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is two GENEVA BADLY TIMES,' FRIDAY, MAX % KNOX SPEECH IN SENATE IS Shows There Are Three Faclipns in the Treaty Fight— The Irreconcilables atud the Reservatiorfi»ts im the Re-; n publican Party With the Democrat* Solidly Behind ; o the President T 'Mi *Htot»>lt\ Stops Pain Instantly and Com Soon Lifts Eight Off. A few drops of \Oeta-It\ VJencrms eorrs pftins like water quenches Sr». ,01vei you immediate relief J »Oeti-*t\ •^Teejn It Off r * Mr a $p ' (BY'DAVID IAWRENCE.) Copyright 1920 by Geneva Dally Tlm«». Washington, D. C., May\\ 6—Preside nti able Republicans voted with' t*io ad- ! 2 Wilson baa wotted In , silence for tfcoj •::•-'-u^uor. Ijeraocrats &g»jttst t>)» } Q men who defeated the treaty o! Ver-' Lod S° reservations and thus jwevejsj- • O sallies in the Senate to offer an alter-j ed th0 treaty from getting the oeees* I native course ot action, Senator Phil-1 sar >' wo tW'ds.- \ } ander C. -Knox, former Secretary of- u « la ^e3 it possible- for the Presl- , State, and Republican .eader, a mi-m-'^-- w wslsf that ttae Republican par-[ Der of.he group trreconciUDly opposed! x ? is dominated by the viewpoint of, to the tieai? with or without reserva-' Senators Knox and Kirans Johnson • g plan '.o :;;' '\ resolution. lr.vj.'ar aa this brlrg 1 ) out at the -.inns of oat tie, l; .-narks a forward toward the great contest .You Make Money When You Trade With Us. ScrDb We. 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'/.'....f.....H...aus.-a.-.Sea«>c«. tniee partita on the'tre=aty least. ._ _ , sejwnjr~KSox \jraarshe4!cd precedent after precedent to^proye^ jiia-i pe=ace by • .the j*,H» whwe.ure\issue\ w'llfbTde-' Jolnt reso!uUon\sa \as effective legally; elded, insofar as it emphasizes 'the! 4 ** a treaty of peace. * , hopeipsa deadlock bet«-een the exceu-l Tii, - rt *»*'*• 6 btt <* ,Joubt * hat \ the • •ave and Ugiaiauve branches of tiw, 1 '^ 1 \\\ happened to be on the other gow rt.ment. it Breathes anew the pas-1 &ltle of the ?enco lbose ,W3ie J^ 06 - siM. of pergonal suife and party Mt- atr ' !s ftoyit! be naarsUalled By hlro. -No; iterness which has prevented agree-.' *<\•\ txists fcere tnat hostilities'have • ment for so King. The Pennsylvania Senator's speech made a deep tmpres3lon. It was care- fully prepared and skilfully pieced to- erether. tiu{ it was avowedly a- d«*- , \ etructlve drittvlsm-aji aiolyais - of bate from now until doomsday what nad been done, what might nave been don'-, unat e.iould :nvo oeen ;in>- posed at Paris. It doesn : proposo any *-nJ'.-ti in the war with <3erxnariy and that for all practical purpose? war is at an end btit unfortunanely- the con-, 8 fetitutlon of .the L'nlted States isn't( 0 very explicit and both sides ca n &e>- O _ -_, abq.utj ths respective powers of each t>ranch! or the government. And '.iaere is, no. s-ay to decide thp dispute •Aere &roug-fet tc the unless a Supreme co nC; ete or genera, p lan ; or actJon In «uo ... ,.„ p „. _ „ I1D OUi , : . etI1B „ tne -uco of todays situation oejr^nd a, f -°^t of the United States something •« 'agrue s^sgestion for an international tha ' w \'Jld tafte many moults ;o brr.» cor.fr-rence sorne day where in Euro-' about. 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Salt Mackerel, Ib77.7T7777777 • * • .« * • ,f- • • • m • a • t • t • •# • ,28c 75c .28c u .28c 35c J Canned Shrimp^ can r%-rr t-rv roaty'\* 3 '^-e Serrate a3 it d:d meTTB&e-.und\ ffllOR IN IHFTIC ..,....:: -.r.~... ..tf\ t sval -j»-\8\tSJ\\t\n\4\pr-jv!Hion3 of the .. -..., _ | which th»y have uir-.i'dy ratified and everybody idraits that it Mil be aerxt \ now ex^utinff and set up a. new, l ° Impossible to get a two-italrds vote i basis of international law. \ to P^ s lh0 resolution over tho Presl-' Tti tptrr'ji <-| ear . mpk n\(\ n briffllt ey™. if p'tiu'e 1 ? » feelinp o* •ii»ov-iw.y •ikr '-hilrlhoorl days, you nvs* ^etp ? oi' tiodv Irnr 'roil poisonous wifei. >» • riivardn Olive T^hleW (£» \e^e- t?br 'omponn' 1 mteci wtb o)\'c <iil) arl v» 'hf hvpf \(pr 1 howftls 'ike calomel --v»i hpw»> or* rlangeroup ifter -effect.. 7a!tr -inp niirMlv and \ote r cs'ilts. The-v St^irt thf bLV Wd overr-nme con^tiaatinn ! hat « why oiiJL'ons •if poxLi are eolrt arnuali7, 10c and ^5c I But .s-^nruor Kn.,x m.-ikus an Honest d '\ r,l ' s vet0 ' This is BO Jello, pkg. Tea Siftings, pkg. .. 17c Pure Lemon ExtracF... 7777.;... 23c f Star Soap, 10 Bars A. & H. Soda, oksr 6c I Birds Eve Matches, .__.-. -_ unlvt-rsuly pr\s..-: tatioii of tr.« w «point of :M'3 ,c,0 ' u ''' <lc>1 :h£l t Cor -Sress Is Se\5« 8 irreton'-iiabifia^-Ilis-4#«*s't takw- m-f -'ready to take- * *rrraner reces* in ITT uge D/f.iMd the -ry.l(u-. : . ; pj.apw'cw^:i-^-.-^^'i^L KWle tte w»v 0 irtionsa and \Virions.\' He bru.-hos aside aa \untrue\ rampaljrh are on. all the uik at.«..| t ; Am'-rl.anlzlng the' Th> i Kr - ox s Pe»ch t 3 . campalffa ma- treaty with relation*\ Indulged in > lerlal - President W|js.oa will add fuel by Messrs Lov-di-n. H.irdlng Wn„d. l ° '-he f..»rnea very soon by returning Will Hu>» and others. He defines the !he treat >' o f v «>-sai:ies aa his answer issue aa Hiram JA.r.son nas so por- lo lflP ^^mpt lo maKo peace by rea- fsuaslvWy put it minis successful pr ,.,omtion. Hut he i s generally expected 'mory .ampaign. He ,ls against lhQ HP turn over a new leaf and so phrase tvhole lr..-at/ ,.r.d th» iraffno. I 1119 ^ntement accompanying the- trea- A* & H. Soda, pkg. Cream Corn 15c 17c Medium Red Salmon^ can 29c Lima Beans, lb 7 ..... 15c Baking Beans, lb. 9c 15c- * 5c 25c 25c 31c 9c 0 0 Bulk Tapioca, lb. .... Yellow Meal, lb Pure Lard, lb. Compound, lb Crisco, lb; Elastic Starch, pkg. .. JBirds Eye Matches 6 boxes ..., ^, .29c lie I Sal Soda, 2 lbs. ic- H\re is the most Interesting EWi-a - ty as to ieavg open puss of com omoE Sure Relief graph in the speech: \It has been said j promise on reservations, that reservations proposed in the Ben- I That l 3 the wa y fce »'anli to jaiu Anicrlcanlzp th<j ieag^ja This, nr^*^ -ffwtHr-rgst-gg^r?!?. .1ZK& ----•-• ' tfnhe dispute argue tne caB-e —-- —-|-ewH-8fl; -WTRil true.' A. more accurate We will have a little sugar for Saturday. You are welcome to it as long as it lasts. Every article we sell is guaranteed to please or your money will be refunded on return of same. '\\\ mjatfm 301001 I0E30I noxaoi •aoc aonoc=oaoc= SOOOE IP* | N DIGES7i0«J 6 BELU-AN3 Ho* water SKire Relief RELL-ANS ytwti Oot VJomm Many Women Feel Tired All The Time And Sleep F«ils To Refresh Them. 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MARRIAGE POOL IS SUGGESTED I tated Europe, to help France back to fire'r'ftft, n?aTe~eveh\\tifge3\tna 'EOVT ' ernmenta recogTilze- £he rlffht of a ! woman to maternity outside matrl- ; mony and <or these sug-gestions I have been attacked and called s 'free lover.\ I am not. 1 am merely cogntz-' ant of the groat problem confronting I sua.mom of the effect of those res-l lhe ^ rcixt A ™erlcan Jury—the Repub- -rv.i!!.,.. s 1S th..t th.-y t-nd to make it \'^ a ^ tr ' rr - hetween irreconcllahte op-. jsarrr ror America to enter the It-ague : \ 0!,ltlyt - *-° '*-* ,v!loe '• re,u >' ftnd t \ e ! ' hy i-f'.s.-.g to he oound in many lin - ; u ' d ee> reservations and the Democrats l^.rturil iiut.ns by Its action. Solidly behind the 'Viiaon viewpoint, j ii.t It la not enough that the league ! T!iat 8 wnere lhe ruo comes, IJOMBV-, ahall be made safe for America; lt' er - R S wllJlam Jean!:itf» flyran and! must be made safe for all who enter lii ofto9 l n the Denipcratlo JM: are' and safe lo the w.rld. Aa I sue it nnth- 'themselves irreconcilably op»p|!reM to' Ing \o:ild be fraught With more dan- Article Ten and other things which ^ ^ w „ ww ..,, iv .„ „. .. - , ftdvanced yet for B .>r ih^ui any nation having a apeclaliy ' ta f President thlnxa fundjunema.. tt/k«-Wilt NfiVCf treason why there should Insured relation to a istgw where the' ilr. Wuson. may- nor ^ a e^ncidate meC WHO Will IXCYW , . other members are subject to the dan- lbut from : ' ow on hew-Ill fight to make! g'-rs a«al:.st whl'.-l. ihe Immune nation the Sa \ fYanelsco convontlo-: endorse attempt*) •.,! s'-curo itself.\ hls ^e^P'^int on the treaty a-nd Inter-I l).i- fnne»lng 1? exactly what H'rte- jPreutive reservaUons. i Ider.t Wilson has ro:,t»nded In hla op-j' pi-sltlor. to r^st; .»tii r.s and \Hii MC- why ^i-iator K.-.o.x <ir,d t*t\ irrep/vnMi- * • ' * •* * with another country, like France, ivtttr a surplus of would-be - hrtdesr\^ HAYTS CORNERS Economy in Every Cake Europe Has Surplus of Wo-, sn Who Wilt Ne Find Husbands Ha.yts Corners, May 7—Clayton Hancy and Thad I^ane each lost a horse last week, the white races bf the world \ | Mr. and Mrs. Frank . Markell and \^Then 1 made these! suggestions I, AW * n ^ane motored to -Rochester, had no hope that they a ould he I \Wednesday adopted. The world is not far enough ! Mrs. Lyman Armstrong spent the.„„,,, ,„,„ WOUl w thdt. But ! see no. :'oreparU.of ma week with her slaterLejUa -Mr, -and .Mrs, Cajarlea Hoato not ^s or- ! \ L \\ \ n \\' \* °—\\\ '•'-\ ' ' \•h •-—'--- ganlzed at once an international mar- rlag-e bureau whereby a country, like 1 Mrs. Horace Deal of Seneca Ka'I. Mrs. Grant Stout visited In Breese- rort over Sunday, returning Monday who is seriously. Ill with pneumonia.,.^ Mr. and Mrs* Arthur Roaka of D#>._ roit, Michlean, aJ?e visiting his P«h irref n.i\m - WORKS HARD TO flYEBTFLUEPiDEMiE j Government and City Health; Officials Warn People to Keep Clean. I the United States, with a !argr» 6ur- i night. Paris, May 7—The startling \pro-! plus of would-be husbands, cannot' Mils Ullle Yakely is spending some, .-.„ u ^ ..,„.,» on satisfactory r.pgetianons time with her brother Frank In Auburn for the summer, posa! that an international marriage i carry poo» be farmed to provide for the re- pcpulating of Europe a_nd the salva- tion of the white races of the earth was made today by Professor Paul Carnot. famous member of the faculty t J6un and Wind BHnp Out UgiySjrats.t°* m<°dlctie of the LTniYerslty QJf Par;,} .. la Armstrong visited friends li WUlard the latter part of the %©<*, Mr. and Mrs. H. Martyn Smith uA Mr. and Mrs. Harl*y B. Conley hatt\ returned froin St' Petersburg, FTOfiaV Mow to Kemove tailly =5p rtsr Stay JOYFUL EATING Unless your food Is digested with- out tfio aftermath of painful acidity, the ley I* token out of both eating end living. KM1DID5 are wonderful In their help to the stomach tioubled with over-acldity. Pleas-ant to take—relief prompt and definite, WADE Br SCOTT * BOWNE MAKERS OF SCOTTS EMULSION - 1»-H *•«*••••••••••»•••••• Away from People ^* 'i' -• ( **^ HI.,, V UIUI, wllB iy r f*\ K The Joy Of A S Perfect Skin ^KBOW the joy and 'happfriess that\ ccm'es 116 one tlifu possessing 14 Skin of purity and *beauiy. The soft, dis- tinguished appearance it Venders brings out your natural beauty to its f •-!!' est. In use oysr 70 years. Gmntsi$€$:eart \Avoid erovirda if you want tS. iavoid influenza,\ pays Association* for Improving the Conditions- at Kew York, Knep your hands clean, drink plenty of fresh water; sleep with windows open; eat thre.e uniform meals a day including a good breakfast. 1 People who have catarrh or fre* fluent colds invito Influenza, de- clares a prominent Kentucky druggist. The, membrane of the throat and nose is raw, sore and tendeT, and makes a lovely abiding; place for germs to thrive and multiply. He advises an inexpensive home- made remedy that will bring relief in less than a day and will stop all discharge and sooth and heal th*j inflamed membrane in a few days. Thousands are making :his be- neficial remedy at home and any- one who has catarrh or a cold taa do the same. Pour three-cparters of an ounce , of Mentholizea Arcine into a p nt i hottle, then BI1 the bottle with i.water that has been boiled. I Gargle the throat as directed the nostrils twice daily. It a a simple way t o get rid of cold and catarrh and keeps the nasal pas- sate and throat clean and healthy. Neariy all druggists dispensa Menthohzed Arcine in vials con- i tain ing exactly three-quarters of I an ounce, whieh 13 all you need to • make a pint of this healthful me* dicine. Europe, he declared, has a surplus of millions of womea for whom there ; never will be husbands unless some j arrangement can be «vad« to have. marry outside their own coun- • tries. The whole future of the white; race, he asserted. Is bound up In the wi problem. , ill any 'druggist- \ The last C8nsua figures.\ Bald Dr. • [ shc-ufa -hSw' ^ aFBdt > \s-he>wed « great surpftts of ~f you how easy it is to rid yourself of' malea over females in the L'nlted j ,the homely freckles and gtila beautl - I States - Wc have nUMon* of surplus:| , Jfut complexion. Rar»ly Is. more than i ' omen ' Then wny not . a Kranco-Am-1| '' ?. n .*..CL'\\1-nsidfid for the.- wo^« . ca.se ,, Be sure to ask the druggist for t>„* double strength Othlne as thii sireng-th Is sold under g-uarajiteo of , money back if It rai) 8 to remove' i freckles Here's a chances, .Ulsa Freckle - face, • to try a remedy for frecldes wltti the 'guarantee of a reliable concern triat it j.wlil aot cost you a penny unless it I removes this freckles, whsle 11 it does' tnern I G'-ve you a clear complexion the ex- pense la trifling. Simply get an ounce of Othlne double strength—frtln a«-d- *—-firw- ilF SKIN BREAKS MUM mm ^ APPLY SULfffUf) Just the moment you appij- Men- tho-iiulpliur to an Itching, burning or ) broken out skin, the ltohir.gr stops and ,' healing begins, says a noted sltln tp°c. ' lallst. This sulphur preparation, made • Into a pleasant cold cream. glv«s such j a quick relief, even to fiery «czema, i that nothing has ever been found to ; uke its place, erican bureau to facilitate the mar-11 \rTage\ of^mericari men wlih'THe girls H of # fYance. iv here the war left such a ,'. shortage of men' Why not a Franco-it Argentina bureau, a Kranco-Austra-; j han bureau, in short why not a I! igreat •international bureau where each!' j country may cake known Its human I needs and provide facilities for court- ; ; ship and eventual marriage? I \We on tne Attied side, pooled our|, supplies of munitions -to gin-the war, j We pooled our shipping, we pooled our- flr.a.ice and finally we pooled our men. j Is there, then any reason why tne | white \races of the world should not; pool tlaelr greatest of all productive resources so that civilization Itself j may not perish 1 \Supreme councils and ambassadors councils and prime ministers and for- eign ministers are sitting up nights discusslne territorial boundaries aad. the rates of exchange b>ut they are ac- tually doing nothing to solve, the j j Because of its_ gprrn djaxrortng' luaaly aorn S notnw g to sorve. tnej J proporf'es. it'quickiy subduWthe ltch-1 efs&iest B(i<nB r Pfoblerii that nas con-1 Mjw. rofrfs the irritation, and heals tho ; <vzpma rlghf'up. leaving a clear. '.£—4.^ .i»ia, Am • ^fft-ee-'-o-t-tisiy \ \erap- tions. rash, pimples or rdWhcess. You do not havo to -waJ'f'TiST;' 1 ™- provemrnt. It quickly shows. Tou can get a little Jar of Mentho-Sul- pnur at any drug store, i 9mssv>. ¥ IkJTCH WAVHAND PHARMACY is the dantrifice that contains the proper- ties recommended as SHE BUYS LESS ' SrIRCE SHE DYES \Olam»rKl Oyesf Turn All Her Old, Faded, Shabb)r Apparel bvto New. Doas't •worry about perfect resulta TJao \Diamond Dyes.\ guaranteed w gfSve a n«w. rtdh. fadeless color to assy fabric, wKother tt be wool, silk, linen, eottpm oafrmiaeed goods-presses, *loiia- •e», istootelnga. gltlrts, cliildrert's coata, iealhHeirs. draperies, coveringm ' - .Tt&s-EWMaUon Book wtth each pac*- a*« tella to plainly how to aiawnond tfy« aver any oolor that yoti oai ri«t S (t«*d '*!*»\ Want A«f«v Th»y arm' In ideal by United States ,— -«- — » ' i k % » i , '\ w }'Tfat«l» fr-Jnlatake. - * Army dental surgeons? ,, ;T° *»#* »»? material. <»•• dm*. '* •; i - 1 - / ^5'¥\* ton- ^Diamond l>j»\ CWor froated the voriff\ since Christ was' born—the Question of -what to do with . She. jnUUS3a..0f..S^SJ8g«.aj3fe...ya,«Sg-:.j worhen< who are destined to repair the war's human wastage, but who -find no husbands awaiting them.-, ' \I call It'a social problem, but the' whole future of Europe and the whole future of the white race la bound uj, in tt to such ap .extent that territorial and financial questions are\ infinitely small. - .# •. \In the Far Bast, in China and Ja- pan, hordes of yellow people are con- stantly multiplying until we hear talk of a < yellow peril' that will inundate •white civilization. \Va the United States and other elVtltied countries that suffered tittle loss of man powar In the war th\ birth wtta is falling off and apparently nothing ts being done about It 'JBurope, staggering to h«r feot *r*m th« woundj of war, confront* it problem of ropopulaflon *tth aa ex- 'Cttm of tMiw«ra lS.dtl.&M »a4 ti.OOO,. f dflO women over tasn. 1 have cngffeetaf th« raorultSak of a watmnecr wajr of nsa4ea«ity, ia&t. •naMKtSrtua otf -wsKtatsa W4M> could! agrw- tioraaar baJates.jto rfiRojjaitait devM- Tkerefe a feast in ^. w of this jolly gbod food of corn. 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