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' ' .. ~,.. ,._ l ' I ' ;..· ' t j}'-1*\!( /.t-'r • • _. •.,_, , J •· ro,:• THURSDAY, SEPT.fllHBEB 19, ·toolt . . ' . ' -- ' PAGE TWO , hf<!A~~J. ,1\le~~,~~~e.d- _;_ reaq1Utif1D .mas .ad:opte1'1. and--the coiu'Ji!;:v -'~~bel'S \ot ,the· colllmittee i J:$Lv;7~\· -------JJ~~~;~~~~~~--~~~~;;~~~~~~~~lj~~MW~~~~~----~-:h.PrnE;Gim;si«o~N~IN~-~~~~-;;~---:~tr~;;~~~~~~~~HJ~--~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VtlfkANS fROM '!I ~~~od~~b~-~~~~~; 1 ~·m:~ 1 ~~f~::a;::: ~~:!:,fAIR. AWARDS. 0\::· WILL -~,.M.LQ1~8 PBOJ~J!i.Tili·• ; . ·~ them as then· only shrouds· and eof• • · ~... v ~~IOii~ ·- M . fins. and. the J.itth.! boards with ' t;be \' ua. fXH1BilS .<t .• ' • • • OWN iAR(H 1 partiaiJ~· . written '-names -above, .. , ., ·' .. · , In the pl'Oc~ding. for the pr6%i1~~ . JJD· ·1Ul·tt-· ·nai,qfi\!!1;< a!lr~!h!J.S~&ti~nte ;the .CI{Uwl:Y ' , '' - · ';' -~~4:;li;. ooDlllJ}ttee. · , . ~~id~g~oo:in mit,j' be The committees were given the f\ I ma!·k the-rr gra:ves. , - of the will of>•Arekander .A.ntis,-~ae.: L t h 1 th \ 11 1 t\\\' ceased, Judge Keek' has decided Ul \ Arres~ii Parent can Abdnction if Irate power to call conventions according to tlie-.election lawif. . .. ----- .. - - --k-l'Tt~eure·\8. warrant . a er, owever, a t e dl. en n ..... ., Miscflltaneous Classes of Artcles, for battle were re-interred in a beautif.:ua favor of the legality: of the will and ·· · \ ground nem; the s:pot wl:)ere they fell, Use Yn Home and on Farm, Get admitted the same to probate. Th~ ·' OLD SOLDIERS FR0:\1 ~FULTON and in sight of the capitol of the na- Blue Ribbon. will leav-es the-t~tator's entir\ prOP...j·T'ICJKEI'JI Among t'he county lllaiT a!Wlaii'ils not legacy to the .Johnstown Cemetery SELECTED. ~ BLISSF.UL COUNTY JOIN IX GREAT RE·l tion, and from -that <time to the pres- • erty with the 'e<tception of a $20Q FOR. THE l)'NTEBRIFIED 7 'UNION -oF 1 THE BOYS IN BLUE ent, the government has ~ept, and · '• l Stl 'll keeps ~\e Star·~ on.d. Str'!pes yet pub_ iished, are the followffig: association for the perpetual car.e of . c;~~iM, If.~ .... ~. ~CJWLL. KINJ!LY After a collection was taken up for Janitor. William Ga•lpin the conven· DOLGEVILLE, ·Sept. lR -· There have been very interesting and actJ.,ve divelopi!}ents tl;le past two days with regard to ~~e wedding o'f Step1uil\' Gardner :and Miss Effie King ot Strato ford, w;bich was solemnized M~dp.y evening in Justice Leavitt's oftiee. 1't tion was a'djournoo •. ,.._1 • A meeting of the' new assembly 'dis- AT SARATOGA ' •uu \ \\\ float-ing over their heroic dust. Buibter Appa;raJl;us. hts burial lot, tu\his wiuOjW, MaTy E. ·PBEP;\RJll~ BY BOSS SCRIBNER Several hundred recruits were Oh11I;~ fQr dairies-M'-cGudre·Tyme· Antis. Donald McMartin of this Johnstown was well represented by t th . t ft .ts d rt Co let city was attor-ney for the petitioner o e regunen a er ~ epa ure, ·• o • veterans at the forty-fiTst national en- and its rolls bears the names of about Mil~ cooler-L. A. Phelps & Son, and W. S. Cassedy of Gloversville th G d 1st was associated with him. Keck '& _campment of e ran Army of the fourteen hundred in, all, but at· the · - \'·lk ~ Rodgers appeared as attorneys for The Democrat!! of the Fulton-Hamn- tou counties held their annual assem- b'Jy district 1md county conventions at the court l'tous~ in this city yesterday afternoon. Tlie convention was called for 2 o'eloek, but at that hour there' mas only a few of the \unterri:fied· on the gl'OUJ\<\ .qnd it was. 4;;1.5 )efo~ the: distriGt' ·C?Jl¥ention wa,s -oa}led. There. was no contest. outai~e pf the· nomi~-. tion fo~ );tleml:!,er ?f -llSI;\\l_J;Ilbly. Lt Wll'B: and county committees was im· mediately called in the grand jury room. Mr. Sct;ibner presided· and wll'S elected to succeed •himself as chairc man. The chairman then tendered his 'l'es1gnation, stating that he found that ll'is pplitical duties interferred with his ' ' ·. a·ppea\s that the ·couple made -severa-l missmtements to the justice and that the ·father of the girl was vrny anxious not to hJlVe tl~e weddlng take place. The father. who is Stephen King, bas been in town the past two days search- ing f-or :his son-in-law. He ·states that hiS' daughter il:l only a little- over 14 yeal!s .old and that the groom is sfl!ll&- whare around 30 years of age-. Mr. King· had forb1tlden Gardner io ·®vii auythln~ wllatever to do· :with- ,his.. daughter, but it is .llO'W _ IQ:loW!;l . tha.t they had been meeting Clancl,est}ne;ly at ihe·mome of mutual friends, -.. RepU'hfic a!t Samtoga Wednesday. 'Be- close of the war. ·When it returned and J.vJJ• • .sCJP8,nl!cOr-SeY'm:our A. S~l. 1st· L A Ph , & s 2 - d Thaddeus and. Ja;v .Antis and others, fore wt least seventy-five thousand was mustered ·out of_ service its num- • • • e.~ps ~:~us, l!Jl . ....,t th t bed , ber was less than three hundred. l')est_. ·~ Iwr·ge<S~t <Mst>Ia.y .,.t ~ the contestants,· and Frank Talbot, ~..,..,_ ors e ve erens marc along implements ·and moohllner'y-MC!Gulre Esq., as attorne)' for Mina ~eahT an~ the public streets and later participat- Tymeson Co., 1st~ Elt;uJ\l-f.lJa.ntz 2n'll.. as guardian..ad• litem of Mildred An- MATRIMONIAl MI YUP tiS, a minor; all ·of wliom ftl.ed ob- J\ Farm Imp:tementl>> jections to the 'lirill's probate. oo in the exerdses. ~ interesting feature of the en- campment was the reunion of the sur- vivors of the 77th New York Infentry . . Sta:l!i-onaTy o:r ,portialble engine, in N ~\'RING ·A TRAGEDY opera.tlon-Earl ·Pla.nu; l!st. lA Sowing outfit·eo~itl.vt.ilth en- gine--Earl Planta,. lSit: -i . .Stll>ti®ru\f :giiUilOilin-e eng1llle lin o<peT- Kind Neighbors' Eft'orls to Arbitrate ation--Eati P.U•ntz, 1st. , . r - LQG SCHOOLHQUSfS , :-AI- STILL IN. USt tt r: .. i! •' a regulaor Dmnocratie l~v:e fea~St. . . business, He thanked· the members I ' ot the con:vnittee for the honor and in closb.ig )Jltoored ;:Editor George· E. Beak· ley of the Johnstown Democrat unmer- cif~!l-y. ·H ·wm he r~membered that last \fall' • ·Editor. · Beakley said harsh thl,l1gs ·.&bout -~BoSsn Scribntlr, ;and the n-umagem.eil!t of the political finances in \tll!s·eounty.; oand.the parting shot at \the local editor smacked of revenge · V()llun.teers, who marched 'together again after >forty-two years. :Lawrence Christman of the ·city cal'ried the old l!anner. He was with the regiment nearly the w.hole time it was out and never •lost ·but three days service. Robert Aucock of the town of Johns- tQwn carried the old flag used forty- five years ago when the regiment was being organized. ~!embers From '.£h!s County\'- Judge Keck, Lawrence Christman, Geo. A. Scott, Burton DeWitt, Wm. S. 'Miller and Gilbert Haggart, of Johnstown; Daniel H. Cole. E. M. Bailey, Robert ~ucock, 'Vallace Morri- son, A. J. Sprung, 0. Suti:iff ).licllael Fancller, William Hare, Andrew Duel, Charles Chedell, and John !IL Clute o•f GloversyiJle and vicinity. were mem· bers of thi! regiment and were present yesterday taking a march once again behind their old commander, George F!noh. The 77th New York Volun- teer Infantry,- !mown as the \Bemis Heights BattaHon,\ '\\'11S organized at Between the Bronsons Are No't Ventlgal .gasoline engdn,e, -in opera-- Relished. .. tdon-Ea.rl Plantz, ltlit. c, -Hay loader in QlperaJtiion-Ea'l'll Pli!tntz., lfrt; McGuire Tymeson co., 2nd. A special •to the Utica Press from Dolgeville, says: Judson Bronson of Oppenheim, ·bhwkberry picker and Co-m h'llsker and shredded in ®· Empire S~te Can' Boast o:f nearly a ~ ~ ~ . \ . Do7..en That Hark Back to the Days of ~~~~m~ aud Candles. man of all work. made a depos-ition be· emtion-E!llrl Pl•a:ntz, 1st. AI~BANY, Sept. 7.-Although it fore Justice B:acon, charging Willla•m Rea.pe.r-Erur'l Pla;nte, 1st; Me- , sounds surprising in these days of Hammond with assault and battery. Gulire Ty.meson, 2nd. · . 0 steel fratl'le construction aud rein- ·~'he offense is alleged to have been orn Ha:rvestsr-MJoGuire Tylme- forcoo c-oncrete, it is a fact that some committed in the \Bee-hlve\ on Nol\ili son Co., 1>lt. M o'f the children in the Empire· state Main street. According to the story, · owill!g ma.Chin-e--Ja.mesW. Wih1te · ~till learn their \thr-ee R's\ in the little Bronson's wife left him in the lurch a 1st~ McGuire Tymeson Co. 2nd. old Jog schoolhouses ·or a generation or short time ago and toalt \1-P her res!- HoFse l-Rake-McGuire Tymeson C ' two ago. The annual report of State deuce wiJth her relatives, the Ham- •O,, J.st. H Commissioner of Education Draper monds. She alJE>ge<s that she was so o.rse F~rk for un1oad:l:ng ;b.a.y-· C . for 1906, just issued show that there badly mistreated that she took this · L. Codd·in•g, 1st; MeGuire Tymeson C .2 d are 11 such log schoolhouses in New t.;hairman Eugene D. Seribner , of G love~!n<ilJe was ,fu cpn.trPl n.nd was h:i'ter Te~ted.\to<the '])Qsition of·eha.4r~ mfln l;lutirresigne{h ;Tl;lere-was ·an ab, sence o.f the JUdson..:Mttrr11y forees, the latter followers app-arently content to remain away and cateh the good poll.~ cal pfums that have been dropping in tlleir nests lately and anow the Scrib· ners to do the tooting. The...a-ssembly district convention was called to order by Mr. Scribner who after reciting the call of the cdhvention from memory, made a few 'remarks thanking the delegates · ln general and his ·constl- tvents for their loyal support in the political battl'e-s and stated that 'no matter what might be his title in the / ranks of Democracy he wnuld always be·w1lling m1d ready to answer the call o1' his constitu-ents. He clor;ed by rec- ommending Ezt'a A. ·sutliff of G1overs- vil1e, for chairm-an. and ·Frank Ch!!P· man of Broadalbin, for secretat·y. Upon motion the recommendations of Mr. Scribner were made the tempor- ary officers. and iater, the permanent offiCei:S of the convention. ' ~tste1•daY.. Historic Document-- l\fr. Seri'bner' s formal resignation was ·as follows: To the Secretary of 'the Democratic Assembly Distriet •Committee of Fulton county, N. Y.: Sir:-· I am grateful to the members of your eommitt;oe and my Democratic constituents ,for the honor conferred upon me by my election to the posi- ti@n of chairman of this committee for five consecutive times but feel that my business duties must of a necessi- ty. confli-ct with my political duties as snell chairman, and being unwilling to monopalize the leadership of the De111c oC'I'atic party. in this assembly district, I do hereby tender ruy resi10nat!on as chairman of the Democratic Assembly District Committee of Fulton county, N. Y., to take effect immediately. l\iqnday night the pair are alleged to have met at the· home -~f Frank Miller, who afterward~ acted as best man at· the wedding. They then came to ,Dol~~,·ille and went to Jp.·sti<'e .L~a vitt at ·his office, asldng him to unite them in. man'iage. In. resrwnse to a ques- tion· of the jus-tice as to whebher the. wedding was satisfactory to the father of the would-be brid_e, the pair pro- duced a paper which purported to be a written ']')ermission .from Mr. King, that the \ceremony should go on. :The. bride said tha•t she only Ja.cked Oll,\i) day, of being 18 years o-f age and the groom; stnted that he was 24. means of getting a way from her bus- o., ·n · band. Gr!llin driiJ-1\IIoGulre Ty'~eson York state. All of them are !n the Witn Brol}son, absence made the Oo. lat; C. L. Codding, 2ml. northern part of' the statt;. far re- heart grow fonder and Tu~sday after- Beslt eX'h!L'bltion of Plow~Gulre moved from railroads, aJtd remot\l Ty from thickly settled centers and the n-oon after d•lsposing of a load of black- meson Co. 1st. ben\ies and fortifying his pocltets with Corn •plooter-MeGuire Tymli)Son main roads of travel ln the rural dis· tr!cts. Dated this lOth day of September $2, the net proceeds of the sale, he Co., 1st. went to the Hammond domictle .and One horse corn cultiV'altor--iMc- The co~IJ,:ties y;hich still hav.e the 1907: From--subsequent developments it ill.. leamed that :\Ir. l<'ing did not set his- name .to any document of the kind mentioned and that it had been faked np - for the occasion. . T<he girl also mad~ a misstatement co;ncerning_ hell age, as the father showro a fftmil:Y' bh1:h record which ga Yl'! her ·age\ as ~meth!ng over 14. He wanted to get out a warrant here cha1•ging Gardner with abdiwtion, but was informed that su('h proceedings would have to be taken in th) town oi' Stratford, and h~ deptmted for that >illage with the in' tention of procurip.g a warrant. Mr' and :\irs. Hardner are tbelieved to have left uolgeville this week. :\Irs. Gardr ner looks much older than she really is; EuGENE D. SCRIBNER. that place in 1861, with James B. Mc- Kean, then a member of congress from this district. its colonel, and General Windsor B. French, who later became tts commanding officer, and lro it into many a tight during the war. It was mustered in the service of the United States a little prior to NoY. 26lth of that year, and on that day, which was Thanksgiving, started for the front a thousand s!l:rong, being one of. the first regiments to leave the state for the seat of war. Had it been given its correct number, as to its time or order o:f organizatiQn and muster in, it would have been one of the first in the state, but as it was recruited so near, and substantially, on the historic -scene of the 1>attle .of Bemis Heights tn 1777, it seeiPed appropriate to its sought an interYiew -wtth his wife. He Quire Tymeson, Co., 1st; Earl Pla.n.tz, L'elics of the caQdle light and ox-team used all the blandishments at his com- 2nd. ' period are Cliuton, Franklin and St.· mand to persuade her to go back with OQrn Sh.,eller-MoGuke Ty·meson L:i·Wre~J,ce, in all of \'-!hich is part of h 0 < t the North Woods or Adirondack wild· im to his Jares and penates but she - o., ~s · turned a dea•f ear to all nis entreaties. Best ex:hli.'bl.tion 'harrowa-McGulire erness. lt is in. tl;le ba{:k towns of T these countie~ ;where the old Jpg He then switched onto a new track, ymeson Co. 1st. .., and. puUing out his two dollars which Cdder m-ill press-MioGulre TY'mes- schoolhouse~ still stand and seiTe a~ · h b d 1 on .~ 0 1 institutions of learning for the lads () a he d 'back as a last resort, he v ., st. attempted to dazzle his better haU by Sickle grinder-·Ell!rl Plantz, 1st; and lassies of the sparsely settled promising that she should h•ave all· -o1' M-cGuire Tymeson Co., 2nd. neighbol'lhoods. it if she would go home with him. This Potalto pla;n:ter-MeGuire Tymes· Clinton county leads with five Jog failed too, and he then threw his arms on Co., 1st. buHdings, St. .Lawrence and Franklin· The Ticket-- The following ticket was then placed in nomination by the district and c<_mn- ty conv,entioa$. Member· of assembly--J. 0. A. O'Bryere, <)f Raquette Lake. County judge-N. H. Anibal, Glov· ersvme. · Surrogate->Mclntyre Fraser, Johns- town. County elerk--:-Fred Clunis, Broadal- After the committee had accepted the resignrution of )'l:r. Scribner. Wes- ley Lynes moYed the election of W. T. Briggs of this city, as a successor, aml Goorge Val\ Arnam of Northvillt!, named Scott Partridge of that village as Scribner's successor. A vote showed that the new committee fav- ored l\Ir. Briggs and he was declared the new chairfnan. , ' . bin. Sheriff-J. W. Vaughn, Oppenheim. Snperip.tendent of poor-William Sanders G Io\·ersville. Coroner--George ·Peters, D., GloversvUJe • around bis wife and said something to Potato d~·gger-P. 'vin JO'hnson, tying for second place with three each .. the effect thart: life without her would 1st; McGuire Tymeson. Co., 2nd. There are 12,0-!6 schoohlj.ouses In the be a vast, aching void and stated that Dli'I\t scr...per-MlcGuire Tylmes= cities and towns of the state, so the he would ra-ther die right ·in hls tracks Co., 1st. percentage of IQg;,l;IOuses is exceedingly than go away without her. Grain ~l.'al(}le--Mo?uire Tymeson small. Outside r-f the cities there are All effort& to make him let go his eo., 1.s<. 10,6Z6 school distrJ.ctt~ in which are 10,• ..• W \'i ,_ • 884: schPQlliouses,'- of w)lich 0,605· a~e A h T f I d' k · grip were in vain, until Hammond 'B.iSu· ng mau .... ne--Dolge & Snell, , re aylor o n 1an la ·e was made his debut on the scene. Ham- Its; _M'cGn;re Tymeson Co., 2nd. frame buildings. among those mentioned for the nomi- mond did not see any signs of Mrs. Pliat.'for.m soales--'McGuire Tyme- The dties have 1,109 schoolhouses, nation of member of ass,elnbly, but .name. Bronson giving up rt:o her husband and son, 1st. 182 ?f \\hich are frame structures. It upon vote by ballot the delegates fav- Many at the Station- he did not exactly like the idea of PlumP'! tor :fiarm use _ McGuire is noteworthy that 109, more than one- ored Mr. O'Hryere. 'Those who were present the day the waiting around for the latter to die. Tymeson, 1st. half, ·are located in New York city. John .J. Malone, Gloversville, P. Me- officers and the state, to take the No. 77 in connection with its battalion regiment staxted for the front, will He therefore mixed in on the an•alr Clotnes d.ryer-MoGutre Tymeson TJle cities. too, have only nine stone Intyre . .Johnstown, and Ezra A. Sut- never forget the multitude of people and •shook Bronson loose.· This aroused Co., 1st. , S·choalhouses, while the rural districts Uff, of Gloversville, were m!!de a com- who gathered at tile >litJtle station and Hammond's thirst for excirement and SpeCli•me.D. .ra.rm fence-MICGu1re boasts of 278. The country districts mlttee to fill vacancies in each con- joined in t.he ch;oers that went forth. as he dragged fuonson outside the !house. Tym~on Co., Ist. also oYertop the cities in brick struct- vention. well as the tears that were shed by When he got him there he W-agon JaJck-M~ulire Tymeson ures, having 990 to 971 in the dtie-s. Ohairman Scribner offered the fol· parents, brothers, sisters and friends, him up against his own wagon and Co., lo;t. Th~ number of children, five to 18 lowing resolution: as the long train of cars which ear- handed him several resounding Exhib~tion drelin t'ile-MicGuire years old, who attended school last Resolved,· That the following ried the boys, moved out. ::'tletirlan whacks just for good m~asure. By Tymeson co:. 1st. year is 1,822 1 414, whic<h was made up named persons constitute the Ful- H111, near the ·white House 1 ·n wash- G rd d of 904,609 bO''YS and 917 , 805 g'~ls. In- ton-Hamilton district committee for this .time, Bronson had other aching a en see sower - McGuire ~ the ens\i.ing year, which committee ington. D. C., was its next 'rend~zvous; things beside a void to ,tJbink uf and Tym.eson Co .• 1st. the cities the girls predominated, but shall consist of one committeeman next it went to Fail\fax Court House, he toolr advantage of the first let-up W·a.g,>ns am;l Sl.ffig'h.s. in the towns tbe ·>boys were in the for such elect-ion district for which th\'n with the. Army of the Potomac in the assault to run d~n town and T greater number. Pupils over 18 years he is named as committeeman: vn WO horse open •buckboaod--.Lip- Bleecker·-Frank D. Peters. to Yorktown; Williamsburg, the out of the way of the sledge b:amme'r pert & Sclrwaxies 1m. of age numBered 13,698. Broadalbin-·-Dist. 1, M. H. Case, WhiTe House Landing, :1-leehanicsville, blO'Ws of his assailant. Two horse end sp-l'in•g, Bedford, The biennial school census last Oc· Broadalbin; N. Y.; Dist. 2, Sanford Chickahominy Swamp, ::'tialvern Hill, The Bronsons lived here <a couple of col'd trimmings-LiWert & Slcllwnd- tober allowed of an interesting com- Ryder, }3enedict, N. Y. South 'Moun,ain, Antietam. Frede- • \\'rison in the per,nen ...... ge of ch 1 'Jdren Ephratah-Dist. 1, Frank W. years ago and at that time >the neigh- es, 1st. ,..~ ~ ..,, B E h t h N Y D' t 2 · k b h Ch f ern~. p ra a , . . ; 1s . • .-Jc s urg • ancellorsYill8, Gettys- bm·s heal'd frequent disturbances in- TWO horll!e, th•ree S~pring llUIJ!'kelt rom eight to HI years old who were Charles --christian, Caroga, N. Y.; burgh. The Wilderness, Spottsylvania, di>cative of the fa-ct that :Mrs. Bronson wagon-Ll.ppert & Sohwa:des, 1st. out of school illegally. Of 50 cities two Dist. 3, Willard Snell, Lassellsville. Cold HarbOr, Petersburgh (then back was being roughly handled by her hus- Top bu·ggy, end spring i)i.ano body, only were guiltless in 1906. They are N. Y. I to Washington). l<'ort Stephens, She- band. She bore· a big black and b-lue w'hi'te cord tr:immin•g&-Li•p')?ert & Joilnstown and North Tonawanda. gf~~!:Svme-Ward, Dist. 1,' C. nandoah Vll!lley, Winchester and in spot on her arm, whieh she alleges was Sob:w<ades, 1st. B-ut New Y•ork city with 572,674 school W. Vedder; ward 1, Dist. 2, ..... . short everywhere -along the pathway donated by B-ronson, but whi~h the !at- . Top buggy, Covering lbody--Ll.tp- population, had onl.Y 1.45 per cent out ................. ; Ward 2, Bert of the Army of the Potomac. from the ter S'RY'S came from .a fall. In desert- pert & Scb.wades, 1st. illegally. ZimmeT; Ward 3, Dist. 1, Clarence cOmmencement to the close of th'e war, Th f - Walrath, 12 High street; Ward 3, ing iller husband, Mrs. Bronson also de- _:.rop buggy, pell SJP'ring, covering el'e wete ound 1,219 children wb.o Dist. 2, John Shaw,· 54 First ave- , wHl be found graYes of the •brave men seTted a babe rebout a year old. The body, whi•P COI'd-Li!wert •amd ·Seih· couid neitiler read nor write any Ian- nue; Ward 4, Dist. 1, J. J. BeLlis, od' the regiment-who fell doing duty Hammonds have· movoo to Bungtown W!a<le'S, l!'~t. . gu.age.. 110 l.\leeclrer St.; Ward, 4,WDistd. 2, 5 for their country. f h th · . , •fl{,;i net value 0 ~ pr·ope\'\\c devoted! Ezra Sutliff, 85 West St.; ar , rom, ere is week, taking Mrs. Bron- ·Top ,'bttJ!igy, . doctor's Slta:n'hop.e--, \ ·~ \\\ Dist.\ 1, E.· D. Sciibner, 124 Kings- Fought Under Linooln's.Eye- son with them, and there are not many ~i:ppert & Sohwa.des, 1•st. to educational purposes in New York' boro aver.nie; ·ward 6, Dist. 1, W- It took a promin<'nt part in the fight prospects at present of an amicable · Open buclctloard-ll'PPert & 'Sob- state is $261,458,785, and the total ex- H. Shutts, 190 Bleecker St.; Ward •t Fom \\'\\'· abo\t .tx mH~ f>com >dju.tm~t of \\'\' =\'m. .nx- wa- '\'- l\'ndl\\\ '\' ,.,., f~ olueauoo Elgh~:~v:n.'i:'\'ony Hlne, 101 W. ~ Capitol in Washington on .July 12, up. · Open rubber-tired runa'l>out · Geo. ·were $7a,D 23 • 08 l:: The licensed teaeh- ;Johnstown, N. Y.-Ward 1, Disl:. :1,854. This, it is said, is the only bat- . Taylor, 1st; Lippert & f?chiW!ad,es, ers employed numbered 37,260. .1, Frank Beebe, 311 W. Main St.;- tle witnessed by President Lincoln. GOVERNOR SENDS THANKS : 'l!nd. Ward, 2. Dist. 1, Warren Miller, 208 \\\\ unea\\~' pcm<t.-d , 1 fue · Sp<ed COLONIAL BEfdCS !rorth ll!\'~ot. SC ; Wa<d 2, DloC i, FOR MANY COURTESIES T. W. Van ·slyke, 336 N. Perry St.; time, in and aobout Wnshington, on the • Wal'd 3~ Dlst. J., Wesley _Lynes, 15\E. GOOD :ROADS WILL SOON BE BUILT NEAR DOLGEVILLE .DOLGEVILLE, Sept. 12. - Indi- cations are ;that there will be much work 'done near here next yaar' in the way of highway improvements. It has been understood for some time that just as soon as the neces- sary arrangements could be made, the roads leading from the Half- way House to this village and here to Salisbury Center and Stratford, were to be macadamized. It was first expected that this work would be done during 1907, but the num- erops changes made in the high- way laws and the e~tensive Iegisla~ tion on that subject finally made this an impossibility. The fear then arose that this neighborhood might go without good roads im- provements for several years yet, but a recent trip to .Albany on the part of Supervisor Leavitt of the town. of Manheim was instrumental In the final removal of all doubt$. Supervisor Leavitt was informed by the state engineer that in all probability he would call for bids next month on the construction of the Manheim Center-Dolgeville and the Dolgeville~Stratford highways. This means that the contracts will probablY be let yet this fall, and it is also possible that the work of making the i)llprovem~nts may be started this year, if the weather con- tinues moderate for a sufficient length of time. It would be too much to expect any of the contem- plated \improvj;~ments to be finished tihs year. but there appears to· be not the smallest reason to doubt but that next summer will see the work all done up in good shape. The residents of Dolgeville and of Sa1isbli-rY.. Center and Stratford 1'\at- urally fell very much elated over the prospeC1;s. and it was this that led the justice to believe the statement as to her age. · Allf6(0 TIMBtR THiff ·NOT 601ll1 Games Gallagher, Accused of Steal- ing Trees from Fot•est Preserve. ~ is Freed UTICA, N, Y., Sept. 13.-James lagher, of Fores!Port, charged with stealin~ tlmher from sta;te laUds, has been on trial in Herkimer during the week. 'l'he jury, after remaining out sixteen hours, this forenoon brought in a verdict of not guilty. Thts is one .;1: the cnses in which it is alleged two former' game protectors were paid money by Gallagher, and others con- nected with him in lumbering o1Jera- tions in settlement for the timber tlrey> had cut. T'he money never reached the sta tP.' department. The trial was brought on the grounds that it was it- legal to cut the timber eYen though paid .for, a« the state <!an sell no tim- ber from the Forest preserve lands. .t..aousands of trees were cut on ;the tract about which this comp-laint was made. and when it was finally discov!. ered that tlle state protectors were covering the matter up. they were dis;. missed, the cubf.ing was stopped, and t 1e fallen timber has been laying on the ground where it must remain un- tu it rots. No one has been punished for the trespass. SEEKING NEW TRIAL FOR . . CONVICTED MURDERER ~ COHOES PIC!NICKER PAY~ __ , . ~- ,:f -~o _FOlt HITTING GIRL. Bun:day afternoon when the old Sixth rubber tired Main ~t.; Ward 3, Dist. 2, P. C. Me-- ~''\· 00 w\\h \'' cegtmort OeOOn<- P<o•ldont Brtggtt or fun Fnltoo S,h-doo 1,._ The .Joh,town Hlotoflal ....... 1_'\fy;o,' 51' ru,u•d!O \'\\'; Wnt'd •• C t A · It 1 has been presented with two valu~· wlfi. T. Briggs, 110 S. William 'St: ro marChed, through the streets, to oun Y gncu ura society is in. Lu=ber wagon ' oom'}'.:!ete wi-tJh ' . mi.' ' . - able relics of Colimial days iy' Bur- .. ,..yrn_: •of., Jufin~Stown-Dist 1,, .B. meet Early and bfs men, and save the receipt of the following letter from l'b,lO<!k Jtoong'!le--;--l!larl Pla,ntz, 1st; _ 1 .. 1 ;..-.n A R'ck if w. Mosher, ;Johnstown, N. Y., R.~: I. .:national capitol from being sa-cked. the executive chamber, at Albany & SclrWI3ldes~· 2nd.'r'\ ' . l ar. ; J).; Dfllji~-2. Fra.~k 4UCOCk, GIOVI);ts. W \'· h ·· lf 1 t 'One is a filnt knife apparently v1'lle N · y ·R · D · :01'et 3 FlJ>o.d used by the Indians for 'scral)lhg'. Dunk~,.iMes:o, N.-Y.; .mst. 4, FrEffi:lt As the preparations for the fight ...._() 18 se :e'XP ana ory: Lumber wagon. :~~ingl~r·no ibral!:e--· · · - '' ' · ' · ., , · · ·' ~ · • \\ were going on about the fort, 1 ·t 1 ·s State of New York, & Schwa des. . Th '· ... Ji' \'t -'·n 'N Y R ·\' Ex T flesh fro\' IJ.ides in th ' ompson, do n .. ow , • . . , . \\\ , .Albany. . ,.. .. y \\' tanning. 1t is the shape i>f a· .; \\· 8 i'll'. , . ...,_ .. -~- .' . ~':\'' case··,_, .u.arce o · aneof, of said that the president stood where ECU IVE CHAMBER-, Pol1tlamd· eutter::._~~tt & \'-h- \ll' ' ':' pro~ess D n1· •-· 5 J~\\ B--•·le Johnsto.;,;., ·-·· -.·r u II Plf An effort is to be made to -st!cure a uewc •trial of the case of Henry Hatt· man, the convicted murderer of Wil· lard Letson,. the aged Lake Pleasant guHle. Hartman is now serving ·a life sen;tence in Dannemora, having been committed to that prison by Justice E. A. Spencer of,his·city, at the conclu- sion ;,f a e~lebrnt~d trial at Lake • • • • .. ._t PiensaDJt ·about a year ago. · lbe could see the maneunes of the Septembe:c 9, 1\107. wades, 1st. half moon, an-d the blade. is worn N. Y., .1:(.. F. D. 1 . : . ...... :::. j'Cl<>l.l!Ol'!s,'''fi>J!''-'assaulting' '~ff'Ss Mal'y aomy and a•weared to be under great Hon. William T. Briggs, , One hol.'s-e lumber wagon-Lippert away where it has been grasped and·l·]da.Y-ft N,,·:Y,; Dist. 2, James Joseph at Sacandaga Park on ·the af- stpain. Neal.'llY 4 o'clock in the after- Johnstown, N. Y., 4lc Schwatles, 1st; Ear'l PJiailltz, 2nd. held by the hand and fingers. Fr·<>fi,\ri\\k Vails Mills, N. Y.; Dist. ternoon .of Aug. 22, and whieb has twon when all was in readiness, the Dear Sir:-· '· FI!Lrm truck wa-gon-Li\\\\rt & f d M R • •. ~~~t~~;~~~;~~~~~~~M~:a~~y::fi.r,e:ld, :N. Y. aroused consdderable 1'nte\est 1'n this a H h di t \\~ was oun by r. ickard's father G • old ... of <he IT!h w\' \\\ fo ,Ove .,,;;:::']!~.,,':~~\!on'!~ fhom!~~ _ 1M; J\\\'h ...... 2nd. 1n SC \'\\\'~ ~nty. Nee~ \eitrtty'WO< \\'ngb! to a clme Wed· the signal. and immediately followed courtesies extended to him dnring ,., .. Sa:dd[e -and br-idle--B•ry1ces Salddle The other is a brass cannon ball Northampton, nesda.y alfternoon. T.he- c-aiSe w:as \\ mtghty •- of eonnon, ~~~•- h~ ce~n> vmtl to tho Fnlton County ,...,, l.t. whieh Wei<h• tWo 'po=d<. Soot! ,..,..,, • ..,, hwnght -~ >netlee Ro,.,... >t 2\\'- fug of''\\'· ond '\\'\\of m\'>etty ~'1::!,\::;:!n;;\or N,\J::\!';!:.',\,':,dl~ '' Sol\\'::' '7;'\\· doU..~B,... w~ ntotred up hY G\'\\\ H. Gc-- Fonoot, A motlon to •-• the plea \'m tltttl a.lon;;; the Une of battle. enjoyed his visit and was pleased to \'-t s ~ph, s • si . man of Utica, lately of this iity • ln rr~~~~t;~~~~~~:~:t~!j;.' St. of '\not gui~ty'! tw \guilty\ was made Conf.,..'\\\' ...,...__ te\'w old .,,-tan.,.. ond ,,_ ~ -~ -\'· \\'~Bt'Y\' lhn vlclnlt' of Union Hall. Flint, Perth, hY tho &fendonen <On\\\· Eugnne D- , 'fhe old Sixth· -co\\S fought nobly new on 1 es with the good people of .shop, .1st. ------ Scribner, 'Whi-ch was granted anq tne - .,. your v cinity. · Set car:i-i·aJge. hMnesa--B,..,,ICE$ Har- St tf d G'l D 1 St t d d f · and very soon the rebels gave way, .Again thanking you for .... FA&'\IER'S RECORD \VOR}i:. , • {.a Ql' -,_ 1 es e un, ra for ' e endant }}leaded:'\guilty to assault in •-• lhn ,~ttant \\\\'~of the bon kind•-· = -· 1 •'- - thn tlth-jl ..,,__ A tine of $00 ~ in blue. E-arly and h{~ mf'n were ·se~t Very truly yours, lumber h•arness--Bryoos Hlar· 'Arfetta-H-· ~~~n p'<:~~ Ru.des- thirty days in ·~ail wa·s immediately whirling southward, nml the capitol of GEORGE cu~TA~a?yRSEeAcrDeWtQrEf'.L, Sh'Op, .1st. ' John .fPowers, of (lfalta, Sa-ratoga ton, N. Y. fmposed by J\'tstice Roberts, find· the ~ • SU>gle pl$lsure 'harness--B~•ces county, ai.'Iller, is industl'ious. \\7t'\h B ..:.;~ Th Q '11 B fine - id \'\' d · · • ..... the \\\\ w= onnn mo~ ~<e. NOC- \ \ \ ' o .....,_ ...... W nm, en· , .. ~ pa , -.~•· -00 MO m- ' shon. llllt. the ·help of only ltnother man and a N Y with f b ~,_ 1 b · ' withoWndlng, bawn•\· \'\ the batun ........., •• ,_' ' -- · · · avM Y - \''\\ po ~~- >nd ~s short, the ground over 'whl~b it J'. A. Harmon, .of Ll.zemore, West hl!l.rness- Br7'Ces Harness boy for some of the Nme he has har- J:Hme~-w: H. Wadsworth, viewing the ease' from ail t~ides It could was W'aged, was strewn with many Va., says: \At ,];astJ I have found' -the 1st. ~ted Jn .$f!Ven }feelts \'>'\~''rJJ',l not'•·He>;-.bettet&l. ·.The- -q,uestiP-n of ielda.ll1l woullded men. . . perfect pill tbat never disa~;~polnts }lest ex>hd:Mt horse li'llankets, ®~ac~.q;u ·h~~ and~-~~!! odam~s;!:Wa:s St\ttled-,,out ···oi :ep-urt. ·;n()Qt:!!: 'etc.-Bryces Hwrness, saw;p 'Stn<fn~d·arfu., fQ\tf-'acres 6l'';l'l'ift:f>L ,;;r.'\1·•'' t~\ Five brave •boys of the old 77th •. ,., .. .,.. and for the:benetlt ,of ethers' a.~ roor~$!pl = . oMTen up the'~ II'ves', ~~·z.· . A. iUcted, wlth torpid liv~r-.and ,ch~mic TY.~e-soa:; ~~;~?'J!d. . .-acres of alfalfa ,twice, four MJ;eS -~~·un·g mJl!L. has ~·· u y • • ' and ten acres of \buekwheal(-i;; ad~ Wlll:iam Ruhle, Andrew J. Dowen, wjll say~:·· .take Dr. -;:---- dHion to carla.~ for forty l'l'ead of stoc.k ~-Manning, and Alvarado New· J..Ue PiUI[I·.~·· Guuant~ed • Want Ads· brin& winning re- lljbe last named youn~r man u~M ~~:nz!~~~~t~~~:~J~~~~~£~~]~~~i sntw,:· .. 1inii' .. thll(!s everything. and iloing other tarm chores,· including Keck Centre) and with others were · · · ·- · ' bringing the illt~ ·to the ~et11ll!l'J·•v· !1:~:-~_·,;ll':~t•..a~if;'· ~ ''t~~~~~~~··;;:.•..::,g•r~·~,~.;·~.;'~.\\' -~>%,A .. ~~-~ ... _~4' \ • , •• ~ ~ ~ .. r~)ry', .... !•..;.\\!~f'~~:\ . ' ' . ' .. Announceml'lnt ihas been madt'.blla.t Clark L. .Jordan, of the law firm of Jordan & Cassedy, Glovers<viBe. wJJ.o defended Hartman, wnl t:his week file an appeal for a new trial with the ap- i)ellate division. of supre~e court at Al· bany. If the new trial is gr.allte1'1 it will he held at the regular term· of coiwty court -to be convened. in Hammon oepunty, early :in Octoper. - ·THREE DEER <VISIT ,...,..,.-v, . ' ·~~~~- ' J Prof. Charles W. C~:ockett, of tlie Rensselaer Polyteclmic institute fae· Ulty, I;.eported seemg th1;ee: deer -!ttl; ;t{le vicinity ;,l ohls Jl~e on Stow~ 'l'My. about 7 Q'Cloeli: yesterday···J n;,o:n(. · The said. they -'WJ1»1e •

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