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... ;' ·, ~. . \ ,_ __ - • ' • .J.'. . '·~:\' . \' .. . ' . __ _.._ .. -~ ..... - ·. :-;._._~ . .. ·Office ... Foa . . :: :~: - . . . .. ~ ·' -~ .. : . .: • issuED ; ; . -. ,_ .... ' \'··- . . , \ ..., . . -~ . VOLUME XLIV. BROADALBI~ FULTON COUNT~ ,yon K., THURSD.lY, SEPTEMBER. 12, 19'07. .,. !.. - - ~ ~ ~,... ,·, LONG LOST TREASUlm SHIP -. FOU:SD BY A FISHEMA.N. DUNKIRK, N. Y., Sept. Ormsby, a fisherman, while his nets' off Van Zuren Point h,' Lake Erie, discovered the wrecJ;: oJI' the pro- peller Dean Richmond, which wa,s, lost in -a storm, wi:th all on board, during •a ~ale j.n l)ctober, 1893. Seattle Anti .·.oriental Organizers: ·The Dean Richmond has a cargo of lead and copper ore valued at $200,000, and vain attempts ltad ·been ~ade by the underwriters and by private enter- Prises to locate .the bones of the: treas- ure ship. · Said to Have Taken Aellve Part In Inciting LfAVfS LUCANIA fAR HfR the- Mobs. PORTLAND Ore., Seipt. 10.-The Oregooill.ll today prints tlhis d!is'Paltoh from Seat-tle, W ashinglton: \Every indication is tlhlrut t~e Vian- couver, B. C., riots were dartieifuUy planned to impress K. Ishi'i, Oh:ief of • tihe bureau of foreign commerce. J1t is sigll!i.ficant that the ,J.ea:ders of the s~attlle organizrution ·a;g<ainSlt J·a[J!anese immigr<~;tion were in Va'll!couver lheatd- tihe demonstrwtion. Ji'rmrk W. Cot- teriH, president of the Wlas'hiruglton Stalte Federatiop. Of lJru~or; A. E. Fowler, seeretary of •tfue a:Iilti-Ja.pal!l- ese and Korean Immigr'art;ion League; O.orge P. Listma:q., a prominen•t Seat- tle JJa.bor leader, all were present, to- gether with a big delega,tion of A.merican anti-Japanese sympruthiz- ers. --'TIJ,e s'ign:ificance- of ,the Jl!lpa.n- ese riots dates bruck to a program evolved when it was ·announced th<alt Isihii wa:s co!llling to Seattle. Itt was then decided and telegrrupned out of ~ Seattle that •tlhe antiorten,trul mgtan<i- zrutlons pro-posed to present to IShii, While he \'!liS in Seattle, a. protest a.gairu.-<t JaJPanese immigraltion. At the time this pl-an w-as for.mu'lruted it was he1ieved Ishii would spend a week in Seatble, and then go to Van- couver. There vm,s planned ·at a con'ference between Va.ncouver, B. C., and Seat- tle aruti-J apanese leaders alii the de-- t!ll.i'ls for a big wnti-JrupameSIB demon- !l'trrut'ion in Vancouver, · Serp.tember 1 2. It developed thla,t IShii did not h.'llve time to spend in Sealt'tle, and he wen<t through >to Va;noou ... er. Sim- u•J,taneous'ly with his going, looal leadern of tihe anti-Japanese society wen-t north. 'l'hey were ill_ YMlCOU- /ver when tq.e outbreak occ'urred, and tlhough -announoement is ·made in private letters from ant1..J<aJjllanese leaders tha.t 1they hara;ngue-d the mO'b not to do v:iolence, the society !itself be'lieves the de-monstr'altion h\-d to do wb!Jh tfueir presence. It was i·m- poosi'ble to present •a big anti-J mpan- ese petition to Is'hii here, and lhe re- fmred to remain Joug enou@h for the Vancouver demonstr<atbion, September 12th. There is no question Wh'Ellther Seattle, Portland, or San Fran:oiseo agdif:ia.tors took pa;r<t. The gre.a/t b-ulk of t'he marohing 'and ~;ioting throng w.ere composed of Canadi'aiiiS, 1a111d the Japanese officials ignored Ameri- can pwrticirp.ants in ilhe telegl\Um oi protest to tJhe Ottawa government. ORIENTAL QUARTERS IN \ STATE OF SEIGE TODAY. bricks are in stock ready to repel the LUSITANIA MAY ARRIVE IN OF attack of :t mob. Glass in every oriental shop and .house in -tl1e city was brok.en by the mob on Saturday night, except in the Jap-anese church, whic'h escaped. It is NllJW YORK FAR l\BEAD BEST TRANSATLANTIC REC- ORD, IF ALL GOES WELL a question whether the city or the Do- N.EW YORK, Sept. 10. -- Offi- mipon government is responsible for cials of the Cunard .line said' today the ~20,000 damage done by the mob. that they had received no a.dvices It is understood that 1\Iayor Be· from the new steamship Lusitania thune has received a telegram from since she was reported by wireles~ Earl Grey, governor general at Otta- telegraphy late Sunday emerging wa. demanding that ~aw and order be from a fog bank many miles to the preF<erved in Vancouver at all costs, westward of Queenstown with her and the lives and property of the Jap- great engines driving her along ;j,t ~mese residen-ts ·be accorded full pro- 25 knots. That the leviathan will tectwn as guaranteed under the create a new speed record in her clauses of the treaty ·between Oanada maiden trip to America is confident- a-nd Japan. ly believed by the officials of the '.rhe chief of police has sworn in 100 Cunard line, who expect to get Sp€Cial consta·bles. The militia will be word from the Lusitania when ·she called out if there are signs of fur- enters the wireless zone of Cape ther disturbance. Race on Wednesday. The Lust- Hardly a h-ouse in the city has 11 tania has been handicapped by· fogs domestic servant today, the two thous- during the first part of her trip, and Ohinese employed being concen- but dispatches received by the com- trated in Chinatorwn and clubs, and pany show that the shw's machinery restaurants cannot ~ve meals. - was running smoothly, and any The report that uhe disorder was. time lost by slowing down in the started by a number of Amerlc_ans is fog would doubtless be made up discredited. All t~ .arrests were of later. Steamship circles are all agog to- Vancouver men and they show that the rioting was not confined to· any particular class. BoOO:keepers, J6ggers and laborers were rested. among those ar- JAPANESE PAPEDS ARE SILRXT ON V ... NCOUVER. TOKIO, Sept. 10.-The most meagre account of -the an-ti-Japanese trouble in Vancouver, B. C., is published in a spe(oial cablegram to the Asahi this morning. 'Yhile awaiting details, the Asahi refrains from editorial comment. The published dispatch; which is from Ishi-i, of tile Japanese bureau of com- merce, is brief, and expresses the opin- ion that the trouble is over. 'l'he Japanese press and officials gen- erally show no disturbance over the immigration question, and it is con- cedro in official circles here that the matter will be ultimately settled satis- factorily, although sporadic outbreaks are expected. The Japanese officials decline to say what step·s, if any, have been taken in the Canadian trouble pending further informatiou. JAPAN CONFIDENT OF OBTAINING JUSTICE I . ·TOKIO, Sept. ·10, ~ The foreign oye has received a dispatch from the Japanese ,consul-general at Ot- tawa saying that the Canadian gov- ernment will express its regret for day over the coming of the Lusi- ~ .. -a ~a< wiJl\'~-&>\·bi«-· tile't of tugs and steamers\ doWJr;~c.Q!IoY to welcome the big cunarder wlien she sweeps through the new Am- brose channel toward the city. The westbound record from Daunt's Rocks to Sandy Hook lightship, which the Luistania is striving to beat, is 5 days, 7. hours, and 23 minutes, made by Luc,a.nia, of the Cunard line, in 1894. The Lucania left Queenstown last ~un­ day, thirty minutes ahead of her new sister, but within six hours after the Lusitania had left Qu13ens- town she had passed the Lucania, and taken the lead in the race acro11s the Atlantic. ORDERED SECRETARY OF TREASURY OFF HER-,IJAWN. NEW YORK, Ser)t. 10.-Geor.ge B. Cortelyou, .Secretary of tlhe Trerusury hias been ordered ·to g~at off tJhe g.11russ, rot East Negk, L. I., where he spends his summers. Tlhe g;ras•S ·belongs to Mrs. Jevons, of New York, W:h!J !b:as been long a summer resident of tlhe Bay Cre~t section, and whose grass is the ap.ple of her eye and· the olbject of -ioi'l of numerous gardeners. YAXCOUYER, B. C., Sept. 10.-The the occurrence at Vancouver, and Chinese and Japanese quarters of Van- take steps to prevent further trou- com·er are practically in a state of ble. An official of the foreign 'office siege. HnnMeds of revolvers and guns said to the Associated Pr-ess: Mr. CO'l\telyou W<aJS inspeobing some propeTty atljoining th'alt own.ed by Mrs. Jevons yesterday, wit'h a Vll.ew o.r a purahase. In leaving,. 'he \cut- corners\ on the m tWh barb\ered 1-aiWn. Hardily ha·d his foot. fallen on tlhe clloice graS(S tJh<an a. voice 'Mglh~plltcll­ ed with ind,ignation ordeneld' 'him off. M-r. Cortelyou blushed,· _st.a,mme.red, raised 'h1s ch•a;t an.d a,polog\IIE:d., D,r. , Pierson, a Brooklyn '})hysletiah, 'Wit- _nessed the s·cene and he,_ia~-t~).:IJ:S. wer!' sold yesterday to Orientals until \We have the utmost confidence the police prohibitt>d the S;.Jit> of fire- in the Canadian government, as we arms. Every Chinese merchant goes also have in that of America. Com- about W\th an armed. body-guard, and missioner. Ishii's dispatch Says that beside the entrance to every Ohinese the disturbance will soon be' quelled sto_re stands a ).fongolian with a rlfie. and that· there is no reason· to ex~ All the Chinese cooks, mill men, and pect its repetition. Our Information lwborers, anu all the Jwpanese worl;:lng is that this outbreak, like that · at· in the city and in the counrry within Bellingham and others, is the resnlt' a r.adius of fifteen miie8 from Vancou- of the Corean league's..-anti-Japatlese ver have been summoned to the Orien- agitation, created by false and ex- tal quarter, and are filling all the aggerated report concerning the sit- houses in th<>t quarter. Besides 'rtlle uation in Corea, ·and the attitude fire arms, knives, stones, bottles, and and sentiment in Japan.\ ;{wons. . • .,.,, .. •''Mad•ame,\ he QMd 7 .. •~1J.Q you know who lthlatt is? It fs M;r.~ OQiitel- NU, tlhe Secretary of th<e,.T~I!I~Y.'' . Mrs. Jevons gasped and ,~djthat if Mr. Cortely'ou would coma ·I,Jil;!jc~ .b;e migh:t set up .a tennis n~t on her be-- loved swa~rd. ·:~E~S,YLVANIA 'S \·S'i£MfvTE l:rnr- J • \' , ,,. F • ~ • ' • . iTING. It~ILROl\JJ <VAR;ES . ' I:!lj ..._~.__..:_ '-\ r: ',S• ' THAT STATE ' \'JS !0'-cDECLARED . TO·BE JN~ .,\ ·. '.' ' ' ..,~ · PHILaDEL . .. _- ,; \~. 10. :..;_ ) r.,.· .,-''- -. ~'€· ,- ~· ... Ju~es Wl$on '~ ~denried, ·. in c~~m pl~ coUrt! tila.y iteclared ,. • •.-! • ~ ~ ••• • unoonswtutipnal tiW t-tW\O:.~nt . rail· ro~ f3J.e law P~'~ the last legistatwe. .Tile ~se upon which the decision ... was uutd~: ~ll be a,t once taken to the · state supreme court. .The two-cent fare la-w was en- acted by the· le~ature .as a result of agitatioR duri~\ th~last political campaign, all pafli_eS._p~eilging them- selves in favor fJ.f s.umt legislation. .. . The rallvoad.s,-.1~ blf, the Pennsyl- vania, and Readhfg qompanies, made a strong fignt M4tnstj~ enactment of the law, bnt~·~th. branches of the legislature plst!eit the bill with ' ·~ practically a unattinwus vote. The law was to go --into ~ect October 1st. The Pennsylvania was first to at~ tack the law, ·b.ningin~, ~.sUit in the local courts to restra.tn the . county of Philadelphia from. colie-cting the fine for violating thi< p~;ovisions of the act. ',I'he hearin,g. in the case- lasted nearly a ·week ~ ·among the witnesses were Presiuent. McCrea and several of··the \vice' presidents of. the Pennsylv.ani~ ratlroad. Th~ contention of the- campany. was that the law was not· co'nstttuttonal, and· that the two-cent rate.·, was .fixed ' r :without all'Y investlga~on. on / .the part of the legisle.ture .as to whetJ:!.~ er the rai.lroads 'Could .m~e a fair profit under .. the law,'. ,.w.ltlch the company as.erts ·-that ,it .~eannut: do. other raikoM~onera.ttn:g .. in E~IP.EROR WI.LLI.'lM WJLL HONOit S:IDCRET.,\.R:f -----,· .· BERLIN, ·sept. 10.-F.):mperor Wil-' liam, it is stated, will ~k€\ a · !l'pecial ef{ort to give the America.6.. s~retm'Y of war, William H. Taft 1 . a 'qeQ.rty re- ception and memora-ble ·~ntertainD;.ent dU:ring his sojourn her~; two mon-ths hence. All·eady the seV'er~l officials, Wh\ WiJI ha-ve -the arr~ngements' ~n charge, are holding contl!l'.ences on the subject. The empe.rofr -~ill .1Jrobably receive Mr. Taft-at PotSdam Castle. Laud·ato1oy ·articles· :r~~r~ng Mr. are a:ppell_ring ;in thf. nmyspapers. . .. €HRISTlf TO LfAVf, lRACK FAMOUS AUTOMOBILE jtACING MAN CONCLUDES BE , HAS SEEN ENOUGH JnXCJTEMENT IN SPEEDY DEVIL-WAGONS ' . ., ' VIrginia- . Woman Shot With , · own. Revol~er .BY Burglar JVho Vfrencked WVea- pon From·Her. ·r NORFOLK, Va,, Sept .. ·10.-Mrs. form Lieutenant Rorschaeb b,.- ·~ilieilic'SG Jess telegrap·hy of tl'ie tragedy. Mary Lawless Rocscha.ch, wife of Lieutenant Frank Rorschach, United The-Rorschach home is m•med~t~'IJ in the rear of the naval hospital w<\,Qiiij:e states N1nry, and sister of Joseph T. Lawless, former secretary of the com· in Portsmouth, -and near a lumber to which negroes frequently pAS!!. Pl'fT·SBURG, Pa., Sept. 10.-Walter ; monwealth of Virginia, -q;as murdered 4 newsboy who lives nearby saw Christie, presiuent of -the' Christie Iron her home in Portsmouth -by an un- negro shortly after the tri'tgedy ~~··':\• Works, of New York, 'Wlho was i!lljured kljlown burglar early today. She was ning rapidly •by his hQme W'W~lt'{[S',.~.;? yester_day afternoon in an -automobile h ... small footbridge whence the s ot •=rough the heart ow:ith her own accident during the races at Bl\Unot& hounds went when they caught pistol taken from her hand by the t Th · Island, near th1s dty, P,assed a fairly • seen . e negro wa-s ta·king off fav.:·rable night at the nbspitai. He is burglar after she !had fired twice at coat. suffering from a broken wrist badly · him through an open door into the While 1\frs. Rorschach had a JJamit l-acerated :tead sprained back ~nd in· kitchen where :he was cornered. her <hand, <the burgllll' was in juries to the ~bdQlllen, · ' W.hether the murderer 'Was a negro kitchen iu the dark. She evldii!1'11~ ·Mr. Christie stated .thllt w\hile lying or white man is unknown. He escaped, heard the man and fired in that ·~r~$-1:>':! on his cot he had been ihll!.king II)jlt- dropping th'; _pistol as he tied. Blood· tion. Botl,l ibuUets fired by the w~r!il~tli) terl\ over, and had decided yhat he hounds carr1~ to the house from the were founcl in the wall of the kitclie~i,.:, would not return to the :moe 'lirarck. Portsmouth Jail secured a scent, and Mrs. Rorscha-cb, with her mi:me!j \Not because I ihave lost my nerve,\ ran from the house. Tihis was' soon 1 tied in a roll, ·and hanging around hetf he said, \but ,becau-se 1 don't think my l-ost, lhoweYer, and the hounds have neck, had run down stairs by the .u-•- ·'\\ wife and 1 ·eJatives will permit it.\ since -been unnhle to pick up the trail. steps. She was found lying with Mr. Christie said that he cw.as driv• Mrs. Rorschach, whose fearlessness head on the second stey. The 'Pi:~toi!i-' ing his automobile a-t the rate of ab~ut was well. known, was living with her had bee~ placed dose to h~:r Ie:Cii'':·~~?~' 70 miles an honr when it skidded along two children, a.geil seven and five re- breast over her nightdress and the track, and collided :with ·the Rei.Jl,. 'spectively. Her husband, Lieutenant charged. Jt wtis a five-shooter, ersten wreckage. Rorschach, formerly of the United ·only three chambers were ell;!pty. The other persons injured in fue ac- tates Ba-ttleslhip Kentucky, 'but more these ~o were fired Jby Mrs .. R<irw.-.'.'•.-..'){i cident are said to have pa3Sed a gOod recently promoted. a.nd transferred to chach -and _one fired. -by the' burglllll;t:'''\~[~ night, and will recover. 11~~- U:nfteil~ S~~t~s ._(;J:cy~iser Tennessee, Her monE!y ·and jewelry were un.O now 'oWitb ' ~:iiiliirlil,. IDvans' fleet off' tl;)uched. ha.We also'I~~Jh~. Bl~i!;'l<l ·JJ6'6Tlil8 MJft DABG~i( O'NNMi- ilar. ))l'Oc~e~fings in .,. various eoun- CONSIDERED IN ROCHESTER Mn:ss., was absent. T>he shot[;!. ~akened the oldest boy, Frank, Jr., {llld the mother cried to the boy 'rhe victim's young-est child, Law., Jess. slept through the excitement. \' . ~!es, ·. Mt.\'no. 'dl!fcisiont\tho-Ye . jb~n. rendered as it'\is generaH;y under- -. · · · · --.,.,_ ~ /. stood that t~,·-pennsy!vanfli),-;s suit ROCnE~T'I'.ik: · SeW.. 10. - A will be macfe tli:~ test case \tn the conference upon barge.: riali.~J . higher court. .. · ters 'is being held in this city today The decision 'takes up ll-0 ty.pewrit- between Edward A. Bond, of New York; William A. Breclrenbridge, ten pages. Ai'tel' dec\aring .the \Penn- of Niagara Falls; Commander Al- sylvania Railri»ld colll'Pany ~s. not vest- . fred B. Fry, U. S. N.; Colonel Sy- ed with any immunity frQ'lll the exer- cise of the po-Wer of the :legislature to monds, U. S. A., and Mr. Barnes, of New York, comprising the barge regulate· rates;'' the court takes up the c_anal board of consulting engin- contentlon,' and :grants the injunction eers, and Special Deputy State :Efl- asked for. gineer Hill, and J. P. Kelly, chief Continuing, the court says: engin~er of the western division of the Erie canal. The subject to be considered will be the proposed routes of the barge canal, of which there lJ,re four, itu- mediately east .of Rochester. upstairs: • .\Fran somebody bae mken ·my ~is-: toi'and !l'bot me. Go _quickly fpr help.\ The lboy rusheil for help, but Wben he returneil with neighbors his mot!her was dead.. Au effort was made oo In- ' SHOOTS WOMAN WHO HAD A(CUS~D HIM Niagara County Man Wreaks Ven- geance on Accuser and Elscapes While on the Way to Jan. ' - Mrs. Rorscllath was a hand®me WO't\- man, a·bout 36 years old, and one ot the most acc()]Jlplisheil musicians in Virginia. . Lieutenant Rorschach was farm.erll~' of Kansas, ·but was appQinted to navy fro~ Virginia. WILL TAK~ 2 YfARS TO RfPAIR DAMAGf· Phoenix Bridge Company • Ready Resume Building of the Quebec Bridge iNIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., Septt. 10. PHILAQELPHIA, Pa., Sept. lQ,_~ \There reniain:s now t~~ ne disposed of the questio~ whether the act is to be denied enforcement on the ~ound that by reason of the generality of its language ·it extends to inter-state commerce, 'llnd thus inf~inges on the province of· tbe feileral , law. This question must be amnvered in th-e neg- atiYe. U is, of course, not to be dis- puted th.at when, under its constitu- tional power to regulate .e<m~merce among the states, congress bas under- tali:~n the regula-tion of inter-state rail· road rates, ·the legislature' of Pennsyl- vania has no authority to meddle with that matter .. B'\)t a l~gislatlve in- tent -to exceed constitutional rights and to Yio!Me fundamental la-w is never to be presumed, if the language· of the statUte :OOn 1be satisfied by .a eontrary construction. ,'1. statu.te l!! to _be con- strued in eonnection :with 11 · constitu- ·tional provision in pari-mnterf.a 'With the act With whi<ili rwe are concerned is. thera::fore, to •be 'l'egarded as Jn,. tended to apply only ·to that part of NEGRO GIRL FOUND IN -Ye'Sit.er;fuly afternoon Burt Crurpen- - David Seeves, president of· the.\ WOODS AFTER 3 MONTHS ter went to the house oif Mrs. Eliza- ·Phoenix bridge cofupany, said today beth Creighton, 30 years of age, Low- that although no inquiry into tne CAMDEN, N. J., Sept. 10. clothed except f~r a ·ragged ~aist and skirt, w.ith her J:tair matted, clinging about her neck 11,nd should- ers, and resembling an animal, Elsie Holland, a negro girl, 13 years of age, has been found· living in the woods near Berlin, N. J. 'the girl ran away three months ago rather than live wlth an adopted mother, and' since living in the thicket had· subsisted on what· e~ple things slle found in the woods. · At night she slept on a bed of leaves and an old quilt. The girl will bl'! ca.~·eQ. for b;t. relatives who live here. ----------- .. t~~!J-ssenger busines;; Qf._ the railroads ·PRINTERS; STRIKJll 'ENri:Jl!D iston, 'an'd on her refusing to oomdt concern's 1 Ioss as a result of the 1-a!I· · him, kicked the door in. lia.ter he of the Quebec cantilever bridge- h{l.d. • wJas a.rresoted and spent ·the night ln not been completed, he did not be- the 'lock-up. T·bls mornillJg C'a:rpen: lieve that the loss would be one ter wa:s aJrraigue.d in po>liee court ami fourth as large as was at ftrst sup..· senten!ced to 60 da&s in Ni:ag3ll\'<~. posed. Other officiais decla~~-­ countty jail. As ·ll'e w-a.s bei-ng •l:alken that the work of rebuilding !rom ·tlhe cO<U:f!itroom 'he met Mrs. bridge would be continued~ if , Cred~hton, and before -the otfice<r Canadian government did not eo-uM prevent it, ihe shot her throug.h ject. t'he body, Tne WQIIla;n W>aJS brought \Several weeks must elapse to a hospitrul in this ctty in a serious fore. any conclusion as to comtition. Dulfing l{:lhe excl<temll'lllt cause of the accident can be· ~~~l~ Oa.rpen-tm' escaq>ed, •butt a posse of ·ed,\ said one of them. citizens .is in pUrsuit of hlm. I say that it. will take two cve:l!,~~u1f'--,:,' WED IN GBEEK COSTUME . . ; AND WILL LIVE IN GREECE hard work to- reach the completion at which we stoo4 the ·accident occurred. ' over which the legiSfativ-e pOwer of· AFTER kfQ~- TJIAf,:J.:,-EA!U! ..,.,....,.,...~ reguldtion extends, and sin•ce that bus-· •·• · · ·B.A;R B;ARBAR; .Maine, Sept. 10. . . . . iness ,is. not so cofifused; with inter-· .~CHICAGO,:· Sept. 10. _ ·'J\wenty ...::::• Il<tii!S ~Eva CoUJ;pandt Palmer, of _sta,t~ pas!!enger traftlc 'H,S, to be -imms-: union printer~ started··· to w6r)l: to, New Yprk, was :manied yesterday cepti)~Ie :Of· separate regulation we hold· day at \case?'; which ha-y-e' not ·be~n' Broolrend, the- 'cottage of her I CHICAGO, Sept. thattbe1lct:-isnotinvalidforthe·rea· touched for''ni\dre than £~o'''year~ mritlter, Mrs .. Ro'bert·Abbe, to :4on- patl\lh from Memphis, T~nn., son last suggested. . - . .. -- ~·' . . \-C.)'- . ·. \'e1'0 cik.eli ... ·an,.s, ... ·:Gr...,_k poe,t. '. ' I Should Mark •rwain accen_t the collipbslng rooJlls of tlte \' .., • .._ . ''U:rion· the whole tlie• cl\se · w-e are • :Prfriting coii~~ny'- The ., The .wedding_ ~s. made pictures- jnvitation to be present at opinion, and, therefore,· find that a!• tyt)esetters; ·w~re involviJ4' in''-on~ of ·que by the costume of the bride, waterways convention ln. thill thou_gh With respect to its title and the longest strikes on record in who thongh an American girl, wQl\e nex;i. month, he may man thq othel\' matters of form no V>tli:d objec- Chicago, which was <~n!ll'!d ':rl'lsterday a classic Greek tunic of purple and wheel of the ste~tmer that will' _tlon 'to tl:ie law exists, its' operation, so when tlie firm agre~_:~d to a90'P~ tbtil white, and jewelled sandals ·beneath Pre.,jdent .Roosevelt do~n. ',., \\''''' far as it relates to .the· Pennsylvania eight hour working d;;ty; · bare feet, while her hair, which Captain Bixby, a noted an:te•·b SIODS oN PAVEMENT. Railroad\company is objectiona-ble on r-eaches to the floor, was loosely pilot, under whom Mark WlaiS mrurried in 1891 'to cn:ilvn Prince _..J...:;. constitutiOllal grounds.''• APPROVE ·BEORG'A~.!,TION braided and crowned with a Greek \cnbbed\ has promised to bS:,Hl! WOMAN lilltLED WJIF}N A~ MUCH ADV~RTIS~D .COUNTESS TO WfD • FormPr WifE' of' the Kin\ of Saxony Will Become Bt•ide of Italian Singer. NEW YORK, Sept. 10-AdiVf:ceiS :from London state th·at 'the Counltiess of Montigiiloso, tfue divoroed Wife of t-he King of Saxony, is to lb.e.marrifd, ther-e today, to Signor Toealli, the, Itali'll.lll iiinger. The countess, who W8.11. fonnetly f.he Prin<:e<SS Loulse Aintoinette, of ~any, Archducllee& of A.ustmo Frie-drlc>h August, of Saxony. She PIT'rSBURG, Pa., Sept, 10.:-0ne ' ·· · fellet. ' 'l'his is a costume she ha~ pilot house- when Mark T'i1rai1ii'i~ bla.d. six CbiUdren. Her eloJ;~ement in voiilla.n wa;s k.ilJed ,a,n:d ,. ~our a\lher FEDERAL COURT BOLDS UP ROC~]ilSTER, adopted for permanent use, believ- take the pilot wheel. , 5-'i'i'¥E'\t' December, 1902, Wi-th Andre Giron, persons serlous.Jy injured in' .Alleg- . ''· ·LAWS OF OLD MISSOURI re-organieation c~~~=~::;e:~t ing it to be the most healthful. ' a Belgi·an. the t_u>tor of 'bier cMJ.dren, 11teny eat'Ly tod'ay, w'hen·>ii.1la.tge !altlto- ,,. . . 1 United Stat~s The bridegroom also appeared in ARREST li'El\IALE 'l'l:rtJ~~;-:::~:¥--:~ reused a worldwide sem9a-tion. mobile ski·dde'd along a streeHrl .... JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Sept,)·10 ci:illltro.ls native costume. ·• The couple w.a:ndered a'bout Ell<- ing a tul\Jl a.nd strlki:O:g· t'he. cur'b• -· yp.t~d States Judge \Potter yes- · Th'e' couple wiU go to Greec to ST. PE'l'ERSBURG,. S~i. :.'.1. !!t;.~\*·!~li~ wpe for a year, when Giron deset<t- sto~e, t'\'J>'l\eW t'he QCCJ?-'P'ants ;LS'lllins~ ,tetd!LY.. enjoined Se(lret_a~y of :s:jt~:a.~~te~ff~=~1l~ live aftel; the honeym9on. J 'l'he ponce blliive a-rr~(\ a·· ed the princess, leavinj!' he-r a. note telegmph ,po1es. :Miss Helen· WUI!i- S~anger \aga1ttSt 81mlllling the 01 llil:re.'\tluitt:iilt,thl~:-i female tihlieres, led by ia saying he d!Jd .Ro in o1'<1er not to be 1 ,-l!<wl:!, of Alleg·heny, died in·>a.lb:a&piW,, tep· ~~ the Chica.il;e;!· ~o<*.- ·Island. & tl!I.T~iest :;~Jnlllhil•ldlll\l:'> BAKERS Co:NiSPIRE [I den.i _of tlhe. University, ail -abstac.le to the reunion of tlhe · · · · . · ·. )?a~UI.c. '·raUY/AY ~onip~,ny/··~ · .. . · k01~a va,no.~ .. The ·~M<~¥-. pr>incesl!- . .a.nd. her fllliilqren. GlrGn DIVIDEND REDUCED. ' M1Sf\our1. ~- in:lunetton Cill(';fA(lO, 10. -·. Dotigti~·t·~m:i'tted a: number ;diil!~ii~ b:m,1 ~n~ .marr'ioo a Bel:JPa,n gl:rl: , ,KtOWS -.o~t:'·Ol tlj,e ·law atltl. hihrl~~~ ~~ess!nl-_J;QQ;beries. Ju~, previous tO: told~·- tlhe Jllmper., . aosTON, Sept. 1d. -. AJ: .reduct- prohibits a; -llr/rPQI'lltion :fl:Om • n:UI.de ;bn~1t. -will· b~~lia&-t]le tJ:u'imes ' .. ' • · ·.:...'-':...-. -----~----~..,.. , ... ,'8;:<:.-.t:J,\ or Fr~tl<Cij! Joseph.,\of -~rda,. J~n of J5 ·.a· s1t11re .in the q.ua.J.\ter~y ~u~~m,;\:!· +te ·eour~ •t;o .,~,,, . ..,..,...., de!)aj~e. t~~·)wn~n the 'n~:(:' UNiiUCl(1\ 1 ~I.DIEB . ''<~·-'-·'''ill an orp~r deprivJivg liter, of ·her Aull:' · ;dlvid,enu _,of ~~e _mum'!'~ & H,ttellt c;~~ · \ ,i.'h'!;iOlllill~- al!!loe:iatlLQn'·ol:.'master ba.ketSli' . -~----· · • tnan !till1ll*l and· privtl~~ and_®out .. per mtnt_ntf.\*'~.a.!!:V wttli, · :JS::~~:r.::=~~~~~~~t~~~~r::~::~~: hetE~~\~A--I,f'put'·· ~ th()ii.J]n--·:Moscow, sevt. to.-.A:~)-: ==;~;~~ tha .s~me tiroe tJhe ,orowjl nrince. ~- tpdJI.Y.· The dti'e~o~s ot- . for::<J1Jm,lle·~rrl ·ife in ·atteiulance; I nam1!« :Te~¢t}l]ty Wa$' ~ cured a Oj.v-oroe. La;ter Slle wasP.«.:- pfil.nY ha.ve declared, a· divhtend .eF ,,~~~~t~:=~:·fti(iM'·ill Sp~l-ts' of ~hEi'-Uii'lt~d~. ~!~®Y for P:et~_itt4ng ~~.~,. :~ ~~:=.~he.,~'l:le of Count- :;~~~ ;:.e asalnat . f~<; ~~ ~~=~~~=~~~~~==:.:~J.8,...tiL1.1•lii8JII.. II !ttl~~~~·,.'~;:~ :.=:e 0 r;~o=-pe ~~ :ll~.,., ' '.. ! - ' '

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