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The Arcadian weekly gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1887-1906, July 21, 1897, Image 6

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T-V *«'73*\T T - irfMMiMriJf* 8 -- irr • '*•'*- - • -\- • '• ^^Ipl^^EfKfcVr^ZEfTIi, i¥ lMftlTOT£«. at Are making a sensation —In-Vlw-worMraa<J——— _ Newark is getting iter Share ofcthe glory. Up t o the present-day, There is Wot one weak point. Many of the Most graceful of Newark's riders JRida a-Hartford. Why don't you? BARGAINS -ifi- 16 Key-winding Gent's &c... .,,,......... $1.5© 5 Stem-winding Ansonia -Wa+ches ••;•.,,,.;:.: ^'#1.*0: 3 Rugby Watches, Stem wind,,...,... 83.AO 1 Timer, Cheshire., #3.25 T GBev'elfer\ Watches. : .7 V \ #5.<>© .3 N, y, Standard.... 84 to » 7.50: 8 Silver Stenv Wind gujnesi 15- j 1 -GolrtplsteoTWafcn Loh- 912 OO And a very large stock of Gold Tilled Watches , _ ir _WhJsJLwe offera^bjMgaln-pricesl for the next/15 days* Our stock is too big, and we\ are bound to reduce. JEWELERS, Parshall Memorial Bldg., Stuart Bit, \' LYONS, ft T.. ttWARK, H. Y. -THE I STORE, No. 10 Main Street, Has fresh and new for June and July, Bice Flakes, ' Cream of the Wheat, (Jermea, .Wheatlet, Pettijohn, Honuny, Gr.ranula, Wheat Germ, 6flu- ten Flour, Entire Wheat. The fine., flours \are Ceresota, Di* luth Impefiali the Banner, Pillsbury's Best and Gold Medal. Try White Cloud Soap-^a silver spoon with each eake. All the lead ing soaps and a whole lot for the money. Salt Piah,- Ciseoes, White' 0 Pish, Trout, Maefeerel No. 1, 2 and 3, also good M\ackerel for one pent each. Fresh' lot each week of Bacon, -BamSr^-iSheliJders, Bried Beef and Halibut, Just in, Califorjiia_ J BJaek--Qlive8,- also Green Olives in bulk and bottles. Orange Marmalade^ Mushroom. Cat- sup, Bottled and Canned Goods of all kinds Just a word about Coffee. While cheap grades of coffee are all; the go,_.thigk'hp.w much hetter^JiLce -coffee is- for breakfast, and onTy a Bt- -tle higher in, price, as Toko^ White _Squa,droii,_JBj3qiifit r Jyfon pgranav Acme and othtsrs. A large variety of Cake 1 ?, from 5e to 30e a pound. We have four grades of Ceylon Teas from 50c to^Oc Try these teasj they are rosy in flavor. Jap. Teas froin 15e to 60c; „al8o~Oglfflggs.>—gncOlored-iJ'apTr'Gun-' -powdBrJrtrd~Eng1isli BfeakfasfTeas. \\ - —We ;h;a>«-}u&&-a€dedr more Dhm'er \Ware to our large stock, also a large variety. of. Toilet Sets at -very low prices —-Remember, all our eresent X&mp -Stock goes at cost,, to make room, for coming new goods. Lots of new tbings in Tinware. Three-piece Tin Bath Sets, decorated, §1:75. Good bargains in some line of goods each day at \: Races, AuKust: 3-6. Horse races, in Newark August S f i, 5 and 6. , . H. S. Potter of Marion* was in Ngw- ark Monday^\ _ ' *. Miss Marion Pratt spent Sunday With Miss Ganze, of Marion. Miss Ella Walsh, vtbt> has been ill for several weeki is nuproving slowly. Miss Llbble Swallow left Tuesday evening for Falmouth Height^ Mass.; —Mr. arid Mrs; Frank fi. fluff of But falo were at G. Pi Mitchell's over Siin- day. Prof. Willis Goodhue is home for the -vacation, from his school at Silver Oees, k Y. '' Make your arrangements to come to Ifewark-j-A-ugilst- T$, 4j 5 and 6, to see; the horse races; - Mrs. J ^WltDer T \Emrfee of Uscaloosa,. la., is visitingjtej-hr&ther, Morrison Pratt, of this place. „ * Mrsl A- S, -Westfall of New York has been in Newark a few days, the guest' of Miss Jane Romans. Ne_w Y;ork Central, excn rsion to- N#w Yprk, Thursday, July 29, One way; fare for the round trip, The Rochester ball team has been sold to Montreal, and is how jjlayjng: Wo. TO Main Str Q£U~ TredC. White. A Itig-h Polish Is foi- those to judge who prefer it; not those who might be a little in- — forested in ; the business and who could not give a; high polish even __ if the trade demanded it, in pref- ' ereneelio all other finishes; We- afp,.l)P.rfi ..to. stoy,--afl-d-•g; mean to please our customers. 13 Palmyra Street. T3 What is it T —- Some think > rrdltJasts-longer andbTODSMttef than other sizes* Any Stow Will Bum It. A' Ohio Cannel- for Open Grates. Large Stock of other sizes t--ai- D. M. FILKIN8 A 80N, NJKWABS, N X under the name of that city;. George W^Muth and wife expect to go to Fort Wayne, Ind, next week, to: be gone about ten daySf for a visit to MT^iruTE'rilster. S r Si Partridge, Esq., of Phelps,- has just been appointed by the sfate commission in lunacy as their attorney, for this part of the state. Grand outing excursion to Buffalo and Niagara Falls over the New York Central, Wednesday, July 28./Two special trains. ' Everybody ihvifjgd,, T. W. Coon of Mexico, N. Y„ has a new variety of berry, which he says 1 is a cross between the early Tyler and Ohio, The color is a dark yellow. Mrs. PLA. - Kary-of-Ntewark-aiid^rsi- S. Yeomans of Walworth have been appointed inspectors of the New York State Custodial Asylum in this village. The report that several Newark boys are to charter a Charlotte schooner for a trip to the Thousand Islands, is not a fact. It is barely p.pssible_a_par.ty-^ may be gotten together for such a trip later. ' A slight change of time was made on the Northern Central Sunday. The morning train south leaves Lake Shore station at 7:50 a. in., and arrives in Newark at 8:38, a few .minutes earlier than before. Mr. Sherman says he exp^&ts to close s. lease-thjfweek wife-parties in- Punxafawney, Pa., for the store in ihe-west-.endof- the-opera- house-block;\ It is understood the -party will carry dry goods and.footwear. Last week a child of laundryman Lpunsbury was taken'. with diptheria;, laier^ another child and Mrsj-Leans- btiry came down with the same dis- .ease^: It is- believed that- all - will re*; They say it rained lizards in, Olcott, last Sunclay, .--•- v '- J Mr. and Mrs; Eben Barton are hothe from Michigan. Geo. S, Reeves: of MariODj was iu^ town Saturday. ° ''_ - _ Ward Moody was in Sodus with his parents last, week/ ,'''.,. Mies_ Ida Spoor has been visiting in Clifton Springs. The Sodus Creamery had a narrow escape from fire last week, A daughtfer was born to Mr. and Mrs; Frank/WprghtTbursday. Miurganzy Hopkins had several sheep killed by lightning last week. Br., A. JF. •Sheldon of Lyons; was in NewaTklFriday., talking pollficTfo? a little pastime. It Js itated that Ontario will have a over the R, Proirjwr !ftei)r-hoItel, next season, to be built W, & 0. tracks; : _ - TI. McCieTfand, formerly of PortJGibson, has been engaged as principal of Pike Seminary.- - 6* J.rGarloek, of the=Garlock Pack ingGo.i has been elected president of tb.e Palmyra Electric Light Go. .. ,lhe- Newark -Military gone to Geneva to-day, with the Foster B;ose Co., of Clifton Springs, A fellow by.fche name of Terrance l^on^a^s^ujn^jtjrojkjiJp^Pejnin^^ hope his son wnht get Absolutely Pure. Celtbrated4Eor4t3-greatleftvening;strerrgth and h'eatthfulness. Assures the food against aliim and all forms of adulteration common to the cheap brands. BOVAI. BAKINO P OWDEH CO.. New Yoslu^ week. We moonstruck. T \*5|is Protect ives and New York Central fire companies, will goi to. Geneva tp-morrpw, taking the Newark band with them. Frank St JJohn weni to Elmira on bis wheel Monday, and; will coutinue his trip t o his old hoinei for a vaca- tion of two weeks. The New York Central railroad will run air excursion to New York city, July 29, tickets good for return trip, till Tuesday, August 3. The-sportsmen had a 1 ' good trap shoot in Newark, Thursday. There were fifteen events, most >of tire prizes bMngjtdken; tg Rochester-cracks.——- Mr. and Mrs. L, G. Wiboh of Water- tovtfn are in their cottage at Grinneli Charles Bloomer_ is in Newark this week. f. R. SJeight is Building a hew house on Protpeot streets Judge Norton will^^hold ^aturaTi- zation court in ^ypns Augtist 2. Miss Mary Myers is spending several Band- hsve^weeksr w jth \frieadsTniFenTBeld; E. N. White has been donfin«d to his house for a week with rheumatism.- _ The Rose Cornet Band will furnish 4n8tpiumeBtal-7m-a8ie--at' the encamp- ment. Mrs. Wales Nichols of Chicago, is with^her parents: Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Hyde- '••'--\*- - ---'- -'-\\ : cover. The. English sparrows are now hav- ing a feast off the ripe grain about the' country. These pesky, little birds do rioCenj.oy.anjmi^clJdiet^bAtaxe.gi^t; igrain eaters, and they can be seen in large flocks on any field that is Covered witli jipejgrain.- \-\-.'•- : E. B. Elliott, Jr„ Geo. G. Perkins,\ P. R. Sleight and W. H. Hyde, are : planning for a trip to Georgian Bay in August. No pleasanter trip'.can be taken anywhere, and it would be hard to find any better fishing in the east- ^m—paf^r^pf^his-TjpTratryT^Hpsrin Georgian Bay. • Miss Hall,, pf the Syracuse training school, and Miss Nye Mathews, of the: Rochester training school, will Unite in conducting a Kindergarden.school, with three departments, \in this vil- lage, during t he - next school > year. Tfais-te- air impurtam^bTahefi of edu- cational-work, and should\ in \due time, be incorporated into our public school. A press dispatch, says that W, P. Mjrick, of Lyons, has brought, suit ftga inst T-hnmaH S TTal-r'aORy -of-^PiM-jfl- delphia, in the Supreme Court at SyYacliSe.'for ^000,' the\ value of the' 9-year-old sorrel gelding, which was killed at the Kirkwodd Driving Park, in Syracuse, on July 6. The Lyons horse collided with £nibbs, owfiedby thePhiladelphian; which, it is claimed, was being driven the wrong way of the track.' The Empire State express.on the New York Central broke'the record of .every-.railroad in the world FHday, July 16, when itmade thedistaacejbe- tweeri; Syracuse and Buffalo; 148,8: MI 137 minutes. The time as an-: npunced: was 143 minutes, but 5ll° w \ ing for a minute's stop \at j^ochester and two slow-downs hear Syracuse Newark, * aggregating fpttr the aetu&I time was 137 ancTIJF minutes ini'Uutes, island, Thousand Islands. Miss Eliza- beth Barney of Newark is with them. The jairport Mail has adapted a department which was carried, put. foi & jEear in the -Gazette. It is giving a brief history of-events a year, and ten years ago; Miss Helen Williams, of Newark and< Albert Dodd of Sodus, will give ah entertainment in the Methodist, church, Sodus Point, Wednesday evening, July 28. Stephen Wilcock and daughter^ Miss Minnie Wileock, Miss Lena Con- verse and G.-E- Robinson, represented the Epworth League of Newark, at the-Torpntp c&avention. '' The Special train on the New York Central railroad excursion to- Buffalo and Niagara Falls, Wednesday, July 28, will leave^Newarkrat 8:1(1 a. m.f fare for rourid trip, fl.8S. If you are going to the Thousand Islands, the best place for you to, stay is at t;he New* England,/Thousand Island Park. ItTr- Prine, the manager, is a very pleasant gentleman, and h. 8 tables are always served with the best; ;—ln^the-Hoffman -iSrRxibtasoErNewafk -r-Spdus. Point road race contest, the records thus far made.are as follows: ^osllpFTL Hale, Jr., one hour, five minutes, forty-three seconds; Abbot Rowe, one hour, fourteen niinutea; G, H, Stuart, one hour, eighteen minutes, forty-three seconds; Joseph LaRue, one hour, twenty-five minutes; Elliott Thomas, one hour, twentyrseyen thlnutes, tSrly^seSoSds. - Soffman & Rbbjhsotfs Newark^ Sbdiis Point road race contest is to be kept open until July 31, a't 6 p. m.' The contest is;open to Newark, Lyons, South SodusTAltoh, and Sodus Point riders. The course is from Hoffman & Robinson's store, Newark, to Sodus iPcIHtTPepot. \The contest opened. Jtlly 10 and closes July 31. Start naad&l)n even hours; pacing allowed and the rider, may choose his road.\ Prize.for the quickest^ man isa-^old toadgefrohi Hoffman & R^binsorL— Z Tire- fiystssr e^rresponaenf - ©! _ the Democrat & Chronicle says: Elmer E, Mason, who was arrested by Officer Yflun^^at Lypns, Thursday evehing, and examined.\ bjjrforl Justiee PhelpSj i at Palmyra, upon the charge of assis- ting i n the theft of two bicycles froin Barrett's hardware store, Palmyra, May last, now occupies the north cor-; ridor in the county jail.. The Lyons police Saturday received from Deputy Sheriff 0. S; Murphy, of Fulton, ad ditlonal information concerning the robbing of J. R. Sullivan's store^ at Oswego Falls, the home of the Masort boys, on the night, of September 8, 18^96. The plunder secured cbnsisted' of fifteen men's gold watches, four or five ladies'gold watches,\ three silver watches, about .two dozen wateh* .chains,\ 'one^ialf dozen ladies' ring? and about $5 in pennies. The Sherman Opera House Cb.,ha-ve i put tip a line new flag pn the pole over the new balcony. E, K. Burnham!s barn, near Fair- ville, was recently struck by liglitning, and slightly damaged. There never has bef.it a summer; When so many oil stoves have been sold in Newark as this year. Will Utter fell from the hay mow in his barn last week, and was laid up for a^few days in consequence. __Mrs^D i ^R_^C^,_ol.Jarjiytp.wn, and Mrs. W. K. McCoy, of Syracuse, visited at Mrs. Crdther's last week. Eugene A. Lake and: Miss Marindfe E. Palnier were married in Newark Sunday evening By Rev. J. E. Allen; Middletown, N. Y., is t o beenriched ; by a public library building^ to he erected &t a cost of §30,000, left for that purpose by Mrs. S, Maretta Thrall, who has just died, HORSE RACES. BICYCLES ANE> SUPPLIES BARGAIN LIST: Handle Bars, 50c to $2.00; CyGlometers, (55c to $lv2ft. Saddles, 25G to $3.50. One Second Hand Columbia,|20. One Second Band iLadies' Colombia, Lamps* Belfo--eveiythino; for the BICYCLE. OPERA HOUSjE .BLOCK. 'PasfumgeTor two'Sol'ses. PURCPA^IS GREER M •AtJ.Y Q0A9TITY. BINDER TMNE Horse Nets, Sheets mft Blankets. -AT- Opening Meeting on the Newark Track, August 3 to G. The Newark DrivingJ Park_Assock ation are arranging for horse races to be held on the new half-milejraek,. : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and: Friday, August 3 to\ 6r~~ The\ entries are eoming in better than Was s ex- pected, and the events promise to-fur- nish four days of good sport. ^Xgreat numb.etpf_ prominent. hoHemea who have-been officially identified with horse racing for many years past, un- hesitatringly-saythe new track afNew- ark, is the best half-mile ring in New York state. The program as thus far arranged is as follows: TUESDAY, AtTGtrST 3. N6.~l— 2 :#0!class.\.T..\\.\.\.\ Purse $3on .No. •fe'2ratBlsSBu,.^.«^t^^-\\ ; .\- '<- SSO0- Ko^3^.1-2mileHinhiog raee ......... \ $150 , WEDNESDAV, AffGUST i. Ko.4^-J;:33 class..; I*urse$300 No.5—3:24 class. \ $300 THURSDAY, AUGUST 5. No.6—2:40class .-,,,,,,,..,,..,. Purso$300 No. 7—Fr'ee.fbrnll...i i •' $300 No. 8-*rniile running-race......>.....! \ §150 FEBJAY, AtjGUST 6. No. 9—2:16class..... j Purse S300 No 10-.2.-27Class.... ....- .,.. '\' $300. All classes are ODen to both trotters and pacers. The. entrance fee is 5 per .cent. ,of purse, with.5 per cent.' ad^ ditional to winners. Purses divided 5G, -25, 15 and 10 per cent. . Mve to enter, five to start. Horses eligible froniJuly 20, in-all classes. Records' made on that \dale no bar. All the! races, best 3 in 5. . Entries close July ?7. • . New York Central Si Hudson River K. R. Jaid-Snniiner'ESOtiifMon to New York, Xliursaa^, Jaly ag.-lfPT', One. tore Eor the; Kotina Trip, On this date the Bew York Central •ill sell exqursiea-Siel \aa4*etoffibaj» one -fare for TheTouncF trip from all stations oh the Auburn. Road. Tickets good going July 29 on all regular trains except; No. 4, Ncrth Shore; Limited j No. 6, Ftfst Mail; No/ 22, Lafie Bhoio Limited; No. 50, Em^ pire State Express. Good returning on all trains except No. 51, Empire. State Express; No. 5, North Shore Limited;. No. 19, Lake Shore Limited.;: and'No. 35^ East Mail, up to and in- cinding Tuesday, August 3. A splen- did opportunity to visit the many sea- side resorts near New York. For tickets, space in sleepers and alt infor- mution, .call, on New York Central ticket agents, or address H, General Agent f Buffalo, N. Y. 17w2 Why suffer from indigestion ? Bur- dock Blood Bitters cures JJyspepsia and all disorders of the stomach, liver; and bowels. NQ.-To.-Bac tor fifty Cents. Guaranteed tobacco nablt cure, makes weak tnenstf.dag,.bl6o4jpure. • 506,$1. Aliariigglst's Leggett & lattison, NEW BLOCK, < CASH • A.T i.2S Goods at 50e $i.^ tQ-$±JZ&-y&rr at -7-5c 25 PIECES OF^^r^ Reduced to 35c and 37k yd 15 Dl t.2k* 15c, 19c! New this Season 25 Ladles' Jackets, QM Style, for 50c eaeh lM° f Wfc^*Jackets^ ^ Fcrr~5t)c each. I Lot of Misses' JacketsT\ 75e each s* in the Truest Sens^f the Word i 1 y-19 Mali! Si,, JVEWABK, W Y. , J Second *aclii Ki House Bnde ai The second races by the 8J was held in t h club's ten-mile race* on accoi one boat finish it was decided third winners second and th not claimed in as the prizes ff Friday's ra^c northeast bfee2 all canvass, m pretty, if not a, in the 25-fqot c Morrow, of the jaj^dbyEr..! only starter ii Promptly at gup boomed, a \ winged\ b\eautii first to cross boats erossed s stayed togethe reaehedr -Her to take a lead, back by bein When tbey.bgi -MissEergu Burgess cotl several weeks Miss Blois S.S.S. (gua isva real blpo to cure Cane Scrofula, or a Oar^oiO/l will be mail free to any a drViiss. -\Swi Speci$c •;• -.Ci Atlanta Gai\

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