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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, April 28, 1920, Image 13

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• 1 - s • 1 • I 1\ 1 1 1 ^WSi - —I •if ,4 ;$ •1 ^8 .-•J* i. • t -m ...<•** .-A -j~ #\ -Pfy. «V * •*•*•*.& ^ \*?*\ ** _ SBfflSV* DAILY TOM TwrftBntritam.oi 192 6 ift i riWffltfiii.. t m X. !,f A *l ftl N O other name in the clothing world means ^tyfe^o^oiSta^eousIy as Society Brand. Not only are* they authoritative in style but proportioned to fit all types of men without tedioii&aneasurings and- fittings. FORYOtING MEMAKD MIM WHO STK^mum They express alertness and are made, to retain their stylish lines until the very fabric wears out. Always all-wool. _ - . Rogan & Johnson — Clothiers and Furnishers— IS Seneca Sfreet* - - Geneva, N. Y. f 36 ****** 58808 ^^ FERGUSON'S>CORNERS High School Pupils To Enter Ship-by-Truck Week Prize Contest '\. ; »\. ~ ••• ' High School pupils of tiije country aye to be given an opportunity to compete for a four-year's university scholarship to be awarded for the best essay submitted in connection with Ship by Truck—Gtood Boada Week, May 13-22, according to a n announcement made today, which said that the essays will be.read and the prizes awarded, hy judges io -be appointed by the Federal Bureau of Education, The contest, it is said, is for the purpose of focusing public attention on the necessity fior good roads and the feasibility of the motor truck as a short haul medium. According to plans approved by Commissioner of Education, P. P. Claxton, contestants, to be eligible to 'compete for the national prize, first musisiiave won one of \the prizes to be awarded by Various organizations and individually in thei? respective communities.- The national prize is- to be known as the H. S. Firestone \Uni- versity Scholarship, and will be given in any college or university chos\en by the winner. '£11 • High School pupils may submit a 500 word essay, which must be entitled, Ship by Truck and Good Roads,\ but if fhe national prize is won fcy any pupil other than a sen- ior, - the award will be deferred until fthe winner is ready to matriculate at the institution of his choioe, ' -Judges who will make the national award will be named' by Commission, en .01axan ieStfo-May 22n3F£Fw«ch' ; time all essays must be submitted. School Superintendents and princi- pals of High. Schools are being ac- quainted this week with the terms of the contest and, it is expected, more >than one million essays will be writ- ten upon this subject, serving to ac- centuate the interest and to widen the scope of discussion to be created by Ship by Truck—Good Roads Week, during which\ time caravans of motor trucks will tour every section of the \ctmntryT - \'\- ' \\ \ \ •- r- i _„Qrganizationa—whose members Bre | lending the weight of their Influence and activities toward making the week a success, include .the American Automobile Association, the United States Chamber of Commerce, the Amoi'ican—Automobile Chamber oT Commerce, the National Grange, the Ship by Truck Bureau, the Army, the Navy, and churches and, schools gen- erally. . ' - State Superintendents of Instruction are being requested to direct their contest within - their commonwealth. Prizes are to be awarded in each com- munity\ and will be determined by lo- cal committee's. ,—_ m .. - | Coal Dealer Who Charged 1 Too Much Refunds $1.00 Phelps, April 28—Customers of TJ. C. Burnette, a .local coal dealer^ were dazed with surprise yesterday when Mr. Burnetts announced a refund of $1 per ton on a certain lot of coal which he distributed about the middle of April. The coal in question, which had been shipped from the mines sub- sequent to' April 1st, arrived here ahead of the invoice, leaving Mr. Bur- nette in ,doubt as to the wholesale price he would be required to pay as there was a rumor of a sharp advance over the preceding 1 month.* Local de- mands for the fuel however, were so urgent that Mr. Burnette decided To\ deliver it at a price which Tie felt Sure would cover any .reasonable wholesale increase, his patrons accepting? the - • , * • . ••' %« ** ' - > .1 % . ., .-. . ..-, -,ir ' . iiiA^ftt MM u * K I H if ^.1 The largest electric sign in the world advertises fit times Square, Broadway * NEW YORK CITY 250 FEET LONG-70 FEET HIGH MADE UP OF 17,286 ELECTRIC LAMPS f s * \ / The fountains Play, the trade mark changes, reading alternately WRiCLEV'S SPEARMINT, DOUBLEMINT and JUICV FRUIT, and the , v ^^Spearmen 3d© .fcifli%2^==—== This sign is seen nightly by approKimately 500,000 People, from all over the world. Sealed Tight- Hi \ - > » V 1 J i 1 , *_• . v ; C^lllllilllll\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 111 \\ WRIGLEYS || JUICY FRUIT iiji!7 Cf1EWI\C OtM niiinmigii»iigininmiuii«ni)i .' THE FLAVOR'I AST'S H. 11 'coiiDfMN «*J>Tm ««*»*«« U2!SS .,i I\'! •n- ficir^ T^jrif3/. 2L V I KK1 REDUCTION ON AUTOMOBILE TIRgS In \ord^r to dispose of a quantity of Automo- bile Tires of a make whidh we hav6 disdontiimed stocking we am going to unload tnese tires at a discount of-= * ' . 10 to 15 Per Cent During the Next Ten Days j These are all \.Firsts\ and each Tire is guaranteed.' ]|:OME IN THIS WEEK AND TAKE YOUR CHOICE * THE RQHDE COMPANY W TiHmaii St- Geneva, N. Y. Ferguson Corners, April 28—Mr. and Mrs. Fayette r Prester spent the -week- end with their daughter Mj8. Ray Desbro of-Serieca. S. P. Clark- left for Fairport Sunday where he has •«. position in the Amer- ican Can Co'.. Mt, and Mrs. Claud Tonrfon of Ben- ton and Clarence Tomlon of JRushvllle spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Tomlon. Mr. and Mrs. Will Oswald and Mrs. S. P. Clark spent Friday afternoon l a Geneva. Mrs. Fred Allen's mother aod father who have been living in Pennsylvania, have come to make their home with her. •\ Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scott- \wei;e 1ft Penn Yan Sunday to attend the fun- eral of Mrs. Jennie Yeiige. Srl£2rj Alien of Braiichport and |-Churle^^lBrrT3f-HBirsPent Sunday at the home of their parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Allen, Mr. ana Mf3,i Quy Whltbeck and family ^pW^Siyiday In Gorham witii Mr. and Mrs, Bert Wiiiagle. -high rale us~a\faatter over which they had no control and as in line with the present skyrocketing of all other com- modities, The inYj}taa,:wJiieli_evldeiitl-y- had gone astray, reached Mr. Burnette yesterday and from, it he learned that tile wholesale advance had not been so great as he anticipated. The figures also showed Mr. Burnette that he had made %\ per ton more than JX fair pro- fit in the deal so to make- matters' right and to avoid being classed aa a profiteer, he Is refunding the excess charge on\ that particular car. —-—^—-— . - Driy» for Fund*. . Phelps, April 28—A drive, for funds to meet the expense of Improvements and Repairs to Sjt Francis\ churchi of which Rev. Edw. B; 'Simpson Is pas- •neva. jMr. Hall and family have moved tojthe^Snilth home and will work the farm this year. The Bpworth Xjeague , of Emory chapel will hold, a- ban<juet- on-ffrfd The Murphy Property, Castle Heights fepacious^gr f oun# gnd large, olcFfaslijonei house, two large hsmm~\ ifotierty well situated and a bar- gain if- sold at once, * '. Thos/H. Sweeney & Sons, Agts. CoITegs \ Baieball. At Cambridge, Mass.—tTniversity* of Maine T, Boston University 6. tor, which has been under way for the last ten days, netted pledges amount- ing to $2,070, payable In whole or in installments due May, August land October, The Improvements comprise the installation of a new heating plant painting the church, new windows^for the' basement and other minor repairs. Loses Overcoat Phelps, April 28—An overcoat be- longing to ROBS HboperVa high school student, was stolen last Friday-night; while a adnce_iUDiller_,,the-dlEeoUon-o6 the Senior class ofthe High school, WES WANX m mm RESUI^ AUTOMOBILE gashing and Polishing Repairing Welding and Brazing Washington St. Garage Phone 1081-J . • was In progress In Pollock's halL Phelps> AprlljSST-xMiss Sarah Holla- way, nurse physical training instruc- tor at the Phelps High school wasi [called to her iiorjae-yesterday— l>y- th»| Tlritical Illness of hec father. . Irving Westfafi who ha* been spend- ing the past week With His parents, Mr. and Mrs, George >-\VestfaH, rtf* turned to his home at Hertford City, fnd. last night. ; lo^de Boswell BaW. been spending a few 4ays—with, -hto-g*andpaTents, Mr. and Mrs. WiUIaffl. toughlln. evening, May 7th, Those who ho.ve at- tended past banquets Will surely look forward to the coming date with spo- ciai-interest- and be present; Mr. and Mrs. B. li. Hartweil, Miss Josie Ammerm.eta ana uwfglt \Brown of Rochester spent Sunday at the Wickham home. V Fred Suskl was at Memorial hospi- tal on Sunday -for examination by Dr. Whltbeck, who pronounced him re- covering* nicely. - •- Mrs/Cynthter Pearce is flow living at het home on the Pearce farmj . Aloftnin,- • April 2J—Frank BoifW Miss Anna. Hayes and Miss Messenger of Seneca Falls wer& Sunday ^venteg callers at \ the Wlckhom homo. A farewell party was held in .the. Emory criapel parlors \on Thursday evenlng-'for Mi< and Mrs. Bahih Ken- nedy who, are leaving for tjnei*r .ffe,W home a t Columbia cross roads^wher* Mr. Keh'nedy has-been ap-goln.te* agent at the P . R. R. station. The'best wish- es of their many friends go with them for their future* success.' - Mr. and Mrs. E. Bert Pierce ftnd. Mi's. Harriet Benedict of,-Maceaonj spent Friday. wltBr Mr/ «ad Mrs- George Wickham. *—'—.-_— .8er]ous_Afioid*nt .Sunday* . - - AloquinT April- 28-r-Qn Sunday ALOQiJiN; Alogttln, April S8WKr. and W!rs; Oliver ,-FIero and fantily • of Geneva called at the W. A* Kjsor home-flatnr- d*y evening, *, .», 3Pilt«geraii tit Oenevfll Is tearhjs; down the ho&se known a» tM Be«l« place. - : - # \ \ famiijr -ixpect soon morning about halt past ten o'clock,\a very serious accident happened about mid way between the Watkins and I. J, Clark's home 1 on the state road, where Louis Shenekmen of Canandal-.i CT^waj'drivlngLJjbijjgH tourfisg JSM | with three friends enroute to Soneca j Falls in some, way lost control-and-ifc: turned, 'over completely pinning allj four men under. Two of them\ es- caped with only mfrfdr bruises\. While the two, sitting on the rear seat' were ^seriously hurt, The anabulance from <Janandaigua *emoyed them t0 . Me- TOOiiaf hospital after first aid had been given a t the Clark home, Tho names of the then -were M, Kaltrneui? of New York; %. Arbtisaw of Rdchester and Mr, Heit Of Cahajidaigdav Bruddsr 8hlnbf»ns'« l«le». * \Ah atn't pUBs^wtfily'duaWieidirtf ; *M fit «06tJe,\ tmMMi SlilrifeBH*,- '*jbbtii wkvh ha-i fiftt»*s irttiftitl'-jiae^ dtoS f /*^ HEMISTS know which soaps V-/ are best for washing. Their tests show that most soaps are \loaded\ with inexpensive fillers which have no washing value. _ ..,_.'....._ .\.:. These same -tests show there is npthingr but honest washing quality in eve^ry cake of Kirliman's Borax Soap. *s«8*$B8^:'. '•:?Km*.:*m&m

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