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3 IWU ;«*;VA DARK OCTOBER 19,1920 'i i* P.* In One Month,'f ruit-a-lites\ - Care Complete Ballet ICS&Fiidsr AVE., TBOY, N. Tr 1 , *'I liatre been » great sufferer' for years with Kidney Trouble and Constipation. I tried 'Fruit - a - tives' •bout a month ago, and with almost 'immediate results. Tho Kidney Trouble has disappeared and tha Constipation is fast leaving me\. HENRY DATER, Trait • a • fives', or Fruit liver Tablets, the medicine made from \fhtiljuices tintlvduahTc idmes',\is doing • wonderful work in bringing health •\ lo sick people. ~~ \-\^~ T fiOc.^bo?,6for $2.50, trial size 25c. -~\~At dealers or from FRUTT-A-TIVES Limited OG0ENSBURG. N. Y. FAKES PAIN OUT 1 OF RHEUMATISM Keep Sloan'* handy for backache '~ ri etmiiie and sprains, too S LOAN'S Liniment has been aold for 39 years. Today, it is more papular than ever. There can be tut one answer—Sloan's produces re« •ults # -*- ApptKlt T&Uhuut ruuUZRg, Ttp&ffZtttlkj to the afflicted part, bringing relief from rheumatic twinges, sciatica; soire, itiil, strained muscles; backaches, •praina, and other external pains, often the result of exposure. It leaves no _jnu mess, skin stain or clogged porca,. * Get a large bottle for greater econ« ©my. _K*ej> it handy for use when needed- Your druggist has it. Three •ire-35c, 70c.Jl.40. LEADERS OF BOTH SIDES ,l>~ .»3 AT POLLS Republicans £% Washington Predict a Smothering Landslide While the Demo- crats Are Certain of a Ground Swell Sloa , Liniment famous Old Recipe for Cough Syrup cheaply miuln *i hone, but it hvmUS rb»ro all for qultik resuItH. . ' Iholisnnds of housewives have found that lbt>y can snve two-tUirda of the money usually spent for cough prepara- tions, l>v using tho wolt-kttowtt old recipo lor niakiujt cough syrup Bt home. It id BimpSv and cheap but it has no equal 'for prompt mults. It taken riglit hold ,<tf a. cough and given immediate relief, Initially stopiiintr an ordinary cough in 21 hoiirs or leas. Get 2Vj ounces of Finos from any drtCTflut, pour it into a pint bottlo and add plain granulated sugar syrup to aittko n full pint, If you prefer, uaa cJtr-ificil Aialasaea, honey, or corn syrup, Mittnd of eujtivr syrup. Either way, it tflstes /rood, keeps perfectly, and lasts a family a lone time. It'a truly astonishing ltow quickly it \tttf penetrating thronjih every .air l»»isi(ii! of tlio throat and lunjjs--loos- the phlegm, auotlics and kenk tho membranes, and gradually hut Tinfoly tlio nnnovrnji throat tickle and treaded couch disappcan-ntirely. Nothing batter for bronchitis, spasmodic croup, Uoarspnosa or bronchial asthma. Pinci is a speei.ll ami highly concen- tfatci romoonnd of trcnuino Ntmvay \pine cs'i.ict. Known tin* world over for its ho.\lin« cflcrt on the iijeuibraiies. .AvoM .disappointment bv :inkmsr your drujrc U fur \V-n onncrs of Pinox\ with fi^ll <I.irri.Mis and don t accept itnytliinjf else. (!ti irantprd to p vc absolute sntia- faction or monpv\ promptly refunded. The Fines Co., Ft. Wayne, lad. WATCfr iG4 Stomach -Kidneys-Jffeert-taver K«er> «he vital organs health/ hy regularly taking the world's stand- crd remedy* for kidney, livery bladder and uric acid trouDiea— COLD MEDAL Mi The National Remedy of Holland for eentuncs ano endorsed by Queen Wilhel« __jn»an, ^.t nil druggists, thtto sites. |*ek Cot tl« naufi* Gold' M»d»l •• «v«ry «W v , «ad «cc«pt w» Not A Bk mars the perfect f appearance of her com' 'plcxion. Permanent and temporary skin troubles arc effectively 'concealed. Reduces un» natural color and corrects fgreasy skins. Highly antiseptic, [used with beneficial results as la curaljva aRgnt for' 70 years. . \Washington Oct. 18.~Wlth only two, more, jveeka to go before cither Gov- ernor Cox or Senator Harding must take the road back to Ohio while the other begins to pack his kit lor tho move to the White House, Democratic and Itepubllcaris leaders here today were busy with pencil and paper \try* Ing to figure the final dope Both sides claimed everything is going war.-- •• Tho Republicans worked It out llko this: in 1212 Woodrow Wilson enr? ried every state in the union with the exception of Miclilsran, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Wash- ington, Utah and Vermont, splitting California with the Progressives witn two electoral votes to the Uilter's II. In 1916, they point out, no less than 13 other states—Connecticut, Dela- ware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Now Jersey, Nt>w York, Oregon, Rhodo Island. West Vlrg-inla and Wlsc0HBln—which had geno- JJetnocratic in la 12, sldo sllpDert into the O. O. P., West Virginia ctl- vhllng: Its vote In tlio electoral colU'go, giving: one to Wilson aftd seven to Jus- lloo Hughes. Whereas 1912 had been a Democratic landslide such as tho country has sel- dom scene, giving Wilson.435 electoral votes as against 88 (or Theodore cMt nnd eight for Taft, Senator Hardlnjj's friends hero observe, the. 1916 election was won by a margin of but 23 electoral votes. Had Cullfornla,- which was one of tho few states which went against Wilson in 1912, gone Re- publican in 1916 as did so many of tho statPs which had gone Democratic in 1912, her 13 electoral votes would have thrown tho election to Hugiiea. Thiat in, California's 13 votes taken from the Domocrutio column and added to tho RrpublUun, would have made the final cuunt 267 to 204 in favor of the O. O. I'. Republicans today claimed as abso- lutely certain air the states which wtint Republican In 1910 phis Buch utates 0% Ohio, Colorado, Idaho, Kan- sas, Missouri, fitontuna.. New Mexico, Nebraska, Nevada, Maryland, North Dakota. I'lah, Washington, anrl per- Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arizona, an-d p\en Tennessee. In other words they predict a •smothering landslide. ocrats hero were not talking in terms of \landslides\ but bt \groutKl swells.\ They insisted thoy would ull thoy had in 1916 nnd In addi- tion would carry Indiana and New Jersey with good chances In Now York I LIKE A HERMIT Richest Man in the World N* Longer Interested in Mak ing Money, and Hllnols. They said tboy have more thnn a fighting chance in othdr Rtatcs. Reports from Oregon, they say. are \lino.\ Al«o Minnesota. Tho I-pngnn of Nut Ions, supporters of Oovornor Cox declare will carry the west, whero in 1916 all but flvo states went for President Wilson. The president's) opposition to war, save as a last resort. Is said to havo proved the big nppoal In that section In 1916, and tho I^eaguo of Nations, the main ohject nf which Is to keep tho world In peaco will, according to Democratic hellof, keep the west Democratic tn 1820. Democrats say Senator Harding himself blocked an parly trend In his direction by his spcechea .against tho of Nations. to Tu- Joseph P. -+ht>—rrealdent, characterized Senator Handing aa an \out nnd out Irreconcilable\ while other leaders hero now Insist their re- ports show an- unmlstukablo majority of the people of tho country want » league In some form. They admit thoro WIIH a \trond\ toward Harding In tho oarly days of iho campaign but arfju»> .tin.- Ohio senator ha3 Btoppod tlio movement by his opposition to tho Democrats also report that (here ts previiU-nt la tho country a. \natural sire fur a rhnnpo\ but emphatically dffty It Is strong enough lo overcome! tho \lictlor Judgment of tho voters who demand a Lpaffuo to koop them out tif war\ T-atf'ST reports . from TTomo mile work ITS thtoughnut tlio t-ounlry, leail- t-rs claimed, show an unmistakable \ground HV\O11\ In favor of tho I.easiue and Cox These nrn tho principal arguments «*d by Republicans and Democrats hero to prove they cannot lose. A Fitting Theme. \Rimer showed mo his new poem. It ta railed, 'Sonnet to But One.\\ \Humph. 1 By rights he ought to have cnllwl it \Owed to Everybody.\' Bis terlals. Adv. ill and Paint m Fairfax Bros. Co. Inc.—Soo CUT THIS OUT-IT IS WORTH MONEY DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this slip, cnclOBo with Sc nnd mail it (o Foley &T5>7.2S*JSneffieIdAve:, Chictgo, 111., Writing your name and\ address clearly. You will receive in return a trial package containing Folcy'i Honey and Tar Com- pound, (or bronchial and la grippe coughi, colds and croup; Foley Kidney Pills, for lame back, weak kidneys, rheumatism, bladder (roubles; and Foley Cathartic Tab* jets, a wholesome and thoroughly clenni- ing-cathartic lor constipation, biliousness, headache and sluggish bowels, You can try these three excellent remedies (or only Sc.' WELD DRUG CO. NO IMPROPRIETY IN HIS REMARKS Informal Discussion, Hard- ing Claitnc, Does Not In volve Paris Government Marlon, C Oct. 19—Replying to an inquiry from President Wilson, Sena- tor Harding wrote the White Houfl? last night that although France had sent her \spokesmen\ to him infor- mally asking America to load the way for an association of nations, the inci- dent had, not involved the French gov-. ernment in any violation of Interna- tional proprieties. ' The senator declared that in his -cf- erenco to the subject in a speech at Oreencastle, Ind., recently he only had sought to convey the thought that there had come' to him \those who spoke a sentiment which they repre- sented to be very manifest among the g^bpl\ liddae ta H {ultLuil liial words \could not be construed to say that the French government has *ent anybody to me..\ Referring to MK Wilson's suggestion of Impropriety In a foreign nation ap- proaching \a private citizen.\ on such a subject, Senator Harding ^pointed out that he Is a njember of the foreign re- lations committee aa well aa a nominee Tor the presidency, and suggested that \an informal expresalon.to me is rather more than- that to a private citizen.\ The text or Senator Hardlng's iftt- ter, sent in reply to one from'the pres- ident asking whether the senator tmd been correctly quoted In his -Green- castle speech, is as follows: Dear Mr. President: I havtr before me a press copy of your letter to me of this date. Though I am not in receipt of tho original copy, I am glad to make a prompt reply. — It Is very, gratifying that you hesit tato to draw inferences without my assurance that. I ana correctly quoted. The quotation as reported in your let- ter Is not exact. The notes of the stenographer' reporting my remarks quote mg-oj saving \France has *ent her spokesmen to me informally, ask- ing America in. Its new realization ot the situation, to lead the way for an association of nations.\ 1 am suro that my -words could not bo construed to say that the Fren.-h government has sent anybody to ma, Tho thought I was trying to convey was that there had come to me thoao who spoke a sentiment wheh they rep- resented to be very manifest among tho French people, but nothing could suggest tho French government having violutod. the proprieties of interna- tional relations. OfJldal Fraaee cottld never seek to go over your high office a« our chief executive to appeal to tho American people or any, portion there- CHIEF jar IN mm mi Responsibility far the Future cirs ef the Rockefeller Fprturie Is in the Hand* of John 0., Jr., and -. . New torte-Jlbe *lcneai man In th* world is no longer Interested in mak- ing inoney. ••-.\• More than tnnt, he i» not overly concerned with what becomes of the greatest single fortune ever • aecumu-, fated, although he hopes It mnv be need'for good purposes. , John 0. Rockefeller, now traveling toward his eighty-second milestone of life, is a hermit. Surrounded by a few faithful servant a, the man who has piled up millions upon millions until today he is worth a billion- of dollars —a Jhonsand millions—finds no hap- piness In money or the retention of It Bis chief joy in Me is plajlnf goU —and be Indulges that pleasure from an hour and a half to two boon every day the weather permits. Secluded la his Pocsntleo Hills estate with only a few of. I can see no Improprietyt in private tizens f F I i e mproprie citizen of France, Or In deeply friendly to France, i p Americana expressingt to me tUuIr understanding of sentimen In that friendly republic. \It is not Impoitfant enough to dis- OUSB,. -perhaps, but I very respectfully urge that an Informal expression to me is rather more than that to a pri- vate citizen. I hold a place as a mem- ber of the foreign relations committee of the United States senate, which is charged with certain constitutional authority In dealing with foreign re- lations and I am necessary conscious that I am tho- nominee of tho Repub- lican party for \president of our re- public. In tho combination ot these two positions, it ought not b& unseemly that some very devotod friends of n now and better relationship among -nations, n* matter whence They come • should wjsh to advise me relating to aspirations to co-opterato with our own ipptibllc In attaining that high pur- pose. Let me assure yeu agraln of tho observance of all tho proprieties and ufiain nssprt that tho French govern- ment tiafl maintained that great re- spect for your position to which I my- self subscribe. . • With Teat respect I am, • Very truly, WARREN O. HARDINCt. Less Betting on Election Than in Past Twenty Years New York, Oct 13\ Broken v ho Intimate cronies to chat with at Infre- quent Intervals, and'never' Seeing a casual caller^ the roan who-was oil kins—for he no longer wears the title —has turned contemplative, philosoph- ical and disinterested to worldly af- fairs. No Longer Interested. He no longer devotes bimself to the worries lneldentaKto possessing such a vast fortune—thefllponslblllty to- day for the future care of the Rocke- feller fortune la upon the shoulders of John D.. Jr., and Selected trustees. But this change In-direction. £gd control of the Rockefeller^/vfealtn Is due in no sense to the a|<vmenfal or physical incapacity one might link with so aged a man an John D, Sr. \Mr. Rockefeller, Sr., fa pot senile,\ stated Ivy Lee, publicity director for the Rockefeller interests. \His health Is excellent Bnt he simply has with- drawn from the world. \He does not care tfe see visitors. \Mr. Rockefeller reads Quite a bit and spends much of his. gme In reflec- tion. He has become phlloeophfral, bat bis interest In things of the world has waned. Watches Bequests, \Naturally he Is Interested in his be- quests to various projects he has fos- tered, such as the Rockefeller Founda- tion and other broad constructive.work. He Is far more Interested hi that than In acquiring; further money. \Bat he i s not so wrapped op In the details of his benefactions as you might Imagine. \B>r Instance, members of Qxt Rockefeller Education boara, com- flf teen of the most eminent ed- acaton In America, held a meeting at Lakewood, N. J., where Mr. Rocks- feller has a summer home. The eon- cators thought their benefactor might attend a meeting, so extended him an Invitation. He Ignored It. All he wished to know waa whether the work was going ahead as intended and, realizing It was in capable bands, de- clared he, was not Interested In de- tails. But he did' invite a couple of the board members whom be had known personally for many years to a round of golf with him. \Mr. Rockefeller shrjnks from fur-* flier publicity. 1 Just want to be left alone to my own thoughts,\ he ex- plains. 'Why should the world bother an eld man like me?' 'Mr. Rockefeller realizes he has only a few more years to live,- and I he wants no f tit her trouble with any- body.\ Old \John D. M has had a quiet though enjoyable summer at Pocantlco Sills, occasionally taking: onto rides with attendants. He attends church regularly .every Sunday. 11 _ Peacti Growers to File Claims Mloclipsfer,. Oct. 19.—Peach jrrowers here who- were heavy 'o>.-is ih n i.-h failure ot the New York Central Rail- road to furnish proper car facilities, ,**• preparing to present their claims -\•\to—Ore rattrqird coirrpaisjv headed hy thm Western New York Fruit Grow- •W Co-operative Aes'n. foe aggre- aute clatias will amount to thousands '«t dollars. • . i, .«i.«_,..»,—i^.- _^_. Filipinos ma.de palataTjle bread* ftrom ground canary seed. KM101DS {TtblttsorOriHWlM) £21 INDIGESTION T«3i* dry on ton«u« «* with lid* or cold wt*M QUICK RELIEF! Mw, :«Y scorr » teowm MAKERS OF SCOTT'S EMUL81ON a Ingr election than in any presidential race In the last 20 years. Ono firm, W. L. Darnell and Com- pany, reported that It had money nt 3bc to OTTO to umes on Harding hut could find-no takers. BiWors with money to wagrar on Cox were demand- Ing eight to one, it was declared. Borftr acts Is sometimes found «*-• erustea pn the Interior- of volcanic craters. f ; Baby Consumes Two Jugs of Moonshine in Ten Days Mike Bragoll of Hammond,, Ind., has a little store, and re-' cently the police dropped in for the third or fourth time Oils year beennse It hnd been report- ed that lie w«s selling liquor timre. \*\ jug wtth ausin two drinks •*> moonshine In it was fonnd \w'tr the connter«nd a kunime: bottlo, beldnging to Mike's v.sfe, was also found. In police court Mike said that lie kept the liquor on hand for the baby, and: that tho infant bad consumed about two Jags of moonshine during the last two days. Judge Klots was plainly skeptical ant) decided < that Mike should pa$ ¥60 and ' costs. RUSSIAN WOMEN PAY TO WED Give High Prices for Finnish Hua- bands In Order to Leave the Country. Vlborg, Finland.— : Hiring men to marry Russian women, to en- able the latter to get out of Russia has become a popular and lucratl- easiness fat the border towns; The Finns exact, a high price, but the method Is unfailing. It makes a Finnish subject of the woman, and Is recegnlzed as lawful by the two coun- tries, which have assumed diplomatic relations. Endless trouble ensues, 6t course. If the woman thus freed of Russia refuses to part with her psendo hnsbaod. These newly married couples come oat of Russia Into Rlamjoke, the fron- tier to*n k not more than 80 mllea from Petrograd. with the dally ex«- dos o* Swedish ^nd Etonian Hfcfngeesr -• .. A Prepare to DIQ Up Skeleton. Jerusalem, Palestine.—Prof essor Ger- Btang of Liverpool university and di- rector of the British arclieologlcal seliool In this city, Is about to begin the excavation of Ashkelon. one of the chief cities of the ancient Philistines •nd thescene of notable events in the days of the crusades. Results of the greatest historical Importance are •oped, for from this undertaking. irrigation Bystem* <? r, \ - • * ^ , \*. .v-4 • * '• ; Kifi • Aigr room a <xay qorner- in a few minutes TT isn't necessary to \rash\ the heater X a half hour just to make the one room you want to use comfortable. Drafts will seep in through vpadow sashes and door jambs. But you needn't heat up the whole house Just to keep your favorite corner safe and cozy. ! A Perfection Oil Heater between you and the window or door will make drafts warm and healthful. .Thousands of families jind\Perfection\ ' heating most economical It is an expensive luxury to keep seldom- * used rooms and hallways heated all the time. Keep the house worm all over with your furnace or steam heater, and. tliien bring the room you're going to use up to 70° or 72° with a Perfection 03 Heater. The Perfection is so convenient, that it has a score of practical uses—drying clothes on rainy days; heating water for .shayjng; getting up in the morning; in the sewing room. . Progressive hardware, housefurniahing and department stores sell Perfection Oil Heaters—blue or black finish, with or without nickeled trimmings. Bums about 10 hours on a gallon of kerosene. Let your dealer show you one. For best remits use Socony Kerosene. OilBeatm OIL STANDARD OIL CO. OF NEW YORK SMITH OPERA HOUSE two Days Only—Friday and Saturday OCTOBER22-23 OCTOBER2223 : . T; Matinees Daily, 2:30 and 4 p. m. ' \\ Evenings, 7:15-9:00 THE WAR WAS WON—SEE HOW 'TWAS DOME United States Official WAR FILMS Taken by the U. S. Signal Corps, A. E. F. ' The American Legion —OVER THERE- ACTUAL CHATEAU THTEKRY BATTLTES ARGONNE America's Greatest Victories ST. MIHIEL SEE is Now YorS: State Divisions, 27ih and 77lh In action* —Your own boys go over the top. —History in the making. —Pershing's farewell to FranceX —American Legion parade. Eetc, Etc. Prices—Matinees, Evenings ZSc, SOc, Plus \War Tax School Children to Matinees, 17c The Once Over Beats tho Twics Told ^TONIGHT _ >»»• -i\ ~The~Dlfferent Kind of Mu»I«lJD;a»t The MeGteior Co, Esc. PtliUh Pnfftn IK OBIERTJU., WONDER SHOW OF THE CEKTUflBr Prices 50,75, $1, $1.50, $2 A Few Good Choice Seats, Left •JSCTsaag, REGENT THEATRE e» 3 P. M. «MJ 4 P.M. GENEVA.'S.EkEASflHE-PALAGB Ev-mfno 7 IVW. afiS SV^Vf.^^^ TODAY—FRANK KEENAN IN \WORLD AFLAME\ WEDNESDAYMPHXraSBAY \^ GERALDINE FARRAR^ in \FLAME OF THE DESER?T n A vibrant story of a Gre«t Love nurtured by the Daiert Stars. Carries you tVom tht civilization lu*ur- iei of London to tho Barbarro splendor* of old Egypt Sulphur Eeases Pfles At Once Almost distant Relief and at -Very •mall Cost The moment you ftpply a litye Mentho-Sulphur the itefcine, Irrito- tton and blBBdtngr stops. Don't con- tinue to suffer because quick relief awaits you. ; Any druggist will eupply you with a small J»r of Mentho-Sulphur. Thfts seem* to soothe, heal and dry up tUe trouble quicker than anything «lae. •, wqiift! DANCE Every Saturday Night in Geneva Prof.McGrain U. a, BltA&Y. M«r.. GAIL KAN sppTiriW Movi* Ch«t. »nd Weilvil' # f \WHILE H&W Ytf«K Sun.hin. Comply \Hi* CUW* )• VOOVII.

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