e higher; sales shipping steers at $13.60@16.50. butchers' at $8.50® 12.50, yearlings at $13.50@15.5O, heifera at $6.00@11.00, cows at- $2.50@9.00, bulls at $5.00@9.B0 and stockers and feeders at $5.50@9.0O. Fresh cows and springers sold at $5.60 #120.00. CALVES—Receipts 2,000 head. Mar- ket values 50c higher; sales at $6.00 Rochester & Eastern Lme •m.wtvict. *A.«T a Catuidaijja IntBrmwIiate Stations Time Table <?hana« Ptrectlv* Oct 3 1S20 Trains leave Geneva, for Rocheqtei •S3 7 35, 8 35 \10 35- xlO26 it ,Jt 12 3o 1 3 2 35 4 30 S 3a 6 3 8 1 9 3a P. M (For Canandaigua *nl —• ••3:3B. ll!33 P M> ' •• Saturday and Suftdasr only, 4 , f • pally except Saturaljr* -, t Saturday-«nljr. . f x Sunday only. MAIN STREET at tfl#f hj Seneca. 8 rooms, bath* and. ;eiec- trie light*. Beautiful loe>jtio^ ^ building fronting dtown,\l^i Street. Price $5500. ,- i* ELMWOOD AVENTaf * all modern cohvenignifii. ing poroh, larjje iot.' & WASHINGTON % room home with all conveniences. All recently decorated •thcouah- out. Price $5500. IF YOU ARE ^ PURCHASE OF A-HjC»#E;. CIS.. \ \& F. S. Geneva era at $9,00, native ewe.8 at. $7,25 and buyk native owes at $6.50&?:<l% feed- ers strong, with top sales feeder lambs at $13.35. )' -»•>• «»-V @ 18.00. HOGS—Reoplpts 12,000 head. 1<Hgl9Rn'h i Mar- m«ed, Yorkers, light Yorkers ant} pigs, at $14.25, a few at $14.36, roughs at $12.00@12.50 and stags at $8.00@$10> SHEEP AND LAMBS—Receipts 12,- 000 head. Lambs 60 lower; others un- chapged; sales lambs \at $8.00@14.50, yearlings at $7.00®10.00 ( wefhers. at $T.00@7.5O, ewes at. _-J3.00@6,5Q and mixed sheep at $6JiO@7.00. ' ••. NEW YORK, \ • New York* Nov.- 2—CATTLE—Re- ceipts 4,140-head. Market Irregular: sal«s steers, at $9.25@16.00 (no. real prime steers), bulls at $5.50®9.00 and cows at $2.50@10,OO t CALVES—Beeelpts 2,340 head. Mar- ket values higher; sates veals at $13.00 00, culls at $10.0Q@12.00^-fed calvea 50@12BO t $700@900 @£, cu a $@^ at' $».50@12.BO, grassers at $7.00@9.00, yearlings at $6.0O@6-.O0 and Western calves.at $8.00@i2.50. SHEEP AND LAMBS — Receipts 8,920 he.ad. Markfct, Irregular;' sales sheep (ewes) at $3.50@7.50, culls it $Z:60@3.0D. yearlings at $8.00@11.00, lambs at $10,50®l5.00 * and culls at $7;00@9.00. HO6SR .—Receipts 6,020 head. Market steady; sales medium weights at $14.60, heavy hogs at $14.00.' pigs at $13.50® 14.00 and roughs at $12.00. CHICAGO. Chicago,. Nov. 2—CATTLE-t-Recetpts 19,0W-head. Native and-Western steers rule 25 @ 50c higher; top natives $18.00 and bulk $10iOO@lS.5.0 1 heavy canning grades bid $13.75; butchers' stock QP.en.ed 2B@50J6 fifghen with the ad- vance partly lost; caimers and cutters strong and 25c higher With bulk' Sales strong and 25c higher, 'with bulk' sales at $; calves atiady ixf \' with . saiea best vealers at ,! 14.00; stockers and feeders 25c .H>V *** n* ^^K . 4 -- i*-~ jT^tf 111 . «^. .'.. ' BUFFALO GRAIN MARKET Buffalo, ifoVj ^ -_, \HLOUR—Dull and unchangedi\ : • • Wholesale 1-2 eottoft' sacks. Best patoat .'./.,:. til 75 Bakers f)atent .*,-. ll ^- First clear fc ..... 10 00 Pastry •... - 10 50 Graham , ,\,, |1O~<J0 Bye nour, light ..,..',..., 10 00 Hy» flour, dark :......'\ 75 FEEDS—Firm; fair demand. -Mixed car3 Spring bran, 100-lb. sack ..\-. >. $4QvQ0 Standard middlings, do 40, 0» Plour rplddlinga, do ........,/ 65J00 «ad W Com the^I, coajse-feed, per ton 50 0* Cracked corn) 7.., -k.V..'.?'.': \»p' 00 Hominy-'teed.jpei-. ton ,...,i,i -,4t'b9 Gluten.- per tfln * \ '54 «» Oilmeal, per tori ... Cottonseed meal, 4A,per mio Maix? NO: s top j 54 tt mio NO: s, top Tl % B4Q $$$ %^tic^ffe.«ffij» otiV? a f^w* cara * -;- ':•'\\ ^XT on trade ^nftft were received, • CpBN*-a5her& l .vrasr scanSs:il during the morning t»ut^t»MSst>Jf urWk m&$ At -the _close N6.'2 ; Closing! No. 1 2 yellow, $1.04 1-: •1-S& No. 4 yellow, „. . w ..... yellow, 98 l-2c,-\<)n track,. £ Sales: 2 cars-NpT ? l-yeB6Vi4ii6i; t car No. 2*yellow. J1.Q - — - ytijlow^ $l;0Jj\i-orii) ?.. _, , Oft traeK, through, billed., jt V< •„'• trae, tghbilled.. OATS—SEbe 'markefe''QDs^a tth sale? at SatjiW^s-f ride's, ^tn sellers later aBklnifjain: advance; DL<\ ingtRo afternoon'Wir^aier* Sales a« 1 -2c decline aftd jngrket-d-tllli« j *.-- bttltf. . ? W3S* \ Sales: 2 CargNS:2 whit^¥2pVjS'ca.r» >fo. s -white, 61c; 1 cat\ ,1#*. 4: whlfci t 5834\ft Vh HOQS—Receipts,jff,dO0 ttead, MafUet active and. prices 25#40c nigher \than Saturday's averaged closing-- strong; top W3.0O. out b'f line, -fractical 'f6p~ $1XfiQ d blk f l t $ia • Glass coffins have England. been found Endive, per dozen Tlorseradish, per lb....'... in Kale, per bushel Lettuce.- common, dozen' 50® 75 30 $tLfiQ and bulk of sales aJL %12jl 13.25; pi^s . mostly 2$c hrghei-,\ •W- T - bulk^ates of deflfeabie^lOO to 125. lB;i SHEEP.;.ANtt 'X>A>£M. — Rece'. n n.ahd. iambs tat 2^0Cf»h4Mid. fat flhees .aha lambs fuf 25o higher; top Sales native' and f Weitterfa lambs atil&JB'bulkifiHi at $32.75@13.5<), choice .fed Western yearlings at $15.00,, led Westei BRINGING UP FATHER.

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