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VILLAGE CHROlflCL © VOLUME II—NO. 52. Pl-BLISIIED WEEKLY IJY DAVID MITCUEIA-1-DANSVHJX, LIVJNGSTON COUNTY, >\ Y, THURSDAY JIOKMNG, AI'KI U 12^ ISO* . tVHOLR NC5MHK 10 S. TERMS OF PUBLICATION. 1'\wo DoLT ^asperunum.bayabtehalfvear Iv in advance— if not paid within tJwVcir, (\O Dollars iai Fifty Cents wiU invariably be charged. An v emits EsiMTS, r*ot exceeding a square inscrtad three tunes for One butlar; anil '23 cents for each subsequent insertion, larger ones in proportion. The until discount made lo tboae who advertise by the year 03» No Paper or Advertisement discontinued until aiftUTfamre J <tr« paid, uuless at the op tion of the publisher. $>~PamphlebJ, Handbllli, Cards, kc. ke.fX ccuted on (he shortest entice, »r«l mo*i rra sonahte term*. WHATlSTIMH? MX, JO* fit* A XAIIIIOB.V, I asked an aged man, a jnan of earet. Wrinkled, and curved, tuid *hit«- with hoary hairs, \TTtne Is tho trerj* of lifo,\ he said *»Q Ull TJie young, the fair, the gay, to wei.tr it well. I asked the acicnt, venerable dead . Sages wh o wrote, ami Warriors wh o bird, fro m the colli grave a hollar murmur tluuci) •'Time sowed theseeds, we reap i a this abode.\ I sliced a d) big sinner, ere the stroke Of mthleas death life *$ \golden bow 1 hid hrnke. J asked biro , \what!* time .'*' \Tunr hr re­ plied, 'Ttelort.it' Ah' ike trtn%urt *' and be died 1 I asVed iho gnMcnrun oiul Ft 'ver sphere*, Thosrjhtighl eQro-.moefcn nfdav « and ) MM. They answered \Time i»hut » vul<or'*>>\zn ,\ A,ml bad e mcfor ETC a SIT \ prepare . I aske d the arason in it.* annual round, Which beautify nr desMiaie the ground ; And lhry repli. d. (noomel\ mor e wise, ) \Tis folly's W.irti', am! wNdom'* highest prise.\ 1 uked n spirit lost , but, oh th* shriek That pt>sre -I :n; .M«-y I fbudder while J speak .' It cried , \A pflrtiWe a npeek t a mite Of endless years, duration infinite 1** 1 asked mv bible ami tnc thiol.iiit said, '•Time 1« thn prr<*ni!uwir ; the part is (led ; five f liecTi i t**.\ * To-norrtiw ovter yet. On any human Ivi.ig, rose or r*U** Jailed old father Time himself at hurt ; Pot lit a lii'imcfit be flew rwiftly past Hit Ch trint was a eiuit I , thi view lei i wind Hi* iwis* le»* .tec.U .afau-h JrAnntrare behind* Tr'rnm New V'-cl. XlU«, Tin: CUMUT. Judging by the abundant alluvnns to this lubjret, with which lite p^p.*r» xb'mnd, ilie rxjrected visitnnt •» regirrJifd <*tt\t twstwiti, predictions. '.Vlieilirr man; person* nr* frtjjhtefled by itieir aniicipaiiom of con- 5f fpicucer, as writers rejweseitt, we k:ir >w u»u i bin it N a venial act to n^ume tfiis pwniiitin if iicsi i so readily (K made a source of eniertaininem to either*. We take »omr rp*ciinem of treatment tlic lubject iirecciring . Comet jflmnaaa.—An t-faVrly hdy ap­ parently in * «<nte of htdh nianM rscite- meiit, cnllad a ftw daysiineii and Fr.tpiircd for Almanac*. We exhtluti-J tbc \>irmu« kind* we'bad on b*nd f an d nr^e d tb ^ir r« - \jHrcttTC tneriti tn li *r puriitular tiutice. This madam is 'I'urten Ilealili alinanac,' confin­ ing an rxua quantity of matter mhiptcd tit the prcierraiinn of ht tUh, n \' -- : - 'CburcJiman's Almanac/ rmln il.e ordinary monthly cnlendnr, a regular ar­ rangement uf the Feait* & Fa»ti nbi «Tt d by the Protectant £pisrnpa) Cborcb, m ^rtlte'r wttltan accurate list of nil th e B'jhopi and Clereymen belonging to tins persuasion In 1 the United Stat*». Arc either of thni « rite kin d you wiili to pet ? *'?<i> theirt a'nt ilie ones. \ Well, hef » it the too d utd f-^liion- ed kind, mad e hv .one of the diict'pfei «f | Andiew lecrv^ Pbilarp, which (ells us all about the eclipses of the si m and moon , when titty rise and set, an d also what kind of weather we art Rnipj; to bare. I pre sum* them still sfitr ••Tlicm a^l the kind yet.\ They\ are nil the kindi wr; hate ajood woman—but our neighbour Netrintt, has the Temperance Ahnanar— may be Ihntis th e kind yon wnm\ \ I don't want them nsitlier—Oh ! my ! niv ! f\ins t W \ ' Bui, depend «m'f, Tinzvr mujf took out for breakers,*» CnttkUt Mm. SjtecultitioKs uit thr Cnmtt —I tnnk no. tree of an Irshmati, with a In^Icrl hod on bh shoulder. He repeatedly and ilevoiitU cmssed himself; then Innkin^m the top ,if the building, which he nr-n abuui m> ascend, »tth a fearful and dubious air. fie had got one foot un the fir«t round of the ladder, aod made suadry mottom tn r«i«j the ath er ; but seemed at every new irinl t« be ar­ reted, nnd as it were pulled onck, hy some unseen hand. As I stuud W4tcln>i^ his mo­ tions and his countenance, he withdrew his eyes from the top of the building, and fix­ ing thcin upon me, said— \Do you think it HI «ume now \ n \What will come } n said 1. \Why the comic to b * stire.\ \Thecoinet I suppoie yon mean?\ \Why yes, 1 suppme u»i all one and the sasne cr^tbur—tlut great bi£ firry body that's caiuin to burn the world all up t<> nothtit, and all the pipe! ihat\ in if, beside*, uieti, women, «nd clulders, A, drown all the rest to the middle of the sea. Oh, the cru el hlrmdy-nimded en*tbur, to destroy every body, and nut spare the pu«r babes them- seltcs, nur the fathers that work hard every day to eai'em and dnk'ein ! do you tluak it'll come now, Mishter i\ \AVw V said I. \Why yes, if you plase—now, or soon— to d*y, ar to-in»m>w, or next summer, that is to be r\ 'I dou't know/'returned I—\I'm not in the secrets of thecumot. liut I uridcrsrat;d eery strange calculations *t* made respec ting tt.** \Are ye *ure,\ said he, looking t» tt.e top of the bui;dinp once mure, \that it sum cemu to day I\ \Why really pat,,'said I, \that's more titan J could poii;ite!y answer—These com­ et* are very eccentric beings ; and there's no knowifig what mtglic happ«tn. n \Th« divij tbritsiVm forme-\ said Par, \the barbarous cmtburs ! they tould'nt mind brushing down aa Irishman from the top of the house, any more nor I should mind brushing ally from the end of my nose. And then I'm in funned they're so hot the'II burn nil the flesh off ivye, is roast yout skin to the very bone, without any compunction as it were. Yau sec, Muhtcr, this house 1s very liijh now, even to the! very mp iv it,io far' as it goes j and if the comic should Inppen to kitch me thereon the tup f deu*t know what would become iv me. I've got a. wife and seven small ehil', dcr.t»o«f whoni nr*under ihe'sodinstate Ireland, and all dependent on me this very momtnt fur ivery mouthful iv atm, and drink en, and fuud and rJotbirr, that they wear on their backs, poorcmthurs; ami that's what makes tue nfeard tu toiiunt this lather.\ Yau nccd'ut he afraid of the comet to­ day, Pat,\ (aid I. \Necd't I now f\ said be, snddenly lirigh- tcning up ; \bless your honor's sowl fur that word I've been afeard logo opto the t«p iv this s<nte, for fear the bloody comic should come along before I coutd git down again ; and desthroy me root and branch } mid hunt the clothes and the akin off iv me ; and kill mi- clane dead as a door­ nail ; and bni«1t me down with the end iv his tail, to the grent danger and destruction iv me life mid all the test iv me bones. And doyourualy think, Mi-hter, thai it wont com\ to-dav tbat bloody clinic r \ m • 'I'll insure yuu for sixpence, Pat.-** \Well now thn*t kind iv ye; but the div- il • sixpence have 1 gnt. WouM*nt your iioitnr thrust tne tilli'igbt r\ \Ay P*t, I'll trust >ou till the comet conies.\ . . „ ••Will yennw ? Then Misbtce, yoii shall have all me uisurin BJ I of.ire 1 up, VOII'H plair to gi*e mc a bit of writhan to 'show that-I'm irsurtd.\ \A policy you mean ?\ MAy, 'twould be a thrue pnliry that ; for then you s.ia I could \how it tn the comic, mid let him no \ that Tin insured. \Xever mind the policy, Pat ; I'll insure yau by word uf mouth \ Being **H «fied »'»'*» »»e Imlimaii ed udder, h»s cobtr clurtghr; 1 1 the pa'r- im* flPde/iih, atrl In 'i limbt ttpp<r«rtiJy piNted with four, rvuleuily horro r sirufk with lih> own purpixe—bat l.»on, hgwewer, tin* na» ration uf » umre powerf-il mcit^tnenr ur^r>i f:^j-.;^ {.H reluriaut baud thil tremttho^K ilrewrd lliu odi ms haue, mr-1 lie fr(t t!tr kiichfii nverwliflnied with cmiflictiMg pa* sinns, rcmnrse HI.I con To MO u 4 *IfaroId stt-rp* no innr-, the cry Ins rtfacbed Ins he.tr( ere the dcrd b 'J .'ireotn phthed, said ilie jouth on duty, in n voice not d«viid of pity, ns he looked after the self ronileineud wrelrh. \Wnat T. II. , T said the cominand-*r-iii- chief, 3orru *fully, upon receiving (tie infor­ mation; 'can It bo possible— so yOLUI^ »»» ftor.nnd gentle! lie would huve been the last pi*- sin up 'in «ho m asuspmon of tbat nature f-o-ild h.tve falltfti, by rnjbt of Countenance . You bnve done well. *t !io t join yaur coir.' rade« aad he stcret,' \Tht* cnminniiiler-iu-clnef tank his sent, pi J cut;; fiem* ml Gates on his right band, S: (JcneralWooucr on Ins (eft. When the re- m .'updrr <if the nITi<'ers «i'id company were «c:ited, uud eager to rnntinenre tbu duties of* the uhlV, the chief SJIII, inipresstrrly, '\Oeilllrofen I mut t rnjursl you to pend >nur meal fur a few iiiiiineiits. Let tbe guard attend inc.* \All was silcirc and amazemenr. The gunrd entered and formed « hue towards the uppT end o f the apartment^ \Wnshiugton hnvmg put upon his plate n sponufid uf the peu«, fixed his eyes steru- ly np'in T II., uml said, \AIM M leJt uf this vegetable \ The vnnth turned pale and liecnme dreadfutU ti^it ited, wlida lm treinbhiij lips faiutlv uttered. *I ifnu't know.' \SIMK I Hat of ihe^e ? \ agnin demanded Wn«hingtttK, raiaiKg some upon his knife* Mure 11. e lev aid bis hand, as tf by an involmtt.try impulse, t o prevent their being tasted. A ctnrken w>is then brought in, that a -inclusive experiment might be made in theprrjencc of ull those witnesses. The animal ate of the peas *nd immediately died, and the wretched T. II., overcome with irrrnr and retuurse, fell feinting, and was bonic form tbe apartment.\ P.J. poor hoJ.corner do * ItlcnrJ SL Pathnck .' what'II become nf >»M r \ ''Itever rcur, P.»t,\-s .ii .I'l,' , «inui in your patron 34 'mt , ba bi>-iest<* industrious, and lemp-rate , and let the comet dime when i t will, it will iivver burl \o,t. \UVM your Ituiiur** *o«*| for that word '** said Pa>i; and seeing hi n immi 1 tbe Udder ittt rrurvrrd IIMJ<C and fresh courage, I tur­ ned again to funk nhuut me. RKUIXlStTAt. H-M* T1IK IJKVOLUTIO.V AN ITTBJll'T T O I'OISOX \V \-*ll^CTO» When they reai bed Sprindielil lhc> drew up at •!•» tun, i *b-re tbvv alli^hted lu nnmi and afn-sh tln-m«* |i*t. The inukecpcr, wtuie luime UA« b'rtaeis, was what wa*i Ujcn (erruetl a lt )»*rt> -own, -ind H;H canuuoaly cull- ed D>ark Mm imm Ihc swarfbv embrowned huf of hi s toupletmn. lie had 'kept a Mini Jar t>rihh»h -ii -HI in the bni.nl street of .Ncvv-York, trJnch W4* lur K bit. * initeuV rentrcof attmc- Una to all Uii' tM(*tie ) (t rt and gi) miniletl u*rn- tiemru Ur and near dnuin Uiitber, not only by the wit a/i.l ^t >.vvl humor of the dirk bosl/hu'l by Hie allowed r\ t ellc .iee aid unadulteraud (piahty i.t hn *i.in.N arul liipnirs ami In- it rr uienihi rv-l Ibnt Illart, Nam a great IrCnnne h ,<nnr— tut bnr^tmN t<l brawny wigfifa lad lielsid ti|Mm their ba-'k^ — •inniinilMrriT wore the smooth Vnttarinuno^ri llat be hail comer led into huge iiu«t' i -and cuanv, \ cty many a star beaming eye tail lie bejimmed by the rhishfy inllitcure oj bis matrfcal powers vet. ont«ith*Unthnir all this, Mack Sam was uni versa*)t allowed to IK»«CJ * prx ^I will for all rnanLlnJ and, for bi< friend*, a crnumlt v of le< [in; ji -lil >-u e<|iMlled l>\ ant of lui callirtc; rte .11 1,1 Tititm 'Slt'i) Itarten T\tllln gooJUni. ^ ol il.u In He Imd inmeil i -i ?prii'^field when die British army h.ol i.ikcn pussrs^ion of tb e eity.fullowing the Inoiitrpt .nf die retreating Americans, and preferring to deal out to his half naked and suffering countrymen their ill-sav«red continental wbisky by the gilt, rather than remnui where he was and grow rich beneath tbe patronage of royalty. As soon as our travellers had taken their srats at the fire in a room of the itui, a smart looking yrnng vnimn came to re­ ceive their commands—the surgeon observ­ ing her exclaimed: Why bless inv heart, can this be Pollv Honey?\ \The same, sir,\ replied the rosy-cheek- erf dam*, with « romiettiih courtesy; \but Mfs. Mnllv Francis now, at your service.\ \And did Black Sam make you master of his house and heart to prevent your di­ vulging a secret that wotili have banged him tn all probability V '^llemarrre'd \me it is true j'bui^fifany think that h* had a better reason than >on ha*e assigned,** nnd she raned her eyes tq the mirrsr that hung opposite her. \That Is likely enough,\ returned the surgeon, half persuaded an a second took, of the truth of her ar«uinsiti. \And now iVrs. Pully. or Molly, if that ple \«e you bet­ ter, go nnd prepare us a dinner and I will subscribe f» all ynu have said.\ Upon which Afrs. Francis puned up her pretty mouth, and with another glance at t*ie mirror, retired from the room with «n **r of cunscr|ueiicc qrtVmg from setfesteein, whirlt 1 may be deemed pardonable in an ignorant beauty, though reprehensible in a Ciccrn. As'thc door closod, the surgeon turned to his coiupa'iiinr, nnd \aid : \That simple girl was instrumental in saving the life of Washington. I may speak of it now, it can do n» harm. U wi t about the middle of June, 177*3, while the gener­ al wni nl New York, waiting the approach of the king's troops, that this girl cmne tn Francis, her present husband, whom she considered in the tight of a r»)'Miu, and ui-j mil, on laud which the year before was formed liiin, as a secret she had overheard, planted with rnni nnd potatoes; linn plan- that iherd was a plan in operaiiun ammig ted w »Ii corn first, the go\ eminent men todertny the rebel <encrally aellf*lted with f«iir f bandiuiue f>o tatoes. 1 ithuinrd snitie (a* I esteem laeml *ary vtilmdile buns nu the manti'gpmeuE t.f plnupb land, frmn an address pui)ti%hed HI Vfur paper, suiue mur o r five years pg>, ^heforr 1 WHS a su'xrrih-t,) delivered b;I»ie the ajr>ti>v> Coi<n:y A^HC'IIIUMI 5m-i*'iy, by li.ul Stnninu 1 take the bbrny m sugt;e<t the profinety o f republishing it. An intelligent and *ucce*sful Cirmer ilia ne.nli- boring town, who obligingly taut me tin; papers containing the address, assured me that lie h >d been guided, nnd much to In* advantage, by the directions contained therein. It has been the practice of fitrmcrs^in this And mtny oilier sections nfConnecticuf, in manura butti rnrrt and jiututoes in the bill, drawing the enrth into hills around the titauts, nnd tu split the corn lulls by striking nne or t«o furrows lengthwise with th* ro»s, (instead of liarrowtng them do*n,)ind ttieu to son oats nnd plough them trt, leaving tb e re?t to nature, which roust struggle hard t o bring forward a very abundant crop from the culddtfpth where tbe seed lies buried. I niter these brier remarks, not so mmh with a view to instruct NS to elicit iustruriKm from other*, wlm have the advantage of more extensive information and experience, and a more happy talent tn communicate them than 1 pretend to claim. JNO, TOWNSEND. inducer, Conn. Feb. 18, 1832. TRU FARMJBR. from the &e <m K^Un- * Farmer . ON* RAISIN'G OATS AND POTATOES. Mr. Fctscade A—Should every practical FaimeV-who reads yndr paper, «bey you r requuts by communicating from time to time, the results nf hi* experiments, experi­ ence .and practice, whether successful nr ad­ verse, they would amount, in the aggregate, to h fund ofuseful it 1 formation, which would be of iucnleahible worth to that numerous class of yourreaders, to whose interest you r columns are chiefly demoted j and whose ob­ ject is to pmfit by the experience of practi­ cal farmers, conrnumeated through them. As the sowing and planting season is rap- idly approaching, ami,as I have sometimes been accused of r-i'mna hctti-r oats nnd po tatoes thmt some of my neighbors, 1 propose to inform such nf your ro.id-'rs who know- no b-Uer way, my* method of cultivating thcte particular crops; or rather, the me- tbftd which, after v.itioiu experiments, I in­ tend to punue in future, tilt I leant soinu more excellent way, which if knnwu tu any of your readers, they will confer a fav*ir by communicating. First then as to oats, T shall sow tftem us eirty in the spring as the ground will ad SKASOXADLE HINTS. Sate Mnnurr. —How many Fnrmcr»(iKnir ones to be sure) are there who live in the immediate neighborhood nfnur large town?, and whose teams are constantly sent in ru b wood, bay, straw, or some kind of produce, which when sold, return empty, when they mlifhtwith little trouble load back with ma*, nuce. It is aire that we sometimes tec A drunken man carried ofl*in the cart, but the sight is not iny more piemant to passengers than manure, one load of which is worth more an • farm than half a doien loads of drunken meu. OaioBJt.—Onions should be sown as soon s the frost is out of the ground, and are u profitable crap when they will command half a dollar per bushel. Em7y Pens— Early peas may be, sown as sooa as the frost is out ol the ground, and even then their maturity may he facilitated bV soaking them ame or two dart. They BE? capible *fenduring aetete fruits, after they areVp, without being injured. ita/iiae/,—Radishes thrive best when sown upon sandy soil which has been lung in grass, as they are nut apt to bu infested with worms. Qxixce Tr«i.—The quince; is considered valuable fruit far preserving, nnd always commands a high price ; tntd yet, how few cultivate them to any extent. They grow readily from cuttings, and frequently bear fruit tbe third yesr after being stuck down. leader v as she termed the commander-in- chief? bv powoa, which was to he plentifully muneleJ with »' 5 green-peas, a favorite ve- getahle of his, nn the following tUy at received from twenty to twenty-five cart ioads of \table and barn ywtl manure to the arre, wJuch was spread nnd ploughed in five or six mrh.'s decp^. The crop nfeom was giMid,but I tun satisfi­ ed it would have Ire en heurr, Iiad the ground Riclnnond-htlt, headquarters, *here he ( been ploughed mure shallow.or first pla-*4*v was to dine. Frnnn* went immedhNly tn. ed n.id tlic mM .ure hnrrtwvd in ; the ground Washiutrton and anpi-nitted htm swih the''\it being drawn inio JnUs danger That threatened bun. The genend having listened wttti lbs) utmost attention *\«My friend, I thank ynu j your fidelity . peratcly sorry leant r«m'emher tlie aame —let me think—now I've g.u it, C<m*t *)• m «n *c— that tetb all that dreadful thirrg that's gomg to smith th« arth—liar'nlyou heard of It? \ Certainly madam, we have httt d of tbe comet, but what induces ynu to think ft will smash the earth, as jou isy ? \Why 'Ncser Jnhnstune, our master says an, and h* knows alt about it, tie says Its (en chances to na« If «c a'nl all hur.tl up—abut a d/easlful tlim it will bw } he told ma tint <ha Camtt almanac would tett all about it, and 1 waat to get one.\ My good woman, •Jo swt lm alarmsd at the pragnosllcatlon of' your school) ns iter.—Astrnnoiaers aav that' ib*rsi U no danger to ba apprehended from, tht comet, aadtkey probably koaw as much hbawt It as Nezsr Johnstone docs. As to th*.. Comet Atmanace,'therei* no such ihinsj; they all speak of the enmet winch will.appa>«r during the present year—but ponmmftiitmtre crazy enough to predict that the worM u coming lo an end quite so soon. You must not let it disturb you any more. Tell your friend Nrxrr that' ha net- er will bo hung for a witch. \Well yni mounted the ladder and emptied lu* hod. has saved my life, to mh'ac reserve the At- While up there I could perceive that ho tur-| mitihiy atone knows ' Hut hrrw fin youf ntd hi* face ir* every p*nnt of the compass,! 9n feiy, I charge von to return to your house, as though looking Tor the approach of the ar »d let not » word ofwfiat van hive related dreaded visitor. Ue presently descended tn me piss your hp* 1 it **ihl invidw ymt and tnld niv the insurance had worked well, ) n n certain rubs j ami In iwn forb.d that \far the divil a bit,\ »ml he. \did the cum-' your life shuuld be f-irfeiteit or nnhiig*>ml iedaru to shaw bit ugly fare,\ by y OU ' e frith u» uf. I will t*ke tbe UPCCS- \Dut Pat,*' said I, \comets seldom show Jsary steps to prevent and at the sanm time, themselves in the day ihae,\ jdiscuver tho instrument of tins w.chcd de< \Oh. the !lue?es of the world P exclaim-1'!««•' , . . „ • I \The next dav, almul two honrs beCtre \ •'' -M I can he find ui there, the thief. \Out said I, \If the world shmitd be burnt up you'll be likely to gs> with it.\ \Ah I there It is now ; 'there's no safety for an Irishman at utt. [{e's persecuted in Inland, and hnmi to death with a vagabond nfa comic tn Ameriky; nnd he's 110 where to hide his head uut iv sight, on tbe top iv the wide world* And iben If this terraque­ ous \lobe is desthmyed, and alt the papal here shall a poor bod\ find enjpluy- There II he no bouses to bo (Id, attd i«« \.km m\g««io.d of f my mind,.... ! „ ,he »\cilVnt 8 o!ng lo burn u. .11 «r\ m ... - [Vtll . — ... , _ erved the ilirer.tlons he had received, and had nut lone: been upori the pouuf daty before the uufortitnate T (I.,' another nf the gener- a)*s guards, came in the dour ufthe kitchen, Inoked anxiously in, and then pitsi'd away. In % few innmeiits after, he returqed'aud iipprouched the hearth where the peas stood, and was about tn iningla the. dendly sub*' stance, when suddenly he shrunk hark as though firuin th* stuig uf the forked tongo . is now level ; shnil plough it evenly to the same depth as be I tire, nnd sow it with n little niur* than two bit diets uf oats to an acre, recollecting that \he Out soweth sparingly shall uhm reap sparingly,\ (which those must do, if any were so uufiinunate, whu, fdlowcd the mistaken directing in t« former cnnmiuuicj- tiou of iniua respeeting wheat; I v»hl five fteck* instead of rliren a« it was printed j) I hall plough ttirnt wit t ( n very light plough, «tr'harrow tbein in. I have pr^ctisnd both wjys nnd have never discovered nuy essen I difierenca m tbn crop ; in rubor cits* tbe rollerii tint lo he niniifril. The ground fruni which a rr>>p uf potatoes was taken, will he manned (he nnie t It may nm tr* improper in remark here, tlfit die jtotntnd rrup, lo this sfrtioii, wus uncommonly hght, t<ei)i*r*lly. Scvrr il «hn -aw my crop *«hilo tiftihi'nng, prnnnnneeil u iniirb tb« nest thry had *cuii. I toiputa the difietetice almanacs and try to •See Warfilftgtnn'* lru>r 17.o print Ipnlly t» miouniig and seeding, select the fi'ie*t pnttMrs fiif sen I w|i(lo g (th ering the crop • choose in pl-mt them the later part uf May or early in June, nn green* sw.ud plotgbvd mice, shallow, and <*ppty from twenty tn thirty to trls o f manuro tmm tbe hog •yard, spre.nl add harrowed. The putntoos lira cut into pieces, liavmif two o r thrte eyes in each pieco, nnd pt^cvd .three 'm a bit 1 . I choo M to plant shallow »u<* near the turfare. When they *re well u| [ hoc ih -m well, and before tltev hegtis to in iun» eis JUT* tip and (\.illd-i** ». I hue theui 4g-tin ( fm in -1 fsinjinlj Ipndi\ tit- hilt, * ot.fi l.y fail GOOD FENCES. The fillawing tnitmeratiun of the bene­ fits of good fences, is from Dickinson's Ad­ dress, from which we have heretofore made extracts: .. They save time. Th e husbandman, who is obliged to leave his team or his ta­ bor, and travel to a distant field, to drive out intruding cattle, loses much valuable time, which he knows not how to spare. 2 Gnad fences protect and secure crops, tho fruit and just reward of tail and care ; mid prevent the pain of seeing them eare- fessfy waited or destroyed ; and in this way lighten care, and sweeten the hours of rest. 3. Good fences prevent unkind feelings among neighbors; and not unfrequently, vexations and expensive lawsuits—the evils of which are sometimes teen, and felt t by the nrxt Reneration. 4. Good fences arc an ornament to a farm. An extended plain—an unbroken view of a lake, or an ocean, pruduces painful sensa­ tions; while a landscape, interspersed with bill*, and meadows, and forests, mid cleared fields, excitvs lively emotions- Sach is the pleasure arising from the view of a neatly fa tceli fencedfnrm ; associated, as it a/ways will be, with considerations of security and profit—and tho certainty of finding every ox, and bono, and cow, in his own pssture. DUcUinre,—\ few days ago, Mr, flroenr*, eihinrufihe U.S. Telegraph, gave an ail- drrss of right columns' \to ihw public,\ wherein he related minutely the causes uf (be di'ittlimon af lha Cabinet ; and hi thu chHtf, itirvitciied a disclosure uf \ouu of thu ia*.f!l suiptmluut pecuniary frauds ever at* temptvd tubs, practised upon the American people,\ Tins Intimation tuts produced a great stir at Washington, and lb* 1 to.rr. poiidenti of the U. 5 , Gazelle and Piove dance J\urnnl agree hi th* snppus tlon that therJevrlnpeinent rijates xa the mkajiptii'a* tion of Hit apnropriatinn of $^00,WO can­ toned In lha Indian Dill nf 1ST9-30, which was placed at tht disposal of the President without say check upon his conduct. It is whispered that the Telegraph version of the matter will be extremely explicit, and much in detail, nnd tliut, where it dues nut startle, it wjlt amuse. O'irer Wotcott. who JS HOW 71 years af ag« istbeonty surviving ; ineoiher uf Wasb.og- •on's f^ljinet. lie \«< ftded UexauriYr II iiutlt'in in the trea.ui v d*?p irttucitt.

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