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- ~----- -----VOL. ' ' . 2 No ;, 7 ,~- .:+. . ..... . . -· ... . \~LIG-HTNING FLASHES.· ·arrested on suspicion ·of being con- cerned in the' 1 murders in Dublin, h~a THE; SEQUEL .. -:- •, been discharged. ~ 7 CO~OilED lU:ILb~A.IllE'S AL• TELJ!:GR.A.PH TIJQI.UTE BY •.rJl.R LONDON, Mav·13.-It is understood LEGED wiDow. ... \WHOLE WORLD. ~li). ~:l!:{!erienced p:t'fic~aJ 9b. \the ll}<Fan .1 _·..:. . - .. - -- Goverrnnent will organize a detective .A. Pamoamic Vie\W of saturday'll The Sequel to the H:hnaway·lU:arl'i.S:ge force in Ireland. ., , of a Toity m:nratto and a Doing8 From · Continen' to c~mtinent. The capnister d_1scovered on the , - . .Tewil!lh Girl. railing of the Lord Mayor's ma:g.siOn . .. last nirnbt was filled with ..-blasting ·- · ....- J h. D L · :Base. B<~- 11 · owder~ • -.4'-t -· -- -NEW YORK, ~ ... ay 13;-:- o _ n .... _ew•, BU~ALO, May, 13.-Na.t a single p . . . is, a wealthy mulattorealestateown- league gamp of base ball was played ·.The ,application for poh.ce P_rotec- er o.f th 1 s.city, wqs killed about five to-day, as'there were heavy rains in · tih?n for P 1 a~n()l~ was tr;:adeh Wltho~t years agG> by being thrown from his every city where) games ·were an- Is know 6 ge Y ano er ome-ru e b · y while driving in Central Park. b f r t ugg · · nounced. mem er O par tamen · . It was generally supposed that Lewis Big Pigeon Roost. THE AFTER-.PIECE . A SPICY ACT NOT DO\WN ON THE . . PROGRAMltiE. :m:rs. Geo. s. Knight Gets on Her E3r As it Were, and Howls. · 1 in, his-.eye its soc_ke_t and a,nd \ari ui;ly temple. . As yet ·nothing learned of their ll~Ipesr or came upon the railroa;d-. 1 1ra1~k: is~ mystery. They . w:~re about the s~reets into:x:icttted d -~-'- ay. All who were presenr at th·e .. i:int.ef.t~in­ m~t given. ,by __ yeo. S. K}light; U:nd his compan:y. in the Opera HouJr<rtw:o . weeks ago Saturday night, were !9-0\re than pleas~ with hia excellent play a'nd company, b1,1t the after-piece, whi~{ook plactl at two of Buily For: our hotels; aftedb.e performance at the • Worth i~ eclip11ed by Mrs; Opera Honse, iii which Mrs. Knight played Lon<kln cou~ll. d~ess JIIaker .. 'fbe SPARTA., Wif!-,, May 13.-There is a pigeon l'{)OSt near here hal( a mile wide and ten miles long; and . the birds number millions. Sportsmen have .already trapped many thous· :ands. DUBLIN, May 13.-Dr. Kaye, ~I's- was a single man. His e'State, tant_undderdsecrhetary f~r Ireland, has his deatli, ;as sold antl divided/be- receive , a eat warmng. tween a half-brother and· balf~sister, the star {J!l-'1-t, wa~ 1 4ven more ente~taining for the Leopold wedding were . . than the'play of '~Baron Rudolph.\ It was natural gra<le compared· with ·\ not )l.e~i'd by as many people, ztlthough .the .\twisted and tortured Eagan's Foolish Talk. who were full-blooded ne~.roes. : The DuBLIN, ;May 13.-In reference to prope;ty, which was v~rfously esti- the· suggestion tha.t the land league n;tated to be wo.rth frl.lin $500,000 to would offer a ~:..eward of £2,000 for $1,000,000, was bought by over fifty a~ission wllS free. Worth, were the-coq·ception .\()fa , _.. /n a~pears that Mr. Kniiht and his wife .of a true aesthetic art. OI of New Hampshire,/ :stoppe-d at the Olean House, while the hal- Shatton will be patronized The Morey Letter. _ · CUMBERLAND._ Md., May 13. -It IS 'understood Davenport has unsuccess·. fully tried to get from Price, Chair-. ·man of the Democratic County Com- mittee, certain docwnents and letters in his possession, relatjng to tho Morey lett~r. the assassins, Eagan treasurer of the different purchasers. Land League, telegraphs from Paris: - \' Le~is was originally a' -slaye, the ''Remembering, as 1 d.o 1 the numbei· ·natural son of a negress owned by of innocent victims. who in the sad \his white father. To escape slavery hiatory of our country have bee~· lie fled when quite young_to Canada, handed over to the gallows by and thence t~ New York. T~enef?~O wrethced informers, in order to earn blood of Lewis was ~~rdly discernt- coveted blood money, and foreseeing . b~e, lind he got a pOsitlOnass~lesman ance of the co~pany~ domicil~ at \tl.t_'il ,ladies. · The Ex(at:iim!l~t -~t_ Je'rsey City.'. - JERSEY CITY:M~y 13. J;·ifingsland, treasurer of the Provident Institution -for Savings, t;tands a good chance of recovering. Thi'J run OJ?- the bank reeommenced this . morning, but has greatly abated, and is expected . to cease to <his. the awful danger, in the present «l_X- in a dry. ~oods house. While thus ~citeS--state G.f_ ffil~C feeling. that employed, a:bout,lll~fi, ,_h_e b~came ac~ f-nl!l\P~-al'lta: · b ,;.dded +A er 1 ·me · ed-:witb:..:-a .. Jewish .gll'l of 18, cume may e \' \v . . . . . Moore House. - After the show Mr. and Mrs. Knight went to the Olean House, and it would not be saying too much to presume that Mrs .. Knight took a· little s~mething,. like St. Paul of old for her stomach, and system general!!\ .. George also gathered in a couple glasAes of beer. The stimulant had the effect to make Mrs, K- somewhat peevish, and induced her to upbrnid'the Baron --after retu i:'h:i'ng to their rooms, for ~~~~~~~~~~U -W.I.it.LU-J.:m!lle· reai or funoied short-coming!!• Geor~~~!t~ma<e;:1Wii.rsa.w-ilt-at:i:ot:f;\ll:n:d-ilr!~i<'ltiij;; For did not like the nagging and he possible sa.crifice of guiltless men, I abo~t five years h1s ;varnor: T~ey ·am determined if one penny of the fell m love and she eloped w1th huri. Land· League funds were voted for They wer~ marrie,d by a. ~inis~er, such purpoBe, I would at once resign who has smce entered po~j;ical hfe, I -with~d the way betook himse1f out~ of. .her prea~ce. Coudersport and Port All.eg-i~l!-~ · She declared The Bar 9 n not returnmg at ;fe Jl_our Mrs. Mr. Homer C. Blakeslee, of the tresurship.\ · and is now a well-kno~n ~ember of _ the Tammany org~~omzatwn. The ··· .. ··A Very Unfortunate Girl. father of the girl is .,JOseph B. Jones, DEs MQINES, Iowa, Jlifay 13·-Satur- a notary and corntil\issioner _in Duane A Miser of the Worst Kind. day Dorat Steinmetz, a girl· 17 \sears street. He overtook. the couple, and N)w Ylf'RK, ·May 13.-In the con- old', residing_in Pleasantvilll), W arrr.m took his daugbt.eriJome. Soon theri test over the will of Sarah Burr, who county, went home, twelve miles dis- after he ,stfut her, to \live witll a rela- left $3,000,000 to benevolent and reli- · tant, on horsehlitck to spep.d her l?irth- tive in Philadelphia, where proceed- gious socfeties, a former servant yes- day. On returning, the saddle turned, ings ~~re begun in. hflr name for an terday testified that Miss Burr lived she became unseated, and frightened absolute. divorce. Lewis ·was prevail- almost as.p1ea.nly as the poore>tt oc: \thehorse whi<:h.ranaway, draggin 'ed upon not to 1ontest the rn~tter, cu:p1:1,nt of tn\<l .)?ost wretched tene· her by oillHoot for half a mile, w}leri although he visited P:hiladelphia with m.ent in the c1ty, and was a miser o( she becallli:llooseneCl .and fell t6 the the avOoWed lntention of resisting the the most revoltin{l; kind. ground. \¥hen found e~e9vParticle ·suit. It w\as s'aid that the wife got a\ ----- of clothing was tom fro)l'( her bQdy divorce. In 1854 or 18.)5 Lewis l;le- . Washington Topics. , except her stockings: and shoes, and carne buyer for the-fii·m of Conk1iJ\H:: WASII.h'\GTON, May 13.-In a letter. scatteretl in shreds.Allong the_ road. & Shepard of Park phwe. Later·h~ to Senator Sherman, !',Irs, Garfield Her body, head, face and arms were went into business for himeelf afl a says: \1 have received. your note, terribly lacerl}ted. At lust r~.ports member of~he firm of ~ewis, Havi with enclosed notice of pension sbe was aliy.e, but with slight chance laild & Taylor, wi~h ~rer6oms in '\''\''\''\ more reasona- exliec·ted and hoped therit trouble. - repairing pal c 'rt<l'i\-1frm•nrl floor quantity ~;;K,\ihrAr uables, g \them a copper tea- J¥lttle a quantity of gold silver . The fitia is thought to be the booty of the noted highway ''Joe'' :Knight, who formerlv this ::.teeple his hiding place. J;Wgbt w-i-l+-Ge remembered as ha.ving escaped. from Sing Sing pf.isori whilfl serving a five years sentence by cutting through the prison roof. granted me for my husba_nd's sake. for recovery. Church street. He was ah;vays very I am truly mindful of. the generous Sullivann Laid Out. reticent as to his origin, and claimed An Open .Rupture Probable. ki d h t th f ·1 of Gen b · C b d. d · BosToN May 13.-The Herald'8 n ness s own o e anu Y · BosTON, May 13 .-0n Tuesday eve- to e ot u an escent an a nat1ve Garfield, not only by friends, but of 0 d He began about that London special says-~ farnell will ' nt\ng Sullivan, the prize pugilist,_ . aDff a. . ·· - . _also by the National Legislature, and t\ t b t d 1 ..... t probably come to an {;)pen rupture ' entered Thomas Brenrtah's saMon, at 1me o uy mer gages an rea e.,.ua e · _\ ...ln\\\ I \\k that you make ack.nowl- h · g n\ thi\n · t\ h t with the Fenian members of the \\\\ ..... u,rri\son ave-·n--ue · and Oak ,street, -never pure asm a Y g m a · d t f h . · h t d .....,,.. · Land League. His outspoken denun- e gmen o t IS 1n w a ever way an where he met William. Hogarty,. a line unless it was a dec'ided rargain b h t · f t\ • ciation of Rossa's policy and his own y w a ever expressiOn o my gra 1- diminutive barber. He proclaimed .m his eyes, so that at the time of his t d t 10 r . \ate\ d --h·-- '· · h. f · placatorv attitude, brough'li down a u e seems o you app · P I . to all present that Hogarty's wife eath e wa:s. wort a ortune, prm- \' f · flood of angry reproaches from tbe Knight thought proper, l,lettledthe. dashina: Mrs. Dash wood., to an alal'ming extent.~ Sh~ l·men·,at imagined that her Lord must be ,where he ought l)ot to be aud she becafue hi{:hly indiggani.' She searched jor 1 hiru.:- _and Coudersport. Mr; .Blakeslee, has fouud him not. Twelve p'clock, aye, e-vo;n ist. of September . one o'clcck pass~d, and the Baron failed to intends to have it running in sixty put in an appear~nce to warrt~.his wife's .Forty-five thousand dollars is th!l - c~ld· feet. OtherwiRe th» da5hing MM. be paid him for tho l:mildin\g of th1l DaRhwood, continued to wax hot eno\Ugh we rmdcrstand. ancl finally she couldn't stand it any lon-·r. ------- .,- Room for More. She dqnn 1 ed her ilowing garbs at 2 o'clock There are said to be over Sunday morning, and proceeded .with much isting--patents-00- -Gli\1'--l~ou~lE~t..a;~~ haste and indignation·toThe Moore ITousa yet raflroaa mrm a·re still Jo>>ln~ \Billy\ Clancy was nodding in a chair in the office. a: good automatic cat' StH!dellly lie heard vigm·ou• rappin~s on freight trains. The man.., ........... \\ d • · h 1 B 11 one is thought to be sm~ of a the oor. ' Come ln,\ . s outer 1 y, snp- pooing t\he caller to be some Saturday bight tune, and. will certainly be a hum, who had been hanging on. a lamp .post efaetor, 1\fen -a.t·e ... :..nrl had Sju\;t ~come in t-u inq11ire when every day for the want oi church services beg11n. Imagiqe his sur- coupler. . --- prise when a well-develnped~weman iQ Have Pity on Him· white appear .. d before hiru. \I am Mrs. The following \personal\ '1¢·~~~ii~ Knight,\ said the woman in white. '·Ah, rt 9 ,ia:t:ill appeared in the New York r: excuse tne, Mrs. Kmght. Hav<'. a s<>at in ' \A s_I·n.~ 1 e l!\e:m~ the parlor?\ a~ked the charming, but dazed F.r' :. age 57, Billy, \Ye8 laconical}y ao.swered the enc6\'0f ari Easte.rn young widow. \Anything I <:!an do for you, 1\:.trs. a · 25 years ot age·, one who -is Knight,\ ~.tffl Billy, wonqerlng what in thttnder he had done to receive a call at' plished preferred, reliable ~ncb an unusual hour. can be given. b Chief Justice Carter and Judges wasn't what•she should be .. which the cipaHy in. Ieal estate. A ter LewiS,' , \Go to Mr. So-and-so'~ room (refering tu · h inflammatory wing of the party. c ·· lJatta 1 ~at 1 g 11 s Mac Arthur, Aagner and J on~s, who little barbor resented and called the flight to \Canada his mother ad mar· the manager of the company) and tell hi Ill\\ onewango. .. h f \ · d f h d. th Davitt stayf? by Parnell and i~ even ·heard the argument m t e casl:l o pu<M...,_._ a > 1 ·ar. S1:1Jlivan replied with ne a man o er own race, an e . to come down at once.\ . CHARLES E._ful[l!lt;j~'J£ · o· 11 \\ 1 - · more conciliatory. Healy says the · High Art in consultaj;i@ to-day. u blow, ... t..;nh Hoga_rh·. do-'~oo. \The half-brother ap.d half sister, betweep Billy_ haste!Jed up stairs and awoke_l\-1~ ..., VV\thv tr:t US \ \d Sl.:JSperiSiOll Of jUry trfal lS ffle InOst ' - At- -room- ·4;-MOOre--flol:f~-4 The -impression is the: demsion will knt\ uht of the razor, being no match whom Lewis' property was diVI ed, Manager. · \' vindictive blow yet struck at Ire- 'M K · h · d · · d N. Y., may now be seen ,..,.~., . .,.t not be made Monday. Guiteau is for Sullivan physically, cracked-aim were the result -of that union, - ' rs. mg t 1s own sta1rs an wants J, 1 .nai·y 00 - 11 e,.tion of: linen · · \t go d he lth but ht\s vi\si'tors L · ' 'f h d b land, This view is shared by aU the to see you immediately-,\ timidly,~shouted u '-' In qui e o a • on the head with a pitcher and laid ewis WI e, · w o resuma e-r - d h h b ff h f r d League members. B\JI goo s, sue as as nev-er h\'~'\·r< · having een c.ut o , e is ee mg e- him out on the floor. Sullivan gral5- maiden name after the allege,d di· 1 Y • seen 1 ·n t~ 1 s~c 1 \py. It .con·,.;,..,., d d b tl .ttl < • \Oh t;ell MI\ll. Knight to go home and I!\<;! u11 <:uou<> presse an s~:~ys u 1 e now. bed Hogarty as he fell; and, being tbe vorce was obuained, has through G-r~vavard Insurariee Companies. rm· portat 1 ·ons of ...... ayer & · · • to bed. I'm sleepy,\ replied the manager, ~u It is understood Mason will notre- under dog in the fight, the pugilis.t KurshMdt & Robison, lawyers, noti· R,ARltiSBURG, Pa , ... May 13.-The as he turned over in hiB bed.probably being matchless exhibit earried nialn in- tlie peniWnt\iarj\\very ong was aFa disacl.vanfage. He managed, fled the holders of the property form· Daupnin County Court to-day dis - used to such. no]ls fro~ thA _d•oh;~~tenlJl.i'~.!:!!·~---~·~l!_l.i :gl·~··_tl.I>JLL~J!_·U 0_ : -·. aJiier Guiteau is hanged,\ and he ma however, •to get the barber's right erfy cowned \1iy LewiS that Tegatpro:.. soive\d. fifty· eight mutual assessment . Billy CIJDV:;ed th:; m:na~~lr to will prove a revelation even be released before \tl'lat. thumb in his mouth, which he chewed ceedings may be averted by Cl'>mpro- insurance oompanieEI, which were Mrs. K. who consider to em Selves Crapo says in. the Howi!e to-day vigorously, while the barber got in \!llise. It is said· to be her intention lately proceeded against by the At- \Tell Mr. So-and-so that Mrs. Kmght hou1!tl_hold matters. Tl:te ~ that ~eleven ,o£ the largest banks 9f some telling blows be lore they were to prove tbe divorce illegal torney-General at tho instance of the commands him to come' down at one~,'' white.. and. fancy -stone ~. ~ New Yo~;:Ii city have not a dollar in separated...by_friends. No· complaint Insurance Coml)lissjoner of the State. shouted the indignant 1!-ctr.~:ss. thread hand-made table 'm--\\\\\\--circulat)on. was made to. the authorities, and The R91J.erts\Torpedo Patent. . The number which the Insurance Billy was at th~Ltop-of- the-atai-rs ia two crepe, monfe and ·~ama_sk Th~hSena..te. Qorqmittee on Woman great efforts haye been made to ke,ep Last Saturft.a:v week,_.Tudge WaliRce of Commissioner alleges have been seconds, and six\ty ~econ~s later Mr. Mana- lies, and tray cloth to m,atch Suffrage ~greed, So to 2, to favorably ~he matter out of the ne~sPai_>~l's.. the United States Circuit Court, in 'Cirn:m- found. doing business in violation of 'er was in the parlor beir1g interviewed by the rarest heirlooms au~a:~tef:uJJ · bers at Syra.cu,.e;·gtJI.p.te9c:\i- _preliiQ.inary in- .their chartered privileue.~ is 212, and Mrs Knight. And then her tougu~ nr9ceed- s\\'\'ved. These are the ~eport Lapb,am's j~~nt resolution .pro- Ross and Hanlan. 0 ~- .,. , · h f ll d .. t junctl$)~ .in. the case of W. B. Roberts agam'st all these proceedings ha.ve ed to hob; as onlv a woman's tongue can. Saxony' p· e~s\pts.· .Ii~a,\' >'POSing t e o owmg.amen menos o TORONTO, May· 13.-Rosstelegrapbs . . ,.. .. L t.. agalns£ a n.Uuiber oi olr operators In Aile- b!J~ii/i!1stitute4,_:with a vie!! .t9 tg~k_ She U.S!l_d]all.guage t!Ja~ we cann<>tj)!elen.~!.riclrhlreef(,-tllii!thla-l~td~t-b:)\-Jl\ ~:.,_\7\-:.iiLd'lConstitution:_. .. ·h;..--:.u.:.._.gn--·,._.....:: . ..; 0 w-HanL..n·on..._h= - ·,-- - . • . \= --ur\ ·• ·· ... \'uuu \\\' \v L · 1 \\ u \ gany and Ciitte.rau~:us _counties, reatrammg dissolution. .. ta our ·reauerc, 10r two re~t$on!l; ~ n·6 o_O-not , ''Article :x;vr. • S~ction 1 · - jhe Red River J U.n~ ne:x:t for a purse of the defendants fro in using · the . Gallagher .- .... ··~ · . · ·d~e),f& to-shock their senllihilities . and thare right of citizens of·t~e United. States .~5,000. torpedo, the validity o~\'he pa. ent on which The ·Malley Murder Trial.. --r.- .waa~o much of it to go on one page. Sli.e to vote .-shall not b'e demed or \ is at issue io 1heca~~e. Mr. :Roberts claims NEW HAVEN, May 13.-It the Mal- seot,her\husband to thebotto'mleasp!t, num- ·abridged by the U:qited States or by . Don't Like :rt,[arried Life. it is a.n infringement on his own. patent. ley case yesterday, Henry C. Allen berfess_ times and informed the·manager, ~y-'State, on aecount'uf sex; .. DmTROIT, Ma~ 13 ·-Irwin Mann, a Evidence is to be taken in Jamestown in_ ·testified that he saw Jennie Cramer .that her serYices were no longer a.t\his di•- - . - woell-to do you~g fa~l!r_J>f Carmel, June or Jutr by W .a: Bright, Cler~ of the in a bugay,with James Malley Friday posat.\ Sh_e l_eft.the.trol.fP& from that se_ cond . ·. The lnsh Situat1pn. hung himself yesterday, forty-eight • d M L F: b- tl:oart, \vho has been appointed a master for . .morning, August 5 .. Chas ... T. :MJilt-· .and they_ coul · disband as 1 soon as they -.E .A:RIS, ~y 13.- a ranc~ pu hours after his marriage. No reason the. purpose. On Saturday Mr. R_oberts hie testified that be ~w Jennie Or~- pleased. She was through _with Kni~h~ ~----\\' lishes an interview oCa Londoneor- _isJmown._ ''\\'\\• was represented -by George· Hardintt /if me-·· -wl\th'\\' gentlema·n ~-nd another and aH of hi~ gaqg. The manager poured ·-rJSponuent with Parnell before the L -~ - I d - P.eouliarlties of The Qneen. Philadelphia, and Spencer Clint\l:ln of Buf- t Sa \\tin Rock Friday· evenin~ oil on the -troub e ~aves, )l.nd calmed the repressiol1 act Wall introduced. Par· LoNDON, May 13.-A good deal of falo, to whom. Roscoe Conkling will be shortr afte~ 8 o'clock,. Court ad- -ruffied waters (fiiur~tivelr speakin,) as far t- nell fmputes , th((_ ... assa.ss.ination of comment is looked foi-\ ·in raQ.ical added when the suit is tried, The produc- . yd t\l T sd· · b Gf th as possible. Mrs: K. finally gal~ered her Cavendish and BUrke to Fenian ne. wspape\'' o· wing to the \iroumstan- ers were repreeented by ex-Attorney ~?:.:ml illne UJ~l f t~e daY_ ,..:t~aua!,feO_ - _ef skirts about her~ plump form, and return~)(). · - · th · th \\' '\' . · · .. .w.u.. ess o ue au.,.u er o · ne o ' - . fanatica. He states at smce e ces· that the Qlieen held a drawing- aral Ward. the 'J\urors . . . to the Otl'!an_.,.. louse, Geul'(l'e ;i'nla' therl'l government adopted a coucilatory room the day of Burke's funeral and . . first, and all we can Bay is thac we here by . ••. policy, the :La:hd LeaQ:ue have with- another took place when Caven- · The Craz.r Soovilles. _, My stock i• complete a.nd if you wlsll: to drQp a tear out of, sympathy- for ··~r drawn the· '·no-rent?' manifesto, but . dish was buried .. \. CHICAGO, May \13.=Mr. a.n1 Mrs. aee fine furniture call at the store of Ge-o. George. He sur-.iVed, however, an\\d both have not thought it necessary tQ ScoVille had a pleaslint. and· friendly Zimme}'hackle yllu wil1. 1 not be &orry f?-r· lived to appear in Elmira the folloiVing On =ts n-n H-\·k · d · th. -B-- · · .. - ,J b spending a few moments mere, thoull\.h \<lll .,'\\' . make public the be~ by a new mal'li- · 'l. · · \'\'\ vw = · meetmg to- ay at e PU:h!'J.~Cit o• may -not· be ready to buy, an~ he will th~nk munday mJ\ht • festo. ·•w e bay& simply sent word Frank Page, ia roing into business oo . tel, and; a.~ter some prhrnt!i.t.l!,_lk, Mrs. you for a call. -----..:.;,~...,... round to our f.rienQ.s,\ he says,, \t4at his own hook, and to that l:lfiect has renied Sooville gave up her room and t4ey '1' It Was His Wife. W;llat Came of a Spree. the mot d'm·dre lias .been changed. ~ne of the stores in the Opera House, Ens\ went to lnt:w.h togotber. . , .\Ralph Waldo Emerson ha~ been'· prM~ed · ~. N. Y.;- -~y 13._;_About • l. b . . d' d d side, and )t\il! this week commence business . \\'t·s .. Sco.'v\ t''le, ... hen t\nterv\ I\ewed af· l . . half p· a\st one o'clock Y\'\'terd y Moreover, it wa,. emg ISregar e , io the- merchant tailorntg line .. He has ~u l .. a good dea for a~taini!lg to so line 'culture, J _, · a morn- a -nd y· f r\'ers we= pnving rent '' ter bet• talk with her husband, ·said ~o~ be 1 'ng \o gen'le an'-\ .,.enial, and fo. r be• in<>'W\ord_was recei_v. ed 1.n. th.:is_ cit_y· tha.t man a .... · L>- ~\ ' also bo11ght his ·.father's R. L. Page's · stock '' ~ \ • \ \ 0 •• - Parnell declares. he desires the forma- and will move it to the new quarters. that siili-futd dreaded itr v~ much, ing Ei'o much of· a , ~itilosopher an~ ,«i~re an unknown ma11 and woman lay on tion..of a British \confederation .• ·.with on acc~un,t.of the. temp.e,t showed by general tv. :But it ,'t~rns out that it -was. the lAke Shore & Michigan South= Smile and smile-But see your teeth ar11 as wpite u OJ!I-,. wilt make · t!iem. , Try a. 6 · What doe• Mark 'twain say. . • jl. Supreme Parlameni:. and L'ocal far.- Its certainuy.:...To cure Dyspesia and him. 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