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-y“ A B l o o d M e d i c i n e F o r W o m e n ! for W o m en’s diseases. . Sm ith's Gteeji Mlptmtaiti jRenovator is a Many wom en h a v e been -vvonderfully saved by the n s e of this time-honored vegetable preparation. Depraved and sluggish blood is the cause o f fe m i­ n in e disorders, l^he Bipod, is the River of Dife, and all disease i s the result of bad blood. If your blood is pure, you will -be a happy, healthful wom an. We appeal to Women strongly to give this Medicine a Trial. It is truly a Physician’s Prescription and .purely a Vegetable Medicine that Groes Deep and Cur^s. ' ‘ W e guarantee to refund your mdney if Sm ith's G r e e n M o n k t a in R e n o v a t o r does n o t accom p lish all that is claim e d fqr it. S A M P i . ^ Sm ith’s GrfeenM T ottntain’R e n p v a t o r is such, a certain cure'that we w ill forward\ F r e e o f C h a r g e a S a k i p le ’ 30 t t l e to every one who' sends their fu ll nam e and address to us. , ... Sm M i'lc QREEM M O m T A lM RE/iOVATON, Siii.Atbans, Vi. ^ i M O B H I A I R f W K O V A f Q H 4 0 r £ 4/^S or S ^CCfSS A G R A M D O L D M E D I C I M E WHAT IS SHILOH? remedy for ption; used t_. a century, has InnunaeraMe cases o f incipient con­ sum p tion a n d relieved many in advanc­ ed stages. If you are not satisfied with the r e s u lts we will refund your money. Price 25 cts., 50 cts. a n d $1. F o r sale a t X A. Van Aulcen’s. 3 The tHeft of electricity is no crime a t present in Germany, there' being no express law against it. , PO E S IT P A Y TO BU Y C H E A P ? ' A c h eap rem edy for coughs a n d cole is all Tight, hut you w a n t som ething that ■will relieve and cure th e more se- Go to a w a rm e r and m o re regular cli- . m a te? Y'es, if possible; if not possible for you, then in either case tahe the inly remedy t h a t hah been intro<duced in all civilized countries w ith success in severe th ro a t and lung troubles, “Bos- cbee’s German Syrup.” It .nO't only heals and stim u lates the tissues to de­ stroy 'the germ disease, but aUays in- flamnaatlon, causes easy expectoration', gives a good-night’s rest, and cures the patient. T ry one bottle.- Recommend­ ed many years by all druggists in the .world. Sample bottles a t a ll drug stores. C ider i s said to phoid fever bacillus be fatal t o th e ty- Root Tea, th e great blood-puri- fler a n d tissue builder. Money refund­ ed If not s a tisfactory. Price 25 cts. and 50 cts. F o r sale a t J . A. T a n A-uken’s. UON COFFEE Used in Millions of Homes! Accept no substitute! j I n s i s t o n L I O W C O F F E E , i n i l b . p k « s . These articles mailed jPRhJBi in ' exchange for lion heads cut from i front o f I Ib. HON plcgs. | Silk Um brella (either Lady’s o r G e n ts). I -Sent by express ' fcliarsres p r e jMtd), for 170 Don heads and «2>cent stamp. 5 X ^1 Best Coffee for the Money ! I T iy LION COFFEE and you w ill n e v e r use C any other. It is absolutely pure Coffee a n d n o th in g but Coffee. ■ Fancy Gold Ring. Genuine RubySettInfl Gold Ring. i f i O For2SlIoit heads «nd I ^ These rings are g £ m ^ n eK U ed|^ld^R te, M v i n g t h ^ ^ t r 3s and very popular. ffinmni TO DETBRMINBl TEDB SIZE— i A-veryflnemnbrella, madeolonion silk-taBela; I aw n c h frame v ith seven ribs: steel rod and silver I Congo handle. Would cost $2.00 a t the store. STRENGTH, PURITY AND FLAVOR^ le n um ber tl D r ess-Pin Set. nailed free for 15 lion beads and a 2> cent Stamp. Three pins in thesel (larger than shown), com­ posed of fine rolled- gold, with handsome lu b y - c o l o r e d set- 'tlngs. Suitable for waist-pins, cuff-pins, neek-pins o r ,a\ \ child’s set. ilash-B ^ lt and Buckle. S i l v e r N a p k i n - R i n g . For is Hon heads and a 2-cent stamp. N ^ t and Coin-Purse. ir i s lion heads and •cent stamp. Color, L a d i e s ’ P e n - K n i f e . . For 18 lion heads cut from Lion Coffee wrappers and a 2c. stamp. Large size i good mo- terlalj handles nicely decorated and assorted colors. “ K n ickerbocker” W a tch. Qiven for 175 Hon heads and a 2-cent stamp. Neat appear­ ing and an excclient time-keeper. S o l i d nickel-silver case, with o r n a m e n t a l back. N iafcel movements, e s c f c p o m e n t fully jewifed. The famous • • K ^ c k e r b o c k e r ’* Ladies’ W a tch Chain. Ik cord, ads; ni _____ heads and a A double strand of best silk cord, united a t Intervals with colored b eads; n e at and sutetantial. For IS ■NeentStam G ent’s W a tch. flailed free for 90 Hon heads and a 2.centstamp, The celebrated •• Inger- soli” w atch; stem- wound and stem- set: durable nickel- plated case; each watch accompan­ ied by guarantee of the maker. Are- liable time-keeper. Ladies’ Pocket-Book. liargo size and • — latest shape. Black seal-grain leather, with live separate aivlsIODS,incIudlug a tuck-pocket with Bap t o hold visiting cards secure. ......... for 25 Hon .jesda from Lion C o ffee wrappers ■ml a 2c. stamp. Table Cover. ^ IS­ IS”’ m m m w m m m m r . Pair of L a ce H a n d k erchiefs. Two extra fine cambric hand­ kerchiefs, -with beautiful in j* ported, lace me* aalUon i n s e r . tionsin the cor­ ners. Half-inch hem, machine h e m s titch e d ; stylish and d u r­ able. A pair of these handker. , chiefs siv e n for 18 lion heads Lion Coffee wrappers and a 2c. a Children’s Picture Book. Given for 10 lion heads and a 2-cent s t a m p . Sixteen large pages of Mo­ ther Goose Melodies illustrated and w ith nicely lithe ' ' ____ . .--JOgraphed cover. W e h a v e different books, so Can get a n as- lortnient.'' C e n t u iy Cook-Book. 368 pages of valu­ a b l e cooking rc- ■ ' 'lso treatise ccipts, a ______ on the labor of the kitchen, d i n i n g ­ room,laundry, sick­ room, and remedies for the more com- llsenses, in for 15 lion and SI 2<ent Boys’ Pocket-Knife. Tlie \Easy. . Opener I strong, sharp Por 12 lion bead* and a 2c. stamp. A r t P icture, “ E a s ter G r e e ting” Oivea for 8 Hoti heads c u t from Lion Cof« , •fee wrappers a 2 « c e n t j A highly artistic picture, that w in grace the finest draw- i Ing-room. £ho background oi royal dark-blue furnishes a n a p p r o p r i a t e contrast to t h e little girl and her white East­ er lilies. Sizes 14x28 inches. FdrldUon heads | and. 3 cents wo I _ ___________ __ wlU send it tinned ready for hanging. Flower Picture. For 8 libb heads and a 2c. atahipr. American Beauty Eosea and Iillles-of- • TUB ADOVB ARB ONLV A FBVV OP TH« LION COPPEB PREMIUMS, Anotl)«P list will •borilysppnrintltlspnperl Den’tinli's Itt ThcKrandeitllitolprsmlumieverotrerhll the-Valley. 8ize$ 11 and artistic coloting. IM P O R T A N T H O n O E . wom$oN sme om, The state of 'W isconsin -will give the battleship W isconsin a badger cast in bronze. ! m ineral produotieh has In- 3 p e r cent, in the last th ir- ■ F O N D A , JO H V I L L r B sigadief GENfRAL QJARLES K ing . 1'^ 41 t e (Gopyrlght, 1899, y F. Tennyson Neely.] CHAPTER .VTL Billy Gray was indeed in close ar rest ami the g-rim prophecy ivas ful- . , lihed—Col. Canker w as proving “any- FotecHon' >ut a 8 -{,ard-ianangeltohim .” The , j. a y REW ARD. ;ned drugf Story oj 1 in -rh'^ jpfnltW , We, th e undersigne d drug g ists, offer , a rew a rd of 50 cents to any person I who purchases of us, tw o 25 cent box;es of B a x ter’s M a n d rake Bifters Tablets, _ ■ . 3 -.',-,. 4t fails to cure constipation, bilious- U'S fbnippmes., ness, sick-headache, jaundice, loss of appetite, sour stom ach, dyspepsia, liver com p laint, or any of the diseases for ■which it is reconaniended. Price 25 cents f o r either tablets or liquid. We w ill also r e fund the m oney on one package o f e ither i f It fails to give sat- ling- b u t a g-liard-ian a n g e l to him .” The J °A!^Van Auken. P . P. Ostrander, ■hole regim ent, officers and men, b ar- ’ Cole’s Pharm acy, Davis’ Pharmacy, ring- only th e com m ander, was practi- i Rohl. B a ird & Cb., A. M._Simmons, J, cally in m o u rning'w ith soiirow for h im and chagrin over its own discomfiture. iSot only one imxiox-tant prisoner was but two; noi o t only two, but four, lorltj'- was able t gone, b u t t\vo; n N o 'm 'an in aiifhoi ju s t vvlien or how it happened, fo] was Canker’s o\vn order t h a t th e ’pris­ oners should not be paraded when the gxmrd fell in a t n ight, 'niey were h a t tattoo and at taps aU’right. The fleer of the guard, said several soldii had quite a long- talk w ith one of tlie prisoners—young- M orton—ju s t after tattoo, at which tim e th e enti ttOo, a t which tim e th e en tire gua iiad been inspected by the commanding- officer. B u t at reveille four most lin- portaixt prisoners w ere gone, and such was Canker’s w rath t h a t not only was Gray ixx a rr e s t, but the s e rgeant of the guard also, while the three luckless • j-aen who were successively posted as sentries during the n ight at the back of the wooden shell t h a t served as a guard- hoxise—xvere now in close confinement in the place of the escaped quartette. Y ft those three were inen who had hitherto been above suspicion, and there were few soldiers in the regim ent who w ould accept the theory that any one of the three had connived a t the es- '*cape. As for the sergeant —■ he had served four e n listm e n ts in t h e —teenth, and -ivithout a flaw in h'is record beyond an occasional aberration in the no-vv distan t past, due to the potency of the poteen distilled by certain Hibernian from an old-time eut h ad resl elen In pursfiaxnce olosure and the a'bi dants. a jad'gimeli't of fore- sale-m ade and dntered in ed action, bearing t of saie-m 30Ve e n title d actio n, bearin g date the 12th. day o f January, 1900,1, the u n ­ dersigned referee ,in said judgm ent named, w ill sell a t pulbllc auction, at ■the law office of Jex’em iah \VVeod in the.city of Glo-versville, N. Y., on the 24th day of February, 1900, .the follow­ ing described prem ises, viz: , All th a t piece of la n d known and described a s a p a r t o f lot No. 23 in ■Mayfield p a ten t and, b o unded as fol­ lows: Co'nunencing at th e southeast lo't No. five oqe chain, 'thence north east three chains, three and one-halt links to Hli-am Gate's south ''line; thence along th e sam e one chafii; thence south two degrees, w e st three chains fifteen and one-half links to place of beginning. D ated Glovers- ville, N. Y., Jan. 12,1900. ■WIiLLIA'M B. MURPlHY, JEREM IAH IVOO'D, Referee. P laintiff’s Atto.rney. \ janl2t7fr :^\a officers—b u t who wroixld suppoj offlper guilty of axiything of the 1 a flagrant m ilitary crim e? And got to a sking k ing each otlie [xat B u g ler (?iu-ran had from the prisoner, Mot •ged Brooke to 1 hour later, and w h a t was that story lartcrs elcx'ks .were telling ly’s com ing to the adju ?iug to be allowed t( And yet— men g o t to a s each oth e r if It w( so th a t B u g le r (>iix-ran he prisone r, M orton, to Mi-. Gray about 2:30 t h a t afternoon? And 5 this about Gi-ay’s having ivap tours w ith him lour late r, an d w h a t w as th a t stow the headqu! about Mr. G ray ’s co m ing to ta n t and heggiu g to be allowed to “m arch on” th a t cx'ening instead of Brooke? It w asn’t long before these and Canker seemed to grow as big again; he fairly swelled with indigna- such turpitude on PULTON COUNTV COURT.-rPhebe Bushnell, plaintiff, vs. Isaac \W. Richt- pffiins ’ “ ever, Jennie S. Richtm eyer, Bridget n r nau rested on * A J ■ i-u hand, defendants, leut. As for the pursuance of a judgm ent of fore- ild suppose an closure and sale, m ade and entered in ’ the above entitled acth ' 'ng ' '1 t h day rum o rs, .somehow, g o t to Canker’s eaj Canker seemed ti in; h e fairly tion a t th o u g h t of such tnrpitm p a r t of am officei-J Then lie s e n tforG ray —it was the afternoon following the sailing of the ships w ith the b ig b rigade —and w ith pain andbewildex-ment and indignation in his brave blue eyes the youngster came and stood before his stern superior. Gordon, who sent the message, and who had heard Canker’s denunciatory rem a rks, had'found tim e to scribble a w o rd or tw o : “Admit nothxxig; say nothing; do nothing b u t hold your tongue and tempei-. If C. cept i n presence o f j ’o u r legal advisei-.” So there w as a scene in the command­ e r ’s ten t t h a t a fternoon. The m o rning had n o t been w ith o u t its joys, Along about ten o’clock as Gray s a t w riting to his fath e r in his little canvas home, he heard a voice, t h a t sent the blood leaping through his veins and filled his eyes w ith light. Springing from his cam p stoul and capsizing it as he did h e poked his curb [titled action, h eari th e 29th d of December, 1899, I, the undersigned^ the referee In said judg­ m e n t nam ed, w ill sell a t public auc­ tion, a t the fro n t door of the Manufac­ turers’ & M e rchants’ banh in the city oS Glovex'sville, New York, on the 31st day of January, 1900, a t 10 o’clock in th e forenoon, th e following described prem ises: All t h a t ti-act or parcel of land, situ­ ate in the city of -Gloversville, county of Pulton, and state of New York, hounded an d described as follows: Commencing a t a point in th e north line of R u ral avenue, th e southwest corner of Mrs, Annii M. Bellows’ lot, and I'unning thence northerly along said Bellows’ w est bne 120 feet more or less to the soulfx line of \White street lots; thence w e sterly along said W h ite street lots 40 feet; thence southerly along lands form e rly of Mrs. Delia Valentine 120 feet m o re or less to Rur- ;erlyt along the travblers guide ERSl- To takeeffect 12.01 ember 19th, 1899. ilil Miig b sill! S ” ” m r i ll H ill lillfi iif iilt ts f t ? ? ? ? ? ^ ? ? „ B?ip,CTRlG DIVISION—M ain Llm C a r leaving Gloversville a t 7:40 a. runs Sundays only H O I IIKIIII B>- ’g | : g, mm deeds, page 4 Dated, Jam PRANK TALBOT, Plaintiff’s A ttorney. iferee. so, h e poked th e entrance of there she was — 0 ly head fro^m tent — and mly a dozen feet in courteous at- lauce, Mr. PriiUe sadly following, and Miss Prim e quite content w ith the devotions of Capt. Schuyler. Only dozen f e e t away a n d coming s traight to him, w ith fran k sm iles and sym pathy in h e r land and winsome face—w ith hand outstretched the moment she caught sight of him . “We w anted to come w hen we heard of it yesterday, Mr. G ray,” said Am y Lawrence, “but larkark w h enn w e g o t backack froirom it w as d w h e w e g o t b f see­ ing the fleet off, and uncle was too tired in {he evening. Indeed, We are all very, very sorry!’’ And poor Billy never heard or cared w h a t the others said, So eyes. No -ft-onder lie foux to release her hand. Th;at have been a blessing to him der the age. ai;e required to appe dian, if they have 01 fille^d lea s e h e r han d . T h brief visit, w ith sw eetness and sunshim blessin g to ] ;ererU caughtaught sight on the arm s o f the a ttendai ought to all day long, but Cank of the dam sels as they walkedalked away 2 c I ' w i lant.cavaliers in.n oncence smilkmiling Miss Law rence m o te th a o s back a t the incarcerated Billy—and Canker demanded to be infox-med who they w e re and w h ere they had been, and Gordon answex-ed they were kliss Law­ rence,'of Santa Anita., abd M iss'Prime, of New York—and' he “reckoned” they m u st have befib in to condole w ith Mr. Gray—whereixt Canker snarled th a t people ought to know b e tter tlian to \isit ofilcers in nrrest-~-it was tan ta­ m o u n t to disrespect to the commander. I t xvas marvelous how m any things in Canker’s eyes w ere disrespectful. So ho heard these stork’s -wtUi eogcr ears mid sent for Ornj', and thought to bully lilm into an ndmlssion or confes­ sion, b u t Gordou'5 words had \sUf- fened\ ibo little fellow ‘to the extent ling I ho pronoBed to cay mlled him up the The rfiiuH of that itlo fel of braving Canltw's anger and telling had fnld oU ho proposed to cay him ho when tijn colonel cnl provloiiB dfiy, The rffu: hlB hfilng plnred In eloiw arrest ...... be trlcil nnd In* th u r Tooker, A lbert Tooker, Matilda Tooker, Nellie. P rancena Tooker, the heirs, and next of k in of Gardiner Bentley, deceased, send W h e reas, Sam p son Sc tow n of Johnstow n ,in t h e count Pulton and state of New Yoi-k, i t o th e a lately applied of t h e county of Pulton, to have a cer­ ta i n instrum e n t i n w riting relating to personal property, duly proved as the la s t will and testam e n t of Gardiner Bentley, la te of th e tow n of Johnstown, in said county, deceased. Therefore, you and each of you hereby cited to appear in the surro­ gate’s c o u rt before our surrogate of our county of Fulton, a t his office in the city of Gloversville, the J6th day ------ o’clock in rrogate’s ( , to hav e a county of Fulto n , a t h is office in i city of Gloversville, in said county, on ■ d of February, 1900, a t 10 ■ of th a t di and testamei . th e persons interested be un of tw enty-one-one years,ears, the: y ,r by their dian , if the y have one, or if tl . none, t o appear a n d apply for one to be appointed, or in the event of their ne­ glect o r failure to do So, a guardian will be appointed by- the surrogate to represent a n d act for them in the pro­ ceeding. In testim o n y whei’eof, w6 have caused the seal of our said surrogate’s court of said county, to be hereunto affixed. W itness, J. (L. S.) Keck, surrbgate of our said county of Pulton, a t Glovers­ ville, the 29th day of Decem­ ber, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine. J. KECK, Surrogate. NO' ant to an order of-J. Keck, surrogate of Pulton county, notice Is hereby given, according to law, to all persons having claims against the estate of Patience McDougall, late of the city of Gloversville, In said county, d'eceasad, to presont tlio same, with the vouchers 'nl.croof, to the flubserlbers, the admin istrators of tho goods, chattels and (iredltfi of said deceased, at tho ofllco of JamcB A, MeDougall, 83 Bloegker .■itreot, In city of Gloversville in said • rmnty, on or tiefovn tho 31»t day of March next. ^^Dated this 14 th diy nc BtpimW, COItA M'BOTIGAl.L, frs l!i ■? ?? 5? w E g g i h N. Y. CENTRAL TIM E TABLE, EAST BOUND—Leave Fonda. No. 68 Utica a c c o m m o d a tion..6-.47 a.m. No. 64* Oneida accommodations.* 31 a.m No. 56* A c c o m m o d a tion.........11:04 a.m No. 2 Day e x p ress . .. .. .. ............ 12:41 p.m No. 62 A c c o m m o d a tion ............ 3:06 p.m No. 14* E a s tern e x p r e s s ...........3:28 p.m No, 66* A c c o m m o d a tion ........... 5:02 p.m No. 72 Accommodation ............... 6:24 p.m No. 74* A c c o m m o d a tion ........... 8:54 p.m No. 28* N. 'Y' & Boston e x p . . .10:43 p.m . \WEST BOUND—Leave Fonda. No. 37* Pacific e x p ress ................ 3:25 a.m N o. 41 Accommodation................8:37 a.m No. 43* Buffalo local .................... 9:30 a.m No. 63 A c c o m m o d a tion ............ 11:02 a.m No. 65 Accommodation ............. 12:40 p.m No. 45* S yracuse e x p r e s s .........3:01 p.m No. 7 Day e x p r e s s ....................... 4:00 p.m - “ N. Y. & S ............................ A '•R u n £ A. B. B rainard, G eneral Agemt. George H. Daniels, G. P. A., G rand C e n tral Station. N, Y. C. & H. R. R. CO., Lessee. lAST BOUND—Leave Pultonville. No. 6* A tlantic e x p ress ............ .2:26 : No, 8 Phila, and W a sh express8:22 j No. 2* Boston & N . Y. e x p . . ..10:21 1 No. 4* Continental e x press ..10:59 a.m No. 18 Buffalo & Albany local.4:00 p.m “ ’BST BOUND—Leave Pultonville. W EST BOUN No. 5* Pacific express...............J No. 9* Albany & Buffalo local.9;38 a.m No. 7 M ohawk \Palley •R u n dnilv. * Itonville. ...3:53 a. il.9;3 8 a.: 13.5:25 p.m A DEEPLY-LAID PLOT. Mrs, Good—Why does your daughter wear your diamonds wlionovor she cx- poclH Mr. Rlchman? Mrs. WlBO—Ob, bo’s a jciweler, you know, and would l)o abhawed not to give hor largor a n d botror ouea Iban hn tlilnlto oho haa.--Jow o lc r’f) Wookb’ ' OR A OOOIwTAlU \Punch begin* tho new year with a fihort «tory.\ , “Pd rather begin a short story with

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