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Geneva daily times. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1911-1955, March 01, 1920, Image 9

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«5PlP§fe'; -Dec. is. jstrsM .etas, 6-35,%Mi Castle nolfl •*f*J!S£e B ?« to «$ m.. whicn only ill; 5 0 far#»two and tMsfll of stores thsfl good old U. Sc-'&ff ft AiflEerfent—but a»i* told later, .who --Want SpWiik y Invited to opefe»l at this friend*} 42 stores—sotijl's stores—with stylist*; as up to datMW find today on Cppfe York, the rtjrljj! of* these ipUllons wi garments'ira big Now York officfil of stores witn^bp: wonderful execute trained oliipptt'j; n-slghted buyers AM, Drable to off«2 the- classiest of goo4 jferfefoib terms; d- a price a* the spotw - -• notice^. . Mer)ter and chosSil * * •-*Y' ^1 comeb-we urge Sbt-i to- come—yom - treatment a**H»l :. .. . .-n#| Ut cashsstfJ credit terms, *«**• **««• the p* sach: •;».« • -•*•£$ terms. .Mentj_ si»me—-w« do as-ii*i 29-Seneca St., G«St3 h*tf3*ow«d *M ieem slfl ippear*J|ff r; u'jitiit J i-TTii\' m mgas '^'- | j\ l K\i'\iLi,j\ • lot of the Educated Class** It Sorry One. / the :Aim3^ ' SHRINK FROM MANUAL 11 Deprived of-bffl^«j|'.«nd l^ito Profe*. ' sions Overcrowded,. \They Balk ait Work—Aft Ofict«l ffirnjhtj \%|ln«t Studying Mediate* Ja \•'\ ti|ued;-j-fc,n- t flineers Are .Ad^lt^tcl^i.'B^l^^ii' —Student* Fin*-little.. Encourage- merit, 1 ff*^' ^-r -- 1\ e' *a» v ». result of fire, neary taxation and the, prospective tgpara* .$$»» of Jcnurch and state. v ; 4 J! \ v - Turned Away 0«liy. - r • were) ••omfrfwltiv High attain- t r* told *r#*S?0%*Utnoirtty Id ey applied tor adf Ice t$i try to ''\tea* work mt 4£fetl;. diggers*. ' Aa, American would do It immedfltrty. ISit'caM Ger$*i*i. show so bach pfuck? Etery; blink director asserts Mjktt be turn* !»f daily dozens cFifp- 1 > jplioantsi iimont them a large number at former.olBcers. We must take fnto 'iiccoant that fa th e fatBrtr 1 the no* numerous, banks and bank branches wilt be greatly redneM- finer* irlH be Umbo future \fewer banks, TIB thero ^Wffl-be-feWer' jewerhintint\ poisiBons, fewer courts, jymnasl*, real schort; I-factories; for each poirttion^In them 1 bank*, coasts. Schools, and fjtctorief there ,wiH bat \ The economic dt«ites*.dl !SenB»|^ [ f -l»s- raatfe.,.to -lot-^ the *.*4He|t«>il dasses n sorry one, and triose who «p# ' about-to bBSffn thelfe studUJs'bwr* Utile I to eqcourage thein\ to^ persist-.aloofc tbose lines, A dismal plctare <>f tte I effect of their present disabilities 'ts drawn by Josef Hofniuller In the Sud* ; deutsche Mo'nafsctiefte, from which It 1 was summarized to the Prankfnrter , Zeltung and has been JftnteffTn this , country in School IMe, the official pub- lien Hon of the BnreaRMBffacaBon,\ . Tlu-ee immediate effects o* tfc» war are presented aa deterrents ts tit* t ^. exercise of realty siatiftfBai eSfrt &<* \ «*< the higher military career fa now oat of the question, the military calling ceases to exlsf for graduates- of r the higher, educational Institutions. This makes \housahds.of position* formerly occupied., by; officer* awttig/mte-Ste. Swiping Tjnt of the Gfennan aa^» affecu sfmilariy thfrpos;H4onaf formerfy held ' by naval officers\. Mora than that, 1 mauy of the joung officers who other- wise would have remained in tha mlK ttary servtce are'compeHed to.Tealsn and look for positions In civil service. Then ~W0k Is * another factor. Thmugbj tlie annexation of Atsaoe^£oiv mine, the German-Ptjllsh, the German- Czechishj and the German-Danish ter- ritories; the ? offices hitherto held by Oerranns are- lost to them. Moreover, the Qe'rmEtn officials fa those province* become dependent on similar piaceai which'lhaistjbfe vacated for them is Oermhny. . ^his aggravates the\ofifc- look of ! a;targer number of yotins; offi- cials; wpo'vvlil thus be placed fa sub- ordingte h ,p.pji i tlons under theta. ' ' The third element which will affect the ^U^jft||;1q^.««e» ;Ta?:pofatei put ts, be the impoverlshnient of Gferminy which jWtlTr^Jis* tire prtctfe* of stelct- est eoqn.QnVt.in : JdU .branches'of,\state and public organisations, and will af- fect- the. number of positions, the »ai« a'ries, 'the tffiahceS for' a pension; and the like. The Impoverishment Is | shown fii^^-be tiepchlng^.oR.tho so*' called fr^ealUngsi It mnst And. ex- pression in a tremendous deflection - of capital lp*d*-lart«f -e&lgrattiM* <*^la- .*#r„ . Jjhe, iSwI^tls,.. technWMi \ Callitfis, U»-laFger-fefanchea of-Industry, ther banks, the Insurance agencies, private officlajs ajowhttthe? lowest-salaried office elerltsv wijrlto thus-affected, Jt'Is: said. Retrenchments are also expi In tha lnxury f Bnd prlmnrlly.to the- llterary arid artistic callings like archi- tecture, music, literature, Journalism, opera,- stage^atid various other theatfl- cnis, but also hjl the; more\.expensive and therefore better fecdmpensea* house feduatrsv^ > \ •< prefeluiofSr Are Overcrowded\. \The-so-ca#ed better profjesstons a?S cants. , N „. . \Nor will houses be .erected ulMb fore. .Tha; cheap houses, s» much la need it present, will be built after^a certain model; liere.wiH be xsa money fojMarge state, community, or private .buildings, Rverywhere. the same thing will be repeated—workiogmen *wf!t find rooms easily, butaot ap the engi- neers; there will ba need for a^Iarge number of locksmiths and englne-flt- ters, also mechanicians, but not for men fit» techjica^ ^BCItt^oa^^Cjk- layers are desirable, bot not archi- tects. These ara. the coodltlons that the war did not bring about, but that It did accentuate. CfensTder^, closely, the outlook Is not so very dlsconrag- fof;. The watchword reads 'Hands— nat^fteadal' T^e f^wroa^s v w|ll4#wt themselves to these conditions with great difficulty* as until very \recent times they were bentr^n developing aagp mfnds aJ.^*,.ejpj!jDje,.«r |6eir lunda^UVUh an overdeveloped organ- ised system we 1 had too, many uriiversl- j tfea and too many schools of a high* * er type. \ x / ,- ^he fiermahf' people* aw mora to- dined to have their fate rationed out rather than to take it Into, tftelir jqwa hands. The great number of higher in- stitutions simply strengthened this fa- tal Inclination. IncredlWothlngs*were expected on the strength of a one>yeat certificate; In reality these privileges were worth nothing more than men cards . without : „the . corresponding amount of meat. Instead of letting the j young persons practice as soon-as pos- 1 slble, we lengthened '.the courses : of Study whereverj^Wft.cotlJd. There.was jtiq end to university studies.\ fr however, mora nbnii. 5 *f* a «f , ~\TanfliS of the Shrew\ (ose ouse s beereete* «W i-. 'fS? ft ?' A * tl S«?««Ke.. wpnoloeuef-and snee in ^3p i'*^-*- , i;hejm:e«»he!rs of the College Clubana fftelt fntendsf, nwmbering more* tht|i a^. fcunth»d f met fit\the •ciah-roo^.f^ur^L^, •. x ^^,.^_,^ .... .^ {:day a-fternoon to • m. entejtalaeft' 1 - Sftmfeyt&^'^afift^OVC- JIlss MargaretKewinullerof^n8fi>ra>|-, ' ^ . .. '...«• « *.' \;''' , v •' L' Pa. MUfi Newmifller fs,a sfcefiii^d-' uate 6i the Potvera' wjhoot' of' the Spoken* Wa, Soston^ .Sfce eaijse very Wgh^ v 3feeomnteBdea'\.Tj&t riotne* too highly as h?r audience ipr^ a» jhe r^-> cital progressed, ' Ser peralfnalRy urns. appealing and her aeiecUons admfcfi ^hle. - - . \ «.:--.-.i.- •- y The first numbe* \Passport t* Paiii jdiae\ a clever bit o f Americanization gy Myra .TKeetey, : coffi»JeteIy .won Ifter tattdlence^anaattentioj^* wa? insfnnt an,d ' Cpntin'uousr ^ * , Other numbers wejaJ-woniajfis Weo»4 er* f of International Reputation To Give Re- *u\U of Woirld Survey >- A nuinber of\6%BeVfi clergymen left l-thte inprn^atr :foi> Rochester where they {jtrjtjV 8 . j Ii-Wtsngaaqe at a,three-day **<m$&y, Tuesday amf- Wedi aesdaji i^psn .pvflamy oyer IMQ plnistera^U^ome tog!ettte*\to the Sit- Jterest o^*h^|®teiTOhTirs;fr WorH Wovev two tumorous ,T«a^t-numT)er^ , ;Sha H _ „ .-,_„_.„„„.„ waa generous but Itadlovatoji^ aom«I1^ Bn > - T»«We attendlniF are -SevfHa iim despite the Oliver Tw&t att1 i ni t;,a '\ ,,, «-\\\- .^..-.*---- - ?-1 *>* tion, • \IJUrlng the social half hour whioh followed everVbody - Bad a, word ofap- Sieeiation for Miss Newmuller andcthe .pleasure she had given .them. Light refreshments were served by this corn^ -Nnittee. .: -r . . ^* Mr, and Mrs.^Edwin II. Harmon, of ll Worthington avenue, entertained on t Saturday afternoon adhelr^ home ttorn aAughter, Genevieve, \the occasion he lng. her 6th birthday. Games and music were, enjoyed and stories read: Mr. Harmon.d'urlng the afternoon took the children 1 !^ pictures. Painty re-^ freabments were servc4 and all of tli* little jpiests enjoyed. a. moat detlgfeffuV s3£ernooh. Many, pretty and- useful gifts were received by the little -Hos- tess from her guests, who were Elean- or Behrens, June Chambers, Richard ••v»ys-;«a'tfe of thf TrilsSio-nitr-y Tat^as by.H**i the Interchurch Mcnemeni.* Br. Frank W. Bible and .T>r..-&, jK. Iwon %0I stipplem/aat with addresses-^lie InfjOT- TOation of the-conditions .and needa of the «va«g;ej!I»tic, education •'*«« be- nove^eni lnstitntiona r }n foreign\ lands visualized: tor pictures asd charts. 0 The part the women will have in the support of the world program of the churches will be told in the address of Mrs, H, W^JPcabody, of Boston,, who presided aj; jthe reeeni^JSIatjioixal Cqn- fiefe^ice of qijuioh Wo^ien: t n Wasn6iff r ton, P;. CS» wh,ere„ri!e platform of the iconten ow.,religlous activities was for£ mwlated A*^tti|opted. The activities of laymen in ohurcTr 1 will be outlined j •by James M- Speers, a business man of Kew Toric on the basis ef the actioh taken at the National Conference of laymen recently held in Pittsburgh. The Rev. J. B. Walker;, state secret tary of the Interchurch jiTorld Move- nient iii r New. ^S>ric With hieadciuarterS In Rochester, has ee^erai % chargft-»pt ^ill- arrangements.-fop 4he\ GALLIA\ SUNQ BY Fim? CMURCH CHOIR jJFine Bendition of Gounod?« Watt- Known Worl? Given at Special • Muaieal V«ip«r Servic*. An andifeice that Ailed the auditor- ium of the First Presbyterian church attended the special vesper musi- cal service given by the'\ choir of the church yesterday afternoon at 6 o'clock. The musjp. rendered by the choir, as j Am. Smelting well as one of the congregationalIAm. Sugar .., hymns, was all by the -well-known[A.m. Tel. & Tel. French STOCK MARKETS si™®** ^• 1 «Et.5!?»««r« arm SttUdiag, '•laTw, number* it tS > BxchanKa, las .Fow«« I Roih«»f r. \ PUBBSSI'\ W»i Closing prices were: American Tobacco Securities. Atchison ........ ........••• Am. Beet Sugar ............ I Am, Can Am. C, &-F. ,: American Cotton Oil *ard ^rHffl%«*of \therJBaptisf ?cihrch, Rev, E. B.: 'Topping of %e Methodist Xiharchy Bov. W3H. Crayer of the North Breshytewaaiic Church, Rev. JTW, 'jacks And Rev. M*m. IJlckinson of ^thaiEflfst PresbyteJciiatt\ Church. Mrs. IHckin'- .son will accompany her husband. Speakers oyjnjitejpfjfttlftt V«pn>nf!rtw tivnT^presMnrilie results of the world's 1 .survey made W the Jnterchurch tPorld .Movement and interpret their meaning Jtp. the cnurches. ... Prngraroaiof iher various denomina- 1onayrepjre^eJ|tfidUi^the-^w^JEorlE^OB^ w«-mi.TOiia will be considered in connect 8 to 5 o'clock in honor of their little Ltion.w^th the world program of the in Soper-^EIIis. & The marriage of Mtss LeoaeJ. Ellis. ^.d' ,^? arth ft VennOK5f 0 Harold Ov Soper of Seneca Castle look plac e «u^ day morntee at W o'ciock at the Bap parsonage, Ray,. J&ivard erts, Anna Schasepen, Ruth -Schase' pen; Noi-ma Wall, Margaret Wbrdeju U£_ •?.- fflUTMWS^Tl'Lt.^SWfeV ?pi- already overcrowded as result of tile' oversupply of labor,\ says the,, writers \This ^sifr'pius'' will be increaslpg f» the coursS'toiithe next few yeaTfis itt-tSjp measure-ns the number o^ position* f-wlll ba-.each month decreasing. -1, \{ 1 \In the yenf'1914 the Bavarian knl- tur-mlnlster, von Kindling, speaking about tho prospects ofrthe teagjiifig profession, gs^ tti» following Pfffcl'al Idata regardhiff-tlHr length uf tftw it \ took cnridldutes'to be appolated to o> I flees: Phllo^glsis,jCraefeotJ iO yeari; | f mattemaflciantv ^ 18; phUologists, ; (modern) 13; sttide*ntjr of German tit- jerature, 1&> fatimtir^-tOeatikfyrtlti* ^raftsmen, 12, ft fa surprising bow anybody y|t'fljMireoufigft\ to taSfeap* teacliiag whehjf|snec6ssiry to Walt tor an ftppoJuUnenttlir the thlrtysflfth/ birthday. 9eshj|a,* ffie'ml&tfQt%n **•'. atetaat Is 15.hjailk*; per month\ and m* length of seWfcf'\ia.tfia't cipadty ap- proxjnfa.telyJtofcMijs. .4 youngper-' marks ner mo?**—- ,| -—^ ~ *--' ' * the \^ Marine. Tells of, Halr.Ralslna , sodeiT-VKaa^J^dMiri lals, : John Page/ of Sac City, Ja., declares that savagery and <• cannibalism are common in the. \peptifeHe of Halttf • •Page,served there.withuthe marines and has .told srelatives^aod friend's 1 ,ftera. of seme., ihalrTrralsing «pisod«s: that marked service for Uncle' Sam In the West Indiaa isle, indfeaffeg-thtt as much excitement-was experienced there- a s anywhere in the world war rone. ° . , < Page claims that lie discovered that jthe citizens of the republic aco wiffir savages, believing in voodoolsm, in- volving witchcraft^ snake worship and human sacrifice. •-\ <3an«ftbalIsnr ? lHi9 other South Sea Island-practices <ar« Indulged fit in th« interior, according ;to his *tatement«. \_: •' . ,-,' r , **V^ , ^f.-^t.-'-f,^ fit: *. A very pleasant-\surpri»e' dered Mr., and Mrs. Preston A. I^sreli ot Geneva, R.' D. No. S on Tuesday evening, Feb. 24th, the occasion be* lng their 5»th weddingr anniversary. In- I element-weather and bad roads pre- I'Vented a gathering of their family, but friends and neighbors made ho for It, The feature- of the evening =vas- pro- gressive euchre, Ave tablea being set There were thirty guests exclusive- of the. \young fry.\ Daniel Kemery as master of ceremonies attended to the\ terchurch Movement at the denomina- tional meetings which will'take one Half day of the tnree*day'Session.' Wi addition-to the subjects to be present-' ed.^Lthe conference proper consldera- j ttoTTTvlirTyergiven to the subjects of WEDDINGS 1st church •I„.MJAI.. ~ „ , - — *•«••« uwPf the Empire stewardship; xeej-uitirig fbrtSTrnlnuTrTpW.* 5^ S? d ?W? S^* 3 , and organizing for the final stage of the intenstee Lenten evangelistic -campaign which Is Griffith perfoming^rceTmo^y TK taSSSiS* 6 \1 ,S * WdTnl'yS immediate member* of, the fkmilfM fmtiwent at tho cereXy, \** to*m& brown « uv f«^%a.nd hat tJfl* ^^p^^Perleft imfiediately rollowing the ceremony for a. wedding trip and on their return will make their «£T ^ a £ arm ln Seneca CasOe owg ed by Mr. Soper. The bride was emt- Ployed in. tire puroMsing department M.^MJBiectde~Goal-.j erts. Anna s^<.<>^ n o..^ *,-Cr fnterchurch laders \Join tun Ph,,.»i, laders \Join the Church Sunday.? I ©r.,S. Earl.TayJor, general secretary of the Interchurch World Movement, who successfully conducted the Meth- odist Missionary Centenary Campaign. ('Will give an address on \The Needs of Itue'Wbrld.^ JH'Rbbe'rt E.-Spear, sen- ior secretary of the Presbyterian For- eign Mission Board and Dr. Daniel A. Poling, associate\ President of the World's Christian Endeavor Movement an.d associate, general secretary ,of the InWchurcfi^WOHa Movement*- will give special addresses. ot Do You- Know tfc*WrrS8rf ss *** a perfectly fitted Corset, That[ w*at Nu-Bone means. Free demon- stration in your home, Mrs. Charles H.'Buss, 425 Exchange*St.- 445-J—Adv. £*hone Bay View Club. . rrho Bay View Reading--Club will •hold its regular meeting,_tomorrow af- ternoon; at 3:30 o'cloclc at this home of Miss Stella Morris of Elniwood -Ave- 1 nne. Every member is urged,to, ajji- tend. 1-ni.iM «i 1. m • '\ > '-• • The regular monthly prayer meeting 1 of the W. C. _T, U. will be held to- morrow afternoon at 3:30 -o'clock at composer, Charles Francois (aounod. The principal feature of the service Was the rendition of the cantata \Gallia whi'fch was preceded in the opening services by the singing of two itathems \Send Out Thy JWght\ and the \Sanctus and a soprano solo, \O IjMvino Redeemer,\ sung by Miss Kath- arine Scott. . I There was no se'rmon Uiit in plncn a short sketch was- given by; RevTW : Dickinson, the pastor, of Gounod as a comn,oser,with special reference to the cantata '.'Gallia.\ lie said tin name ^Gallia,\ meant Gaul, or France and jihat there was significance in its sing- ling at this time as it was written fol- lowing the. defeat and humiliation of France In the Franco-Prussian war and was an expression of the national spirit at the time, being one of la* ,«nentation. It was appropriate, he said, that the composer should turn to the lamentations \of Jeremiah for the text of the composition. The words fol- lowed the Scriptural writing closely. Tho music is necessarily sombre ln Marine Prfd Midvale Steel .-, Missouri Pacific MeX;_Jpg£_. •-nve-i-N. \frtrianKiTTTT.'.T. t:£IM B0Y S AND Gim the. . ..„ - — \\' Missionaries from., the Orient will'the home of Mrs. S. S; Finch*, 1 bf'2d'9' •-r- —r— ~* «•\ wo | present the facts revealed by the sur- Caatle street, comfort of arriving guests and the, ma- 1 J - - - •*' * •'. '.*. ' tron of honor, Mrs, Marvin Cuer, with j ***'*** mm ' mmmmmm *\ her able corps of assistants served at most salisfylng repast; after which dancing, games, etc., Into the- \wee small hours\ finished a truly delight- ful evening. Mrs. Joe Eerch received first lady's prize and Mrs. Henry Toungs, second\ prizexr.-while Henry youngs carried off the gentlemen's first prlp and jpajglel^ Kentery,?iiecond prfee. \ i ' ; * ,.,-.- ~,ftr>\ ' Mr.\any iXrs. Lerch rccoriected thai fifty years ago, FeiJ.\\\^ '.iS7i>,,. the weather condition of rbaids and moun- tains of snow' was identical with tho present. On their return home\ lrohi a protracted wedding trip on April 1st, the snow' was piled In suetf dtiits **--'• '\e iack_which. brought that, th from the them \ Boy Scouts' Equipment. •• -«•'; i €hiejt Sea Se^nfe>)«ma»^t, glider of Honolula ijas^arouted the iBoy Sgout* Of America until- W »ea. scout centers havV already asaoired; twtirflng shipsi 16 cities now have shipping, hostds, and 68 others ace following suit. It is probable that training ships for this branch of scouting will s$pn be sailing the oceans ana^«i*jif 4rtgrlc|5 • .•^'.\ —^ •..\ County' C.ourf l|«rm Conyenet j, Canaoda!s;ua,^arch (i l^At^rh1& open- ing of county .coi^hj^*e^te*ffFn.wg a,n., hTdirtpaent^cj^r^BjH^bftfldjpnn^ against I>eo\ Maher* of Gorh^nY.'.w^s .dtemissed. by^ Judge, Horace A .|& ^tteh at th^^^ttotfoiraolfn Colmey, a|torney 'for Igfeadent tJi«n*Wtff Amtil remitted. --' , '\.\ , '\•-• *\£.: - , — i -i'' g.g, ,. ..-T'r?,.' 5*?*-J.* 1 I* malts'teg. tmarks ^mouj ^ '^atnin^agathitiQie' taking up : ^f oeflichl studies l'siued*«£thQ Jiuuicn Tll m ^pt phVslla^ £ prospects of _ physicians &v* Seen most discouraging by * Wide exten- «on of heaiflh insurailce wWcli; 1*. rtt,cts priti& 'pra^ffc* fry thit >vftr- ^f##^^t tfastoifint^thB immt,.. rt^?5 1 f? (f \ t ™ iB ' tte'endangerSa ^ »e abolinon of the posts of snip physl- 'wSf^ 81 ?^ ^ ffD<s «f\Jag of the war WMO pliysich&^werft certi«ed in an 'fflergency. \8iem* of a considerable • »* - m pn»W«n»: .«u*er tt*- teMally froin-fl1»n«H MMtii«- * JJ! ht \ot#t* tatters, the wrtter voir* ? nU •* ^ ••' J*** 1 ** for young lawyea «« siroady srtlng tot oBt-of-worfe• dbfiatfon* Tn* Wffic- -ttnnfes receive 3^0 marks .%# month, XL »t!y ts«e«rtly ty»»sfci &*** Mes were eSVertlsTne M tti'Slwipk- .7' MM*** to Bom* dJsWrt *ourt , fr ' r tn # churclL SMBJ itfeira hava Pro E .o,oi, fw •t l ,mmnm\,\n u* trvrsb't „« ^jjt h rrn ^ ^^ ,,, |. railroad .station could- not malte the'curb and they were obliged to debark at the„dr,ivv.w-4y le-iding to tho rear of the buildipTi. *~ On Saturday afternoon,, Mrsi Hs O. Paitaer of-=Soufii Main vsfreet\ enter- tained at fier*honie in-hohpr'of her little daughter Jane, the. occasion'\ be- ing Ber 8th birthday. The party in- deed was a biffaff^ir to little Miss Pal- mer, as she i*- atoohgrithos/i persons j. Who hive' S feirtMajjr ofiry 9no0-,#very four years, being >orii on the 29th of. Februatx.\ At 4 o'clock the,'littie pe.o.- ple enjoyed a slelgiirldcC after \which they returned to the house where a, hot supper was served . T-W' table, was centered with a bteV'Jaek Horner\ pie from which ribbons reached to each place. . On pulling these, clever -favors' for each guest were attaehed .to the end. Sweet .peas and smliax afto added to the table decorations,.-. Tfcii guests were the Misses Dorothy-and Marjbrie Past, Dorothy Lytie. G&irri*- D. of I. To Most. •\ The 'Daughters- '6? Xti&W® .Wiir hold their regular mCeSnj^Maoiriswji^&er nLng at >S d'cioei^ln: the^Wti? & hail, r It is -urged thai Hifei;y*nierijJ}er , b*^%res? etft asiseireral Jnatters of Ihiporfenoe are to come before the' laesttagS*;'.;* . . BY^AbttjA/wrj^mtn • There «r« alw«y»; wideawake boys -«n4 gim. who- see tha fint mcmift M «arlrai the lait-wcek-in-Eebruaryv-but in, put: noxtherhliUatM this it not apt tc? happen, and. were i». some doubt about a February Robin having just ar- kfiyfti.Jbecauje.he.majr-Mve been her* [ all winter. You never can tell. /•A,..few HobiM dQ: itay with ui thentseiyei the ntst,. warm, sunny day ihotighsnow m*y-be on the grolind. JPut they n gurely begm to come up .from 'Iflie mftSpWmfrMta MarcK, ..^PeJJtta%Ji358^,.too, ct'o.se fifth.* ,wake of the Rot»ni,and are sometimes given a cold welcome by a March ^nqwjtpjnj *M„%|ry wind*. It il well to put but .food for Inem, Tor tney often tture because-everything U'snow >i» 44#oJJa*i««4Mp &%• find nothing to <afc . . . .\ >-\Aft<Sf $». filoebird, tho Bronzed Cackle mjuVei hii-appearance andjn r th« soum the Purple-Crackle. Th* Purple, Gracklei :««' found in some -Sjudy Probjein Solved .character, but i s developed? in a mosVf^fne Com - ntusiclanly way through many minor harmonies to the brilliant and inspir- ing closing chorus \O Turn Te, Jeru- salem to the Lord Thy God/' \ z: TJjK-^imoir-^iHlm^ered^-^t* _.—„ . - -. »• ••• Melees.,^jas.JKellJ3BalaaceaV and- «»n«HNew--4i«we»srrEr fwTffnBrvent spirit and gave a moat ''\*'\ '\ \^ satisfactory and telling interpretation of-the work which has been a standard./ composition much used for the past -ttfty-yeara-amcoitg-wrtting for a spe-.: cfal -occasion ln France in 1871. The solos inthe cantata are entirely for' the soprano voice. These, were . sung most effectively by Miss Scott, wh,qse pure and vibrant voice was well Studebaker . adapted to them and who gave them Union Pacific an inspirational interpretation that placed her work on a high plane of excellency. Her^ singing likewise of the offertory solo \O\ Divine Redeem- er!'., was thoroughly musicianly and reverential. r The music was given under the di- rection of W. A. Gracey with Mrs. L. C. Spongier at tho organ. Anaconda Am. Locomotive Bethlehem Steel B. & O. B. R. T Cai. Pet. .,»,. Canadian Pacific ..;.., eerro do Pasco Copper Central Leather C. & O. , St. Paul '*. Colorado-- Fffel\!6i Iron CrucibTe ,., Chicago; Rock IsIaSfl & Pacific 38 3 Erie Erio 1st Gen. Motors ...... Great Northern Ore Goodrich Gt. Northern, Pref Gulf States Steel .. Haskell-Barker Interboro Metropolitan, Com . 65 , 83 - : 79 . 42 3-4 .130 3 4 . 40 . (0 1-1 .184 1-4 . 97 3 t . 57 1-4 , 94 . 85 31 . 37 3 $ . 13 3-4 • 33 1 J ' 119 I 47 79 1 ! 57 , , 39 * : 38 1-\ 197 IS i 34 3 g* 23$ 1-3 37 1 4 66 1-4 f 77 3-* f 60 1 % 55 4 International Nickel '.. 20 3 3 r Industrial Alcohol Inspiration Copper Lehigh Valley .... Miamr * s a *»**»A*. 79 3-4 51 3 4- 46 21 •$-* . 31 '- I . 8? 3-4 . 42 1-g . 50 ;i«8- 72 1 * U 1-s\ Oklahoma Prod bli Northern Pacific 79 3 S Pcnsylvania R. R. , »..,42 3-4 Reading Reptiblic Steel Sinclair Oil ... Saxon Motors , Southern Paeiftc.. 7i 3-g- 87 r g 39 1 i 16 - 9f> •? * Southern Railway ,..., 25 * * PERSONAL Mjr, and Mrs. J. Donald Hall and son, George, of \The Pines,\ Prospect Hill, .spent Sunday ln ' Canandaigua, the Lgjissis of Mr, and Mrs. earl G- Sim-. •roons. 1 ' 'Mrs. Frank Berryman, of 40 drovo •street, who has been ill for the past three 'Weeks, is able to be out again. ''IJayid Ayres, of South Main street, Who has been, at Hot Springs, Ar- Ifafflsas, for several weeks, has returned £Q his home fn this eltjr. OWJedJtalL Look-for LOOK ror tae song 1 sparrow next. H* wilt come bringing all his happy- ,,.._.. Dorotliy L^te, ~G^rl^ai .qooa^^ -^L~SZ~ laeans,* Marv Aura' JTMr£'rranSesa«d# M c- fctlurely faiWoft at tttougii OKy; Lee Packard, Mary, Jane and Corn'eiJ* LPaliperj.japd..-Messrs, \Kiohard- Sanford, William, Traeey, Poyntelie Staiey,Bofr- ert.a^ThomaHtCarsoWj James .^oHils Benneltt .\D^rsey Alfred. Lewis^_ Jn, Frederick Keyes, MauaceTPatcn, <-2jr n HoSert Cooit, John Whitweil, Richard \Eytle* ahd J&feriry~PaMer, Jr. *\' '*' T ':•,'\ <*••&\ '\•*'* ' '\ - -•\-.-. Miss Helen Wat^rmkn^'o'f m.-W- Jiam street rgaye. fcS detightful» \'-Wash- ington's Birthday-^parfy-, Saturday af»- teTOoa» to«* number of -hef; friend* Up^.and^untl^^rejre TBseatl&rthf '^h^ise .djBcjsmtlons^.-TJtev dining 1 .: .i-ootk- fable had m the Center a basket ofrj toy- balloonssvchich jvese' attachea.^|a:i red, WhM arid\ blue ribbons a'tad e*ach guest was privileged to draw one out. JThe favors were, candy -baskets-^-witft place cards attached. Games and mu- sic. Were enjoyed from 3 to sWdookj after whlch^stipper was: served., Mr»^.| pSyJUerinsn was^a«8isteet-i)y-MTsrB3^j Thm EngBik SmJtmK* BV HDtUAH T. LUXEMS -. —SkJllHln^vriUnr^ l^^kift-Mhi... dling any other tool. Snakeipeaf* tliwd four times as many wosdMU the ordi- nary writer of Engliib^bccaw he used them precisely. Increase the number! of words you use accurately. > Read carefully exact deicription*. and imi- tate them. . . v~ -•• *-9 >; . 2. Condense. Omit eyerything that can be implied or taken for- granted.' Bring out the main klea mrickly. fceavei the jmaller things -for the reader- to' think out for himself. He will find\ it* nor* interesting. • ——»-- - -*-, 3. Break: up long, complicated itn- tences into inort, independent one*.' Yott Drill thui mot oofy ; gifn iri-diwr-. net*,'but you will have two-form* of owrittng available for oomp«riton._ The tncjil ifilted wr|te,r. w h» wjio jfMakii, there 11 only one way to lay a thing., < 4. For. cjearnesi, use short senten-.*lh«--.the . rv . —.- ui/un iu inis City. Thoma.8 E. JUppey, of High ttreet, I was the over. Sunday 'guest of -his *ts- 4ert-and her husband,-Mr. and Mrs. Sr.Ot>. B»«««» -•• — - U. S. Steel V. 3. Steel Pref; U. S. Rubber ... •V.119 1-1 ... 9£ Si ...110 1 2 95 1 4 Utah Copper , 70 Westinghouse ;., 60 Corn . - May ..,.„..„. ,.,.,,.,.,436 - Oats M »y ,... ..SO H 3 3 3r* „ ,„ you-.... combine the limpler idta^into-Jonger and more complicated sehtencej. It is tft«e«>fifle^ve»r4^ noun* *nd conjunction^, that muit.be jufed «killfu}lr-if the long-»entence is ta b* «cjear. TheyL ^re^the -wan 1 po»t* that tuid* the reader, Jkt^tiJ*. tUtM.of th* clause* a* he-jnafcei • fin' \'WS Efdward C. Beatty, of Lyceum jstrefet, who has been, confined- to her \iome by* Illness for several weeks; la isry nfuch improved and able to be ^Sht Hgaln. Mrs, George A. Hall of Canandaigua, I spent the. week-end with her daughter, 1 Mrs. Stuart A. Hall, 270 Pulteney • Dr, olin C. Dusenbery, of Efrnwood hSvenie, was the over Sunday guest of •friends In Buffalo.'. * • -\Dunsmore Hubbs, of Syracuie, tas ftB«-wsie:k; T end'jrHest of his-Barents, Dr. and $«?. J.\B. Hubbs^of^South Mate street. ,l A son was born on Saturday at the City Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Oba- diah. H. Harrison of 0 Hiilcreat ave- dcnle. Name, Donald Gllmouf, f**John Lo'Bg, who has been employed Weld Drug Company in ^f^S 1 * COrner \ ^\^cha^ge'and fc^- 8 ^ 1 ' * M accepted a'position 4*1®*^^^ The girls came gowned ta'app'ropr^ej costurtftff*^ eacH one representing i^nle jioted of patriotic personage.- The guests were: Dorothy -Kiopfe> as Lady Jerfferson i - Gladys House; .Lady Monroe; Margaret Farrott, Lady Han- cock! \Alma Emmons, Miss Washing-* ion; Helen Day, Betsey Ross; Mkble ^pehgler. Miss America and Harford, Madame Lafayette. Salvation Army Notts This evening at 7i3* o'clock, *the4' Home Service League will meet at the ^«ie*auarteri for sewing: ghd^fculls nes* meeting and also on Tuesday af-; iernoon at the home joif Mr*. .Bo!vis|v ion of Castle street. '\» 'V^'tvfuj^^rvlee'wltt^be. feetd M tht ati^tto«Jum\^n'Tu«jUUy^ano! We|f| w»da:t..ey«iin*» *t i o'clock. ThnrsJi^M 7T»»,P. |L there will -bi t» whit* *nrv<>*e Is if<fam& •<5^§j5 Tenori'ft'tl at the Smith toaUfht, .isrith Louis Guard . at the Linden rHiarmacy and .will begin his duties 'at once* •i Mr. -and ..Mrs. Lester Bolander, of Sayi;e A Pa.,. were - the . over Sunday guests ;Of-Mr»t Bolander's pareirtsTMr. ?,nd Mrs. R. A. Schnirali of B90 Wash- ington street J. M. Welch of New xork city, one f *MtenCftM^-»^**H''/ qnrtliS managers of tho Metropolitan bOltyby tryittf d'ff*/«nt Life Insurance Company, was in Ge- iajtngthf ianjrtntng, 4tt*a „ev a toflay bn t, us i ne sa connected with the local office. Mr, Welch only re- cently returned from-overseas, where toe-served as one of the K. of c, work pfefs, being stationed near 4 tlie front HheS for sftveral montM.V. ' . *, \' -Henif 1 toimg'* ' - 'tii ISbV t) Geneva Str«e^ r -w4iGi\a\-few -wefe'la ago proke a biihe'-ln one of' hi*'feet, fs' sldwly ro- covering from his painfnf acclderit.- 1 Lawrence Gracey, Who has been \In\ 1 Boston, Mass., arrived In the city yes* terday to spend some time- with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Gracey, L.p£.R a mi'ton street, 0?' <sS iiBiitOTr MrsTAayi* Wb*at. '.* -~Mrf. Addio Wheat, aged -68 years, wife of Frank Wheast, died at her- home on^fhe Flint Road Saturday evening. Besides her husband she leaves ono son, Leonard Wheat, at home and two daughters, Mr*. Reave Newton of Flint and Mrs. John Perrln of Seneca 'Castle, The funeral win be ',ltejd aj tjphe? residence at Id\: 80 o'clock;\ Tuifiday 4 ^hf^lngandat 11 O'clock at Ihe Meth- w -Mm Church: in that place.-ilefc Mr. §Wmm wilt -olfhciate ftnd.mirlli '' Wt Sattd Hill Cfrdetery. will b* w ,Tbe funeral of Edwajta; 3i Ma»d* f WofUr, *ftd.«r«. Edwardjr^Riiani*, ; of. $«neca,, will be held tomorrow after, i EAGLES CELEBRATE 20TH ANNIVERSARY ——•— s The 20th afinrversary of the local LAerle. of- the- Eagles wa s thet occasion-\\ last night of the one of the best ban- quets in the history v of the Aerie- Over one hundred- members and invited guests Were seated for the six coursa dinner provided by Caterer J. Mario* Androsses^niuslo and other entertain- ment con^buiea; to m^ke'ihe, eTventng a memorable One 4 In the? caye^f of the Oirganization*' ..'•'.„ J , „._i_—: Dan .Deegan .acted a» : taastmaster._ And introduced .t th e . gnesta of the evening, 0 Past*--Worthy^:State Presfdent, 1 Wllliam>-Keneally -of^^\Roch- ester. Addresses were made by Al- ter* Leonard, *'J^ohn'R^d\dy ^ W. Skinner? r Pi J.' IPia^ga^ind^Presl- dent Joslyn. ^Albjrt^Hennessy^Rob* ert Henness^ ang^Blpyd' Ferir^addejJ to the enjoyment\ Of\the evening with solo numbers and the banjjuet con- cluded with the singing of the national anthem by the assemblea grieats, '*' News.ot thj» Woman's j5I«n i .JThe meeting, at tft& Womanfa Club this evening wiltlieghxat.7430s.jiharp. It. is reanested ,that every member Be In her seat eromiply. „aFhe cojasititu- tion, as revised by the Resolutions Committee, Is\ to j?e presented* for con- sideration. ,It..jvin J>iji. voted upon at \ the AprH ! meeting. At SM the musi- f cai programme will be given. - John Colgate, tenor soloist at the Central Preab^eria^-kChuYeA,, .Roches- ter, will assist, and Hugh Rose- will play. The Music Department's \e_rjr grateful to Miss Mary. Rojse and F^W J __ Herendeen, wlio have, both loaned their pianos for Mft-Kss*. • Mr.' Hbrftfedeen's grand ?pianO;^Will -be' used tonight ' Next Saturday afternoon^^at the Club Mrs- ($ad\wFck i* goijSgHo\*repeat her taikr on\ ber* pies^datloa 1 . at the — pourt \of St, ia,n^es, ^ndon 4 ^Mi*pjara-r f bers of the Club and the general public are invited. Tho-lecture wlii-be^give» iat 3 o'clock and a «ilver collectiOtt Wilt be taken'i At Mrs. Chadwlek's epeciat request the\* c6»e6HbTn i, wflr> ftfrftt ttta. Jnest-s-egg for the'^piano fund- for the_ Club. Thli* 'la Mrs. •CMdwick'S grace- ful way of i5Uylng r \*'fhanir'tyo\jr lo the Club befijra her.9depa*turo i , tt ,* fa M » Tea will be served Under the direc- * tion Of Mrs.:Bffi¥^riitt«geB.#ilertain- meht Committee. It is hoped that many \will Be present'; Mrs. Chad- wick's expeti§nces W London as the wife of our Military tAtt|«she«aie most * Interesting aMjhe^^t eHquette at- one of \the drawing- tboms^s most fulljr^ described.'Hr», Chadwlcte \wears her> court costujne.^enpgMBft the lee- _ tnres. -.. •- —'. c^ --ty:^-.''' ; \ ri1 '\- Car?l.'fff THanks : \~* We wish t^.*c»Ve33'0«r. thanks to , all $0 nelg|p!S.ffid ffiettdsife\ syni- ~ pathy and idnuifess, also for flowers leent duriar\OTr»ree«St I»Brlai-emerit, w *'\ especially Cof4«»ft<^Bl;<ls„ fefid Yan, for-thei-f kind'aeeistmeat.'' . . Mr. and Uta?m%WWW^m, sister* * *; and brothers. 'W,^&«-r^\<&\*l»>~f^: -t • eiitempi^rm* The local chapter Of tp Eastcin Star Order, will hSidiife ; *fi5t|ry wW«t party and after 4a-^4£'|nf Ua«>nMI, _ . , ,_ .„ ,Temple on Ttiesdaf^ilWnf,. March \$$& 2!%-.ft«e|oek It the:,home, off^d. -Playing' willpg^pl O'clock, mmt J&8 »ohnsdtt f -6f Jjr\-'#otfl».i*tf i '\n I enibe-a. ,«^<girJwMer &M friend* are Invit fe l^yiitsnit-j. tbii city; Burial will be.. ^ ,. - , • • ^^- •,-• - H™*\*' rWt *^^§rW* hit*'no* ready aST,Atf^aifMr 1 \ **- '—-- '\~ ^^^• ; — 4 J^t&StiS*. of Spring ,H3liifl*ry. \• '-Urn* % ^« ,«•*»«-!*,« gwgl? *m U^ t«w»«t*«i We have ndw i?e»^a» atfeactlvte tine ot Spring.-Millinerr.\ Mrs, D, * Mggmii bv*r-«ti$*^wJi^Ad*. ?»®j|gpfP5«PS

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