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The daily leader. (Gloversville, N.Y.) 1887-1898, February 23, 1900, Image 8

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HIGH ART Clisni TUNC. Fine—- Furnishings a n d H a ts is our business. One Price ..... AND ..... r 5 p o t C a s h . W e can and will save you - 25 per cent. L ow est expenses , BUY FOR CASH, ^ , SELL FOR CASH ' does the business. L.ooal R e oord. FJRimAiY, ETElBRUAiaY 23,1900. TELEPHONE NUMBERS. Counting Room, .... 57.2 Editorial Room, .... ■ “W e T bu S . \ ' - ’'\''\ Yesterday's Weather. MlillFACTIIRERS’CLOTHING HOUSE HOWE <E.TINKER, M anagers. I 10 NORTH MAIN STREET iL-* Meteorological report of this o ltr lor the si Temperature. ■ . . « ........ S T Temperate. Rftin and Snour^.^ at 18 m to.day SO above zero. The Weather. WASHING-TON, Peb. 23.—Fair night; cloudy Saturday; northwest winds. ifm M W e invite you to f visittjur new carpet de- ' I partmeiit before you purchase carpets, ..cur-. I tains or rugs. At present we have not our complete spring stock in as it is very hard to get carpets, the mills being overcrowd­ ed with orders. What ,we have already A eceiveid are of the best * lid prices at lowest losaible marL Others are constant- ! y coining in and we isk you to surely visit lis before purchasing. N e w Lgee Cirtiigs, TapestajCottains, M ile Corialns. W S Seiyrna Rags, JxEB, 36x72; 71-2 b; 161-2 feel. { % l i — . \i-fT Judson& Rogers. ^ Sniti 'Tiro itor«i:— iiOTtmilU, !t. Y., , BochHttr, H. Y. siy stock of high grade I just received at prices fifie right. 4KtNI>80R PHARMACY. Phone 139-4 DR- DAILEY. Siar, Nose and Tliroat Spec-. WiklB At 'IilA Olov- I ©ffleo, eaeli day In itho week ■E^r. Ofllce homu, 9 to 11:30 a. IH ) to 4180, and 7 to 8 n. m, Sun- LIJ to 2 p. TO. No, 40 North Main f ANQ TUNINQ, l>r. J. L. Howes of New York Is a t the Windsor hotel. ■Mrs. Sylveste-r Newton Is the guest of Mrs. S. Borst -and Mrs. A. Dutciher,28 Potter street. Peter Waters has severed his connec­ tion with Freeman’s hainhei* shop and accepted a position with A. J. Hays. The condition of Dr. John B. Bur- xlick has improved to the extent that he now I'ests very comfor'tablj-, i thfough he does not gain in strength. The members of the St. Cecelia clpb and a number of friends enjoyed the pleasures of a small dancing iparty in their rooms last evening. “Jim,” the Johnst'oiwn lire home, IS once more able to I'esuim'e Ms duties a t the department ibulldlng, after under­ going a week’s troatmtent by Veterinary Surgeon Cady. M is . Stephen Borst gave her Sunday school class a straw ride on Washing­ ton’s Birthday, and on returning t o h er home light refreshments were served. A pleasant afternoon was spent with her class. llion company. No. 29, Uniform Rank, Knights of Pythias, held its an­ nual Installation, inspection and ban­ quet last evening. Maj. Shadsey, of Schenectady acted as installing officer, assisted by Col. Shepard of Gloveriil'ille and Maj. Van Etten of Utica. A large crowd w.as in attendance at the patriotic suppei- at the Congrega­ tional church last evening, and i t was a success in every particuhir. A small pasteboard hatchet, ti-immed with tri- colored ribbon, -was laid beside the plates on the tables for souvenirs of the event. At the fouj^h and last quarterly con­ ference of the official board of the Al­ bany Street Methodist Episcopal church in Schenectady, for the confer-* ence j ear soon to close, held in th^ church last Monday evening, the pre­ siding elder, the Rev. J. H. Coleman, D. D., formerly of this city, was the subject of resolutions expressing the highest esteem for him, and extolling .the character of his work during the time he has served as presiding elder of the district. Miss Anna Miller was pleasantly sur­ prised last evening at her home on Union street by about thirty of her friends. The evening was passed in a' very happy manner, games being played and a flashlight photograph taken. A bountiful supper was also served, after which Dewitt Everest, in behalf of those present, presented Miss ‘Miller with a beautiful ring. WILY MADAME FLETCHER* Fertile in Expedients for Raising Money from the Gullible. The investigation by the -police into the methods and workings of OMadame Fletcher has resulted in the discovery that her methods of obtaining money were decidedly numerous, and n o t only will -the establishment of the womam be thoroughly broken up, but the iwlice will endeavor-to prevent any further schemes of the Fletcher character to exist in Gloversvllle. Madam Fletcher Is still missing and all knowledge of 'tlhe hiding place is de­ nied at her late abiding place. The i-ates estalblished by the (womani indi­ cate tliat the persons who visited her with serious Intent were givm about anything they want®! In -Dhe line of in­ formation and the woman disposed olf hei' yarns according to -tlhe value of the extra frills which went with h er imag­ inary iMj-wers. For fifty cents it was possible to have your fate found ira. a pack of ordinary playing cards, but this -was only an ordinary forecast your futu.re, and if you wanted to get something better you could have your palm read for a dollar and your pros­ pects wotUd accordingly be qu-oted little higher. If you weie looking for something extra fine in the -way of air castles, you could obtain it by paying five dollai’s, and many a beautiful pipe rhapsody -Avas poured Into the ears of the gullible for that amount. The imadame also consented to give you -the name of the person whom you loA'ed or who loved you for the same price, and just for variety’s sake she W’as .AviH-ing to mix a little prose with her romantic expositions, and would consent to discover thieves -ahd stolen property, in her mind, for five good dol­ lars. .'Lnd, strange to relate, some per­ sona -whose Intellectual ■ capacities should have -been higher than an Infan­ tile order paid their money and cepted the tales of the madame with­ out any qualifications. The real extra fine brand of myths Avas given w-hen the madame Avent into a trance, but before the occult spirits' consented to impart their information to the medium it was necessary for the madame to see the color of the money, as times are hard in the spirit world a t present, and owing to the rate w a r in the astral sphere the madame was able to communicate Avith the unseen world at bargain prices.^ She certainly gave bargain information to some of her victims, and the next time some of them want >to hear a yarn Avhich has some method in it, they can do better by consulting a lot of returned fisher­ men than by filling Madame Fletcher’s poekebbook. feWman & Sons. The O’Ooaneli Fund. The Leader has received fo-date the following sums in -behalf of SOss Mary O’Donne'll: Amount previously reported ,..$321.82 The Fashion ............................. eqo . Employees of Fashion .............. 5.00 Lou C o h e n .................................. i.oo C. A. Gates ........ . ....................... i.oo James Digiian ............................ i.oo Total .. . . ; .............................. $334.82 This makes the total amount turned into the fund, $535.67, -yhlch includes an addition -of 83 cents to .the Bachner- IMoses Co. shop contrilbution, increasing their subscription to an even $43.00. Wedded at Fultonville. Yesterday afternoon, a t I o ’clock, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Sammons, on Stariu Place, Fultonville, and in the presence of about seventy-five .guests, occurred the marriage of Miss Bertha Everson Sammons of that place, to Mr. Albert Getman of Ephratah. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. C. Boyd of -Forida. The maid of honor Avas Miss Florence R. Fonda of Johns-* town, and the best man was Mr. Max M. Wilms, also of that city. Miss Maude Everson, a little niece of the bride, act­ ed as flower girl. The bride was hand­ somely attired In a dress of lavender sllk,and carried a bouqiiot o!C roses. The ■nmld of honor was becomingly gowned In silk oigandlo, A sumptuous Aved- (ling supper was Bcrvod Immediately a l­ ter the doromony, Mr. and Mrs, Got- mim left on an attornoon train lor an I'ostorn wedding trip, after wthlch they AVIU tulto up liioii’ resldenco In Bplira. (kmio In and oeMlie 1000 Cohimbla I'luiliilw mid Hartford bleyelea Avltli i onster bm Ueii. .1. ll. Newintm & Bona. HubncHlio foi* The Xdiad'i'. MATRIMONIAL. Nuptials o f William L. Walsh and Minnie A. Hebert. At the home of Mr. and Mre. Mador D. Hebert, INo. 14 Fifth street, at 6:30 last OA’cnlng, in a parlor decorated in a beautiful manner, and in the presence of about seventy-five guests, Miss Min­ nie A. Hebert Avas united in marriage to -Mr. WUlli.am L, W’alsh, Rev. Father Hayden of-St. Mary’s church officiating at the ceremony by a special dispensa­ tion granted by Bishop Burke. The nuptial vows were spoken in the front pilrlor of the residence under an arch, of cedar and srailax. and the adorn­ ments of the other rooms w’ere In h ar­ mony with the parlor decorations. The bridesmaid Avas Miss Teresa M? Crow­ ley of Glens Falls and the best man Avas Mr. John L. IMcQuade of this city. The bri'de wore a handsome gown, of ivory satin, en train, with .pearl trim ­ mings, and carried a white prayer .hook. The bridesmaid Wore a dress of \white embroidered moiissellide de sole and carried a bunch of Avhlte roses. Af­ ter the ceremony Caterer .Wright of Johnstown served an elaborate AA^edding dinner and a pleasing concert was also rendered during the evening by Weber & Jeannisson’s orchestra. Among the wedding presents, which Avere quite numerous and included:' many hand­ some and valuable pieces, was a check for $100 from the -bride’s father. Mr. and Mrs. Walsh left last evening for Niagara Falls a-nd Avill, on their return, reside a t No. 13 Grand street. Those ■ who were present a t the wedding from out of to'WTL Were a s follows: Mr. and Mrs. Juo. Crowley, Misses -Mary Senior, Kate Dasey, Loretta McGuire, Catlhar- ine' Crowley, -Nellie Leahy, BHa Clary, Kate Clary, p o ra Dasey, Anna Fitzger­ ald and Messre. John -Crowley, jr., Frank Senior and Charles F. O’Neil of Little Falls; and (Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts, Wlr. and Mrs. Tracey Moyer., Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams, Mr. and iMrs. Michael Canfield and family. Miss­ es Alice and Florence H ester^nCfane, Sadie Ward and Messrs.Archlhald Hes­ ter, Thomas Ward and B. S. Shires of Johnstown. Glove Men inTawn. At the Windsor: M, D. Shipman, DoKalb, 111. Optician, new office, now success fit­ ting k U ukoh ' . Prof. Qorton, t58 Blcock- or stiect. SPEC IA l I a LB GtTaANI^'l'O-MOll- KO^V AT OAHWELL’8. A Hppi'la] mixed eamly Is now lielng mailo wlileli will bn noltl for 13 rents per pound: also a largo variety of fresh lilcnm eaiuly ay IU bn nobl to*monw for 13 rents per pmniil. No oiio tsbould fall to sreuro n liupply. Floor Coverings. Our new and especially handsome collection of Wilton Body Brussels, Tapestry Brussels, Ingrainsj Linoleums, Floor Oil Cloths, an entirely new stock of Rugs and Druggets in all sizes. Chinese and Japanese Mattings, every roll new this season. We have no old or shopworn goods; all new, fresh and inviting, and at prices we know to be right, as proven by the number of careful buyers who have made an early investi­ gation. Curtains. The present exhibition of staple and novelty attractions in Lace Curtains, Sash Curtains, Por­ tieres and Draperies has never been excelled in the history of this department. We have brought together all the new things and especially the novelties for which there is such a demand this seasop. \The great assortment of the handsome styles and unique designs are confined to us in this market. The prices considering the qualities and styles have never been equaled not even in our Curtain Department. MARTIN & NAYLOR, TELEPHONE 210 SPECIALAIE S In Men’s 5hoes. No two pair alike or of the same size. 11 If we have your size you get them at 1-3 there value. Sec Window Display. W I L L A R D , 10 South Ualn Stnet. Pillsbury’s D a isy Flour riiddlings. great milk producer fo dairymen. The very finest quality fo stocj^ Feed. Wc have bought them at a figure that makes price to you very cheap. Merafiaat MlUcvu, J87. U4Q Wo«t Ht, T o o L-sto ....J'OR ..... C h r istm a s . FU L L LINE Kodaks. NO KODAK BUT THE EASTMAN. Solio, Dekko and Sepia printing papers. E i s i i w ’s m . AlYordli Waller 37 N . Main Street. We guarantee our ouwi HI n to stop itching and remove dandruff in one week. 50c Bottle. Chas. E. Patrick, Bucecaaor to Houck & Patrick, Prugilati, 14 fl. Main Bt. Tolopliouo 93-3, L e fferts’ H a ts W e ll M a d e. That’s the point—W e wonder if every hatter is ' so sure of this point as we are. ' The best mak­ ers make our hats. You want worth and wear, and every good hat quality when you make a hat investment. Better hats in this exclusive Hat Store than you will find in the all-sort store. You reap every advantage from price to quality, U N I O N M A D E ,$I to $3. F a n c y Shirts. N o better stock has ever been shown; every pattern select; 50c and $1. 'W. P. Lefferts & Son, HATS, FURS, MEN’S FURNISHINbs. NORTH MAINkSTREET. . GLOVERSVILLE GREAT CLOSING OUT 5ALE Since we announced our closing out sale a large amount of merchandise has been sold, but there is still a large stock to be disposed of before we vacate. The balance of our stock must go. Prices have been cut so deep that Gloversvillt’s purchasing public will know that this is the greatest cut price sale ever held in town. Oorticelli sewing silk, 100 y<l. spool. Coat;o’s Cotton, colors only, Hooks and eyes, a box for 5c. Chlldroix’s dresses, -21c., 25c., 3 C h l l d r e ; ^ 8 h S ^ : ; K l ^ Outing flannel night gowns, Avorth ij.OO, at one. Flannel waists, $1,00 quality, a t 75o. Dress skirts, take your choice, at % Infanta’ eldorfioAvn cloaks a t $1.00. Mackintoshes, 98c, Percale Avalsts, $1,00 and $1.50 kind, Corsets, ,Wc„ 43c., R. & G. rersets,8rK'. Trimmed .Imts, GOc. and 75c, Velvet waists at $2.00, Deep cut in prices of house wrappers, dressing sacquos feathers, flowers, ribbons, velvets, umbrellas, collarettes, etc. L . I R I M A I N l^adlcfl' ana InfauUi' Outflttoi‘ 3 , 26 N. ^ I Main, Ooruor Oburob SL

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