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Monroe County mail. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1880-1925, November 26, 1896, Image 4

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-^•..•r^i,*.;; •J •- <': '.'..'*t •••:;-••\ «.-;.» • ,-',, - : ^ f :;v, - •• v-- -'•~--^.:-.;*h-?.\--K~^r-\r.-.v.-.----'--'-;--r----T'-.-r?r-> — >-••:.-•':- • •• •- —r>- •• .&&*• itfr./lI^Vi^i^Tivix, siVt'll-^nmvn, Cflt^ri>risiiig \citizen of Byron,JjW: ;Writes': **1 >v-rofFT p;iid imitb ;«\fcijpiiv ti011— tV»- feg(i inl nYj* -tlie—Vgwels.'^J ^mrdly. hna\v a A\;ell jlay; butsince 1 'learned the evil re- ,./^;-„-..-;?^,:,-.- salts of coiistipation, ;nlid the t?fitc^ic-y of»;-_ KYErTS I« One BirftJ^Xity*; - tlfg^liittrsy-^ z. IIoa^Jw§pb4gh idccB HgtiipB^finyilaihg new/. \Iu sbuio parta ol Fe'iiusylvunia it 'is posaiUfo to lain, .colonial Eecrptary for Gfreat Brit- ain, comes t.p bo written thonrost not- able achievement of his lifejwill not bo tho work he did when-ho was inayor of his homo. city of: Birmingham.. Tho Century Magazino contains a detailed account of \•'UieTchWge^'ho^WaT'ruaiiily instrumental. iu bringing about iu tho .municipal government of Birmingham. T^ura^yilheu£XuKlmK=a^3>Qr- Fills. I have not had—' —I Joseph ;CJianiberJainhecarucL mayor oL Birmingham Into in 1873. Chjjmbor ,oiie day's . r sickness fi for oyer thirty years n<g£ one—attaelc- that did not readlfy yield to this reinedy.1 iMy wife Had been, previ- ous to our inarriage;. an invalid for years. - She had a prejudice against cathartics^but as Foon as she began to use J^r'sj Pills\her health wa? Testored.'' :.', - t\~r-----.'/-. Cathartic Pills —rHedafr^dT0rploma-at-Worh] To Restore Strength,Jake Ayer'sSarsaparillg iain'a idetr^f-^rry-gOA'ernment'ho hit self espressed asfollows: \All regulated ^monopolies sustained by tho state in tho' interest.of-tho luliabitautB generally should bo controlled by tho represeuta-_ tives oi tho people and notleft in tho hands of pfivat(T speculators.\ * -This was tho doetrino which had floated him into offlce.^nd ho had^behiud him tho public sentiment of the Birmingbamites. ., It washecessary,tQ pass a bill through PUBLISHED KVERV THURSDAY. Entered \at the Posionlce in Fairport, N. Y., as '~..\~ :•. 'second-fjlassmall-matter.- - ~-;~ -WItl &REEWS7- -EDFFOR. Iirtho last 22 months Spain has sent to Cuba I8O7OOO troops. She always has parliament making- the desired changes in tho city's charter permitting the mu- nicipal g'overnlluTht to buy^the\ pub) io AVQi'ksiul:^he_gi\sXplauLiAYjns_i-_th9__^rstL property^purchasGd^by^tho^city-couuoil^ Tho jrico paid Was a little mora than L'he^pilco^ot-^s^^rar-nt- ohco slightly reduced at the same time that great improvements were institut- ed. ;Tho municipal ownership of the gas Works-hasr resulted both- in improved ^erviGG-aud-a-considerable. profit to tho city. -.-'• '-. • \ - ;.-•\. \-• :--:\ -.... '- eon who can' speak English; \ \\ ^ - ' .' A ; still larger number rot ignorant Alhericiuis are in Louisiana among t.the. Creoles, 41,390 of whom' do-^npt speiik English,: Finally in Kow Mexico are to boiouud 09,778 persons of tho most an : cient lineage of any of our native Svhitc Americans, who are almost as ignorant of English as a Digger Indian is.;, They speak Spanish.-.\'-.\• f' .._•\.\••';- \\-: : 'j•'.. -~^ » lIJf^toXthe^umber^oLjiativ^ ^in^cifms^vJiOcaiiirotrBpeak'En^lIsli^ eiuiHeiw .U.i^ all wero. added those who cannot, speak goodlSugiisJir theVfigures WonkV astoii^ ish even public scliool teachprs. <Not a fowof^thenVwould boi still^more.asTon\- iahed to find—fcheir-^wn-aamea4n-tfae list.- • \'-.. -:i - - '.\--••' I'^s.r •-.-' _: 4^™^— - Dr. 1 Albert Shaw- divides Ame'rican pessimists into two^classes—those of tho east and those of the west.-: Ho says pessimism iii tho east i^ oWitfg to either tho \nioibid timidity of the very rich or the shallow-ignorance of -the small part of, community that is proud of knowing more about Europe than about the United States.\ As to western peo- plewho belio've= tlie country-is gOiug-to 5 TOiB7^hey _ aTe7person^B^lro^\lrave~exp6- rienced ' * the: bUteruess^pf failure or of temporary mischance in enterprises es- Eentially speculative in their nature.!' In other words, eastern pebple are blue and\ despondent because they are too rich;: western \people because thoyTiro \too puor.— -*—_ '— ——— : —r— '—- —: ^reut^O'av^rrTOT eweak^l SIHs^wag to Hope^fQr the\Won>derfulDrrGreen Cure Them. The -world believes, its great men. Their .Word is accepted as truth, their example followed, their advice taken. . \\;:-- - - :'•••--_ :'•;. : Knowing this fact,\. the illustrious Lieut.-Governor of Vermont, ;Hon. Henry .A. Fletcher, of Froctorsville, Vt., who is the deseendant_of * ailong line of Statesmen and Rulers, tells the -peoplei if tbey-wish 7 to getAvell,~4f,thcy- desife to.get- back\Iheic health .arid strength, to use Dr.* Greene's• i Ndryura blood aud nerve remedy because -he ,loiows^ , oin.persQnaI s experiejic^ T ^r.om: °4tyuse; in his'/uiyu family and^amon^ his friends, and from haying observed ~time r n?ni^me , Tigairi\its\\vonderfitl^eur- ative powers, that it WilL surely arid certainly cure vtliat it will give strength \to the weak, strong nerves to the nerv- ous, natural' refreshing, sleep to- the sleepless, perfect digestion to tho clys : of the\ framers of tho Constitution of Massachusetts.- • -• - > .• i~_u_ ,—Certainly_ noijtugher testimonial-, Lno greater.: proof of-a medicine's wonder- ful power to cure can possibly be given tnan is Mere bestowed upon Dr. Greene's Neryurai blood arid riervo remedy by thisjnostjdistirigiiished statesman and head of the goVernmentrbfthe £ stater~~ ±: Surely no;one\who is;ill7: worn-out,. ruiFdowri, weak, nervous, discouraged and disheartened by repeated'-failures to .'.be J-, cured can require any greater J^opf^a^y^fera Dr. Greene'sTTServura-will cufe,~tliaf it will.T certainly restore health -and r^^abioiiJfe^gp,AQP.J5ldier.B2r.egnlarly.;Btat-ioh-:. - ed there: All tho Cubans she could get hold of have been forced into the Span- ish army. It i s not possible to ascertain; \^t-heuumbet-of-.theyu r a_doubl.. ; \/Spaiiv^hashad'athercpinhiand-as -many as 210,000 Eoldiers to suppress a rebel- ---Then the-city waterworksavere_-piir^ chased in like niauneraufl improved. The teneineut house e^il was attacked. The city itself under took and sUccess- fully carried through tho building of extensive teuemouts, which, it owns and derives rents from. Tho streets and =|^!u^s^w^re^vlTlnTOeW 3 einTu? also greatly improved^.wKile the geiieral Bainxary;.conditJ:pn^wM_rigidjyjlppke4^ into. The result is that the annual death rate of Birmingham has 'fallen fnnf'--hi- thp Hinn«;infl TIIR mtymviiB .lion in an inland with a population .of only 2,000,000. She hassailed to get a ^ojc^gn^hian r . == Her_p^ime^^ ?&£ turned to the. people pf.-Spain, saying that he must- arid will squeeze out of them the millions yet necessary to crush; the rebellion. In 1896 the recruits sent to-Cuba have been obtained only by con- scription^ Next-year, it- Will -be- worse- There will be few soldiers and, no money at all, for the impoverished inhabitants \of \\Spain-can\ furnislr^ncrinouey w there is none; ;The rebellion in the Phil- ippines is notyet extinguished. Miser- . able, indeed, is the proud Old monarchy. The Cuban patriots meiinwhilo havo been, growiiig Qjijy stronger^ Without -inonfty-t--^nv^4ip^beg4njaing T ^tri£ mucbr-inpw. as they had then.. They have also thousands of\ stands of rafmsaud guns that they had not then. The popu'-' latipn of the island outside of Havana •fia warmly with .the rebel leaders. If more soldiers are needed than are-Avil-- —ling to volunteer-in the patriot-army, ~ tlfey\ cari r lie^haxl^iri plerity;by drafting them. ' : :.,' . : : :-^-. New Zealand is frequently pointed out as a happy and prosperous country, yet New Zealand is governed by laws \which older governments think work, ruin and disaster if applied to them.\ To begin, the personal property tax has been abolished; In its place are a laud tax and an incomo tax, each of which is progressive, its rate increasing as the nrnnnnfr of huulpfl p«;\tatO-a»< —i^The timexto brace up and be jolly is When everything is going wrong and. you are;away down in the month^with the blues. There, is no need to make an »ffort to be cheerful when all goes well t/ith ybu, and it is no credit to you to be aheerful then. \It is to be hoped that before another presidential cal education will ne sufliciently ad : yajiced to enable all/ citizens alike to p.nniprehend thrtt e»qs aro not argn : a^xTdiLToperateir l^^treefc7: r A^l>yoyg.yg~^: sewage-farin-of-Tr300-i»ci-cs-is-parr-oHhe ninniioinaj pro'perfv. The : changes for the better in all respects have, been, ow- ing largely to the honesty and efficiency of the couucilinen and municipal serv- ants, marvelous. ~~r \C anirot-Spenlc-K n gli shi———-> „ Of the 70,000,000 people of this.couni- .try_aJittle_more_thau_8^.perj3ontjire unable to speak ltJnglisb. • This count in- cludes grown persons and children above yearsof-aga—It is rather-'surprising. ments.\ •pepticr red-blood—to-tlie'- f eeble,- strengtli ; lo-the-wealc^aTiit-Tiei-vouB suf— -lowod-beeauso-of-his-hia}i-stanXtlrig^i ferer. formation go, the results aro highly ^aUstactory.^-Triis-letlerrcan-be-iJUb'- lislied for_oth.ers' good;^ If you are a sufferer from weakness or diseasei'dp not hesitate- to take Dr. - Greene's' _Nervupa_:and''gbt Avell after such* a testimonial frorn so illustrious anddhjtinguished a Statesman.^ ^_£;^ - Do -^'oU^thinlc^o-eminentr^-Tnan-of- such liigh^pfflcialTpps^tion would^lendT-\-—-- his name and give bis\ emphatic advice to user \-Dr..\: Greene's Nervura unless he knew : positiyeiy- its-- great -value,-its jvoridrous-power.to-cure?l£J5e„knj0ws e tiat-nis words win oe. needed ana ms advice ; to., use this grand remedy fol- thari Lieut;-Governor FletchcT's powerfut^'ords wherein he states that, he has personally- used it in his family with greatest benefit^ knows it \to be a lie unhesitatingly tells:.Hie^.people^ rnost wonder fill Purer- of disease, and freedom from pain to the rheumatic, in -faetj-sourid'arid\vigorous health to all' who use it. v . ; . r -; - • -\—Lieut.-Governor .Fletcher's family; have been:leaders and advisers of, the people.and publicly'-identified with the history of the United- States for rnore than a Hundred years. His father was ^isath^ieiUjf^seYjm^ . Ve'em'bnt' and his- grandfather was one earnestly'Vaconiniends-its usu.-by—ill who are out of hiealth and need \medi- -cinc.- : •-:\-\- •-.T'-.-.-:\:•—• — -- ; The great Statesman; says: :. \I have lonsriieard-of-the. good ef- fects of Dr.-Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy-'and:.hai*e used it in my i amil3 r . l-.'havc..heard, cases among my neighbors who have derived \gfeat that as far as my experience and in- speakiri'g the.welcome truth to the sick f With -the voice and dignity of official authority, that Dr. Greene's Nervura \bloo'd 7 arid~ncrY.e remedy~w1li~Cure the\ w^lr^iril'stiri^ririgbswlIlSdye heal th /; and strength, reifewed life, ^est^red energies and the /zest and happiness of livingi - -- Remeniber also^that-this is -no-sb- : called patent- inedicin^-but /tlie pre- scription and discovery of Dr. Greene of 35 W. 14th Street, New York, thesuc- ee'ssful specialist in curing nervous and Avitlioutclfiu-g^Tpersoriallyor b^ r letter. J^SsSsSiS!; Tho first fruits of the royal weTqpme thu •American \people ga>e Li Huu^; dhaiig are already ripening. A Phila? delphia looonmiiyxuyjprjcs^ag. the-:contract for building eight railway engines for use o n the imperial lin'etbf Dhina. . ..'•'-\:?•• to find that nearly one-tenth of these people who cannot speak. English are native whites, and likewisVtheir parents befoi'0 them were native whites. - Who are these natives- that cannot of the unclean and ignorant Russians, Poles, Hungarians Jjud Italians that have thronged to our shores? Well, no. The census of 1890 shows that 38/410 of them ate found in Pennsylvania, and they are known to the rest-pf-the.-'Gonii-' try as \Pennsylvania Dutch. 'T For at loastlOu^years^these^slow-and-StaLwart G^Tmaus and their descendants after them have occupied the fertile fields and .yalleys.'.pf the Keystone State and have not-Cared enough about the country in which they have been born and reared and-prospered- to-lenrn—its-language.- They are something like the Boera of the Transvaal and equally set their Dr. Grady will visit by special request: LeKoy, AVertuesday, Dec. 2. ,ons, AVecliiestfayT^Dec. i). — Newark, Wednesday, Dec. 1(5. Oeiieva, Wednesday j\ Dec. 23. ftJL&ir \\'\IXnlftsfiWsg^tftnumerdusT -m =5L o-^-Eij LOAD CTB T ~H:^;E;!D-:BICXCK^=' They are tlie only Agents In Fairport for the Portland Cement. Also.have constantly on JBale a . - . -'. : <.- : lats and 2ilds f rom 2 lu 24 incheSTT^Brain-Tile from-3 to 6 Inches- 1 - Akroii -CementrtandrPlasterr-Salt-in-Bulk- and Barrel,-.\Crooker'a' fertilizers —- Also theTUint Steel Tubular Axle, Sel£ £ Oiling Wagon, both wide and narrow tire. Buggle •- ; ; - ; '•'\-\ '. : from the same factory at prices surprisingly low. . By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them. Smithing Coal, Loyal Sock : for summer use, Cannel for open grates, Steam—two grades, .West- moreland, Block and Hard, good to burn in a cook stove, and Brady's Bend especially for steam SIOK HEMMM Positively cured toy these : 1—'^™ r J: Xittlia.'.I?ills.-jU^-1- - \^They also relieve iDisfrlfssTfronT Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. K per- feet remedy for Dizziness, Nauseaj Drowsi- ness, Bad Taste in the \Mouth Coated Tongue Pain in the Side, TQRPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. : . fTas'adopted til's plan: -That he will charge noth- mg lor treatment until the patient pronounces himself well. The only charge is for medicines used during treatment. All orders delivered 2>romptly. High Street, Fairport, N. Y. .11 ! Small Pill. Small Dose. /Small Price.. crease. The public lauds of the govern- ment, or crown lauds, as they aro called, jn^LBci-Scid J _JThjfey^ perpetuity. Tho lease can bo transferred from oho-holder to another as if the iaMUYtts^Yied_in4ee^implo^A^egu^ lar intervals of time .tho leases are ro^ \vised - !^^\!!!^ - autlioritip aml-^tlrcir* amount increased or diminished, as may be required. .; Members of the npper house' of parliament do riot hold office for life, as Fronch senators and British lords do, but for seven years. Finally tvoinau Buffragp has been adopted, and rvn industrial arbitration law has been passed. • .\' Out upon tho.rhercies of ncold and cruol world \tho new ruler of Persia tas'thrust Naser-ed-Din's 95 widows, itoore or lesi Worst of. all, thoy.cannot marry'again unless they take a common tradesman or mechanic. \It is forbidden them .to wed aiiy civil or military offlcor of Poraia. Thia prohibition is wprsq (hau even belonging to a dirty, old, royal despot's harem. --- ; / CASH AND GUTEN FREE PRIZES EACH MONTH DR. GRADY As follows: ' 4 First Prizes, each of $100 Cash -— i?zr~z'~~-~- -~\ \'--—-- -turn 20 Second 40 Third it 100spicuOibjcIes*2,000.00 25 Bold Watches;-- 1,000.00 12 mial|iviarringl2l(lS7l8977$4080 l H OW TO OBTAIN TH EMI.. Cnmnctitoratosavo fis many SUNUIOHT 80AP \Vrnppcrs na they can collect. Cut olT tho top- portion of each - wrnppcr. tlint portion contain- ing tlic-.hcadfnB /'SUNLIOHT 80AP.»* Tlieso (called \Cou- pons\) aro to bo1 sent, postago fully paid, enclosed wltu a sheet of paper statiiiff Compet- itor's full nnino and address -and tho number of .Coupons sent In, toliCver llroB., I»td., . New York, marked on ontsldo 1 j—jj——r^-- of tho MSTIttCT Cotnnctltor lives tn. No. ol t NAME OF DISTRICT. District RULES. 1\. Every month during 1897 in each of the 4 districts prizes nillj>e awarded as follows:' - • Tho 1 Competitor who sends in tho I.nracst Number of coupons from tho district in which ho or eho resides will receives 100 Cash. .' t •-. Tho 5 Competitors who eond in tho Next JtarBCst. NnmbcM of cou- pons from the district In which they reside will Erich receive at winner's SEND T«is TOP POBTIOM ^-i~=i^_ A* recent writer: 'iia,j§£' ''The groat:re< iiom^gtitdryi^^^^SMS^^^Eil I 2 New York City, llrooklyn, I.onjr nwdStntcnl3lnnds,Nexv Jer« i-scy. New York fcStatc (ouf«W« ofX. V. PiJy, Brobhly, Long and State* /\\\\*/?- PcnnsylVnnln,- llfclawnri', IJInrv- nia uj:d Dia- 'cnnsyivnnin,-liein. Tnnd, \VoKt Viraii trlct of Colnmbln. Tho New England Stnt«!. •ThoHicjclesaro thocolelirnte'l Plercj'hpec. .!- 1897 Pattern, tnTdby Geo, N.PiercoA.Oo.. «t Hai* f*lo. Boston and Now York. Fitted with Hertford Tire*, FirstCla.«s Nlckfo Lamo. New PpMrlnro B*ll, Standard Cyclometer, and Hunt Laco Saddle. option a lady's or. Kentlernan's Pierco. ...ffcstNumbers.\f Numbers' trict in which they reside will Encltreceiveatwinner'* tjpeclnl bicycle,\ price 8100.00. The IO ConipetitorswuoBcndintns Next Lnrgcst coupons.from tbedis- optlon a lady's or gentlem»n's Gold \V;ntch, prico $25. 2. The Competitions will Close tho I.nstDny of Each flIonthdurin(tl8?7, Coupons received. toolato for onO month's competition will be put Into the next. 3. OompetitOTfl who obtain wrapucrs from unsold In dealer's stock will bo disqnallP A prrntwllistbfWinners In Competitor's dhtrict soap J of Le An expert specialist, guarantees speedy cure for ire: in nervous and sexual debility, senjinal weakness, blood, skin, kidney, bladder and uri- nary diseases. ' -..\.-. Tea Spoons, $ 9^5 ..Per Dozen. Dessert Spobns, 14.50 u •..,; ,.\.'• Table Spoons, 22.50 <t 925 TOO<G> FINE. =1 Dessert Forks, Table Forks, ' Sugar Spoons, -Butter Knives, 14/50' 22.50 These are low prices. I i 1 a S.r.oo Each, :: 1.50. \V\ \TTOUnpr Munile-aged, OTtFMeii\ WI10 Suffer, go aiicl'Ue Cured. YDIINR MFN whosuffer.fromNervousDis- Cream Ladles, JGickle_EQEks,_-.. Cheese Forks, , - eases or Debility and loss of ed scientific \ ods with never failing success, nerve power, treated scientifically by new meth- \ith MIDDLE-AGED MEN vet. Brothers. Ltd., and their families, are dp barred from comnotlntr . 4, : A printed list of 1 - . will bo forwarded to Competitors in about 31 days after each competition closes. \, • v - '•'••- .'•>•\. fl. Leret'BMthers, Ltd., wtil endeator to award the rritos falrlj to tho hestofthalr ability nnd judismcht, l.Mtltlsundnrstoodlhnt all who compete agree to ac- cept the award Of Lever Brothers, Ltd., aalinal. LEYER BUOS., Ltd.i Now York. . \ THEKlNd OP-: ^WJgr^rqH,ffi^plc7irin r ii* -> • PwTri m M m t~-\ MM **!** \ V •?•'* •--''•- A^Cuba^rYtrSfjt .gemfafflMl&Mihftt' wifbin his certain kriowlcdgo as inany people,; atrictly/ uoncombatauts, lmvo been Bjain iu cold blood by tbo Spaii- iarda daring tbe. present \var. in Cuba as Uayo been put to death- by.tnoJTnrka jn Arraenia, All clvilizatloii ja bowling at fiho Armenian fiiassacros, but no word ia iftpbkQ\\\IteLEEPiSS* \B ft hi&t the atrooltioa Ui duba. • A • ..•\• T , - --^ l)o liot\^^lof ^yS^MsTdox^iliinfe» ^^^^1^^^,%^ preacher, doctor.. ;W ptenio^ditb^ • iour8ei£' : ''--'«; V v?' v •^•^M'^-^h----- -• • * ^ ',--'.\\*\-\•\\\\' V i«\ .' • .'\--'•:' *• \•• •'['\ ., '.••.\• \- -*V - \ . - -.- .'.' , a^s^ja: who now lind the penalties following -over brain work, may consult with the assurance of a speedy relief and permanent cure, : if within the. reach of human skill.- fll tl UCM wno suffer from weakness will U LU nlILII find immediate relief and comfort. A regular physician, and the most successful, as nlspractice will prove. -• It. is self-evident that a physician who pays special attention to a certain'class of aIseA9es and treating thousands annually, acmiires great skill. Physicians knowing this fact often recom- mend persons to his caro Consult the doctor. Thousands cured. Ofllces and\ parlors- private. Before contldtnK your case, consult Dr. Grady. It makes ho difference what you have taken or .who lias failed to cure you. .\; '••'-. Those suffering from rheumatism, sores ulcers, tumors, cancers or any form of skin or scalp dis- ease, should visit* Dr. Orady at once. Keniem-' ber, consiiitatlon, advice, services and surgical treatment absolutely free uutil cured. . Patients successfully treated by mall. Inclose stamp; .- \f.\ ,•'-.•;•\ • -.;. •;•-; '.'. '. i6 5tate Street, Rochester, N. Y. The doctor can be consulted from toto 12 a. m., 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 p. m\. every day except Wednes- days'.and Sundays. . No. 10 State street; con- sultation rooms first floor.\Take elevator. ^^Wo.book has evefbeen rnadMo w^opettcnthahe^fll^<rfqbUugrjcat-ann u «U \ i<oo 1.25 (i You can go as much higher as you wish,•-•? : /\ SPECIAL.—-One dozen Tea Spoons worth $6,50 - • •?'A_'-;? ; -W8 ask that for them. ALL THE LATESTDESIRABLE NOVELTIES FOR HOLIDAY GIFTS. W. H:GLENNY & GO,, 190-194 East Main St, : >'-; - Rochester, N. Y. *< ^^^^cSH5^5&^^^^li^^ PLATES ADDED TO\: THIS 'YEAR'S VOLUME* ; ^MimQNS; of Copies ^ hayo been^sbld i±^ M, nun ran uxwil •The best possible '•••'••> CBRlST*l*B^RB5nKT c =~ tpr,b6y«!ond girls ^. ... m We have just added to our. large and'complete assortment of types :~ •: :--. aseriesoif elegant V' v v ; and can print you Fine Wedding Stationery, at less than city prices. gSs RaREED, ,; c : Order from your Dobkielle'rloV. of ua.J: Every Dealer C«rrle5 !«•' -^ _ mmmm CHADWICK BLOCK, NEXT TO BRIDGE; *i„*;«iWW For all Btuoos and KBKVOUS Jlisaxsts^Thest psfjf y_tbe action to the entire system. _ '\Cure DY3PEPSIA; HEADACtiEp 0OH8TlpATIONfHrid^ PIMPLES. S8L PILLS S UPREME COURT, ; MONROE COUNTY. Ella\ WilbrnvPlalntlff, ngainst Milton W. AVilbnr, and Harriet Wilbur his -wtfevXaurA A\._ lfJ3^- :\Vitt^^fiKrtCTnhornTy=Tidtulftdtul*' ^me^TllfKiu^P^WHjin^di ary iAl qore, ju«i£Wl Wyfes^s fttoti^otiithtr^^ _j»ca^DereimK fthts..' TG~ tho hbov'o hfltned defehtiants\: You 1^^^^^^^^~^~^\J!1_ to appear or- nnswerrjudgment: wnnuo taken^^^r^j are hereby summoned, to anawer \the complaint\\ T T in this action, and to serVe a copy or-Jour -\•** ' : , jjnawer on tho plaintiff's attorneyvrfthln twenty - :. ^Ry^MMtfeM£?jte§^hlgd^rn©nft v e^^ to appear br-answer, judgment. Sptol^da^rtefaultior^Uiftrj-c^ipi^m^ndcA^^^ In the coniplaJnTr? Trial\desffcd In'the county^ Of Monroe,:- - .' • v * '. : , * - -. • . .; ^_ Datcd.thc-14 th day.of October, l«*.^-r—- ----- ';• ?, : ; v ClIAS. E. YALE, f - \.-':'-• * ,.-.- Plaintiff''} Attorney, J\ Office and poatofneo address,\ Fairport, ;N. Y. To Frank F. Wilbur jand Delia TrcadwcUV de- \ fendanta: -\• •' :'-••• : ^ - -•'-• z . + • •-\ The foregoing summons is served upoti you by zJa \ and. Mofirooo County Judg< \fm, and filed with the com L\hoj?ietrorthe_icounty «f ty-orRochestciv-st aio tho 10th day of OctolK>r,18M ; l : CnAS. E.'YALK, Plaintiff's Attorney, Fairport, N.Y. d Ihebflicoofihoigietkof thti^anty^tjMb^^^l^^sS BtthD-cltyt)fRoche«tci7^tat of-NcwvYorkrbnr-^-^rr *U* ttitU .1*-., Jit ri/itnl\AK tUftA -l ••••••r* .'.-- f * \ . •.•* - -v j.. Sutherland. ... vu .u» uiuu October 19, IPDd, and filed with Monfo County. Judge, dated: the complaint In',.; -. /J-iii., \>•«> Dated, October Jt.-JSM. '/^l i^:\ i tv.v; • • M ;•••-• \*-.\: om* ^@i mmm^mmiiMM j^ i *1 iil ihnWliyfclAiilii - ..,.. ,—. ... ... • -.• v --- iri ,-,- ^ -mi||-f r irvf lOffiiiiffilfril ' nl IIIIIII'I 111 II mi HiiiiTiii S^t^: vwigaatew

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