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Custom Tailoring L-oosI R e o o r d . WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1899. i IS : : our gi'eat closing out sale of ready- mude clothing at 50 cents and 75 cents on tKO dollUr will continue until all ready-to-wear clothing in our store is ONEPRICE AND SPOT CASH. 8nt)w 0.00 ZProvalling wind w, Tcmperture a i m to-day 19 above zero. MAIIOFACTDRERS’CLOTHING HOUSE HdW E «&TINKER, Managers. 10 NORTH MAIN STREET, %■ How. To Save. Take advantage A t ONCI ir 30 per cent, cut oi of our 30 per men’s and boy{ fO per cent. er cent, cut on oys’ clothing and A on jackets. U '■ I it Is Genuine, 1 Those who have already ken advantage of ibis'cut A allze that make a saving. $5.50 all wool men’s suits, ^ $7.50 all wool men’s suits, ^ ^ $8.50. all wool men’s suits, • - $9.50 all wool men’s suits, $ 666 . . $10.60 all wool men’s suits, ■$7.35. ' $12.00 all wool men’s suits, I $8.40. ' $14.00 all wool men’s suits, $9.80, : $15.00 all wool men’s suits, $10.50. ! ' ^ 6 ^ all wool men’s suits, $li;20. Overcoats in same propor­ tion. Pants In same propor­ tion. Boys’ and children’s suijs.iu spipe.proportion. . ; Anyone looking for greater i walues for their money will be filsappointed. If not at time of jpuiohase—they will see the ' [difference later. These prices ■ yare not marked up In order to rcut, but every one Is our orig- ' I Spot Cash Price, and every cut Is an HONEST ONE. This sale will continue all through January, but early | Jiuyers get the cream. lilKErS WORTH We are selling our ■ line of holiday goods, “• consisting of Atomiz­ ers, Fanpy Perfumes, Wave Crest Ware, Etc,, AT COST. ALL NEW GOODS- WINDSOR PHARMACY. Phone iag-4 ^ DR, DAILEY- ThP Bye, M r , Nose and Throat Bpac- laliat of this'city, will he at his EUor- •rsrllle office, each day in the week hereiUter. Office hours, 9 to lit BO a. m.; l;30 to 4:S0, and 7 to 8 p. m. Sun- iays, 12 to 8 p. in. No. 49 North Main strsat PIANC^TUNINQ. PRANK 8, HARRIS. itWTtwlM rerry’n Music Rtore Msndelln, aullur nml Dniijo Lccnoati. TBliBPHOW B NVUHUSKSt O o u n tlnc R o o m , - - - 67-3 B d lto r lal R o o m , . . . 67-3 !. DEPARTMENT AGRICULTURE WEATHER BUREAU. Yesterday’s Weather. Jheteoirologloal report of tola city for toe 84 aonrs ending 9 p. in„ yesterday. W. L. M o J j EAN, Observer. a'emperatnre. 1898- 1899 J 'I’he Weather. WASHINGTON, Dec. 27.—Increjis- ing cloudiness, with snow late to-night and Thursday; warmer to-night; west­ erly winds, becoming fresh northerly. Miss Nell Randall of Troy Is visiting Miss Della Nichols of this city. Contractor Charles A. Smith and wife of Syracuse are visiting Glovers- ville friends. Miss Susie Allen and Helen Martin left this afternoon for a few days’ visit with friends in Albany. Mrs. William Ludlow of Central Bridge is spending the holidays with her sister. Miss Houck, on Maple ave- R, T. McKeever of Rutland, Ver­ mont, general passenger agent of the Rutland railroad, was in the city to- Mr. J. M. Low is making his annual visit to Gloversville to make glove purchases, and Is accompanied by his -te of Chicago. Albany Argus: Congressman Llttauer of Gloversville was a guest of the gov­ ernor yesterday, and remained over night at the executive mansion. At the First Presbyterian church In this city Wednesday evening, Jan. 10, Miss Susan Mabel Pufbeck, daughter of Dr. P. R. Fiirbeck, will be united In marriage to Mr. Milton C. Frost of this Charles Allfrey of Johnstown, who fell ami broLe his arm last fall, re­ peated that experience yesterday, fall­ ing on the ice while playing hockey, and fracturing the same arm In the same place. All shoe, dry goods and clothing stores will close four nights a week Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, commencing to-morrow night, until April 1,- and will also be closed all day Monday, New Years. The Free Methodist church will hold a cottage meeting this evening (Wed­ nesday) at 7:30 at the home of Ells­ worth Grant, 20 Franklin street. The pastor will have charge. A cordial In­ vitation Is extended to the public. At a quarterly meeting of .the direc­ tors of the People’s bank, held yester­ day in Johnstown, a semi-annual divi­ dend of five per cent, free of tax was declared. A large portrait of the late James P. Argersinger was also pre­ sented by Jdi:sAjgersmger to the bank. The annual meeting of Lone Star lodge, No. 39,1. 0. O. F., was held last night and the following officers were elected: Noble Grand, Orville D. Ben­ edict; Vice Grand, John E. Wyman; Secretary, Ira Sltterlee; treasurer, Thomas West. The newly elected officers of the Gloversville Social and Athletic club are: President, W. D. Churchill; vice president, John Davis; secretary, John Masten; assistant secretary, David Brown; treasurer, Leroy Haggart; trustees, Charles Lasher, Jesse Crounse; auditing committee, D. Stod­ dard, W. Brumaghin, J. Hanson. prices about one-half on suits and overcoats. Come In for boys’ suits and reefers, tremendous saving in prices all over the store. J. R. Newman & Sons. The Board of Supervisors. At the meeting of the hoard of sup- eiwlsors to-day, a resolution was of­ fered by Mr. Butler and adopted, levy­ ing upon the taxable property of the city of Gloversville the following sums for the following purposes: State and county taxes, $40,525.48; asylum ac­ counts, $840.43; erroneous taxes, $323; support of poor at the poor house, $995.05; miscellaneous accounts, $24.50; supervisors’ accounts, $52, a total of $42,440.69. Prom this amount, how- ............................. ................ ‘ the county tax rate at 65 cents for every $100 of equalized valuation In the coun­ ty. The matter of building a new pooi house has been made a special ordei for Thursday. Glove Men In Town. Vindsor: Jhapman, Detroit, Mich. There is not an overcoat reserved in our great alteration sale. The pHce list of overcoats (see advertisement) Includes all our stock; think of buying suits and overcoats, new goods, at about half price. J. R. Newman & ^ n s . The Harmonle club will give a pub­ lic dance in their rooms In the Llttauer block New Year’s night. Music will be furnished by Parkman’s orchestra. Gents asbessed 50 cents. NEW TERM Opens at the business school January 2, at which time a number of new stu­ dents are to enter . Got ready and come In with them. The office will be open all this week, Last week wo colvcd four calls for office help. Hosn Jolly of glycoi'Ine In an Idoiil piTparaHon for rliapprd liamltj tiiid llpj. Wludcov riiiunimcy. AN INTERESTING ACTION. Railroad Company Seeks to Dis­ possess the Coal Company. The first hearing was held In Johns­ town to-day in an action of the P., J. & G. railroad company against the Ful­ ton County Coal company, which will } UUctl xiv/iu 't,uu xiuujac a premised of the railroad company West Main street in Johnstown, and o to collect rental a t a rate of $3,000 /ear for a period of about ten years. The railroad company claims that the coal company has no lease pf the coal house, and the coal company claims that the lease of the State street coal house, which is an old structure, covers the occupancy of the new West Main street shed, which was built by the railroad company in 1888, and also as­ serts that it has other equitable reasons for not being dispossessed. The jcase will probably be stubbornly contested, and it is expected that 75 or 100 wit­ nesses will be called before the taking of testimony is concluded. No attack Is made on any of the other coal sheds occupied by the coal company along the line of the P. ,J. & G. railroad. The trouble between the two companies de­ veloped after H. Walter Webb sold the railroad to the present administi’atioh, and grew out of some of the smaller troubles incidental to that period. Formerly the coal company and the railroad company had identical inter­ ests, but after the transfer to Mr. Webb and later to the present management, the companies had different officials, and the troubles resulted in the pres­ ent action. In the proceedings the railroad company is represented by Hon. J. M. Carroll & Son of Johnstown and Judge Strong of Schenectady, and the coaLcompany’s attorneys are Ed­ gar A'. Spencer of this city and Judge Countryman of Albany. P. S. Swart Murphy of this city Is stenographer in the case. The referee is Isaac Lawton of Albany. A BOARD OF TRADE With a Somewhat Novel Purpose in View is Talked of. A movement 1? on foot among the business men of the city to organize a board of trade for the purpose of ad­ vancing the interests of the bity among the working people of the country, and incidentally to invite new Industries to locate in Gloversville; hut the latter Idea will only be a secondary consider­ ation and will not receive much atten­ tion. The movement is still in an em- bryotic state, but is being advanced as fast as possible and It is expected t-hat the new board will be organized with­ in a reasonable length of time. The main idea for the forming of the body is to raise a fund for the purpose of advertising in various parts of the country, calling attention to the lack of laboring people in Gloversville,those who are interested stating that there is not nearly enough help to supply the -demand in the factories and mills of the city, and advising people to come to Gloversville and learn the glove busi­ ness and kindred trade. Those who are stated to be in a position to know have said that it will be necessary to get more people in Gloversville if the manufacturers expect to be able to care for all the orders which are likely to be given them, and they are organ­ izing the new board of trade in order to make the need known in all parts of the country and induce people to come to Gloversville and locate. Fire in Johnstown. About 3:30 this morning the firemen in Johnstown were called out by an alarm from box 41, which was also dis­ tinctly heard in this city, and found a brisk fire burning In a frame building on West State street owned by Vib- bard Bros., and occupied In the lower portion as a grocery store by J. S. Quackenbush, while the apartments of M. Antis and wife were on the second floor. The fire had reached the second floor of the structure by the time the flremen arrived, and it was necessary for the flremen to enter the building and carry Mrs. Antis from her bed. The Are was in her room when the flremen rescued her and until she was awak­ ened she was unaware of her danger. Her husband was absent from home last night and she was the only person in the building. The household fur­ nishings and stock of the grocery store were practically ruined, as only a small portion could be saved. After apparently subduing the flames, the flremeu returned to their homes, and about six o’clock this morning they were again called to extinguish a sec­ ond Are in the same structure. The to­ tal loss is estimated at about $1,200 is covered by insurance. Funeral of Mrs, Palmer. The -funeral of Mrs. Charles H. Pal­ mer -was held at ber home In North Bush at eleven o'clock this -morning. Dr. W. B. Park conducted the service, which was very largely attended by relatives and friends. The Daughters of Liberty of this city, of which order deceased was a member, attended the service in a body and conducted their burial service. The floral offerings consisted of a beautiful pillow from the Daughters of Liberty; a wreath from the husband and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Peck; palm leaves, calla lilies and hyacinths, from Mrs. Eugene Provost, Mrs. L. Gifford arid Mrs. B. Pelky; calla lilies and lilies of the'valley from Mr. and Mrs. Fritcher. Relatives o f Mi's. Palmer acted as bear­ ers and the Daughters of Liberty ac­ companied the remains to Prospect Hill cemetery, where interment is to NIGHT SCHOOL. New term opens January 8. We had a large class last term; many more to enter next term. If you are back in your studies, come In and take up arithmetic, spelling and penmanship. If you wish bookkeeping or shorthand, we teach It. Hot soda at C, H. Jacobs & Oo.'s. LOST~A Bolitairo dlamoncl brooch, with pin cletaehod. Finder will bo re­ warded by leaving eamo at P. 0. Ben­ nett & Oo.’s Btoro, The Balnt Holsna, a ton cent cigar for Oc. Sold by lending denloro. oodtC bmolio nt. tlolom He. cignr. HALF PRICE! In preference to packing them away, we will offer all left over Holiday Goods, such as Toys, Games, Children’s Books and Novelties, at just H A U F ' - R R I C E . Toys and Games in the Basement. Children’s Rooks and Holiday Novelties in the Annex. If the article is marked 25c, it’s yours for 13c. If marked 50c, take it'for 25c. If $1.00, 50c takes it, and so on. MARTIN & NAYLOR, T E L E R H O N E 210. Sold exclusively in Fulton county by WIUUARD, 10 South Main Street. -IT IS HOI- our business what you are paying for :OAT5:;: IT IS: your business what we are selling them for. MorohiLut MilltTR, 187 . I 4 \ii w m m. FOR THE HOLIDAYS! ictures, Frames, Books, Calendars, Bibles, Cards. Shopping Bags, Fountain Sterling Silver, eatheiGoods, Manicure, ishand Brush and Comb sets, and other novelties Alvord & Walker 37 N. Main St. HELLO 82-2. . 7'* A t o m i z e r s . (largest line in town.) P e r f u m ® S - Great assortment.) Pojketbooks, Cigar Cases, Pipes, Hand Mirrors, Military Hair Brushes. Traveling Sets, (in cases), and many other things. A Really Fine Driving . . . Cap For ITen.... If you know a Good Cap when you see it you will recognize the merit of the Fine Black and Blue Kersey Cloths that we sell in the New Jockey Style for $1.00. They are well made and lined, have the patent forehead protector and will keep your head warm. It isn’t necessary to pay as much as this however; we have excellent caps for 50c I if you Vi ish them. Made in all the new shapes - Drop in and look at them. W . P . U e fferts & S o n , HATS, FURS, MEN'S FURNISHINOS. NORTH MAINtSTRE?ET. . GLOVERSVILLE Cut Prices Will jPrevail —^=This Week. Trimmed Hatsjat $1.50. Children’s Dresses, 25e to $4.00. Petticoats, 98c to $3. Infants’ Headwear, 25c to $3. House Wrappers, 79c., 1, $1.25. Fur Collerattes, 2.50 to $6. We have a few ladies’ cloth jackets which we will close out this week, at Houck & Patrick U 0. Main Tnlopliocii 8M. ^Z.OO. LIPMAN, Udieu’ and liifantb’ Oulfittcm 25 IS. Main, Corner Chiircb St.

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