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THE WEATHER. Washington, Mar. 20.—Fair and colder to-night aad Wed­ nesday; northwesterly winds. We want parents to know that we carry the strongest line of boys’ shoes in the county at 10 cents to 25 cents a pair lower than can,be found elsewhere. (FOOT OLOVi me \Foot Glove” $3.50 Shoe [Of in is without a doubt equal to any $4 shoe on the market to day. O n ly the best brands of leather are used. W e show more varieties, styles and widths at this price than any exclusive shoe store in the city. The “Newman $2.50 shoe” for men. W e guar­ antee this line of shoes as good as any $3 shoe in the city. J.ii.llownianli Sons Clothes, Shoes, Hats. Furnishings, Bicycles. Established 1858. Two Stores—^IG-IS South Main street; and 102-106 North street, Pittsfield, Mass. T o L . e t ! I'inn OI.U1.7 u u .Y o s u iu ^ w u , n e a r Main street, suitable for Merchant Tailor, Milliner o r Office wliere db is desirable to have living! apartments ■with store. Will Trade ‘ Equity in 2-family house for building lots. Enquire a t TARR’S Reliable Real Estate Exchange. Telephone 95-4. $3.50 HANOPAOTUHBD BY The Very Latest De­ signs for Spring, Cloning &Ballantine $i north Kaln SUioU Dr. Henry Cady Vetortniiry Surgeon end Dentiet. Office end Boarding 8 t«Me, rear C 3 Woiblngton itriet. TKblPHOHE 14S-4 ncalclotice, 48 WasUlttglou etroot. Uocal Reoord. TUESSbAY, 'MARICH 20, 1900. MAILS CLOSE. BAST ANDWHST. A,. M. ■ P. M. - ! i Sundays, 7:30 p. m., A. M. P. M. Pine bake and New­ kirks, 2 p m. Blesck- er and Pinnacle 2;30 The Bap Association. At the annual meeting of ithe Glov- ersville Bai’ association the following officers were elected: Presideut, Pranlc Burton.; vice president, Frank Talbot; secretary' and treasurer, Jeremiah Wood; executive ednlmittee, E. A.Spen- cer', W. A. McDonald, H. D. Wright. Messrs. Talbot, Egelston and Baker were appointed a committee to arrange for a banquet for the lawyers and their families in Masonic hall during April. Pleasantly Entertained. Mr. and Mrs. Fi'ank C. Van Trump entertained a nnmber of friends a t their home on Cottage street last even­ ing in honor of the second anniversary of their marriage and were the a'ecipi- en'ts of a large number of handsome presents. The guests wore enterbaiaed in various pleasant ways, a feature of the evening being a phonograph con­ cert under the direction of Alfred Dodge. Refreshments were also sei’v- Masonic Visitors Entertained. The session of GloversviHe lodge. No. 429, F. and A. M.. last evening was of a pleasant character and the members of Fish House lodge were entertained i-n splendid style. D. D. G. M., W. T. Ta­ bor of Herkimer delivered an address of much interest and the reading of a poem' on Masonry by Dr. J. Z. Arm­ strong W'as also an enjoyable part of the entertainment. 'Refreshtnents were served a t the conclusion of the ex­ ercises' and the visiting Masons letiirn- ed to Northville on a special train. Progressive Euchre. A large crav’d was present a t the progressive euchre and dancing party in Mills ball last evening and the af­ fair was of a most’Pleasant nature. The euchre contest continued from 8 to 10:30, and dancing was afterwards en­ joyed until about 1:30. The prizes in the euchre contest were awarded as follows: Badies’—first, .cut glass herry dish, Mrs. Charles McEwen; second,cut glass olive dish, Mrs. J. K. 'Bradt; con­ solation, tooth brush holder, Mrs. .Will E. Gaut. Gentlemen—First, china clock, Mr. L. Scbamburg; secondj im­ age, Mr. E. Johnston; third, Image, Mr. John Vivian. An Exciting Runaway. The six-year-old son of Peter Gct- man of Johnstown had an exciting ride behind a runaway horse Saturday af­ ternoon, and narrowly escaped serious Injury. The home was left standing in charge of the hoy in front of a resi­ dence on South Perry street, and while Mr. Geitfean was o u t of reach, the ani­ mal started off a t hreak-neck speed. The lad was seen to bounce from one side of the sleigh to the other and when near First avenue was thrown out with great force, b u t owing to Ithe abundance of snow^ he was not injured to any extent. The horse was stopped before it reached Main street, and the rig was but little damaged. X iitj tiULtjrwilumvu'L ctt :uiie j? irsc. lu. J2j. church ■on Friday evening, Alarch 23, should not be considered for a moment as a cheap “school house” affair, but on the contrary, It is expected to be fiiet class in every respect, and when we say that it is to be under the direc­ tion of Miss Nettie Scribner, there is no need o f any further guarantee that- the above statements are true. Don’t think there is to be nothing but music, for that is a mistake. A rich literary treat is in store for alt .who attend. The entertainment will be strictly on the ‘European plan;” you simply pay for what you get. If you get a dollar’s worth, place a silver dollar in the bas­ ket; if only 10 cents’ worth, put a dime in the basket, and if the entertainment entirely fails to jfiease you, charge the time to your vacation. Isn’t this fair? No one can say it is not. Make no oth­ er eugagements for Friday evening. You will not he disappointed, YOU CAN HAVE IT A3LSO. The lady whose linens you envy, uses “Red Gross” and “Huhinger’s Best\ laundry starch. It is easy to make your­ self an object of envy also. Ask your grocer, h e oan tell you just iiow you can .get one largo 10c, package of \Red Cross” starch, one large 10c .package of “Hubinger’s Best” starch, with the premiums, two 'beautiful Shnicespearo panels, printed in t\velve beautiful col­ ors, or one Twentloth Century Girl o:il- euidar, all for Gc. Tho lOaBlorn Star dmpter will give a proBi’CHfllve puclii'o party in Masonic hall Tliiiratiayevonlug, Mnrcli S3. Ki|. oliro from 8 to lit All frloiula of niom« iKi’S cordially lavltcd, Admission' 25 rents, >co(Ht Jj’or all tlio nowtj m i Tlio I/cadcr. THE COMMON COUHCIL. Andrew R. JBruce Appointed Justice. The Tax Budget. The common council m et in regular session -last evening with /Mayor Park- burst in the chair .and .the following aldermen in 'attendance: Messrs.'Flsh, Face, Getman, Harris', KMly, Orr,Pcck, Maxson, Morgan, Scott, Troutwine. A petition was received to raise a,n L about 3 ^ feet on a bullidln'g of M. Yan 'Vranken o n Fremont street. Re- fered to fire deparbrnent commitbee. The McKeever Rifie Goi’ps asked pfer- mission .to string a banner across South Main street, and to parade during the fair. Permission was giianted. - H. A, Brown of Johnstown asked permission to leave |hls night lunch wagon on, (North Main street,'in'its present place, until couM secure running gear. Aid. Max- son of the fire department commitbee, reported favorably on the petition and moved th a t it he granted. Aid. Orr moved a n amendment ithat the petition be dented. 'Counselor 'W. A. McEonald was given .the privilege of the floor and spoke in favor o f tihe petition, stating that there had been no intention of emdlug the fil’d laws any of he city ordiiiian.ces, and they •had also teased a portion of the Hos- mer property on which to place it. Tihe vote on the amendment denying .the petition was as followsr A'yes, 7; noes 4. ' The auditing committee le.ported ■bills audited to the amount o f $860.85, and charity accounts of '$20.96, all o: which was accepted and ordered paid. Clerk Stetson read a communication from Geo. H- ‘Wltherhead tendering h is resignation as justice o f the peace, take effect when , h is successor was eiected. The resignation was accepted. The clerk also read a resolution for the coHection of 'taxes am'ounting ?101,920 for the budget of the ensuing year’s expenses, and it was unani­ mously adopted. A resolution was adopted fixing the number of commissionei's of deeds of the city at eight and making the terms 'one year. The following ap­ pointments were renewed: Genevieve Chevalier, Mabel Ross, Ezi'a Sutliff, Aid. Peek moved that A. R. Bruce be nominated for justice of the peace, to succeed 61 H. WJtherhead, and an in- ■formal ballot w’as taken, on motion of Aid. Maxson. Aldermen Getman and Maxson wem appointed tellers. Eleven votes were cast and of these A. R. Bruce received 9, John W. Burr 1 and blank 1. The ballot was then declared formal. , Plans and specifications for ;the pro­ posed brick paveni’ents to be construct­ ed this year werd then presefited - by City Engineer Flske, and it '^’’.as dec,id- ed to permit the use of either the Park, Porter or Mack brick on any of the streets. Owing .to the heavy traffic on North School and Bleecker streets it was decided to make the foundations on those ■thoroughfares of crushed- stone and on Elm street a sand founda­ tion will be usedt .while the macadam roadbed on West Fulton street will ■furnish the foundation for the pave­ ment o n that street between Cayadntta street and the depot It was decided 'to peiimit the curbing to he either o f Hud­ son blue stone ■or granite 4x18, but stone 4x16 may be used if it is in good con'dltl'on. It was reported iby the street superintendent th a t the railroad company desired t o extend the electric railroad track from Gayadutta street to the depot, but ^po action was taken on the matter. T^e complete speclflca- tlons were .then-read and adopted. The matter of opening the belt line ■tracks en Klngsboro avenue a s far as Bast Green avenue was then discussed and It was reported that the railr<&d company expected .to d:o the work in a few days. The public property, printing and supplies committ'ee was given power, to have specifications for the brick pave- iment p'rinted and the council then ad- We Are Daily in... Receipt of the latest designs in Would be pleased to have you see them. We guaran­ tee prices as low as you will find them anywhere in the state. A. D. Norton, 20 S outh M ain St. Joweior and SO R. Main. HU •rilfption* omii }f-S, s 'executed in ,the county of ■ poisoning her husband. PRICE OF HtlMAH LIFE; Slowly on the Increase In the County of Fulton. Fifty-four years ago 'the aiw.enty- fourth day of last January the last criminal was iexe( Fulton, for Since 'that 'time but two persons who have killed peopl'o in this county have been convicted of murder In the first degree, namely, Homtio Grant and Jo­ sef Zlamel. The fii'st named S'ecnred a second trial, when- he was pronounced “not guilty.” The 'last pa'med was quite irecenitly eleciti’ocuted a t ,'bahne- mora, Many .persons have premature­ ly .passed away in this county, and vig­ orous efforts 'have been made to discov­ er the cause of their dea'th. Many years ago Fulton county jus­ tice became a by-word throughout the state, and one of the juries in <^10 of our celebrated murder trials, wheie the prisoner was acquitted, was 'denominat­ ed a set of horse-blocks, by the press outside this county. Of the many victims who have met violent deaths In .the county of Fulton, four have been females. I^wls Erkenbrack of this county was killed at Caughnawaga. Unfortunate­ ly .for his assassin, 'the trial .was held in Fonda, where the transgressor was promptly pronounced “guHty,” by twelve residents of the county of Mont­ gomery. ) Various ways have been employed to end; the victims’ lives in this county. One has been poisoned, some have been pounded to death, one 'had his neck broken, some killed with shot 'guns,one brained with a 'hatchet, some shot with revolvers, one killed with a stone,some. pound^ with elubs^ sorn'C kicked to death, one 'burped to a crisp, one stab­ bed with a kpife, anoitlier stabbed .with shears, and one beautiful victim had her throat cut with a razor, almost from ear to ear. Two of 'the victims received their death while in their sick rooms. One victim received his death wounds in the ben’y fields, one when performing his official duties, one in h er cellar, one in his wood-shed, one on h er kitchen floor, one .in a bank, some on the sLi-eets, so>me in their dwellings, and seA'eral In drunken bar-room fights. The wily lawyers have resorted to Various pleas to shield 'their vicious clients,' including justifiable homicide, accidental falling, emotional insanity, murderer unknown, and “slipping of the foot.” Much indignation is exipi’essed by law-abiding citizens since .the verdict in •the recent Lunkenhelmer case be­ came known. Some appear to be al- moat discouraged in regard to tbe ad- THE Stearns, That famous Yellow Fellow. Tribune, The mile a minuto wheel* Crescent. A wheel for ciitical customers. ENtOr AND FLEEIWING. Every one knows they are. good R e cords, Leaders at attractive prices READING STANDARDS. Ifo better wheel at any price. FEATHERSIONES. Their popularity attest their worth. N. D. Griffin, 89 West Fulton Street iminIS(tratlon''Of justice in (this cou'nty and others believe It is sadly op thie wane. Such, however, is not thecas'e, as the official necorfis Show that til's pries of human life' slowly 'becomes more valu­ able in the county of Fulton. J'oseph Lunteen'heimsr, who was Ibrlsd for manslaughter, .was fined $150 in money. Twenty-six year’s wago a cei-itain wo­ man 'Was 'tried for manslaughter in t h s ' Fulton county court house, and fined ord says shs paid the fine show that ifhe price of hi a'dvancing .in .the county the rate of $3.84 8-13 per human life is ;y of Ful'ton at annum. J. IN AHUSEMERT’S REALM. At The Grand To-Hight. Considering 'the bad conditions under foot last night, the audience that greet­ ed “Old Ijavender” at the opei’a house well supported. The play repeated a t the Grand opera house in Johnstown this evening. Manhattan Extravaganza Company. The attraction announced at the Kasson Thursday, March 22, and the Grand, Friday, March 23, is the Man- panies of its kind on the road, company is composed 'of some of the best vaudeville artists on the American stage and it is almost sure to play to standing'lYom only. Included in the com'pany are sUch w'Sll ' known per­ formers Vergie Hisbee and Vernie ■yaders, two American girls; Gus Mills, the German comedian; Ed. Johnson and .Mae Hilliard, -who present a sketch called From 5th Avenue to the Bowery; Nellie .Sylvester, the charming canta- trice, who is referred to as a clijc little girl; Barrett Bros., the Irish agitators; and-'lSfet but not least, A1 'Luhin, the famous Bowery Boy, who 'has been re­ ferred to a s the Ole Bull of New York's famous tlrcfroughfare; in addition to this list of vaudeville performere the company carries with It the original chiqrus Of -the Manhattan Comic Opera company, so that it really combines vaudeville, burlesque and comic opera, lu one show. For Sale. ' .achinol wa? tools, kitchen ranges. iachln<e, lot glc trunks, organ, GEO. GARRETT, South Main Street. Uncle Sam is Awakening to the dawn of the Campaign of 1900. We want you to awaken to the superior quality of our line of concentrated, soups. A large assortment to choose from; 10c a can, makes i> portions. BurtonVPureFoodSlore — S E E — C O W LES & CASLER :;:;:When you want::::: WALL PAPER. The above is a very common expression. -T h e S B reason is that they always have the newest and fresh. est designs in the market. THE INEW PAPERS for 1900 are now ready for exhibition. You should sec them before making your selections. Cowles & easier 9 Hortb K a I r St, QloTirfyill9f Hillo 20S $ Voung Men's SpringTop Coats. The top notch in style, fit and tailoring.; Spring Overcoats, A conservative garment for men. Bi^ck and Gray shades. L-ow Prices, High Quality.:, KNOX, HAWES, DeLEON, KEYSTONE, W I U U A M S O N , CLOTHES, IporM anorB b y , SPECIAL SALE of Leather Pulley Belts and ringer Purses,; We have received a large of leather pully belts and finger pufscf, bought from the manufacturfefsi>y.our traveling salesman at a bargath, aa$ offer them to you m oicban^ foif » dlsr • counted casn price, as foH'O'wS:' Liftath- er pulley belts, in Assorted cbjhis,'White brow’n ana black, ' ''*■' 55(, 75t,$l iilir St.M ClKI. . ilM S W e invite your inspection while the assortment lasts F. C . B e n n e t t S e C o Jemleis and Opticians, No. 3. N. IHainSt..GlinariTillt,M.T.l We have secured the for this vicinfty for the sale of the f tie Celebrated Fine Shoes For Gentlemen J 5 very highest grAde 6f mat^r- VELONB CALF, the new tannage, is durable, soft and has a liig^ Iptolish. Bright Kangaroo makes a shoe that for softness, strehgptli snd finlNlt has nO' luai. Inspect this new and handsome lime, , all widths, all sizes. PEAKE & LEVI. Talk About Kalsomine Have You Tried . Fox’s Muralite, The ne-w material for Calcimining and Dec­ orating Walls and Ceilings? Give it a trial and you will find that you can't afford to use anything tlse. For s a l e at. A.ll.limiiiCO Phone 207*4, 1 NNsuth MiiR S t C jlves A .b s o lu t e ^atlsfeiption. 1. Availability. Is it always t«i for use? 2. Efficiency. Docs It do its thoroughly well? 3. Comfort. Does It add'to tho bappi ness and solace of home? , 4. Cleanliness. Does It do a.'l/my wW dust and dirt, the housewife’s b*n®if Jj 5. Economy. And is It truly oljea That tho use of Oas as 4. fuel I niado such a rapid advance In reo$^ yours Is duo to tho fact that all t' questions may bo truthfully ansiVM Yes. G. G a s Co, II iMK mitMi m Mj

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