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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, August 06, 1920, Image 3

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5.2 ^ JL±s_i \ )E^Z^ it > *v JuL .tv^L-^4, ^^.4*,^v; )TO5«, H FUlDiY, ATJGWST 6, 1920? . .PAG® *mtl 1 1- r^r *-. *;'?«* 'W s the strong ^#5gf ^ p Rochester? *fe;Sto.<55- Eark Mlhe yisttr ing team- is rated as ^one of the, strongest In Rochester agd. should give the gt&ssmfew stheijr, hardest game of jthe-season. •'-•\ ; -;•••>- -.---.---T -t'-4 i ^-'\•vpanjE'i-Epyee^sitaT- -.••southpaw •*-ofc; the Sjoeovoutflt* ,VrlU tie baolc .on.' the mound ' tSrnorrqw with Koopma© •worKKgr -^rajartirc jps. ~~ \Wang* has been travelling, ajong-jn great Btyle for the past fe^ ' weeKS ana with. ffainga breaking 1 right 'fomox* row lie shcTuia.have little trouble in turning the- Rochester outfit back,, Th« stands at the ' Earjf. ate now readi' and one jat.thei.taigert .crowds of the stsason Is >expeete& fir witness the gajae. . '-' ;•' '•', , .' .•• . - 4 * • •-* • • • • .* •'• *\••• • • ^ ^L LEAGUE i + -* Rochester, Attf;. 6Coirthttu? •where they left offjn the second half of Wednesgayir\^tdttble-header \Picfc Hoblitzei's Niftnatica. povradetjL Frank Collins, local Bemlrpro, io*-4hree dou- bles and a singje in the ftfst Inning of ystcrdav'g- pairie with the Colts. That Bhowed that Frank was...done oy au rules of organized ball, but Manag Arthur Irwin kept him In for the wholc-~game\rbeca he .dldiilt have -anyone else to do the hurling;;. Twelve: hits, five of them doubles, came after that inning, and the result was never In doubt, the.final tally being Akron ?, Rochester SL Bochester\\..... ..'. ... 0 0 0 0H> 101—3 n,,^T ' \ w\ » >>. i nnn 9^-jt Batteries— Collins aud l * and fanning* Konnick Msik aH Syracuse, Aug. ' 6—Fmnk Qulnn pitched poorly for the Stars yesterday, and Reading took the last <£;ain.a of the Borles, 8 to.-8, getting an, oven break on the four played. Mike Konriick led l^lt • • • • • * • • • • • • • • • • * J HOW THEY STAND * • INTERNATIONAL UEAGUE. Yesterday's Result*. Eeadlng '8, 1 Syracuse 2. • Toronto 13; Buffalo 1 • Baltimore 9, Jersey tjity B.. • t ScheOuled' for Today. • Rochester at Jersey City • Buffalo.at Reading •> • Toronto at Baltimore. ,, • S netClf olre^ys^lt hiuider, putting the ball oat «jt \the lot twice. His home run''in 7 Hie sixth, w iih two. on, ,oyer the ecore. board, h;is the-record Wow- lor Syracuse's jtill uncompleted Ball park. DomUspn,' Wter going sixteen times to bat with- out making a hit, clouted safely In the ninth. Since the Stars returned home Cai-istrom' and Jordan haven't struck a. blow, Scow,: Beading ............. 101018101--$ 'Syracuse 0<M> OD 0020^2 Katteries-T-Kar.ppand, Cotter, Qulnn\ and Casey. • **-'!. \• — Clean SvvMp For Bird*. Haltlrapre, .Aug. ' S-VCftittlnK, \Stmm behind under .a.-four-run Jtiandic&ny Baitlniore won yesterday afternodh'ir eamop ,9 to 5, making it d. cleaii sweep of the series. Baltimore made five errors in the openis* J»iipd;_9pore: Baltimore .;... X2tfO»fOu»—9 Jersey Citfy .,..,.. 4.; 40O0«%(M>i~5 ^artrie iU Cl^ son, GUI an&Freltay. ; Leaf a Slaughter Biioni. Buffalo, Aug. 6—Strath. Duffy's Maj>le ; a Trio*o \of* Bison lagWerear aTfal i>J fflaon hurlers for twenty-hits and ihirteenf -• St.' laouia .......45 rung In the final game; of the seHes here yesterday, winning 13 to f. Buf- Jalo also* did a lot of .dajmage at bat, put before theyr^oould get a htirler *o halt the Toronto wreckers the game was gone beyond recall, his vla:t«s over ft dozen Jlai three frames, tut were held safa when !Heltman-took the mound* aYter the £ourth. O'Rourke led tjiB>ttaok with * brace of triplets, two sissies and a waft In six times up., Sc ire: Buffalo ,...,,«,»r*«f*JH>«il20 0^-^7 * *<** 011 0-13 Batterfes^Gordl •Ryan aiia_.5evJne. Ureche Yale Froth, Coach New Haveni Conn;, Auk. 6—Chester I*roehe of Boston has been appointed? u of. the 1 e »-= ^ ^ -J^Wjftr^J**!** ' w J» • ^ ^ •leven for this aeasom Be. prepares Xor college at Exeter and has played quarterback and nslfbadfc thr» sea- ions. He graduated • ltaf Juno. + • • * 8tandinu of * the Club» • Baltimore 69 32 Buffalo .........66: • 36 • Toronto .......\.66 S8 • Akron ...........-«4 »9 • Beading ........50, 65 • Jersey City .....39 62 • Bochester ......31 70 • Sycaetii9e- rV.-iTs.-i24- W NATIONAL. t • New York, 2, Chicago.1 i,;, ,\ • Plttsburg 8, Brooklyn %\ >• • Boston I*. St JJOWB 0. 4fJ$i -• • Cincinnati'T, fchiladelphTa 0Z • •'- Scheduled for TayC>' • Chicago at N[«vir • St. Louis at Boston. • Cincinnati' 4 at JPRilap • Plttsburg at Brooklyn. • 8t«ndlniTof tho Club* •—=—.. . • '.- -ffott lost' P. .683 • .647 •\; .635 • .622* ..476 • .386 • >307 • -JXl -•-!-• ' • I * Fay Bow» and Andes Teams Clash Tonight JThe Industrial League garrie sche- duled for tonight will bring together -finr—aunto-Itadiator—aad—the—Fay • Bow-Sunjmit teams at, Gulvin Park. The .Fay-Bo'w team has\ been travel- ling along at a good pace In their last few games but owing- to bad breaks at critical stages they have come .out on the short end of the JJB,—™3Sia.^AjuLesJ_tiav<e --OM of- the most promising teams in tho league and should give •»%ood account of themselves against the. boatmakers tontghb The game will be called at the usual time with Harding handling the Indicator. • ••••,•••••*••*••* LEAGUE* « * • • * * • • ••• • * • Detroit, Aug. 6—Babe iXuth drove Out his thlrtyrninth, home; iun of the eecson yesierday when, he wade a cir- 1|55uit Sffiut.ptt-IEhTiike In the second inning of the Tankee Tiger same, It looks'as If the Babe wag ehy a few near .the first of toe season ^hen ho said ha. would get forty home\ 1 runs or bust. ' + OUIiAWS SEEKING McINNIS AND HOYT Oil City, Pa., Aug. 6—It \taas learned •Oil -City baoebalt club quietly over to Detroit, where tfee Boston Red Sox have been playftig, and signed John. (\Stuffy\) Mclnriis, first base- 'man, and Waite Hoyt, the youijj; right hande'd pitcher. He- says M>'.lnnl8 and Hoyt have agreed, to jump oecausc Oil City will pay them mire than they are r.eceiyteg. J^SM MAY APPOINT BOXING COMMISSION TODAY • Brooklyn 68 HA .569 • • Cincinnati S3 42 .658 • •^New •SotiT ••*...61 4B .631* • Ftttsburg .......Bl - 4S .581 + •i .Ei Cg «9S • B4- 60 67 • Boston .... i... .41 • Philadelphia, ....39 • AMERICAN ufiAGUE. • .Yesterday*. Result*. • Detroit 7, New Yorkl. • Boston -4, • St. touls 2, •Washington 1. • Scheduled for Today •;Nevr York at D«rSit. • Boston at Chicago. • Philadelphia at Cleveland. • WaShington~at fet. Louis. • Standing of th« Club* .455* ,451 • .407 + •> • \ • •• • • • • • • Cleveland •• ,Kew Tfork ......87 5 Chicago *63 • •Washington 46 freghriian-football- ^Stt—Louis-^, XosT 84 41 40 60 • Bostion i,-»,*«,,44 • Detroit .........88 • Philadelphia ....31 .663 • .613 • .612-• .479 • - .485 -•- •449 • 8 • _ two-base hits being, the best sixty bat-; B4 61 71 .104 ••••••• .384 • • Afternoon, Aug. 7th •. tyceum St. and r Stdd-Letts-j^rk a stan4$ segt -$oo peopte comfortably gfld^^ every^ sealft^rijl^es^^^^jew ojt thy gjanc % is also plenty of parEng-spacefor automobiles and for a few cars alongside the stands back of the backstop. Game Called at 3:30 O'Clock ^lil ii 4UJL. f f icjkct$ sola lorlfitly 34th and Jidy 31st game*, were called off on atcount of rain, will be good ttan|orrow, st. . . Threatening'weat'ier and, tie- lpwly position of the Timers co:ril)ined to hold the attendance down. In spite of this lask of home support, ine junga.- leers won by a 7 to i margin. There was some ragged baseball, the tti th fS a -Albany, Aug. 6—Governor Smith said yesterday that the personnel of the new state athletic commission and the Ucenslfig-GGminlttee-thart will liayo \supervision over boxing ,bouts proS- ably would be announced by Saturday and possibly todayC _ \\' •••••••••••••«••* • NATIONAL LEAGUE • :*•.\ <\. . \; .0 * • • •'• • * * •-• • • • • * + • New Tork,'. Augv 6—-Dave Bancroft accounted for the only Giants' runs yesterday with a. triple in the sitxh inning. His bingle sent .two iruns in, however, enough' to take the nrst was some raggd b, ^ perpetuating three errofS and eoSne bpn nve •work. The Yaatiks-got °nly4 Chicago', EIJin'Ke, ' \ \~ was hit hard. Score: _..: New York ..... 0 10.000 0 0 0—1 5 3 Detroit 0 Qfe 10 0 5 *-~7 1* 1 Batteries—Shawkey and Hannah and Ruel; Ehmke and Stanage. \* Sftocker Be*ts ShaW.\ St. Louis,, Aug. 6—SI, g defeated Washington here .yesterday in. the\ opening game of the series; 2-4o 1. Washington BcOred first in the third when Shocker momentarily weakened. For the balance of the game the- St. Louis ace held the visitors safely. Lit- tle haid hitting was- in evidence, two ters 6ould do. ' Score: \Washington ..-Ofll^OO 0 00—1 fi St. Louis 000001001—1 13 jBatterleg— Sha^w and Shocker and -Severid. Gharrity; Plain 'Johea Fools Sox. Chicago,Aug. 6—Reaction from the Babe Ruth cejeSvation was apparent ^esterday^ Both^ in the stands and on- the field at Coniisky P'ark there was no need for clamor for an official esti- mate'of try attenaaHcg,- and: 'tfie \WriRo Sox sucoumed to the \wiles of a pitcher who wore Red Sox and th& common place name of Jones by a score of 4 to 2. At that the Gleasons.made more Swatg off Jones thfin the visitors from Beantown got on! Ciccotte, but a cfus- ter.of f»ar safeties in. the third, lim- Ing decided the battle. Score: Boston ..-...,. »03000010—* S 1 Chicago flOOOOOJJl 1—2 _8 1 Batteries—Jones - and Waiters; Cl- cbtte and Schalki ' Carter- Oil for Lubrication. Experiments made. duritSK^ ttafi ferf Indicated that castor oil is without doubt the best lubricant for fasWun- hlng motors for aerial Bervlee, TJo >to a point Various blends of mineral and Vegetable oils did well enough, but none of these wasfound capable of answering> the supreme tests of sustained flight under a wide range of temperature and varied atmospheric conditions., Na-, ture\ BoiHeBow, had endowed th* castor oil with characteristics that -we*e ; Bins gularly and strikingly united* as U the .wants of mechanical flight had been curiously .anticipated. in\ Snata.thft castor bean has flourished -naturally tot untold years and hafl been Jto a 'number of qg castor beans ate game of their series away from the Cubs. Barnes pitched rlne ball, allow- ing only two hits, one being a triple bv Deal. ~ Score: ...^ fl New Yotjk ..... 0 0 0 0 OS 0-6 «—2 4_ 1 Batteries—Vaughn and D*a 1 yj Barnes and Snyder. Reds Score a Shutout. Philadelphia, Aug. 6—The Philad«l- hias ran a very poor second tb the fieds Jn the flrs* teg ©f. ihete few- \cowiered series which started yester- day. Seven to 0 was the final count. Moran's Beds took a commanding lead when they rocked and socked Hubbell for six runs in the first five innings. Tliey put over so much rough stuff that Hubbell was removed and chased to the club house in the fifth §.r# ^Enmann «d- in for him. Adolfo Luque, the Cubanola curyer, was in rare form and allowed but three hits. No wonder the Philadelphias could not score, Rd f h pas coud not score, ^Phe Reds fell on Hubbell's hiirling In the? fifth and, aided by some poor guesses by TJmpiro Harfigpn, shoved four tallies over the-ptatter. Score: Cincinnati . Philadelphia OfllUQIOO—7 11 ffOOdp 0,0.00—0 3 •a-i^-Mvi^frkJiy » • , v v v v v VyiV V V V u « Batteries—iiuque and Wihgo; Hub- -beH7~3Bnzmanrt and Wheat. -'- Dodger* Lo«e in 10th. Brqoklyaj Aug. 6— In an extra inn- ing battle yesterday, Pittsburgr won out over the Jtobins in the tenth inn- ing, breaking the tie 1 With three runs. Garey started the-mUy with a single, South-wojrth, walked and Whatad beat out a ; close one, filling the Bases. Cnt- shaw pushed- Wp across with a single *«{«J^i&i!:E „ ,.,-J hotaia with the^third. Score: PitWburjf .... 10(H)30 010 3-^-8 12 .0 Brooklyn .... fa 0 0 3 0100 0—5 12 3 Hamilton and Miller ««ia= ,&\> - % in Your Small Car i. l^^i|*?^ffH Ly U ' Tin *: It is tire perflprmance, not price, tbsit decides what yt>u really pay; hence, k do not experiment with, fires made to sell at sensationally low prices. 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AAJN A H> / I 3^ V *'i \ NOTICE TO CREPlT0H3w Pursuant tc an order of the Surrogate's Court of the County- of Qntar!<3, notloe la hereby jriveri to all persons having claims against' Jolin U, i<urweii.> ime or the-City of Geneva, Ontario Obunty, State <>t New York,- deceased* to pl:eS0>lt tho same with the vouchers theWof, to the undersigned, administrators at tho law ffi f W Sith O'Bien at No 60 g Office of administrators at tho law Smith O'Brien at -No. 60 iu ti'iC' i b Office f Wi rn t N. 0 §enefca-street,-tienevu, sti.'iC..' oil vr be- fore the 15th day of NoVettrbor, J2O ~^~~~ ' JOH'NBFanWEli JOHNBran MAKJORIE jJ Dated May- 12th, 192U. ONTARIO COUNTY CbtTHT: Albert B. ^dllliirtiff ys, pdwwd Oay.and - —\ i Clnra Gay. defendants. - r By vlnns of a judgment of foreclosure and sifle granted in the above entitled ac- tion, and entered on the 3ist day of ?ulyi 1920, in the office of the Clerk of Ontario County, at Canand&lsua, JJ, X., I, the un- dersigned, Alexander W. Sklnnes, a re- feree duly appointed in this action-for such purpose, will sell at public auction a tfaifiaitli d of Anitt H2Q t tn tbflC2fitli dsyr of Augus 3^20, at ten o'clock in .the forenoon of that doy r -at tho front okor of the Geneva City Hall on Castle street in tho city of Genova, N. Tf.: ALL THAT TRACT OB PARCEL OP .Land situate in the city of Geneva, On- tario County^ yNew York, bounded arid described as follow^: Beginning fit a pplnt on the north line of East North street about two hundred and ninety-two ^292^_and..B»10ieet : .fa>atlieJR»tlieast corner of Sweeney'avenue and Bust North -street, which point is the southeast cor- ner of lands of one Cutter, and running thence northerly along said Cutter's easi thie about two hundred and -twentyheight (228) feet to lands Of one Dornn; thenco tl lXKan!a. aoutii Jine_ iorty- ) ft t it s. (228) fe easterly aloniLXKaan!a. aoutii Jine_ iorty three and 8-100 (43.08) feet to a. point; thence southerly arid parallel with the first course hereof and forty-three and 8-100 (43.0B) feet distant inerefrom about two hundred, and twenty-sight (228) feet to the north line of hlast North street; thence westerly on the north line of East Nth s&t fttie^na'Siefr <*3O8^ thence weste North s&eet fertytiwee^naSefr <*3iO8^ feet to the place of beginning-. Being Lot Number Two (2) a$ laid-out on a Map of the Ellen A. Sweeney lots, Geneva, New York, which said Map is on file In Ontario County Clerk's office. Dtd At 2 1920 n Couny Clerk Dated August 2, 1920. ALiBXANDER W. S. 6'BRIEN, 'Plaintiff's Attorney, No. 50.Seneca. Street, Gfeneya; N. T. . i SKINNERv Beferee. American Association Milwaukee 1, Columbus i, T4iledo»*4, St. l»au'F : 8--it innings. Louisville 5,.Kansas City |,._ : p J • Muta.Wation Blanks Card*. ^Boston,\ Aufc 6-^Tohn Watson won\ his flrSt shut out £ame for Boston yes- terday by, holding St. liOuis to four hits\ giving the Braves a 1 to 0 di- «|sioftr—^he solitary run -was scored in the second inning Ion a pass to Holko, his force at second by Boeckel, who stle that ba ath ed: , f secn by who stole that base, ana-thea scored,: on Maranvllle'S'8inglo*fo right. Pow-1 ell!s-fleiaing was* briUlant. He caught; «teht flies Score: n flies. as b Score: ^, 0-i-OOOOOOO—1 6 > corded, nor are her exports of beans and.-Alt an Index Of the rneasiirt jftfjthe ln«it!bry t JtoPly^ bec^ttBe tftp people of IndlS ns<»~eriornious diiantl- ties of th« oil for 'floniestic seryfees. ••- —••••' ; in.- . -H|> y\ :.••''-\ AmWcan Brt*kfa«t«, %. poutiriboyi. The FreBct%c.o&l{S could nevelr grt In line with the American breakfast wall demanded bype Atnerfcan 6 It -BaitSJples^-WatBqtt and O'Neil; Br 436odwln . and Clemons. J\\ :i \i~' T \\ -•»\•'• ''— '— -i To Man»Qft Virginia -Team. ^_^ 6—Joseph Prozellen ttntteriy ni&nager qj the Hornell team in. the Interstate League, lias accepted a position as manager of the Durham, i Yftt^diil i4h iJ ... report.Jheie. mediately. Joseph Lohr, formerly, manager of the Jamestown team ln^the Interstate, is *n mnptre in (he same Manchrtter v». Auburn 8unday. JtwieKerteri. AHB. •*-*«« heft™, gedun tryTb^^^~|»meO^~th•BeaBonW ; billed for Vhowere e*ne« t» Franceaunng xnej ^^ genii-pro b* Auburn. A y,xt. The ITrencn breakfast con8lBt», gaai6 ,, erleg W<U| arr ^ nf ea ( Miu.v-«.»» of a rollanl coffee, wWIetbe Americana -winning the tint fame at Auburn last \ ' • \•'• *•\ \ ~ l*«ifcT*>i» ^^ in Rochester , Automobile School, 44 Cortland St. National Automobile SchooL China, fllasswnr*, and Sllrernare. \~ ~\ Dyers, Tall«rs, 64 North. 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