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Monroe County mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1880-1925, August 22, 1901, Image 4

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^l.OO-^eryoBrH^f jingle, copiesr^ ^oava; iiOOAf, AND IONO DISTANCE 'PrtONE, NO. 2261. JWILJ,:Q W GREENE, •rf_<™?.»V \that the persbns;mo9t addicted to it EDITORS .Entered fit the Pdstofllceat Palrport, N.'Y., as ;. ; ('/_•: • . - second-clasH mall matter. Resolutions, .IeDKthy_obltuarles,*-obltuarj poe- Try, 5 cents per line. Cards of Thanks, f 1.00. Marrlageiand death nottves free. „ The Largest Circulation of. any pa- per in Monroe County outside the City of Rochester. ?iv;:. ••; Of all .nature's, extremes In the way )pf weather, the hot wave is doubtless I CbH. of a W the »ost costly,-A 'weather bureau ob- . - • seryer has -esfima- $P + mi [ted that-the loss in* Iowa alone ocea Isioned by the hot wave of 1894 amount- ed to $50,000,000, or nearly twice the property loss of the Galveston disaster. iThe estimate was based upon a com- tparisbn.of the average value of the -qropsnofIowa^withVtheir reduced value '•.'that/year, after they had experienced :the blighting effects' of extreme and ^protracted heat. The financial loss ^ronr-hot- wuves~is,*Desldes, paly oneT form of the misery they inflict, says •jyouth's Companion. Poor humanity jmufit-- swelter un'rW tliem from. ih- - C:A ;» P.en dent means, who can support\ themselves in .spite of their extravagant expenditure, but the^bbrei*\classesT^ Th'eftpis Hafdiy an able^odied: laborer whomightlaot become financially independent, if he Would but carefully husband his re- ceipts and guard against thejlittle leaks of needless, expense, say^Prof. William Mathews, in Success; Brit, un- fortunately, thisis the one thing which the workingman finds*it the hardest to. do. There are al hundred laborers \nibiTin i : II i 11111j^ In n mil li n il. In I'l i'l j | ^ half dozen who are'willing properly to husband their earnings. Instead of hoarding- a small percentage of their receipts, so as to provideagainst sick- ness or want of employment, they'eat and drink, up their earnings as they go, and thus, in -the first financial crash, when mills and factories \shut ^down,—and-capitalists. lock' up their cash instead of using it in great enter- prises, they are ruined. Men-who thus live \from hand to nTout h?'lie ve Fkee p- ing more than a day's march ahead of actual want, are little better off than slaves. . . - K^ : ri°° foi- some inferior stove, madebut of m i cheapeMny PB fP , tend, blacked over ^th coaUar- ^ work oras,warped.all out?of;shape, and yomc,m^\np^mMM^S^ m - -drees, aa did a certain *W-fr>^J *ww. t* ^MM^%^St^tie- West Avenue, Falrport. N. Y. away f-55,1)1) on stove tramps Of course- we don'f ^v-n^f ^A ^ +w * ^^i v A\S; good that got bit, hut woSike,to saro^u frompa^^pt^^S e^ ery lespect- Call and mspect our stock, and; we will prove our ! stateT^n*;fe^: •'* \ -~ '•••' - • '•'•\ •«\•••*\' •••••••• T — • • ^ •• . - •—- • - • .— •• ..i fj.i^. — • - . _ j II • i. I ••• ***' \ *— * — - *~ \ \— m - ' ' ''** \**\* \-*\\ ' ' i ' i — -)—... - i i i | I , i n II II iii m II _ i . i i^ >r •_' t - • . ' .-•\\\• ~ . - ''..'• * ' -_-:•> '••-.'• •. ,,.•• ..-•'••-'••.. i - V -•:• - . t . . . : J- •-•.-. v . • . . • • -' -• -.'.- t - :•--• • \ '.-; :.--.-. ii? _, • • . - .'•-.: ••-. : ,\: i -fancy to old age. Although the sum- mer drought is naturally associated in thought with the hot wave, the two jare quite distinct in their operations* ^Most crops, when affected by drought ialone, will rapidly revive if favorable •weather comes within a reasonable .time, but if their vitality has been baked out by excessive heat no amount \of moisture cam restore it. Corn and cotton, at. critical stages in their devel- opment, are^ perhaps the greatest suf- One of the clerks in 'the'Philadelphia post office found in a bundle of mail, Mall on a recen t morn- ^ingT-na^os^^l-xraTd which had been Very St< Delivery, j^r:-^' r>Sf ^ - Q r \ ^^jffh-jenjpjrMutlti.lEx sent from Morrisville, Pa., on Febru- ary 11, 1878. \Morrisville is a little more than 23 miles fromPhiladelpbia, so the clerk announced that the postal had made about a mile a year on its way and had therefore broken.all records in slow transit.- No one knows where the card had been during the many 3'earSj but it is not -believed that it has been outside of Pennsylvania, and from its appearance it.does not seem |rt<i^a^-be^n?sh^lY¥dI^^^ejEsaig i feeme^Tb;f~cofiJ. usually come at a time when man has intrusted little of value to ihe banking house of nature. Delit cate shrubs and trees may suffer, as do the Florida oranges, from an- unseason- able - frost, but the great staples Qf agriculture are, as a rule, unaffected. Moreover, man is better able to keep himself in comfort against the ex- tremes of winter than against those of summer. Jt-to.ukga.as -though ^t.hRd^hoAn^in^ix^ Where Blen Handy. Are\ i w The modern maid may ithink the world in general has outgrown all use for men. Yet it seems there are times wJien a man ||;;i.fs_a_very. handy thing to.have around. iSu:^ n 5° f ihese%-times^is specified by the ^Jl} Atlantic City correspondent of the g|^_JEhiladelphia_L-Eress^ -^And^as;- ooe jig.\/;\ young woman said,\ as^she threw her- : fr~—, eelf-brea -t-lrle going many exciting experiences dur ing its travels. The*postal card was addressed to Charles B. Horner, a nur- seryman of Mount Holly, N. J. It was sent by the'\ Glen wood nurserieB, of Morrisville. A clerk accidentally read the card. He says it saidT: \Please come over and see us as soon as pos- sible.\- We do not claim to sell goods at cost, but the prices weTare naming are lower than some dealers claim the goods can be bought for at wholesale. ^ . . . ;h e\ sa u d: ^TlfeTbl'riy place where ,the modern maid really feels; the-.twant and need oi a-man is in the. surf. .^That's where - his brute strength comes in handiest—where ho can protect, hold and guard the poor, weak, breaker-battered woman. : Cm shore we don't need him any more— we've outgrown^ that dependence^—we x . ,--- — -., g£tJalojrg_very nicely withoju.tJhuii^JBut^tu^and^oxiflried, in. the surf it's different. There we don't hold him as the lord of creation, the first-born, the swayer of destinies. Three ships at New York are now used as sea hotels. Each evening they put; out to sea and are back at the wharf at 6:30 a. m. The charge is $1, with an additional 50 cents foi a table- d'hote breakfast~j_Bunks line the upper deck, which is protected'by a watertight awning. \During the day the bunks are. converted-into seats. On the main deck there is a hand- some—apartmerft^f or ^vomen^^and^a smoking room for men. A tug tows -the—ships to sea and Bacl^ \Stale rooms with bathing facilities are pro- vided for those who want them. This novel fleet has been'organized by Mr. John Arbuckle,'who'will devote the profits to charity. The Saturday evening boats remain at sea until Monday morning. In. case a passen*. ter is \disorderly he i s taken to the m • fc&v:; -~We _ know-tha'tMn _ th\elvorld we've meas . ; lired wits with him and haven't always \.' come out-second best. In hrts and in sciences we have worked to, a place \'•' ,by>his side, and we treat him just about 4 ,as he deserves. -But in the surft—well,- we've got to hold on to him. We may r paint \.better pictures than he, ' write . better books,- plaj' better mifsic—but .in the surf strength towers, above men- : tahty. It's a case of cling—or jet the - .waves batter you to bits, duck you, roll you, get your hair wet. And so, ..while still holding that I'm man's su- \';••'. perior on shore, I'|l give him.credit for :-';; being a strong -brutejn tjie stirfr-^-arid.-.. X worthy\ of being cultivated'for that .: reason. Come on—let/s_go in the water. fe-^agaTmV^. ' \\ /\ . • •', Texas is becoming very gay. State / Qeplogist Bumble hns disclosed to : -. the jiebple of -that state sources of • xnineral wealth that are astounding. He. says that in one county alone, ^ that of Cherokee, .there are 60,000,000 ; *\ ibha, of; ridh irop ore in sight, arid /'•: that\ in.east'Texa8, as a whole, there .ore 3,006,600\000- tons. And ; by •; the ; .'7 ej^e of this'bre .lies all the bb'al neb- v \'. essary to .work the ore into shape. i. -The geologist, tnalies the flat \state* /inent that.''no qountry in the world 4::.# ; 4ias cheaper material 'for something Iv' iron than east Texas.\ I.IL,, .-..-' - &§ : &:\ President Barrows,, of Oberlin, boji |K; lieyea that the Vrage\ for athletics will I'r- v ,bd overruled for good; that we'lj forrii |&i \the outdoor habit, and be the healthier : for S'fc; \If I had thft car of the leadings, |S.:-$ businessi rnen r of America,** he saye;^ ;.. ,I, I would whisper in it as the wisest ^i\ counsel I; know-to men oyer 60 years H^;;pfage:|, 'Golf first, businessV nf tet- i^vard.l; This rneana longer-live^, more • euccessful, happier arid be,tter. AmeV\. lean citizens*\ U * ; \ ? : -.'.-j ! There' are, over 50 persons in Chi- cago who possess more than the usual allotment 6f fingers on their bands or tpea on^ their feet, according\^ tbProf. Il^ejaerjbkjtarrj^^ s^^pgp^sK^heso^nllvjauirts^ ^Hhe^p-cT^^ Assistant Secretary of State Adee, who is very deaf, has a unique device -foi r Trpprais1hg~Kimo\f\the intrusion of a visitor. He has a teapot slung over 'the back of his chair by a string, the end bf which is tied to the doorknob. When a visitor enters, the door,\ swing-, ing open, raises-the teapot to a level with the' assistant secretary's head. As the visitor advances, the door, clos- ing, lets the teapot swing down till it touches the floor with a crash. The visitor usually gives a leap of surprise and fear, and the assistant secretary state, apprised by.the crash, looks up with a glad smile, extends his hand, und Bays to the unnerved . visitor: \What can I.do for JOVLT\_ i_ ___ L. E. Bleckley, .ex-chief justice of Jthe-Jjeorg[a^supreme-couTtr~who, aa^ an aid in the writing of a'book, en- tered the university of Georgia mst year, has now engaged Prof. Moreno, of Stanford university, to tutor him in mathematics during the summer. On top of Mount Washington a few days ago, at eight a. m. a thermom eter in the sun marked 106, and one inthe shade hear by 63. : The solar disturbance man is satisfied witH»the figures. > . ; v 500 feet of 6-ply.KiibT3er/HqBe, fully-warranted to — -stand_125 pounds pressqre^\\ ; - . - 10 cfehts per foot jSest' Corn Gutters, - V- • - J 18 cents each Large^ Sized Galvanized Iron Wash Tubs, ^ ^ 06 cents each Large Galvanized Iron Water Pails, - : . sv:' 20 cents each Two Gross Tin Boilers, copper bottoms, large sizej •-. vvitheciver, - . ; : - - . -•. - - 90 cents each Screen Doors, complete, •- \>. - „_- - . 75 cents each It needs no argument to convince you that these are bargains.' • . • • WE HAVE •OTHERS. \ .; ' . Adams Block. Fairport, N.V^ -I^rst Door South o/Postott!«; ? t FURN1TUI& ol^tER GENERAL HARDWARE, PAINTS* OUisl ETC W Pall /^^^\ & ' W ill I 1 fill / J& BBL \ '•' ^ri I i and see iiHiy, ffi m IT 1 i.. M M I 1 The only purpose in adyertlsing is to let all know'that in buying bur gob'ds they are sure of getting perfection of styleiwbrUmanshipi and finish, at' lowest possible prices. •\-• Our goods surpass- in iUpness, and excel lndowri-. ness. ! The upness refers to Quality; the downness to ibw'priceg-^a happy combination that makes our trade gb.bd; , . . . .- . . Pictures ^Fraiiied to Ordi&r. Repairing Neatly Done, triVJ: i FUNERAL DIRECTOR. Ealnpoi4, lNfe\^ 2S& 1 exhibition at our show rooiris k All kinds of Repairing done on short notice, or while you wait, ' jU General Machine Shop; and Good Menjto do~^iie wortrT^jk I 7k H. E. KELSEY. M : ; • \ K- X, -*^' /\dyalnta^-in[d^ -With 30-foot Swivel Carrier. >rove:inents. Simplicity.of cbnstfuctiepV easa v bf:,operatIbn,fstre and dura- ,- biiity, ad justabie^spiral} springs on each side of feed rollers, coh- .; trbllable feed geaj^^terchangeaWe,safety^balan'ce wheel and\tj.bl-• ley. hardened steel^versible putting r plate, a*s{irong i rame* inadb- - ^f the -best, seasoned tipabbrf \ha\nd§6niejy^p.ainteB : -. an^_finished. By throwing a sboopful of sugar in the face of a thief who commanded her to throw up her hands, Mrs. Her- man Yentseh, vvho was in her bus- band's store at EHzabethport.-N. J., blinded aiid put him to flight.. - Chamberlain's Cpllc, Cholera^and Diar- rhoea. Remedy has a world wide reputa- tion for its'cures. 'It never falls and is pleasant aijd safe to take. For salo by R. L. fJstes.; \ v.\\r;>.\>):•• : : Aug j CHASE BLOCK. '.-;-;;.-'_ ' • ;?;\.-;.'.;' ^ ;J^''::-i':;Kc'- ^•';^ : W( Dealeir8 in Agricultural Implements, ^i ; m0i _-V^3_«^. «v. r*rt, -ty-t-w. •Y.: K^^b'wcli^ubwn Professor 6f oh- DON' •If you knew how SCOTT'S EMULSION would build you Up, • increase y^ur weighty strengthen ydur'we'aK Ihroat and lungland put you In con* iitlbri ^ for next Winter A l^oii^ SCOTT&BOWNE, Chemlatb, «v. • 4<^m3 Pearl,Street, Ncw.York. ,•< , ning with Aug^ of'Coal deliverediaWaS follows;4 GHIB^NU^^ EG(3 mti 5T0VE ,h ^,000 ponrids/ 1,000^ 500 ' •-< j <-.->.. 2,006 1,000 600 COAL; u tt 86:26 2.75 rl.60 * •'•, * - : . >' • $4;60 2.85 i 1.85 —— -• - •• •• '\i-a^. • Ai ,\fe U^ l?hcso prices will romam in fbrcc until, ftArthennotico. '\ ; QEO. iiMoiMAiv. War* House, v . v :•„.- v ' -,i s; - High Street. f'-Sl Paili^let Work a Speaisiliy at Mail Offilce!liM^^ ^ ^^^ WE Sfiljtf ALL KINDS dS :e~-r % .»V S^ J ^hci eaiv save you r money pW^ai^tiiinfj l in;^ * tliis line^ as /well; ;&s or^ ije^tifizers, oi* pn anythihgal^;MrmerS , : Stjtpplieaij^ ^ -TV Agents for the following well known Arms: >1 '\ «b -= ^' ;K f -'- + , ^ 1 ' ! ^ : ifolinHibn HaWfestdr^OompaUy;^ V V y r Bufialo X»ltt« jDompanyTR • v >> V v , Mtiii8ylil6Plift^ CoUipany. l;^ f r ^ t^ ; . .— I» W6-al80 htindlo Flour, Feed, Hay, Grain, FdddotFccdj PouHry Feed, otc.j >• , «„ « ^^ ;'.-• soiling the best linos bf goods at ihb; 4 ! ^ ^' ^ ; ;\ ^ +l+^H*rJi3S*-£rzj, %MMiRD!ir< .^Atf^afea^ •^3^^i*^.*\j-?tfj*ia-w= . M in sm ;«*..-»- i<4i ..* l{

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