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VOL. NO.-35Y • -\: A miEPQRT, ; 'N;;Y;, THU^SPAY, AUGUST 29,. 1901. ;r- j-.-ii \ix dWhy = \leti all your • neighbor* J| anfljfriends I think, you, must he; twenty years 1 older ,than;you vare?^Ye$ It*6; 1 Impossible to X look; young/ \yith -'• the< color of > seventy (years: In; Lthe^fiair^JfsVsad^ja'Csee^o'ung'- per86h8 look > prematurely;; olij - in this .way.: Sad because • It's J all 1 unnecessary; for gray hair mayaK-l: ways be .re-*' :\J ' «<'X^XXX. :•••• /\J v stored^to : it8 natural.cblor by using-— V For oyer naif-a cen- turythis has b'ew 'tire la^idar-d hair prepara-, tiOJliv'jfclB -anrelegant dressing ;jjBip^8liallinB fcfeoted i MoequltoeaV Caused vH>-Death In; Havana; - ______ .. ,. ^ ; . . . . - - . . — ] INTERESTING YELLOW FEVER TESTS. I r i t SHAFFER NOTFOR PEACE. Ef- of theTialr; and cleajoseslhe scalp -frorri^dahdruff.<& ^m :*%&£$& X Wten.y_QU feed ; your hair well lt^ will grbw'welL - It keeps soft/and j never splits atthe>nds.« £\ ?• i ki 11.00 a bottle. AlKNttWs.: 'X \ I teve been using Ayer's Hair Vigor { / for over 20 .years and I can heartily rec- ommend it to the public as the bCBt balx tonic i n existence. ••:;- .->\-• • '•- ••' . : \ Mrs. G.X. AXDBHSOW, - t April24,1899. ;}••. ••_•••• X Ector,Tex. ' 'Hlf you'do not obtain »fl tho benefits you expected from the tuft of the.Vigor;-write the Doctor about It. -; '.Address,\.'- J. 0. AYEB, Lowell, Mast.-. DB.! Thuli'Pnr Thli Month Only Tyro Have - Died Froin. the Diaenic ns Com-' .-. »pared With the Anguit AT- \•) • ]:;'?V '•\}->\y : *:raKe : ot-'Fllty.''',<;^ ;''.] ~ .;*; :> HAVANA, Aug. 27.—Of the eight per- Bond bitten by. infected mosquitoes in con-\ \nectibn:with-the experiments conducted by the,yeliow fQYer^board during'the last <three; weeks' three Have died. \-'Three oth-- era jWhp^took^ the fever are expected to recover!'; One has not developed the dis-* l ea6ei;iwTAe--eighth 1 ,perepn-a8^yet-haB\not- developed; yellow, feverj although it i s too ;nrly-to a'ay what will happen in that : rase. ; -.- -. . , ••• ••-.*.. —SrtrgeoBT*MKJor^Reea^ihtenda to\ COnf tlnuerthe; investigations.-; Major -GprgaBJ chief,sanitary oflicer, says the ideai'of,the- Knneral-I>Irecttn^Tind~EmbaImer.- Mrs. Sherburne will assist in all cases in the careof ladies and children. ' .;. T V* Bown Block. FAIRPOET, N. Y. Night calls answered at residence on North '- ' '-'.v .;'* '\' : .. r -?'- ; : street. -;...'• ',;''...'' . f W. Js PAYNE, , \Veterinary-; Surgeon and Dentist; Treats all diseases of Domesticated Animals. Calls promptly attended to day or night. • • \ >:-•-;. .• ' '••\;' '(•'• • '.\ ' •'•.\• . : Office in Chadwick Block, JFalrpdrt, N. Y. Barn near Bown's Carriage Works. ' H.M. BROWNi ; Funeral* Director and * Licensed —^— ^rEmbalmer^^^r^^^^' tJenlea All BeportJi\ RcBardlng :.'.-\ ..'•'. forti-For a Settlement,. : - ^ PITTOBTURG; rAug^2T^^li^gr:en^ sentatives 'of the National, % Ci3*ic federa- tion are working zealously for.pjencebe^. tween the steel workers and the United States Steel corporation, President Shaf- fer ^ of the .-Amalgamated association Jde-, clares that'his organization has gjven rio v : authority;:to\anyone to make a settlement and that any; effort that v may be made ,in that, direction is being done by outside parties on their,own. responsibility.' \He* announces! that .BO far as the officials'iOf the organization are concerned they ^are satisfied; tha^. atteinptsof ^officials of t% trust to operate plants in rittsbnrg h'ayej been futile^ and that while'there is appar-^ enHy a Jot of men at work and machinery.' is in operation practically ho product ^ia': being.turned out. : . .;;',,'; i icv^i The ;officiuIs of the^ various plants that^ -have -been^ started7ddrIn^^\e\lpasF*weet\ 7 in Piltsburg say; thfey have made gains in\ 1 all j of .them.* -More men have come\; to' work,;,and. the output in 'every:.;case\;^|a AID FROMBICARAGUA Oolombiari; Town Threatened —b-y^Rebels-Wom-Bluefieids.-— GUNBOAT MACHIAS REACHES COLON. ipcreaBed. ; Tbe._ Painter rjlarit ;pf tbe T Iioop combine\.has. started. two- additional,; mills, and the' officials say that before the- yellow fever. tinard--tgflatn Bubjectrto mbs- I end of the ,'week these mHls^Hl^berworH-; I CoDsequentiy-nneaKiuetis\ prevails at Fap- Quito infecjtioh as many as woulrf V9lun- teer' .^Sixteen\ persons had been bitten^ and-all/had-recovered, and the theory of the ^boar<i was th'at v if some hundred; or more persons could have been bitten'with similar results a\rep'ort could have been published. showing.- how apparently safe and easy it was to become immune. Aiter this had been:published the entirepppula- .tion\'might have been immunized; : \So many cases gave mild results that'the im- pression'was created that the danger.'was not so great as. it has turned out to be. Thus ^fdrj during August tnere have been ^o f deaths from yellow tfever in Havanall as compared with.jin_ average oT^more f th ^^ ^r'ttijMT^tK itbe?previbu'B^ll-^^re?=^^36^^^r^ai^^ garde the'experiment in mosquito infec- tion as of immense service to science. \* ; ^The man who was bitten by an infected mosquito after' inqcufiKion with the se- rum of Dr. Caldas, the Brazilian expert, ha^ developed what Beem to be symptoms of yellow fever. The yellow fever board callB the case n suspect. Ing double turn. \• The Star\ millB areVbe^. ing operated by nonunion tin 'workers*.-, add two double mills are turning out sat-.; isfactory black sheets.-. Manager Arttnir Pijper claims, the mills will be operated: three turnsi\befpre the end of the \weelcr ; The.Iiindsay^McCutcheon mills in -Alle- ; gheny.'have two mills running,-and it'is expected they will,be put op double : tarh.: later in the. week. The Clark hoop mills in; Lawrenceville are operated in full for, a \single turn, but the officials say every. ;one of the six mills, will be on double; turn before the week ends. --. . = •':':^'-/:•££ Ojfflcdals-bf—the-uppei^^ndTlow?r^TJniorF mills of the Carnegie company claimlthkt th^re JLs J\o H\ Uneaalneiia nt Panama Increaiei, ai That City Is Believe* to Be the * Objective Point of Inior- gent Forces. COLON, Colombia, Aug. 27.—A report is circulated here to the effect that the rebels now threatening the town of Boca del Torrb\ hail from BluefieldB, Nicaragua. The United States\ gunboat Machias an- chored yesterday in Colon harbor. ::\-.-\•'/;.,' The j^njtorj^ir^ej^ pjroxen^ inission \of ppiitical'news or.news unfa- vorable to 'the^ goverumen^. The reyolt of the Liberal Colombian reb- els, now two years old, lately assumed a THbTe serious uspect by rthe LlHerals' cpn- •centration on the, isthmus. If fa believed, they are contemplating aggressive action^ COLUMBIA WINS, AGAIN. Lady assistant when requested. Phone 87-8. Fa^p(^^Yv; -liT^EBY STABJbB^ O.'M.'GHAIIWICK,^ -r' Proprietor. Single and Double Rigs at Reas- onable: Prices, v; ;^ ; Barns on Perln Street. • \. Telephone No. 7. „ : \:i- v : -; r .. : : ..-:i. : Falrport, N.Y.: -;• •• . : \-. :?:i &HUDS0N RIVER R. R. THE\.f OUR-TRACK TRUNK LINE. '/• Rnsala Onr Great Blvnl. WASHINGTON, Aug. 27.—The state* department has received from ' Consulai Agent Harris, at Eibenstock, ,a report shiiwing'.' the extent of - Germany's grain importation from, Russia and from the United States. In 1897 \Russia sold Ger- many §27,302,410 worth more of grain than did the United StateB, but i n 1900 the United States waB\only ,$4,947,250 worth behind her European rival. Mr. Harris.\ says .''the competition between •Russia and the United States to supply-, the: nonproducing grain countries of Eu- rope will become sharper every.year t _New : railroads: and cahals building in\ Russia; \will enable r her. :tacmpYe^he5-cropB.-> witi[- T^bSEr^seTitbwhrd.^. the: _Gierman if rentier 1 than formerly, arid Jwhepl Austria -has completed her.netf/ork of carials n dirpot of their men to return to work has affect- ed the plants in any way. To all outward appearances the lower mills are runnina asiiBual, though the company haB issued, strict'injunctions against entrance to.the mills or the offices by anyVone not ehl- ployed there. • . \-' \At Amalgamated headquarters there ia little of interest transpiring. ama, the Liberal objective, which waa nearly captured a year ago. It i s not be- lieved the rebels will molest the railroad; or interrupt traffic.\ The recent rebel activity along the rail-\ road amounted to bloodless raiding and the robbery of Chinese storekeepers, which the presence of a-few government troops apparently stopped. There is a re- 1 port that • the government is. bringing troops to protect the .isthmus. ThiB will be difficult without exposing to rebel at-_ tacks the points whence they are taken. The area of the revolt is extenBive^^ A\Tioticeable of the-revolution is the actual moral support rnegie eouipaay c-iunu mm .^ .. .„. ulluu i0 lU u uv^uu. ,u U( u, o UHl ,v-.. ministers of the. powers do not think that fncnlty: io^pprf-ting' th.eit, t h e Jjib^rnls are- r f ceiving^f mm-Vnn^ -mmaJntends-todefv-theyPOWeiT by, Dy^KSt^nl ii ferl!iHt^f^dl5^^iaf*E^ countries Liberal governments prevail. Colombia's Conservative government .'is I institution Falrlr Beaten b^* the Old Defender; ; 'OYSTER BAY, N. Y., Aug. 23.—The f olumbia: gave the Constitution a good :*-»uud—beatingr-yeFterday—twice—oroui the Seawanhaka triangular course. On corrected time the old boat won by 2m. 5s; and on elapsed time by lm;.39s.< But tne figures do not represent the- decisiveness\ of the Columbia's victory, for ns a matter of fact she beat'the new boat twice. The first time around the triangle of 14% miles the Columbia gain- ed oyer five minutes. Then a sniff: of wind oh-the Ehort leg across the sound put the Constitution upon even terms, .when n new* race was practically started, the breeze now coming true again.. This time the Columbia gained .over a minute r.nd a half. It wa? a,day.of fluky s\ound : breezes, but if either^boat got^any, adv vantage frbm the : i fequenFchanges in.the wind it was the Constitution. .It was at no time a white cap' breeze, and the sea was smooth, conditions which have her»- -\tofonroi Ways^ f flvnTed _ the~Const itutlon. The new beat diu not Beem. to have any of the speed she has shown in light airs. -^-The~~sumrnary was as loltbWSl '\.'•\ Columbia—Start, 1:35; finish, 5:23:32; elapsed time, 3h. 48in. '32s.; corrected time, 3h. 47m. 14s. ! - . ' Constitution — Start, 1:35; finish, 5:25:11; elapsed time, 3h. 50m. lis.; cor- rected time, 3h. 50m. lis.. * '• AFFAIRS IN CHIWA. Delay In SlKnlntc- Protocol Camel Uneasiness. . ' PEKING,\Aug 24.—The delay of tha Chinese plenipotentiaries in signing the protocol is causing some uneasiness in the BRITISH SDFFERTKI - J _•\-;-.'.• ;-£\-. '• -; - >•*•\.-' -• ;''-;-'-*=• : ---;- .-'/- v '-'-.• •. ' . .-. . *\.•'•-•' > - ' • ; - /. : ;,\->•'\•--• ^ •»„ « ' '.'.•' I-' - ' .• , . •-'-•-• ; - -• •;. :.:r«;: -:,-'•'V'.f--.:;-y{*' AjOgtap^ay: Surrounded^and j Tatozrb^~Superior Force,-^Vg STEIN AND • DE WET STILL GAMEJ foreign community here, although the\ rebels and armed bands are hiding and ?v/\-Vit! ; -flviap^fcj'uir-eolum^ gjenerfl I^B^aT?P^^lQhe- a h1ft9nig=be£la^inr 5;Uj ^^ A LONG SWIM. water communication from.Russia to the, heart of Germany will be. eatablished. The only*thing which will enable the. United States in the future to compete : successfully with Russia in the grain.mar-. kets of Germany will be cheaper ocean freight rates, says Mr. Harris. .'• ;^v TRAINS GOING EAST. •1:84, A. M.—Accommodation, arrives Lyons, 2:15a. m.:* ?••.;:-'•-• v .7:00,-A. M.—Day Express, arrives Syracuse 9:ljLa.\m., New York 7:00 p. m. * : •8:24,- A. M.—Accommodation, arrives Syra- • ouse 10:45 a. m., New. York.6:00 p, m. 10:50, A. : M,-r^Accommodation, arrives Syra- . cuse 1:10 pirn., New York 10:00 p.m. V. M.—Accommodation, arrives•\Syra- cuse 5:15 p;.-r3.. \v-f ; * : ''Mr '-\~'~ •>.» p. M.—-Aocommodatlon, arrives vSyra- cuse.7:55p:m.. '\ ' : ';':••'•'••'• \ p.- u.—Accommodation, arrives Syra- cuse 10:20 p, m.i New York 7;00 a. m. .. 2:54\ 5:84, •8:07 •r* TRAINS; GOING ;yvEST v /i: *7»46,A. M.—Accommodation, arrives Roches- .;,->...• : ^ter 8:10 aim.Tarrive3-Bnn\fllo7l0:25.'A.-M.\ 0:03, A. ^.^Accommodation - arrives-Rooh- V •>'• •ester 9:25 a; m.VBnflalo J8:00 p. m.; NI- - ' - . agaraFalls 1:08p.m.\ --•--<-. ,.-,v - - •11:31, A. M.—Accommodation, arrives\ Roch- /.,...w.e3terll:53 a;m.-, Buffalo 2:00p. m., Niag- m ara Falls 2:50 p. m. . - ,•;\.. 4:38,p. «.—Accommodation, arrives Rbch- r ester 5:02 p.m., Buffalo 7:20 p. m:,Nlag- '. ara Falls8:15p.m. * :V 5:45,'p. M.^Despatch accommodation, arrives ..'. Rochester6:05p.m.\ '•.*.,;••\•\ t •.•**••-.} •8:80,. p. tM.—Accommodation, arrives; Roch- •>-'.'-':*•- : 'ester fi:00 p.m., Buffalo 11:20 p.m., Ni- •.-!:..'•/ : ' agara Falls 12:30 a. m. This train runs /.;,,'. Sundays to Rochester only; -.. '\'••• •.>..\.•.:*•- •Trains marked thus (•) run dally. .•:> ;! . . In effect June 16,1901. . •••,••;'. For additional information; time tables, etc, apply to station agent, or to ... •; . • G.H. DANiKta,; General Passenger Agent N. Y. a & H. R. fc R,. New York City.. H. PABRT, General Agent, Buffalo, N. Y. . ,\;'% TV^r2STSHORr2 R. R; ....v.---. r ;. r *'p7 j£ e ij eC t j'nne~16,\ 1901. vr - ~: TRAIN8;QOING EAST. •12:50 X.M.~l^pcai Express.;\IV... •9:28, -A. M.—LocalExpres8. • *•. ' f i •0:11, p, it.— Newark Local; ; * • • 6:35, p.*i.—National Express. ^ - :« • ; -TRAIN8 QOINQ,WEST. ' •0:47, A. M.—Buffalo Local., i . •0:52, A. >t:.'r-Expre33. * V ' : •4:03, p. «.~-Buffalo Local. •: vi > • - ; 9:52 p. M. Buffalo Express. ' .' >; i \B Trains marked thus (•) run dally, '-.W ,0. E. LAMBKRT, General Passenger Agent \Weat Shore Rj. R.,- New York City; . * T -;•;•; . \\ : ' / • •.'\' ;'\•' ^\\ '• ' *• ' * \' ''>••' \*'•'**• j*\^/.^-'' : *-.- &•*'. Iv^'v3ra±fi; j ^J£L2±JB. ;|%f '}} • GOIKO WEST, Ctos«^--45:85, 8:45/11:30 a. ni: :-4:15 and 7 40p. m.-;: : ! , ; • * GOiwaEABT, GLOSS—5:35 and 16:35, a.'m.; •-•t t:30,4:55andf:40,p.m. < i AhBmt TROU THBWESI—5:57 and I0:59,a.m.; Anitiv* rnoU tna EJts1S^r(»P9;03'«^nhf rpll:Bt a;fiirandi^Srp.-mr. , Rgypt Mallarrtvca 9:00} .departsi 10:00, : ^: S^^ISgypt Man arrives 9:mi departs io:oo^ A-t&^p, : 2£& '-*:'-';• 8tmday%alWiirjrJvw*:t5a\^f^:ir^ . m. .--\y « . -111*1^ .*. , i-l «\*>'^ •'II-\*'-. ^ - - n '-'i-ir i . '-i i '•'• • -\ . Offlco operis at 6:80. a. m ; closes at 8:80, p.m. .Office open Sunday from 1*:~D0 to 1:80',p.m., aad6:»to«:Wl^in;:>^-f&^ ; *f'^ , ^Ji-i. - 4^ s i^ Shomrobk II Tnken a Spin. NEW^YQRK, Aug. 27;—The Shamrock IL-nfter-a-Hght—weather .Bail-stretching- epin of six'hours, returned to her moor? ing:in.-Sandy Hook.bay at 4:35*p..m;.;yes- terday. During the day .five'.jib topsaiiB were tried. The last one was;a beautiful ballodiier of light white linen and\ silk;\ The Shamrock, accompanied by the steam yacht Erin, sailed to a point about \two miles;east of the. Sandy. Hook -lightship and then turned back. It was .almost'a flat calm for three hours. Then a light breeze'; from ; the southeast^ came ; along, which gave the yacht a chance to maneu- ver.'/ Sir Thomas Lipton, George L; Wat- son\ and J. B.Hilliard were on board the challenger during her trial. : iV ; Large Sole of Lois. \\• . '\ : 'WASHINGTON; Aug. 20,—A di8patch : \received at the general landy.olB'ce-re-* ports that the total receipts ^rom'they sale of; lots in' trje new towns in Oklaho-: ma to j and including Aug; 24 ' aggregate' $659,427. The,sales were distributed aa follows: Lawto'n,\ 1,008 lots for $^51,805;' Anadarko, 1,043; lots 'for! $179,245; Ho- b'art/.l.lMJota ^15128,317.^ Assistant. iCo'mm!sBloner : Richards, ! .who rhas '.had ; general \charge of^ the saies, .estimates that the disposition of the remaining lots will bring the grand total up t o $700,000. Farmer Kottbed on n Car. CHICAGO, Aug. 27.—Nicholas Kran*, 6., German; farmer living near. Aurora, Ills., was robbed of over $5,000 in notes,- $15€ in cheeks and $33 incurrency on a Cottage*. GroVe avenue cable train here. He r carried the money and notes in-a large ' leather pocketbook in an inside pocket of his coat. He believeB his valu- ables were .taken •, by two men who jos- tled .him\ on the\ car ; and 'who alighted ehortly before he discovered his loss. The robbery, waa reported to tho police, \vho are now working-on the case, r - ' ' 'il [] ^Tnrmoil In Wfnnfpcir, .. „ „\ WINNIPEG, Aug^ 24-Winnlpeg Is In a state of turmoil, due to the presence of several thousand angry harvesters, who claim-they ^.ere brought here from every part of easteiii Canada;under the promise of big 'w.ageft add employment for. sev«rai months.\ About OQQ^who came here from Minnesota and Dakota say that if they ar« not given work or free transportation* to the United States they will make an appeal to the American consul. The situ- ation has caused much worry to_the ptO' Tincial governmenLji.{f *',i vi , ^ . ; ^; ; :^'.*;:. i\\^''. r '..\r v;;;:',',,'.'.' : ['X-'-X-i v >; ; ;\1 jl Hot In KoVini. '.--.\•.'•••.- : ; •'•>'•{':.< TOPEKA, Ayg;'2t—f he last twQ iaya In Kansas have, been excessiTely warm. ?The weather has been as oppreRslTefaa during the drought. The thermoraeterhere. .registered 04. In the southern part of the state., the temperature was bigherr WatiWng^lQ ae\r*^ I- r^-TTjL'i-' -\* <:«>. | FOnr, rnlflefr ,. _ inlbe~ajt|^«npa, 'Uiaj^u^ty^^jnVsnath S ing oi'tlie cable.*supporting the cagal ha men feli ttitf-'&kLfl^'Wi-} \XX X'X'-::' J Iiiil Attempt to Equal Captain \\VeDt>'a\ , Feat Ends In Failure.\ -i Xrh.X DOVER, England, Aug. 26.—Mr. Hpl-; bein, who On the \arhiiversnry of Cap-; tain Webb's swim from Dover, to Calais started from Gape Gris-Nez,' between Boulbgne-Bur-arer and Calais,\.inan at-^: tempt to swim to Dover, narrowly es- caped drqwning. He covered the.course to a pdint \within : six- miles of Dover and then collapsed after having been in the water 12 hours ^nd 46 minutes. sHis exploit was very remarkable, con- sidering. the v ,roughneas of.; the seai\ and -has -established - a r record.;. ^He^^prJe'-a : white-;;cap that \covered his -head and -pftfliul^ his fate and also a ; mask from brow to nose in order to protect hfs eyes. He found it impossible to take: solid food without swallowing sea water, and he. therefore subsisted mainly on raw eggs, as he was able to suck these; while lying on hisback.' He also took hot milk from n feeding;bpttle. ..-?.•. - The sea was heavy, and; there was a nasty swell. His attendants became sea- sick.. \.\,;.\••'•\.' T--'?;X : _'Xs \\Allowing for his zigzag course, it is estimated that he swara-^ZBThiles. When he was taken from thef water, Dover was about five miles north/northeast. His next attempt he promises to make next yean ^: i : . \ ; DISTRESSING- ACCIDENT. Four Killed by a Fall of Bridge '.-'.•'• Girders. .XXX COLUMBIA.; S.C.V Aug. 27.—An acci- dent at the hew bridge which the South? ern railway^ is constructing across the Congaree river caused the death of four men. One other was fatally and two more seriously injured. .::.\•• The accident was caused by the falling, of two* steel girders about seven feet long weighing 14 tons each. - The two girders were hoisted about midway of the river, above, the bridge. The rains of the \night previous probably had caused the.rppes .holding..them in place to slip. The .crash came without the ' slightest warning. There were 76 people on the bridge, spec^ tatorsand^workmenT; XXX'XX~XXX1II~~^XZX. \'.Three'of Ihe men were pinned to the bridge and killed instantly.' Four more tvere ; k'nocked into the river, two of whom were rescued.by a government tug, which came up from the Congaree locks a quar- ter of a mile away. ' '•\•:;'• Tlie Turkish Settlement., ; CONSTANTINOPLE, Aug. 27—The amount of the indemnity which the sultan agrees to pay the Quays company is 700,- 000 francs for ihterfererice with its' rights.. The sultan will; also pay .000,000 francs to. a Frenchman on account of the seizing of his lands in Albania. The Quays com- pany renounces for a year the clause in its concession regarding the' transfer of the quays to Turkey, onlf, It is believed, to save appearances t of the sultan. M. Constans, the French embassador, after making- farewell call* on his -colleagues, has left here on board,the Vautour for Stamboul, where he wlll'take the train. Illinois Storm'Does HncliDimnff*. / CARBONDAtE, Ills./: AugC 27. - A Btorrii approachiiw a cloudburst passed over this city/doiflg much damnge.** Rip- ening fruit,was blown from the trees,-and In many instances the trees were uproot- ed or completely destroyed. *tn.this dty fully 0,000 /birds were .drowned by- tho downpour of rain.- In the Illinois. Central railroad; park over 1,600 dead birds were found'.: Rodents and other animals were drowned by the hnndreds. The storm was* the moBt destructive that has 'occurred forycara; •; : ;•:\yV; =•;!-'• -.• -' - ' •: y . •-. Lnvrson Yacht to Be Destroyed. - NE\V^OR^ \%{ti.. Apg; 27:-With high .tldg^hjs \morning the Boston yacht Independencei left >{eOTO^.Iri.tow of ther tnpGittd iato^ \ for^B^l^^M Jr^Lawson ,v i m \i^He Is'to^ava her sailed on Sept. 2;In-Boston harbor..'toVgWe Boitoniaris a; chance to see herVand ^ena^e will go t<> the junk anop./-' : :X l ';\/X-'\x '•, •' , :i' *>X'-X :'-i V: not popular with the governments of the-] countries .mentioned, but it is popular with the revolutionary elements in the same countries. The situation can be likened to a disrupted federation, com- posed of Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Nicaragua, in which Liberal and Con- servative partisans are helping each oth- er and intriguing together. • But, being separate nations, the political and' armed intrigues threaten international trouble. It is reported that the Conservative re- volt in Venezuela .is receiving actual sup- port, from the Colombian Conservatives.- Nicaragua's threatened revolt will proba- bly be similarly aided .oti the occasion arising. * The conditions give ground for the re- ports of actual or'threatened internation-\ nl complications between the countries - mentioned, inwhich the Liberals are gen- erally opposed to Colombia's Conservative administration, whose prophesied down- fall is accompanied by talk of a federa- tion or_ consolidation oLspme^Or.all oLthe- .countries rriebtioned under the\ idea of a 'Grail Colombia.'' The Colombian gov- erriment is in straits financially at pres- ent. ' ;The Flncrler-Kenan Xuptlals. . WILMINGTON, N. C, Aug. 26.—The marriage of \Mr. Henry M. Fiagler and Miss M arT Lily'-Kenan in the brtde's home in Kenansville. was a great- event for the town and also for-this .city. .The main-streets of Wilmington were crOwded with-sightseers-hurrying-to -the--'railroad- station^ to, watch the departure of the spe- cial train carrying the wedding guests to Magnblin, where carriages had been-pro- vided to take them to the old village of Kenansville, eight miles from that point. Mr; Flagler's gift to his bride was a cer- tified/check for $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 In\ registered government bonds.'\.'. Heye China is anxious Unwind up the ne- gotiations speedily. Decrees reciting the punishments and aii'spending the examinations will be is- sued before the Chinese signatures are nffixed. '•'-''.-' . Prince Chirig, at the request of the em- press^ dowager, telegraphed to her verb^wrj^ed United Mine Worlcers Meet. : HAZLETOxV, Pa., Aug. 27.-^In; pur- suance to a call issued several weeks ago- by the district executive boards tho Unlt- Mine Workers of the anthracite; coaW. tim the restrictions a8 to the importation \pflelds are holding a convention here, at of arms. , Li Hung Chang, having practically conducted all the active negotiations, has retired into the] background, leaving to Prince Ching the responsibility of con- summating thework. Earl Li finds him- self in the Rame precarious position that he occupied at the close of the negotia- tions following the war with Japan. The native press is unanimous in violently de- nouncing' him for what Is called his sur- render to the foreigners, and a number of officials have petitioned the emperor to punish him for' betraying hia country. l*hey Inform . \Lord> Kitchener Tkat;>\ the VlKbt For Freedom -Will Go \Xf$ On—Surrenders Have In-' - * ' '- creased of Late. :: -X^:-X' ,; LONDON, Aug. 27.—A^dispat<m^fr6m v' Lord Kitchenar, dated from Pretoria, ; ; Bays: 'Three \officers; and 65' menAWho_; X : were sent north of \EMybrah\d/.Oiango.'.-V; River Colony, on the right of Elliot's\col-;\5; jtmnsj* weje^ sprroujn^ \ground and captured by a Bupenoriforcei;-.'!; .Aug. 22. One man was.killed, and••'•fotir'f.c- were wounded.. The \prispnerB were^ ro^rf; leased. Am holding an inquiry.; : :'~--X-X^ --\Have-^rec%iveTl~Tl long.\. letter frbttl'^ Steyn containing an argumentative Btate^^'f' ment of the Boer^ case and 6aying^he_jyilLilJ -eontinue-to^fightT^algp a\ shb^rietfer from De Wet to the same effect.J --•'\•;\ -;wt<yf ; '''Botha writes : acknowledging -.-th'e-.infc' ceipt of my proclamation and, protestiniisr against it, states that the Boers'intend,to go on fighting. On the jother handj the srrrenders lately have increased consider- obiy. , ''*•• ;•* ;-.; ;:.'.••'•. ? x'~ . ^X~\XXX';^ Another dispatch from Lord Kitchehei »' suyB: • - . \' .. ..' '\• ;•\-;.-V • -' . : _•--,.-\' -N /'/-v^ \Since Aug. 19 32 Boers have been killed, 139 have been made prisoners, and \ 185 have surrendered, including Kruger,' a nephew of the ex-president. - -J.XX^ \The columns are meeting with no. ap»^V\ preciable opposition-iu Cape Colony. The s'&asgii mm ;«•\ -:: ..,• : Ml-* -Xs$\ r_!i-';' ~XrTp - i^rr; fez iWm £m§ \di^SM t6*f ! *S iwtm ^•—r-.«\c.' ?MM- mum '$M m KH contact with the commahd of Scheeper> f whom he i s driving north.\ - ; v - .TRAITOR HOWARD TAKEN. .-.\Tennessee River Rampant. •'... HAMBURG, Tenn., Aug. 27.—The Tennessee river is higher than ever known at this seaspn of the year. There is';at least. 75 per cent of this county's eprn:crop under water. What corn is not. covered is that which, stood on high ridge land and, being on dry land, was burned up: during'the hot weather. The \river has backed up the creeks and sloughs for five ;mile8. in.some, places and killed both corn and cotton. A large number of peo- ple here have their whole' crop of corn and cotton destroyed. Their condition is serious. . . :.-•''.--_ Iarh_\Wnter_Closes-Collieries •SrXAMOKIN, ParrAugr27.^0wing to heanry rains, the Henry Clay. North Franklin, Bear Valley>and Big Mountain collieries, operated by the Philadelphia and \Reading Coal and Iron company, were forced to shut down,'2^KX) men and boys .being temporarily thrown but of em- ployment. Owing to the. high water a number/of other collieries belonging to individual operators were' operated with great difficulty. - ' To-SvVlm From Boston, to New York. BOSTON; Aug. 20.—To swim from Boston to New York is the feat that Pe- her 8; McNolly -tVill attempt,.making the startnext Sunday, the entire-distance to bo cpvered within 30 days. Mr. McNally hopes to arrive at the Battery In New York before nboh on Monday, Sept. 30;' ThV^actulU; .distance is 282% . nautical; miles/ but the swimming course .will ba rery little less than 4,00 miles. i-VV.;j' ; >; *•• ,'.,'*.\•. ~-—-r— ~\ ; .-\-.•\ /;/'?;•'Str Knlffhfa on Parade. . LftlilSVILLE, Aug.-27.-^The twenty- elgn^trienniol conclave of the grand en- campment Of- Krijghts Templars opened here today with a grand'parade. About 40,000 Sir Knights were in line.-'This pageant extended ovsr a route of four mllea.' - Knights from nearly every nook and crafTny.' of the country, including Honolulu, wWe In Hn« t - ..<; The Divine Healer In a* Workhouse. NEW * YORK, Aug. ,26. - Francis Schlatter, who apanmeq the role of divine healer, and has played it more or le«9>suc- C^asfully^for,seTe'rai;years, has been |^\n* telnced to three months In the workhousa In.*thoiHflrierjrTn**llce court, - ii^-^1* •** ^' -¥-#-•-: A Deserter From American Forces •'.\-\ •*\\\.\ . iCaptured and Bound. . •_. which pearft- '1,000 delegates, represeqt- ing 365 local unions,' are present. .The convention will continue for three or four days. Refusal of some of the coal pornV panics to countenance the card inspeoi\ tion system at the collieries, alleged fail- ure of others to pay the 10 per cent in-- create supposed to Have been granted by. every mine owner last spring,, local.griev- ances and the amalgamation of the 8ta»i tibnary firemen, engineers, blacksmiths^ carpenters.and> teamsters with the Unit-; ed Mine Workers \will be the most Ira,-; portant matters \considered. What the 1 outcome of the convention will be none; of the leaders willprcdict. None of the delegates will discuss the situation,, .'•./ Sri I m M xm MANILA, Aug. 27.—A dispatch from Mindorp describes how Lieutenant Haz- zard of the Third cavalry, commanding a troop of Mncabebe scouts, captured the American deserter Howard, who as a leader of the : Filipinos had been annoying the.Americans for many months. Ferguson, one of Lieutenant Hazzard's civilian scouts, disguised as an ; insurgent, with eight Macnbebes.vftenetrafed into the chmp of Colonel Atienza, commanding -240-riflernen-and-200-bolomenrar'niglirr Ihey found Howard, bound arid gagged him hnd led,him away without disturbing the camp. ' . Captain Harold L. Jackson of the First infantry recently surprised General Luk- ban at Pamujnn, in the mountains of the island of Samar.. Three of the general's guard were killed, and Lukban, who es- caped, was wounded. Hin family waB cuptured. A captain and a lieutenant wt-realso made prisoners. FOUR BOYS DROWNED., nujre \Wave Sweeps Long Branch Bathers Out to Sea. ' IX)xN Y G BRANCH, N. J., Aug. 27.— Four boys were drowned here. Two of the bodies were recovered soon after the accident. They- were Harold* Sherman, the 12-year-old son. of H. B. -Sherman, Jr.*, cashier of the Citizens', bank, and Leon Gaskill, the 13-year-old son of'Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Gaskill. .'. ' • The bo^.vsjrnss]ng^nre;Wnl'erji.nd_Rfly:-- rabnd Blakeslee, sons^of I*rofessor Charles W. Blakeslee of the-txTng~Branch High\ school. \ ,' X ...\- . . The four boys, in. company with.Leon Bouse, went bathing. The current was strPng, a. number of bathers beihg.cnrried beyond the life \lines and rescued.- '.',.' m m x- ——i*Che^€ase-ofNeely~*—,- . •..--••.- . WASHINGTON. Aug- 27.—The war J: department has directed^\Attorney-H*\0.~r Lewis, special agent of the department t- the prosecution of Charles Neely; accuse^- V; of \postal frauds in Cuba,-to turn Over;to; v ; General Wood the testimony of 24 wiry 'zX nesaes if. the department of justice.;has X '/.• no objection. uAmong the witnesses whose.; 1 testimony has been taken is that of- the^,- president and cashier of the Seventh* Na- : - tional bank pf .New .York. .; m ••'•m y:<^} Torpedo Boat. LanncUIng, WASHINGTON, Aug. 2_7.—The torpe- do boat. Wilkes will be launched at the- yard of the Gas Engine and Power coni-= paby, Morris Heights, N. Y., Sept. 28;; Miss Elizabeth Wilkes, daughter of Rear- Admiral Wilkes, after whom the craft is^ named, \vTn~ciiristen*her. Admiral Wilkes-\ was in /ommanj of the San Jacinto when Mason and SrnTell, the,Confederate com-; missipners, were taken from the British;', ship Trent during the civil war. . r: ; MM. Smith bled From Fright, GENEVA. Aug. 27.—Mrs; Ella Velsor Smith, wife of William Wickham Smith, a New York lawyer, whose death occur- red In the'Alps Friday, had visited ah ica* grottp on the Rhone glacier, near.Velvet dere, on the Furka road. Sorne blocks of ice. fell near Mrs. Smith, but /did ' not touch her,;and she died from.heart dia-: ease induced by the shock. Her.remainj will be shipped to-New York. ..,.._,. ;,.;; m - Kurdish AJrocItles Reported. LONDON, Aug. 27.—Special dispatches from Odessa and Vienna give unconfirm- ed reports of the Kurdish atrocities In the hill districts'of Armenia, and of fight- ing' between; Turks and Bulgarians in Macedonia, several persons\: being killed at ^PnwBonwitz, Another, dispatch: says that the Bulgarians seized five Turks, drenched them with petroleum anc\ burn- ed them alive. '.»'• ' •. -'\ Russian Forest Fires Costly:.; LONDON Aug. 20.^-\The total losses from the recent forest fires, which have partially destroyed several towns, are estimated at £10,000,000,\ says a dis- patch from St. Petersburg to The Dally Mail. \The fires have been mostly incen- diary and are attributed to the Jews. It Is estimated that 250,000 acres of for- ests have been destroyed and 187 villages completely Of partially wiped out.\' -Ifesrro Bnrned.to Death. ;••: CHATTANOOGA, Aug. ,2C.-Hcnry Nolcs, a negro, has been burned by a'mob of cltltena for criminally,assaulting and •hooting to death Mrs. Charles WilHams,, wife of a prominent farmer, near Win- cheater,\ Tenn. v fast Friday.- Admitting his crime and asking his friends to meet htm In glory, he met his fate without a groan. *.-iX', r 'yX^rii?.'JxX' : XX, X ;-'• -i -' : « X:^, = .^Vhlttler \to^ cp»{*fi0,00p will be 'put up hlre^'riis'hdrn.e'J.as soon as tlie funds are in the hands of the committee In ch.arga. '\\y ^,^.Jrfa'la^ltfcjboj^WreckoriHi£^2= PU^lSAB?^^^f.^^l^wtji3ta^ to'tf,*a^6^1^1itiaan-Tnd^fATRT*iulf\^ wrecked tbe;:«alo0ri of ^jT/Jrltt•-Slegman because the proprietor sold* Hquor to s Wanntr'a yilt « after being notified not to do'io.;: X'^-.'rXxXX \ V. XX t XXx-iX,. r .\X : X\ •V* ; still Boxi n JL D 5. n A\'* :'i ; ..-/-'-' , r s ' : X-2 \WASHINGTON Aug\ '27.—The secre : ' tai-y of the treasury yesterday purchased^' $32,600 short term 4 per cent bonds at \ ? $113.2317 and $53,800 threes at $108.5105.-:.. Under instructions from the'secretary'of-:; the treasury the assistant'treasurer, at; ;o New YOrk will buy short term'bonds for- . the sibking fund at, prices furnished by ' the department at the beginning of each month. /'•;;•' .-' ...--..' .'x .' ;'- V--\ X : X : '~ : ':'-/ Rockhlll's Departure Delayed. -'-•''. WASH INGTON, Aug. 27.-Commi8^ U sioner Rockhill has agreed to, delay jhla : .X departure from Peking until he has' closed : ; up the present negotiations. Htksays'.that -X the' Chinese envoys, as already; repbrtoar-; In the press dispatches, are daily-expect-;.;; ing their authorization to \affix the: final..; Bignature3.to the.protocol, and as soon aa- this la done Mr. Rockhilj will withdraw/^-- m AJ Fatal Powder Kxploslon.' OTTAWA, Aug. 27.r-John Hudson, an em'ployee of the Ottawa Powder, comipa-' ny's factory}.-- about five miles from thV city, was. blown to pleces'In an explosion .which wrecked the .packing house and the mixing room of that establishment. James Fulford and John Cyra, two other em- ployees, were badly injured. !; ; V L ( : X Cmn and Emperor to 'licet. : .'-;; : ':\{^X-X ..BERLIN, Avjg; 27.—Ciar Nicholas and T?% Emperor Willihni, it Is now said, will\' XX\ me'et^at Dantzlg Sept. 10..The : 'ciar and; * v czarina will leave Copenhagen Sept. 0, - ; I the former fpf .Dahtzig' and ' the latter^liV proceeding' to -Iviel from. Dahtiig. 5 ThoKt fy; Imperial couple will sail through the Bal-f T c t l! tic canal from Dunkirk. XXX : \i;: h ; ' vi ?: v Captain Forsy\th~ Must-Rxplaln. .ftl t*HrI^r5FR^iS;fii|'TfdFSrfS^a^ra^op fiid * Inte'ryle'wv/wjth /him ; bearing ,ii>btt-* the, approaching^ inqniry flnto •^dmlfal;/ Schley's .conduct in tha Spanish war pub- lished ;yesterdayi;.*^;r X'.X:XX; • X'. } '-'-;''?vr4<;|if| ; : 1 m Y\ m W^^^^^^^^^^^^i^m^^^^^^MMiMXM^MM^M i X\

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