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FRENCH REGONNOITERS ■ D e v e lo p s th e B u r g h e r Position a t A b raham ’s K raal. BOEES EAPIDLT OONOENTEATING OeueM l Brabant’s Colon Blrislon Hai » Sharp Bugagom e u t at La Busch- acnei Ifek, Capturing tho Uoer j Position W ith Slight Loss. 1 ' \ Other War Ketra. ' LONDON, March 5.—Her majestj has abandoned her Intended visit tc the 'Italian Elvera and has decided tc remain at home. Her decision to give iP her customary spring holiday Is . accounted another proof of her deef Interest In and devotion to the welfare of her people; On Thursday she wil come to London for a brief visit, re­ maining until Saturday, and she Ive a splendid undoUWedly rece Her heartfelt, homely dispatches to the generals In the field and her visit tc Netley hospital have greatly endeax'ec her to her people. Beyond the signs of a general re­ treat of the Boers throughout Cape lolony therehere Iss littleittle newsews from the t I l n Lord Eoberts, in his dlspatche •tp the war office thus far published, eaya little, but he undoubtedly Is active in some direction. The Ona Land, the organ of Uie ilLfri- kander bund, says: \The Boers will now confine them­ selves to the defensive, offensive policy.” Abraham’s kraal, as sho’ war office maps, is a group i kopies situated at the junction spruit wdth Modde , abandoning an iwn in the of three the junctiontlon off Kaai . ic o K spruit with Modder river. It is a nat­ ural point of concentration which the } exceedins 1 point o f <mnc Boers could make igly strong; after the proofs of mobility of the y o f Lord Eoberts, it may be doubt- dll make a really se- :e there, e recent at the theater of war has ;th the policy adopted at the begin- The Ausl ‘ ed whether they w ill mal rlou's attempt to bar his ; A noticable feature of been the B active employment of which is In marked t stralian col- dde the 2,50C nlng of the war. onles have deoldec men Mr. Chamberlain recently asked ixhausti )uia hat I t la now seen how near Ladyamlt ■was to starvation and the exl of ^aifmunitlon. The town coul jKjTh&ve withstood another Boer assault or have held out much 1 The Dally News has a ailth which says |r or have held out much longer. The Dally New s has a dispatch from Ladysmith which s that the sup­ plies on hand were only enough to pro­ vide full rations for four days. The town might have held out another •n’eek, but scarcely beyond that. BELIEF UEEXFEOTED. iOa tha Bay of Xadysmttk’s R o llef Gon- •r*I Bailer's A rm y Seemed to B e Botlrlng. DUEBAN, Friday, March 2.—Corres­ pondents who have returned here from - Ladysmith say that the relief came un­ expectedly. At noon on Tuesday the firing of General Buffer's army seemed ’“iteadti of to > recede, ins 1 garrison was approach, and consequently de- startle< 1 the *' pressed. Everybody was bear the garrison’s 4.7 gun firing. f had not been used much of late, owing to the dlmhiishlfig ammunition. On hurrying out, it was found that the Boers were trying to remove the big gun on Bulwana by the erection of a derrick. This proved that some­ thing extraordinary was happening. The other garrison guns then cllreoted their fire on Bulwana, with the result •whh D> they placed the gun ilch capsized in a donga. on a wagon. luring the afternoon, whenever the ’ere compelled to attempt with the derrick. Boers were seen approaching, the Brit­ ish resumed the shelling of Bub About 4 ( broke ov« sage had on hill that treat. Other officers said they believed they could descry British cavalry; w o p le supposed that the father to the tliough'L, As soon 03 the storm ceased, the British reopened on Bulwana, grad­ ually concentrating the fire on the left and driving the Boers before them, illlng of Bulwana lock a terrific thunderstorr the town, just after a mes- emy from 1 An. hour later a party horsemen could be seen cross ' BW Bulv ct of preventing the e mpering any British a below Bulwana, at a distance of some miles. It is impossible to describe the ex­ citement and enthusiasm among the troops that followed. Most of the toTtas people had been driven Into the houses by the storm and did not learn the good ^ news until later. i The storm broke out again at 7 o’clock In the evening and continued until 2 the next morning. It must have seriously hampered the retreating Boers. The British gunners kept a I ^ a r p watch to prevent any further isftempt to remove the Buiwana wan hpt to remove the Bul gun. le British naval gun -was fired at ■valB through the night; and in the \ morning a force was sent out to look ^ after the gun and to occupy Bulwana. Dundonald's force went after the retreating Boers, while 4,000 of the best men of the garrison went toward BlaUdsIaagte in the hope of being able to out oft the enemy. BATTLE EXPECTED. ul^utloipnt LONDON, March 5.—A dispatch to The TlmcB from Osfontein, dated March 2, dilates upon the ‘‘increnstng difficulty of telegraphing as the nrmy difficulty of telegri advances through *ho try.\ The corrcspondunorrcspondunt c suys: ‘'Forftfe for horses is almost iinob- Ulnshle on tho journey, Tho wlmrn- a,bout» df tfifl enemy Is not extuHly known’, but tho mobllo cinninandoefi uro hovirlng around our army. Wo «niie|. p«tc oppoDitlon at Abi'fthiun'n kraiil, r M lltt e«it of Paai'achcrgi wlicro Qoi \ Wal Jeubsrt Is reported collecting a force from the -whole of the Ladyemlth forces with the Northwestern Free Staters, “President Stem arrived a t the Boer camp at Abraham’s kraal on the mom- burghers, exhorting them to Majuba and to deliver Cronje,’ remembe: French Makes a Keoomiaissaiice. LONDON, March 5.—The Morning Post has the following dispatch from Osfontein, dated March 3: “General French made a reconnal.T- sance today and encountered the enemy in force. They -were occuping a table shaped kopje. Shots were e:> thanged, a Boer gun replying.” CAPTURED BOER POSITIONS, Colonial SirlMion Has Sharp ySght afc I-a HusobagHe'A JTck. DOEDEEICHT, Cape Colpny, iay, March 4.—General Brabant’ lonlal clivision, after a night’; Is now attacking the Boei-s in a strong position at La Buscliagnes nek, on the road from Dordrecht to Jamestown. The engagement is proceeding with gi'oat vigor, and the Boers are gradu­ ally retiring before the British shell fire from three positions. A heavy rifle fire is being exchanged where the British are engaging the Boers on the right flank. So far the Boers have had no big guns in action. Evening.-—Genei-al Brabant’s advance today was most satisfactory. After mai-chlng and -bivouacking over night reached the strong lositions,ositions, U-enched p which they occupied and now hold, the Boers -being on Oie opposite hill. The Brltisli will remain tonight in the captured positions, although the Boers brought two guns Into action and made determined efforts to retake ADVICES FROM ROBERTS. Position Uiffcliangod a t 0:sfontelu—Cronje £.-ct.cncls XhaakH. LONDON, aiarch 5.—T1 has received the foffowii from Lord Eoberts, date Sunday, March 4; “General Cronje, on behalf of his party, and Commandant Wolmarans, on behalf of 4,900 other prisoners who have all now left Modder river, asked the British officers to thank me for the consideration and kindness with Avhk-h they have been treated. General Clements reports that his advance troops hold Achtertang and that railway commuincatlon Would -be opened -to Joubert’s aiding today. The enemy is still in force a t Norval’s pont \General Qatacre tellegraphs that the number of Boers at Stormherg Is dally diminishing. ilonel Baden-Powell reports th it ------king on Feb. 15. andnd thathat thehe enemy’snemy’s activityctivity wasas bo-e­ all was well at Mafeklnj a t t e a w b ing met everywhere by equal activity on the part of the defenders. \The position is unchanged at Oi- fonteln, except that frequent heavy showers have materially improved grazing, to -the benefit of the horses and transport animals.” KRUGER I S S U ^ ADDRESS. Transvaal President Makes a Stlrrii.g A p p eal to Harghers l a h’atal. BLOEMFONTEIN, Orange Fr-e State, Friday, March 2 (Via Lourenr-o Marques, March 3).—The federals. ha’, e resolved to abandon the territory , and the retreat ht-s ler the protection uf announced that on Feb. rnje, with from 2,000 to 3,000 men, surrendered, owing to scarci­ ty of food and ammunition. The president (Kruger?) is issuing a stirring address to the burghers In N.i- tal, who are falling hack on Biggar i- The president will return to Pretoria Sunday. ________ AoNti-allann Surprise Boor Laager. COLESBEEG, Cape Colony, Sunday, March 4.—A reconnaissance with U-o troops of Australians and two guns found the wagon bridge over the Or­ ange river intact. Fifty Boers on the other side were taken by surprise, and the British galloped to their laagtr, some miles on the Free State side. Price’s command has moved seven miles north of Colesberg. The Boers during their occupatk-n denied themselves rather than see the British wounded suffer. D u tch Farm ers Seize Kenhardt. an ovation. rebels of Grlqulland, re-Inforo- d by 600 Dutch farmers form the ika district, occupied Kenhardt, dies west of Prleska, after a sharp with thehe Kaffirs,affirs, andnd arere nowo' conflict t K a a n marching southeastward on Van Wy',i Vlel, where there are grain stores. Boer Prisoners AUraupt to Escape. CAPE TO'WN, Sunday, March 4.—It Is reported that the Boer prisoners, -while on the way from Paardeberg, attempted :rain. Eleven hundre-d II bnvo beeeh placed tem- teamers and Manila in Table hay. Cronje’s men bovo beeen place porarily on boai-d the British st Mongolian and Manila in Table Plan for Intercepting Botreatlng Boers. DUEBAN, Friday, March 2.—T< number of horses were seni day a number of horses i Zululand, -with the object of iterce mt Into ind, -with the object o mariShlr-g a British force through Zululand and' Intercepting the Boers north of Blggars- :ompletc system bf hellographlo lunloation Is established between len and Eshowe. Win Organize Proviolonal Keglmont. * OTTA'WA, Ont., March 5.—Instruc­ tions will be sent out today by the militia department for the organiza­ tion of a provisional regiment from the Canadian militia to take the place of the British regulars at Halifax for garrlaon duty. Iiotlvos Cut 'i'olojloi'raplt Liuoii. MAZE!', Basutoland, Friday, Mar :h 2,—Tho tf-logruph lines between Mnl ■- tong and Mazru was cut Wodnesd y iilffbt, u v/Iiole fjtiotloii being romovf I. It IB bellovi'd ihlB was tho work of n t- tivco, prompted or bribed by tlio Booro. FATAL FIRE IN GOTHAM S ix P e o p le P e r is h In a B o w ­ ery L o d g in g H o u s e . rwo AEE SEEIOUSLY INJURED. But For the Heroic Condnot o f Firem en and Police a Large Number o f Lives W ould Have Boou Lost—Oi-i- g in of the Fire Is Unknown. burned about the body, face and hands, and removed to the hospital In a seri­ ous condition Marti Gallagher, 63 years old, was burned about the face and h-ands, and removed to a hospital. NE'W TOEK, March 5.—Six persons were burned to death an'd two were Injured early yesterday morning in a fire Which occurred In a 7-story lodging house at 44 to 48 Bowery. The dead are: Charles Buttle, 40 years old. John Clark, 50 years old. Edward Doyle, 37 years old. Henry Jackson, colored, 37 years old. One unidentified man about 50 years to the ho-spk ahd died lal lagher, 63 years old, t the face and h-ands, al^- removed to a hospital. Edward Walker, 47 years bid, was burned, but after having his wounds dressed, remained at the lodging house. The fire was first discovered shortly after 2 o’clock. Smoke was pouring from the windows of the fifth floor, and the fliames were making rapid progress. The lodging house was cut up into 132 rooms and 90 of these small places were occupied when the fire broke out. Policemen sent In an alarm and burst into the place to arouse the inmates. They notified the night clerk, who Im­ mediately rang the alarms all over the hiousie. The hallways were Instantly filled with a crowd of excited people. The policemen forced their way to the upper floors in an effort to rescue some of the helpless or any who might be overcome wltih smoke. They carried out Thomas Harper, a one-legged man, and Edward Walker, who had been burned and partially overcome by the smoke. Stephen Carney was found lying on the floor in his room. The flames had already burned the old man's hands, face and body, but a policeman picked him up and carried him out of the hulld- began a sei of the victi floor, whei Buttle V bodies of a jund on the fifth was suffocated in jlark was found tims were found on tl •e the fire did most damage. John Clark -was of his room dead, ; on the floor 5 also Ed-ward overcome just as he was drag­ ging himself from the window to the Are escape. o Aff the bodies were taken to the morgue. iamage to lout $2,000. the building amount- igin of the fire Is unknown, and rtlgatlon is being made. le was owned by Dominico ed to abo The orlf an Invesi The house was owne< , Milano, who lived with his wife and two children on the second floor. He and his family made their escape. A D V A N C E S H O W I N Q O F New, Spring. 0 0 0 0 0 Tailored Suits e n u m e r a t i o n IS U S E L E S S ! Enough to say that anyone wanting or thinking of buying a new spring suit will find the kind here at the right price — ..4 8 00 to ;$ 30 . 00 ... All kinds of fabrics, all shapes of jackets and skirts. If you look at the inside of our garments you will find the same hon est tailoring, the same perfect finish that makes the outside so handsome. We sell the kind of garments one reads about— elegant—fashionable—perfect fit and make. Before telling of the beauty one thing should be said:—The woman who buys early will save money. All kinds of goods have advanced and are still advancing. Thesd petticoats we contracted for quite a time ago and as long as they last will be offered at the old prices; new purchases will cost more.' Now for the beauty:—First come -exquisite mercerized stripes, solid colors, purple, cardinal, the new blue, violet and cerise. Plain mercerized satines in 8 diffef%nt popular shade,s; then comes the style accordeon and knife plaited ruffles of different widths, some with headings and quilling, others with scalloped ruffles. Prices range from $2.00 to $3.98. would be pleased to show them to you. We Domestics... Hardly a day passes that we are not notified that there has been an advance in some kind of cotton goods. .We were very fortunate in anticipating these advances and have a very large stock bought early. For your o%n good we want you to come and see how many articles there are in this stock you need every day and what a saving you can make by buying- of us and now. H E L . L O 10 O . 'GONGRESSIONALWORK T a n n e ry Dcsti-oj-ed b y Fire. COERT, known as no means ins had to sti Im p o r tant M e a s u r e s P e n d in g In th e S e n a te. OUREENOY BILL VOTE TUESDAY. at Spartansburg, with destroyed by fire. \With fight the fire, the citizens helplessly by watching th dustry of the town being The loss Is $80,000, fully covered by insurance. A hot journal in the dry­ ing room is supposed the fire. ____ estroyed. 1 to have caused Kxpludlng Gas Causea Fire. BUFFALO, March 5 —An explosion o f gas in the MacDougall \White Lead works at 1317 Elk street at 1:20 o’clock this morning caused a fire which did damage to the extent of $50,000. Big Blaze at Troy. TROY, N. Y., March 5.—Fire at mid­ night last night visited the Willard buslneae block and apartment houses an Broadway and caused damage to the extent of $100,000. CONVICTS REVOLT. Five of the Mutlnoora Shot and Probably Two Fatally W oandod. CAIRO, March 5.—A serious revolt of 10 convicts at Tourah, the great pris­ on near Cairo, nearly Involved 500 other prisoners. Blank cartridges having faffed overawe the malcontents, a voile Seating of Senator Quay and Porto B lcan Governmeat B ill W ill Consnmo Con-. - slderablo Time In tlie Senate, ■ Contested Bleotion Case* In the Haase. _ eSr- ______ '■ '■ WASHINGTON, March 5,—The ques­ tion of the seating of Senator Quay, the conference report on the currency bill and the Porto Rican government bill will divide the attention of the senate during the present %veek. By agreement the report on the cuixency bill will be voted upon at 4 o’clock Tuesday, and will have practically the undivided attention of the senate un­ til that time if -there are senators whom desire to speak upon it. » After Tuesday the Quay matter will be the topic during the morning hour e^ch day, and the Porto Eican bill for the remainder of the day. There are stiff several speeches to be made on ’enrose, favorable !urm-vvs in ailcontents, a volley was fired from a window/>pposlte through vlndow of the room occupied by 3 shot, and Aff then to Ur. Quay, and Scnatoi opposition. The Porto Rican biff will be debatefl mgth. Senators Culberson, Turn- nd Pettigrew will make set Five of the mutineers were two, ft Is Relieved, fatally, surrendered and were confined In cells, N ewfoundland Cabinet to Resign. | ST. JOHNS, N. F., March B.—The cabinet of Sir James Winter will prob­ ably resign within the next 48 hours'. | The premier -has thus far been unable* to make any combination that would enable him to carry on the government pending session Is believed also will bo unable to form n the opposition ranks.’' thereforej, al- T the purpe the legisli general election most Inevitable In May. that Mr. B( a ministry from the opp( leral election Is, t Oii'outt of A tlantic Base Balt League. ALLENTOWN. Pa., March 5.—A meeting of tho Atlantic Baseball league will bo hold here on March 0 or 12. President Fogel, who was In town yesterday, said the league will consist of eight clubs, and that the circuit will bo made up from tho following cities: Elmira, Binghamton, Soranton, WlffU'S-Barre, Allentown, Reading, Harrlshurg, Trenton, Neirni-k and At- lanllo City . _________ _ WenUmi- IniHeiition*. Run-~*UlseB, 0!20; fiota, 6!G5. Moon—Bols, 1H20. Bnow and coiUlnuort cold Monday and probably Tiic.*Jdiiyi froBij’to bvlalt nortluiriy ’wUidi* er and rettigreiv will make set argi meins against it on c-onstitutloin grounds, and Senators Ncl.^on and D e ­ pew will talk in support of it. The broad question of expansion will be raised in connection with this meas­ ure, and it will provoke much running debate as well as many sets speeches. Senator Foraker, who is In charge of the bill, says there is no disposition to accept the house bill and drop the sen­ ate measure', as has been reported In some quarters would be done, Tho diplomatic and the. pensloh ap­ propriation bill pro’oably will bo passed during the week. Neither of them Is calculated to provoke prolonged dls- cussiou. PUTS FLESH « THIN PEOPLE dyspepsia cure ”‘i'iwi!!a,saa 7 ar()0Bmt«, 10^0^22 For cftlo ^rug stor«. In tho House. The house will devote this week, ex­ cept today, which is District of Co­ lumbia day, to contested election casea The debate on the Aldrlch-Rohbins case, which opened on Friday, will con­ tinue tomorrow and Wednesday. Af­ ter it Is disposed of the Wise-Young contest from 'Virginia will be taken up and probably will consume the re­ mainder of the week. In both cases the majority has re­ ported against the sitting member.^, •who are Democrats, and the house probably -will sustain the reports so that 'by the end -of the -week Hie Re­ publican majority In the house will have been Increased by two. GERMAN MEAT BILL. AmUassauor W h ite Bxpocts Froliibltlro Clause W ill Bo R em oved. BERLIN, March 5.—Regarding the report cabled from \Washington that Secretary Hay ha.s received assurances from the Gc-rnmn govtrnmen-t that the meat bill States Arabas day that he had confirm it, but 'th: .nged, Unite- - said yestei information lat he expected such man comtnrreial convention Satuj-day adopted unanimously a r-solution he commii , declaring meat impc ,bly injure meat consumption part of a large section of the nation, particularly the industrial masses. The ipted unanimously against ‘the committee’s report on the meat bill, declaring that such a prohi­ bition cf meat imports would consider- protest concludes -as follows: 'We nrotest on behal try, commerce and shipping of the Ger­ man Fatherland. , 000,01 Woser Zeltung points libly that the meat Imports at ■vative estimate amount to ohly lited States read narks, all of which woulc ined by the prohlbitii . be threat- ’ the prohibition of the bill. It “A tariff war would make the and the Belgians the successors to the Germa.n trade with the United States. Moreover, the, Americans them­ selves wovfld develoD those Indi which Germaaiy now supplies.\ EMBEZZLER ARRESTED. Man W ith a Bad Record Wa-atod In Symeuze, NEW YORK, March 5.—Leroy C. Shear, who -was arrested on Saturday on the complaint of C. \V. R. Marsh, a detective of the Fidelity and Deposit coanpany of Maryland, that he was a fugitive from justice in Syracuse, was arraigned before Magistrate Cornell in Jefferson Market police court yesterday m a charge of being, a suspicious per-' son. Ho was discharged, but was im­ mediately rearre^ted and will be taken -to Sjuacuso to stand trial on charge of embezzling $1,300 from tho Model Building and Loan bank of that city. Shear was secretary of tho bank, nnd, It Is alleged, about two months ago was sent to Si-mut'in, Pa,, with two (IraftB, ono for $800 and tho other for $500, which he waa In havn onshod in order to negoiinto a loan for tho bank. Ho cashed tho drafts and lied with tho maney. It la paid tlm prlsuncr lo nl30 wttiUod by Ibp luilk u of Washington for iwlndUnu tatiorfl of ihctt city. We, the undersigned druggists, offer a rev/ard of 50 cents to any person who purchases of us, two 25 cent boxes of Baxter's Mandrake Bitters Tablets, if it fails to cure constipation, bilious­ ness, sick-headache, jaundice, loss of appetite, sour stomach, dyspepsia, liver complaint, or any of the diseases for which it is recommended. Price 25 cents for either tablets or liquid. We will also refund the money on one package of either If it fails to give sat­ isfaction. J. A. Van Auken, P. D. Ostrander, Cole’s Pharmacy, D.avis’ Pharmacy, Robt. Baird & Co., A. M. Simmons, J, S. Hamilton & Co,, G. F. Brown & Co., Houck & Patrick, C. H. Jacobs & Co., Hindoo young men are turning to \apan for instruction in science. The Most Economical Baking Powder TH E P U RE. It costs less to buy, and it costs less to use Ati'Inl will convince that It oxcols In Ntronfftli and c|unlltyi It Is not nmdo by a trust, which nmy boa good reason why It soils nt romn> Rbli pHo»i A Record! jp a We’fe proud of the standing that has been at- j tained by KNiCK and ROCK. - ---- — » ...wvuuu .oiicx ill m o luutii, a iu u - born cases. As a preventative it stands first and alone. “MIA IBED1CII)E.BBI A EBRE.’ Sold by Li. H. Moore, Windsor Hotel. John G. Lee, 50 N. Main St. Joha^G.^IcDtwel], Jr., Opera House J. B. Blegate, IVorth St John Sturm, Cor. Main and Cayadut- ta street Geo. L. Fort, Hotel Elk. Fremont St FOR SALE. We are having a sale this week of Schenectady building lots on Center street in Bellevue, only 10 minutes' walk from the Edison works. The L. R. R. Co. has voted to build a belt line our way this spring which will bring the electric cars 120 feet from these lots. We offered these lots at $200 each before we knew this, but will not in- / crease the price -while they last ' Albany street lots which -were $300 each three years ago, sell readily now for $1,000. Ours will do at least as well, because they are nearer the works. $10 down and $2 per -week gets you a home -in the busiest city iu the United States for its size. $25 off on each lot, if purchased this week. Will exchange for property here at lowest prices. Bloomingdale’.s. For Sale—Our great sale of fore­ closed properties Is still going on. A number of people have taken ad­ vantage to secure one of those $1,000 to $1,100 homos at $25 down nnd $10 per month and save at least $500. Property is advancing everywhere, and such bargains cannot last long. A i few left yet at Bloomliigdale’s. Money to loan at Bloomlngdalo’s,

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