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Page 4 LIVONIA GAZETTE • HONEOYE LAKE COURIER' LIMA RECORDER' HONEOYE FALLS TIMES Da:cmlxr 17, 1987 THE SPIRIT REKINDLED By Andrea Walton I never liked word association games, but if you had as~ed ,mc ll. week ago to come . up' with some' for Christmas ~~ .expensi ve; frantic, hassle,' ar(d even pah fiumbug - ,- would have been at the top of iny list , ... ' . . • , . : .. .' .. ~ .I\ .' hate fighting';' the crowds' at the' mall, and waiting in lilies at cash registers. 'I do a . lot of niy' shopping. loc;lll);; to avoid all the inconvenience, but can't sqem \to stay away from'the malls erttirely:' Ev'Vy year J swear' I'll 'start my Christmas shop'ping'i~J~iy,biJt of course I never do. . '. .. It seems:d to qie that the . Christmas hype started earlier this year than ever before. Many of the stores at .the mall were THANK GOD HE'S GONE! 1ack Valenti, getting into the act, said to Gorbachev jocularly that by now Gorbachev was ihird in the polls in Iowa. At the rate he was going, he'd win the primary in Iowa if he had stayed around a couple of weeks. Appropriate, maybe, given that Raisa made it quite clear that if she was going to live in the White House, some changes would need to be made. It was hard to believe. When the subjeet of human rights came up; Gorbachev, showed a touch' of Khruschev. When K. was asked about human rights in' Czechoslovakia back in 1959, he gave the journalist to understand that if Khruschev had his way, he'd remove the journalist to the Lubyanka to be taught good manners. Gorbac;hev 'didn't put it quite that way. He said he was not there to .be -interviewed, which was an odd thing to say given that there was no other reason anyone could think of why he was there .. And then there was his· famous. imprmnptu stop to say hello to' tl]e people of Washington; People arc' Gorby's current infatuation. \I 'feel,\ he' . told some Americans at a meeting in the Soviet Embassy, \we should really ponder whether ~e might not be lagging behind deeked out in October-- before Halloween! It also seemed that I . was getting less for my money ·this year. 'Is it my imagination .or are the shopping bags (the ones.that cost 50 cqnts a piece) thinner? And how about those gift boxes? Did you notice that Sibleys doesn't give you a box at the point of purchase? They send you to another department. . Yes folks, a\week ago at this time I was a real.grinchy Scrooge. I even began to hate the sound 'of those bells. in Livonia that . play Christmas I carols. Christmas had somehow lost all its pleasant associations. It all boiled down to one big hassle. What changed niy attitude? Children. You sec, we had asked primary school ON THE RIGH'T by William F. Buckley, Jr. the sentiments, the feelings, of our peoples.\ Gorbachev's \people\ would like most of all to be free, and Gorbachev is certainly lagging behind in giving his people what they'd like. An example of the new U.S. sophistication· is given by John Williams, who happened to be on ihe sidewalk where Gorbachev stopped. He is identified as an' executive assistant with the Council for Court Excellence. His comment was that· he' wasn't entirely appeased on the matter of, the Soviet Union~ But· \it does display 'some kind of amazing trust in the American people,\ he said. Hard to tell exactly what he expected the American people to do to Gorbachev when he stopped suddenly to shake hands. Lynch him? But the great. surprise was that of Mr. Reagan when he called in the four columnists and told them. about his epiphany. He said that he has changed his mind about. the Soviet Union, which he no longer believes wishes. to stress Marxism- Leninism throughout the world. \Possibly the fundamenuil change is that in the past, Soviet leaders have openly expressed their acceptance of the Marxist theory of the one-world communist state; that . their obligation was to expand in the , whole world. They no longer feel 'that way.\ The president was asked how he came to that conclusion, and he replied that Gorbachev was \the first and only leader that has never stood up before\ a Communist Party gathering \and openly stated that (global) goal, as all the othcrs have.\ On Nov. 2, five weeks . children to write us letters on the theme \What Christmas Means to Me.\ Out of the mouths of these babes came words like \caring giving, Jesus, family, sharing, Santa, and love.\ Thanks kids,. your heartwarming letters reminded mcofwhat Christmas is really \all about, and how little· it has to . do. with the commerci~l aspects. ;YOU'put the merry jinglc'b\lck in l11ybells. Some of the letters appear on another page in :this week's newpapcr, and'lhe rest will be in next week. If you haven't already\ read them, I' suggest, that you do. They arc . guaranteed to rekindle the spirit of Christmas\- even in the gouchiest of Grinches. . before Reagan made ,this statement, Mikhail Gorbachcv gave a specch to 9,000 members of Communist parties from all over the world, at the Kremlin's Palace of' Congresses. The peroration of that speech was: \In October 1917, we parted with the Old World, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving , toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.\ It is dismaying to see a president with the acuity of Ronald Reagan come to conclusions that among other things would scandalize Gorbachev himself. When Roosevelt (FDR) warmed it up with Molotov in 1944-45 and said to him things on the order of, \You're too smart, Molotov old boy, to believe all that see are aye pee about communism allover the world,\ he thought he was charming the pants off Molotov. He was doing nothing of the sort. \Molotov's reaction, back home, was not unlike that of a papal delegate who had been told in confidence by a foreign leader that in his heart of hearts, he knew all that stuff about Jesus was, well, you know,' for the.birds. Mr. Reagan has beeome famous for his mastery of the Russian. phrase, \trust but verify.\ He is doing better right now at verifying holes in the ground for missiles than he is in verIfying what the communists are saying--for instance, to 6,000 communist delegates on Nov. 2. If Gorbachev is not interested on world dominion, why is he spending $10 million a day on the militarization of Cuba and Nicaragua? Why is he, with his surrogates, pounding away so heavily in Angola and Mozambique? What is it doing for Ethiopians to starve them to death under Mengistu? Why spend so much to seeure the Vietnamese position in Southeast Asia, to arm the rebels in the Philippines? Verification of Soviet behavior is what's needed. If Gorbachev is indeed going to tum his back on the faith of his fathers, God bless him. The point is that it has nol happened. I'll be seeing you in all the familiar places Isn't it strange how we end up back where we started sometimes. Usually when we've been trying to avoid it. Apologies to those in Honeoye Falls, Livonia, Honeoye and Lima, if you don't quite understand the thrust of this article, because it's primarily for remlers of the Unbolmd Jlfagazine, and if it docs make sense after all, well, then I'm sorry for apologizing. When I first stmted wriling full-blown editorials some five years ago, one of the first I did carried bold headlines where there normall y would be regular type. As I explained then, I took my cue for that idea from none other than . . MALCOLM FORBES' THEN AND NOW publisher' of Forbes Magazine. It was more of a chore then, than now, because I have a nifty computer that can chanEr .. typestyles in the wink of an eye and THEN GO AND TRASH THE WHOLE BLASTED THING ALL BY ITSELF LIKE ·IT .. DID FOR THE PAST TWo DAYS WHICH, AS YOU MIGHT IMAGINE can be rather infuriating when you're trying to get important work done on a deadline, like the one I missed yesterday. . But here I am again, clOSIng out the Christmas issue wanting to say something nic~ about the SC<L~on, and PEACE, GOOD WILL and JOY to the WORLD. It just doesn't just ha!ipen. Usually, I end up getting tlle Christmas spirit on the 20th ·of Deccmber, when I realize that %eres Jl~so[ut~[y g..{g (jOOa ~ason to Jlttempt (jetting Jlnytfiing Proauctive 'Done . because everybody has caught that holiday spirit and is jingle belling their way through the week. Well, after five YC.1rs and too many sleepless nights, I've finally gotten smart and have put myself on partial furlough for the !lfJ~)X[f WJJ~~rx~ Merry Christmas --FR WHOIS NEW IN PINK NI BLUE· AREA BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS DAILY MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:10 AM Sponsored By The Litlle Peoples House E. Main St., Near The Circle - Avon WY6l RADllIlOllI ' ,

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