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^^ : '\m=^i: -^-r~~:r -;r;.^TJE[ti%ON^^^^ *~——....-». ..*=*,...^ .-...., ^^ mm FAVORITE REMEDY ___. JPleasanllo_Tf*e,_ Powerful to Cure, And Welcome In Every Home. TClDHErAKlTttVER \ClfflE^*™^ Dr. David Kennedy's Favorite Remedy Is adapted to all ages and both sexes, affording permanent re- lief in all cases caused by impurity of tlie blood, such as Kidney, Bladder and Xdver Com- —plttluta^curea-ConBtipatlon-aJuUVVfuUTifHHfH peculiar to women, ADYENTURE By JOSEPH KEATING. particle of his clothes, and the clothes and hair of Twm Betsy,' dripped, water. ~^ t It~nmTist\bet~alh~Hght^-^hate^erT^ said Llew, convinced as to his mortal ..existence. \Bat where's the** water gone so sudden?\ He went back a few \yar;dsr~Burthe -light of his lamp instead of_ going (Copyright, 1905, by Joseph B. Bowles.) One day Twm Betsy (he and Llew on -thfl - mal—In ^the-.. his col- * It proves successful In cases where all other medi- cines have totally failed. I\o sufferer should despair a5 long as thiB remedy is untried. It has an unbro- ken record of success for over 30 years, and has won hosts of warm friends. Are you suffering from any disease traceable to the causes mentioned? If so, Dr. Kennedy has staked his personal aud professional reputation on the statement that Ftworite Remedy will do you good. -Send for & , { . TCO trln * V ottle &n '& booklet con- taining valuable medical ad vice on tne ire_tnrentiof~ various'diseases. Write also for an \Easy Test'* for finding outlf you have kidney disease. Address Dr. David Kennedy's Sons, Rondout, N. Y. REMEMBER, the full name I s Dr. David Ken- nedv'B FAVOK1TE REMEDY, njade at Bondout, N. V., and the price is 81.00 (six bottles *5.00) at all driifrgists in the United States, Canada and fr>rfiii»Ti roimtriea. U. S. N. called down- to league in a strange voice 7 : '• \Come up here a bit, butty.\ Llew went up and found feetsy right up in the corner, wltrTTihT Twm lamp against the wall of coal which formed a right angle with the working face. Signs of water filtering through the soft surface glistened in the lamp rays. \Look here,\ said Twm Betsy. \Wa- ter.\ Llew\took~np a-mandrilli—With-his-jTwm's -ar-m ahead of him, seemed strangely to run upwards right in front of him. He raised[The ~liihl~to\eYamlhe\this-.--lIe' saw the strangest thing that ever came within his experience. ~-__WeH~-sald hp, nlaintlxely^JlHere/V _D_=_C:__: POINTS for porch and interior floors, kitchen and bathroom walls. MadeT by~BIIXINU5TKlN(r?cX0— New-York and-Boston. For sale by HENRY BRYDGJES, FAIRPORT, N. Y. — Cost most to make but sensibly cheap to use. Try them. light in bis left hand and the tool in his right he struck the iron against the coal, testing it. Suddenly, however, he stopped. His colleague with his big mandrill pulled out an enormous back slip (the coal \grows\ in .overlapping sections like joinery work), which left a big gap from the cut half-way down the face. a wall of water.\ He stared bard at the smooth, shin- ing thing before him. It went straight up like a great cathedral window, with a dim, yellbiriighT^Thihirin :-r ~ \But what's holding it up\ like that?\ be marveled. \P'raps Twm Betsy knows.\ Then Llew tried to bring back his friend's consciousness to get an ex- planation of the phenomenon. He merely put his hand under EYES EXAMINEDv FOR: •Women^Ii^vJ^MeYaT- for.. Eyegl and Never Call for • .'.'•'' Tnenu ; •. - \Yes sahT~the store managerrTe^ ports the Jewelers'. Circular' Weekly, as he glanced, at the sign wnich gave notice that a deposit w.Ul^hereafter be req'ufcfexTonall\order8\for t \glassesr\we had to do it. When we took account of stocky a JUtle,. while_ago we _ found w^-had-beenvRtuckfor-sQ many-frames and glasses made to order, and then never called for thatwe had~to~put up that notice. For the peculiar type known as 7 the 'shopper,' women who ^^^m^mim m*r ; REAP AND YOU WILL LEARN it That the leading*j^edical Ayr!ters and:; teachers-of— 'ttll^tbJ^-severaU^choola rif.,__ ' practice ehdorseahd recommend^ in the' V strongest terms possible, each.ahd every ingredient entering Into the composition.. of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery ^forthe cure of-weak-stomach r dy6pepsia,—- catarrh of stomach, \liver complaint,\- torpid liver, ur biliousness, chionic bowel-' UP-TO-DATE\ upon the back of the mystery of the water; it took - away the strength of a barrier; it opened the door to a'ter- TlbTe - enemy. Where ' water merely trickled—before,, there_„now broke through a torrent \Look out—run for it,\ roared Llew, who saw the face of the coal giving way, as if a great power behind thrust it out, trying to bury them under it Without wasting another second they ran. The torr*ent of wa- wounded- man with startling ease, sprang into the air. \Arglwydd said Llew, frightened. \You came up like a cork flying out of a bottle of pop.\ Twm stood on one leg. He found no trouble at all in keeping himself in that position. \What in the name of goodness, is That-seemed—to-put-the-last- straw^he—matter-?^—he—Gried. ^Pm—doln\. MERCHANTTAItOWNQ TOe awellesl things of tb€-aeaaon-QBe-4aolndcd in bur new stock of woolens and. our facilities for pleasinftyou-in cut and-flt wero never before_ so good. - ...... ter kept as close^oTrrelr~h'eels~HS - Sat-- tor a soul irruangerr — ~~~\ This particular road of Llew differed from the usual working places.._ ft- REMEMBER OUR NEW LOCATION, 3S EAST AVENUE. Merchant Tailor, Rochester, N. Y. The Cream of the Poultry Press for 25 cents a year. That's Jnst two cents a month and one Issue alone will contain infor- mation of practical use worth dollars to you. The Poultry Review Is not a large bulky paper that you have to waste valuable time In \wading through\ to And anything of practical value, but it contains the Cream of Poultry Knowl- edge. Send In your subscription now. Sample copy and premium list 5 cents. -Ponltry-RevlewrBoxJJrBalenirN.-Y,-] METAI. MOTHEB8 h&tthtaf tad broodl&f plut 2 qtj. dUbsteh.a 60 «tp lid nliea ran-along-the-extreme boundary line of the Pandy pit owners' legal area. Without knowing it, the surveyors had made Llew and his colleague de- liberately drive their road upon a lit- tle corner of the boundary line of an- other man's pit, long since disused owing—to- -the -water— in- its-,,workings. And as soon as the barrier between them became weak enough this same water broke through and rushed after the two unlucky men. They came to a brattice door—a frail framework of wood, covered with tar- soaked canvas. It opened against them. \What's the matter \with it! It's like a ton weight,\ said Llew. \Water's driving the air against it,\ panted his friend, pulling at it with him. Llew hitched his lamp upon his belt; put his two strong hands upon the edge j -of--the--framewor-k^The_door_did^ot4^ ^1-open.—BUt-tha.L-dld_nuLjmaLtm ,_Llew tricks like a tumbler.\ \Same as me, exactly,\ declared Llew, keeping his balance with dif- ficulty. \Just like walkin' on 'lastlc. rm_like__a, ball tamping about the place. Stop!\ he shouted, suddenly. Twm Betsy pulled up sharply. With the effort his body underwent a series of vibrations like the end of a spring- plank after the bather takes his diver \It's the air!\ cried Llew, in a voice thrilling with the sense of a great dis- covery: —'Doing what?\ — —- \Keeping the water back!\ . '• \GeT~a^vay!-\~^faou ted—Twin—Betsyr travel around among the stores an order things for the mere joy of or- dering them, infests the'store of eye specialists as it does thoseof'the dry goods men. • . \Why women come In here ,of an afternoon just for a place to rest in, I do believe. They will come in and affections,- and all catarrhal diseases of whatever region, name or nature. It Is also a-spebifie-remedy-for all such chronlc. or long standing cases of catarrhal affec- tions_and their resultants, as bronchial, throat andUung diseases (except consump- especlally efficacious In* producing per feet cures. It contains Black Cherrybark^ Golden Seal root, Bloodroot, Stone root, -Mftndrake-rx)ot^^ndHiueen J s-rootr= t -alH)r Dolly—Do ,you think the Duke of Cashlelgh intends to marry your sis- ter GladyB? . \'» :«• Glady's Brother—Rather! Look at the/presents he's given her! A gold ijase,\ a smoking cap, a hunting watch, a Gladstone bag, a gold-headed carre, a— their eyes examined, and sometimes get indignant when we find that they do not need- glasses at all. Oh, yes, we do turn them away at times when they do not need glasses. And when they do need them they leave orders for the glasses and we make them up and then have them left on our hands, because they frequently never call that sometimes; for them. \Men do but more often it is a woman. The only way I can account for it Is by that explanation—that they do it for want of something else to do, and His Excuse. . You call me fair, but I'm brunette; . What are you thinking of?\ He answered: \True but don't forgot That all is fair In love!\ —Cleveland Leader. Early Training. \He Is certainly a bouncing baby boy.\ \Yes and his mother hopes some day OonpI.U hiUhlEi tsd breodisf plu t for V7.Su . 2qtt.ollti»tchti60«cpiadrilief click,. 0»_lotu» fre» wilt* fall tod* J. -''tun Cycle Hatcher Co., Box 77, Salem. N. Y. Nasal CATARRH In all its stages. Ely's Cream Balm #eansea, eoothea and heals fie diseased membrane. \ Jl cuicH catAtrh and-drrv away a cold in the head quickly. Cream Balm is placed into the nostrils.spreade over the membrane and is absorbed. Relief is Im- mediate and a cure follows. It is not drying—does not produce sneezing. Large Size, 50 cents at Drug- gists ocby mail; Trial Size, 10 cents. ELY BRQTHERS, 66 Warren Street, ^\W Yotk '.v. with infinite scorn. But Liew_insists ed: \I'm sure that the plank door down here won't let the air go out, and the water won't let the air go in. And the water can't come no further, because the air won't let it.\ \What!\ roared the other. -•^Gome- and- look^ — Llew led the way. Twm followed. Llew tried to walk up towards the water. His feet barely kept the ground while in motion. \Look!'^he shouted. He held his lamp up. The light gleamed on the wall of water. \It's like swimmin' on dry land,\ \grumbled Llfew. The detail left unexpressed—the de- tail which allowed them to \swim on dry land,\ simply amounted to this: Water will not mix with wind; nor wind with water. For water is water A gale lashes into the\ face of~the\\s¥aT^he~arggry~waxer: perhaps to see-what-ILiB like,to_haj^e_|jhe-maY-go-tQ-CQllege and make a name the eyes examined. \You would think that a shop where eye-glasses are prepared and sold would be about^ the last place in the world to be afflicted with shoppers, but we get them.\ DWTffi \TrSE7rSAtT g. 0 ^ That is probably as Ancient | There is no place for Bargains in Rochester like as the HumaaHace Itself, CURES A COLD IN ONE DAI CURES GRIP IN TWO DAYS VrU-H - -J: LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE k THIS SIGNATURE! SWA * ; MUST APPEAR ON 6VERY BOX OF THE GENUINE mx '!& PARKER'8 . HAIR BALSAM CletnW and bttntlfki th« b$it. rtotnotM » luxuiUst froirth. Never Full• to Bcitore Or*y Hairr too itaa Tonthfull CoTorT. CuiMJciIp dj^rtitt A_h»lT f»Ulnf. Hai t it Youthfu Color 2urr* tcilp di»rtitt h htlr fill IT'S TRUE DOWNICIQE Will .destroy Insects on Treca and Plants and prevent fungus and bjlght on Fruit and Potatoes. ISwlOp See your grtSccr or write us for book. D0WKIC1DE CBSUIC&L CO., U1DDLSC0ST, M. T. t i- -- ' .• rOTICE TO. CREDITORS—Pursuant to an m m, • ft^-'-'::-.. SH!re : ^nW : §F : 33oTn ! o^oTW?^^ ite<5drd!ng-to-lttWTtO*H-por8ona-having-cialtnaor- broke it in \two\\ halresr\ The-wood\ crackled, and the tearing of the can- vas followed like a volley of pistol shots. \And there's a big plank door fur- ther-on—we-can-t~tear_thatl\—moaned- Twm Betsy, as he tried to scramble through after his friend. But here a serious thing happened. The water—by this time so plentiful that it completely filled the narrow, tunnel-like roadway—swept down against the outstretched broken part of the framework and jammed it back ,sn suddenly thnt it entrapped the left foot of poor Twm. The water then rushed with a bang against the slender door, where it swirled and boiled in its fury at itself checked. \I'm fast,\ roared Twm. \The .water's breaking down the door,\ muttered Llew. \Another min- ute and it'll be all over with the two of us.\ The whole framework, sides and doorway, began to bulge outwards; it could not hold back the enormous force behind. Twm threw a horror-stricken look at it. Then the excruciating pain and hor- ror of it all reached a climax; he lost consciousness. His body fell—limp. \Fainted clean away,\ panted Llew. \And I'll have to carry him.\ He heard the sides of the doorway creaking more than ever. And now he saw\ it breaking down hopelessly. He picked up his friend and ran for the low- er door. The water came tearing over, un- der and through the door in a yellow, shining flood, roaring as it rushed after him and his burden. It filled the roadway—top, and sides; it advanced in a like a moving wall. \Llew with the other man arms, looked back as he heard It get- ting nearer. He felt something slimy 'touch his back—the water! \I'm caught!\ he groaned. 7 ~Tlren a Very strange thing happened; a magical strength seemed to come to him; his burden suddenly lost ita weight, and he could hold^ Twm Betsy on one hand, outstretched. Stranger still, the crashing, hissing sound of the rushing water stopped; a mysteri- ous silence came upon everything. Llew moved 'as if without effort; he walked buoyantly—almost without touching /the ground; he held Twm Betsy under his arm, as he would his mackintosh when he wenf'for a holi- day and no rain came on. \Are we dead, both of ua?\ he asked of himself, very much frightened. _^Vnyjiow/' ho said, emphatically. springs_uri^nl^i^3VE5^ziBiiizzjLey^r_ does the water allow the tiniest breath of its enemy to penetrate even to the depth of a shade beyond the surface. So here, the water rushed down and forced all the air in the roadway into IbTe~small'est ~v7uuTne~it couldlissume. The door, so thoroughly built, with thick brattice along the bottom, would not admit of any escape; the volume ^f\water\ exceeded the volume of air, and imprisoned it. But the prisoner would not, could not yield. It could not drive the water, greater in volume, The awful desolation of the Dead sea, which Jies nearly 1,300 feet below the level of the Mediterranean, is broken here and there by the salt divers, whose work is probably as ancient as the hu- \nraff\ race~~itself.\ ; — — From remotest antiquity, says the Technical World, Magazine, the salt of the Dead sea has been collected and brought to the Jerusalem market, where it is used for curing hides and for domes- tic purposes. Dead sea water contains over 25 per cent, of solid substances, of which seven per cent, is chloride of sodium, or common salt. The Dead sea contains no living crea- ture. Sea fish put into its waters speed- ily die. Not a single boat navigates\ its strange waters, nor is there any sign of life, saye the isolated parties of salt divers, who scrape and slowly amass 'thelr~gllstening-heap3-of-cryBtal-near- the mouth of the JordanT for himself on the gridiron.\ \You don't - say. Is she. teaching him to stand hard knocks already?\ \Yes she_grabs_hlm by the wri3t and pulls him through every bargain rush they have downtown.\—Chicago News. Which are highly praised as remedies for all the above mentioned affections by such eminent medical writers and teachers as Prof. BartholoWj of Jefferson Med. Col- lege; Prof. Hare, of the Univ. of Pa.; Prof. Finley Ellingwood, M. D., of Ben- nett Med. College, Chicago; Prof. John KingrM; D., late of Cincinnati; Prof. John M. Scudder. M. D.. late of Cincin- nati; Prof. Edwin M. Hale. M. D., of Hahnemann Med. - College, Chicago,, and _ scoresol oth^Ts^LTrallyemluBntlrirthelr- several schools of practice. .' \ The \polden Medical Discovery\ is the only medicine put up for sale through' druggists for like purposes, that has any' such professional endorsements worth more than any number of ordinary testi- monials.'. Open publicity of its formula on the bottle wrapper is the best possible guaranty of its merits. .A glance at this published formula will snow that \Golden Medical Discovery\ contains no poison- -ous-or-harmful-agents-and-no-alcohol- chemlcally pure, triple-refined glycerine being used instead. Glycerine is entirely unobjectionable and besides is a most useful ingredient in the cure of all stom- ach as well as bronchial, throat and lung affections. There is the highest medical authority Jfqr_ its use in all such cases. The \Discovery \IS a concentratedgryc-- eric extract of native, medicinal roots and is,safe and reliable. A booklet of extracts from'eminent, medical authorities, endorsing its Ingre- dients mailed free on request.- Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y. FftVHM-WWHK SmSSE This week's specials positively fot- one-third less than any-, where else in Rochester—that means 33 per cent, in your pocket. SUITS When a sufficient cargo Is made ready a long, string of camels crosses the desert, and the salt is loaded up into panniers, or \shwerries and taken •into Jerusalem, where it finds a ready market. Salt, as is well known, has been used as currency from time immemorial, just as bricks of tea are used to-day in cen- -tral~Asia;-esp6Gially in -the-horderland of China and Siberia. 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This pause gave the air time to get into shape for the contest—to clean its decks as it were. So that when the water burst down the brattice door and rushed through in a complete solid, from xoad to roof, the air met it in exactly the same form— solid, from road to roof. Consequent- ly not a drop of the water could flow under, over or down the sides. And in this deadlock of the antagonistic elements Llew and his colleague found safety. \The next thing,\ said Llew, with his light upon the strong plank door, \is how to net out. Can't we cut a piece out?\ Suddenly he turned his light to the ground. \A rail,\ said he. \I can drive a hole through the turf side!\ They tore two of the tram-road rails. Llew put the handle of his lamp in his mouth to \show light.\ Then they cut and hammered the turf wall at the left side of the door. Llew steadily cut a round hole in the turf big enough for a man to go through with ease.- But-he took care not to cut any part through. He weakened It equally all round. He knew enough of the ways of com- pressed air to understand that it would, escape with the force of an ex- plosion. \Now said he, at last ' He threw down his rail. \Get behind me and jump after me when you see me knocked through.\ He took the first place so as to take the first and most dangerous shock of the escaping air. That first shock 3ometlmes mutilates the thing in its: way. . \Ready he roared. \Ahy.\ ; Llew struck wjth his flat the weak- ened part of the wall. It flew out like a feather. 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I- On a property where the rabbit shoot- ing was strictly preserved, upon the southern coast of-England, a boy was caught with two dead rabbits in his pos- session, and nothing that would account for their decease. A search of his pocket revealed nothing but two live crabs of small dimensions, the end of a' candle and a box of matches. Under promise of release the urchin was persuaded to disclose his method of procedure. First he selected a likely burrow, and then stripped off his clothes, putting his coat over one hole, his trousers over another, and his shirt over the third. He lit the candle end, dropped a little grease upon* the crab's back, and stuck the lighted candle thereon, and then put the crab at an unoccupied open- ing. Straightway the frightened torch- bearer fled sideways Into the darkness and explored the Innermost depths, while the boy, expectant as a terrier, awaited events outside. Presently a rabbit bolted into the coat, as It did so that boy was after it like a shot, and boy, rabbit and coat all rolled over together, the boy rising from the fray with the rabbit In iils clutches. VEGETABLE SICILIAN _1_|ir Kenewer A high-class preparation for the hair. Keeps the hair soft and glossy and prevents splitting at the ends. Cures dandruff and always restores color to gray hair. If jo— dnxjiit c__ot inpplj TOO. lend 11,00 to R. PT nALL A CO.. N_bt_, N. H. MAIL BANK ACCOUNTS Are as safely conducted nowadays as are accounts in person. Money (in the form of money orders, draft or by registered letter) may be safely mailed to this Trust Company when it will be deposited to the sender's credit and bank book will be sent by return mail. • . - - - 4 per cent interest paid on deposits which do not exceed $10,000.00. Send for statement. \ Correspondence solicited. SECURITY TRVST COMPANY, OF ROCHESTER , Corner AJaln and Water Str-ets. nmi?-ttnd-_thc___watet-ftT ihftmfiftlve8~Droreoteo-nK«~BtonflR-*r^w r 3 ^lotri^^rburrd:\- Ho tried to walk In the normal man- ner; but his feet would not keep on the roadway. Ho moved about like a ball tamping on the ground. \Like walking on .'lastlc,\ said he. Then he noticed that his beard sim- ply deluged him with the water that dripped from it; also that from every ^ellng-^hrough-tho-openlng-lnto-tho dust of the road at'trio other side. But It pitched them into Bafety. At first sttinned, they came to them- selves as soon as a stream of wa- ter began to flow through after them. Put the volume of water, limited to tho size of the hole, could not harm them. It simply spouted oyer them. Man's Influence Fatal. Man is tho only animal which Is al- ways accompanied by diseases, except those creatures that are his companr ions and -hare his patronage. There Is reason to believe that the denizens of the forests, the veld, the rivers and the ocean, so far as they escape man's influence, live, with hardly an excep- tion, \healthy lives. Chronic ailments begin with man's protection- in. the -dairy, stable and kennel. Man* has treated artificial-conditions with which the \thousand Ills that flesh is -heir to\ are associated. If tho human fam- ily dwelt in ventilated houses, breathed- pure air, lived temperately^ with little or no \alcohol and took daily exercise in the open, it would perhaps know little more of gout; rheumatism, can- cer, fever, lumbago, dyspepsia, asthma \Standard\ tailoring FOR THE MAN WHO /KNOWS We're looking for. the man who doesn't know, but wants to learn. OUR $15 made to your individual measure SUIT or TOPCOAT jhftn-».rto.~tne. iQwer^aiumaia.^LoiidOTr Telegraph. 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