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iiSM im ME. SPEC­ IAL Hay, 40c per 100 lbs. The celebrated Bread Flour Sarato­ ga, ?1.14 a sack, guaranteed. Gilt Edge Flour, $1.05 a sack. , 4 lbs. Prunes, 25c. Do you think of painting this spring? We have placed our orders for a large shipment of John W. Masury’s Sons’ line of goods. While I have been obliged to pay a slight advance, anv one giving in their or 1 will save money. We buy for cash, s prices the result. Headquarters for feed, straw, teas and coffees at the lowest price. For Instance. LYDIA PINKHANI’S, 74c. SCOTT’S EMULSION, 74o. PAINE’S CELERYCOMPOUND, 75c. HOOD’S SARSAPARILLA, 75c. VINOL, 85c. PERUNA, 85c.- ________ _ Telephone 11-4. H. AHLE & » , 223-225 North Main Street. In Your Hands. You want to get the goods in your hands to ludge its quality. It is impossible to do this when you buy ready-made clothing; so that’s one distinct advantage in having us make your clo.thes. We will show you many others if you will look a t our goods and learn our prices. 5 . B L u n , J t . Corner Main and Fulton St.. Gloversville, N. Y. The “ JENWESS MtLlER” Shoes for women have no equal in fit and wearing qualities. Being modeled aftelr the feet as nature intended. The very acme of com­ fort, grace and style. Price ^3.BO. .::For sale only a t : : Sullivan’s, 59 D.\RUNQ BLOCK, BOtSI CBOCEII The Acknowledged leader. While thisadv. appears. Fancy Cold Storage Eggs:::;;: 1Sc perdoz. L . 0 0 3 I P o c o r d , THURB'D'AY, JANUARY 25, 1900. TcJciiii'Jtto W'U. ■ SOCIAL AND FRATERNAL. A Bulletin of Coming Events which Will Interest Many Readers. Knights of Ooluim'bus will m'eet at 8 o’clock sharip to-night. ■ All members of Lone Star lodge, No. 39, I. 0.' O. P., are requested to notify J. S. Wyman of the numlber of tickets they have sold, on or before Monday, January 29. Funeral of Walter Zimmer. The funeral of Walter J.Zimmer -will be held at his late home a t the corner of West Pine and Broad streets, at 3 p. m. Saturday, and will he conducted by Rev. I. D. Van Valkenhurg. Interment in Prospect Hill cemetery. The de­ ceased is survived toy his parents, one sister. Miss Mary A., and one brother, Harold S. Zimmer. A $15,000 Fire. A fire in the carding and knitting room at the Harroiwe knitting mill, aibout two miles north of Amsterdam, this naorning destroyed atoout $15,000 worth of property, Avhich .was covered by insurance. Louis narrower, the owner, has another mill which will im­ mediately be run night and day, and there will be no suspension of work. . Returned From a Cuban Trip. R. -H. Gwillam has returned from a three weeks’ stay in Cuba, where he visited many prominent points, includ­ ing Neuvitas and the town of La Glor­ ia, where so many colonists were disap­ pointed toy toeing induced to go there under mistaken impressions. He was pleased v/ith his trip and thoroughly enjoyed it. Table Cutters’ Election. At ithe annual meeting oif the Ameri­ can Table Cutters’ union last evening, the following officers were elected for the ensuing term: President, Chas. Porter; vice president, Willard Clark; recording secretary, A. H. Cosselman; financial 'secretary, W. Sehoolmaker; tre: asurer, S. Kobuskie; 'S. a t A., J. Mas ton; trustees, F. Porter, L. Hoag; E. Cole. The executive boaid consists of the officers and others. The secre­ tary's report Sho.ws the organization to be in a prosperous condition, both nu­ merically and financially. ■ CANAJOHARIE BANK CLOSED. Its Troubles attributed to Unfortu­ nate Loans by the President. National Bank Examiner Graham has been examining the Canajoharie National bank this week, and as a result the bank closed its doors to-day, pending a further investigation. It is believed that the bank is solvent and will be able to resume business in a short time. A dispatch from Amsterdam this af­ ternoon referring to the condition of the bank mentioned that the following was the statement which had been prepared of the bank’s condition on Monday, January 22; Capital, $125,- 000; surplus and profits, $37,945.77; cir­ culating notes outstanding, $45,000; due other banks and hankers, $6,275.57; individual deposits, $359,039.14; bor­ rowed money, $38,924.79; total re­ sources, $604,628. There has been a run on the hank for the past few days and yesterday about $17,000 was withdrawn by the de­ positors. The deceased president -was largely intereste'd in the , Clark Silk Fabric company of Sidney, N. Y., a QO'ncern which has 'been running be­ hind for some time and the hank lias carried much of its paper. Atoout $307,- 000 worth of this paper has now turned up and it is 'considered of but very little, if any value. One of the bank officials stated to-day 'that the deposit­ ors would not lose qjiy money, hut the hank would apply for a receiver and later i t would resume tousii .k .!.■ CbOlU JL.V.WL«>UatiXJ.lJO 4 The bank held' some of the funds of Montgomery county, but the amount was very small. The closing of the bank is directly due to the unfortunate Joans to the Clark Fatoric company by the late president, A. G. Richmond. Examiner Edwards has assumed charge of the affairs of the bank and will remain in contr 9 l until the various difficulties are settled. CLOSING QUOTATIONS. New York Stocks, Reported by H. B. 'Logan, Broker, 20 South Main St. 4 i. SK, $ 1.00 Atcblson pfd . ............ '■ ' f Baltimore & Ohio ..... Extra C Sugar 4 3-4c lb. All Sugars at Cut Prices. Every artiolo warranted eatlefactory or w* will hand you back your chanee cheerfully. Tobw Delnwa.ro & Hudson . JK K l &;••.•,•,■..:• S t r i a , TVoiilo’H UHH ............. lioclt iBlnml ......... .. Tleiii iwr, iHt pf'l . ...... ; i | ■•a| Borst’s Cash Grocery, HI. I’niil ...... . ............ i 47 North Main St, ’w a K S ”..';;.’., Utiiaiii lUJlnu ........ li'iriU nut for PciiT'n ml\% THE S.ILVER JUBILEE. To be Celebrated April 15 at the Fre­ mont Street Church. The memlbers of the Fremont street M. E. church are making great prepara­ tions to observe the twenty-fifth or sil­ ver anniversary o,f .the organis^ation 'of the church society a t the edifice on Fremont street, on Sunday, April 15, and a meeting of the general commit­ tee was held last evening for the pur- ipose of appointing some suto-commit- tees to co-operate in the ■work with the general committee. The following were the special comimittees designate Finance—J. M. Thonaipson, Charles Kei'fer, Mrs. John Edwards! Programme—S. J. Hardy, 'Mrs. Wm. Muddle, Mrs. B. W. Ballantyne. The silver jubilee 'will probably be the greatest event in the 'history of the church,as the ceremonies and exorcises will probalbly occupy the greater por­ tion of the day on April 15 and they will he o f a character 'which will be of much interest to the members of the church as 'well as to those who are not conineeted with it. 'In its comiparative- ly short period of existence the church has grown rapidly and from a little old wooden church it h as passed into pos­ session of a sabstantial brick structure, which 'has also been 'enlarged and ma'de a most commodious place of woirshlp for the large crowd's which gather in it every Sunday. By the hard work and earnest endeavors of ‘Rev. Mr. Broiwn the .church 'has increased in ' member­ ship and influence and a t ithe close of Ills pastorate, which also occurs on April 15, he ''will leave it in splendid bondition. The closing of the five years' service of Mr. Brown will he ap- prapi'iately observed on Sunday, April TRY CASWELL’S HAND-MADl CHOCOLATE CREAMS. and vanilla .ate clothing, hats and 'furnishing loods for men, youths and hoys, must ue reduced fully one-half before March 1. to enable Mr. Wilkie to han'dle the iblg businsss alone. For this reason a great special sale must toe instituted at much reduced prices, through the) entire stock, in 'spite •of the fact ‘ that all good goods are now rapidly advancing from 20 *to SO per cent., and that every arti­ cle in the great store is less than nine be closed for Inventory and marking re- h closed for inventory and marking re­ ductions of prices in plain, unmistaka­ ble figures during the last three days of January.—Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday—and the great dissolution sale opens Thursday morning, Feb. 1st, and continues during the entire month of February unless the stock is ail sold before the month ends. Here are a few sa'mple ideas of the extent of price cut­ ting to m ake the dissolution effective: Fine black and blue, all wool kersey men’s overcoats, of the $8.00 kinds, re­ duced to $5.00. Will cost ten next fall. Be'autlful $12.00 and $15.00 overcoats reduced to $9.50. $20.00 and $22.00 overcoats reduced to $15.50. Even black clay suits,worth 125 cents to the dollar, will be reduced fully 20 cents helaw the (dollar, 'Which is consid­ erable below wholesale value of present maa’kets. 'Another special attraction to tins bona-fide dissolution sale will be a big case of 50c. Scotch grey -men’s under­ wear selling a t 21c. ren s department 'will !oe Keenly api dated by parents throughout the enl three counties of Montgomery, Pul— and 'Schenectady, and even beyond. . Everything imust and will positively be sold u nder these conditions before M.arch 1. Fur coats,.-water,proof coats, umibrellas—all are included, though space will not p ermit mention of each separately.. It’s an extraordinary op­ portunity for the people'—offered by a thoroughly reliable concern known through the entire state as the store tiiat “ wan-ts the continued trade of all people 'w'ho desire dealing on the square.” The Quid & Wilkie one- price cash clothing 'house, 9-11 East Main street, Amsterdam, .N. Y. DEMANDS HER RIGHTS. Amsterdam Property in which a Gloversville Lady Claims Interest. Papers in ah interesting action af­ fecting the rights of a Gloversville young lady to certain property in Am­ sterdam have been served upon Mayor 'Wallin of that city. The action has been co'm'men'ced in supreime coiurt by alias Eidna J. MuniS'ell of this city. The action has 'been commenced in su­ preme court by Miss Edna J. Munsell of this city against B.mma Munsell, Henry J. Baker, Charles Kunrad, An­ drew J. Burns, George W. Jones and the city of Am'ster'dam. The plaintiff,as an heir to two-ninths inteirest in the property upon her at- taiming the age of 21 yearh, seeks to re­ cover that interest, having reached, her 21st birthday in Septemlher, 1898. The com.plainant sets forth that the defend­ ants 'have unlawfully appropriated the rents, issues and profits of the premis­ es, and of the plaintiff’s interests there­ in, and thereto, to their oiwn use and benefit, to the damage to the plaintiff bt $2,000, “which sum she no.w seeks to re­ cover, as well as the property. The premises are those 'generally known as •the Munsell properly, being situated at The interest of the city of Amster'dam in the case arises over the grading of De’Witt street. The plaintiff is repre­ sented toy Counselor WIm. A. 'McDonald of this city. Better Quarters. The .management of the electric rail­ road is contem'plating the lease of more commodious quarter’s for the of­ fices •of the electric division and this morning the store in the Rose block at No. 4 West Fulton street was examin­ ed by some of the officials o'! the com- tendent and other employees coni with the active operation of the divis­ ion. No announcement has: been made as yet concerning any prospective change. CIDeed tfiilitloughby, ' Qiovcrsvillc’s Busiest Dry (icods Stiire, An After Inventory Sale For Saturday Only. SO ki, I l-c 2 eauli. 10 ijlZt / Satui^ay MARRIED- Rev. B. H. Brown, Mi Tooker and Miss Lillian k of this city. They will r 107 Prospect street. ?eck,toot; E . A. K E IN E R , Funeral Director and Embalmer. Lady Assistant Wtio Will Dress and Embalm all Female Bodies. /V l a s o n l o B u i l d i n s : 50 NORTH MAIN ST., Gloversville. TELEPHONE 123. Besldeu'Ce, 118 South House telephone: _____ h Main street. lephone Ko. 124. C lairvo y a n t. Madam Fletcher, the re­ nowned Trance Medium at 25 Oak street, is at home. Prices 50c and $1 U n d e r tak in g In Charge of n. C. FROST. Residence 29 North Main! Experienced lady assistant furnished •when desired. Telephone for night calls 129-4 Griffing, George & Co CashiGro.oers, 79 South Main St. ^ 38 W, Fulton St. Granulated Sugar, 5 l-4c per lb. Frozen Ciscoes, 6c per pound. Smoked Bloaters, 2 cent® each. Fancy Georgia Cod Fish (whole) 8c per Ib, 3 Crown California Raisins, 8c per pound. Carolina Rice, good cooker, 5c per lb, Every article guaranteed; your money back if you w'ant It, PliOHc. FrUoB St, Phono So. M#ln Bt, 8S»5. Standard Gloversville Cake Walkers. The internationai concert and cake­ walk a t the Van Curler opera • house on Tuesday evening, January 30, prom­ ises to he a complete success. A num­ ber of rwell-known cake-waJkers' have announced their intention to he pres­ ent, and the other talent -will be good. Ampng the participants in the cake­ walk will be Chester Case; iMi6a»Plor- ence A. Anthony, Prank Anthony, John P a f f A f*r|C Kinney and Thomas Husband, all o f. Gloversville; Airthur Hamilton, of Fort P lain; George Palmer and Henry ■Williams, of Albany, iwho are also re­ nowned as touck-and-wing dan'cersr'Mr. James Blood, Samuel Jackson and Tod Caesar, of Amsterdam. ' Mr. Jolly- tine Brackett, champion qf Virginia, will also -participate in the cake walk. —Schenectady Gazette. Look out for Perry’s adv. 2 5 dOZ, Pillow Slips, 45x36, worth I3c.; Saturday IIG GSCh, 2 5 doz. 13 ] . 2 c eaBli. 1 5 doz. |jg|jj|^ , 1 1I flfl? Black and'While Work Shirks, war- QII a nn a | i IU t IU& i ranted fast color, Saturday u QUH, 1 5 0 Made^Gingham Aprons, worth 25 cents; 'jg j ggjjj 9(1 fl(l7 Fancy Outing Night Robes, former 7(lii flunh uU Uuiui prices 98c to $1.39 each; Saturday l3 u udulli Weed S Wil lovigKby 39 and 41 North Main Street. Mail Orders Filled. A s k / o u r G rocer his price for THEPURE, and compare the. cost with other Cream of Tartar Baking Powders. N O ALUM U S E D IN ITS PREPARATION. Your purchase money back if not satisfactory. ' Eyery Can Gnaranteid Perfect 460 NORTH MAIN SI.. ClmsYille,N.Y. ’ iPortierea, .urtalas and all kind, of ■ ■ les dyed, cleaned and flnish- Goofls called for on reealpt o f postal card or toloplioiio call 744, Kln«»l)oro «ar jjftwcs tlio Klnpboro Dyo Works, 460 NORTH RAIN ST,. GMII»,N,T. 4 Packages Mince Meat 4 lbs California Prunes 4 lbs Ginger Snaps 4 lbs Oyster Crackers 7 lbs Oat Flake * 3 lbs (Hoffee 4 Cans Peas 3 Cans Corn . “ 3 Cans Tomatoes Garlock’s Cash Grocery INTO* 7 O h u r c h S t . Cures a cold in a day and a night. DB. SIBRMBG’S .....LAXATIVE Cold Cure, 25c. PIUS S CO, 8 to 10 Forrest St. II West Fulton St, GLOVER3VILLB, NEW YORK. C. E. LAIB’^ Up=To=Date ::::Livery. Hay, Peed and Straw. Tf lephone 104. 45 and 47 Grand st. For tSonowfi imd Tho N e w and 5econd Hand. Everything in this line. - A T - ,h .\ f , S t o r e in T r o y 'X'o lot, small etoro on JDhird poslto Froar’s now building. Vwy dsrtrflJ bio location. Olovo buslntM prtfmnM, Enquire of B. A. Pattiton, 12 First St., Troy,R Y S A V I The Biceliior Novilty Woflai Ho.lRiimitbMiiiAiarMt, w tp M jHim 10 sivii I 4VeURti I m fHAT HMW HOUMI

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