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_._ ~ ' • • - • l - .... ., ' . ' \ •. l~ -·\ '· , ' ... , . ~ -~ - ..... ~ -~- ' ' E:VERY ~. ,. pGLUNS & COMBES :J>lJB, 00 ' ' I ·' ,a· :~ '·· ( . Office Jolmstown, N.Y. . ' VOLUME XLIV. BROADALBI~ FULTON COUNTY, N E\\ JAPAN HAS.A . . .. NAVAL. DISASTfR .. SHELL EXPLODES IN THE Tus-; RET, AS ON THE BATTLESHIP __ GEORGIA, ... KILLING .. Ai>.\D IN- , ,JURING 12 ' \ ~ ' ' . : . :. . t . Trost Lawyer~rCtaim to B~ve DIS· . 0 £:~~::~~:e!!r! 7 ~ni:;.o:2~ ~~~:::~ Covered Loop -bole and Mav oti board !he battleshtu•K~lii~a by tT ~he exploswn of a twelve lnch · shell . ~ihin · the shield after. targe~ ' prac- WriggJe Through ·On tice near Kure at 4 p; ·m .• on Sep- tember 9. The Kashima, under· the a Technicality. ceodmKmuarned aotf C6aptain Koizumi, reach- \ p. m., where the wounded wereplaced in the hospital. ·The fatalities. included a lieut~n- 1 CHICAGO, Sept. 17.-The Tribune today, says: The $29,240,000 fine imposed on the Standard Oil Company by Federal Judge Undis, recently, will be wiped out of existence on a technicality if the schemes of tlie Standat·d Oil Com- pany lawyers, which became known yesterday, are carried to fruiting. The line Qf action revolves around. the de- cisi.on of Judge Landis in the Alton im- munity case, which is set for hearing on September 24. In the event th'Rt the Alton is grant- ed the immunity, which was promised to the railroad through agreement With Former Attorney General Moody, the Standard Oil attorneys will demand that Judge L-andis' fine •be set aside on the ground that the Standard Oil law- yers should h.a ve been apprised of this immunity agreement in order that ltbey might question the .Alton ~·ailroad <witnesses properly. The Standard Oil lawyers will con- tend that they should have been al- lowed to ask these railroad clerks who gave such full evidence in regard to rates and shipments and tariffs wheth- er their teb'l:imony had been influenced in any -way by the knQwledge thnt the road which employed them w~uld not suffer prosecution. The la'WYers claim that the proced- ure in the case was illegal, and that it furnishes rnfficient ground for setting aside the fine. Judge Landis has jurisdiction over tthe case until December 1. ;MAY FORCE OFFICERS TO CONVICT STANDARD OIL ::s\EW YORK, Sept. 17.-Teli'timony was heard today in the federal suit against the Standard Oil Company of Xew Jersey, which was begun in St. Louis last December. Two adjourn- ments already have been tal<en. In the meantime, however, Frank B. Kellogg, who is in charge of the gov- ernment's case, has obtained many books and papers from the Standard Oil Company. thony N. Brady owned the Manhattan Oil Company, which had an oll pro- ducing plant near Galatea, Ohio. Mr. Benedict sa·id tbat there was a pipe line connected with the company. In, October, 1898, he sold 5,175 shat'eS of '-fanhattan Oil Company stock at $100 a share. Those sbares were turned ant, two cadets, and one staff officer; The exact details' regarding the .ef-. fects of the explosion ° are -lackin~, but it was terrific,. and the ship is_ badly damaged The explosion followed an attempt to remove an unexploded shell from the gun A majority of the by- over to the Central Trust Company, of standers were fearfully mutilatea. 1 New York. Mr. Benedict said he could The casualties reported as the re- not recall whQ was the purchaser. A-t suit of the explosion are: Killed, five officers (names not the same . time, be said, he sold $286,- 000 of the company's bonds. He said he bad asked casually of Mr. Brady if the Standard Oil was the purchaser o:f the oil company. \Did you object to the Stand.ard Oil Company getting control of the Mrul· hattan Oil Company?\ was asked. \:-.To l'eplied Mr. Benedict, adding that be did not know whether the M-an- hattan OH Company went into pQsses- s>on of the Solar Refining Com~ny. Mr. B!medict said he had .taken an interest in the M'!lnhattnn Oil. Company because he was interested in several gas comp'lnles. and he desired to have a worldng connection !between the gas companies and the oil companies. \Later Mr. Benedict said he sold his interests in the gas companies. He said the Standard Oil Company had furnished oil tQ the gas companies (lf- ter the M.anhattan, Oil C,ompany Slile. ~1r. Benedict said that he believed ·fie bad spoken to H. H. Rogers regarding the Manhattan company in a casual way one day .about the time of the sale. Charles 'M. Pratt, a tSandard Oil di- rector. testified that he has been an of- ficer of the company since 1898, is now its secretary, ·and hns charge of the company's books. Mr. Kellogg showed the witness a list of securities held by the Standard Oil Company on Septem- ber 14, 1907, which had •been furnished on subpoena. ~lr. Pratt said the list was made up in the comptroller's office given,) and twenty-two men Severely ~ounded, two and six men. officers Slightly wounded, two ofilcers and six men. The cause of the explosion is un- der investigation. It occurred in- side of the shield of the starboard after ten-inch gun. It was not the shell which ex- ploded, but powder, which evident- ly caught fire from the gas emitted from the breech when opened for the purpose of reloading the gun. The hun of the Kashlma is not injured. 6RfAT SCHfMf TO AID JUNKMfN IS SPOILID Police' Discover That· TrunkS ·· Are Reing Stolen From · Piers By l\le11ns of False Labels. NBW YORK, Sept. 17.-Thousands of dollars worth of baggage have been stolen 1n _the last three months from Cunard line steamship pier 51, North xiver, the police say, the plan of thieves being to change the owners labels on the baggfge, and to substi- tute for t'bem labels bearing the names· of junk dealers. The Jersey City and· lQcal police •have now made three ar- and he conld not say whether the rests whi-ch ·they declare bear on the statement showoo him was correct. ease. Mr. Pratt said that C. H. Brainard -was the comptroller of tht> company, and \Vade Hampton \VI;\as general audi- tor. \As secretary of the Standard Oil Company, do you know anything James Ralston, of Jersey City, storekeeper OQ. the pier, is locked- up here, charged with the larceny of a \oundle of wearing apparel, valued at $250. ~lr. Kellogg intimated today that the government would inquire into the character and na.ture of the holdings about its acquisitions of other com- of the Standard Oil Company of New panies?\ he was asked. '· SYRACU~E, Sept.· 17.-Syracuse Is the stlrnlping ground _this week of sev- eral hundred proro4nent la.bor men -from all over the state. Yelrterd-ay the Blue Lllbel league of\the. Oigal'makers' International union, iwifh a•bout 150 delegates present, held its aninW.l con- vention at 7Jo· 3.36 North Salina street, concluding· this evening with an elec- tion .of officers. A.t Empire hall a state federation of carpenters was formed. Today at the City Hall the annual con- Yention of the Workingmen's Federa- tion of the state copvened, to continue until l<'riday or Satufday. Altogether, It will be 'a big week in Ia bor circles. The Btue.lrllbel Llfague, which now has 19;000 members .in ;tbe state and is 'groWing rapidly, Q'Pened its conven- tion at 11 a. m., and President Wiilla1Jl R. Ferguson of Onetda announced the ·appointment of the ~oHoWing commit- tees. tor the. 'YBII:T: Creden'ti!fl; A.diilm · Voiles, Syracuse; B. H. Beach, Au- burn; JoseJ}h Wadr, New York; con- stitution, John C. Hilsdorf, New York;· John Bartunek, New York; James T. McLaughlin, Batavia; rules of order, J . .A. lliiiller, Cortland; J. J. Sweeney, Oswego;· B. ::\1. Ash, New York; on president's report, Samuel Prince, New York; J·am_es H. Garin, Rochester: John_ L. W·ickham, Utica; ways and means, William Fitzgerald, represent- ing joint advisory brard of Bingham· ton; J. C. Johnson, Buffalo; James Ho rim, Troy; John Dillon, Al·bany; B. H. Beach, Albany; finance, James H. Garin, R(}(!heste-r; ;\I. F. Nolan, Ithaca; Thomas O'Ne!l, Rome. Rose Pastor Stokes_ to Speak- There were between 250 and 300 deiegates at the opening of the Federfi- tion convention today, among them ' Rose Pastor S-tokes, Rose Schneider-' i LABOlt OF DELE· 1 ·WOMAN Lffl A I GOVfRNOR MAKfS fORTUNt ON CAR WllNfSS l REWARDS UP TO $15,000 OFFER- ED FOR ·RE~URN OF A BOX SAID TO. CONTAIN CASH. 'AND JEWELS VALUED AT $196,000. SEOR~TAR:Y TO McCLELLil.!l'S 001\0USSION HELD B ·A OK . FAiJ'rs, BUT \VAS Q>RDEB:i!ID ~y i ~- HUGHES TO SJ;\EAK W~. . i 1 ,·. . .. :·~·:~!~ of New York; Rev. W. B. Allen ~f Mt. Vernon, representing the {)ongrega- tional A·ssociatlon of Applied Olllrist- ianity; Samuel Prince of New York, a former member of the leg.isimture, represents union No. 141 of New York; Secretary of State J obtt S. Whalen, representing the ·Rochester Tobacco Workers, and Samuel Gompers, presi- dent •of the .American Federation of La-bor, represelliting Cigarmakers' un- ion, ,_ o. 144, of New York. Rose Pas- tor Stokes -and Mr. Gompers, it is ex- pected, are to speak. NEW YORK, Sept. 17.-'rhat a Jbid- die aged wqman WhQse identity re- :plains a my.ster;v, but -whose c~sel has revealed himself as her acc~edited ·agent,· either lost -.or was rob'bed of a tin box contain!ing $196,000 in cash and $4.0,000 worth of diamonds and other jewels while on her way from Larch- mont to New York yesterday is the' storY. that startled officers and train- men of the New York, New Haven and Hartford railroad yesterday af- ternoon and resulted immediately in a sea '!'Ching ·but fruitless in vestlgation. This large amount of property is said to have disappeared while its owner was a passenger on a local train from Stamford, Conn., which reaches ihe Grand Central Station at 10 o'clock in the morning. Late yesterday after- noon the following advertisement was received for insertion at the usual rates jn the Lost and Found column of the Herald: LOST-Small Black Tin Box, on New York, New Haven and .Hartford railroad train at 10 a. m., September 16; $10,000 reward for its return with contents; no questions. B. F. N., room 806, 215 Montague St., Brooklyn. At the address named is the law of- fice of Benjamin F. Norris, whose home is at No. 254 Lafayette avenue, Brooklyn. Cars and Men Searched.- The rea:l bus1ness of t!he conven- tion will be -taken up Wednesday morning, and MJ.ere will lbe daUy seS- sions, th•e ele0tion of ofiloors behig tJhe last business. The present .om.- cers of the Federation are ·a;s fohlows~ .· Aecord!ng to the lawyer's story, his client hnd ·been in the second car of the train and bad left immediately on its atTival in the Grand Central Station. It was not until sbe had crossed to the .south side of FQrty-second street that she realized t}lat she Md not brought her box. of· valll.®bles with her. She was much ~erturbed, b.ut instead of returning i!llllledia:tely to .tbe t;J;!lln shed or reporting her loss in the prop- er bureau, she started dO'Wn town to hunt up Mr. Norris, her cou~sel. President Daniel Harris. New Yoik: first vice-president,., Wi>Hi'lllllL 0. Jones, Utioa; second -vice-~resi­ den t, Hlall'cy· . G: Wil'liams, Synilcuse; third vice-p.residen.t, Den:nis H. ·Ma- h:ar, Schenec:tady; fourth vice-prEIJ!i- ILen:t, Willila:m R. Ferguson, Onelida; fi'fth vice~presi:dent, Charles Rans- tein, Newbu~gih; sixth Yiee-p'!\esi'dent Jo1lm M. Padden, Elmira; seventh vd•ce--prel'lident, William P. Kenneal<ly, New York; sooretal'y-tr.ea;surer, Ed- ward A. Bates, Utica.; org.amizer, Her- roan Robin'Son, ::-Jew York; legislative comm.il:ltee. James McManus, Troy; Tames P. Archibald, New YO'I\k; Edt- wrurd W. Leonard, SCihenootedy. 'llhe federation of ca.r~en:te'I'S is be- Ing ·organized by Tholilla'S W. Bun•t- Ing• of Brooldyn. The wollk staited with se-renty delegates J;l'l'~ent from the dlfferen•t carpenters' unions. '11he women delegates to the Feder-· a,tion con<vention wdl1 be met on • their ai'Irlv.a.l here by Miss Caltherine \1 h-appened. to ·be in court,\ said Mr. Norris, \and she did n'Ot locate me until some hours later. I then re- turned here directly with her.\ Attended by a man from the divis- ion superintendent's office and one from the otll.Ce of the train despatcher, Mr. Morris was escorted through the srvvitch yard to .the siding where the cars had been run and a thorough search was made. Then •Mr. NQrris began offering Ub- eral cash rewards for the· recovery of the property. He seemed so distressed that he was pressed for further par- ticulars as to the contents of the lost box. \P-apers of no value except to tbe owner,\ it seemed to thes-e railroad ·men, must ·be extraordinary papers if they warranted offers of rewards ranging from $10,000 to $15,000 for their recovery. ALBA:NY, Sept. 17.-In~~reaiE.ie(l'iGI!~' tendende waJS eviden® inrterest in tlhe hea.ring l:J.efore Gi:'lv~:\.-4:1 nor Hnglhes in the chia:I'Iges of ifJhll!,,ou·,fi Ciu'b, of New' York, ag.ruii:lst Aiheaxn, president of ~ B<>ro·u£1h M~&nihlrubtlan, w.hen the session \v;as r~ ; , . sUililed 1Jhls morll!ing ast t.be executive dt:amber. Freder:i.•ck B. Ire Ber.rurd, slbwtlcl'l!.n of the Merohanlts' .AJ;sociart:1Qn, WUilS on ·tlhe stand wben the hearing was ll!djourned ~ast night. He WlaS oo.Ued for cross examination 'by Mlalr4lln W. U.btletpn, Aihearn's leaJd<ing counsel, on the basis of testimony given illtim before t'he com•mi-ssioners of a;ccou'llltS of New York oity, ~ose report, of investt.grrution of true boron~ pr;eis1- dent'11 ofllce is the found'ation of the cha,J:Iges ag•ainslt Ah<earn. Mil'. De Berard testified t;hart; the commJssion on street oonrt;rol, a. qop~­ ofil.cl.al body a!ppointed by M:ayor Me- Olella.n l•ast :!'all on recoonmen.da!t;.fou of the MencliJants' AJSSoc1a!tlon had ' l'!SJ)Orted in Jla.vor of 1a eur!t::a:thnent of the powers of the depa.Titmerut of ~ec­ t:ri-c:i ty, gas, aD!d walter su.pp[y of New York city, -and an dlliOI'EiaJSe of !l'ihose of the borouglh presLde'!It, as neces- sary to a. solrntion of <bh-e pro<blem of • confUcblng jurisdiction over sbX~Se:t open~ngs, and thwt the mayor !hlald, not a.ccep.ted !!his repont. A saoond report was prepared, it a.ppe~ omittin-g t'h!ls recommend:M!Ion andJ I > that repo~t is in the hands of tihe mayor, \ Mr. De Bera.rd gave hds >testdm,ony somewhat relu:C'I:iant'ly. He rwas see- re<twry of the commission, a;nd 'WilleD. Mr.- LitUetoi:l 'asked ·for infO'l\lOO.'hion. rubOUit its proceedings, sa;id: \You wlll ha-ve <to ex.euse me from an!SIWer.lng bh!l)l; o.ues!l:don, Mr. Litt'l&o ton. I have not been <!IJilct!ho.nized to .make t'blat pu'bliic.\ 1- \That mwkes no difference,\ broke in Governor Hughes with emplhtarl4$. '.'We wan't -~11 the information a.bout thi'S ma:tter 'f Yon must gdve .. us a.ny; f&ots known to you.\ It was rulso brough't out tba!t th;e seoond report of !.'IT. De Berard on the ·comtition of -the streets, IWd tJh~ seri-es of photogr.ruplhs mustra.ting a.nd · wooompany.ing the .report, w.hicll was submitted to the mayor, 'w;a;s n-ever ref6flr,ed to President A'h-ea.m, laiild had not been seen by him prior to last night. An earlier ll'eport, Mr. Ire Ber-a-rd testified, was referred by 1lh•e ma.yor to Pres1dent AJhaa,rn, 8llld ·W'aJS promptly .acted upon by 'h:im, He said tihe improvemelllt i·n tJhe streets •alfter tlris first repol'lt was so too;rked th-at ·the Merohants' ~­ •ation suspend.etl for a. time its pres- su,re in t:he ma:bter. Mlau<rer, IJ•residell't of tihe Women's Union !Jabel league, who is a loC811 de~egate to the convention. Under further qucfltioning Mr. Nor- Jersey, as well as its affiliations, if \::-Jot necessarily,\ replied ::11-r. Pratt, any, with railroads. The goYernment who further stated that his knowledge ' had named n{)t Qnly the Standard Oil of the company's holdings was only Company of ::\ew Jersey, as a de1'end- general. He sai-J he knew litt1e a•bout ant, but also seventy subsidiary com- the ::\1anhattan Oil Company or the panies of the main corporation, and Solar Refining Company. He said he the following individuals; John D. had heard of the Ohio 0!1 Company, Rockefeller. William • G. Rockefeller, and admitted that the Standard Oil Henry H. Rogers, Henry )~. Flagler, Comp-any controlled the Ohio Oil Com- Oliver H. Payne. Charles }I. Pratt, pany. ::\Ir. Pratt said that the Stand- The complainant is Hurnus Ravm, of Brooklyn, who alleges that the goods were taken from the pier. The Jersey City police have under arrest C\iax Kahn and Isaac Schaeffer, pro- prietors of a junk shop, on the charge that they h·ad in their place gx>f'ds tak- en from the pier. The Jersey City po-. •lice say that they found these goods ris is· quoted as h-aving said that the PR I=SI=NT JI=RMS ~1t or the negoti~tions· th·e orders ~tu~ ;;;~~:: j!!~s,~r;~;o:~~~~ THAW ARGUMtNT . L L . ' L :::i:~o~::=~n~$::d :am:~: ==· a~: re:;;:r!~ na::o~m::7; J :, fOR QUICK TRI'l To' TH J: MOORS The delegates of .fue Moorish tl\ib- e-ager to shield his client from noto- - M ' man and Presidellit Dreier, represent- ing the Womans' Trade Union League and John D. Arcbhold. Only W~lliam G. Roel<efeller and Charles •)!. Pratt have been subpoenaed to appl:'ar be- fore the hearing, though ::\Ir. Kellogg may subpQCna the others later. ard owned 4 994 of the 5,000 shares of Stock of the Solar Refining Company. ::\lr. Kellogg then asked ::\Ir. Pratt to produce statements showing the ofil- cei:s -and directors of the Standard Oil L es expected to give the finail response rie'ty. He even debated whether it , .. I of the tribesmen 'r.hursd3Jy. would •be wise for him to inform J?olice l .Mlother good fea,~ure o1' tlhe situ- ·headquarters of the loss. Some of the . •a;tion is a d-efinite ·agreement with railroad ml:'n, who were aghast when l JEROME MAY OPPOSE EFFORTS BERLIN, Sept, 17.-The King of PROSPEOl' OF PEACE IN MOROO· t Molh~ammed El-Gabba;s, the Moroc- they heard the figure _named _by the OF THE PITTSBURGER'S COUN- Si~am in•ten•ds to •give .a gn~nd treat Ito 00 IS SUCH AS TO PROVE EN-· oam. war minister, for the 4mm€'d1ate lawyer, expressed surpnse to lum that I • .,:.;, lris woman client s£'emed to ·be so cool SEL TO HAVE 'l'RE e.._..,. the wihole of Halmburg on >his bir1lh-. COURAGING TO FRENCH GOV• 'instaUation of IJoHee at 'Da;ngler' ill . . . BROUGHT UP AT ONC.b day, Sel)tember 21. a.ccovdance w1th th.e oorms of the AI- Jn the fact of so ser1ous n misfQrtune. •by the use of search warra~~s. lONG OF STAll WILL STAND TREAT FOR· CTY OF HAMBURG Company and of its subsidiary com- Eltl'fMENT panies. together with .the officers; di-' ·Beer will flow from t:ln;-ee.o·l3u.ffelbil· x •· ' • geciras eonvantion, na'IIIieh•: il:aitive'· :Taken fl'om .V~ult .• -. sitting as special master, B. C. Ben~· rectors. and cnpibalizations·of all'co'm- in the Oasino garden. Eaoti ·t'9-l'eign ~ . . . _police un;der Fmnco-~pli.ilfl!ih ·fristruc-· ·-He addeqthat t~e· bpx and its con- guest In t'he Casino w.Hl receive a .r;ARIS,· s_ept. 1-7.-The Fre<nell'.l·rtion.s. '-.·,. · ·· . .-,:_. ·\·::· _' ·. toents, l}ll.fl been il~ a. safe depo_ sit .. :v.n. ult diet, of Greenwich. Conn., questioP:ed panies in which the Standa'rd Oil Com- , · · pany hnd a stock interest. . bqttle of <lh!amp3.gne •ll!Rd a: !lt(il)t'tie· of 'gov~rnment ~s greatlY. ·oooour.aged· 'by-~ 'The nltill'l<lilte oll!tlcon 1 ~··0fi ~·Stin-g- '·ln a, trust company~- but was reticent 'iVhen the hearing was called today before Former Judj!;e Franklin Ferri~;s, ~\EW YORK, Sept.) 17. - When·:: . the criminal branch of the supreme ' ' court opens next month, and tb:e: ' case of Harry K. Thaw, chal'ged'. with the murder of Stanford Whlt~, : b=y=~=Ir=.=K=e=Jl=o=g=g=, :::s:::a:::id=th=a=t=h=e=a:::n::;<l=.A;~i::-:;==========;==:===.~= ,red and white w)ne. . ., ·l:' , .. ,.·. ·the i•mproV'IJient tn·<lllte Moroooan·1;U•:' gle 'between the riv.ru1 Sti~t:!l.riEi--of MO-. Wilen Q..Sk~ FllY his clie)lt was carry- . . . ,.. ... , ·A magnill!cem.t supper-,wiJJ:lb&;laid ua'ti;on·· and strong·]JoPe-is enter.tain~ .rocco is r.•··ina.'tter wttb''· wb+cibt · 'iJ!ie 'lng .u about. loose(v along with hm· cotton and carrying power~pl b_omb!!. for 1100 pE-rsons .. '!'he Kling,:IV!idl.gtve ed tJh•si~-.t'he·TebeUf-ou'Stribesmen, .;at'h· ·Prench·golfernmeri;t ts'nait OOiieei\iiet(· liahd b~gg~gc:lh ~·-;ailro~ui. car.· ·. \Wanda the polic~ ad !I;.' J;l~pe<f p).r • 6' 00 0 to the poor of \IJ~e to-wn•: wh~ni·:.-the dele-gates ;· w>ho oonfe'I'red, tb.e. ma.nda.te' (Jf Pt·an.:ce 'i!iniH~riliin. be~·. He gil. n(rrd'i:l~:\v as _to the p~rl;l<:ul:ar is called, Martin w. X..ittleton, s_e~llii~~ ' • ' ' t counsel for the defens'e, will dem_ll GIRL WILLING TO,:, .. : Dlt ·tN ATTfMPT RUSSIAN SECRET POLICE NEAR· LY BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS. BY \W A.LKING BOMll\ WHO DIDN'T FEAR DEATH HERSELF blowing· l:iEirself up to ·reduce the -.. 1 : . . wilth Genernl m·uda on ·Sunday ·are ing limited to tllre restol'aJtion ot order depQs~tory . ib)ili- .. which' it had. been entire. building to ~ui~s·, arid kilf. aii · ·.~RST c.iR SF. NT lNTQ , 1 T\• .. , . now, oecins•tlti~·g, ·will agree to · .the ,and security to the :MG-rOilOO.n 11~ohs. · -tiill:en:'or 'tbe i.;;,;;-so~s· which pr~mpted the ofilcers composing the staff of THE BELM~NT TUNNEL pea-ce terms which inclu'lle: · the b~·lnging of so large .a sum in cnsh political police The plot was be- · _:__· __ I.J • First-The pull!ishmenit of tb.e au- and jewels .from LarchmQnt to New trayed, and the police, in addition ARC'1'IC'F.oXPLOBERS .mE NEW YORK, Sept. 17.-'11he pas-_ thors of Oasa&lanca mas631Cres, and York in so unconYentional a manner. sanger c.ar whiCh is to inamgurate the the l\inglea.d•ers of the move'lll!8nt. THOUGHT TO HAVE PERISHED In .Larchmont the only depository of under x<lver trafil·c between MJa,nJhlalt- Second-An agreement tha.t no the character indicated Is the !Jat\Ch- tan and Queens burroughs, h/aJs been trilbesmen. shaiU enter wlt'h arms BERLIN, Sept. 17.-A teleg.na:m mont National Bank. Samuel R. Bell, immediate ·trial for the · Pittsbul'ger. ' District .Attorney Jerome. it ls urid~rstood, will oppose an immedi- ate~ hearing of .the case, and on ttie que$tion of the date of trial wUl . · · com'e the first skir,mish' of Tha,;w!~ . new defender with the reprel!Qn~ .. tive of' the state. lowered Into tlh~ nor:_th tube Of t'he wi-thin a rru:~:i\ls of 12 kilomtlltres of from Advent Bay, vl-a· Hamnre.rfast, its cashier, said last night that no such prisoner. Belmont tunnel. A•bigcl\dwdatthe ltlhe city. • .sta~ that noothing h~li> been·be&rd box had been withdrawn.from their In consequence of the murderous J,ong Isl•and city tel'minl!ll cheered Third-The accepta-nce in prlnci- frorrf the wmta.m Bt•uce exp~,M.tion, vaults yesterday or within n week, and KILL OFF TWO·TWRDS, HIS designs of the revolutionists, the se- Willen -t:h-e car moved off. pie of the payment of ·a war conJtri-. which le:llt the •base M supP~Y <tfJii()at he did not think the mysterious w-o- fl•AN TO BETTER 'PlE ~ to taking \Wanda into custody, ar- rested a Jewish tailor, in whose shop they seized a half-ready uniform which was intended for the female cret police have decided to give up h-\' b·-.. t~n-, t·he nni\\unt of whicll will be one month ago wibh ~ intentivn of· man could >have -been a depositor or ST. PETERSBURG, Sept. ·17. - their present .headquarters, remov- It is a.nnottn{led t \'-• •tb.-e car would IJI~.... \\ \ \\' • ng not be run •throu·r-h the tube fo:r se-'- fixed iJlereatter. 'bY neg01t1wtio-ns be- retur ... l}g on -'~ugust \' . · . . di<mt of theirs. The police today arrested a young ing to an isolated stone building on M •\- lth ~ · C ,.,_ \If we coulll have a great d.raP;g-h~J veral da!/'11, although it· is possllble tween the Moroccan g<iV'ernment and r. o•uce, w' w,.~m were ·a_..- ------- girl nick-named \Wanda who' .is Kamenny Island, where an elaborate ·t:hat i-f ·t'he power can be ~pp';!ied the Ftance and Spain_. tain Boa~sen, former co~~on of ANOTHER CANAL BREAK killing off two-thirds of the. pppull~~' SAN FRANCISCO, '. accused of participation in a plot to electrical signal system will ·be in- tes t 1 Four\ih-T·he surrender of h ...... •~•a- tlie Prince ol .~on~~. ·a.na .6~p'tl!llin tion, and great care waa t~l~•t ·blow up the headquarters of the se- stalled 1'n order to prevent under- caT will make a' t r P ltod:ay or to- '\ ~ · 1' D see that t'-e · ..,~,.., thir:d morrow. es to insure -me 'fulfllmen't .oi tb.ese Johnson, former comp\llin on: O'f.. r.• SYRACUSE, Sept 17. - For the \' \\\\ cret police, situated on,. Moikl!- can- mining. con\'·itions. l .Nansen, toolt p:t;ovd~iOO!I . :to_ r two §eCOJ1d time since Jul_y 30, when a· morallY and pbysic.al!'y, ,;,-,.,,.., al, w. hose torture· .cham.'bers _lil!>ve -u · - ·• .; d. ·w·h· at a magiltfi~\'n• · ·· ,. . w..:t~.ov.>N llRt~GGISTS CONVENJ11... ·IUs!pointed out ·tbllllt ~e wrur. con- .weeks only,_ and as no lii'11'~/Mn-:b!'l' break Qccurre~. ,inJ].l~ .,Erie, c~n_l,'l . .in ser.~ , _.. \\ \ arouse9, most bitter1 feelings on tpe P;fi!llN'.rY o~ ... W~~\ . ,. 'I tr.tl)•;ition h·as no r.elat1on to the in\'' .round a:long the coast, it is .. :rear_ E!!'l: thi.s c_ ity, effort ~a-~ __ in_ade yesterday pe~le ·we should have~\ saig pj~~;~ . part of revolutionists: · \' \' -• · t 1 t Th t .dent David ·Starr Jordan af ', c 'IR·q, · <>npt·. , :~;·\'·'.-· · 1 -·he · c~t'ton · CHIO • , ..... · ·sept 17 '\\'\e' · ntn•h ·dem ... 'l\'\\ to be -evn..,._. :rrom the• jjbla!t. the tb.r.~ .•uiPI'e .:pe.,.Jiohi!.tl<. fJl ;Jl.._. . o resun;te nav ga wn.,. e wa e11 . . . . The police claim that \Wan~ \\ \\\ . • -~' -..uv, · ·--\\'' ·~ '\''\'v\ . A\\'\\\\ ' · • '·.?: .~_, ·- · ·>-o ·· \ .. · .. - •• nt bod atherin ·at St:8.1iifb:rJI]; p>a=od <o beoomo a \wandpg -~Of EgypL Whl<h·~mi -..... '\'\\ oo~- of . ...,,,..,.,.,. 'Mobio•fo' ,..,_ ... ., \\\ .,......., ''-\' io ...,.,Prin'!\~Jio¥·; ~!'!\! .... Jot ·to, ··~··•>!'>·~\'\' 1 ''1! fto t · r g g · bomb,\ and• enter thl;l headquarters' miiiibrt taU-tars, (a. ;bp,Ji.tir )s ·a:·tiiil~ ,-:gss'oetJtiition·of Retall Drug~!!ii open-· t.y,:~·~te'hwili be~ matter for tu,ture' -·'!1he\lr sleds :jl~i~9-l!een ~tl~~?!·~~:'~ ;~«J;n; m~VIfdi,t~ro.~-~}lR},s~h~ re~eJ. ;w..hen,, ,~niyers ty. ' asw·a! J . . ; . ' ' . • '\_' '.. 'r r: . . . .. ,. h I -· _, ht A . . ... \ ·~:.:r,lt. t- .... .• ., ' '·oo~Ung . ; .. '.. .·... . .. ;,. aunt):le-c .leaK w.as !=!COVered . net~.r .,.f.!;er m~king building in the middte,of.th~ day, over:99·uoundl!,,s'lifalws_a~l~-rge'·in-·-eu ,ere a ......... g ·. mong·.,..ose -~·u~~e...,.,. ·.· ... , 1 -·· • .-'·;,-:,.· .. ' , :<·.'·\.'.\.,.,_,.. \!\\''. ··;.··«''\' ·' ?W ._,. · ·-··· '··- statetrienttiic·beadof when tt is generallY. fuii qf p~nye · l}r~as-e'owr iti.ricbrali>t;r·t'h~e·~'i:te-' 'W:Iio .respOnded w· afd!dresses:- of·~. • Jt\pelllee·is atT'an-&'64 on ·otib.e a.bo.Y~Et, t · · ,,. · , ·' -1, '1\' ·.·.~·:\\''' .. ~-~~~etoPA\J~t.t:~':vii!le(~:·~_l.l P.~eYJ.9)~' 1min d t · '· th m in u~pl wearing ttie. unifor~ · oi' ·;; ¥~~=t~~~ 'citi:e: ''It is' eiit\tnMed _tq j)~''NMitih cG-ni~ wathfa~~~es A. Loc'k~~··of';Buf.: ,te~~ <.o,o::t~tlher ~l&ftd.inp of:: tlr®P6. r-..: y·,-lohn :L.~.~~~··· b!>f!t· ~~¥~'~'~ f~@:~li:ll~-!'l.~r't,Et,d· i'~ T~,}~~1'l.. oWJ: s 'tb. ·· e ·£1{~: . e e . erie officer, lined with wads ~tlltn- '$Xo0:,099~ooo; -·~-. ·~ · ' \ ''·''-'· · 1140.:. ·.·•· · ' , \) .>V.n<::'~.: • -.·,·:. ·-vn:Hb..- ~~;,.-:d'i~-~~-r~ ·~~ liOIIl8 ~e,~ ~~~~rk.~.\,,~ .; ~i~~.J~.~~ :l~a,t_ wil .~ re~a~red~ to .. ~~;- ~ ga- g ..., \.'. \. :1, ~17:· ~~- .r_... .~·; \i 1 r•. , ;.:,~:~· . ~· .., . \\' ' .... ·-~t.tfrA.~·.. ~ 1 \; •• ·, ·~ : • J• ' • _..! I . ' . -· \ . '·

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