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Custom Tailoring clothing at 5C --------- on tHh dollar will continue r^ady-to-wear clothing in our store is ONEPRiCE AND SPOT CASH. RltPFAGTi]RERS;CLQTHlNG HOUSE HOWE & TINKER, Managers. 10 NORTH MAIN STREET. 'L We liave cut our ( Ladies’ and Misses’ Jackets to' Half Price. $4.50 Jackets, ■ $2.25. $5.00 Jackets, $2.50. ^ $8.00 Jackets, a ^ $4.00. j $10 Jackets, J $5.00. f $15 Jackets, $7.50. This cut fof spot cash only— ^ _ None sent on approval or ex- ohanged — See our useful Christmas offerings. $ Judson&osters' R The Latest /■' ; in Perfumes for Xmas Gifts; also our new IVE r a IRE is the finest and most up-to-date. WINPSOR PHARMACY. Phone, 139-4. DR. DAILEY. ' ThB Bye, /liar, Nose and Throat dpeo- laltit of this city, will be at his Slov- eravlUe ofQce, each day In the ssroek hereafter. Offloe hours, 9 to tl: BO a. w.; 1:80 to 4;80, and 7 to 8 p. m. f ISayfl, IS to 8 p. m. No. 49 North 11 PIANO TUNINO. FRANK 8. HARRIS. Iwriorder Perry'i Muiio ftoe M«aeiolia, •fihatif gal Rgojo Lfiifii. Uooal R eco r d . SATURDAY, DECEMBER 16, 1899. 'rS:i,£PHOO(fii NUmBKBSs OountiiiK B ooih . . . . 57.2 tSOitorimt Moom, • . ‘ . 67-3 U. S. DEPARTMENT AGRICULTURE WEATHER BUREAU. Yesterday’s Weather. Meteorological report of this city for the « aours ending 0 p. m., yesterday. W. li. MchSAN, Observer. Temperature I Temperatare. i8P8 1899.! 18Sa 1899 Ta m ............ 10 ar Max .............. -JO »8 S p. in..•*••• teiiO *25 I ^iix .•«•*••• XO ^ 9p.ia ............ 18 g.-, I Mean ............ ... g(i SuO(v .15 Pi'bvalling wind E Tempertiu-e oi iS m to-day S4 above zero. The Weather. WASHINGTON, Dec. 16.—Continued ;old to-night and Sunday; rising tem- peraiture Monday; fresh westerly to northerly winds. Mr. Vernon Ehle is confined to his ihome by sickness. Recorder-elect Prank C. Wood was in Albany to-day on business. Local matter of importance will be found on the fourth page of The Lead­ er to-day. Edwin J. Prosher has returned home for the holidays from the medical col­ lege a t Baltimore williams college, lyterian cjiur rning and ew ing by Rev. Henry I day school at noon. The new Kingshoro avenue school buiMing has been enclosed and the workmen are now engaged in finishing the interior of the structure.\ The North Main Street M. E. church Sunday school session will begin promptly at fifteen minutes before twelve to-morrow. A full and prompt attendance is requested. Word was received by the police yes­ terday that Mrs. Ike Kinne of Ilion, who had been missing since Wednes­ day, had been found at the home of rel­ atives. AnUcainceinent is made of the ap­ proaching marriage of Miss Alice San­ ford of Johnstown and Chkrles Oliver of Gloversville, which will take place Jan. 1, 1900, a t the home of the bride. The ladles of the First Presbyterian church wish to announce that they cleared ?301 a t their fair which was held during the first week in December, and also wish to thank those who so generously patronized and helped them to make it such a success. A number of the friends of Mrs. O.H. Bame surprised her by making a call at her home. No. 309 North Main street, last evening and after congratulating her on the nineteenth anniversary 'of her marriage presented her with a to­ ken of their esteem, which was acopt- ed in a gracious manner b y Mrs. Bame. The Faithful Pew club met with Mr. and Mrs. W.m. Snyder on Smith ave­ nue last night, i t being Mrs. Snyder’S birthday. Mrs. Snyder received sever­ al tokens of re&’iect, among which was a beautiful clock. A sumptuous repast was served, after which cards and a general good time was had. The following students of the busi­ ness college have recently secured po­ sitions: Mr. Frank Langly, salesman for C. C. Shayne, New York city; Miss Maggie Perry, stenographer for W. T. Lintner; Miss Nina Dunckle, steno­ grapher and bookkeeper for H. H. Steele & Co.; Mr. Homer Hemstreet, bookkeeper for the Gloversville Knit­ ting Co.; Miss RenaHodder, bookkeep­ er for F. C, Bennett & Go. The astronomers tell us that this evening there will be an eclipse of the moon. If the sky is clear the moon will be an interesting object to watch. It was not clear at the time of a partial eclipse of the moon about a year ago; it was n o t clear when there was a total eclipse of the moon a year and a half before that. Both those times the sky was thickly clouded and no moon was The Giograph pictures of a boxing contest at the Kasson last evening were witnessed by a large audience and the movements and scenes depicted were of an interesting naturd. There were\ a number of arguments as to whether the exhibition* was the genu­ ine Jeffries-Sharkey fight or some Oth­ er contest, persons who saw the actual contest holding that the -pictures Were not genuine, and those who did not see the fight 'generally had the worst of the discussion. Holiday specials in suit cases and ■traveling bags a t prices thalt defy com­ petition. New Windsor mufflejis, 50C. to $1,25, Choicest lines of -umbrenas a'ud Kjanes, with ivory, horn, pearl and silver trimmings, all engraved free of charge. Cardigan jackets, $1 to $3.75, Great alteration sale of stdts and over­ coats in full blast. Prices cut in two. J. R. Newman & Sons. Glove Men In Town. At the, Windsor: ' E. K Wheat, Wheeling, W. Va. H. P. Reisenhus, Chicago. J. J. Riley, Chicago. W. A. Dorsey, St. Paul. W. Geibardy, Milwaukee. M. D. Shipman, De Kalb, 111. D. W. C. Durgin, AsMand, N. H. C. B. Bradt, DeKalb, 111. Bargains in holiday bandkercMefs, silk initial Japlnets.lOc., 3 for 25c., up ■to finest silks, $1.00. ■Qhoicest lines of silk and satin suspenders, 69c. to $1.50. Holiday neckwear,most beautiful lines, 25c. t ’o 75c, M'ackinitoshes, cardigan jaokeits. Great alteration sale of suits and overcoats, prices cut In two. J. R, Newman & Sons. Holiday perfumes at Hamillton’s. OUR OWN MAKE, We make all kinds of candles at our stoi'o, Tlio work Is done by first-class cnmly makovs who perfectly umlor- stanil tUolr trade, and our many friends are assured ot Its purity,sweet­ ness and goodness. Lovedny & Austin, Hot soda at Q. H. Jacobs & Co.'s. Hot rhoeolato with whipped cream, 0 cants, at 0. H. Jsoobs A Co. THE REVISED SCHEDULE, Pertaining to the Work of the Table Cutters. The schedule recently adopted by the manufacturei’s’ association and table cutters’ union for the year commencing December 1,1899, and ending November 30, 1900, and which was posted in some of the factories, has been subjected to some changes which the table cutters consider quite important, and a new schedule has been adopted and will lUXiUYViUg jjnuca Vjuunug mcua gloves up to 3% inch top, and ladies’ gloves up to 414 inch top, with slit binding, numbering, sizing, punching thumbs and forchettes and properly matching same, including English, thumbs and silk lined gloves, when cut from the following stock; Imported or domestic suedes, 88c. Mocha castor or mocha reindeer iezed lamb or sheep, but not m Half Price Sale; Women’s and Misses’ Jackets :::: Continues Next Week. or sheep, gloves, $1.05. Real kid or goat and deerskins, $1; Indian tanned deerskins, 95c.; little jacks, $1.20; cabretta amd mocha kid, 99c.; coltskin, $1.10; calfskin, $1.05. Chamois or fleshers, white smokedi light fawn o r dipped mode colors, 84c.; all other colors, including pearl, 88c. Ladies’ wide cuff gauntlets, Save in­ cluded, but not hound, $1.20; ladles’ gauntlets, fiare Included, including binding, $1.25; ladies’ gaunts, with cuff up to 2%’ inches wide, including flare, $1.05; for dowling the cuffs of ladies’ gannts, extra, 10c. Men’s and ladies’ mittens, 66c,; all hoys’ gloves, 77c.; all boys’ mittens. Cutting lamb linings, 70c.; cutting fur linings, $1; Tilburys, with for- chettes and part thumbs, 50c.; backs. Palms—Kid palm, including for­ chettes and thumbs, 70c..; mocha palm, including .forchettes and thumbs, 75c.; buck or cabaretta palm. Including for­ chettes and thumbs, 80c. Misses’ gloves are to be cut for the same prices as were paid in various shops in October, 1899. Any gloves out without forchettes, 15 cents shall be de­ ducted from the schedule price. Under the head of extras are the fol­ lowing: Spring pieces. 3c.; laps, 5c.; ridelle, 11c.; gores, 5c.f blue mark running length of glove, 5o.; extra wrist bind­ ing, 5c. J flat slit welt, 3c.; band tops, 15c.; quirks, if not in. pattern, lOc.; mocha rags, 10c.; men’s goods o r ladles’ lined gloves cut with more than % inch flare on each side, lOc. For every inch, or part of an Inch, in length In excess of 3% inches on men’s and 414 inches on ladies’ gloves, 7|^c. per inch, excepting on all chamois, wMch shall he 6c. per inch. ■ dng and trimi Punch! mnehing iming gloves, 10c.; punching and trimming mittens; 5c.; slitting gloves by hand, 40c.; slitting mittens by hand, 15c.; slitting one-fin­ ger mittens by hand, 20c.; cutting sin­ gle pairs, 15c.; cutting single pairs and slitting by hand, 25c. Under the head of dowling, the fol- lawing new advanced prices have been agreed upon: Dowling per dozen gloves, up to 4% inch top, 30c.; dowling per dozen gloves from 4% to 8 inch top, 43V6c.; dowling per dozen gloves from 8 to 12 inch toil, 5714c.; dowling per dozen gloves imported or domestic suedes, 50e.; dowling per dozen gloves, eaha- retta and mocha, 321^c. Any special work n< the schedule : committees ol Hot soda a t C. H., Jacobs & Co.’s. A guaranteed heave eure, $2 OO. Mon­ ey refiinded if not a cure. Mat Tur­ ner, Albany, N. Y. You can get a very good boy’s hand sleigh for 25c. at E. S. Batcheller & Deic 9,12,14,16,19, 21.i3 Holiday perfumes at Hamilto-n’s. The Saint Helena, a ten cent cigar for 5c. Sold 'by leading dealero. eodtf *We are the leaders in confectionery, fruits, nuts and cigars. Greek-Ameri- can fruit store. The famous Smith Sisters, Star Course, Wednesday, Dec. 20. Candy canes and candy baskets at Loveday & Austin’s. ^P^ke & Levi have the exclusive sale Holiday slippers, BO cents to $1.75 a t Rogers, 26 North Main. Don’t miss Weed & Willoughby’s ad. on page 0. Sovoml kinds of Ohrlstmaa mixed onndy at Caswoirfl from 10c. to 40c,per Holiday candles, Loveday & Austin, fiubicrlUe for Tbt 5 Jacket for $2.50. 8 “ “ 4,00. O “ “ 5 . 0 0 . 1 2 “ “ 6 . 0 0 . 1 5 « « 7 . 5 0 . 20 “ “ 10 . 00 . 25 - - 12.50. 50 = - 15.00. II U i DHESS GOODS SkE, Monday. Attractions that irresistably appeal to your good taste and your economical term of mind. A lot of new desirable colored Dress Goods in a variety of weaves and widths that sold at 75c., Your Choice Monday, 50c per yard. Ladies’ Nechwear. If you care for style,coupled with low prices, don’t fail to see these. The extreme of elegance and taste, all the new things designed by fashion in stocks. Lace, Chif­ fon, Liberty and Taffeta Bows, Jabots, ^ Collarettes, Scarfs, Ruffs'’^ etc. __________ L A M R S . /y A ‘ ' ' • Everything new in vast assortment ® and at wonderfully low prices. Lamps of every kind and style, in every imaginable shape and in every variety unequalled in the city. Lamps make appropriate gifts. Carpet Sweepers For O hiristm as P r e s e n t s . Whether you want one for $1.50 or a specially fine one for $3. our stock af­ fords a more satisfactory selection than can be found elsewhere. As we buy and sell more carpet sweepers than any house in this city our prices are the< lowest. Ladic5, Have you seen the new Rubbers, Bai- ley^s Patent? THREE REASONS why Bailey’s Patent Rubber must commend itself to all who wear rubber shoes: tucj. au bv/y O.A1U e heel to the bettoB!, serve to hold 0 rubber securely on to the boot and event it from slipping at the heel. forced on the wearer. It also secures the shape of the rubber until worn out. Sold Exclusively By , W I U U A R D , 10 Sooth Uain Street.' Cold W o a t h e r greatly lessens the danger of feeding ground corn and oats. It w ill do youc horses good to give them a change, Feed Costs Less That Oats per ....Pound. The guarantee of its being ABSO­ LUTELY PORE is it's safe guard. A s k th e Price. MorobftQt Mllltm, IWiPluHlt 117. m i W«tl W. FOR THE HOLIDA/5! Pictures, Frames, Books, Calendars, Bibles, Cards. Shopping Bags, Fountaii Sterling Silver, Toilet, Leathe’r Goods, inicure, Brush and Comb sets, and Other novelties /yvofd & Walker 37 N. M a in S t. HELLO 82-2. A t o m izers. (Largest lice in town.) Rerfumes. (Great assortment.) Pocketbooks, Cigar Cases, Pipes, Hand Mirrors, Military Hair Brushes. Traveling Sets, (in cases), and many other things. Rich INeckvear Is TheThing. If you look over our line o£ Christmas neckwear we know what you will buy “him” for a gift. You will see more styles in this one store than you can find in all the town. If he has neckwear, there are Umbrellas, Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, Fine Traveling Bags, ' and a host of other things for a man to be found only in a store that keeps men’s goods. 'W . P . L e f f e r t s & S o n , HATS, FU R S , MEN’ S FURNISHINOS. NORTH MAIN STREET. . GLOVERSVILLE- L I F * M A M ’ S Houck & Patrick Di'i^nVibi, 14 8, M a I r Ttltpbaof 064, Special For To-Night. Ladies’ Trimmed Hats, 98c. to $8.00 Childi*en’s Dresses, 25c. to $5.00. Petticoats 98 cents. Fur Robes, $2.50, 3.50, $4.50. Umbrellas, $1.00, 1.50, 2.00. Flannel Waists 98 cents. A Good Corset 39 cents. Babe Hats, for Misses and Children in all colors. I I O V I /I IV! hfldies’ and Infants’ Ouifltters 25 l u i t r F I r \ 1 ^ i N. Main, Corner Church St.

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