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New Nerve- Hew Life STARVED AND DISEASED NERVES, SLUGGISH CIRCULATION AND A SICK HEART, GO HAND-fN-HAND. D p , Von Stan’s Heapt Tablets will effect a speedy, ceptain and pepmanent cure of this tri-headed topmentop of humanity —^this gpeat medicine \Feeds the Nerves through the HearC’ and healthy nepves mean sound body—new life. “I found in them new life,’’ said a nerve- ^ick woman in bearing testimony to the almost miraculous cure worked in her case by Dr. Von Stan’s Heart Tablets— and her’s is but the voice of legions more who could join hands in the proclamation of joy at being'healed from diseases worse than death. “Feed the nerves through the heart\ —right in theory, proved in practice— and being demonstrated daily in the use. of Dr. Von Stan’s Heart Tablets, that the right way—the quickest way—the true W.ay to cure all diseases of the nerves i s th r o u g h the “human engine’’— strengthen the heart | enrich the blood, for by giving power to the heart, circu­ lation is accelerated, impurities and poisonous secretions are carried off; pure ' blbod is forced to the nerve centres, and SOLD BY P. D. OSTflANDBR. being nourished and fed, weaknesses ppear, sallowness vanishes; nervous- i, insomnia, despondency, take wings, and in their stead is the robustness that comes of perfect health — there's no fiction—but all fact, in the claim that you must “feed the nerves through the heart.’’ Have you palpitatidn or fluttering, shortness of breath; weak and irregular pulse, smothering spells, swelling of feet and ankles, chilliness, uneasiness if sleeii- ing on left side, fainting spells, night­ mare, hunger and exhaustion ? If you have, the heart needs helping—and Df. Von Stan’s Heart Tablets give perfect relief inside of 30 minutes. Thousands owe their lives to them—and you may be counted in^ Get them at your druggists, | 50 c. sc bo?c, 3 boxes for $ 125 . . TARIFF BILL IN SENATE Spirited D e b a te on Porto Ri­ can Measure. MESSAaE PROM THE PEESIDEHT. House A d opts jUToKInley’s Recomineiicla- tion P lacing M oney Collected Upon Fortoiiltican Goods I n His Hands For Isjand’s Kellei!'—Quay iViL-' Case Disunssod. WASHINGTON, Maxedv _3.—Interest In the Porto Rican tariff measure has now been transferred from the house to the senate.. Consideration of the bill C'mbodying substontla'lly the pro­ visions of the house i)ill|and in addi­ tion providing for a temporary form of civil government for the isSand of Porto Rico, was begun in the senate yesterday, Mr. Poraker, chairinan of the committee on Pacific Islands and Porto Eifco being in charge of the measure, ■oely had the reading of .the bill concluded, when Mr. Teller pro- amendment providing in rief, that the'purpose of the pending iU is simply to establish a femporary Porto Rico for the bin is simply 1 16 of this Island government : pose of enabling the pe later to establish a pei can*government in which there shall be accorded the people the right of self government, the adoption of a consti­ tution and the establishment of a per­ manent'form of government not inter­ fering with the sovereignty of the United States over the island or Its Illinois expended ?18,2't?9,803 on'Its puMic schools in 1899. HOW IS YOUR WIFE? ' Karl’s Clover — _ ______ _ _________ j ills for half a jntury. Price 25 cts. and 50 cts. Mon­ ey refunded if results are not satisfac­ tory. For sale at J. A. Van Auken’s. 10 Lucchenl, the murderer of ■ Empress Elizabeth of Austria, having spent a y tar in solitary confinement, is now,ac­ cording to the 'Swiss law, treated like all other prisoners. DOES IT PAY TO BUY CHEAP? A cheap remedy for cougas and colds is all right, hut you w'ant something that will relieve and cui*e the more se­ vere and dangerous results of throat and lung troubles. W hat shall you do? Go to a warmer and more regular cli­ mate? Yes, if possible; if not possible for you, then In either case take the only rem-edy that has been introduced In all civilized countries with success in severe throat and lung troubles, “Bos- chee’s German Syrup.\ It not only heals and stimulates the tissues to de­ stroy the germ disease, but allays In- fiammation, causes easy expectoration, gives a good night’s rest, and cures the patient. Try one bottle. Recommend­ ed many years by all druggists in the world. ‘Sample bottles a t a ll drug stores. Prance intends to improve French syntax 'by legislation. M. Gaston Paris, of the Academie Prancalse, has been made president o f a commission to pr'fi- pare a reform in synatx. Liege, Belgium, is to h a v e an exposi­ tion in 1903. To meet the expenses a capital o f 2,000,000 francs has been suh- scribed. A FREE PATTERN m s m b e s ^ I MAGAZINEW I inhabltailtants. amiendment was fclh’cllowed other by Mr. Stewart, by an- :t striking out the duty On Porto RI- At Harlem, Holland, there are 125 ' acres devoted to the growth of hya- i cinths, which- bring / In a revenue of $150,000. ^ I : and others. Mr. Foraker c ed that the duties levied on Porto Ri­ cani productsroducts -wereere necessaryecessary because. p -w n island was in need of revenues, ery dollar levied as duties would turned Into the treasury of the Ish mmittee held thi ii.uuu)U 6 u it ct «tuu pie** scribed local remedies, and by con­ stantly failing to cure with local ti'eat- ment, pronour.ced it incurably. Science | has proven ca rarrh to be a constitu­ tional disease, and thereforemefore requiresequires r constitutional treatment. Hall’s Ca- j tarrh Cure, manufactured by P. J. Cheney & Cc.. Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken Inte-.'nally in doses from 10 drops to a teispoonful. It acts direct­ ly on the bio id and mucous surfaces of the system They offer one hundred dollars for any case it fails to cure. Send for dr«ulars and testimonials. Address, About 1,850 tons of fiowers are an­ nually raised o n 15,000 acres o f land in southern Franca.for the perfumers. THE BEST COUGH MEDICINE FOB CHILDREN, In the winter of 1898, F, I. Russell’s little boy contracted a severe cough and cold and was treated by several j physicians, who failed to do him any 1 good. Mr. D. A. Fisher of the same place. Miles Point, Vt., gaid to him: “You get a bottle of Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. It will cure him.” He bought a 25 cent bottle and then a 50 cent bottle, which effectually cured boch the cough and cold. He now I ays: *T am judge and jury and the 'erdlot is, ‘Use Chamberlain’s Cough ! and the the only practicatali the needed funds, Mr. Stewart strongly upheld the policy of the president as announced in his last annual message of giving free trade to the Porto Elcars). An hour and a half of the session was devoted to consideration of the Quay case, Mr. Hoar, presenting an able con- utional argument In favor o'f the ting o-f Mr. Quay, on -the ground, ,nly that it was the intention of the of the constitution that the all times should have its full quota of members. IN THE HOUSE. P iesiaen t’s P o r t o KJeiin I’olfoy Adopted -by the House. Within two hours after a special message from the president recom­ mending the immediate passage of a bill to place i « his hands all the moneys collected upon Porto Rican gjicds since the Spanish evacuation of tire isand, to be used for the relief of the Porto Ri­ cans,ans, hadad beeneen readead to thehe houseouse yes-es­ framers c h b r to t h y terday,erday, thehe houseouse hadad passedassed andnd sentnt recomment t t h h p a se to the senate a bin to carry out the idation. , Vest Floored by an Gpitbet. \When a boy at Frankfort, just starting out on his career of public speaking. Sen­ ator Vest penetrated the knobs of Frank­ lin county, Ky. He was making a speech ' to a small erowd which had schttored . about the stump on which he stood. The ' audience either sat or lolled back on the ground while he spoke. As he expressed it afterward, he thought lie was playing the old Harry with the opposite side, when, at the height of what he consider- splem.............ht ■ lean, lank, one gallused, shrill voici .low rose from a lounging position the middle of the group and said: “Go it, my pecker wood!” Vest’s hair was very red. and he wore a blue suit. He was knocked clear off the stump and adjourned the meeting.—St. Louis Republic. c of oratorj\ some long, tallused, shrill voiced fel- Mr. Cannon asked immediate consid­ eration for the bill and this was given. It ivas Only when the debate opened. It having been agreed that 20 minutes should be allowed cn a side, that under the lead of Mr. Bailey of Texas the Democrats began lining up against the bill because It placed no limitation upon the president’s discretion in the use oi the money. The bill was passed toy a vote of 162 to lOT, 13 Democrats, 2 Republicans and 2 Sliver Republicans voting with the Republicans In the affirmative. Sub­ sequently the Aldrlch-Robbins con­ tested ejection case, from the Fourth Alabama district, -which the house tWIde refused ' to consider Thursday,, was taken Up,; 136 to 129, and was de­ bated for the remainder of the day. Not Tbo Fresh. bated for the remai Iniuiense Quantity o f OH Lost. WBLLSBORO, Pa., March 3.—The main pine of the, U...ted States Pipe Line company burst some time Thurs­ day night a,t a point where the line M |C A L I r i ^ S 141li Slroct, . • Xow Vor! Stubb—The other day there was a stampede of a dozen ferocious steers. Police am! cowboys together couldn’t stem their m.ad rush. Suddenly a half grown boy appear«>d on the scene. Wide pantaloons and \U. S. N.\ on his cap told Mlitt be was in Uncle S.tnVs niity. the When .the steers saw that hoy. they trot- the ted behind him like so ninny lanil)s.' ' ' ygu j veyy fond of a little salt.j-CUi^ago News pumping •> St The loss to the line leasing opera e will reach <1 IT five n Washing Dishes To wish dishes In lisU the time, and do It well, follow tills recipe: Always use hot water— not warm, but hot., It Is best to usn raopi with china dnd glass, and, to have a nice lather. Instead of using aoap use Gold Dust Wisliing Powder DIsaoIvo a taWespoonful In the hotwaier sod wash qakWyi have plenty of nice, dry towels to wipe with I navo a dpalner that will allow mo lowanesque, Tioga and Canastee valleys the uhdergr&wth Is yellow with ium'. There Is- semie fear that the 1 oil might in some manner, be- corne ignited and cause considerable damage by are. THE BLOBS Suffering Brings Discouragement—Airs. Piukham Shows Women How to Re­ cover Health—Read These Letters. F a l l i n g o f ^ i e s ^ u s , P a S n ^ e f l M e n s O s D ear M bs . P ixkham t—I want to t e ll you ho-yv much good yoUr medicine has done mo. I suffered for tvyo years wntli different female troubles. I had falling of the'wom b , whited, irregular and painful menstruation, such terrible headache's and bearing down pains, I was nearly erazry. I paid out a great many dollars for doctor’s medi­ cine, but oi»tained no*relief, and the doctor toTd me I <puld not be cured, My husband insisted on m y taking your medicine and I never had anything help me so nau< short a time. I have now taken bight bottles icine and I must say I ____ _ jh t bot' :etable Compound and am we] women than it has heei E. Finkhani’s Vegbta- ipound saved m y life aiid I' advise a ll to. 1;ake it.”—M bs . C. F. s gone and I can work all day w ithout feeling ,ired. My health is better than i t has been for T unm I v LIPF, health is I know Lydia E. Fh Weggelan:!, Minn. U t e r i n e a m i U v a r l a n T r o u b l e “ D ear M bs , P ikkham :— I have followed your kind and free advice and am to-day a new wo- ^ jnan* My last doctor told me I would* liave to* g o through an ’operation before I could he well. I had womb and ovarian trouble. I would suffer. som ething terrible, such pain in m y left side and it seemed as though I w as all falling t o pieces. Was nervous a ll the time, and could not sleep if nights. I cannot thank you enough for being I; so kind t o me. I shall always recommend your medicine and hope that my lettbr may benefit some other poor suffering woman,\— M bs . W m . SroNB, North Dana, Mass. A B e a u i a i u ! B a b y B o y “ D ear M bs . P inkhaw :—It was my ai*dent jsire to have a child. I had been married three years and whs childless, so wrote to you to find bthe reason. After following your kind advice d taking Lydia E. Pinkham’s Veg FORREST AND JHE PARSON., by 'the F iery Co.iifeAcraie Gen.ewii Released a Federal Chaplain, One, of the liercest and most detern\iue^ glilersliiers In the civil war was General lig B. Fprr ;sj, cqmm His nanu war was _ _ ____ iding the Confederate ame was a redoubtable one, C his opponents were aware of q tumorous side of his .disposition familiar fo his frieuds, For many years the general loved to tell the story of an Incident which occurred\ near Cowan’s The few troopers he had with him were being hotly pursued by the Federals, and ahe general was galloping along lit top speed. A fiery southern dame happened to be standing by the roadside, and when she saw' the flying Goaf her indignation boiled over fist in scorn, she screamed “Why don’t cow-ni'dly rasei here, he’d make you fight!’’ Fortunately the general’s horse soon carried him out of range. Forrest's biography relates that once at a dinner party, where he had been in­ vited ns the guest of honor, there was a loquacious widow, with hair of raven black, w'ho rudely interrupted the con- i versatiou by asking General Forrest why I it was that his beard was still black ' while his bair was turning gray. With great politeness Forrest turned to her. “I fear I cannot give you a satisfactory answ'cr,”' said be, “unless possibly the reason is that I have used my brain a lit­ tle more than I have my jaw.’’ In the midst of one of his campaigns a iptured Federal chaplain was brought Jderate oficer Shaking her m ’t you turn and fight, you .•aseai? If old Forrest were make you fight!’ stories of Get were rife in the Union camp, later supper w'as announced,lounce and . ,'prisq, invited severity !d binx to egetable Com- pound, I became the mother of a beautiful b aby boy, the joy o f onr home. He is a fat, healthybaby, thanks to your medicine.”—^M es . UnoiA F dtkl IG, Roscoe, N . Y, ' , if yoU are ill. The sands of lette iQusands of letters from ; women who have been cured of serious feihale trouble by i gYBiA £V PimmM^s vegetable coMPoum later supper was to the chaplain’s skai’e it. But his surprise grew ment when the general tumc revai'ently and said: “Parson, will you please ask the bless­ ing?” . The next morning Forrest courteously gave him'an escort through the Confed­ erate lines, for he wished 'do noneombat- ants for pi'isoners, and bade him goodby w’ith the remark: “Parson. I would keep you here to preach for me if you weren’t needed so much more by the .sinners of the other side.*’—Youth’s Companion. LONDON’S MISSINQ PEOPLE. Detectlven Say They Vninber About Twenty Thousand a Vear, The. police inspector said: “About t years ago 1 was watching some workmen years ago pulling d( houses that tation time lown a row lat had a dos] It Is useless to try to gst -a small boy to work when -a brass band is passing. DOES THIS STRIKE YOU? ’* Muddy complex,ionB, nauseating rom chronic coin on an absolute guarantee. Pri( cts. and 50 cts. For sale at J. A, Auken’s, It is rqnk foljy to believe tnat mar­ riage is a failure just because you hap­ pened to have bad luck. THE QUICICEbi\ W a y TO BREAK UF A GOLD. \I have nsea nedicines and lany makt Tnost'alwayE Mr. He] 3 of pdten with som On th e B o n lev fira. She rides by In hiT liussian rlfigh Wrapped to the very eyes In furs; In all the passin}- line today No equipage can vie unrli hera. Her fur clad r-oaehman. diguiBed, In stately pnindeur holds the reins; The fur<'lad footman by Ids side . No vulgar side glance ever deigns. She sits there Imughty and alone, The pride of fashion in her face. And, like a priiieess on Iter throne. She looks dotvn orf tile popuTaee. She Is tho cnvli’d ( And yet no gladt factory and m ost wbudorful in results for colds and coughs is Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy. It will break up a cold in less time than any other remedy 1 over used.” This famous remedy is for sale a t 25 and 50 cents per bottle by Houck & Patrick, druggists, 0 R.HAVID f a v o r i t e The one sure cure for J The l^idneys,{Lver and Biood iakihg other folks miser; enjoyment for the •chron •able Is the inic dyspep- It is so-metimes easier to iboa moqey than it is to pay it back. yet no gladness ^lls her heart, eor, on. her new hoots arc too.sniall. And, oji, oh, how her chilblains snisrt! ■ —Somerville Journal. Not His CItoicc. She-'-You’i'e indiiietl to be stoat, aren’t Ho (rather obese)—No. Indeed. I sim­ ply can’t help it.—Chicago News. Oh, where are the snows of my youth f Oh, where Is the slciglilng <if old. When the flakes filled tlic sky, and the- drifU plied so high. And the air effervesced with the eoldil Oh. where is the straw Oh. where Is the r Whom my arm crept t the ground. With the bells jangling out sweet and clear? Oh, where arc the pleasures of youth? Oh, where Is the hoy in their train? Ah, I sigh for him here vvUli the wind crooning And tho rain beating hard og the ifane, —Cleveland Plain Dealer, ride of yore? naiden so ()ear, ound a s we skimmed o’er Quinn—Wlial is here,in Cbu-ago? ■' —Ctmld ,vt licago Net lie curi'cncy question I^eFon^e—Ctmld .ver give-a -poor man a lect wliat a start showed me that nearly every house ,adl gi'eat trapdoor, through which anything could he dropped into the race of tho tide below. Many a poor chap had gone to his death that way. I ’ll go bail. But I can tell yon a curious thing that happen­ ed only the other day. A man had been drugged and robbed, bnt he told us that before he became iusensible he had man­ aged to lock and bolt h is door, and locked and bolted it was when he came round again. How they had got in and robbed him he could not j^iaglue. Well, -wo searched about and finally discovered that the door -was really two doors, one within another. Ho had locked and bolt­ ed the inner door into the frame safe, enough, but then the frame itself was only another door, with separate hinges of Its own.” “I suppose the list of those reported missing is quite a short one these days, is it not?” “Some 18,000 to 20.000 a year! But don’t look so startled. More than three- quarters of them turn up again in some way or other. You see, the list includes strayed children and runaway boys to be­ gin with. Then thei e are the men who get locked up at night for something or other and either arc too careless or too ashamed to send to their wives, with the result that the poor women rush off to the nearest station in the morning to make inquiries. Quite a number of meu go and hide after quarreling with their wives. Why, I came across a case the other day where a man had lived for four y-ars within half a mile o f the wife he’d descited without her finding him. A big town is the only safe place for a fellow, that’s ‘wanted’ to bide comfortably.”— Cassell’s Magazine, s‘ ■ petrolei ■wasted WcUUnown Horseman Dead. NEW YORK, March 3.—Charles B. lied at his home in this city mla. Mr. Bates ivas known because of the prizes which Show and, yesterday of nneumo: best known because < he had taken at the Horse as a breeder of fine horses. He owned a large stock farm In Ohio where most of the horses that he dealt In were bred. From this stock farm they were brought to New York city and sold to the \400.” ______ _ _________ Sugar Oiitpiit In Knasin. BT. PETERSBURG, March 3.—M. Do Witte, tho minister of finance, has fixed tho production of sugar for the oomlng Boaoon at 04,014,708 pounds, of which 18,014,708 aro available for o;{- VVrstlint' Iinlicntlinu. Sun-ElBCB, filCSl sols, fiSa, Moon-*Sot», 0504, Pull’ fjaturday and Bundayj west wjnflB, DecoffilhB variable. , Healthy at Eighty. Mrs. Edmands was Cured of a Severe Case of Rheumatism at that advanced age. Mrs. Susan H. Edmands, of 37 Broad St., Newbhryport, M ass , when recently inter­ viewed, said; Mrs. Susan Jff, Mdnu ■wont down and there was less eoronoss. I I'ontlnuod tho nfio br tho pllla, InuU povon boxes, and was ontiroly cured. If 1 am over tronblert WUhthorlioumatIsm again I shnllsnl'Cly takoDr. William,s’ Pink Pills for PaloPooplo, and advlso others to do so who afo aflllcfotl ivltli this dlsouBo.\ Signed S u .9AN II. K dmaxm . Dr. wniinnts' Piuk Pills fpr Pnlo People expel impurities ftoin the blood, and supply .the: material for tnpidly rebuilding wasted nervo tisauen. It hns peffomed hundreds of almost lairnculous cuiCS in se­ vere cases of Rheumatism, many Umc.3 after doctors had given up hope. D» WILLIAMS’ .INK a E l PR. WtUIAMB M^PieiNIS QOMPANy^ Sehininttiy, N.y. Look f o r this trade im r h OH every paekase, Sold by M dru^^islStjo cents per box I $i,y boxes, Old Sword Blnfies. IS the fighters of old were, -the IS which they put on their ten showed not only consldera- ‘ poetic instinct, but sentimentality, 'aithful in adversity” is such a sen- I tetce engraved on an old sword of the seventewilb centuiy. In a collection of blades of the sixteenth century are these inscriptions: “I quarrel.” “God give me speed that my foe be beat indeed.” “With this de­ fense and God’s will all my enemies I I shall still.” “In battle I will let myself I be used,” “When 1 my sword uplift iu strife, God give the sinner eternal life.\ “Trust in God, bravely war; therein ] your fame and honor are.” ' “Your aim alone be God’s great name. Who dares de­ ny strike thou him lame.\ “Every soldier fine .look on this, sign and use his hand for God and the land.” On blades from tho eighteenth Century are these inscrip­ tions: “Nothing better in the world thou would deny let him meet me, and 1 will I hold it Will cost him or blood or gold.\ iNot So Baa. - - In Scotland they hare no green cbm da . the col). ’Pherefore when thiS.ScOtclimtia caftie iicroSs the water he was amused to see the people devouring those great I hunks of coi'u. A friend of his recorii- mended the di&h to him ns t«sty and <3e- ; licioils, and when the sturdy soU of Scotia lunched at a restmumut he ordered a plate of \boiled sweet corn on the cob,\ When his friend mot him next, he nsktid him rf he had tried tlio chrn j'et. “Aye, have I, and it’s no onythliig to mnk sic a fuss nbodt, I ’m thinking.\ yon like It: - bfid I' tile For'.coughs, colds, btoDchitis, t^rs ■*TrrVkrtr»Y\T.« or rtrtlioo>i o il vi»Lri<S+* 4D'W<*t za, •whoop'ing cough and alLthfo^t lung trouhl'cs, Bauer’s inStaut CoU^h curb is geaerally conceded Id lid '|h,'e quickest and surest 'retnedy laiotm to Sciemce. It ioos'ens and ctoafsi the bronchial tubes and prevefits {pniu- mould. , Constant cough'iiig rAcM' flames the lungs. .It vveakbns th^ r ac-. tion and cousunaptldn ciftien fbllQvys., Why do‘you xuil such, a risk Urhen in they likE lit. This famous remedy is Soifd under the strongest gitarahte.e ‘ I f it does not do 'the work yOtir mbitey' will be cheerfully refunded. - J , EL J a­ cob? & Go. France receives £242,500 a yearfrtHh taxes on bicycles. ^ MEDICINE WORTH 55.00 A DOSE- ^ pOSSxMic I.U live ii. 1. uvu uui, S'*.)' which. I always do -when I have Chana- berlain’s Colic, Cholera aud Diarl’h^ed Remedy at hand. It Is the best medi­ cine of its kind on earth and worth a dose.” This retHedy is for sale by Houck & Patrick, druggists. The •po.pulation o'f Hungary has la- creased from 8,000,000 to iS.ljQO.OOO this century. The capital o f the country counts 570,000 inhabitants, against 26,-' 000 in the year 1800. The director of the 'Royal^ Vcsuvlga observatory announces that*Mount Ve­ suvius is now perfectly quRt, had that the eruptive period of 1895-S9 Is defi­ nitely closed. ing some workm of old riverside losperatcly bad vegu- lind. and I caa recol- me when they >ry house Ij a PURELY VEGETMLE. Acts as Tonic and Stops Hair from Falling Out, Cures Dandruff, Bfittfe Hair, Itching and all Scalp Troubles. Guaranteed ttObra WltcnaU other remedtea or Money Refunded, Sold everywhere. Safe,^ Sure, Reliable. Treatise on Hair and Scalp Troubles Free. i. R. BREMER GO., The only hair preparation adi to the Paris exposition. For sale StewaxB Of im- ;lons. For sale at Miller’B drOK re, 7 North'Main street, GloverrrHle, G R A N D HOTEL. ,, New York. , Ice »ttd Ea- patronage, and of the theatre and shopi Rates for rooms ,51.00 ppmg ^ triots. European Dr rooms ,51.00 and upwarq«. ' t . ^ LELAND. Pronrietor. Broadalhln, N. Y., Deo. 8,^ 189J. Mr. N. C. Becker: ' Dear Sir—I have been very ntncg lefltted by using “Becker’8\ A B C plasters painL of of any k...-, — will gire relief q Becker b a B C pla&l*..o ---- called “The great rhettlhatlc - - - • testify W t%9 X3t;ixau.u'ixu'c» <a.uu inters. Becker’s A B C plasters had from any af the fallowing driilf- gists, who are authorizedgUW»#'tfe to perfei' \factio: * ' ” ’ __ , .. _o are ant------------ rfect satis funded. ( in or the Dflce wip} be igle plaster, 16 Geo. Brown, Northvlll6,,N. T. Finch & Lee, BroadalbiQ, J. T. / B. M. Qi JL»lV‘>YUy PU XV* A. M, Simmons, 16 Bleeoker St. J. A.-van Xukbn, 17 N. Main St. Bradford & DlckinBon, Broadalbin> aiv&wky usmi srte bfid I' the ootsiile, hut it wus mnist tnvfy touch r tho luside,'’-. Detroit Free Preus. A iicni Slnaonve. Tired Tompkins— T I joi ' o ’ b one Job I wouldn’t mliifl linvloi Horace. ^HiujgiT^ lioHcit (In awnBemoht)- While 3 centB ii fh» lowest nrlte it m% CM get ebftvftl In H m leo lowest Pile® Jor ft bull* cat isH ctuti* Tolkpiir ok«n irtt* Jajo/s ^Cemeii m ,

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