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Rebels Wary Esca for a Carranzistaa. Believe He ps Merely Trying .$* Being Mawed in Preparation &WM Fast Waning Power of Mexico City/acsqraiag Jo advicesreiushi^ 1 ifemerieaift^ ficials here todak~ TliKfd^ices stated tliatlheta#0rwai taken by therebels i3iis moiwing. _ No word wm reeefoed ak to Erftfwfonf.tforiffiqfeti: '.:\: Agua Prleta, £onoras ./MV\l»iAv'reisn' : Of terror nuedj%ar^,:£ity accnrding' to official advice \received from rebel •Beats In the -Mexican capita);- today, ^General C^e^^jminaBa^Wi^cntef- •f the liberal cpnisJlfuti^at'Jlts,,s ' h i- Detalls of the^l^^toilfclftiSto havs' . desperate eff^r^tpljnisjsfbian bis re- time, are lack^^|n.;thanveagm di»- •atches pf tb^*eM.fififoi*r}f secret According to on«;of to^ay^s^crrj!*, messages, to rtvoljtions^^^au.. t«a. General timmu&tfkef&tiftoi, kand military cotnraandejrys^aire&ing 5 , the reign of ter^JliiOTroiSfim citizens are reported victims? of M» persecution. - : ' •£;,;' < _. '/•.' 'J f Whether the situation \had deve}- •Ped to a point of bloodshed couldnot be learned today. *• -*\ .\\ % ». - -.' -.-- * J \ • Guadalajara, view hep!* JxW, reported Washington, May , 8i-?Bep61*B/thafc wbels have taken Mexico jGltaMda«qtfeto toe surrounded.\^ were currentiece- tkia- afternoon; but were without confirmation. The State Department,had not re- ceived confirmation of ;the- report, at a late hour this afternoon, • • • \ > To Miirgutei Carrarixt* on May 3rd; tfsslgiied the tjwic o*.defending J4e*lc«. City from the .rebels advancing from Morelo* on. the south and Chihuahua onvthe north. HiaiHtiB^oa \iflajjeirai Wgne* Is Interpreted by revolutionary agentsjiere as an adinisslori that the army at Guadalajara, is-lost-ttT'ine federal cause. «X •'<,. ''\\'.-'' '-' P. ' •qt Deputies of the federal district ol! -. ,-T-.,;r-v~*- i ^-^r' \\--.-- JM^oo lias aeda^l^ 1 ^vw.ojt\ ( \ t .ther been imposed b> #e»JdeM <3a*hMiiia j« ^e^xdutlen*.- acordlnfr :io * messajp^ received by General J.-^^Ij^bacK .plfc the. rebel ' '^ctBi/ttii^W^a^u '*•-'-\ Ki Paso, May 8—President Carransa and his ministers are trying to effect an armistice with the rebels. General Martiz declared. Tfie rebel!) a?e iyary, •elieving Carranza Is trying io - delay the rebels' movements while. he makes Sis ejscape from th* capital, - : ~'i~^ \\'*\\\• General Menjuera is saiq'to. bave token the capital of Oa*ao*.fc«t,tiM rebels. General Castaneauvlt . tfa> J* reported, has taken, the catii of-the revolution In the state otTefen#*ib&ecr New towns in Miehoaonn ara aSpfiftett. to have gone over to the- wfeiV> --'^ •'* News of General (^adefeape^Ba*^ enez, federal commander at' ^«rVcft¥ going over to the revolution^ -j^chetf »ere , H e is sa id to havej ta«en thf whole state on behalf' of the raVblk Hon. \' • Washington J^J^-The Stat* B»^ |»*tjJ9«nt today, started \ an Inveati- -• llM in r • to.,- detjsi5lnl&|. IheK.-jjtatpa.iO* feerairiuhlcatlon hei^e^ [pli^oJjL-; .i^\an''4..-'iJei<0Q. '•' dfaa/iiuS#^$fe3shi~i 3?at0e» ffisid- Meilco . Glty,.^* flie .State Depajftrneht for? 4t?» 4ay* }«fl- aome ofllciali -£q'helleve'* that com- naunications may have' \fiefri. cut. Con-' •ular agents-on the border haye been iasked. ta» • determine; whethfer- 55dm* Jniunloatlofi)*'ar<! open, •-' ,* •-'•' \D'nae> : 5o^irtireK!elveo; ftwnt^^ta^ In tha Hadaoni ^RJver, New York, andateamed for Key Weat, pifc, where tney wlUbe In remdirteaa to rush to the Mexican; coast on short-notice; The tix torpedo^ destw^e^orae^a^uf^aro the^Bhe^ 3Putnam»>B«wda ana Raid, and. they are iaccoinpanled try tha rnbther snip Black Hawk. In the Insert 1» ahown Captain ,8, A, tanf, -of-tha Bl««k H$wl^ yriia ft.In oottunan^^ the^fleet-ordered to Key West.. Ha, held a long .conference with Secretary of the Navy Daniels &nd ^^Irat ^mlaWT4for« leavlhg-. •.••-.*•• ••..--' - : .•••-••• r -. •-•.';• -;•.--•---.-. -•— -.:•• - •-.•:••• • : .. < - •-• - : -.--. ior Poliih Forces At- tacked tbe Citj on London, May •»—Th« HusaUn Boviat forces have evacuated tha important cltjifof Kieff, accordnur iofc-wltelejai! dispatch, picked np: here today, and \ ven^ou Wjy^the-British Admaralfy.':^ ^Superlor t Polish force» — atUckad southwest an4 hortHwert-of \.the oil* ;^urada^ ^Ifht\ tiie.mt^aeas-.at^atc^ atated, JPhe attacks trere' repulsed, but tfl^ur iprcea.were ordft^fciiitti- Emilio Salinas, a'brother-ln.,lajr>oi carranua, ,/ho reached Juare* ' last ^Wht, earns Into ETPaso- toSlayy -\IBS •\d he had been accorded apjendlcl treatment by the rebels, ' $ureti! $n$i1&6&S? bfS Hiies^Hia - fi»rn> ;|ji6 big Hotel Emerson at a n early hour !today whe» Are. bfoke:36ufciJn*'# cjoth- Ing company's store, tyta doors 'away, xle.tfotel.waa hot damaged hilt sinpke entered some pf the rooms.- I^our* ^a«a^^^h^h-ttie-llTe-^r|^^; , tt ^ im x aaeerding to tha.newa- El Paso, Tex., May S^Be^eJ, tr«i)^ «n route to Chihuahua. .Olty continue to pass through Juarea^tncee 4 tro^ nains having already- deparie'a,--^e1e1t ! todere, it is reported toe>ei td^ay* are^'i »Pidly assembling their t6#es:*f6r the drive which_is_«frrfrteffW^eafe WB last remaining power,oi.th^Car'- •anzistas in northern -^MA den- «ai b<rrano, it has bfeW aMoUftceaV to^.T man . d tbe mlWary-fdtiea at huahua City. Dirpct wirg Jimin.z. Tarrai •as bct-n connefetiont\ -between' and Chihuahna City fj tr.,i„ f r o m Chihuahua ..Of^ 16 2£T arriv - ed last night '-w4awa« thai S„ T * iaw of Presiaen$.-CaTr a ti«a; . toS?. is c . Beekin ^ aaaittanee 'to-tfe «*JtP d s.ates as a reftigee.' •ortl?,'\\',' 1 ^ ntonio •VilWeat.lt.ls-re.' i; bein£ b \«aea-a#^fcr&sl . ~MW> Rovernor of- announc^thSPtne P6W*. Mve cut —\•— ^ige forty mlies^from Kleff, •^en* the. whole r«trea*~6f' :ae*a6vte,f:army, At the 1ke^S4a»tt»vmfm^¥VfAit^ at tW Utoralnlanf \dlpftnnatlo* miaaion ^•oM«erm! Ealtlraore, Md., Way S—One nrenaaa. -and ia,movCJgf'^h-sotledulev. J--;^#:.: Vienna,' May, fj-^The Polish dffeiwive; agaiflst^soviet jRassla is a direct re-* suit of the A'llles, agreeing; at the Sail: andjto sfolk and aurroundlng prdperty Is estimated at fiOO.OOO: '9Che,cause of Jgjai fire has hot ;|«3n determined. JERSEY FOR WOOD •JwerwcaJ*^ •s Trenton. N. £» ilay 8—-New-Jersey wilt tenS-jS dologatca)-tcr the Repubj[l- \cfin national cqntferBion: pledged ^to TOte for afajor General l*eonafd Wood, ind IS delegates pledged ,to_voto for, Seaatdr Hftam Johnson, according t 6 a Hat of delegates at, lafge* astha delegates, njad'e.pu!puc at the office of the sedre.; taqry of state tdday., ' : , Knox Peace Resolution glV Be <^l]^rf l UplMo^jay •.^ashingtori. May S-^-Th.^ • JfnoX' pejtce. resolution Is to b6 c'alied -»lp =Mpin., Monday when>,£enatoi' ^Qiim* be'r'yf North 3Bakota ; fniid rABftr^attoi Tiglffiivtfip^^fl^a^SgiVft-Pefieel- paper Isvestla. of Moscow. The Isye» tia claims to possess Information that the Allies tp'ok'lljch occasloa . Hutte^L'tb Be Republican ' Candidate for Governor White Plains, JHL% May 8—An_-, wuncainent was made today that-Rep- resentatlse Jamfti-Vfe Hiistefl df'Peeks- kIH, will b4-a,.c^g'laate-for the nohi Ina^off jf^j^ferjfatrof' J^w York a» the BepnSi^^JtB^rProjnlneniKe''-' puMlcanS_j^no*|r backing ^, 'bgoai-in his favof.-'%pres.entativi9'ilusled is a' •son^of ^he:lai»1-%mi»s Hiisted. noted .EepubjUcfa ieader! WJJO was known'as the. \bald' eagle\ of Peesldii. . - i„;u,-,;r -1.,., ml'-: «.-»—« , ,Post Declares Charge* Against Hun \Frame Up 1 Leaders Have Reached Ten- tative DURING CONVENTIONS WBen It Reconvenes It Will FaceaConiidcrableLcg- \..^1ililive~Pro«r«m. ' Vf^asMrigton, MayV-««-rrhe work of ejMhe national con? Vlnttoja^iii ur*cti.ca,lly completed to- ^fe g^;* ..ittWftsi yfor\**rSces» aiibiainant'-Ioday /oV : i'rece»« beginning l^ole^-ajjsoraf^ir^ a Wireless dispatch frtifcifoiiicipTf, afeked Wat';Beirllir jt&0 forwarded here today. • v\- ' i '- *^V - 1 ^.^%fbviet governmentia'reptij'SiJ'tb' bavaibegnh trahsporting* fSo-' higlejjt' part of its Siberlatf ar«y; weatwlTrd^^P Pttf 'altHnat the ^Pdles, All ^pfker* ^h^lnout soviet Auasia*' iha-^e peeri ^pff juftder >arnis «fnd wffi he sent 't^iiilw'eatSrn: frSniV\the' aispatch 1ae- aa^^'^v- •.-.---.••?*-.••. 5p^' BStcii*fge Telegraph' t'dtspaten. from Pafis stated thai the. Ukrainians •n^ntaltt the Houfe.;ltt\-sission after Miy:• j|'-ttfedaR * iNsntlin^W^i^rtanient to ict,.«nV!P6rife^hc;e^epojpta but to taWup nov new.-legislattldri; A de- ifielehcy fp*proprlatio» b^ yet to he acitedt upon by the BCoua* la the last legislation-thsit body.- Wlu; \aeMipon be- fore the conventions.' aefcording to the presen^'p^w ofiheleaa^ When- Congress reconvenes after the conventions it-probably will face a con- siderable leglsfattlye-program. It Is ex- pected,thft the conventiona will In- ing the past month, wera j;«j>prted*ta the Department of Justice today. App. peala iEor^ relief cama ^tkStiaT ^ every quarter. - \ . , *«<?* ..-..•». ! l?ew moves to >rape atocksijenown to be In the country were authorlied by Department -of Justice ifhclaUi.viNo. reason could be, assigned fOi'. 11 *^* Pf**- erjt ahortage in practlcaify, avary Jo- OfflafaW revised reports of refiners, hoping to irjice large ahibmehts sup- ' posed tit have been>djvertejfl(,by apecii- Iatbrs. This waa' a\ continuation\ of the probe that has been In progress tor several days, offlciaia working quietly to fix the laentity of Inaivlr duals wjho are chief particlpanta In, •Viornering\ available sugar jtocka. Assistant Attorney Oeneral. Howard E. FIgg, \3u8t returnea from New York, with data obtained from a conference with prlhoipal refiners, said vigorous prosecutions will he maae In every struct Congress to act upon legislation providing a bonus for men who served d^nfc tSec^riiriarfl^ar^ \the^ merchant ^lne,poliCK^a£^thav«W±lon probably _.„_„._„ w ,„„>„^ „.^,. v ^ _.^_ _„mmedit^Ieglj»iiattan>befbraj here- It was declared ihafc tola rttovwi^ 1 ' f^'*Bd»ibare'l»-prea«ure for a* .makes, the fall of Kleff mwtti^lfc\.; Was stated'that the- wh|Se;ibjrfensive n npons JeiislstlOii'^ to control packteg-lntt'as#yi .\. •'.'-* -'- .!.;' :. TreTOSE ^ W m*y give • Congreas ao%a\ ifcoik. It.J» aapeeted. in* Presl- Oant Is believed to have; seme legisla- tive recoinniehaStiona to make-to don* gress beforfi he leave*, office and i t ls ! 'thought he* will- insist' that Congress act Upon rhls-JMCffnunetiaatibris before -tnerf^i-a^urnment? case'jreportei of Jobbers ana brokers guilty of manipulating the sugar mar- k«£ through /re-sale opet^itlona, A •larga number of cases are to be press- ed, by district attorneys^ Involving yftte latlon of tha>liev,e^.ict L '..,• v *^ ito Coahum \N«;« % \*• l ^ § . >r ?^w::^uiia. f 0 speak %Itfstlfe-n ••. . -f ., ^ ^euvo Leon and. T-acmatilN .[U^^aMy yotif oii ' thr'tes-pltftibn^s Saioon= in T ' •> t' ''> '- '• ajiticlpated, as aarainis'tratlott ,sfcna*? nZ J u f™ ^U'«ftP?^hl«*«a ,t«^, beyond deilveKlntf speeches lA •ncrato,, u ; ay ' S^een saloonr : ojIgoBltlon^tb It, do not intend to try Wed j-oft forei Shers Mte (sotAm- fo'%l6ck It q?ber'say'\ttey''.'desMe*'td'' to,-, Pach t0 the rehfel 'military give the ; '»J-eisldehfe,an early oppomunln: lot «7' r ' Native saaobiriastPhaVer' tjHta Veto It^sorhemaysend' the peace como across.\ ; J ;_'; , irfstty-back with ft.' ' ' \ ' ' *2wnnm a n nn ,; May ''•'•Ha^WB'iic^f- ^Miim^ok WHISKEV; »» comma'\ C ? n S^?*«*S^SsW S^>% >*V. ^O^F.I'SCAllrF IN. OHIO «ho 2 T '° f a11 fe-W^ofpOt,; A8atabul^6W^y«^I^«l afld Ifcanlf..,, r ° Cit y disttdct, has.isstfe^ft- .cbunty^ authoritleW^today-- ^onftrmed; ^erai r?. m t I\l u J rin * ^A*\** BI«gu*s ( hbA^uspleioh that *Wsl»ey wa* be- ffcvoi Itnez *wn (i' '° a ^ vr *nce Into • -finale* bto&kg. of Jteaae.01enn -here last ; *tion th, \ u ? 5 nd e \«*t»- up-th** reV^';4rhftma» Marksbarry, a a»fiaiiter, la rocf-i,- ^ tt I fen ' act SP*^n* *9*«- iPoaw^^ o^wftlsxey, andaxresitea-fdu* ution-1, , t0Kia y at •%eJ,'ik>no*ai-meni «hos»on board thectouSen w«r* n Rprfi Oarrania pliac^i ptfi ' Br«elwrBle/ lty.^l!*y';£*Cohvictetf; of taurflir In ihe^rafdeigiee for •*•' fafli. _ _ ^ 1 an- i'**M 'r n ,' 1 I <, fae?ore 't\V*«^4SeI» sentence! i»\the>.«nItentJarir •'frues uav«r ,»^ jParty' leadeiS .also- way.•find work foir Congress to «r after the y tionven* tloSs. Some of the jMatfbrn*. planks may need to bft-aecurely »pik«a doi»n by legislation. '~ .•<\'. OPhe preseiat session* whlcfi-lsytfi* first regular session of the 66th Con- gress, tegan on Decerhber it, 3,^19, 4nd to date its major achievements are the passage of the -Cummtniif-JSscb: hill for Tji _^ 1 vate oWRfe^s anrfv-thferpassagi of ihe large appf oprjat-lon- bills for the coming : fiscal year»^epubncttnr^ead0rs aeclare passage of thei^pprspxiatibn filial? a cohaiderabte> achievement. ^'3eptibtiean Leader Mondell assiefts that the pres- ent Ctragfesa Sas, been'abfe'^to sa^e the n^|pT*,tl,5p(>46a|>,0O(> \by; careful prunffig- of aj^Priatlon 'estlrriateSi - *rh*n;g:,.JhoMMre;^*6th;'''~C^gte8^ •• whJcff^ife^aiie'd IH'^kt^ordlflary'ie^* • : .approiJtmatelJ^8Q*pubit<f'la^ -tmd'i! p^ublie fesblfitidnli. v^> ~' • ' •>.- Wi$. <W|tanaing*feMtnres .of the 6«tfi. ,t fTamed\n]j''_Al- attlentfe.d. .tfi^-imS^ffpiunent. - pfdceed» inj^'a'ainSafjBiUn before\ t be Hou^e 2tflletGdjamitte& LXV >, •--< - - *'»• •* V fthla' fiom|Sl|fsft; baa not been for*' listened' -with -ejrl^eace' In the ^matteWL Post cf&ifcea.iiefeftlflg. ttt ;thelslniifife- gration :^diamit^ee'ii JSpoWbi bis rec? ord making cSarg# of larlty Ej-da- portatlott pfocee'dihgs. ' \ •% tohteMMAiMb withoidlnl 6i evidence and putting oft of extraneous matterus has heen'done.here Is.unfair td : m.ie and unfair td the Bales Com' inlttse^ JPost coritlntieofc' .\'• -i_^- : -- - —#-\\ v ; i: '-•; ; -. Earthquakes Cause y '• V •' * ' Damage 'm \Italy , 3bofadfl» r M!ay f-^Earthftuakes occur- red Thursday ia the proyifnee of .trdlne ,!»• aprthwestern Italy, according to a .Home dispatch to the. Daily Express, Several villages were evacuated, •Heavy damage wag caused at Veniona and Carhja. A cloudburst and hurri- cane occurred simultaneously with the Marth shocks in Ufuria. Several War*' Injured at Genoa. Volstead? prohibition \^nfo|;ceh\ent bill, and-itfie passage of the CunSmnstBseh .. ;,*ftfc*66tn~Congtes^haf^en/«in sea^ .^fott*^4\-..a»ys;.• ^he?-'Coat'.6f:''|Ms Cob- . jgress i|ivestiinatfia.;at 'apewximately \>---\ a* Dye«tuffs Embargo Bill WasMngton^Maf.'|P-MMS *pendfiiig \distaffs embargo bill -# «d *f e : aifle- -irac^eolJ^ tlife Seriitrtodfty/ aciBordlnt to an agrreenient reached by Repub'll- caii^ea'df^-^f.'', -' • \\• •\ *•-•»-. - ; •\' - mm *^pp«r«i&o#^h^«ine*snt%:<!rdn*' :«9di*:it-'-jb:,'*ii*W^' aa-m'.result. «f>IHIe *ppoat«pri'o;f ta%le--)^^fa^iwW''\'' It wailmlio del«iSr\i(ilt : *) J \ sr ^-~- to enact tariff #' near' tarlf^leglsiai: tion at this se^ion would be futile, becau.. Of the narrow ^ majority\ th* Kepublica'ns conunand in tiie SensU, imd of '\' \ \ r^*^ m ^C : - ,/4--* Government Figures Show Unprecedented Imports This Past Mo taflQri of a survey of wages, prices and profits full of astounding revelailons as to profiteering, caused a sensation. For nearly four weeks the' board has been Hearing demands of the workers for increases Which In the majority Of cases would not have brought wages anywhere hear the $2,500 mark and V - M'sg'.v*-'*^-'' Washington, Hay t—^Sugar famines In practically all cities, ofcjhe. eastJn the face of government figures show- ing junpracedfinted sugar. ImportB diir Ne^paper^vf Bntislt Are Behind Mannerheim Berlin, May $.— According to the newspaper Derabend the visit of Gen- eral Mannerhelm of the French army, t6 Berlin was for^the jBHEBOJiLjbl ar* \ TanSihs a new attack agaJnef tbe Rus-. slarf soviet government in which Fin- land was to participate. The news- paper declared that Great Britain is backing the plan,as it wishes the sov- iet government engaged In the north; so ttrit the English petroleum fields around Baku may be recovered. Whflg It Is denied by the British, the news- paper declared that the. British^ are pulling the itrlngB that move Manner- APPEAL IN TELEPHONE c OPERATOA MURDER CA»E Eontlac, Mich., May 8r-Friehds .of Anson Best, ,who was convicted of murdeir in the,first degree late yester- day and sentencia to a life term i# prison .for the,, killing of Miss'Vera Behneldcr,' a pretty telephone operator, two weeitS' ago, have subscribed a fund to defray the expense of an appeal fors^^ nEher-youn^'man. ' The\ trial began Monday 5 an^ many witnesses tesfifled In^corrob0natl9p. ; .0f Statenierits of .circumstances made J>y quest Men, '•^'\- '*\ ' '•' •* \*> TH6. WMATrlift * • % • ' • '-.- - / ~-- \* •'.:•.>:' *. • .Washington, May V : ^Forecast • • .for Western New YoWs-^rGener- • • ally fair tonight and Sunday, lit-* \§t.t!e change i n t^ntperatare. Temperatures. 7 a, m. 12 noon » Pf JO. • «•*«'«,-«.. «*.^^««^»«»4fe« ••••*<! •*•'* 62 \JLoeal Conditions r.Tl?e «iky; waa liunjf today with. • \flifefc and heavy- clouds; Irar* * • lng-tSemoiningrhouwTt^ro *af * •*light'apriBkls- .6*,rtu*:*ndf.after # • $B£IB«£ • tnw*jtfi-in|v. ; '' > •- iJuWni'-#. • the early m •mtm'-*n$*rw t iwijt\ ijit- tts'.-iur-, DM-^g\^ W4, I Washington, May 8™The raHroad brotherhoods,- and unions, through their WresentativV Vff, Jett ' ^uck, consulting economist, today presented a demand t<rthefederal railroad la- bor board for a minimum wage of $2.- 600 a year for every one of the 2,ff0tf,- OflO, railroad employes, - ' ^rjauck declared that S8,BQ0 a year Is the -very, .least .upon which an Amefi- •^°« *iM>sny can live in deceniy and the l°¥£*\ *esso?Sabla degree of comfoirt; Wj^n lining costs as they are* He asked that immedfate belief be granted on this basis, and to make quick action possible that the board curtail Its examination .of wage data and proceed immediately to the de- termination 4t \the question of what constitutes a living wage. He declared that the combined in- 'IThe public is weary,, just as w e aiw weary, of past opportunist policies' 1 la wage adjustment of half'way exped* ients devised to meet a situation tem-i porarily without regard to fundament talpriijorples,? s'ali Itjauck. - ; \The public wishes the> rallroadl^ wage controversy settled sdnrtdly eqult ably and on a lon$ time, far-seelnc^ basis, ' . \ • • ''We chftllehge anyone to deny that; %grant, .indlefeoslble p'roflteerlng ha» been the rule^w^th organized capitat and middlemen both since and during ., the war,™ and thaibthe public has beea ;and is now virtually at tiie mercy of Insatiable speculators and conscience- less financial ghouls; that wage In- creases have Been \the result ana »ot- the cause of price Increases or that < trie purchasing power of the railroad worker Is actually less than i t was be- fore the war.\ - • - • • . „ •.••.^^.gatd-tj^-vmjojia-\-rai(|tiP3fr jtat j/H living; when the rallroaa companies In creasea rates' praportlonaiely to 4aeet themv provided proftteers were not al- lowed to take advantage of the situ- ation. •Eauok^r rnove following his presen— ^Ive wlUt a inlHfmum creases aBked, amounting to more than abillion..doflaxa.a year^...w^d.-eajtf*a no appreciable boost in the\ cost of rmlnTrHum wage of J2.60O was based T>n- lnvestlgations of the government andf OiUoted a budget cppptle.d by.Boyal \3T~ Meeker, Tjnited States ommlssfoner-of; - labor statistics, showing that a fam- _ Uy of five today needs' jfc?,5*3a; a year to :«*»« fort,. Lauck said there was no effective antl-proflteerlng • legislation before Congress, njacea there by the Presi- dent, He\ u'rged the board to reepm- mend the establishment of government^ prloo fixing agencies like the fuel an* food administrations and wa? Indus- there had been no Inkling that the nn- J tries board during the war \to control ions as a climax would make a definite I other industries just as your board demand for the establishment of a un- J now controls railroads and railroad iform Mfiimum living wa«re. labor.\ '»ji ?«'#\' State Democratic Delegation Pledged To Fight To Have Plank Inserted in Platform—Refuae To Indorse Am Present A^aainiatration—In Favor of Governor Smith's Welfare Program '•''\ * •\;••• •••'•- ^-: •• - .•*••'•'--'*• r - r -.... ._' ••.'\ • • 1 ~* Albany. May S^World^JsarmametfCTfqrm committee that the.party's can' is the substitute proposed by the state Demopratlc. organization for the, IieigUe of N^tlonsi Dominatea by Tammany Hall, the delegates and al- ternates to the national convention re- fused at their session here yesterday, to #ridorse Presiaent Wilson's admin- istration and ignored the Peace Treaty, the League of Nations and the prohl-- bltlon question. Governor Smith was elected chair- man of th« delegation, which wilt go, Welt- pledgea as -a? unit to fight to •hav*-' certain planks Inserted in the: torm. They are: „ v Fjirst, a demand for the aisarmament o*-«»e- world. S^onay the program erabodled In dovettsor* S^mlth^s: we,lfaye leglslatlonv. including f .tjte^^ elght.hbur^ dayi a ltfting wage for wpmin and children, a pro- hlblilbn against women and children working at night, ana a connttutioSji amendment prohibtlng ihudJabor, Mayor George S, tuijn of gohenec=- tady and Juage Samuel S. Seabury, former candidate for Governor, led the nght to force- te'cognitlon of the Wjlsoh. administration, the League of Nations and national prohiblttop. Charles F; Murphy, leader of Tam- many Hall, watched contentedly while his followers frustrated efforts to place the delegation on record In stlpjiort of the President. He heara them wrnOfher a resolution offered by Judge Seabury, which would have placed the Demo- crats* of New York, squarely in support of the Eighteenth Amendment. TK* delegates adopted without heal dldato for the White HousetishaU. ba_ committed to a movement to disarm \ the world, -despite the warning of Bea- Jbury,that \this plan will be riaiculed by the entire country within 48 hours \ \The world must disarm or the world will starve,\ declared Bourke Cockran, chairhifttj tjf the platform committee. He added that neither par- tial aisarament norapromise Of-fu'ture disarmament would serve to avert dis- aster, \fivery pair of hands snS every re- maining dollar of capital In the world must be enlisted immediately and ac- tively i n productive Industry, none di- verted t o war or preparations for war,'* ha Bald. \We urge the Deinocracy of the nation when It assembles at San Francisco, to declare/In, Its platform, that a Democratic admhiistra'tlon will willingly extend nil the aid this nation can afford to countries which have been devastated by war. subject, how- ever, to-one condrthm which can Wv%t be waived or modified. No country can obtain our assistance until It shall have\ shov^n, that it is determined to employ every 'dollar of its own resources in, restoring its Industry.'' . Mayor Lunn charged the conference with dodging the material Issues to run a wild-goose chdse after idealisms He paid a glowingr tribute to President Wilson, which caused Mr, Cockran to retort; ,! 3-eeftai«}y— tatloii tbe recommendatiori of the plat- fchanged. part in trying to save civilization up to the day he started for Europe ' Mr. Cockran declared that the. League of Nations can never be a fact until the membership of the Senate is >:•• L- _ ~_ Washliigton,. Mas' .^ConsidEration. of the ICenyort bill providing for the estabilshihent of a Labor Court, will begin before _the close, of the present session according to, an^anrtotincement made tod$y by Chairman-Bzcnyon, of the Senate Education and Labor com- mitieer Hearings in the' measure scheauledf or today wpre p0str>ohea\'b6- cause o'f the inability of Satrruel Gont- pers the witness, to appear. 'rt£fr» J^opufatfon Fiflures. WasblagtOHi May 8— Preliminary population figures we'r* announced to- day by tie census bureau aa foilowa; Lynn, Mass., 1920 population, S9-148 Increase slttce 10i0^ JkplX .oji v -W per cent, • f ','•\''. \'•'. .-,; Newark, NJ X. i»20 population 415,609 increase since; 19l», lijl^Oor i8A per centi ., , v *\\•' ': TH. trith R.puhlio B^oluHon. * .' k W.Shington, toy I-The>&Mn rair- DEBS -;_^few\Yorkj-\M^;y'-S ^Tfie-'namo of Eugene V, Debs, termed as \Social- ism's martyr\ poxv serving a term of ten years in ttte Federal prison at At iantjc City; Ga., for obstructing thes draft, was on everybody's lips, at the National Convention of the Socialist party that got under way hero today with delegates present from evory state In the union, f That Debs will again be nominated as a presidential candidate, despite his .imprisonment was almost unanimous- ly conceded. The hall itself was plentifully deco- rated with American flags, and not 4. \Red'* flag was ih evidence anywhere The convention opened with a caus- tic attack upon President Wilson by Morris Hillqult, tile temporary chair- man who asserted that \Woodrow Wll son has betrayed the Socialists of Aiu- • «• 1 - • IIII.-I... tttudenta Arirtstad at Cairo n^ May »—Numerous students l>*m arrcateiL 4t Cairo as-the :-pr~«^|Bl«W\#'\-'0«''*i black ~\>»J srica, j

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