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PB6GRAMN I CONGRESS Forecast of Bus'ness In Senate and House. |DlfBATE ON THEOUERENOY BILL. : f ttStttor* B a c o n a n d T lU m a u Give Kotlce 0 t {Speeches on th e P h ilippine Ques* I tlo n —Obangres I n th e Elective iv Officers I n th e Senate—I n th e House, WASHINGTON, Jan. 29.—Senators ,®acon and Tillman have given notice sp^ches during' the present week ^■•Ulion the Philippine question, but be- these notices no indication has f4een given of the probable course. of i events in the senate during the week. ' ■ The currency bill continues to* ht right of way and it is not improbable »thathat i t willill bee madeade thehe subjectubject of n > t i t w b m t s V ie ^ speeehmaking. s also quite certain that during tl off thehe weekeek thei'ehei>e will be part o t w t li w a n g e in the elective offices I: and that In accordance with of the Hepublican e t^ f e e k Mr. Bennett will be I # ®«W^tary amd Mr. Ransdell as caucus of last Installed as .. ®i^?tary amd: Mr. Ransdell a sergeant- f atsarms. Senator Jones of Arkansas will tinue. In executiveiutive session,s»u/ii, his effort to se secure reconsideration of the Samcan ^ a t y , but this motion will be resisted by the Rv^publicans. ; . There is a tacit understanding that the t. ^ a y contest will not be taken up until the disposition of the currrenCy ________ In th e H o u ie. ram mapped out for dian appro- There is no program mappe k th* house this week. The Indi i^^rtotlon bill has been repprti ind diploma preparat and the i®nsujar and diplomatic appfopriafoii */biU i s in preparation. It Is -%«tt these bills will occupy the major rtion of the week. SCOTCHMAN- MURDERED. Shnvred. T h a t K n o c k o u t D rops H a d K illed H h ii, YORK, Jan. 29.—David A Mc- ialthy Scotch tourist of Glas- lay at the Homeopathic l^ ^ e d that he had beein r G&ire, a wealthy Scotch tourist died yesterday at the Horneopathic . Jtaipital, Brooklyn, and Hom the autopsy s killed by tout drops. .Jfjhough murder was done the police completely in the dark as to fa t h e r he had been dosed once or i«rioe. His head was badly battered bruised and one ear was nearly torn He was arrested twice, too, for In- i^ c a t io n , though really in a semi-stu- both times, either from his hurts or chloral. 4*®oChire came here’ from Scotland on T«^nui of the Anchor line on Nov. 'm. He’Temained In the Manhattan ho- HS to\ a time and then -went, to Brook- ^ to liv e . ________________ . \Vanderbilt B e p o r ted 'Engaged. ( ^I^WWPORT, R, I., Jaiu.29.—The re- i Of the engagement of Alfred G. iderbllt to Mass Elsie French cl T York is generally credited in this , and It 4s believed that it -wUl be Mdly announced upon the return f 4ii« young lady from her present trip with, her mther and: that the s -will follow shortly. W o m a n B u r n e d t o D eath. DUNKIRK, N. T., Jan. 29.—Miss Mary MtMPerald, aged 34 years, was burned io .dwtth yesterday a t her home on Elk «et. It is supposed that a lamp that I was cleaning exploded and set fire □thing. Her charrred body was r her niece, Gertrude Fitzger- The house was set dih fire, but the • -was soon extinguished. Im p o ssible to B e a c h tV rcck. I JOHNS, N. P., Jan. 29.—The con- storm makesakes It impos- ffinite knowledge as to 1 m it I Identity of the vessel whi a t Bay of Islandi--, r.p it is on Jan. 17 on Foxtail i apprehension is s folk a t Bay of p c 1 more than one vessel has been H e w Y o rk h lcro h a n t M issing. ■ the pClioe t( a New York here two days coper fears some mishap lerchont, who 0 and is miss Foie, aged 16 train No. 79 ne afternoon and Implicated In Canal Ui'cak. N. T., Jan, 29.--w:iIHam H. fTSW, Who conducts a livery a t Port »4en, 'wa® arrested yesterday on a 3. of being implicated In the For- t feeder break in 1898. This is _ sven'th arrest in connection -with » »ftair. _________________ ff' _ W s llk n o w n Sportsm an D eatl, ft^RMBR, N. Y., Jan. 29.—Clermont S. aged 43, proprietor of the Hoi*- T l^*rmony kennels In this place, died Ifesfday o f heart disease.. He was 6ly known as a dealer in ’high-class l^es and fancy dogs. Young Foie Instantly Killed. NGHAMTON, N. Y.^Jan. 29.- Ezlnkskl, p t ly killed. He was stealing a ride. STRIKERS VICTORIOUS. 'iAgveemont Roaohcil By tlie Rtrecloar Men at Troy. YORK, Jan. 29.—A Troy (N. Y.) I to The \World saya: A final e£- I w «0 madis laat nl.ght to settle the t on th® Unltsd Traction company's b^o. Anthony Brady of Albany ^ to Troy last night with the power the strike if possible. A com- litas from th# strlkors was empowered jw ttli on th# basla of $3 a day for the Otar m#n and 181-S cents an hour for i iflppei'S. The only coiv-ossion mndu W men wn« un tho Bcaio lo b« lo- irad b y tha trippcrfi, A t flrit tUs men ivnntcd $3 n day for eid and iiuiv mon nnd 30 tiuiiu nn jim i r fur iiippnm Tim nfin win rit wtin llU n a a after midnlHht Inst iilaht nml -, 1 ^ (Mtk vsriu jHtiiip'd at i‘i ii, in. iltin liy thg all im it. H Ju a Hninil w f iftiry t w m u n i Mw* ^ FIGHT AT SPION KOP. G a llantly B e taken B y Boors W h o Drive tho livltiak Out. BOER HEADQUARTERS, Modder Bpruit, Upper Tugelu, Wednesday, Jan. 34, midnight, via Louren 2 ?o Marques, Thursday, Jan. 25.—Some Vryheid burghers from the outposts on the hlgli- est hills of the Splon kop group rushed into the laager saying that the kop W'as lost and that the English had taken it. Reinforcemenits were ordered up, but nothing could be done for some time, the hill being enveloped in thick At dawn the Heidelberg and Carolina contingents, supplemented from other commandos, began, the ascent of the hill. Three spurs, precipitous projec­ tions, faced the Boer positions. Up these the advance was made. The horses were left under the first terrace of Scaling the steep 'the Boers found Chat the English had Improved the op­ portunity and entrenched heavily. Be­ tween the lines of trenches was an open veldt, which had to be rushed under a heavy fire not only from rifles, but of lyddite and shrapnel from field guns. Three forces ascended the three spurs co-ordiinately, under cover of fire from the Free State Ktupps, a Creusot and a big 'Maxim. The English fried to rush the Boers with the bayonet, but their infantry tvent down before the rifle fire as before a ecythe. The Boer investing party advaniced step by step until 2 p. m., when a white flag went up and loO men in the frpnt trench surrejidered, being sent' as prls- onera to the head lalager. The Boer advance continued on the two kopjes east of Splon kop. Many Boers were shot, but so numerous wem the burghers that the gaps were filled automalHoally. Tovnard twEight they reached the suimimlt of the second kopje, but did not get further. The British Maxims belched flame; but a wall of firing -Mausers held the English back. Thdir center, under this pressure, graduany gave w\ay and rly of th 0 , despisin' /■ line ed'g.’ of the aummlt to shoot the Dublin Fu sillers', sheltered In the trenches. Firing continued for some time, aaid then the Bhislliers and the Light Hor.je ser\'lng as Infantry threw up their arms and rushed out of the trenches. The effect of the abandonment of Splon kop by the English can hardly be gauged as yet, but it must prove to be Immense. An unusually high proportion of lyd­ dite shells dild not explode. D r^ Eeyda Seeks G o rm a u M e d iation. 1 LONDON, Jan. 29.—The Berlin oor- tespondent of The Dally Mall says: “Dr. Leyds is a popular Hon here. He is helng welcomed with an enthusi­ asm ordinarily extended only to most favored envoys. I have ascertained from unimpeachable evldeu'ce that he Is trying to Induce Germany to mediate. “On the basis of a guarantee of the in­ dependence of the Boer republics, whi. h would he granted some minor tern- torlal concessions, but a port, this lat­ ter being left for future negotlatlo! s with a cei'tain power having co'lonl s in South Africa. “Dr. Leyds Is offering Germany com­ mercial, railway and mining raonoo- olies as well as other inducements. If he fails here he will try 'Washingt. n through Mr. Macrum and Montaf u White, and St. Petersburg by an en­ voy to Russia. It is not likely that I.e will obtain an audience with Empervr William. During his reception ly Count Von Buelow no political m atte’s were mentioned.’J ______ OreaiiizatloB of Ftratlicona H o rse. OTTAWA, Ont., Jan. 29.—l*he mlUfla department has decided on the basis of organization of the Strathcona Hortc- There will be 25 officers, 36 non-commis­ sioned officers and 470 men, making a total of 531 of all ranks and 536 horse?. Some additional horses will be taken in case of casualties. The contingent vIH be divided Into three squadrons. There will be three Maxim guns. D r. Eoyds Fropliooles Dong W a r. BERLIN, Jan. 29.—The Deutsche Tages Zeitung published an Interview yesterday with Dr. Leyds, which rep­ resents him as having said: ••TTift war will certainly test a Ve.-y : Transvaal will decideil- first to seek peace and tho bafls long 'time. Tlic Transvaal will ly not be the first to seek pc will refuse any proposals of the status quo.” Bavbatlocs K a lsing V o lunteers. consider steps for the organization of : forceorce to demonstrate the d' volunteer f to sire of Barbadoes fense of the empire to share in the D r. Jam e s o n W o u n d e d . HEAD LAAGER, near Ladysmith, Thursday, Jan. 25 (via Lourenzo Mar­ ques, Jan. 29).—It i s reported here that .as the result of \Long Tom’s” practice on Monday Dr. Jameson was ivounded In the leg. President Steyn h as visited this laager. L o r d B o b e rts V isits t h e M a ine. over which he was conducted by Lady Randolph Churchill, expressed his en- ■tlre satisfaction with the arrangements. The Maine hi itHniMiueg o o a i Gas K ills a W outpii. house of Stephen Hand brook, while the members . . ...» . and six boarders were fast a caused the death of Mrs. Kandolf, . 32, and almost suffocated all who were In tho house. The gas was detected by h/o boarders who returned homo at 3 o’clock In the morning and who awa'v- cned the household. Mr. Kandolf n .d •two of tho boarders nro In a serlouH condition, but will probably recover. A g ed M inister Dies. NEW YORK:. Jan, 29,-Tlio death of Rov. William FesHendon has oceuitf-a at Ills homo In Brooltiyn. Ho was bo n In Brattloboro, 'Vt.i K8 yearn ago «i a WM rt nopjR'w of Uwvcrnm' Holbru k pf tliflt Btato. WiTirooite ^loi'e Hplilteif. OiW-Rfif), N. Y„ Jan. Tlioin'd Hnnlci'Tm'H drygo d.-i fitmii jioro v. i i nlrri'fl liy Ijmni.'uvi ami rcvi.inl ilpti' - futd fJfillHrit' W'lth )'f Kllk \ '1 WlPlt'lh ,\!S OYING OF STARVATION. T e r r ible Conditions In Copper River Country. MANY SUFPEEIN& PROM SOUEVY. People at Valdez, A laska. W ere Fount) In a M ost Fitlablo State—M u mbers D riven In s a n e T h rough Fear of Scurvy—Many Persons F r o z e n to D e a th WASHINGTON, Jan. 29.—The war fepartment has made public ah Import­ ant report. I’rom Captain W. R. Aber­ crombie, Second infantry, who com­ manded the Copper .river exploring ex- sdltion in Alaska last season, laptain Abercrombie arrived at Val­ dez, the starting point, on the 21st of April, being received by a motley crowd which had just come across the Valdez glacier from the Copper- river valley. He found that hundreds of people were dying of starvation and scurvy In .the Copper river country. The people at Valdez were in a most pitiable condi­ tion, crowded in miserable huts like sar­ dines in a box. There were no facilities for bathing; most of the sufferers had scurvey and not a few frost-bitten hands, faces and feet. The tops of old rubber boots and strips of gunnysaok made shoes and socks for many of them. The stench was intolerable and 79 per cent of the inmates of the huts were mentally deranged. This was lon to those 'wht lad drivi many had perished byV Old railroad and trailbuilders freezing to death, lil were the ta the mouth of \Keystone canyon. The harbor Valdez, owing to the proximity o\ the Japanese current, is accessible at all seasons of the year to ships of any size, except about 11-2 miles at its heal. The only feasible site for a railroad ter­ minal is a narrow strip of land three- quarters of a mile broad, extending up the lower river some five miles and south of a small stream flowing from Robe lake. There Is practically a nom­ inal grade up the valley passing througl Keystone canyon, with ordinary can­ yon work, emerging on -the foot plal of the Inner canyon basin. From that point there are two feasible routes, one east of Marshall pass at the elevatioi of 1,700 feet and down the Tasnuna t( the Copper river valley; the other turn­ ing north, crossing the mountain range and Thompson pass, 2,600 feet high thence down the Teinhell river valley through the swampy pass at the hea of the Knata, thence down tho Tonslna into the Copper river valley. Captain Abercrombie believes that the future for a railroad through this sec­ tion of Alaska Is very promising, owing to the presence of large zones of heavy mineralized copper deposits, the devel­ opment of which, he says, undoubtedly will yield a local tonnage of great value. Edward Gillette, a member of th<! expedition, contributes an important chapter to the report on the feasibility of establishing a practical railroal route up the Copper river vallej\. He draws a comparison between the route from Seattle to Skagway, with the V al­ dez route, to the advantage o f the latter. In conclusion the report treats of the agricultural resources of the country, showing that the soil la productive, tha. vegetables and hay can be raised; that there is plenty of tim-ber, and that hard, farmers from Norway and Sweden woul farm as successfullly in the Coppe rivet valley as in their own country. The country also contains coal of good quality and marble of various colors. ANTI-IMPERIAL LEAGUE. B o n r k o C o c k rati and M r. C a m o g lo I n te r - osted Xu tlio O rganizntiun. CHICAGO. Jan. 2D.-The Tlmes-Her- aia say’s the American Anti-Imperlallst league claims to have an effective or­ ganization in 38 states, Oklahoma and the District of Colu-mbia. The states itloned inOlude New York and Illi- !, which are said to have the largest o f helpers under the title of honor- ry presidents. Connection with the Bryan cause is denied. Bourke Cockran's recent ex- pression of friendliness for Bryan Is taken to be significant in this co-nnec- tion; also the declaration of Andrew’ Carnegie that he will not ■contribute to the Republican campaign fund this year, .but may contriloute to the Bryan fund. Both are In this organization, Cleaulug Up I n PlOladolplila. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 20.-A s a re­ sult of the tragic death of a young woman last week in an opium den, located In Chinatown, the police at 1 o’clock this morning started to clean out many of the resorts In that local­ ity. Six places had been visited up to 1:45 and over 40 persons have been arrested, many of them being under the Influence of opium, Those arrest­ ed Included Clhlnamen, white and black males and fem'ales. D u ty O n Po r to Blco Im p o rts. WASHINGTON, Jan. 29,—It can be state.d that the president is willing that a small or normal rate of duty shall be Imposed on Imports frdm the Island of \ Porto Rico, and It is understood he is idolf at Stone- not urging delay In legislation affect- rs of the family jng its status pending a decision by the e fast asleep, gupreana court as to wbother Porto RIoo Is a part of the United Statoa. Carllst Arioimt trnonrtlied. MADRID, Jan. 29.—Tho gondarmos have unearthed a Carllst nrscnnl In a house In Palcnola, capital of tho prov­ ince of Uml name, and seized 10,000 cart­ ridges and a largo quantity of nniiB. \• . ..... liitB who -------------- \ ■ # froniior. UMlIroml PreHldeiit’z Siiihloii Deiitli. FORT WORTH, Tox.. Jnn. 20,-Colo. nel John Hornby, pmldent of ilio RmT 'Woi'tii find Rio Hmndn mllrond, dird nudd« nly at hiti hmo an Urn icinili of p fiovero raid, <'nl)i«r A lssH iiilai' a t (iltirtitlHi'i ilIH IlAI/M n , Jon. C0.-Tln Hnliel fllflif;i 'T iiiirp A te x f in d u ’ li.'ifi nsrlv.'il hiro v,ini Hi«! iiijKry' (;iit vt (irJt'p. KING WINTER Does Not Propose to Let Go , His Grasp Easily........ W inter Jackets and C a p es w ill be interesting for many a day. T h e woman or m iss who is fortunate enough to need one w ill be able to wear the best at much less than the former price of an ordinary one. T h e m o n ey is a mere nothing now. The buying chance is wonderful. W ith lots of zero weather still due us, who w o u ld consider the trifling cost of such garments as we offer ? ^ W ith the spring goods soon com ing in, the prices are made to help you and make us room. 25 Per Cent. Discount , for the Coming Week. W e offer our entire stock of Petticoats in Sateen, M ercerized Sateen and cheviot at 25 per cent, off our usual low marked price; all are outing flannel lined, corset boned, fin shed with indestructable cloth binding; the blacks are guaran­ teed color. None Better riade Than These Petticoats. M E L - L . O leo. PURE BEER BILL Ono W ill He I n tr o d u c e d I n t h e hegistatuT? a n d ■Vigorously C h a m p ioned. ALBANY, Jan. 29. — Assemblynfiat Jean L. Burnett of Ontario county, a member of the public health committee In speaking of prospective pure be-r legislation during the present sessloi. said that there was little doubt In his mind but that the proposition to regu- latev byy statute,tatute, thehe makingaking agdgd dl:lspo- sltlon off fermentedermented llqu<uors b s t m a d I o f liq In this state tuld be brought to the notice of ti e legislature during the winter. “While on this subject,” said Assem­ blyman Buraett, “I am reminded to say that a great deal of mlsapprehe ‘s on appears to exist as to the outcome of th; pure beer agitation >in the leglslatuio last year. The impression seems to b ’ ■widespread that tne bill passed both houses, but was not approved by the governor. It Is fair to Governor Roose­ velt that the facts should be understoo 1 by the public at large, who ccrtalnlv favor the passage of a pure beer act The public health committee’s b U passed the assembly, was reported ftom the senate committee, hut never came to a final vote In the upper house. The Coggesshall bill (W’hlch was termed by some a pure beer bill) simply provided that no substitute for hops should be used in the making of beer, and was all right as far as It went. It passed both houses, but failed of approval foi the reason that the present public health law covers the point \While I have no lority to quote Governor Roosevelt, I am satisfied that he would indoi’se a firactical measure, dealing with this iject, if it should come to him.” IThen asked if cate to say. Rest assured, however, that such a measure will be introduced and vigorously championed. It make's no difference who offers it so long as it is practically drawn.” REPORT ON PRISONS. D eoreaM Xu N n m b o r o f Prlio n o rs F o r th e P a s t Year. ALBANY, Jan. 29.—The annual re­ port of B'bate •Superintendent of Prls- ons, Corn^lus S. Collins, 'for the past year, to be submitted to the leglslatui’e tonight, Slwsvs a deci’ease In the avum- ber of prisoners foi’ the year, as com­ pared with 1898, of 41. \There were In Sepitomber last, the close of tho fiscal year, 3,101 prisoners. The. aupei’lntendent devotes much space to the discussion •of prison labor. He shows that in the last year tho pro­ duction of tho state prisons was greater than In 'Ibo pmeeding year; yet tho do- irwunds for manufactured articles was los*. Tho sales In 1808 roa'diod $404,- 720.15; but In 1800 they fell to $304,501.61. Ono cause of tho aoci\«a.»o is special; that 1», tho (loimnd In 1808 was un- iiiual anti wbnornmJ, w'hon the ncods of National Guard were great and tlio piirdiftsoH on Ita 'account were lai’Yo. In 1800 no goods were bnugUt on its ac­ count from tho stato prisons. Nor 1» It ixpcctcrt that It will again bn a buyer, ilneo It In hold that It Is exnmpt by Inw from Uifl rrqulromf iiifl that smio liwil. tiiU'ina s h ill pm-.iipsn siipplirs frotn. tin prlMoiif. '1 he ^.ilFr rnuso Is k * w ral mid «MMM4 ftttm u f im k F a r m e r s F i x P r ic e of hlillc. BINGHAMTON, N. Y., Jan. 29.— Milk producers in 'tills vicinity attend­ ed a meeting called in this city Sunday by the International Fanners’ u n t o and fixed tha average wholesale price of md'lk on the Binghamton market at 31-2 cents a quart. This is the first time that the new farmer.s’ unions hav-e fixed the price of any commodity. The hitematlonal union foj\med' wlt i headquarters tn Binghamton a short time ago, and inquiries have already been, received from farmers In 23 states and in Canadfr ■while unions have been formed In Kansas and Indiana, Promoters of the movement predict that it ■will eventually extend through­ out the agricultural regions of the United States and Canada. A union een adopted for use on official orgaUi Farm, and D r. H u n t’s W idow Dead. NEW YORK, Jan. fig.-AIra. Martha Taliwadge Hunt, widow of Dr. Sand- ford B. Hunt, editor for m'any years of the Newark Daily Advertiser, died at Bemardsvine, N. J. She was 74 years old, Mrs. Hunt u-as born in \Western New York and lived In Buffalo until 1866, When her hushand \took editorial charge of The Advertiser. He had for­ merly o'wned the Buffai'O ’Medical Jour­ nal. Mrs. Hunt was Interested In church work. She moved to E five years ago. Coroner Xnrestigatiug Fredouia Fire. FREDONIA, N, Y., Jan. 29,—Owing to that the recent fire in this place ,t caused the loss of two lives 10,000 worth of PI ition has 3 Blood, iSu ranee companies Interested are withholdlmg the payment of claims until the investi­ gation has been held. s Held. F o r th o G rand Ju r y . LOUISVILLE, Ky.. Jan. 29.—At the trial Saturday of State Senator S. B. Harrell, charged by Colonel John H. Whellen with securing money under false pretenses,. Herreil was held to answer to the grand jury ■under bond of $1,000. This he furnished for ills ap- peamnee In the criminal dilvlslon on A p p o inted K o ceivor of T rolley lin e . SARATOGA, Jan. 29.—Justice Hough­ ton In supreme court has appointed Fred H, Beach receiver of the Ballston Terminal railroad, a lO-mllc county trol­ ley lino owned 'by Philadelphia capital and bonded for $250,000, The application for a receiver was made by David Thompson, a Judgment creditor of Balls­ ton Spa. _________________ O u rtland (N. Y.) M inister A v oopti Ciill. CORTLAND, N, Y., .Tan. 29.—At tho SI , of tho Bormon In tli6 Prcsbytorlnn lx dose of tho aormon In tli6 Pi'csb,vtorliir church hero tho Rov, John Tlinothj Btono Kent in Ills rosignutlon, (o tnki rffoet Mnrch I, to aoeppt n call to Brown Memorial church of iJulUnx to succoed tha Rev. Mnltby D. Biibcc PUCCI I), D. Mn, i'lMH'a VinitUlloti Improved. IVABinNaTON. Jflii. 29.—Tho coml',- tloji of ailfi. I’lRU wlfo Hi th« N#',V Yofie Kinalor, I# Imjirovcdi, 0uliiiia1l9i IPT TJl« L mm I qi “BOUGHT MY LIFE FOR 10 GENTS.’ This was one man’s way o f puttinf it when he had been pronounced incur xble from chronic dyspepsia. “It wa- \ living death to me until I tried Dr. Von Stan’s Pineapple Tablets—thank! r,o them to-day 1 am -w ell-and I tell ly friends I bought ■my lifo for ten cents.” 18 i n a box; they’re good for \ny and every form of stomach trou­ ble; safe to use and convenient to car- i\y with you. Sold by J . A. Miller. Don't think a man appreciates a cy­ clone because he is carried a\way 'with it. Don’t provide yourself with a wife m d expect her to provide you with a MILLIONS GIVEN AWAY. It is certainly gratifying to the pub­ lic to kn’ow of one concern in the land .vho are not afraid to be gen.'ero'us to .'he needy and suffering. The proprie- i ors of Dr. K ing’s New Discovery for. .'onsumptjioin, coughs and colds, have riven away o ’fer ten m illion trial bot­ tles of this great 'medicine; and havd iiu/u a ll \/i. tiuu iungs are surely cured by it. Call at Miller’s or Cole’s drug stores and get a tree trial bottle. Regular size 50c.and $1. Every bottle guaranteed, or pidce refunded. Don’t think love’s young dream will kindle the kitchen Are on a cold mom- RBD HOT p r o m : THE GUN W as the ball that hitC . B. Steadman of Newark, Mich., In the •civil war. It caused horrible ulcers 'tlliat no treat­ ment helped for 20 years. Then Buck- len’s Arnica Salve cured -him. Cures cuts, bruises, bum®, boils, felons, cam s, skiin ■eruptions. Best pile cure on earth. 25 cents a box. Cure guar- amlteed. Sold at Miller’s or Colo’s drug ^ Don’t hang your head if you are guil­ ty. That is what tho sheriff’s paid for. d e a p n e 4 ^ 5 a n n o ° ® c u r e d By local applications, as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There Is only one way to cure deaf­ ness, and that is by constitutional rem- I. Deafnesseafness laa causedaused b y ann in- edles. D l c by a flanled condition of the mucous lining of tlio Eusctaohlon Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or iiniporfoct hearing, and when it Is entirely closed deatness Is the re­ sult, and unless the inflammation can 1)0 taken out and tills tube restortd to its normal condition, hearing will bo destroyed forovor; nine cases out of tsii nro causod by entarrb, which U notlilng blit nn Inllmneil coiullllon of till' mucoiiB fliiv/iirco. Wo will give Ono Iliiiulrnd Dollfti’S for tiny caco of doitiions (causofl by ratarrlil timt can not Ito cnml by UaH'fl Cntarrli Cure, RrAnd for circu* lam, fi'i'p, Ji’. (T. ClFnoy fr To,, Tolf'ilo, 0 , Mold b,vdriii'«I«s, 7 Cc. W*U'i F m l l r Pllii m Jifst, A Record I r a We’re proud of the standing that has been at- tained by KNICK and ROCK. iost stub- As a . p reventative it stands first and alone. HOI ft IBEDiCIBE.BUI ft CIIEB.\ Sold by L. H. Moore, Windsor Hotel. John G. Lee, 50 N, Main St. Jo^n^G.^IcDowell, Jr., Opera House J. B. Blegate, 7 North S t John Sturm, Cor. Main and Cayadut- ta street. Geo. L. Port, Hotel Elk, Premont St. “FYRICIDE” Last Wedneedhy afternoon an. oil lamp in N. M. Austin’s pho’tograph gallery came near causing a disastrous fire. In som e manner i t was tlppel over, the burning oil ignitdd the pine siding and for a few moments i t '1-ooked as If the bulld'lnig was doomed. A t this point Geo. P. Perris rushed in with a tube of the celebraited Pyricide and a f ­ ter a few handfulls had been .thrown on ■the flames wieie subdued. A® i t was the studio ■was badly damaged. None o f )gativ< rhead Kt tho were broken by^tones, t h r o ^ b j ^ s o L - excitable city guests a.t the “Sbouey View” house. Mr. Austin will have tlio gallery In rulnnig order again by Sat- urdiay of this week. It w a s tl'emon- strated beyond a question that Pyricide can do jus t what is claimed for It In a n Interior flro.— Hunter Republican. H a it»poi TO uiTTfcyTolii nngil.ih pw v ii irtsd dli\«cti Irow tbo oW cvuuu '.S'l’

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