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Si '- WEST TVlLWOETHj^ Zi West Walyvbrth, May 14. —A recepf tion will be given this evenihgin the Evangelical ohnroh parlors to the\.new- pastorr^-Rev^Mrfelr^ngciiniJbiB^wAfe.: The family~o\f Rev. Edward'-Braun? sohweig left here last Thursday for their.new hoine,in Newark^.- .:. .^ rr The funeral of TSfrn. AmandW Tripp, KF- P15NFIJEL.D. -,CZ •^^Penfield^May—15.—Mr. andWMrs^ Clarence Shnster ^entertained the Athenian Club, Thursday evening. Nearly all the members were present, -^d-arveTy-pleaaant-and-profltsable-fles-- 8ion was enjoyed. Alter the business portion, reading -, minutes, and re- sponding to roll call with current top- ics, was concluded, Mr. Shuster took oharge of the meeting. \Washington Irving and HiB Works\ was the suh- ieot ohosen. Horace .Warner gave a .sketch\\of the author, embracing his environment, characteristics, tastes, first works, early romance, travels, description of the Bcenes made famous -by~ his- pen^,'lSl6epy_Hollpw,\ *' Rip Van Winkle,\ and other, familiar scenes and characters. H. O. Kennedy was responsible for an estimate of Irv- ing' B Life of Washington. The rever- ence and appreciation of the gentle writer for his great namesake was very refreshing after the puerile attempts of many, writers and speakers ot the present day to belittle the great gene- ral who achieved American independ- ence. Rev. Mr. Countryman read a couple of very interesting personal let- ters from friends in San Francisco. Mr. Shuster read from what he char- acterized as Irving's masterpiece, - \The-Good Wife,\ a very charming, sentimental little story of the trans- formation of the beautiful, graceful accomplished belle of society, wealthy, - : fascinating\ \and exclusive, into the sweet, industrious, domestic home- . maker, the comforter of her husband in adversity, and happier in her role —of - help-meet thau-fihe-had-been-as-the - petted favorite of friends and fortune. to Mr. Everett and Miss Countryman fur- nished niusio on piano andruaudolin —during—the-evening.—Refreshments - were sexvejL__A committee of live PENFTJBL,!) CENTJBR,: - Penfield ^C£nter,=May^ia.=j Herrick of this place died at-Dr;-:Lee'B Hospital, Rochester, May 2nd, where he had gone for an operation. Mr. Herrick—had—been-in-poor—health-for some time. He was twenty-eight years of age. He leaveB a father and mother, Nelson Herrick and wife, two brothers, Lester and Freemont and one sister, Grace, all of this place. Born to Freemont Herrick and wife, a daughter, May 3rd. Geo. and Burr Northrup are to take part in the May festival to be held at the Town.hall, Saturday evening, Arthur LeOlear waB^home over Sun- day \Our schoo'rwill \close\this weak-Fri- day with exercises. Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Stadts spent Thursday in Rochester. - who diecUsuddenly May 6th, was:held last Tuesdav afternoon from her home. Our village school waB closed Fri- day, on account of teacher's examina- tion at Williamson. MisB Ella Ebert and Mrs. Helen M6- Kee of East Walworth.-were in town a^elv^ayB^last^weekr^^^\ • • : The supply for the Baptist ohnroh, Mr. Howard of the Theological Semi- nary. \ Rochester, was entertained at ^ fjr U? r were appointed^ to arrange for a closing banquet. This is the last meeting of the club until fall when officers for the ensuing year will be elected. The ,. olub has been a decided success and bids fair to be a permanent orgauiza- tionr\ \': ———— - The Eastern Star will give an enter- tainment in the near future in charge of Mrs. C. *C. Rich. There will be no school Friday, as the teachers will be in attendance at the teachers' association of the first district, of,Monroe county, at the West High school, Rochester. Henry Warner has au attack of grip. Mrs. Veronica Preston is convales- cent after a week's illness. Miss Ethel Warner is offered a posi- tion in the Pittsford High school. Emil Schanrfleberger and Will Un- glish have returned from a business trip to New York. Geo. Shaw is doing jury duty at Rochester, this week. George -Mclnerney-closes-his-sohool = TTr^Ktt-ttch6Ttr3tStTl0rTtTiB-^^ ROSELAND. Roseland, May 14.—-Earl Conrow of Rochester,—spent—Sunday—with—rela- tives in-this place. John BenBneider haB purchased a fine colt. Miss Jessie Hallauer of Webster, spent several days the past week with O. Bush and wife. Arthur Frost and wife spent Sunday at Lincoln, with Gardiner Tiffany-and family. AC M. Watson iB giving his building a coatof paint. Miss Carrie Hurley of Fairport, vis- ited friendB in this place from Friday until Sunday. Rev. J. H. SanderB is spending some \time in Baltimore. Glen Waterman and wife, Mrs. Wm. Bassage and son, Louis, of Lin- coln, spent Sunday with Lee Hamshire and wife^ ~ —Fred—Salo£_had_len of his best hens the home of I. C. Furman over the Sabbath. Mrs. John Lotze, who has been on the invalid list for some time is now suffering \with quinsy. Joseph Kasper and wife are today quietly celebrating their seventeenth wedding anniversary. They were guests of relatives in Webster, \yester- day. The family of C. V. Furman were in \town over the Sabbath, guests of Mrs._Furman's parents. We n'eglectecl to state last week that Leonard Phillips has gone to stay for a while with his grandmother, Mrs. Frank Hoag at Colton, Chio. A new headstone has been placed at the grave of the late Warland A. White, to replace one that was.re- -moved-last-summer.—Mrs,_Joseph_Mc^ : Laura Clark iB ill of a severe Miss -Old. - ------.—: Wr—y——-^^-^^ F. A. Lord has moved MB family \to Rochester. • . . Miss Margaret Hallet spent Sunday at Brookport. A cement walk is being laid in front of the Fireball. Erin JJacIhtyre spent Sunjlay at his home in Himrods F. G. Hamilton and wife are spend ing a few dayB at Clyde. Am MMmmoBrnm AND J All WKo Nee^ _-._ JWhy don't yoninstall a small GasblineJEngine^to runyourparing- maohines,- ftlicor and—chopper, saw wpooY churn butter, run washing mauhinB~and-dozei other things. ItmU'payfor itself in one season in labor and you will be ahead the machinery. ' *, *;'••-' ' -. '-•• ' . We are direct Belling agents for the celebrated Olds Gasoline:Engine for six counties, and buy them by the carload.. The Olds Engine Works have the largest and most complete factory in the world and in view of these facts we can sell you an Engine fullyguaranteed in every particular for considerably less than you (Jan buy elsewhere. DemonstrationTof aize8~2)£ 1 to8 Ho^e Pow^ cah^be b^_d atjo^~ Bbow^ooWin^hisrplaceirrXjow Munnsville furnaces, ete. WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY. Write for prices and catalogue. Correspondence solicited. 1 ;|\--- -• • . m a successful year. . O. S. Porter uses his new auto as only a generous man can. Nearly every day he takes a number of friends to town, causing them to forget Pen- \field's inconveniences and \Despatch dust and poor train service. The May Day celebration by the Baptist ladies at the Town hall, was a very charming affair and satisfactory to the participants, financially and socially: Litt-le^-Hazel Rothfuss-was-j-h 00 }. 6 - 0 stolen last Wednesday night. Chas. Wagner and family spent Sun- day .with relatives in Webster. The wind did considerable damage to onions in this vicinity, Saturday, some„being..damaged,ta.Buch.aruextent[^eny.or^_lot._AYestj)Ltt)e..village that they are sowing them over. AVEST WEBSTER. West Webster, May 14.—The Ladies' Aid Society of the M. E. church, held their monthly meeting at the home of Mrs. Cassias Aldridge, Thursday afternoon.\ There was a\ good \attend- ance and the usual pleasant social time aud supper. Mr. Conrow, who lately moved here from Webster, had a shock of paraly- sis, Thursday afternoon. He was fonnd unconscious in the cellar of his house. At present writing he is con- fined to his bed and helpless. Mrs. Frank Pickens from Rochester, visited her mother, Mrs. G. Herre, l-Wednesday. Crea is preparing to have a large mon ument placed on her lot. Beautiful weather after the hard showers of Sunday. News from our Long Beach, CaL, friends reports them all well and not in the least harmed by the terrible earthquakes,—although- they -felt-a slight shock. We have been waiting to hear directly from them before making any report of their welfare, because there are so many rumors in the.air. Cf coarse we judged from our smattering of \geographical know- ledge\ Mr. Burrows, that they were too~far __ from the'-scene of acrionto have been inconvonienced in any ser- ious manner. But then it is. easy for some people to know geography if they arein certain regions themselvesr—— The friends of Mrs. Annie Furman will be glaTTto~Iiear\tlrat\she~iBTecov^ ering from a serious illness. She is with her daughter, Rosalia, in Roch- ester. A large tent has been put up on the _prfix some Charles Shaw of Newark, spent Sun- day, with his family here. W. *J. Rogers and wife are spending a few days at FOwlerville. Mrs. Hart entertained her sister from Webster, over Sunday. The Home Telephone^ Company iB preparing to oable its wires here in town. Mrs. J. M. Alien is in Geneva, this week, attending the centennial cele- bration. '\ Ber rFisirand fami ly~haWi:eturned- froin Chio, and will make Despatch their home. Mrs. E. M. Clark of Williamson, spent Sunday with b^er daughter, Mrs. Calvin Roley. Mabel Clark had the misfortune to J. W. HALLAUER & SONS, Qen , i Agents, WEBSTER, N. Y.. paratory sort. to giving a show of UNION HILL. Hill. May 14.—Miss Kittie Marion, a few days ALLIANCE FOOT-WEAR CO. ROCHESTER, N. Y. 10 and 12 STATE STREET. lEverxweek adds'New CnBtomera\to-on^gTOw4nfrllBtrof-^40ntof TownL'—| Patrons. • • ' ' - ~ ' ' We have stated before in our advertisements that we „ Guarantee Every Purchase as Represented or Money Refunded. I I ll in -&—Cook—Sraitjy—and—motheiy-from &•:. Pacific Grove; California, - who- - have been spending several days at the home of Joseph Ketcham, started for their home, Friday. -They reported busi- ness of all kinds at a standstill near the Pacific-coast: Among the sick ones from hard colds are J. Eastman and wife and Mrs. W. At water. Arthur Scullen and daughter, Bea- trice, from Williamson, visited at the am^-Saturday, ,r^ t; K f »^ u. mi 4 • m chosen\queen and wore her crown with grace and dignity. Beatrice Holdridge was maid of honor. Pretty songs aud a little dialogue were giveu in the af- ternoon. The evening entertainment consisted of a humorous drama, a pan- -tcvtrntmrand-otiier-pleasaut-featureB. Miss Ruth Leonard of Rochester, has been the guest of Irene Cckonden, the past week. Herbert Sperry has graduated from the Albany Medical College at the head of his class. It is not known at this writing if Dr. Sperry will prac- tice in this vicinity or in some wider field. The W. C. T. U. met with Mr. and Mrs. Sperry, Thursday afternoon. It is a great inconvenience to the traveling public to have the bus cease to carry passengers to and from trains. The low tare aud lack of patronage caused its withdrawal. Miss Lilia Durnau of Rochester, was the guest of Penfield friends, Wednes- day. John Scribner, Jr., was engaged in the problem of trying to solve whether it is cheaper to donate his farm or hire help at Webster, .Wednesday. Two at- torneys and a jury together with a former employee assisted him. Henry O. Baker, president of the Veteran's Association of Penfield has announced the program for Memorial Day. The memorial sermon will'be given at the Baptist churoh, May 27th by Rev. Mr. Barkor. AU veterans and their families and friends are requested to be present. On May 31st, L. L. \Rogers \villdellV6T the a.rtdreEs~of-wel-- conie. Mr. Rogers is a member, of the 8. O. V. Association and those who listened to His eloquent words ad- dressed, to the veterans last year will be glad of this opportunity to hear him-again., Mrs. O. E. Welsher spent last week visiting her siBter, Mrs. Geo. Harris in Webster. . Penfield Grange will hold Chaplain's Day, Saturday evoniug. It will be an open session with program in oharge ~ of\ the chaplain, Mrs. Wm. Koyol. Strawberries and cake will bo Borved for 10c Ladies will pleaso provide cake aud cream. Mrs. O. S. Porter, Miss Sarah Por- ter, Mrs. Plant and Miss Scovil at- tended the W. 0. T..U. at Mrs. B. E. Sporry's, the 10th inst., aud roport a very pleasant and interesting mooting. , Preparations aro still boing niado for the sooial and ontortaiumont to bo hold at the Penfield Town hall, Friday ^eviiBipg, -JflnQ^lB,t>^_T_ho musical and Union Deyo visited last week. Mr. aud Mrs. Charles Lee of Fair- port, visited at James Lee's, Wednes- day and Thursday. A surprise party was given to Miss Myra MacKearniu at the home of her uncle, Mr. Adams, Thursday evening. Miss MacKearmn is about to return to her home in rmffalo. The stork visited the home of Frank White and wife, Thursday, and l«ft a little girl. FORT WADSWORTH, N. Y., May dislocate her shoulder while at play last Friday. Lyman Dratt and wife have returned from a week's visit to their old home at Savannah. George F. Dake is improving his new house on Chestnut street by \add- ing a coat.-of; paintr- — — Hamilton & Palmer have sold the Shartran block on West Commercial street, to A. D. Cook. . George Jones has moved his family to Egypt, where he will engage in a general blacksmithing business. Miss Christine March, who is soon to graduate from the Brockporc Nor- mal school, spent Sunday with her parents here. ~\~~ •—.-•---.. - _ ~Jaa , son~Davis~is~erecting\ a~~snrall factory building on his lot on West CommerciaFstrfeet. He~intends to en~ gage in light manufacturing. The two and one-half year old daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Goodland, fell from an upstairs window, Wednes- day-afternoonr^ndbTokB'lrer'ireck\.\\ - \ The Misses Mattie, Edna and Millie Allen of Webster, and Miss Elizabeth Ellis of Rochester, were the guests of the Misses Cornie and Leona March over Sunday. Samuel C. Tully, who was injured while at work in the shops here, May 3rd, died of intestinal hemorrhage as a result of his injuries, at his home at Bergen, Monday night. The fire department was called out Tuesday evening. A small fire oc- curred at the Y-anAntwerp residence on East avenue. The fire was extin- guished before the boys arrived. Mr. and Mrs. Christian Schultz at- tended the graduating exercises of the JSIechanic!s_Instituta,_Rochester, ^a j y-evea4ng,-w4iQn-t4ieir-nephew- T -Mas- _ If you cannot come yourself, send the young folks. We give the most careful attention to the fitting of Children's shoes and for this week's specials we list the following. Miss Ellen Kennedy is seriously ill. The music by the choir at the M. E. church, Sunday, morning, was very much enjoyed. Mr. Hogan. organist of St. Michel's church in Rochester, was present and presided at the organ; and with the aid of violins, a cornet and many harmonious voices from choir and congregation, a volume of praise arose and the storm outside was forgotten'aud all felt well repaid for their visit to the honse of God. The first car painted Pullman brown is now on the Sodus Bay road. We understand the cars are all to be painted this color as soon as possible and we shall miss the light, airy yel- low cars that have beea passing over the road of late. Mrs. Charles Goetzman is quite ill. Misses Fannie aud Pansy Pitt enter- tained a friend from Brighton, over Sunday. A horse driven by Mr. Reddick of Penfield, dropped dead near the home of S. Pardee, yesterday afternoon. The rain of yesterday was very wel- come in this locality. 15.—The bodies of two men were found lying not far apart on the beach at the government reservation here. They had apparently been in the water a month; One was that of a-man about forty. He had blond hair and mustache and wore a black cutaway coat, gray striped trousers and white shirt. The -other—man—was-about_sixty-five with gray hair, aud he wore a black coat and trousers. Patrick Apnin ReAplted. ALBANY, N. Y., May 15.—Governor Higgins has granted an additional re- i-spite^ol-ihirty days, until June 17, to Albert T. Patrick, under death for the murder of Rice. sentence of William M. -•*—*- iC2i ^It^rlSfy^iniOgl^ffil^iSTTTSww^rQS^^^r^ SOUTH PEKINTON. South Perinton, May 14.—Mrs. Eliza Marquis is driving a new- rubber tire carriage, purchased of • H. E. Corn- ford, Victor. Stephen Huut and wife visited rela- tives in\ Mendou,'Sunday. Mrs. Wm. Wilkinson; was in Victor, Friday. O. F. Blazey. spent Saturday and Sunday in_Ropheatejr; Sly Fox and the estimable Mrs. are frequent guests here of the \Hen fam- ilies.\ They aro early arrivals at the roost. One was seen recently about 6 o'olock in tho morning, slyly slipping baok to his den, accompanied by poor old Mrs. Hen7 who was taken along re- gardless of rumpled feathers. What sayeth ye hunter? Is the animal to blame because he's a fox and his na- inro calls for our hons. Howard Richardson visited in Pitts- ford, Sunday. Miss Jessie Deoko, from Rochester, spent Sunday with her cousin, Franc Marquis. , Rotf. Harry Witham from Macedon Center, made a few short calls in this neighborhood, Monday afternoon. His Highness, of Bnrofln, NEW YORK, May 15.—His highness Maharaja Gaekwar of Baroda, Sayaji Row III., accompanied by her highness the Maharanl, two secretaries, two maldB, an attendant and thirty-six pieces of baggage, Is at the Waldorf. His highness, most exalted of the In- dian maharajag, is entitled east of Suez, like the nlzam of Haidarabad and the maharaja of Mysore, to a twenty-one gun salute. 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An effort is being made to reorganize the Young Men's Guild and to arouse new interest in athletics.- -The tenniB courts of the Guild are being.worked down, preparatory to the opening of the tennis season. The Ladies' Aid Society of the M. E. church, elected the following omeers-HPresidentr-Mrs.-— C. -Ek—Lane; vice presidents, Mrs. W. Ransom, Mrs. Wm. Braj'man; secretary, Mrs. Gray; treasurer, Mrs. Ray Nash. A ball team composed of local talent journeyed to Penfield, last Saturday, and played a game with the Penfield team. The score tells the story better tory ~TFe Ineffective Law. The Saco junk dealer who estimates that 7,000 jugs which had contained liquor were bought in Saco and Bid- deford and shipped to Boston In Oc* tober, shows the futility of Maine's prohibitory law. m iwi -r. m ^^iBtePefi'ting^nA^ntortaining^Andzitda, to bo hoped that ovorybody will come. A Ohnrnnt«ed Curo for FIICH. Itchihg, blind, bleeding, protruding piios. 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In \Winchester cathedral there is a door composed of four pieces of iron grille-work which have the distinction of being the oldest specimens of their kind in Britain. Dog as Utensil. In an English suit at law a dog Is described as a necessary fitting or uten- sil. Plaintiff bought a fish shop of de- fendant, who failed to \throw In\ tho Bhop dog when the transfer was made. Two Children. The Vienna correspondent of the London Standard says that the \two children habit\ Is being adopted very gcncrallydlniiinngary^ than it can be told in words: Penfield, 28; Despatch, 15. We understand that it is \all the fault of the umpire.\ A union temperance service was held at the Baptist church, Tuesday even- ing. The meeting was addressed by the Rey. J. Brown of Olcott, lodge organizer for the Independent Order of Good Templars. The attendance was not large and the results were not all that might be desired. The Ladies' Aid of the Baptist church, will serve their regular monthly supper in the basement of the church, Tuesday evening of next week. The following menu will be served: Roast pork with apple sauce, esCalloped potatoes, biscuit and but- ter, cottage cheese, jelly, horse-rad- ish, peach sauce, tea and coffee, choco- late and banana cake/ The price of the supper will be 10 dents v Bloomers Will be much in evident during the evening. _ ~ A. E. Whittleton is ntourning the loss of a post hole digger that was borrowed from his tool house early in the spring. Any person knowing the whereabouts of said digger will confer a great favor on Mr. Whittleton by re- turningtho instumentjin_a8 good con^ dition as\ when borrowed,\ necessary wear and damage by the elements ex- cepted. Said Mr. Whittleton reserves tho right to remove all post holes made with this digger, without notice, if the.instrument is not returned within five days. The condition of our'streets and side- walks iB again causing considerable dlsonssion. The sidewalk question'is especially prominent \with many of our oitizons. Tho walks are certainly in need of attention but will nover bo bottered until the parties who are now driving ovor them with loaded wagons stop to think that inch boards aro not as strong as pavement and that the streets woro laid out for: tho use of horses and thef walks woro laid for tho cbnveniohco of people. The question of ownorship has long stood in the way of improvement, but at tho last publio mooting the lpt owners wore given to understand that they woro al- so the ownors of tho streota adjoining. 'lfd^iadlMfr^7 ow ^pf it : < .?.-.iai*ft* i ftvid0nt Tapestry Brussels Extra Heavy Ingrain —fixtra-Super-IngralB C. C. Ingrain Cotton Ingrain Axmlnsters, beautiful patterns, 95c a yard LINOLEUMS AND OIL CLOTHS } ALh T™L™ 1 UP-TO-DATB CHINA AND GRASS MATTINGS) DESI0N8 WIDB ASSORTMENTS [ WMMMBBH—mB— _.\ - -\ Sore Nipples. 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