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BOSTUN CASI STORE. Hay, 40c per 100 lbs. The celebrated Bread Flour Sarato­ ga, ?1.14 a sack, guaranteed. Gilt Edge Flour, ?1.05 a sack. 4 lbs. Prunes, 25c. . Do you think of painting this spring? We have placed our orders for a large shipment of John W. Masury’s Sons’ line of goods. While I have been obliged to pay a slight advance, any one giving in their order before March 1 will save money. We buy for cash, sell for cash; low prices the result. Headquarters for feed, straw, teas and coffees a t the lowest price. For Instance. LYDIA PINKHAM'S, 74o. SCOTT’S EMULSION, 74o. PAINE’S CELERYCOMPOUND, 75o. HOOD’S SARSAPARILLA, 75c. VINOL, 85c. PERUNA,85c. ________ Telephone 11-4. I AiABLE & SONS, 223-225 North Main Street. CORRECT DRESS FOR MEN. We make a study of men and styles. We fit individuals with clothes and give them th(^ best appearance. Our garments are noted for character and quality, and _ are popular because we make ’em right. Our correct suits will please you. s. B L u n , xSr. Corner Main and Fulton St., Gloversville, N. Y. Sullivan’s Clearance Sale ....of Shoes. Some o f Our Bargains. Ladies’ 54.00 line shoes for 53.00. Ladies’ 53.50 line shoes for 52.49. Ladles’ 52.50 fine shoes for 51.98. Misses’ 52.00 fine shoes lor 51-49. Misses’ 51.50 fine shoes for 51.25. Children’.^ 5hoes ....at Cost.... Men’s fine 55.00 and 56.00 shoes, (A. E. Nettleton’s make) for 52.98. Men’s 53.50 shoes, all si ' Men’s 53.00 shoes, all si Men’s 52.50 shoes, all si B o y s’ and Youths’ Shoes at Cost. Sullivan’s. 59 DARUNQ BLOCK, IS* nm The Acknowleilged Leader. SUGAR. Fine Granulated per lb. 5 J-4 Columbia A, per pound, 5c Extra C., per pound, 4 3-4c Cut Loaf per pound, 6c XXXX Powdered per lb, 6c 2llis.'te‘« ‘25c 3 Ills. Rio and Java Cofide, 50e. USE RED STAR COFFEE if you want the best. Borsl’s Cash Grocery, 4‘; North IVialii S t. fojop^ofto CC.S. , L o c s l R e c o r d . THURSDAY, RUBRUAIRT 8, 1900. J. B. Ju'dson of the firm of Judson & Rogers, and- Mrs. A. H. Rogers are spending the week in New York city. Th& condition of 'Dr. Biirdick of Johnstown, who was stricken with paY- alysis, Tuissday, was reported this af- ftefnoon to .be unchanged. It was 'ex­ pected that an operation would he per­ formed this aftevno'on lor the purpose of relieving some of the dropsical symptoms of the physician. SOCIAL -AND FRATERNAL. A Bulletin of Coming Events Whieh Will Interest Many Readers. The memhers of the Glbye City Social un.d Aiheletic club will hold a danc­ ing pally in Music hall on Wednesday, February The regular meeting of the Johns­ town chapter, D. A. R., will he 'held at the home of Mrs. Jason Miller, No. G1 Bast Pulton street, Gloversville, Satiu-day afternoon, February 10, at 2:30 o’cloclf. . A dancing parej' will be held at Mills hall on Wednesday evening, Valen­ tine’s day, under the auspices of a com- mi ttee of young men of this city and Joh'iisbpwn. Parkman’s orchestra will he in a.ttendance. The commltitee \s composed of Chas. N, Harris, Stewart Perry, Will B. Murphy, E. (W. Collins, Fred Mendelson, Leon W. Gaut,.Don­ ald C. Cross, Johnstown. SUPREME COURT. Various Cases Disposed o f at the Session To-Day. • After hearing the testimony in the case of Bmoia J. Herrick against Messrs. Close and Christie yesterday afternoon, the court granted a non-suit without allowing the case to go to the Case No, 10 was next called, it being an action brought by Daniel Witten­ berg against Otto Geisler. Jordan & Cassedy appeared for the plaintiff and W. 0. MJlls for the defendant. The litigation arises over a line fence, the -property of the plaintiff and defendant adjoining. It was conceded that a fence formerly marked the dividing lihe, but when Mr. Geisler erected a new fence it was built by him. It is al­ leged th a t a portion of the house came beyond the old line, apd to bring the building within hounds, the new fence was moved over onto Mr. Wittenberg’s promises a few Inches. Witnesses Avere called by the defense to ^disprove this allegation, it being shown that a plumb bob dropped fi’om the cornice of the house fell within the line of the old fence and that the , ef­ fort was made to build the new fence inside of the old line. The case was still on trial at the hour court adjourned. Attorney M. D. 'Mufray for the de­ fense in the Frederick case against the P., J. & G. railroad company, in which a non-suit was granted Tuesday,states that the case will bs appealed and that the necessary papers for such action are now being prepared. The county jail was inspected yes­ terday inorniug by the grand jury, and the matter of indicting Joseph Limk- enheimer was before that body yester­ day afternoon. In supreme court to-day the action of Vera Brockway against Lucien Brockway for divorce was called and as 'there was no appearance on the pa’-t t»f the deienuaTit, the decree was g rant­ ed. Ill che action of 'Henrietta Servlss against Wm. Serviss, also for a divorce, there was no appearance on the p art of 'the defendant an.4 a idecree was grant-’ ed the plaintiff, Jordan & Oassedy ap­ peared for the plaintiffs In both ac- The trial pf the Wittenburg vs.Geis- ler action was then resumed and was given to the jury about 11:35.' At the time of going to press the jury was still There being no more iury cases the jurors were dlscliarged and the case of Gilbert Bradt against Daniel Francis­ co, an action- to recover a balance due on an annuity, was then argued. The attorneys were given 30 days in which to file briefs. The action of Joshua Warren vs. The city of JohnstowiI, to recover damages for the diversion of water from Warren creek is now before the court. J. Fletcher has charge of the culinary department at the Elite res'tauraut. First class meals, 25 cents. CLOSING QUOTATIONS. New York Stocks, Reported by H. B, Logan, Broker, 20 South Main St. mm .UNKEHHEIMER indicted Manslaughter In the First Degree for the Killing o f Ferguson. The grand,jury completed its eXam- ihation of the Lunkenheimer'ease this morning and after hearing considera­ ble evidence concerning the manner in Which Jerome Ferguson is .alleged to have met his death decided tbo Indiet him for manslaughter in the first de­ gree, a crime for which the penalty is twenty years’ impriso'nment in state prte'oft, The in’dictment charges him with causing the death of Ferguson by striking him' with a dangerous weap- pn.ibu't without malice or sufficient pl'e- meditation to cause an Indictment for murder in the first degree. Lunken- heimer was arraigned before justice Russell this afternoon and pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was repre­ sented by C. L. Jordan and the people were represented by District Attorney Mills. After pleading, bail was asked and the judge fixed the amount at 53,- 000, which Limkenheimer said he could furnish. His counsel then laskecl that the examinatipn which ha's been set ■down for next Saturday, be continued and the court granted the request. OTHER INDIDTIMEiNTS. The grand jury also indicted Robert Hillabrandt of Johnstown for assault in the first degree in shooting his wife, Ire^a Hillalbrandt. He pleaded not guilty when arraigned. Jenriie Cromer of 'Ephratah was in­ dicted for bigamy and pleaded not gulL ty. An in-dicbment for arson in thP first degree .was also found against Manuel Antis of JohnstoVn for setting ^ fire to a building iu that city, but lie was not present ^vben the other prison­ ers were arraigned, ft is expected that he will present himself shortly, however, as he came to G'loversville about noon and expected to return to .Johnstown 'later. He is under 51,000 rt is expected tliat tlie trials of all the THE SALE OF BONDS. Counselor. Jeremiah Wood was the First Purchaser. The sale of local improvement bonds amounting to 52,400, at the city build­ ing this af ternoon, was of a most suc­ cessful nature and the wishes of the authorities 'that the bonds should be purchased by local Investors were ful­ filled in a gratifying degree. There was a fair sized crowd in a-ctendance when the auction commenced, an'd Chamber­ lain JSverest succeeded in disposing of of the bonds as follows: Series No, 1, seven one year bonds of 5100 each, one to Jeremiah Wood for 5100.51; one to George Hulbert for 5100.5.3; live to Dr. Nelson. Everest at 5100.50 each; all the purchasers resid­ ing In .this city. Series No. 2, five two year bonds of 5100 each, all to John L. Hagadorn of Broadalbin. for 5100.95 each. Series No. 3, four three year bonds of 5100 sold to John L. I of 5100 eaeli, were also taken by John L. Hagadorn of Broadalibin for 5100.83 each. Series No. 5, four five yeai- bonds of 5100 each, one to Mary E. Lockwood of this city for 5102.70; tju-ee to John Begley of this city for 5102.26 each. All the bonds bear 4%. per cent, in­ terest and were issued for the payment of the cost and expenses of making lo­ cal improvements. Bargains in boots, shoes and rubber ,t Sullivan’s sale, 59 Darling block. E. A. KEINER, Funeral Director and Embalmer. Lady Assistant Who Will Dress and Embalm ail Female Bodies. M a s o n i G B u i l d i n s : 60 NORTH MAIN ST., Oloversvllle. TELEPHONE 123. , 118 South Main iphone No. 124. THE KISSING HUGHES BpY. Believed to have been StoDped by the Hudson Police. Thomas Hughes, Jr„ who disappeaa*ed from, 'his home in this city Monday morning and for whom a search has been instituted in all the cities and vil­ lages of this vicinity, was reported as having been found in Hudson, N. Y., last night, and this; morning Mrs. Hughes started for Hudson on the 8 o’clock train for the purpose of bring­ ing the boy home. As far as known, the hoy only had ten cents in his pos­ session when he disappeared, and as to how he managed to reach Hudson is a matter of speculation, but it is proba­ ble that freight trains materially helpf ed the young man along oh his jour­ ney. Among the places to which cards were sent by the authorities of this city was Hudson, and i t is probable that young Hughes applied for lodg­ ings of the police of that city, and with tjie information and description con­ cerning him which the latter had in •their possession, they would' have had no difficulty in making the identifica­ tion. Mrs. Hughes received a telegram from Hudson last night stating that a boy, believed to be her son, had been found by the police of that city and would be held to await identification, In accordance with the dispatch, Mrs. Hughes started for Hudson this morn- FIRST COMB, FIRST SERVED. Don’t say that you couldn’t get the iluable presents offered with “Red Cross’’ and “Hubingers’ Best” laundry starch; your grocer has them for you; ask him for a coupon book, which will enable you to get one Igrge 10c pack­ age of “Red Cross” starch, one large 10c package of “HUbinger’s Best” starch, with -thfe premiums, two beauti­ ful Shakespeare panels, printed in tw'elve beautiful colors, or one .'Pwen- tieth Century Girl calendar, all for 5c. Family washing, 4 cents per pound, rough dried. Try it once. Ash & Phillips. Men’s 55.00 and 56.00 cordovan and calf shoes (A. E. Netteltoii’s make) ail go at this sale for 52.98. SuJ ivan’s, 59 Darling block. All 53.50 shoes for ?2.69 a t Sullivan’s hoe sale, 59 Darling block. New spring woolens a t John B. Yeo’s. T h e K a s s o n Matinee at 2:15. Tuesday, Feb. 13. The Official American Band at the Paris Exposition. SOUSA AN D HIS BAND. Last appearance] here before departure for Europe. BERTHil BlICKlIN, Violinists. BLANCHE DOFFIEID, Soprano. Brilliant Programme. NEW SOUSA MARCHES. Prices 50, 75 and 51. sale a t Montanye’s. Seats now on FULTON COUNTY ELECTRICAL SUPPLY AND CONSTRUCTION CO. Bells, telephone installations and re­ pairs promptly attended to and guar­ anteed. Electric light plants instilled. Motor and dynapio repairing a special­ ty. Electrical supplies and novelties always on hand. Office, 16% Elm sti'eet, Gloversville, N. Y. G. E. Hale, Business Mgr. W. L. Smith, Supt. DflingJones&Froi Undertaking In Charge of li. C. FK05T. Hesideuee 129 North Haiu. Espeiienced lady assistant furnished when desired. T elephone for night calls 125-4 Griffing, G eorge & C o . C a s h Q r o o a r s , 79 South Main St. - 38 W. Fulton St. Watch This 5pace To-mor- rov for 5aturday’s Special. ?h9»f.rUtasl3t4t?4'l* ^fl^eed CfliHlloughby, Qlovefsville’s Busiest Dry floods Store. GREAT SEMI-ANNUAL Clearance Sale* A Sweeping Price Reduction on All Odd Lots, Lengths, Pairs and Sizes. • Feb. 10th, 1900^ At 8:30 Sharp, and Continues for one Our winter inventory has given ns some very pleasant things to think about. It has revaaled-th^ ,f»jjf^thAt w« , •' have done almost double the business during our first year among you^thatour fondest hopes'ha’d pictured.as'poe-.., sible. We promised you in the s tart such a store as Fulton county had need of, but had never lia4,;,dtid have given it to you, and you have shown your appreciation in a thousand ways. One thing your generous patroflage has . done for us; It has left us with quantities of odd pairs and short lengths of things I'u stock, the ntttural result Of gi’eat and vigorous selling. These we have no Intention of packing away for another seasop Sf,l]i.tflq .p'Sicea will close them out as quickly as we believe they will. So Saturday you’ll take possession of our std r o - jn ) ^ ^ you did during our July clearance sale and you’ll crowd it until every marked down, article has been, sold, loy you’ll find richer bargains than, you found evenin'July; lower prices than we have overoffered you.before. f w ’'-? f. All goods purchased at this sale by Johnstown chstohilrs delivered free of charge.— We will gladly fill mail orders whenever possible, but many lots are small anid w q can­ not guarantee them to last. For Prices See Hand Bills. Going Out of Business. Great Reduction in Notion and Fancy Goods. Silk elastics, 15c., former price 23o. Fancy hose supporters, 15c., former price 25c. Saxony wool, 6c., former price 10c. Germantown wool, 10c., former pi’ice Split zephyr, 5c., former price 8c. White Ice wool, 9e., for-mer i^rlce 12e. Crochet cotton, 2 balls for 5c., form­ er price 5c. ball. Black silk and wool laces, 10c., form­ er price 25c. Store Fixtures for Sale. E. A. Brown, 53 North Main Street. 46D NORTH IHAIH ST., Glowsfie, N. V. garments of all k Portieres, curtains and all kinds of fancy articles dyed, cleaned and finish­ ed. . . , Goods called for on yicelpt of poatiil card or telephone Kinissihoro car paQaeo tlio Klugpboj'o Dj'o Worko. 4f NORTH MAIN ST„ ______ 6M?»y|llo.ll.Y. 4 Packages Mince Meat 4 lbs California Prunes 4 lbs Ginger Snaps 4 lbs Oyster Crackers 7 lbs Oat Flake ' - 4 Cans Peas 3 Cans Corn “ 3 Cans Tomatoes Garlock’s Cash Grocery I N o . T C H u i r c H S t , t Cures a cold in a day and a night. DR. STERNBERG’S .....LAXATIJE Cold Cure, 25c. J. S. Hamilton & Co, II West Fulton St. GLOVERSVILLE, NEW YORK. C, E. LAlfi’5 Up=To=Date ::::Livery. Hay, Fccd^nd Straw, tdephou© 104. 46iiad 4V atana sb A Life Saven Keeps you warm, catch cold, Saves your di bills. J i o ^ SPosItlie ' V jlete viffi- idi- . UU1-, ib. burns a carWfl will last 15 tours. ’ ! No carriage or sleigh complete v out one. The most durable heator offered; absolutelyTiO! fl&ffie, nd'BmoK& no odpr. no dirt; I t - --------- — brick which Come and See One. -------- .E’ ■ ■?< GEil. W MVISii: Carriage Repository*,; 8 to 10 Forreit St, Windsor Barber SI k ^ W. S. K»ARB»T, Proprieto#. First’Class in every p«r(ici|| Boat aervlco ftticl be»t, W k For »U tiia mm rcid Leidsr. smm inti Vomt

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