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®l[e #lot)etsoine f ea^er.. VOL.Xin,NO 116. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y., MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 1900. W HOLE N O . 3,897. NO m S J F BOILER Report that Gen. Warren has Crossed the Tugela. BELIEVUO IN LONDON THAT AN, IMPORTANT ENGAGEMENT NOW BEING FOUGHT—MOVE­ MENTS OP BOERS ASTONISHING BRITISH—REPORT THAT GEN. BULLER HAS SUFFERED AN­ OTHER REVERSE. CAPE TOWN, Jan. 15.—'A despatch to the Argus, dated Friday last, says; “The authorities have received news that General Warren has crossed the Tu,gela and occupied a strong position , north of the river.’’ This report has ibeen current here since yesterday, hult is discredited in official circles. THE MOLINEUX TRIAL. Negress Formerly Employed hy Mrs. Bell On the Stand. NEW YORK, Jan. 15.—In the Moli- neux case to-day, Rachel Green, ne- gress, now living in Washington, tes­ tified that at one tim e she had heen employed as a servant at the house of Mrs. Bell, at No. 257 W est Sev^nty- I s ixth street, this city; this was some 1 tim e previous to the marriage of Moll- neux'and Miss Ohesebrough. The man, however, whom she to-day identified asM olineux, lived there with Miss Ohesebrough, they passing as man and wife and occupying the sam e room. Molineux was known as Mr. Chesebrongh. Later the ivitness w ent - ■ ----- ------ house in COMBINED FORWARD MOVEMENT P]•ROCBEDING. esebrough. Later tl to live at Mrs. Bellinger’s W e st End avenue, where ts, ano1 Mrs. Bellii m an, not j upon Misi prosecuting show that t but the wii identify Ba ilineux, frequently ( Chesebr-ough there. The lawyer endeavored to w that th is other man was Barnet, ; the witness failed to positively let from the photographs ngeia river . ____ islon remains but a rumor; neverthe­ less, the whole tenor of such news as has drihbled in from South Africa dur­ ing the last forty-eight hours indicates that a comhined forward movement, o f a comprehensive character is proceed­ ing. It is necessary to believe the un- ~ ted stories of the Boers being in confirmed full reti'(eat has been leannarned • from Colenso, because it le time, crei ___ ' different sources indlsputabl. , the momentous changes in the disi tion of the Boer forces. Advices from Pietermaritzburg, dated Saturday, Jan. 13, say that since their defeat January 6, the Boem have been removing their guns from positions south of Lady­ smith. The same dispatch confirms the report that the thirteenth Hussars reached Groblei'skloof without meeting any Boers. As the trenches a t Gro- hlerskloof were, perhaps, the strongest position held by the burghers, their vacation has considerably astonished the British. The merchants of Pietermaritzburg have received a message from Lady­ smith, saying, \Bring up jam,” etc.; indicating that their Ladysmflth agents anticipated the immediate opening of communications, while Ladysmith heliographed the belief prevalent there January 13 that th e Boers were mov­ ing and concentrating their forces elsewhere. As corroborative of the British activity i n the direction, of the relief of Ladysmith, the Associated Press i s able to, say that a dispatch has heen received in London from General BuHer to the effect that he expected that all dispositions for a synchronous movement of the various columns \ against the besoigers would be com- J pleted this morning. Under these cir- \ cumstances it is considered quite? proh- I able that a n advance on che beleaguer- i cd town has commenced and that flght- ‘ ing is progressing. Optimists go so far as to say i t is expected Ladysmith will be relieved to-night if all goes APPROPRIATION BILL. Reported to the House by Chairman Gannon To-day. WASHINGTON, Jan. 15.—The ur- mcy deficiency appropriation hill re- _ jrted to the house by Chairman Can­ non to-day, carries $56,127,841, of which $47,602,332 is re-appropriation for military and naval establishments, and $8,525,509 direct appropriation. The more important direct appropria­ tions are: Treasury department, $2,- 069,264; ‘war department, $199,617; nav­ al establishment, $275,000; postal ser­ vice, $290,327; Paris exposition, $169,- 500; printing and binding, $270,000; judgments, Indian depredation claims, — ‘ ■ ■ it court of claims. m INDI^DPBM Outbreak of Canadian Indians Expected. .112; j !3,925. SEiRIOUS STATE OF AFFAIRS— WHITE MEN AND HALPBREEDS HAVE BEEN URGING OREB IN ­ DIANS TO REVOLT—CANADIAN GOVERNMENT WARNS THE BEL­ LIG E RENTS AGAINST ANY MIS­ CONDUCT. MONTREAL, Jan. 15.—There Is fear of the Canadian Indians in the Northwest rising owing- to the withdra.wal of some of the mounted police for the Transvaal. Clifford Sifton, minister of the interior, and the commissioner, have telegraphed the Ihd'ian agents to warn the Indiana that misconduct on their part will mean ^stoppage of the government bounty and any outbreak will be suppressed by force. The white men and halfbreeds who have been doing their best to foment troublq will be made to leaye the coun- The department,of the interior was in- forrped by cypher telegrams that a s e ­ rious state of affairs exists in the north­ ern portion of Asslnaboia and Alberta along the Saskatchewan. The Indians of the northern distidcts, principally the Crees, it appears, have been taking a great interest in the South African war and have been most anxious to get every scrap of news concerning it. At first ■their anxiety to get news seemed to be merely that the members of a fighting race take an interest In any trouble anywhere, but within the past fortnight affairs have taken on a dangerous as- STATE LEGISLATURE. I,arg « N u m b e r of B ills Introd u c e d and B e f e r red to Com mittees. ALBANY, Jan. 1§.—The wheels Islation yet revolve, but slowly, number of bills, however, have I i both uoses and ref( 5 committees. None of have yet attained the constitutional re­ quirement of three days pace upon the desks of the members to get upon the calendar. The committees of botl organized and will begin consider houses are the work of irlng these different measures next week. The number of bills troduced In each house Is ab( erage of the first week’ great many of them ho GEN. BULLER DEFEATED? LONDON, Jan. 15.—A telegram from Newport, Wales, says that Rutherford Harris, formerly the resident director in South Africa of the British South I African company, has received a cable­ gram to the effect that General Bailor has suffered another reverse. WILL JOIN ROBERTS. DURBAN, Natal, Jan. 14.—All the , foreign military attaches arrived here to-day. They will proceed Monday to ' ^ — n, where they w ill join Lord ■' Cape T ot Roberts. SAILS NEXT SATURDAY\. LONDON, Jan. 15.—The Duke of Mai'lborough, who volunteered for South African service, sails for Gape Town Saturday next. MR. PAYN'S RENO MINATION Itooaovolt Denies F ig h tin g tlio Snporin- lendeiit o f lusur.ince. Governor Boosevelt refuses to renomi- signifloance will be withheld until this nate, speaking la.^t night of the state- +v>o o-ao, i|en t in that he had borrowed a large ; i of money from a New York trust nave D£ ipany and given a check of the Met- cations are 1 .polltan railway as security, said: \It to work without delay. Already the com- , purely personal affair and the mittee on cities, codes and judiciary have iction snenks for itself. It has organized and the other committees IS and a have grown, famil­ iar through age. The greatest Interest of all the mem­ bers and the politicians generally is cen­ tered in the expected nomination by the governor of a successor to Superintend­ ent of Insurance Louis P. Payn. Al­ though the governor has given no inti­ mation of his purpose a general Impres­ sion prevails that the nomination wijl be sent to the senate a week from tonight. Out of the gi-eat number of names suggested for this place no one has been able to secure the slightest intimation of the governor’s choice. Superintendent Payn was conspicuous about the corri­ dors of the Ten Eyck hotel during th« evening preceding the assembling of the legislature and conversed with many senators. He is, however, as persistently silent as the governor, and no one h been able to draw from him any poi live information as to his expectation policy. There are a number of vacancies In other state institutions occurring with- In a short time, but it is probable that the governor will send in no other nomi-. nation until this has been disposed of. Most conspicuous of all the proposed legislation thus far presented are the nu­ merous and varied propositi* organfza'tlon of the New York city school department, and these promise to occupy much of the time of the early days of the session. Pew bills of political sig­ nificance have been introduced, and the most Important measures expected dur­ ing the session have not yet made an ap­ pearance. There is a very general im­ pression that the vote upon confirmation of Superintendent Payn’s successor will •enturers of a most un­ government exactly what the Indians believe t l ladlan government did in 1885—thJ opting to steal from ■! is attempting to steal from the Boers the lands on which their fathers lived and which belong to them just as much as in the belief of the Cree braves of a decade and a half ago the whole B'es: belonged to the red men. BRE^ F O R L IBERTY. T h ir ty P risoners A ssault th e Ja ilo r , B u t Ai'e K epiilsed. 15.—Thirty county jail liberty Saturday. One of -them was mortally wounded. The sheriff -was wounded. Turnlkey lips opened the door to the ca; the prisoners • their suppe pinioned his aii out of the cage. I turnkey 3 ind handcul ■;en from hit ‘ heard by Sheriff .8 at supper. As he L up the stairs Ed Revely, a prist fired at him. He threw his left ■n Phil- :age to givt DOCTORS EXAMINE MORRISON. The Alleged Wife Murderer’s Mental Condition Examined. « Alfred Morrison as to mental condition, at W h ite Plains, where he-is held on a charge of mur­ der. The district attorney accomnan- j doctors to the . ls closely questioned by the doc- ■ ■ '3 history, his former life examinatic and inclint its, and was put tion. Morrison \ 0 be erratic generally gave direct answers. The- physicians w ill'm a k e a' report to the district attorney which will be sub­ mitted to the grand jury on the flrs1 Monday of February. BIG STRIKE 'iHREATENED. w as excitable i at times, but Train Operatives of the Great North era Rail Road May Quit Work. MINOT, N. B., Jan. 15.—A strike of serious proportions is threatened by the tiiain operatives of the Great Northern railroad. This applies to the freight men only, but it is thought that unless an amicable adjustment of the differences is brought about, a general tie-up w ill result. Last night, at a meeting of the trainmen, i t was decid­ ed to g o o u t Tuesday unless a modifica­ tion of the rule lately introduced com­ pelling the freight crews to do switch­ ing at terminal points was granted. Governor MeLau:i^ln Worse. JACKSON, Mich., Jan. 15.—Gover­ nor McLauiln, who has been ill for sev­ eral days with pneumonia, is reported ■to -be slightly worse to-day. The phy­ sicians remain almost constantly in at­ tendance. t> A Ten Per Cent-Advance. CATSKILL, N. Y., J^n. 15.—The em­ ployees of two large mills here struck this morning for a ten- per cent, ad­ vance. The advance was conceded and work resumed. G. A. R. Encampment. ALBANY, Jan. 15.—The annual en­ campment o f the state G. A. R. will bo held at Utica, MAy 16 and 17, and m May 15 and 16, as 'heretofare announ ed. Suicide in Grand Rapids, Mich. GEB. OTIS BEPOIIIS Filipinos Defeated at Iba with a Loss oL Fifty Men. * SEVERAL OTHER SMALL ENGAGE­ MENTS IN WHICH THE REBELS ARE BEATEN—TWO HUNDRED SPANISH PRISONERS LIBERAT­ ED BY GEN. SCHWAN—MANY FILIPINOS RETURNING TO THEIR HOMES. WASHINGTON, Jan. 15.—The war department to-day received the fol­ lowing report from General Otis: “MANILA,\ Jan. 15.—^Bolomen and armed insurgent robbers from the Ze- ambelos mountains .attacked two com­ panies of the twenty-fifth infantry, un­ der O’Neil, commanding at Ibaonjan. The rebels were driven and pttshed with a loss t o them of fifty men. O’Neil had no casualties. “Schwan’s troops are east and south of Santo Thomas, Batanzas. Yesterday Cheatham’s battalion of the thirty- seventh struck the enemy east of San­ to Thomas, on the San Pabalo road. The enemy left five dead on th e field. The cavaliy soon appearing, enem y left five d( cavaliy soon appearing, pursued the force eastward. No report of the lit. Cheatham’s casualties Thomas and drove them through Lipa to Rosaro; the enemy’s loss was twen­ ty dead and wounded. Sixty Spanish prisoners and twenty thousand dollars ioners and were also tak< “Schwan has llbei hundred Spanish prise ehroute to Manila, ilties yesterday were •unded. Wheatcon’s casualties yi killed and i lerated about two who are Anderson’s one man t force is actively operating in the west Bbf Cavite and Batanga pi’ovinces. All the important towns are held and stantly j ■ - - ns are held and con- . patrolled. A great many F ili­ pinos are returning to their homes. They are believed to be insurgent de­ serters. (Signed) OTIS Grip Epidemic in Barcelona. BARCELONA, Jan. 15.—An epidem­ ic of grip has seized the city and the mortality has in c r eised. a s ................ . Illation is in bed, am workshops only a qui number of employes are worki Half the pop- id in the stores and ;arter of thehe usuals t u and keys were t cries for help were Barniskal, who \ imply some 140 id, and the Indi- ,at the committees will get ired a t him. H e threw h is left arm over h^s head and received the bullet in his forearm. He shot the prisoner twice. One bullet; entered his abdomen, and he is dying. When the police arrived in answer to a riot call, the men could not get into the Jail until the doors had heen broken down with a sledge -hanxmer. The pris­ oners were then driven back into their DE^ H BY GAS. Two Mon Dead a n d One I n h D y ing Con­ d ition I n New V o rk. NEW YOBE, Jon, 15,-Two young men, John Woessner and George Lehman, German farmers from Ackley, la,, on their way hack to Germany for a visit, put up at the \True Blue,” a Second avenue hotel, Saturday night. One of them blew out the gas and Woessener’s lead bo-dy was h e gas and Woesse found, with Lehm: an unconscious condition.* lying 1 ■ II to a hoi la'n was taken to a hospital, 3 died later. In Woessner’s found several hundred dol- of a welllmown hat concern, was as­ phyxiated by coal gas in a hotel on Dey street, where he was in. the habit of stopping, and died later. Lehma'n was takei rsa.l, the Brooklyn manager pocket u Daniel C h o ic e D iam o n d s , W a tch e s , Jew e lry, Sterling Silver and first quality Silver Plated Ware’. RICH AI^ERICAN CUT 0LA55. One Piece Solid 14,18,22 Karat Gold Wedding Rings, Guaranteed as Stamped. ' BI8. fl. 0. WESSELS, OPIlCM, at Oar Store Mays. f - i A R R V A . O I L - L O I M Diamond MercSia-sit and Jeweler. 38 EORTH m ain STREET. JANUARY SHOE SALE. In order to reduce stock as small as possible before in ventory, we will sell all kinds of men’s, ladies’, boys’, youths’ misses’ and children’s footwear at the following reduced prices All shoes, regular price, $1.00, now $ .80. “ “ “ “ 1.25, “ 1.00. L50, 1.75, 2 . 00 , 2.50.. 3.00, 3.50, 1 . 20 . 1.40. 1.60. 2 . 00 . 2.40. 2.90. We also have a lot of ladies’ shoes (all in small sizes which we are selling ior half price. Prices of all footwear marked in plain figures on the sole of every shoe. M. Mark:, Reliable Footwear* 9 S. M a in-^t. __________ . nothing to ( df the insui-f rsonal affair and the a speaks for itself. It has ■ do with my administration insurance department.” Governor Roosevelt declined to talk Oh that specific matter, but did say; “The statement that I am fighting Mr. Payn Is untrue. His term Of office ex­ pires and I am using my prerogative as governor to select my own candidate; that is ail.” Congressm an Sherm an W ill A ccept. NEW YORK, Jan. 15.-A special to The Press from Utica says: Congress­ man Janies S. Sherman, who has been selected by Senator Platt as secretary of the United States senaie, has gone to Chicago, Before starting he de­ clined to discuss the subject, but i t is declared b.v his friends that he will ac­ cept, It also is said that his trip to Chicago Is made in coimectloii with the Bocrotaryshlp, . Cloriimn Htiniulron lloarty to Hull. 1 BKHLIN, iTnn, 15.—Reiitil'ls are imli. Jllslioil from WllheimHliaven ibal the lliHt Jllslioil from WllheimHlmvc Idennan Inm' Iud «(iuutlron Is (ompletely jicndy ly Iwivt) toi urtluii 'UUilii Si I FtJi’ nil the liL’Wii rt iiU I'lif LtitUcf, tee on cities, codes and janized and the other will follow suit after the session Tuesday morning. Of the •hills Intro­ duced not a few are last year’s, most of these affecting New York city. At tonight’s session Mr. Harburger of New York will introduce and endeavor to debate his i-esolution attacking the state excise department 'and urging the repeal of the present excise law, for which he has already Introduced a bill. Policy o f the Administration Opposed WASHINGTON, Jan. 15.—In the sen­ ate to-day, Pettigrew’s resolution call­ ing upon the secretary of war for cer­ tain information regarding the Philip­ pines was taken up. Pettigrew de­ clined Hoar’s request to substitute the resolution presented by Hoar, A de- ■bate upon the subject was then, begun by Berry of Arkansas, who opposed the attitude of tho administration in rela­ tion to tho Phlllppino Islands. KlUeU b.y a Train. HOSTON, Jan. 15.—Herbert M. Dun- liftiii, llto marlno odllov of tho Boston TraiiHcrlpt, was killed by n tmln nt BoinevvlUo lo-day. Ho wnn 55 years of (ign 'and leaves ii widow, Mr. Dun* biuii Imn heen (•oniieeled wIlli tho Tmuutilpi i 4 uK foi’ thirty ytaih, A rrested F o r Bobbing M ails, CHICAGO, Jan. 15.-The mystery of the thefts of thousands of letters sent out for city delivery from the Chicago post- office in the last three months^ h solved by the arrest of a mail Fred Lawrence Buck. Inspectors watched him for hours discovered con­ vincing evidence of hia guilt, and after he was taken into custody stolen letters, [ers, checks and cash 1 carrier, tors' who money orde found In his, to pilferl] pockets. Then he confessed for more than three months. Emmett, thias circles, hi senior aide de c IVollknowii V e teran Dead. ;ANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 15.—Robert tt, well known in Knights of Py- havlng held the rank of camp ■in the grand lodge, died at his home here of paralysis. He was 60 years old. Mr. Emmett was a veteran of the civil wav, having enlisted with the One Hundred and Sixty-third New York volunteers, with whith he at­ tained the rank of captain. The Inter­ ment Will be at Indianapolis, Founllav Suiotdu ot nn Old Man, INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., Jan. ID.-John ■Schnaeble, 74 years old, committed sui­ cide 1ft a very peeullar manner last night. Ho was an inmate n£ tho Homo of tho Aged, but not a charity niombor. Ho aollbovntPly out bln bamt off wlUi a common piicket knife uiul bled to doatli. Ho has a son in Brooklyn. Ills miud was unbalanced. KINO AND ORINDIN i T m AKB Povtio Doml luirt Kino Pnlnt wp»r bwlco M iQUK nil land nud oil intxtd by. b«udU We’re Closing Out Some Jtocls. . W o W q outgrown our quarters. You’ve forced us into getting more room. Thank you I ' And may the-growth continue until the new annex—three floors of the big build­ ing on the north of us, known as 51 and 53 North Pearl St.—become too small. We rio v e in on February 1. But before that date our whole stock of ladies’ and njiisses’ outergarments is to be distributed among you at one-third to one- half off their regular prices. This season’s favorite styles; but our coat- and-suit buyer is' determined not to let one of them enter the new department-he’s just as stubborn about it as a new bride is about beginning housekeeping with second-hand furniture. And you can’t wonder that he’s willing to slash prices, after having the most successful season in the history of the house, and get­ ting his heart set on filling the whole .second floor-45x 220 ft.--with brand-new garments. A l b a n y , N. Y. Have seasonable goods to sell at very low prices to clean up our stock. , A few Parlor Stoves to close out at, or below, cost. Three reasons why you should take advantage of this: 1st. We bought them before the ;reatreat advancedvance inn price.rice. ; a i p 2d. You can buy them s o cheap. 3d. They will be much higher n C o m e t o U s - B r a m e r ’s , THE STOVE MAN. 12 enurch Street. Remarkable Offer in Furniture The prices below are still good for the month of January, 1900...... Some o f the things mentioned below; Fancy cohl^ler rocker, $1.88. Gold Oak jardiniere stands, SSo,, 75c. and $1.00. Good oak extension table, $4.50. Six dining chairs, $4.08. Oak side hoard, $12.00. Hall trees, $8.50. Morris chairs, $4.75 to $15.00. ■ Turkish chairs, $17.00 to $25.00. 3-Piece Parlor Suits, $15,00, and oth­ er things in same proportion, a ll to b* had at fost, Jones- ^ Go «6 WEST FULTON STREET Some;:: Specialty Handsome .....R u g s , Qx12 and Smaller, SEE THEM. W . H .O I X O I N « S t C O 17 NtlilTH MAIN iTHlifi

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