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?„ f •'\\\ •«.;* • THfJKSDAY, WSllilS §» >' - or Fruit Liter Tablets MOUNT BELKNAP HorBTi, LAKEPOBT.N.H. \At 70 years of Rge, chronip Conttipr <Mioi»was causing me t o suffer with distressing Headaches, Dizziness and Indigestion. I t)6)iovfi X hfliVQ talcon- jcior©njQGU*- cine than any half-dozen people ta town ; but nothing did me good until I • tried 'Fruiu*-tives\ [ • , . -+ Jtfjjlit away I could see their good 1 .effects. After taking them for three I months, my bowels were regular, 1 and the other ailments disappeared\.' FRANK A. BALE. COc. a* box, 6 for $2.30, trial size 25*3. . At dealers** from FEUIT-A-TrVK3 w y Ife-' It: fe-r\. BIG CROP OF HAY FEVER JOKES Kentucky Km Bays p Mp r. to Hiy Fiver Colony A n Wouldn't Be Any ffay Fever If,' fe~ffoiae Remedy Given a Chance. r e: •Tcn.ffcore'a • real NtNKTV-NIN» Mat effect}?* matte lor lmj or rose: .. l»Tor,\ ftanlcly SUMS » druggist In ft J*o«-i jerouj Kentucky dty. j \But I don't oipoct iLnjimt ta boiler*, *<S booauBd tha treatment Is x> eoiy «nd. jfao crat n « wrartb mentioning. j . \Bio annuoi crop of Hay Venr loke* arighty Ktrc* If pcoplo wuiill get Jhreo-auiu-tera of ta ounce of MenUiallM* Arclno, nrnl by juit adatng; <rater that has Wen I)«1IH1 jnake t pint of liquid that wlU; )K>vo a real' help ta all who tuffor. - I that by starting to gargls and (miff or. )#rsy the nostrils s few' times a day ti e Itpoctcd severo atUok often tolls to *p - kur, hiul in casoa where It don ahojr up, la rery mild mid does not anno;. •It's the name way with Hose F#v»r. \Hie Better Clais of Pharmacist* who •lIHjltfo Montholizod Arclito say tbat it »Hi - irmtly modify any attack, evea when •ken Uireo or four days after hostilities So to a mat llvo druggist when yoii get Hady to make a pint, for up to the present limp there has b*»u IltUe domand for tola Jrlendiy mcdlcm*. M<*uhull7. n d Arclue la new In (hit market. \ is possible that your druggist has not lied himself, but he can eel It for raj hia jottbw, who has * large eupply. fieautitui women o< Society, during tb« past seventy years have relied upon It for their dl*tln- Ished appearance, The refined, pearly white compfexkMi It renders instantly, i s always the source of flattering comment. r.Gu'u'raud's ~ A Oriental Cream for Your Hair b- fimiKvtr Mv • holt Indian ftwy uwv't »«PCTfiia«tla(iaB>, For ajECu t hefutad bt »r oil, with vtber poUiuC lnsndjenta ttum ihs flcuJa, moon eaa forwta o( ffatnra, A nliiblt *fonnt2la (s KOTAUCO. laliu*' tailr for ulracdacsta*. A*taawmnifatic> CCM in onrcomln* DANDRUFF, etopptor rALLtNQ UAjk; ami hdacliig NSWCMOWm In case* wfcM all alsa faitea l J « i ews 1 1 20 J. rl . / w. r N Main A T f\ 1 Street •E 1 d O. J. JKJLfwO CONNE1.L Phor»» t6O-WV Captain ChrUtopher and Bride Visit Waterfoo •Waterloo^ Pept.. 9.—Captain Scott Christopher and bride of Chicagxs, guests at tjie home of hts parents, Mr. and William Ritchey, near Inter- Miss Ruth B. MeWayne has returned from a week's visit with relatives at Sacfcetts Harbor. .Last Stinday mornings through .the tjioughtfuInfS» of Joseph JB. Apnkst, Misa Faunie Shlley, and Mrs. Susan Stahl, one of the oldest members of 0. C. Christopher on West the Reformed congregation, Miss Eliza Elizabeth street. The Captain Is a (Ana Stofflett, who has been an invs- eivil engineer in the employ of the Ml- lid for some \years wa* enabled to at- Central railroad and acttd in that tend the morning service. Mt3a Stoff- WILLARD eapacity in the service of Uncle Saxn in France where he was made captain and i s still on the active list of the aerrice subject to call. Captain Chris- topher had just arrive^ in America and was on his way to a soldiers' camp to drill\ the boys for service at tha front when the armistice was signed, having been ordered home by the war department for that purpose. K. of C. Elects Officer^ Waterloo, Sept. 9.—At the annual meeting of Waterloo Knlffhts of Co- lumbus, No. 4G4, held Tuesday even- ing, James If. Clary was elected Grand Knight, Louis McKovitt, Depu- ty Grand Knight; Victor N. Hoisvert., Chancellor; John O'Mara, Rr>tnulus, N. V.; Edward financial ace Advocate, O'Donnell. Martin^ rptary; K. T. Matthews, recording sec- retary; James A, McKovitt, treasurer; Tftomoa McKone and Edward Wulch, trustees; Austin J. Clary, organist; Wrn. VValtera, inside guard- Patrick Flanniifrhn, outside guard; delegates to Hfntn convention, Jamea H. Clary undvj&jnes T. Neatonj alternates. Kd- ward O'Donnell and Leo McDonald. „ . Waterloo Briefs Waterloo, Sept. 9.—Mrs. Mary Tpwksbury of Virginia street, left this morning for a visit with relatives at Red Crrelc. . Mr, and Mrs. John WUclmon of Mrs.\ Frank Wlldman 'and Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Wllrtman of Toronto, C^ariada, were fruesta on Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. IC. n. ItpckPT on West Main .street. MIBS Aria. Bowers of Syracuse, is visiting' her sister, Mrs. CJeorgfe Chap pelle in Waterloo. Joseph,McKavitt, ArtlHW Av-ery-««# Kennel h I'ainp expect to enter Hobait College (' Is full. Rev. W'm.t H. York was called to Syracuse today \to attend\ the funeral of his cousin, Albert M. York of that city, who for many years has been on the editorial staff of the Post-Stand- ard. He was found dead at his desk In his office, Monday night. FAYETTE guarcmtn. rot JMO. wonift, eWldrau. Ka«» tSiaartwrtfca. •ncnt. Stow etben. PaaiUwtr m—tmhL KATALKO i t tha.drn* »tor»; or and If k™. (aUror or etUM*) tot proof bur (M ratraata*, to fnhn FT* BriTtaJn, S«- . F. N«w Ywrfc. a. Weld Drug- Co., IJ. II. Ouird, Roneea Drue; Co. Perhaps Your Oaily Work Makes You 01 Mnny occupations pot a heavy strain On the kidneys. The jarring and jolt- Ing «f tralnn and strept ears, work in Btralncd, unnatural positions, exposure to si\1d\n clionffps of temperature, Fayotto, Sept. 9,— Mrs. Ellen Hosier spent part of the past week with' Mr. and Mm. Philip Reed and'Mr. and Mrs. \Charles O. Kidd in Seneea flallg. The Kttyette public scrHSor opened\ on Tuesday morning, with Miss Grace M. Woodcock of Seneca Falls as teacher. Miss Ethel B. Lambert Ibegan her third term as teacher of.ttie Wheeler school on Tuesday. Mlas Viola Bachman of Seneca Falls Is the. teacher of the Fnuitz school. Tho Reformed and Lutheran Feder- ated churches held their picnic on Thursday at Dean's Cove on Lake Cayuga, There was a nice attendance and there wero plenty of provisions as well as a five gallon can o£ home-made ice cream. The weather man was kind and a pleasant day waa spent^ by alt. Miss May Kuney of Seneca. Falls, who had been visiting her grandpar- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel JKuney, has roturned home. Mrs. Winifred Schaffer and son John spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. Arthur Steannan near Heater's Cor-» ners. Mrs. Sarah McWayne, who had been quite 111 for ten days has recovered so as to be able to be about again. Mrs. William Hatch ot the Waterloo state road visitpd the dahlia garden at , the Lutheran parsonage on Friday afternoon and enjoyed the many flow- ers In bloom. A supply of coal has been drawn to the local evaporator In preparation for carl riff tor the large apijle crop In this ejection. Benjamin Sell was brought borne on Monday from the Seneca Falls Hospi- tal, •where he had been a patient for nearly three weeks recuperating from an operation for appendicitis. P*ar*> are plentiful in this section matt buyer* ar» offering only a cent and a cent and a half n pound which f t does not justify a busy farmer to stop work to pick and market them. The union evening service o n Sun- -.,.._ - , , day night was held In tho .Reformed fumes oJ turpentine, ncids. etc., all tend o hurch. Rev. D. W. Korr preaching tho to brins on .kidney weakness, if you I acrrnon • have daily blickache, headaches, rheu malic pains, dizzy spelts, with annoying kldnev irresularltlfls. don't wait; use Mr. and Mrs. Jo?l D. Rltter and son Richard went to Sacketts Harbor on Saturday for a visit with relatives. .if* Doan's Kdnoy Pills. Doan'« are praised, There will ho no preaching services bj workers the world over. A«k your ln trie Reformed and Lutheran church- neighbor. es on Sundays, September J2th and liHh. the-pastor.-Rev. IX W. Eerr tak- ing a vacation of ten days which he will spend among: the poople of two former fields in western Pennsylvania. Trip Sunday school will meet'as usual each Sunday morning at XO o'clock. I f lare J. Keefcr and Samuel Kuney j have been elected delegates to repre-* seTlt the Fnyette Lutheran congrega- tion at the annual meeting of the New York Synod, which convenes at One- ontn on Monday, September 20th. Miss C, Anna McMlllen came home on- Saturday evening from Seneca Kalis, where she had been employed for some time. Hrs. Klla TYyo was a visitor at the Seneca Falls Hospital oh Saturday afternoon. It is reported that Julius W\ Hoff- man has purchased the William Sto- koe farm on the southern end ot the village; Tho\ first mrmthlv rr>i»pfinjj of the ' South Seneca Clergymen's \Club fol- I lowing tho vacation pprlorl. will be I he-Id next Monday, September 13th. at when the members of. the club A Geneva Case Tied Rechstelner, butcher, 92 St. ays: \From constant lifting and going in and out of the refrlgeiatOE I became afflicted with kidney trouble. My back wan BO lame I coufd hardly do ray work. After using a few ht JDoan'H Ktdnoy f'Hte I was ourvd of great faith In I that attack. I have Bbart's Kidney pills. 1 ' of Rev - Citizens of Amtrica ogen to the public; at Orange ' \y •'\Srat 8 o'eioik ') Mrs. Floyd Bird: who underwent an in the Seneca Kails Hospl- of last week. Is get- conditions and t o consuiw pp Prtrlrt\ ,In>r. ... ™ fln make their efforts effective. 'lection irea. til •»• how tin-; '••S.r .VI -'onj? M-s. f-loi'd \VtIllamspn have :' t' amspn have it -c I:'IP Inttcr's parents. Mr. lett has been a member of the Fiyettc Reformed church since 1856 and when in health -was one of the most faithful attendants at the services, but for the past eight years, through a taS, has been unable to go about The Fayette Reformed- c&urcb build- ing will b*e given a tho-rough cleaning on Thursday, September 16th, when the members and friertds^arfe invited to gather at the church to assfst with .the. work... Mi*, and Mra Seymour Wolf, Mrs. Effle Robbihs, Mr. and Urs/M. F. Rab- inaon, and Rev. and Mrs. Vanhee en-, tertained out of town eompariy the T>aift week. Mrs. Hattie A. Kuney and Miss Mil- dred Reed of Fayette visited Geneva friends on Friday. Fayette, Sept. 9—-Camuel Kuney has been drawn as a grand juror and Calvin 1 Btuwn and George Duich.ec have been drawn as trfal jurors to serve at the session of county court that will open at Ovfd, on Sept, 20. Mr. and Me?. Jennings who had been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Simon Stahl and Mr. and Mrs. Columbus Lambert have returned tu their home ln Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mongln « and daughter Justine of Hornelt were Labor Day visitors at the home, of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kuney.. Mrs. Ellen Hoster spent part of the week at her farm east of. the .Burgh rhurchr.\-•\-\——• —«——————— -—»-•»— Tho church Mi-vices in the Re- formed and Lutheran churches will bo omitted next Sunday on account of the pastor being away on a ten days' vacatioa. Sunday school as jsual however at ten o'clock in the morning. - -fhsrtamirr-Sett-who--came - mnner oil Monday from the Seneea Falls Hospi- tal ia getting*, along 1 nicely. Mlas Ruth Hopkins, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hopkins of the town of Fayette and Percy Beck of Canoga, were married on Wednesday evening at the Methodist parsonage. W. W. Fincer of Webster has--ar- rived in town and IS getting tlie\ lo- cal evaporator In, sliapo for taking pare of thp large surplus appfe cruy. Rev. F. A. Vanhee m'ade a trip to his farm near Auburn on Wednesday. .-.i... m-uxjid Lrart arrived on Mon- day from Pontiac, Mich., where she and -Mr, Dart spent tho summer with a SOih Sire was n.crntnpnrr'ptt trpra by her daughter, Mrs. Boyce, of Buffalo who i s helping her mother to •get her household goods ready for storage, after which Mrs. Dart will return to Pontiac where she and Mr. Dart Will spend the winter. Friends Mr. Dart's health has not been • good and that h& Is gradually falling. Since returning: Mrs. Dart has been re- WilTard, Sept. 9—Mr. and Mrs. Bert Everett motored to- Rochester- Satur- day and were.the guests of relatives over Sunday, I>r. Smith left Monday f->r a week's visit with relafitves in the Ppcono mountains. • \William Buck spent the week-end with relatives in Rochester. -.—Elmer Parker baa returned—\Creis \ his vacation spent in Buffalo., . Mrsv F. L. Warpe lias retorped from a short visit with relatives in eiovenrville. She, was acl-ompuniea home Ky her mother who will spend (some time here. f Mr. and Mrs. Trube were in £ yra^, cuse Tuesday attending- the wfedding of the±r stfn, Fr^nk. . Mr, . and Mrs. Albert . Hovey of Watkins and Mrs. Boyce and daugh- ter Louise of HorneU, yere Labor Day guests of Mr; aand- Mri?, -W. E. Boyee. Mrs. T. J,- Currie fs spending ;i few weeks with her mother at Meri- dan: ' . Mts._j|arding and daughter of It- haca were guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harding Monday. Miss Edyth Hommuil has return- ed from a visit with friends \and rel- atives at-Sayre, Pa. --• -.--•.. Rev. Byron Curtis has returned from hts vacation and conducted the Service* in Christ church and Hadley Hall on'Sunday last Misses Lizzie McMahon and .Mar- garet Wright spent Saturday in Ge- neva. Carlton Everett has returned from a few days' visit with his broth Withthe Styk, Quality and fit of Our Ccn&cJa Models forFaH. Style which attracts the eye. QuaBtf that is tljte ijestili of perfect design and the we of the verj-Wgliesfe gpdir iiiafe?^!sf isn& workmanship. Fit which insures the conHort w€ satisfaction found only in perfect fitting\ footwear: ; ' Dress Boots - - - -. - $7.91 to , m Kocnester, and has entered Ovid High School. Mr. and Mrs. J^eon Bveringham and\ children have returned from Le Roy where' they attended a family reunion Saturday. The village school commenced Tuesday. Frof. Sabin aand Mra. Turn- bull have both returned for another year. \ • • Miss Margaret Wright was the over-Sunday guest at her home in Sayre. . \ Miss Ruth Engei left Saturday for a week's trip tq Buffalo and Cetroit. Dr. and Mrs. Pettibone have re- turned from their vacation, Miles,.Chaffefi-.liad.iha.miafoctane fall and break his arm. « Mrs. Charles McGough spent sev- eral \days last week in Ithaca with relatives. Mrs. James Daly was the Sunday guest of her daughter Celia a: Rochester. _. Mf »n<t lVTrg. Mr,McGreggan left Friday for a two weeks—vacation, which will be spent in Canandaigua. Miss Mary Roark spent Tuesday at her home in Hayts Corners. Mr. and Mrs. James\ Ryan 'an d children Paul and Dorothy and Miss Nellie Tierney motored to Rochester Monday where Miss Dorothy WIR en- ter the- Normal School- for a two years' course. Mrs; Nelttts-\- Lynch has returned from her vacation spent at her Some in Mildred. Pa. Mrs. Mary Limner and son are- put- ting a new cement walk in front of their store. In brtfwn or black natural kidskin. K3gK laced patfeps,' Ud or cloth topsw Vamps are slightly shorter, tips either phm or per- •. * f i -i T ..,.;., •* : i - — -- 1 •\ ' • . KjUiiUn 01 LiOtuS Brogue Boots and Oxforils « - -* to •r For street and sport wear—Perforated wing tips^ milltaty or low walking heels. Made of selee'ed calfskiin irt mediiHii or dark brown and dull black. - OVID Ovid, Sept 9—Mlaa Elizabeth Franklin was home from Rochester for the w?ek end. of the family will regret to learn that j Birge Kinne of* Cleveland accom- panied by his aunt, Mrs. Harris and cou&n. spent several days recently at the home of his mother, Mrs. Julia. KInne. quested to teach one of the neighbor- hood schools but she feels it i s her duty to go to Pontiac Much interest centers In the uot- oome of the primary election next Tuesday and there will likely be n largo attendance of the voters at the polls that doj . • .Mr3. Jasper Howelt who last week underwent an operation in the Ge- neva City Hospital Is getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Slier Idas of Syracuse visited Faye|£e friends on Labor Day. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Reed and two children, Dayton and Doris, of Kuneytown, were v*-sltars on Mon- day at the home of Mrs. Reed's par- ents, Mr. and Airs. David Sheridan. ' Mr. and Mrs. John Gruner of B'uf- folo who spent a ten days' vacation with Mrs. Edward Brlckley, Mrs. Gainer's mother, aand other relatives and friends in this section, have re- turned fiome. Rev. P. A. Vanhee spent Monday and Tuesday at Clyde attending & Church gathering. Glenn Brown who had his lower Jaw broken when In Waterloo some weeks ago has about recovered from the accident. On account of the school room not being rrndy the opening: of the vil- lage public poned until school next has been Monday. post- Tlte painters are at work oa the build- Ing. A number from here attended the shore supper at East Varlck on Thursday evening. » Some vineyard owners In thfa sec- tion are holding out for $150 per ton for their grape crop. One sale is reported at $100 per ton and an- other crop i s contracted at $130 per ton. Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Robinson have been entertaining relatives from Canada. ; Mr. and Mrs. Joel D. Ritter and Dr. E. P, McW.iyne and daughter Ruth \are attending the Rochester Exposi- tion and the Toronto Fair. Rev. Mr. Vanhee returned on Tuee- day afternoon from attending a dis- trict conference^ at Clyde. Interesting Document Found Fayette, Sept. 9—An interesting: document has-been-found papers of the Reforme Indicates the trend iF church that temperance ' Th Jd p sentiment here years ago. The hotel directly across the street from the Reformed church had been closed for years and waa about to be soid ; and pass Into use na a prlvata resi- dence. The document referred to i s an agreement between tfte new owner and Hon. Diedrtch ^Witters who donat- ed -the new owner $25.00 - toward the purchase price o« the property on condition 'that the pufldini? wonW iievW t)g Used for i]fie BS16 Of HO.UOT and never •would be sold for that purpose. X« me parties concerned In tho agreement ore now dead and Payette is legally dry. Yeara ago there wera open In the village at one M t Raymond Pashley of Ithaca, was a week-end guest at his home in this village. Mrs. H. E. ESden and son ot Buf- falo are visiting relatives h;w-s. Mrs. Fred Smith entertained two college friends over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. H. Short have re- turned to Washington, D. C., ..after spending some time at the. home of their daughter, Mrs. H. W. Ogden. Miss Clara Caywood recently en- tertained Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wall of Dundee. Mr. and Mra. II. V. L. Jones of Dundee were recent gueests of Mrs. M. J. Bodin. , Judge George Bodine of Waterloo was to town Saturday. Mrs. Anna Frost of Brooklyn is vis- iting Miss Clara Caywood. ' Harold Hanlon of Buffalo Is spend- ing his vacation with his mother on .Prospect street. Miss Jeanette\ Horton of Utlca fs at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Horton for a short va- cation. Charles MacNish and family -J of Cincinnati. O., have returned to their home after spending several weeks in Ovid aand vicinity. The village schools opened' here Tuesday with a large attendance. Rev. H, A. Porter was in Clifton Springs several days last week. MAC DOUGALL MacDoiigall, Sept 9.—Misa Gladys Mann, who underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Geneva City Hospi- tal recently, is Improving encourag- ingly. Edw. Olschewske sprained his ankle quite severely at school on Monday last. , Nelson VanKostrand, who broke his arm while cranking their car recently. Is getting- along nicely. Mrs. M. Mann spent a part of last week ln Geneva. Rev. H. B. Sayre and Mra. Sayre of South Aurenla, N. Y^.were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm» Bird. Mr» Sayre preached at \West Fayette on Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Poftenberger spent_Saturday night with relatives In Geneva. Rev. and Mrs. Robinson and three chijdren of ShortsvIUe spent Sunday With Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nuhn. Miss Ella Fe» spent the week-end in Rochester. Rev. Mr. Robinson <of Shorlsvllle will preach at West Fayette oa Sun- day morning at 10:39. Ifts. Chas. Driscoll of Geneva visited her daughter, Mrs. Frank Case on Sunday. ^ — To Explain Platforms Seneca Falls, Sept 9.—The next meeting of the League of Women Vo- tera- will be held Tuesday evening; of next week. Papers explaining the Re - publican and Democratic platforms Will be klven at this meeting. Wool Hose in brown knd heather mixtures—^-Heavy ribbed or fine Jersey weigh't. \Onyx\ Brand.. . .. - . - , '. « Plain Sixes Coin 500 Exckanz* Sfnet, Gttntva, N. T. XXX. E SENECA FALL'S J. D. POLLARD, Agent And Cocro«poi»<lerrt O.fic*, Clary Btccfc *4f»*«*#*** Calls Mas* Matting Seneca Falls. Sept. 9-—Dr. F. B. Mi- ner of Canoga, president of the Seneca County -Branch pt the Allied Citizens, of America has called U mass meeting to be- held at Masonic Temple on Mon- day evening at 8:30. There will be out of town speakers; who triH discuss the question of law enforcement and the good government plans. All are invit- ed to attend. __ Divorces Granted Seneca Falls, Sept. 9.—At a special term of supreme court held in Kocbes,- ter Monday of last week,, Mrs. Eva M. Bartrim was .granted a. divorce from her husband, gnd tester Jaeoby of this village waa granted an absolute di- vorce from his wife* lillian Jacoby. Hon. George. F. Bodine of Waterloo appeared for the plaintiffs In cases. both Seneea Falls Brie*» Seneca FaHs, Sept. ».—Mr. and Mr«. Robert Gott of Flint, Mich., are visit- ing his sister, Mrs. WiBfam Barton, fi» West Bayard street Miss Jennie McDonald, who has ^^SS£&fiS%^ 'Adirondaclts, fractured her ankle Mm»- day and her slater, Mfes Agnes Jtto- Donald lett to be with her. Mr and Mrs. George Haubner xor Rochester were week-end guests of **%?*£***». Fred WUcoxen of Oawego were Labor Day guests of U Belcher has resumed hlT iwactice after complete recovery his recent operatiea a* the Sea- gett, who has been spending some time with his graiidpare'iits, re- turned^ home with them. Rev. O P.Wtiay Q£ the ^irst Pres- byterian atarrcrr of Huron, j;N, X, rt preacft at the Reformed, cliurch next SunSay moining Rev. MR. Bisugrrton wffl occupy the pulpit ot Mr, \Wildy's (Church; at Hmron. Mr. satA Sirs-. John £CKK have re turned home fl-om an outiiig tp Os- wegp and the Thousand Islands. Mrs. Augista Welkes and son, Chauneey. of California, are visiting relatives- here;' Rev. William Ondor&ank. aad IMBss Mary Birasey attended tie Baptist Assaetetiess at CStnaMdafguat last week. Mis* Helen B^nrttegs of Sa-vanaah will teach the Bower* school tftis year. Mrs. David Bnofrwrin »mt onrr Ttmr; a S^H» Bospttal Schuyler J. Huff of Kash.ua, N. K. ia vtsittaff his? sister, Mrs. Spencer J. Royston to Chapel street. Miss Katherme WaU« of KreehoW. KL J. was the guest this-xeefe of P. W. Waller and MiW Emma Waller In •Gtoea street, while on her way to Lar- amle. Wyoming, where she ?sm teach S. MacDonald and brldaTof West \Point are spending a fpw flavs -with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence MaeBenald in West Fafl street.. . _^_± *. ' • . Rec«iv«* Commitaiqn wjpaptatn Seneca Fall* Sept_ 9.-Word n«r Seneca Falls, p been received here that Soper has «*elve4 a jD ua te the U. «. f**°7 fcW as effective ai« te the U. «. ^my. t»rt. Soper is a graduate ot Mya- Academy andjtha ^versi^«« t d 1 !««» a -Vermont and 1«» !)««» g ^p taln ta the reserve army at Ba» Hoa- pital 41, since his return from service v* p oversea*, son. are fn> Rochester thl* week tending the- Exposition. - Marian Van Araclate spent part of t k fth fid t last week wfth Falls. p p friends to Seneca Fallowing: -were callers recently at the home of Mr. And BEnr. David. Goodwin: MK, an» Mn. John Sher- man, daughter Marlon antl two Mends, son tt«.rrjKt. and Te# Slencll, and Mrs. Ha Stelnhurst at ^tgaches- ter, Mr. and Mrs.' SOIL Rsamer and Mr. and Mrs. Jahii WUlfarns of Savi nah, Mtss Anita Suter of Geneva and Mrs. Bmmett Kaston of Seneca. Fails. Officer* Elect** Magce. Sept 9—Th» Christian E&i- deavc-r Society at tbe Baptist chnrcn hld' bl ti Sd ^ —Jtmi.llf mwrenm Geneva ware Sunday callers it th« home her«t~ \ C. % Homeland has been enterUlO- Ing hfa sfsteipi Miss Myrta Well»*«B<r Mrs. WHOM, he r husbana and »# Fulton. p a bualneaa meeting- Sunday a. at wfiieir SRB ^IIOWIBIE, wf- fieera were elected tar t&e coming; year: President. HCaTolet iDeal; vice* president, Gilbert Av«ry; aecretaryi Oswald Kelley; treasurer, Marlon Van Arsdole; organist^ M&rlant V«a Arsdale. CANOGA Mutieal Social Canoga. Sept. S.—A musical sookt is to be given in the ehurcli on evening of next weekv September' lifei under the auspices of the I*adles' Aid. John King of Waterloo, Earl Self;fried and Miss Margaret Short of Seneca Fall bid h tj qi tii gaet Short of Seneca Falls besides other tajont wqi partici- pa.te in the recital, \ Canoga, Sept 9.—tfno Blue&lri olasa will meet «a Sat«may afteriicol} ot this week with Miss PUoena \Wacte far work on articles for their Christmas MAGEE Magee, Sept, *— Mr. and Mrs. Air pbeus EMgctt and chlldrefl, Mary ana Mr. and Hrs. ,G«orga Lwanaon and Kenneth of Utlca, spent the week- son. Mr. and Mrs. Webster Eunev and end with Mrs. Edgetf a, parents, Mr. older son, anfl Mr. and Mra. Henry and I~rs. Fired Strong 1 . R6«c0e Ed- Hause and sons motored to Softus on Evelyn Swenson. th e infant daugh- ter of Mr. {and, Mrs. .Swonson, wa s burled in Csuaoga cemetery a n Sunday. Mrs. Ada Frank has been entertain- ing heir mother over the week-end, Mr. and Hr». s G«orga MY d M Wbt Saturday to\ •penf \the we Xalior Bay frtcarirp there. Mr. Arid -ZM&gr.tirariett P near Geneva, *ere Sunday r Mi-, and Mrs. Li L. Bfeinger M .«ta.agbten , -. Mr. and? 3ir&> Jpoui* JfcKevltt U , Waterloo and: MM- Jrei« Bowftttr #1 Mendbi w&^ bave beea caujtoj*^! cottage, near Cayug*.' la**; . werftyistiwjt last ThurMiy*tt { an'S Sfrs. Ik I* Disinor «*l| j Jffir^and Jfr»- MlckelseB eaforteii^ oyer-Sunday their patents, ife: m* Mrs. DoiuieHy of Phelps and othtr relsttivesk. Mm* Harry Brawn, has tm* enur- tainff h*r ftiend, Miss, fiaabvir «* Rochester. : sClffiBt: febariea. Devpe 1M » j tKeu: gruest ayetr Labor daj; ft*- brother^ ttarrPewoe of Auburn. : Jtr. Sylvester of rra hag beeM»«i*- „ in a;, few days at the bone ot Jur >\ hter/tos. Ifaynard, Beck. . . and Mf* MM*\\ TmittHBt» : '» te snljj«t«i 10 m luge eiose.\ • . .•Bt tt ia poairbte, fi thtm ta tont-mtm of tins felon Jo8« by ,pK»tfjctin« «a tt<mtt* , contact -with al*. - lift Rfgtit.€»f. u Boesf«^ M Mfi'.it' Ml r . S'6u

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