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®l)e #l0vet:0titUe Hatln fenlter. VOL. XIII, N O 95. GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1899. W HOLE NO. 444. BUlLEit c m RIVER Reported That Gen. Hletiinen's Line of CommuniGation Has Been Cut. VOLUNTEERS RESPOND PROMPT­ LY — GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS DELIGHTED AT THE ALACRITY DISPLAYED BY THE ENGLISH YEOMANRY IN ANSWERING THE CALL FOR TROOPS—CONDENSED WAR NEWS. LONBOIf, Dec. 19.—The D a ily M a il hears from a h it h e r t o re li a ­ ble correspondent th a t G eneral D u ller, a f t e r a stifE fight, crossed th e T u g e la river. The correspon­ dent also states th a t General M e - th u t h ’s'-com m u n ioations are opt. LONDON, Dec. 19.—The war office has been in communication with Gen­ eral Sir 'William Lockhart, command- er-in-chlef in. India, with a view of as­ certaining- what troops can be spared from his forces, and it is understood that, as a result of these inquiries, a force will almost immediately leave Bombay for Durban, including four regiments of seasoned troops, with an ammunition column and a brigade of artillery, including horse and field bat­ teries. It is hoped that this force will reinforce General Buller within a month. The Duke of Connaught has visited the war office. Since the appointment of Lord Roberts as commander-in- chief in Sputh Africa, the question of rank no jonger_ bars the duke from going to the front, ‘ and-as he has a strong desire to go, it is believed that only the queen’s reluctance stands in the way. It is not unlikely that this will be overcome. Lord Chesham, commanding officer of the Royal Buclcinghamshire Yeo­ manry, has been authorized to organ­ ize a force of 3,000 yeoma.nry, who will leedeed to the Cape. proc Ca The yeomanry i m GENEHAL nil.DYARD. forces sent out will be drafted so as to work together with the mounted in­ fantry and mounted mlltia from Can­ ada and Australia. It Is understood that the volunteers country volunteers utmost alao- Throughout the sponding wil the discourse of the Rev. Dr.\ Mihof X Savage on Sunday. Inquiries ong the Liverpool ship­ owners show that transportation for with horses and equipment 50,000 can be ready before the men are pre­ pared to start. The government has chartered the Peninsular and Oriental Navigation company’s steamer Assaye and the Goorkha of the Union line. J. B. Robinson, the South African millionaire, v.Tltes to The Daily Chron­ icle, reasserting that the Boers have has' been ut the Cs unlimited supplies of ammunition and ample stores of food, and declaring that statements to, the contrary should be ignore are responding with the utmost rity to the official notice. Lord dale says he believes the governmer will only accept from 20 to SO men froi each yeomanry regiment. It is assert­ ed that many officers of the volunteer regiments are offering to go as troop­ ers, if not accepted as officers. The Times says editorially: “Lord Roberts will have absolutely a free hand and may be expected to re­ sume the-' original plan of campaign abandoned by General Buller under the necessity of relieving Ladysmith.’’ According to a dispatch from Cape Town General Sir Charles Warren and his staif have started for De Aar. This seems to ind^icate that the Fifth divis­ ion will be sent to reinforce Lord Me­ thuen, a decision which will meet with general approval,as the opinion is almost everyhere held that it would be useless to waste any more time by frittering n between the various columns, hg Post ill a rather alarm- imarks upon the difficulty of deciding such a crucial matter and says; “Besides three generals in the field, all of whom needjo be reinforced, there Is the rebellion in Cape Colony to be con­ sidered. This makes four pressing calls on the Fifth division. The trouble is, who is to decide and on what prlncl- The Mornihg Post, reviewing the va- rious positions of the beleaguered com­ manders and garrisons, asserts that the relief of Ladysmith is the most Im­ portant emergency and that a victory in Natal would change the whole face of affairs, It also points out the ur­ gent need of having the navy in read­ iness to move at any moment to protect the lino of communications with Soutli Africa, auggostlng that “A quarrel with some forolR'ii ))ower might come any day Iwtliout any British Intention to have, one.\ The Dally News, commontlng upon Iho Bpontnnoniis rcHponso to the govoru- mont’s fiiffioal for voluntoern from all parts of tlia emplro, says tho niont ro- maj’knbJo seono of nil recorded from tUo United Htntcs wn» tlin flomonstratloii In favor of tho Brltlsli In tho ciiuroli of ■ \ \Y Voi'k ■ ■ fiver, who says: “General Barton carried the village of Colenso at the point of the bayonet, and under a raking fire.” The few accounts of the battle that Are yet to hand fall to give an accur­ ate idea, *but the statement that Gen­ eral Clery commanded, destrefys the current idea that he was engaged in some turning movement, and that the Tugela river battle was only part of a larger scheme of operations.^ THE ROBERTS INVESTIGATION \Witnesses From Utah Testify Against the Representative-Elect. WASHINGTON, Dec. 19.—The Rob­ erts Investigation committee to-day heard a number of witnesses from Salt Lake city, whose testimony showed that Roberts had a plurality of wives. Roher’ts made a formal objection to the reception of this testimony, on the ground that the authority of the com­ mittee extends only from the time of his membership in congress, viz: fi March 4,1899. Cave-In at Rosendale ___________ lines of A'w York and Rosendale cement wo at Rosendale this morning. Fifb miners are reported to be burled. KINGSTON, Dec, 19.—It was learned it all the men escaped. Tho of carryl . chinery. EDWiN GOULD ~ EXPLAINS. Btatom ent R e g a r d ing th e P r o d u c e E x ­ change T r u s t Company TrouM e. NEW YORK, Dec. 19.—The follow. Ing statement, given out at the office of Edwin Gould, was the first authori­ tative recognition of the reports that personal differences and the financial policy of the Produce Ex company had caused the Edwin Gould, explaining in his nection ylth ^ the Produce ' Exch: induced to entei Trust company, stated that he hat only recently become connected witl the institution, and when he found itatements on which he had only recei presented, he re- president and director. He was only induced to reconsider his signed as vice determination on the promises that certain interests which had tified with the company would with­ draw at the annual meeting in j that, in manag 'eather the storm company could not properly iged in the meantime, it could better basis, a'he run be put on a on the corn- action by the __ te examiner made it impossible to carry out his plans for securing the proper management of the company. As late as yesterday he offered to advance ?o00,000 as long as need­ ed, dependent \on the resignation of two men, whom he considered respi sible for the bad loans and uns banking methods of the company.” Mr. Gould said that although the bank examiner had visited the com­ pany a week ago, nothing whatever was said at the meeting of the execu­ tive committee last Wednesday of th( examination having been made. _ A1 insafe ilio McHHial) 111 Now (ity*. aui'lng A n o ther Boston F i r m Assigns. BOSTON, Dec. 19.—One more big firm was added to the list of those Involved in the John P. Squire company failure a Joseph Squire & Co. t no statement oi tne nrm's condition could be made a t this time, but that its liabilities were very small. The as­ signment was made as a protective i merchants. Mr. Fi: CEN. LAira HEED Shot While Standing at the Head of His Troops at San Mateo. LEFT MANILA LAST NIGHT WITH A FORCE OF CAVALRY AND IN­ FANTRY TO CAPTURE SAN MA­ TEO—GEN.\ GRANT DISCOVERS A STEAMER HIDDEN IN SUBIG MANILA, Dec. 19.—^Major General Lawton, while standing in front,^£ his troops a t San Mateo, was shot and in­ stantly killed. General Lawton started fro'm Manila last night with cavalry and battalions of the Twenty-ninth and Twenty-sev­ enth infantry for the purpose of eap- MARKET STILL FEVERISH Opbnini ingr Prices, However, Show Gains in Some Specialties. NEW YORK, Dec. 19.—'Immense crowds o f speculators, curiosity seekers and others wefe in the stock exchange a t the opening this- morning. The ac- y GEN. HENRY W. LAWTON, taring San Mateo, where Geronomo was said to have three hundred insur- Generai G rant'lias nearly cleared Zambales province. He discovered hidden In Sublg bay a steamer, the Bon Francisco, of 180 tons, fully equipped and coaled. ’ She is supposed to be the vessel Aguinaldo was keep­ ing ready for his escape. Captain Layson of the Thirty-second regiment ^has ^routed an Insurgent band in Zambaies province, killihg several officers. Major Smith, with three companies of the Seventeenth, surrounded and General Hughes has captured Insur­ gent strongholds at Leapin and* Rom- blon, the navy co-operating. One man was killed and one wounded. The Insurgents in the island of Pa- nay are apparently suppressed. GILMORE RELEASED. A m e rican Prisoners a n d th e X ieatenant K escued B y A m e rican T roops. \MANILA Dec. 19.—It Is officially announced that General Young re­ ports that he believes the. American prisoners. Including Lieutenant Gil­ more, are now - in the hands' of tlje lited States troops, eutenant Colonel Howze and Ma- HUnter have been operating with small colnmands In North Ilocos prov­ ince, and it is supposed -that 5se has effected the release lericans. The report has not yet been veri- BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. Thirtieth day, Tuesday, December 19, —The hoard convened pursuant to ad­ journment. Messrs. Austin, Bradt, Codding, Hillman, Leek, Partridge and Pierce absent. Mr. Sammons moved that the amount charged to the town of Johnsto\wn in e charged to the counjty. •Uliw SUVtdlU'IUeUL UtjyDOiUi W1L41 UL tlonal banks and favorable stock from London allayed the appi si-ons of a further disaster. 'The mar­ ket is feverish, however, an'd active to a boiliu-g degree. The opening prices showed -gains from en'e to five points in some specialties and also in some however, and to four Paul .anc reaction quickly set in, prices again fell from points. The Brooklyn Transit drop­ ped three -points below last night’s price. The excitement and frequent fluctu­ ations of prices continued uutil it be­ came known that the clearing house bauks bad provided $10,000,000 fof lending in the stock market a t market rates, wheu the whole list advanced in price, and shortly after noon an actual calm settled down, the flfst experi­ enced on the exchange for two days. Dullness then set in. ^ Reotuest of Railroads Granted. _ -ant the request of the railroads for an extension of time in which to equip Its rolling stock with approved couplers and other safety equipment. The commission will announce Its cision to-morrow and, it is unc stood, the limit will be extended months from January first next, date now set. Substitute For the House Bill. ;er the house 'bill is re- from that body, -the report to be made before the adjournment for the holidays. Steamer Plymouth Safely Floated. NB\W' YORK, Dec. 19.—The Fall River steamer Plymouth, which went aground near Hell Gate last night,was safely floated this morning and re­ turned to her pier in this city after having transferred her five hundred passengers to a Stonington line steamer, on. which they continued their . jounney. . :* Pron^nent Banking Firm Fails. BOSTON, Dec. 19.—Dillaway & Starr, one of the most prominent banking and brokerage firms in this city, have assigned. Northampton. At a social given \Wednesday evenlnf at the home of Dr. Orton, an entertain­ ment was given entitled “\Why we nev­ er married,” by six old maids and sh old bachelors. It netted $5.45. J. H. Smith and daughter, IMiss Elsie, and Mrs. G. H. Fay, of this place went to Albany last Thursday, Mr. Smith returned-Saturday night, while Mrs. Fay and Miss Smith remallned until Thursday, Dec. 21. Dr. Orton, who has been attending the Shaw murder case a t Ballston dur­ ing the past week, returned home Sat­ urday might. Amsterdam in cutting away the timber on both sides of the Steele creek and in cleaning the debris from the bed of the stream. Enough snow fell the make aui'te fair slelghint- Saturday night was an ideal time to watch the eclipse of the moon. The sky was very clear and the event was watched 'by a large number o f people. Robert Humphrey, Jr., who is trav­ eling for Knox, the gelatine man of Johnstown,is spending a Ghrlstmas va­ cation at Northampton. IHe will same his duties Jan. 2, 1900. AN OFFER DECLINED. “Now, Mr. Beefy,” coldly said the handsome young widow who was doing her own marketing, “while I am fully conscious of the honor you wish to con­ fer upon me, I must tell you that I have no present intention of marrying again employes ly were Bmployen P a id BOSTON, Dec. 19.—All the en of the John P. Squire oompan; paid as usual yesterday. The payi amounted to about $5,000. The assigi was asked if it is true that the Armoui company had offered assistance or made any proposition relative to the Squire property. He said Mr. Armour had seni a telegram expressing sympathy, bul nothing more had been received from A d m iral Sampson Jo in s O. A. B. PALMYRA, N. Y., Dec. lO.-Admlral Sampson was mustered Into member­ ship in the James A. Garfield post 193, G. A. R., last night. Tho admiral speni tho day quietly with his sister, Hanna Sampson, at tho homestead. After the rltualistlo coromony there was a cams fire, hard tack and pork and beans. Tlioro was n largo attondanoo of vetor* ans. Tho dollar bill paid by Admiral BampBon n« an initiation too has been framed and hangs conipleuonsly In th« .local lodgo room . ________ Foi’ all tlio nows road Tlio Leadoi’. eluding bills number 367, be a and charged as reported by the com­ mittee. Carried. On motion of Mr. Vosburgh, the com­ mittee on sheriff's accounts was dis­ charged. On motion of Mr. McCabe, a recess was taken until 2 o’clock p. m. Heavy Liabilities. A telegram was received la Port Plain Saturday aflternoou saying Hor­ ace Moody of the firm of Moody & Johnson, railroad contractors, had filed a petition in bahkruptcy.with no avail­ able assets, and'$140,644 liabilities, A large part of the liabilities is In rela­ tion to the Fort Plain & Richfield Springs Railroad company, of which Mr. Moody is 'the secretary and treasur­ er. Chai'les Seldler appears in the schedules for $75,000, on account of the Fort Plain and Richfield Springs rail­ road company. The debts were con­ tracted between 1802 and 1899, and were chiefly for morclvnndlse, borrowed money and notes. This misfortune will ibo another srent setback for tho railroad. ZINC AND GRINDING MAKI3 Dovoe I-iead uml 5!lno Paint wear twici $ui long M lend and olLinlaed by hand. BulJKorlbe lor Tlio Deader. the offer of -your ------- “Bub-bub-but, mum,” stammered the astonished butcher, “I have never offered you my hand, and—ah”— “Then why are you trying to weigh it on the scales-with the meat, sir?”— Spare Moments. was estimated the abode of 1 Subscribe for The Leader. S E B i P lOSII Two Fatal Tenement Fires in New York Tills Morning. MANY PERSONS SERIOUSLY IN­ JURED, SOME OP \WHOM IT IS BELIEVED, WILL DIE—FIRE DIS­ COVERED BY A BAKER—liANY THRILLING ESCAPES — FIRfi SPREAD RAPIDLY. NEW YORK, Dec. 19.—At least sev­ en lives were lost in two big tenement houses which were destroyed by fire early to-day. Five charred bodies were found on the upper floors of the burned tenement at 102nd street and Third avenue, as five women and a little girl, all badly iburned, were ca'rried alive from the ‘blazing hou:?e to nearby hospitals. There is thought to be but a slight chance of any of the six surviving. Several other .persons es­ caped from the flames and dense smoke with cuts and ibruises. A few hours earlier a d'eadly fire at­ tacked the five story tenement a | ' 496 , Tenth avenue, near 38th street, burning to death a mother and iher child. Following are the dead and injured: Third avenue fire.—Dead, John Bar­ ret, Mrs. John Barret, Julia Barret, 6 yfeas's old, and an unknown woman, probably Mrs. William Giles, a man named Williams, iMrs. Martin- Fox and her son, George, two and .one half years injured—^Della O’Collen, Kate Par­ ley, Susan. McAdee, Mary Barret, Mam­ ie Seary and Kate O’Connell. All were seriously hum'ed. Mr. Fox Is a .hackman and was not a t home all night. The Third avenue fire is supposed to have started in the cellar. The flames had gained such rapid toeadway that there was no successful fighting of the j flames when the ■fliremen arrived. The fire was discovered by a baker named Ward. When he saw the flames coming out of the hallway they had gained such headway that he could not enter the hall. He ran into the street and threw stones a t the windows. Pres- 'ently 'he saw a t the fourth story a wo­ man hanging on the ledge. She pro.v- ed to he Della O’Connell. Her sister was also climbing out of the window and she had already .been -partly burn­ ed and. half suffocated by the smoke. 'Both women were hanging from thb window ledge wheu the engine and* hook and ladder came up. The fire­ men immediately put up scaling lad­ ders and climbed them,. At the fourth floor another woman, Mrs. SnSan Mc­ Adee, 6(hyears old, was ■found, partly burned and dazed by smoke, hanging out of the window. There were no fire escapes on the front of the building and the women could notjdo anything CHRISTMAS COMING Ring the Belles! or might Watch, Chain and Charm them with Di3monc3s, R u b i o s , Elmorslds, 33pphiiros, I OORPECimiY... S f P e a r l s , i O p a ls, ■omen coni hang to the ledi •ope around Mrs. McAdee afely lai t do anything hu1 Iges. The firemen tied a js. McAdee and let her caught them In their arms, n o t an slant too soon. Both were badly bi ed about -the body. By this time ere found at d and tak- Three firemen got mell women and they their arms, n o t an In- e more women and meh having tneir room ' 'he firemen g women down and each rescue was ac­ complished with difficulty. Hook and Ladder Captain Turpeny scaled the ladder to the tqp floor and there found little Mary Barrett holding onto the window ledge. She was burned about the face, bauds and body and was ter­ ribly frightened. Her eyes were a fear­ ful sight. A shee't of flame bad struck IS -them and burned them out. tempt they had vs was shown aiiter icovery of the bodies of Barrett, nd girl, Julia, on the floor ;hey had made to g et out of the windows was shown af the fire by the discovery of th e bodi * “ his wife and girl, Julia, on the floor alongside the window, out of which the other little girl had escaped with' her life. She, however, escaped on to die later, as the hospital surgeoi said that the child could n o t live. New Subscpiption Made Up NEW YORK, Dec. 19.—At a meeting of the clearing house committee to-day a new subscription of $10,000,000 was made up for lending in the stock mar­ ket. THE FINEST TRIP FOR THE LEAST PARE Is a trip over 'the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway. It pass­ es through beautiful scenety. it makes fastest time, its cars are the latest type of ear-builder’s skill, its road ihed is perfeat, its equipment unexcelled. If you contemplate a trip between Buffa­ lo and western cities, the Lake Shore is the road for you to take. Special sale of watches all this week at P. C. Bennett & Co.’s, 3 North Main street. F O R H O L I D A Y G I F T S . Soarft, Storm Coljarsi Animal Plioaii . Caj^es, Muffi, Qlovoii Jackets f-^SEAl, FOX. iflixrSABlE, BINK, and Other Fashionable Furti SEALSKIN GARMENTS ARE A SP|ciALTY WITH US 472,’474, 476,478 Broadway Many now and choice goodsof value. Sterling Novelties. Ebony Moun Artistic Desi Odd Pieces Clas Sterling Novelties. Ebony Mounted Toilet Articles. Artistic Designs in Solid Silverware. sand Sets in American Cut T u r e q u o i s o ^ Ladies’ or Cents’ Fine Mounted Silk Umbrellas. Onyx Top Tables, Choice Clocks, Lamps and Bric*a*Brac. The Choicest Stock o f valuable goods in the City at Prices Right. H A R R Y A . D I L L O I N . Diamond Merchant and Jeweler. as HOKXH HAUff STREET.' Men’s Fancy Slippers. Our assortment now complete. Prices Lower Than Ever. Men’s imitation alligator slippers, - - - 50c, Men’s fancy embroidered slippers, - - 50c. up Men’s hand sewed leather slippers, tan and black, $1.00. Boys’ fancy embroidered slippers, sizes 3 to 5 I-,2 40c. Youths’ fancy embroidered slippers, sizes 11 to 2. 35c. ’ Would be pleased to have you see them. M. Mark;,\ ’fTLrS™’\ Xmas} What could make a nicr<* Present ? or how could you begin the New Year better than to purchase a m\mm r a largest and best assortment of atoves in the city. A number Of nice second hand parlors and ranges. Bramer, THE STOVE MAN. 12 Ghurch Street. Remarkable Offer in Furniture —for the— H O LID A Y S . Some of the things mentioned beloyr: Fancy cobbler rocker, $1.88. Gold Oak jardiniere stands, 65c., '15c. and $1.00. ■ Good oak extension table, $4.50. Six dialog chaira, $4,08, Oak side board, $12.00. | Hall trees, $8.50. Morris chairs,. $4.75 to $15.00. Turkish chairs, $17.00 to $25.OT. 3-Piece Parlor Suits, $16,00, and oth-* er things in same proportion, all to b« had at is OU qm S'IC o $0 WEST FULTON SIBBSST,. An Especially Handsome ’Lot of INGRAIN CARPETS .... .J U S T IN Should have been here before, but the manufacturer was too far oversold. Pretty good eviiience of (heir style and quality. W . H. DIXON ft CO. 87 MdllTH MAiN iTTIlin

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