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• • V U V J L J L A A l | \ J | t • Being sol^ a t 50 cents on the dollar. STOP! L . Q p a l Reoord- SATURDAY. DECEMBER 30,1899. • And think what that means. 1 ; i*eduotion of a small per cent., bul ' the price. trlSliBlPnONB NVlSBBBHi 0«untln« h « k >« h , .... sf.g Edttortal Boo«t, * . - . 67>3 at cneapest prices. fii6f6 Is Jii6 Place? ,Whdra they are c *)^ 1 of ready to emhfij T i ________ lUIIFACniSERS'CLOTHING BOOSE , HOWE&-.TINKER, /lO NORTH wTA^iTREET. Mow... To 5ave. bf Take ad-vantage AT ONCE : onr 30 per cent, cut on ' ,en’s and boys’ clothing and I 0 p er cent, on jackets. 1 I 1 Those who have already tp- }h advantage of this cut re- ll*e that I It Is Genuine,, k and every purchase is sure to 1 make a saving. ' 13^5^^ Daen’s suits, f ^^$7.50 all wool men’s suits, ^ )|5 men’s suits, |G 65^*^ all \Wool m en's. suits, ^ IIO.BO all wool men’s suits, ▼ 17.35. ^^fiS.OO all wool men’s suits, • 114.1 ?9.80. T h e W e a th e r . There will he no issue of The Leader Monday. Mr. .Oak Eldridge of Sharon is visit­ ing friends on Woodside avenue. Miss Myrtle Borden of Woodside av­ enue Is visiting relatives in Buffalo. Edgar Eliot and wife of Sharon Springs are visiting friends in the city. Prank Hrirdman went to St, JO'hns- ville to-day to spend Sunday with his parents. I ' Eev.i Edward Russell Perry will preach a t the. Presbyterian church Sun- ' day morning and evening. Miss Cora Abeling of Canajoharie is visiting her ailnt, Mrs. A. Wagner, No. 93 Second avenue. William S. M. Hunter returned from his home in Cooperstown, where he has been spending a few days’ vacation. Mr. and Mrs. George H, Witherhead left this morning foi' St. Laiwrence county to spend New Years with rela- The Fi-ee Methodists -udll hold a watch meeting in .their rooms, 37 R\u‘- al avenue, Sunday night, commencing at 7 O’clock. iWe extend a n invitation to all. Next Tuesday will'be high school day a t the a rt exhibit. The money receiv­ ed will be used for decorating the high school rooms. < The Dobler Brewing company of Al­ bany has leased the building formerly :upied by the Ii 1 a brand .00 all wool men’s suits. 115.00 all wool men’s suits, *10.60. >• tl?.00 aB wool men’s suits, *11.20. Overcoats In same propor­ tion. Pants In same propor- i .ion. Boys’ and chlldrei .'Ults in same proportion. < Anyone looking for greater , dues for their money will be Jsappointed, if n o t a t time of , mrchase—they will see the | difference later. These prices are not marked up in order to , cut, b u t every one Is our orlg- | \nal Spot Cash Price, z ittd- every ciit ls an H.ONE5ST W ONE. \This sale will continue ▲ ill through January, but early B buyers get the cream. ^ udson&jlogers I fen’s ClotWnr, Udlen’ Snlti ! Carpttn. 'Two itorei:— | Lbrermll*, IT. T., Rochester, IT. Y. I ilEV’S WOmH Jf ^ — - --------------- are selling our line of holiday goods, fonsisting of Atomiz- Fancy Perfumes, Wave Crest . Ware, Btc., AT COST. ALL NEW GOODS. INDSOR PHARMACY. Plione 129-4 DR. DAILEY. Dye, Aiiar, None end Throat 8peo- jf this city, -will be at Wa Blov- ili office, each day in the week •kter. Office bourn, 9 to U’.BO a. \fl80 to 4:80, and 7 to 8 p. m. Bun­ ion to 8 p. m. No. 49 North Main 'K N Q _ .T I J N I N i ^ IlK 8 . H A R R I S . tMT*order ty'B Mtulo store. HjUtdolin. ^ i t o r »nd nasjo Ltioroho. a pleasant a n a ir auu was attended about 150 young people. Music t furnished by Parkman’s orchestra. All freight houses along the line tbe F., JySr G. railroad w-ijl close at nooa Monday. New Year’s day. The general jIHces of the company in this dty will be closed all day Monday. Lyman H. Howe will fulfill his en­ gagement with the W. C. T. U. of this city at the opera house, January 13, with his entire pew^ outfit of moving pictures. Tickets on sale by the ladies, e members of the St. Cecelia, mu- society, together with their Is, are requested to he present a t the rooms of the society on Monday evening, Jmi. 1, 1900, when music and dancing will be enjoyed. Gents as­ sessed 50c. Mr. and Mrs. John Andrews o f Berk­ shire were presented with a handsome Morris chair on Thursday evening by a delegation of their friends, who un­ expectedly called and made the pres­ ent as a mark of appreciation of his gratuitous sendees as janitor of the Presbyterian chapel at Berkshire. Landlord VanNessofdlieAJislcesrada hotel at Canada lake was In the city to-day, and reported the temperature at the summer resort this morning as being 12 below zero. In Bleecker the tomporature was about the same. In Gloversvllle the temperature ranged from 8 to 10 degrees below zero. News from New York indicates that Harry M, Apfelbaum is speedily recov­ ering from the successful operation per­ formed on him iby Dr. William Tod HelmUth, the eminent specialist. The treatment received by Mr. Apfelbaum at the doctor’s house receives general commendation from his friends, W. H. Collins, time keeper at the P., J. & G. repair shops, received a tele­ gram this morning announcing the death of N. J. Beecher, a friend who was-injured in a railway accident in West Virginia. Mr. Beecher was an engineer .and his death occurred last evening. The remains will be brought to New York state for interment, A chafing dish dinner was served last evening a t the home of Marlon J. Hol­ land, 133 Washington street, in honor of fief Uncle, William McKeguey, ©f Chicago. The guests present were Misses Myrtle and Hazel Wemple, Ella Paddock, Edna Munsel, Lizize McKeg- ney and the Misses Inch, who deliver­ ed several fine recitations. Excellent music was furnished, and the evening was very enjoyably spent. A. H. Marcellus, book keeper at. the establishment b f G. Levor, was pre­ sented with a beautiful diamond ring this afternoon by the employees of the factory as a token of their respect and esteem. The present made by Superintend EXCITEMENT IN COURT. Reeopdep McDonald* Summoned to Try towyer Parker. Shortly before two o’clock to-day. Recorder William A, McDonald was summoned to the city building in great 'haste to attend to a case'of a serious character which required immediate attention. He wont to the court room at the city building, and on his arri­ val was decidedly surprised to find Counselor H. H. Parker in charge of* an officer and charged with a crime specified in the following complaint: State of New York, Co. of Pulton, ss.: Ralph Glasgow, being duly sworn, deposes and says, that he resides In tbe city of Gloversvllle, N. Y., formerly of Caroga, and regi-ets that he does not now; that heretofore the defendant, H. H. Parker, collected of the attorneys of the city of Gloversvllle certain moneys, and deponent is informed that the said oneys were to be given to him; that' tid moneys were contributed for the pui'pose of compensating deponent for his successful defiance of the water board, Jim Filmer, John Richardson, and the board of health, including Dick Gwillam; that deponent still sur­ vives and asks lor a warrant appre- hendlng said Parker in th a t he may b e ; dealt Avith according to tbe mysterious'^ ways of tbe Filmer epoch. RAI j PH GLASGOW. ■ Taken on a divvy, biggest share to me. -H. D. WRIGHT, Publicly Notorious. ‘ The recorder held a private consul­ tation in the office of Chief Sperb'er prior to the formal arraignment of the prisoner, and when he re-entered the court room he saw gathered the mem­ bers of the Glovei-sville Bar associa­ tion,assembled apparently to watch the action in the case of their associ­ ate, the defendant. The trial was be- ’ gun Avith N. H. Anibal appearing for the plaintiff and Jerome Bgelston for the defendant. Objection was offered to the trial of the case by the counsel for the defendant, on the ground that the plaintiff was a resident of Caroga and kad never been civilized. The de­ fendant then objected to his counsel as being incompetent, and after mutual .rcastlc thrusts, B’rank Burton was ■n as a Avitness and graphically 11- Vi WAiCT >V<VUCCU lU uatsxi for their personal benefit. At the con­ clusion of tbe testimony, the counsel for the defendant pleaded guilty on the ground that the court Avas unfit to try the case and was prejudiced against his The purpose for which the money was collected was then made evident when Chief Sperber produced a hand­ some gold-headed cane, and Counselor Parker stated that he wished to ex­ press his thanks for the uniform cour­ tesy shoAvu by the recorder during his term of office. Iiem.arks of a A'ery pleasant and humorous character were then made by William Green, Judge Baker, Edgar A. Spencer, District At­ torney Mills, N. H. Anibal. All spok/ veiy highly of the administration, of the office of recorder by Mi*. McDonald and expressed the best of wishes for his success in the future. The formal presentation of the cane was made by 'President Egelston of the bar associa­ tion in a happy speech. The cane bore the inscription, “W. A. McDonald, from the city bar, 1699.” The recorder was deeply affected by the kindly sentiments expressed by his associates in the bar association, as to his work and for his future and in ac­ cepting the gift he said that he sincere­ ly appreciated the distinguished com­ pliment shown him. He also said that he should always remember with pleas­ ure the cordial rekitions which he had enjoyed with the other members of the bar diu’lng his term of office and one of Its most pleasant features would be the consideration shown him by the association. He thanked them in the deepest sense of appreciation for the honor and kindness shown and ex­ pressed a hope that nothing would ever happen to disturb the cordial feelings W'hich noAV exist. NEW RULES rOR TEACHERS. Obituapy. Mrs. May S. Bamo, wife of Alfred C. Bame, died a t her home. No. 42 Burr street, a t 11:30 o’clock last night, aged 39 years. Deceased is survived by her husband and three sisters,' Mrs. Henry Bettinger of Lassellsville, and Mrs. Friend Chapman and Mrs. Frank Wil­ liams of this city; also three brothers, Walter Sponable of Lassellsville. Abram Sponable o f St. Johnsvllle, and Walter Sponable of Schenectady. The funeral will be held a t her late home, Monday a t 3 p. m., conducted by Rev. J. J. Dominic. Interment In Prospect Hill cemetery. Out this out. ?1. One dollar. ?1. This coupon will be received as part pay on any purchase of .ten dollars or over during alteration salb ending January 1, 1900. Seo price lists In display ad­ vertisement. J, R. No'wman & Sons. At Mills hall, January 3, Gamma' Sigmn ontertnlnmont, Carwpll’f! bon baim lu’o olinply Ini* nciioc. ________ __ H©t wda ot C K. JaoolKi & Oo.’o Supt. Skinner Thinks Teachers are Examined Too Often. new rule tificates. 1 leading to permanent cer- all examinations are ised on the standard now required for uertifleates of the first grade. Under the rules which Supt. Skinner will prescribe to take effect August I, next, but one grade of questions Avlll be used and candidates may be examin­ ed in any subject required for a certifi­ cate of any grade a t any bf the examin­ ations. Under these rules for certifi­ cates of the third grade, candidates will be required to attain 75 per cent.in all subjects in 'which they are now ex­ amined for that certificate. This cer­ tificate will he Issued for a .period of one year and during the life of such certificate the eandidate Avill be entitled to a certificate of the second grade (by attaining 75 per cent. In the four addi­ tional subjects which are now required for second grade certificates. A second grade cei*tlficate will be valid for a pei*- iod 'Of three years and the holder of such certificate, on attaining within such period of thi*ee years a standing of 75 per cent, in the additional fimt grade subjects will be entitled to a. firat grade certificate. A first grade certifi­ cate Avill be issued for a periotl of ten yeai’s and on Its expiration may be re­ newed without examination. One of the. most Important provisions which will be incorporated in the re­ vised regulations AVill relate to the qualifications of teachers In high schools and high school departments in the cities of the state and in villages of at least 5,000 inhabitants employing a superintendent Gen, Joe Wheeler did not, like the Czar of Russia, imarch up the hill and down again. Neither has the Boblev beer—I't is always on top. Try the Extra now available. Skating on Becker’s vlnlc. .Try CnHwoll’s pnean lee ercamsi ilioy will melt In youi’ luouUi. 2l5 B. Main. Glfnia cntevtalumcnt, MlUo UftU. JftttUfwy M Blankets and Comfoi'tables Stiop the whole town if you choose, the ' ci^nclusion reached will be the same, viz: That our stock of Blankets and'Oomforcs is the largest, most .varied and the most coifhplete in this city. The low prices for which we sell this Bed Clothing has gained for this Department a popularity that is far reaching and permanent. If desiring any heavy bedding for these cold winter nights, we would advise seeing our assortment before purchasing. N O T I O E ! Owing to a recent advance in SPOOL COTTON we will be compelled on and after Tuesday, Jan. 2nd, to sell it at 5 cents per spool or 50 cents per dozen. Oar store will be closed all day Monday, January 1st. ......... We Wish You a Happy and Prosperous New Year ......... MARTIN & NAYLOR, TEH-EIRHONE 2 1 0 . Ladle6:~If you do not Avear Sorosls shoes you are missing a luxury AVithln your reach thatlias no parallel in foot- Sold exclusiA'fily in Fulton county by WILLARD, 10 South Main Street. -H IS iT - our business what you are paying for ;::OAT5::: IT IS;: your business what we are selling them for. M«roU»nt UlllMi, IWiDiiPDe 137. 14 }# V«it BA T o o L a t e ..... FOR ..... C h r i s t m s s . FULL LINE Kodaks. NO KODAK BUT THE EAjSTMAN. Soiio, Dekko and Sepia printing papers. EllSTirS FILi. /llvord & Walkr 37 N. Main St. HELLO 82-2. HoliY Siiiptn! ' A t o m i z o r s . (Largest line in town.) / P e r fu m e s . Great aseortment.) Pocketbooks, Cigar Cgses, . Pipes, Hand Mirrors, Military Hair Brushes. Traveling Sets, (in cases), and many other things. Houckatrick & P U B. Main 0 k, TolQpbom IN ONE DIRECTION ^ o u r e n e r g i e s a r e t^ e n t —t h e e n d e a v o r t o p r o v i d e e v e r y w a n t In.,««. Men’s Hats and Furnishing, and we succeed. Years of experience, proper knowledge of what’s needed, and the ability to supply it h a # made this the ideal men’s store —and it’s the only one of its kind. There is no other place where men can be fitted with hats and furnishings so satisfactorily and so economically as at the hat store. W. P. Lefferfcs & Son, HATS, FURS, MEN’S FURNISHINGS. NORTH MAINLSTREET. . GLOVERSVILLE 1 _IF» M A N ’S 1-; Hat Selling -■Extraordinary— Friday and Saturday, saie , All Our Trimmed Hats, at. Cut Prices. 98c., 1,25, 1.50, 1.75, 2.50, 3.00 and $3.98. LIPMAN. Ladie»’ and Infant#’ OuifitterR 2f> N. Main, Corner Church St. ^ i

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