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T h e 'D a ily Leader Published every day, Sunday excepted, at 13 South Main Street. •WILIilAM B. COLLINS. Publisher. Entered as eecond-clnss mall matter in the postofBqe a t Glovqrsville, N. Y. Delivered by carriers for *40 cents a month, ?4.00 a year, or $2.00 for six months, Wi#.’ i if paid in advance. 1 ^ Positively no subscriptions taken at less than 40 cents per month for a period of less tlian six months and no reduction given unless paid in advance. REAL ESTATE MOVEMENTS. Transfers Recently Recorded in the County Clerk’s Office. The fbltowang is a list of translei-s recorded in the county clerk’s office since our last.report:st.report: in th e county clerk ’s • la J., Abram town, to William and Charles J. Holden of Gloversville, Peter, John J., Ab and Lizzie Yost^^f Johnstown, to Willia Holden, MONDAY. JANUARY 29, 1900. ■ KENTUCKY’S SHAME. Ainong the Associated Press dis­ patches to I'he Leader Saturday eve­ ning w a s one dated Frankfort, an­ nouncing that the case of Van Meter, Democrat, against Berry, Republican, for the latter’s seat in the Kentucky £%■ y legislature was decided in favor of Van 'fT ‘ Meter by a vote of 51 to 47, and in the same dispatch it i s conceded that the vote constitutes an accurate foi’ecast of the vote in the G-oebel-Taylor contest, hhis is a much more serious affair than t^e one already acted upon, as it involves the turning out of a goveruor who was conceded even by a Democrat­ ic commission to have been fairly elected by the Republicans of Ken­ tucky, and the substitution of a Dem­ ocrat who was as -absolutely defeated os any candidate fever was. The power thus manifested by Goebel over a sub­ sidized legislature is a rank display of disbonesty at the political belm, and it Will quite probably be resented a s such. The blood of Kentucky is hot, and while every lover of law and order will indulge the. hope that there m ay be no disastrous outbreak, it i s very natural that i-esentment over this direct steal,' if the-extrem e infam y of unseating Governor Taylor is attempted, will he displayed m ost bitterly by the voters who are thus cheated out of the rights honestly won in thfe recent victory at the polls. The siboUtion o f the death penalty in this stnte, by no means a new topic of 'late years, is one that is not going to bfe allowed to sink from sight If Gen- fral Newton M. Curtis can keep the <aoTement alive, and he 1$ cettainly giving fair notice that h e intends to do ersviUe to Nellie Wadsworth to. It has been the .earnest desire of ' same place, land in Glovei-svllle; General Curtis for many years, and it [ mnsidemtlon ?8,- . Benjamin mul Sjrvah A. Van, Den- burgh of. the town of Mayfield to George B. Van Den'burgh of the same town, land in the town of Mayfield; consideration nominal. Fanine M. Rawson of Little Falls to Louis H. Chapman of the same place, land in JOhi^town; consideratlon'?600. , Martin L ..G e tm a n as -sheriff, to 'Oharles F. I*attengill of Whiibestown, land in toiwn of Mayfield; considera­ tion $3,000. Alans on C. Brown of Brooklyn, to W illiam H, Demarest of Gloversville, land in Gioversville; consideration nominal. Hiram and Clara Argersinger of Johnstown to P. P. Argerainger of the same place, land in Johnstown; con­ sideration $600,. Malvdn-a A. BuU'ock of the town of Stratford to Reuben Cool of Emmons- burg, land in town >of Stratford; con­ sideration $200. Lydia -Han-nis of the town of Johns­ town to George Hannis of the same town, land in town of Johnstown; con­ sideration nominal. Laura Belle Dodge of Batchi vine, to William F. King of Glo. viile, land in town of Johnstown; 'deration $700.‘ ' George Norfehvilh an church of Mayfield, field; cdnslder'a'tion $700. Charlotte A- M.' Ctongh of Glovers- ville, to John 'W. Cough of the same place, land In town of Johnstown; con­ sideration nominal, James W , and Gara B. Green -of Gloversville to Welcome Favitte of the same .place, land in Glovemvllle; consideration $350. Jacob N, Shutts as la t e ' sheriff, to James H. iSeymour, administrator, land in tolwn of Northampton'; consid­ eration $2,581.87. ' . James H. Seymour of Gloversville to Za'doc B. Starr of <the saone place, land . In Glov-emville; consideration nominal. .Charles and Mary N e llis of Ephra- tah.to Peter Anthony Beck of the town of Palatine, land in the town of Ephrabah; consideration $212.50. Fred B. and Minnie Billingham and Daniel and Leonie Wltteniberg of.Glov- ersville to N-ellie Wadsworth of the lel'ler- [o.vers- rohnStown; con- N-. and 1 ■, ■ th$ ______ ..Presbyteri­ , _ Mayfield, land in May- le to tofe Central an church of laffer of 'Sammonsville [. Edick of the same pla( -- J. •• i' appears h e is y e t confident that the pro- j jjannah M. Edick of the sam.e place, -poeed change w ill eventually win. He i land' in Sammonsville; consideration still talfing a lively interest in 1 5600. - -.^ 1 olai altion to the death penalty, contending town; consideration $650. Jane M. Keith of Johnstown to Oli- b T Getman of the same place, land in >hnstown; consideration $1,600. Oliver and Lovlna Getman of Johns- 1, to Jacob P. Miller of th e . same * in JohnsU altion tc. the death penalty, contending that'ln his opinion and the opinion of his friends the abolition of the death penalty will decrease the number of ‘ murders that are committed, w ill make the convictions more certain, will make witnesses more willing- to testify and to testify truthfully, and will for­ ever do arway with the horrible uncer­ tainty of -circumstantial evidence. While opinions do and always will dif­ fer .widely on this subject, the former Congre?fesional representative from this district certainly -uses good argument m defsnse of his position. ^ Commenting editorially on the' fail- .jf ■ ure of the Canajoharie National b.anlc, ^ the Little Falls Times says:- \The fail­ ure of the Canajoharie bank illustrates ^ a finaneial lesson which has been so forcibly impressed in most quartei s as to preclude- further foolish experimen­ tation, hut some persons there always ,.« are ou whom all experiences save their own are lost. The one sole cause of the failure in question was the placing o f d istant loans a t high percentage. A sound policy would have contented it­ self w ith covering the legitimate home field at r e ^ la r interest rates and deriv­ ing a safer, If more modest, income than is offered by foreign loans. Biit the bankas directorship seems to have been lax Ind Its president tOolc advan- iage o f Indolent and misplaced confl- dento. Business is business and when greed conquers prudence, and discipline allowed to go napping, i t takes no pfophet to see disaster ahead.’’ place, li tion $1,1 stown; eonsldera- The pbint is very well taken tliat T?hen Governor Roosevelt made up his fc - mind t o appoint a superintendent of in- fc, aumhee of his own choosing, nobody ' Jlovei'sville to Eimene W. Peck o-f same place, land in Gloversville; ( uderation $425. lee Piled Up in Herkimer. The people living in the Brooklyn section of Herkimer are greatly alarm­ ed at the manner in which the ice has piled up in the W est Canada creek. At the point where the \creek” empties into the Mohawk river and for about a mile helotw, it is piled high, and -the re­ cent cold weather has caused the wa­ ter to freeze and to form a solid mass of ice which has caused the water In the creek to overflow its banks, and the only avenue of escape is through the “Brooklyn” Section of Herkimer, which is now thickly populated. This is prac­ tically the same condition that the creek was in last year, -when i t flooded the cellars of the houses in that section and which it is alleged caused bo much sickness in that village. New houses are being erected^ in that section and it is now thickly populated, and things are getting more and more deplorable each year. The people of the village? are interested m an -appropriation ask- ed for by Meiuber of Assembly Kelley of the legislature last year, for an ap­ propriation of $6,000 to be used in dredging the W sst iCanada creek in that section of the stream which pass­ es near the village. To A ssist W orthy Hebrews. Saturday mere was filed the certifl- SJi'&hS Shy particulaxly good reason for incorporation of “The Union of n fault-finding, ij e is acting strictly. Brothers, Natives of Poland, Austria ^ijjflthin .his rights. Nobody ’disputes Hungary,” a Utica Hebrew organi- kw Payn lias ably conducted the af- fnstltuted on lines of charity. ^ felw o if h is office, but in. that respect ^ number of the Hebrew residents of ^ ]^fe M s simply performed his duties as have bfecome convinced that ^ ’fvery public servant ia-e 3 {peeted to do. dispensers of public charity there- J' That does not argue Ifiat he is en- abouts do not assist needy Hebrews in [ ■fltledtoalife-teiiurfr, while there are sufflciehtly liberal manner, and so equally capable men who •are-.nnore to bereafter whe-n a worthy applicant J n :.t3jo governor’s taste. The loud outcry ^1p«8pect contains very much that is given a moal and a night’s lodging. If „ loollsh and uncalled for. To-night the transportation be desired, he av IU bo anstordam, or as faa’ west as Syracuse, 'ho funds will bo secured by a weekly ssessmeiit of all membera. As is ovi- ■^.feiro the senate for confirmation as assessmeilt of all membera. _______ I ^ a y n ’B successor In office. ^ j dent^froin the name j ^ • I those only to bo assisted will be na- T taP o n ..ll.t. o, l,.v . ..c '* Halved that It to the proper thing Cor poratlon wore Jiicot> Kaplan, Max Rob- ' their party to nomlnato Bryan llrat Inoon. Nathan lUzlkn, Abraham Bchlos- . . . J then w m taij ♦mfinreo him, thUH pounlttlng thn lai- whore thn folJowlncf offieoro were tu­ tor trt play nceond fldrtlo. W ell, who fibillcd by ,7, Kaplan! l»rcaldont,<I/.nor» LdfiT.-n,’ I'orhapa It nwy bo poporrapy Kovlteli! v|eo pipldcnt, D. BDrmjtelni MK-dnneNt foil, and not Domocmey tbafc lUo Ilopubllcan party w ill Uavo to purgt truoters. ih Kfllrnaa, II. WoWcii* I berg find U LioborwJtss. ■ c a n d l e m a s PA y . Tb 9 Shadow H u n ting Theory w ill be Tt s ;ed a t Sneandasa Papk, On Friday -of this -week, February 2, will occur Oamdlemas day„and it is alsp the day on wblcb, the bear’ is generally supposed to come forth and see if fie can s e e his .ahado-w. In case he sees it winter is generally svrpipqSied to .only last s ix .more weeks, hut'if he shoUffi fail t-o witness the. shadow, then winter ‘ is. supposed to, he q ily half over.' • The SOPXIMES . IOI! liT ®0 BBC 8 SOMETIMK' b H M K 100 Mnes W m m n credited with foi' s o many centiir- 'Som-e tl'ihfe ago Mi^ Ba'ige .' coin- icted a hut ah'd, dug ai. hole in which least for this year, and a beaai' which is the property of Harry Paige, w ill havp to derhonstrate the truth or falsity., of the aotipus which his ancestor^ iiav( structed a h ut ah'd, dug a hole in which the h ear -was expected to spend, t-hp win­ ter, hiit the bear had other ideas and proceeded to tear down the bht a-iid dig a little hole -of h is own for his -wiiitey’s nap. . The-hear-wfil not he, diatimhed until Friday, when fit is expected £Mt there Wiil he; an intWestfed' gathering ofspectatol'lS -araUhd the quar'ters o f‘the ahim al to see if h e will-come out to .sfee his shadow or whether h e will coutimie to slum ber iu his little' hole in' the gi'.ouud. 'Sonie who a re sportily iucliu- ed have been tempted to wager so^me money on the chances of what the hear w ill do and if the hear sfiould come out to look for hisshad-O'W there'will prob­ ably to'e a gmup of decidedly surprised persons around his den. Permanent Reeijuiting Station. The war department has decided to make permanent the tfecruiting station established in Utica daring the late war. By. instructions i-eceived frona the adjutant general’s office. Corporal Stoutenburgh is authorized to enlist men for the s ignal corps and the hospi­ tal corps. Heretofore he was only al­ lowed to receive m en for service iu'tl regular array. The. instructions j ceived include the following: No mo men should be sent t o Port ^iQcUttf- un­ til further orders. No more enlist­ m ents for service in the Philippines should be made, yvlthout special- ran-: thority. Another commuplcatioa reads: “Applicants for the foot' ser­ vice, who especially desire service in Porto Rico, and for mounted service iu Cuba, m ay be enlistee and sent to Fort Wood, N. Y., preference for either ser­ vice to be noted on their d^criptive cards. For -the present other mounted service recruits will be reported to the adjutant general’s office for orders assignments.” for tfiem, 'VVe were Only a llotted to go on the dock that night, but ne^t morn­ ing we had. to get up at three o'clock and get on our kit and march to our camping ground about four m iles out­ side the city, pnd -vye had to march through too city -to get t o it. It was about five miles 'of a march a l l togeth­ er, arad after being on ship so long i t was rather a hard march. I had about one- hundred and ten pounds to carry on my back. I had a good, square megl in the city, and berries State Baseball League. , had to The prospects o f a reorganization of' the state basehaU-league Is ^bein® sid-ered by President Farrell and the following advice has been given him by some AJnsterdam -enthusiast who evi­ dently does not appreciate the fact that both Gl-feversville and Johnstown ‘have had enough o f baseball, both ly*and conjunctively, and are willing to leave the ganie severely aloije; ■ “Johrlsto\yn and sition, for the lovers of' Gloversville, wit another fine acqui one club, should he hassball many up there, and they -i|re good spo'i’ts. A 'hint to thb \vise is sufficient, and if President Farrell desires a good circuit, he will put Amsterdam and Johnstown and Gloversville in place of Oswego and Cortland. He may have get som e city in place of Troy hefo the season is half over.” Out-Of the HGsfitai. Mrs. Irena Hillahrandt, who was shot w h ile in Johnstown several days ago by her husbarid, Robert' Hilla- brandt, has been discharged from the Nathan Littauer hospital, having re­ covered from the wounds inflicted hy the bullets which were fired at her by Hillabrandt, and is now -residing with her father on South Main street.' Hllla- brandt is s till conflhed in the Johns­ town jail and how that his wife has re­ covered from her wounds it is probable that an attempt wiil 'be made to secure bail for him on the charge o f assault in the first degree. Hitherto he has been refused bail owing to 'the possibility that his wife might die o f her injuries. Prominent Amsterdamian Dead. ^ Frederick Wltt-emier, Sr., one of the best known farmers of the town' of Aimsterdam, and head ..of the broom • manufacturing firm o f F. Wittemier & Sons, died Saturday a t his home near’ Tribes Hill. Mr. Wittemlep was born in Germany Sept. 13, 1833, and cam-e to America in the spring of 1850. For 40 years he had resided a t Ihlbes Hill. He is survived by his w ile and five sons and two daughters. D'WIGHT L. MOODY. iUST LIKE OUR O^N BOXSv , jQetter frbm a British Soldier to a GloyersVllle/Friend, The folio-wing' is a , copy, of a , Jettev received by a Gloversville .young lady fi'om a ,soldier in active seitwice tvith Bril 5%. ^ ____ . . . . . . s.i|ice tfid trip Qver. 'The weather T wrote ypu a cqiiple qf lett We left'i^uebqc Qci.toj36r 3Q' ai , . at Cape Towp November 29. 'We ha< m ost .delightful trip q rolled abeiit m o st awfully, am than one o f -the boys expected her to roll over, as, most; .of the jdargo was opt, and we were ftH qp deck-, ■ After the medical officer came on ird And said .we could move, we ................................ ived into- the hoisted anchor 'an d , mpved ipto • the wharf .vacated by H, M, S. Mop?’-* landing .ap the . wharf great crowds strawherries and cream for * ^essert. Just, think of strawberriespawbi in , t st berl The liext morning we got , our stuff packed and took the train for De Aar, where w e remained a few days, and then went t o Orange river to de­ fend this place. We came up. here on the.9tli, and I never worked so hard In all my -life-be­ fore as I have since we arrived here. This is where .onje of -the first ‘ battles was fought, and a great many were killed on hotli sides, ’jThe Bqeto had a strong position on top of some moun­ tains at the back pf the pl^qe. The British made a desperate charge up the mountain and chased the Boers back into the country. When we came we had to bury a lot of dead Boers and have been , building trenches and earthworks an'd stone walls ever since w e got here. You should see me with a pick and shovel working away in the middle of the day, in the hot sun, when i t Is one hun­ dred degrees in the shade and the shade Is as scarce a s canned beef. We n In a t nine o’clock and have to get a. and get into the trenches I the earthworks, and re- _______ until about six o’clock. We 0 to sleep with all our o utfit on and ready to turn out a t all -times, day turn In a t nine o ( up at 3. a m. and and behind the e main ther- have to sl< be ready t and night. I was on outpost duty Monday and Tuesday for thirty-six hours and in all t -time r only had six hours’ sleep, imagine what kind of a I am upI £ time all rigl South Afric: against the i^eal’ thing this ight, and if I even’ gfit home, Lth Africa won’t see me again for some time. I have quite epough al­ ready, thanks. Three or- four- of us were on duty away -out near tfie Boer lines, and we caiAe upon a lot of os­ triches: I ndver had s o much fun in all the time I have been pway as we had with those ostriches, w e coaxed them up quite close to us and thfed made a dash I’ight' into the flock and succeeded In catching one and twisting its lamed thing ‘v'^as a s strong as an ox,- nd one fellow gpt a kick thUt came anyway, we had the tliem,oM ourselves. I id if _________________ad twistin g its long neck so -that we could hold ifc.till we got a few feathers. Now maybe we didn’t have a time holding it; the ' 3d thip they w ili be any _ w e had th e fun of pulling going to send u c a c w j I'UftTn k T i a Will enc ones In this if I ___ The camp is surrounded with cattle that we have captured. W e had a hard time of it last wehk. We couldn’t get any water to drink or make tea with. There is a well here, but it is poisoned and QUr Water has to be brought to us ip tanks on cars. Why, for a whole •\yeek We could not get water to wash our faces and hands. We caught the s t r e ^ from the engine for water, and even now we have a hard tim e getting water. Yesterday afternoon a fellow told us whei’e there was a ponfi o f wa­ ter tfiat capne from a spring; it was quite a distance, hut with the pros­ pects of a'swlm in sight l would walk most any distance. I got some of the boys to go with me and off we ppt for a swim. It seemed just like ftrunnlng away from school when I was a young-* It Was a risky thing to do to go 1 tho camp, but we g I pool ahopt M.IAr Bter. It Was a so far away frt there and foi key. Only work approved -by faculty swim and wash, and after (iresslng we and trustees o f Mr. Moody’s Instltu-1 took a llttlo walk around and found ■ ■aving ■ ■ the graves of about twenty soldlei'B who had been shot near there, so wo made haste to got bacK to camp. Bnppor WHS jnsl over when we got bach and wo bad Juat time to di'ess foi* Ruapd, I had to bo bn guard for twftn- ty'four liours—wont on nto imt nifU$ and off at alx to-niglit. I came very nmr golnji to filccp Inrt nlgUt while I wfli at my post, wlilch would imvn lircn very ofiiifffiD Imslnc'^n If I Iwd , lj#rn caiiRlit, lloweyrr, I minifwl ti* I heep AWdko. I gw foingto ii« rg|lavi$t| and trustees o f Mr. Moody’s Institu­ tions. Only work h access to Mr. Moody’s personal library and letters. Only work containing Iho faunlly por­ traits, Only work Issued with approv­ al of family. Only work prepared In direct coinpllaneo with Mr, Moody’s ex- pressed wish, Only work, tho prolUa ,of which go directly to Mr, Moody'a bo* novolont instltuttons. A -postal to W, 13. WliU1)cr*h, Id l3a.6t OiTOii avontio, np- liUcrt ngoiit* 17111 b ring you fiirllH-r ir fiiibserr few d»y». ......... * wm bring you . arnwtlijfn. A cmiv.ip for mibgrrlb* m w ill bo vommenced in a *........ It wlU s<j(m came in, our new spring stock; spring spits, spring overcoats and spring shirts are IpocKing at Qur cjbors for admission. ' We are therefore compelled to sell out our winter stock. It is no| a matter of choice, hut a ease otaust.‘^»'We must clear our tables, empty our shelves, remove all our stock to let our new goods in. Winter Qlbthln^ find >Yfnter shBes “at yaui'’own EelliGlothing Company, siiBEsmifl'rwifiHs^^^ R e m n a n t s . Cloaks and Tailor made Suits. - The balanee of thi$ month will be devoted t o . o u r disposing of w inter C loaks, Rem- enants, odds and ends which have accumu­ lated for the past six months. Now will be the time for you to get a nice shirt waist pattern, skirt, jacket or cloak, at greatly re­ duced prices. I V o t i o e s . . yVANTED, WANTED—Makers bn fine ladles’ In- seam mocha gloves. Lqfikstitch henamers. savy work. * Littauer Brothers. W AITED—Two-needle ^WANTED—Table cutters. Jacob Adler WANTED-VA rudson street. bo>'. Schey & Co., 10 S. f S ; . . s r ’ “ y g s f s v , r a . . t r a WANTED—Inseam makers on. f work, in or otit ol shop. Steele Bros. WANTED—A good first-class stenogra­ pher. Address L., this office. Radford. ITBD—Hemmers in shop. lilbbe & Knitting Co. __________ f u r n i s h e d rooms t boarders accoinmodated. Cei tlon. 50 North School street. TO RENT-Lower part of house, just off Burr street. J, S. Phalr. Parkhurst block. TO RENT—At once .upper or lower floor of house; modern improvements; also new flat. 381' North Alain street. TO RENT—Large leather mill, eauipped for all kinds of leather dressing. About March 1. Rooms, No. 1!) Boulevard. Store. 178 Klngsboro avenue. Fire Insurance written In the 1 the strongest Aims & Buiton. FOR SALE-One-fa 10-i Marshall avenue. :-One-fanflly house. Inquire Holzbeimer & Shaul, New York. FS-S-S'SB, THE FLOOD TIDE mo;:nlug a t 3 o’clock. This Christmas is going to be very diffqreat from a n y ' ' I have had before, and to make mat- WHICH, IP TAKEN NOW, WILl tej's worse there is no place where a . LEAD TO HEALTH AND FOB fellow can huy anything to make' It TUNE, IS OURO. anatap»yK e w Y ,,r. S a o n U ' ' a a T S d » y “ S ^ ^ ^ FOR SA L E -A good parlor quire 104 Marshall avenue. MISCEUAMFOUS- LOST—Between 48 Park street and Mills hall, one-half of gold eye glasses. Finder rewarded by leaving at this offlee. AIONBY to loan on bond and mortgage In M.OOO lots. E . A. Spencer, Littauer -NEG-DECT THAT ICELLS. 'A Painful and Damserous‘Disease and W h at Causes It. \Y-UB UU&XlUt>YlX UV L'UV -|U'C’UiiJarJl sioR, Alth-ough i t ex*st&, i t wias con-- -foiinfied with -peritonStlk That is’often the -case no-w, and a-dangeroTts opera­ tion -Is perJoi’med when totally need­ less. Hoiw. iipu'Ch 'better, i-t is to prevent -either disease hy keeping the system in-proper order! Appendicitis, i s , an inflammation o f -the ver-mjiorjh appep- dix, a delicate an-d easily inflasmed lit­ tle cnl-de-sac and may he -caused toy a seed or any hard substance lodging in -More often -the inflam'mation comes from an -aggravated case of constipa­ tion, The hard, dry -mattea* that is clogged in the lower intestines is press­ ed against the vermiform appendix,ir­ ritating,straining and inflaming dt. The in-flamm'ation -generates heat and the iS th^consitlpation. Tl diseases strengt mstlpatlon- causir _ -d inflam-niation }hcreas- aation. A-ppfen-dMtis re- ilts. From -this toriif explanation it apparent that the true \y^y to pre- , int app'endicitis Is to cure constipa- tHon, Harsh purgatives are •wors'-- than useless, for though they help tomper- a-rlly, they weaken the iboiweils and so inprease the danger. The proper treatr iment is a medicine that cleanses, stfengthfena and tones the system so that the bowels do their uvo-rk unaided hy cohst-ant physic, The one medlcln-e that 'does this is Oalcura Solvent, the graad new preparation d-lscorerod la 1898 by Du'Vla Kennedy, of Kennedy Row, Kingston, N. Y,, an expev-le'acca nnd careful physlclian an-d surgeon. H is sold by druggists at ?1 a bottle or will bo sent by express iprcpald ou re­ ceipt of tho price, Oalcura 'Solvent will not purge, stra'lu or weaken. U -will tone and Btronglhon tho liver, stonvacli, blood, Itldnoys and bliifldcr n t tho Ba'ino tlmo It Is doing Its work with tho bow- ola, and thlfl In noecaraiT, for eonsUpa* Uon win throw all tbo othot organo • ■ ---------- If you wrltnrltn David into disorder. If you w David Kennedy, Kennedy Row, IClnoaton, N. Y., Iia will eond you a Binall nnniplo hattlo of Ihln wonderful incdicino f m , Tiy dt now» brforo yom caeodo hope* „— I'ach, liver Curo. CuTQ eiires. To introduce, all To introduce, all druggists sell a $1 bottle of Curo Blood Tonic for 50g. and a 50c. bottle of Curo OUO foro 25c. Accept ilf Is' not no substitute. There Is' n othing so gooc or like Curo. (Jompounded hy the Cure Blood Tonic Co., Pittsfield, Mass. Don’t thinlc that bright men- spend all their tim e reflecting. Don’t forget that man’s chief end is the one with the head o n , ' T h e K s s s o n . O n e W e e k . Matinees Wednesday and Satarday. The Wilbur Opera Company in a repertoire of old and new operaSj LIVING PICipES AND VAUDEmiE. F = * e o p l e 4 5 . NO WAITS BETWEEN ACTS. The bfingliig to Gloversville of a company of the magnitude of the W il­ bur Opera company has never before beeh attomfitedy- Pricca—Night, . 10, 20, 30 and 50 cte.; matinee, lOafid 20 cento. Seats now on sale at MdHtonye's Store. CONCORDIA. Twelfth Anniversary, February lOtli. Bauern Ball, March lOth. Concort and Bali Raster Mon iliy, April Ift Rent receipts decrease in value each day and become worthless in a month or two. A deed to a house and lot a t JUDSON HEIGHTS steadily Increases in value and en­ riches the holder. Not necessary to w a it until sprang to look around for a piece. CHOICE REAL ESTATE \We can show you m any now, a ll o f which are bargains. llATHlirSPim IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE United States, f o r the Northern District of New York. In the matter < & « y 7 r sTd ‘^ e T l t l S i i i l a S i -3 M iigifessp ' CHARLES U, GERMAIN, Clerk. . r W , r S o ? F « I f i i K p p

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