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L . o o a l R e o o r d . WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10,1900, VEIiGPUOMli: NCflUMtKst Oountlns R oomi • . ^ sv >2 RdUortml R oom . . . . 5 7 . 3 Qiir, eiitire stock of high grl0e rea(J>^tOiWear clothing. b#rice now to close out the y irtce of our stock. i|ii‘g(i Ciit Custom Tailoring is \' 1 ^ , out Puttire Business. iilM W i^ llIN G HOUSE ■f • , HOWE OITINKER. • Managers. lifi<$BTH MAIN s t r e e t . |<i .'.Tkose 'W’lio .li^ve jilready t! ft I s G e n u in e ; ^ aj^feT«*y purchase Is siire to men’s suits, ^■^|T,50 aJl wool men’s suits, j $1,50 all wool men’s suits, 15.95. i ^$9^60 all wool men’s suits, $10.50 ail wool men's suits, $12.00 all wool men's suits, I $14.00 all wool men’s suits, »».W. ! $15.00 all wool men’s suits, -*10.50. len’s suits, amo propor- same propor- 1 and children’s i proportion. Joking for greater , their money will ije ▼ /piap£>„inted, it not a t time o f A ; m o r ^ s ^ t h e y will see the H ifllffetwnce later. These prices ▼ l*r« not marked up in order to ^ tent, but every one is our orig- I Cash Price, and ©?ery cut Is an. HONEST ONli.' 'this sale will continue %U*through January, but early j foyers get the cream. ^Judsoa& Rogers 1 9 »a^Clt«M^ ^^UiUs’ Saits { ? What! P ' ■■■ ^ l * the Ww-Yeiir 6 with a Cold? ' S t o p It I ! (WINDSOR PHARMACY. Phone 139-4 DR. DAIigY. y| liy«, 4)}«r, Mose add Throat dpee- io t this city, will be at hla Blov. p e ofllo^ each day in tbo week letar. Omoe hours, 9 to U*.80 a, , Q80 to 4;$0, and 7 to 8 p. in. Bun< No, 48 North Main / jilllC P H A R R I P ' t M r e older G w '* Mu*lo Htore, Mandolin (HfiUtr astnianjo Leiiohi. ------------ R BUREAU. Yesterday’s Weather, Meteorological report of this city tor (be St Tdmper|Unre.^^ 10 Snow 0 00. Prevailing wind ME. Tempertnre a t 18 m to-day 3r above zero. ■th portion and much colder in the Ltral portion; fair Thursday; high, ithwesterly winds becoming north­ westerly. The annual dinner of the New York Associated Dallies is being held to-day in Amsterdam. The Clark Glove company of Pea­ body, Mass., is represented at the Wmdsor by Wm. Powell. tidal of Henry Sharrow on a i of assaultssault wasas calledalled beforefore Re- oharge of a w c be corder Wood this afternoon and adjourned until a future date. utscu. vi«>tinu5 DU'tUii. iUJ past .three weeks, left on the after, m train for her home in Syi-acuse. An ably prepared biographical sketch of Judge Daniel Cady, written by the well known and always euteutaining county historian, Robert L. Jeffers of .Tohnstown, will be found on the sixth page of The Leader to-day. We are r-' ■ \aen.tthe article will prove interest- ia„- reading to all our patrons. The Beehive variety store a t 89 Glen street, Glens Palls, owned by D. P. Keeffe & Co., has been sold to I. N. Lovenheim, proprietor of The Pair, which was burned out Thursday eve­ ning. The owner took possession Mon­ day and the store will be mmaged by Prank Greenburger, foi’merly of Am­ sterdam. Mr. Lovenheim owns stores in Amsterdam, Gloversville and Little Falls.—Amsterdam Democrat. Buy underwear now, prices are low­ er tdian anywhere in the city. W’e want extra Large men, 46, 48 and 50. to buy our ?1 underwear at 4S cents. J. R. Newman & Sons. Surrogate’s Court. ■The following business has been transacted in Surrogate Keck’s court since The Leader’s last report: Petition was filed for the probate of the .last ^yilI and testament of Daniel McLaren, late of the town of Perth, deceased, and thereupon citations were issued, returnable Pebniai-y 26. Orlando Gifford, as trustee under the will of Benedict Blowers, filed petition for a final se.ttlement of his accounts, and thereupon a citation was issued returnable January 26. Letters of administration, upon the goods, chattels and credits of Joseph W. Bower, late of the city of Glovers­ ville, deceased, were Issued to I^aura Dower, h is widow. In the matter of the distribu tion of the proceeds of the sale of real esta.te of L. Frederick, deceased, an order was made directing the distribution of the same, a t the surrogate's office, on February 19. Old Folks’ Concert. The Old Folks’ Concert company at A. M. E. Zion church last evening was greeted by an enthusiastic audience that completely filled the church. The •performers, though amateurs, gave good satisfaction and all went away pleased that they had spent such a de­ lightful evening at little Zion, and for so worthy a cause no one regi’etted the price of adTjkSsion. Space will n'ot allow us to do justice to every one but we may say that all did fairly well. The solo by Mrs. Clara Bowman, \Venice my Shining Star,” was lieaittMy encor­ ed; “Hear Dem Bells” received a full round of applause, as did, also, the “Old Oaken Bucket” and “John Brown's Body lies Mouldering in the Grave,” “Did n ot Old Pharaoh Get Lost?” was well received.- Miss M. La Roche sang with good effect “Cornin’ Through the Rye,” The recitation by Mrs. prank Shaw was very pathetic and receiyed a hearty round of applause. Elmer A. Canter recited the “Colored Spldier” by Paul Lawrence Dunbar. An entire new programme will be i^endered this evening, and ice cream and cake will be served. Fire in Johnstown. The Johnstown fire department was called out this morning to subdue a fire in a frame -dwelling on '\West Clinton street in that city, owned by Mrs. Jane Keith and occupied In the upper apart­ ments by herself with Patrick Leii and his family a s the occupants o f t _ -lower portion of the house. The fire is supposed to have originated from a stove in the kitchen -and before it-could be subdued the •dwelling was b u « .j ------ o-— -------- enable damage was also caused by wa­ ter and a quantity of property in the garret as well as in the apartments of the occupanits was niined. The total loss on ’the building and Contents was estimated a t about $1,000 and was cov­ ered by insurance held as lolloivs: Mrs. Keith, $1,500 on building and $700 on furniture, .held by Nellis Getman; Pat­ rick Leigh, $500 on furniture held by Case & Co. Glove Men in Town. At the Windsor: J. H. Cowinle, DeMolnes, la. 0. E. Creolman, Boston. C. L. KUiekhelni. St. Paul. •M. N. Seans, St. Paul. Geo. Upclcgraff, Hagerstown, Md. Alox, Gunther, Omaha, Nob, A. Van Nostmmi, Now York. 0. A. Randall, Cloveland. O. M, S. Levy, Dallas, To F, Berthau, Chicago. J, L. Bogoj'H, St, JOBoplr, ,r. W, Dlgglou, Oli'lcago. Wm, Gordon, ClUcago. Coi tumcr QUO People of lUlcit will roni. ruflUimca Frlilay, bogliinliig wt 10 1 , Texas, joplr. Mo. THE BANDERS AND BINDERS Met this Morning to Consider the Question of Wages. The banders and binders who are employed on heavy work In the factor­ ies of this city which manufacture tlrat class of 'goods, held a largely attended meeting a t 10 o’clock this ■morning in Maccabee .hall on North Main street for the purpose of considering some action with regard to securing a better rate of wages than is paid at the present time. The operatives are employed principally at the factories of Daniel Hays & Co., J. C. Allen, Littauer Bros., and are also employed by Swaitz,Schif- fer & Co., F. B. Zimmer, and many are engaged in smaller factories and at their homes. The operatives at Zim- inei-’s factory did not attend the meet­ ing, as a satisfactory schedule is un­ derstood to have been aivanged and it was stated that only a portion of .those employed a t Allen’s factory 'went to .the meeting. The operatives at that es­ tablishment made a request for an in­ crease in wages a few days ago and it was stated at the factory to-day that the maibter had been adjusted satisfac­ torily by .the wages being advanced. As far as could be learned the matter of an Increase had not been brought .t-p the attention of Mr. Littauer to-day, and as he could n o t be seen no positive statement could be obtained as to what had occurred among his employees. It is understood, however,, .that .the opera­ tives think that the'y are entitled .to an increase in their wages, and the meet­ ing this morning was held with t Specials For To-Morrow. Another practical illustration of our ability to sell at lower prices than com­ petition, may be seen in the very exceptional bargains offered below. Huck Towels. THE WAX THREADERS. Reply to Statements Made by Lit- tauer Brothers. made in last night’s Dally I er by Congressman Littauer concern­ ing the schedule of wages asked him by his wax thread operators, certainly calls for a reply. We think that after a few things in this communication have been pointed out and explained, the public at large will appreciate that we are not “excessive” or unreasona­ ble Inbur demands. First. Mr. Littauer says that “there is little uniformity in the prices of wax thread work.” We certainly are aware that there Is a difference in the prices paid by him and other shops. We desire that this price be unifonn, and for this reasonreason ask that he pay .ntl.:,.!. J qj . J( a prices which have been paid for a long time by the Hays shop and since the 1st of January by the J. C. Allen shop. Second. We call attention to the fact that in every instance, hut one, where Mr. Littauer has granted the price asked by his operatives, as he himself says, “the item Is an inconsequential one.” And again, t'on three kinds of corkscrew and two Montpeliers there •was no difficulty because that class of goods are not manufactured by Littau­ er Bros.” Yet this all enters into what he calls a raise of from 12^6 to 15 per cent., which he says \we believe the operators will recognize and soon ■willing to accept the liberal adva: lling to accept th iered.” We certain inpt acceptit it ecognize it. ainly “recognize it,” _ i simply because e do recognize it. Third. Mr. Littauer states th:at ?arbyarby factoryactory “thethe waxax thread( l in a lers are :entsents a dozen.ozei ne f “ w t ■willing to work for 30 c a d while for this same work a t Llttam Bros, they ask 40 cents.” In reply, we state that the adjective used is not correct. Tliese men are not “wUlifig,” but are \compelled” to take these wages. But It seems to be stated that factory turns out a veiT few; in- It is asserted with authority, not iwij out gloves of the very cheapest sort; work that does not call for the time or care demanded by Mr. Littauer of his \wax threaders. And even the very few \sheepskin and lighter leath­ er gloves” he manufactures are heavier and harder to be manufactured than those of this nearby factory. Fourth. To illustrate how excessive our demands are, Mr. Littauer in­ stances the pri’ne asked on outseam mittens. He says “the price on outseam mittens has been fifteen cents. The will average 18 dozen per day. i if they desire to work steady and hard, some of them can make 25 dozen per day.” While the average good and steady workman, talcing ork as i t comes, cannot average week . and week out 12 dozen per day. here is not a living operator that can ke work as it comes and make 25 doz- 1 six days in succession. Now to show plainly that our de­ mand Is reasonable, we present In the table below the wages paid in 1893 and then in comparison, the wages now paid by Mr. Littauer, the ■wages we de­ mand and those he has offered. It must not be forgotten that out of these wages, in the neighborhood of $20 per year* returns to Mr. Littaii from each operative for power rent. Through out welted, 1893, 52%< 1899, 35c.; now ask 40c.; offered 33%c. Through outseam, 1893, 50c.; 1899, 30c.; now ask 35c.; offered 35c. Thumb and close, 1893, 40c.; 1899, 25c.; nowaskSOc.; offered 27%c. Gaunt throughout, 1893, 60c.; 1899, 40c.; now ask 50c.; offered 50c. Gaunt thumb and close, 1893, 45c.; 1899, 30c.; now ask 35c.; offered 33c. One finger mit, 1893, 40c.; 1899, 25c.; now ask 35c.; offered 35c. Welted mit, 1893, |35c.; 1899, 20c.; now ask 25c.; offered 22c. Palms, 1893. 30c.; 1899,18c.; now ask 25c.; offered 22c. Outseam mit, 1893, 25c.; 1899, now ask 20c.; offered 16^c. Corkscrew, 1893, 50c.; 1899, Fifty dozen large linen Huck Towels made to sell at a shilling; buy what you want to-morrow. Hotds and housekeepers should take \ V' \'A advantage of this sale> for an* opportunity to buy a good serviceable towel for so little money is not an every day occurrence. Some of them are slightly soiled and mussed from holiday handling, but that will not interfere with thoir good wearing qualities. (See Window Display.) We will place on sale tomorrow one care of Corsets at 2 5 c e a c h . They are without the manufacturer’s name, which enables us to sell them at the above price. We can not buy these CORSETS to­ day for near the money we offer them to you. Kitchen Department. Pr’ces were never lower among the nee iful things for the kitchen, / l i e thrifty housekeeper should watch the announcement of this de­ partment, as it often occurs here that a dollar can be made to do double duty. to-morrow we will offer a limi ed amount of Flint Glass Tumblers,at Remember this price is for to-morrow only. Horse Blankets. We are determined to j.greduceour stock ot horse ).|blankets and will make _ _ prices tomorrow that will interest every horse owner. Stable Blankets. $1.25 blankets for 95c. $1.50 blankets for $1.10. $1.75 blankets for $1.30. $2.25 blankets for $1.70. $2.48 blankets for $1.85. $4.00 blankets for $2.98. Street Blankets. .$1.25 blankets for 95c. $1.50 blankets for $1.10. $2.98 blankets for S2.25. $3.25 blankets for $2.45. $3.50 blankets for $2.65. $3.75 blankets for $2.85. $4.25 blankets for $3.20. $4.75 blankets for $3.55. $6,00 blankets for $4.50. MARTIN & NAYLOR. t e l e p h o n e ; 2 1 0 . previous to inventory. Big B a r g a i n s In M e n ’s P a t e n t . ......... L e a t h e r s . ' O d d S i z e s . The prices we have placed on them should inoye them at once ..... W I L L A R D , 10 South Main Street. 1 15c.; 35c.; now There never -was a better 'time to pur- chaso boys’ and children’s suits, over­ coats and reefers. 'Prices are extreme­ ly low; black worsteds and bine .serges are inolnded In the sale. J. R, Newman & Sons. FINE CIGARS. Do you enjoy a really lino sinolto? Wo have received to-day a freiili In­ voice of Stnelielbci'R'B In four »i(! 08 ,nlHO ImDorlcd Maimcl Garelaa in 'two slzea. Ualo (ind Bamuu'o good* and aclioleo lino of dome.stU'H, Uio flne«t«»8orlineiU In town, Wlnflfior PImrnwey. GoiiconUa masiiuQmdQ yrtdayiJun.UI. -«IT IS NO!- our ,business what you are paying for :;:OAT5::: IT IS : your business what we are selling them For. I.MeEwenll^oii8» XdroDaiUMliltri, • M i i i i w t m . m § w m n » , T o o L a t e ..... FOR ..... C . h r i s t m a s . FULL LINE Kodaks. NO KODAK BUT THE EASTMAN. Solio, Dekko and Sepia printing papers. EASiiii’s ins. aivord & Walker 37 N. Main St. HELLO 82-2. This is the weather that makes Chaps-- The real remedy that heals is called Pearl Lotion. «^-We have it.— louck S l Patrick DrufiMU, U H. M n I u tSt, 'M w l i m I5’l« j NO WONDER THE STORE 15 BUSY. Our clearance sale is a notable event. We I give you what we promise. The lowest prices ever known for reliable goods. Hats, men’s ' furnishings, trunks, bags, suit cases; prices in i some instances cut in two, and in every case a re- | duction enough to cause wonderment. UiKlerwear 1-2 Off. Nocliiir 1-2 Off. And so it goes; store busier then ever before, but I not because of sensational advertising, it’s be- | cause we do as we promise. W . P . L e f f e r t s & S o n , HATS, FURS, MEN'S FURNISHINQS. NORTH MAINLSTREET. . GLOVERSVILLE L I F = » M A I N T S Cut Price Sale. Ladies’ TiTaimed Hats, 75c to 98c. Children’s Dresses, 25c to $4. Ladies’ Velvet Waists, $2.50. Black and colbred Petticoats, 98c to $2.50. Ladies’ Skirts, $1.25. The cheapest muslin underwear. Eiderdown Jackets, 69c to 98c. House Wrappers, 75c., 1,$1,25. Flannel Waists, 98c. Ladies’ and Children’s Leggins, 25c. A Good Corset at 39c. LIPMAN. ladiGH’ aiul Infanta’ Outfitrera 2ji N. Mala, Come: tibiircti St.

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