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The Greece press. (Greece, N.Y. ;) 1934-1958, June 12, 1958, Image 19

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T a u i ^ m e n t H o s ts ? r- ^ e p c g ^2 i |^ n ( r i 9 4 T w ; ^ ^ ro^Wtcpiti cpii^ttipg* tp. bugi^tbpps cpntbs^. th ^ present-da;^. Knights were originally the* Gfeece Sons of thp liegidn Co^s, a . junior level —^ a r m n ^ ^ r o u p r before World’ War 2. They were the st^te cham­ pion^ in their division in 1940 * Aeui-sani .ea'. :ip: -as a senior corpse- the Gter-Knights beg«n^ “'^hkg> the:#!Fst Tbdi^ainent) pf ■urns* wWch»\vas presented< the- ^**Th?Sgh 5 ToW Post was^ formed ,ih ' 1950 , i yvitb * four bugl< major an< nine . drums, a drum a 14-mjin qolor guard. peted at the American Legion’s T i l e G s e e n llu i i f l b L .W^EOTtXfB^SBRAOASr . Naples. N. Y. natidnat contention W., -Atlantic City *^and. p l S f c 13th: iii a. fidli ./iSrHakor’parh ixf contests throughout^ the East, closings with' . th© ^ national^ convention competi- tidn in Chicago over Labor Day weekend. Don O’Connor arranges the music for the Grey Knights. Drill^. are conceived andi instructed by the team 0,1 Ered O'Connor, Vince Bruni and S. Wendell. - — G il^rellie Acid: Each week we lecelW letters from our followers, asking us for information on the mew material known as Gibberel- lic acid. This material has been mn the market for over a yeai mow, and'is sold under a number <of trade names, usually being of- lered as a'ready-mixed spray or a it hasn’t been proven that this is true. Keep your trees, in a vigor­ ous growing condition, since vention is the best reme( the control of borers. Oni^ they are ly-mixed s,i 'ater-soluble Xoiin ready ipray remedy • for in, they are difficult to check. Be on the lookout for fine bits of sawdust at the base of yoi shade and fruit trees. This “sa\ ing pnd spraying. Advertisements - tell how .makes- plants grow and have lots; 'i®£ bhossoms as well as fruits.. This ^mysterious chemical will make lowering plants stretch out, but We’dJ like to caution our friends that f this can be a disadvantage. Tor example, lettuce goes to seed last enough without the use of the stimulator. Lettuce that’s gone to se6d is mseldss. Too great a concentration, •or even normal amounts may over­ stimulate these and other plants, producing weak, spindly stalks. Gteberellin is allright if you want to experiment with it, but don’t expect it to work wonders for you on your plants. It’s still in the experimental stage and there’s no sense in getting your Lopes too high or spending a lot of money on it. W5it until the college special­ ists iron out all the bugs and dis­ cover some downTfdCarfh“use^rpr th is. highly naysterious subslduce. 'iGibberellin or gifaberellic acid is mot a plant food\ stod plants treated with it need extra feeding to maintain a balanced growth. Whitewashing Trees:. Does it pay to whitewash your fruit or shade trees in the home yard? Some gardeners feel that white- any borers that are already jnt, but. there’s not much evi- snce to prove thfs contention. If you set out young trees and want- to protect them from borers, keep the trunks sprayed with DDT, wrap', them with cloth, or paper to keep out the borers. Trees that have cracks in the bark' or those which have sun- scald are more susceptible to borer invasion, so avoid any in­ jury. to the bark (such as hitting with a lawn mower). Some growers feel that white-, washing prevents the so-called ‘‘southwest” scald or sunscald, but dust” is telltale evidence that borers are working. Poking a hot wire up into the entrances is often helpful in \killing the peste. fl« M h i OWNERS OF SJRAy. HOMES Let Us RAISE YOUR ROOF Call Gallagher & Mandel BE 5-7361 GL 3-1714-M T ^ ii ArB>yt<jifliMt;iCeiiiri^es. Course\ Secoad Lt.BanierT.-Statandn; 23 , son ol’Mrj^itiud’h^rlse^ r K i: ttey Sfchooiv PdrV Behjningi iGa. ‘ . B(e>» recelyed his purachutjtel: wings after having coniRlet«d the, course, Which included five train­ ing |'jumps. Stutzman, a 1953 graduate- of ‘Kagpa Epsilon fraternity, ^ ; Ih civilian lifd, Lieutenant Sttil?!.* maii was eniploy^j^d by Gerber’a Food cdmpsny^ , The-Greece-Presfr June 26^>195B’<^ . > J i HEBBERiCm' BROS. « A | U ^ # ^ T A N D I - grown ,ON OUR OWN FARM ' S T R i H W ^ B ^ R R I ^ S SPECIAi. PRICE FOR CANNING AND HOME FREEZE COMPLETE LINE OF FARM FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES in Season FRESH EGGS DAILY POTATOES ------- ------ Mt. Read Blvd. at Maiden Lane kill preset GOOD TRINTIN6 V JSANART Wlfh USl Rdmemher, Your Printing Represents YOU! For Top Quality Printing, See Us. GRBECR PRESS ^ P. Bittner, Inc. S St. Paul Street H A 6 r 8 8 4 0 JUNE Value Days Thursday - FridoLy - SatNrda^^ Juno 26\27-28 ttn GAINS GMORE in all 32 STORES featuring FOfr^SBN FAmONSHOW F r i d i O j & A i n e 2 7 - - - 3 & 7 ^^^R ..<4 SEE SWIM AMD C ASUAL CLOTHES MODELED IN OUR 3D-FbOT POOL ^REEPARi^O for Over 5,000 Cars Doily 3800 Dewey Avo. Cor. Britfon Roaa

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