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Page 6 THURSDAY, MAY 21,1987 THE LIMA RECORDER THE LIVONIA GAZETTE THE HONEOYE FALLS TIMES HONEOYE LAKE COURIER HOME IMPROVEMENTS \Home improvement contractors are virtuall y unregulated in this state,\ The speaker announced in dismay. The speaker was a State assistant attorney general. I guess I'm glad to hear someone say that there is a business that isn't regulated, even if the statement is horribly inaccurate. Ask those home improvement contractors whether they feel unregulated. There are Building Codes, Fire Codes, Energy Codes, inspectors around every comer, labor laws, worker's compensation, and taxes at every level. If a customer at home signs a contract for work to be done on his or her home, he or she has three days to cancel it even though the contractor can't cancel. The customer can hire a lawyer if dissatisfied or go to Small Claims Court without a lawyer. If the contractor is incorporated, it must hire and pay a lawyer to defend it The contractor must keep records, and those records are subject to audit by a myriad of agencies. But, in her own way, that assistant attorney general was right. There is no special act on the books governing home improvement contractors. Certainly her point must be that they are doing quite well without controls unique to their field. There does seem to be a popular view that every field of endeavor must be tightly controlled by government. Then again, there is the more popular opinion that it is government that is out of control. We may need Governor Cuomo's Ethics in Government bill more than another layer of controls in the private sector. Some home improvement contractors are large businesses. Most are not. In many areas, it requires great ingenuity to locate a plumber or electrician, and the general handyman went the way of the Passenger Pigeon about 1960. Add some more paperwork, and we won't be able to get anything built or repaired. AREA SPORTS BRIEFS by Jack Haley Honeoye Falls. Lima Girls Track Team up their record to 10-0 with a duel meet victories over Livonia and Wayland. Lara Chavin won three individual events, while Jennifer Lindsay won high jump and triple jump. Jennifer Treat won the 400, and Beth Shapiro won the shot put and discus. With victories agaisnt HFL and Wayland , Livonia's boys track team tied the Dansville Mustangs fo the Division I Title. Livonia's John Tewskbury won the triple jump and the 100 hurdles. HFL's Jim Fayer set a school record in the 200 with a time of :23.7 seconds. Fayer also won the 400. Shelly Koehnlein and Barb Lowe each homered as Honeoye defeated host Romulus. Honeoye Boys baseball team handed Naples their fust loss of the season 5·3, behind the tIuee hitter of Lloyd Trexler. He struck out eight. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR address letters to: The Editor, Downtown Magazine, Inc., PO Box A, LIvonia, NY 14487 REPRISE Now that Gary Hart is gone, Mario Cuomo has declined again acknowledging concern about having to campaign south of Scranton, and the Republicans have no viable candidate at all, isn't it about time for me to revive the three-month dormant \Clint Eastwood for President Campaign?\ Unless someone comes forth soon to seize the interest of the electorate, Clint is by far the most impressive candidate to date. Suddenly, the city has become concerned about vendors. Tom, I hope they bury you on this one. When you had good reasons for restricting the vendors, you wouldn't Now you have no reason at all. If they are in an area in which traffic is restricted, they'll move without your help. The argument is patently phony. The following letter was written by Associate Editor Dick Mayberry in response to a particularly nasty letter that appeared last week in the Honeoye Falls Times and Lima Recorder. Along with some rather short-sided critiCism, the anonymous writer stated that he/she was surprised that Dick would lower himself to be associated with the publication. Dick's response follows. --Fearless Rick Dear Anonymous: Re: Your letter, Lima Recorder, May 14, p. 2. Under the pseudonym \The Spectator\ I have written for Rick Gagliano for almost three years. My columns have ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, and cover topics of local, state, national and international interest. Writing for \Downtown\ and now Rick's regional papers in Honeoye, Honeoye Falls, Lima and Livonia, reflects a number of problems on my part. Obviously, I have an ego problem if I believe anyone cares what I think. You fed my ego when you said you were surprised that \an attorney of Dick Mayberry's ability\ writes for Rick. Your statement that I lowered myself to write for \such a publication\ struck home. I am not omniscient. I do write in part to elicit comments on the subject matter. For me, this is clearly a sideline. My mind is still, contrary to some views, open and active. I will debate you on any level and enjoy it, win or lose. If my thoughts are expressed in a forum which embarasses you, please don't engage in the debate. The local newspaper to which to wrote, and there are five so that I cannot identify the one, is a quality publication. It is, in my opinion, better than its predecessor, and will improve. Rick has been everywhere, in the coverage area, introducing himself and the organization. He is looking for qualified writers to cover local news in each of his areas. Please give the guy a chance. Your letter indicates the ability to write, if only to castigate me. Why not apply for a job? If I have the reputation you ascribe to me, you can't resent my column. \Underground AI\ on sports lines in Livonia. Assemblyman Frank Talomie is not bad, Mario Cuomo's column might have been of interest John Lesniak and William F. Buckley, Jr. may be a bit conservative, but their views arc worth reading. Please compare the quality of the paper to what it was a few months ago. Do not, if you can avoid it, hold Rick's responses against him; he has come here and worked 80 hours plus per week on a number of papers to improve their appearance and hopefully their content. Some of his responses are written at 4 o'clock in the morning! I am really only a columnist for the papers, and cannot fix policy. However, Rick is a fine journalist and does listen. So that you and others can feel that you have a voice in your local newspaper, I am asking Rick to create a local \Advisory Board\ in each of Lima, Honeoye Falls, Honeoye, and Livonia, with representative members from other municipalities covered. The function of the Boards would be to make recommendations as to local content of the papers. One recommendation not acceptable is dropping \The Spectator\ or replacing its author. The County of Monroe has now attacked smokers. Lucien Moren must think that smokers are a dying breed, so that attacking them is following popular sentiment Let me suggest that if regular folk vote their consciences, smokers vote against Moren, and anti-smokers vote for him, he loses. That from a non-smoker! Do not be too quick to kick the hundreds of thousands of remaining smokers in this area while they lie wheezing on the curb. This is an issue of interest to smokers, legislators and very few others. GLENN CARON SPEAKS AT GENESEO COLLEGE LUNCHEON TRANQUILITY CALENDAR There is now a proposal that all months except December have 30 days, with December being 35 or 36 days in length, depending upon the year. Thank goodness the movement is currently limited mostly to Canada. Under this proposal, many of our people won't even have birthdays -- they will in a sense be \unborn\. A leap year kid at least has one year in four. A \thirty-fuster\ will be completely forgotten. We spend altogether too much time tampering with our givens. The metric conversion is an example. I will probably never understand it. I do understand that I always have the wrong socket wrench set. When \Playboy\ converts \36-24-35\ to the metric equiValents, I will believe that the conversion will ultimately succeed. My last trip to my barber, and the stack of \Playboys\ indicated no change. If the metric conversation is stumbling, the TranqUility Calendar is doomed to failure. by Kevin Frisch Creator and Executive Producer of the ABC-TV series Moonlighting, Glenn Caron addressed 125 invited guests at a luncheon at the Genesco College Ballroom on May 15. \If you follow Moonligluing at all, you know I have a rough enough time writing one thing a week,\ Caron said, referring to the commencement speech he wrote and delivered for the graduation ceremony on May 16. He then explained he would simply take questions from the audience, which he did for 45 minutes. Caron, a 1975 Geneseo graduate, often referred to his \four four-and-a-half, five years at Geneseo College.\ \} adored my time here,\ he said, \nothing could be more flattering than to be asked back.\ The questions focused mostly on Caron's experience in Geneseo and on his successful television series. Asked how much of Glenn Caron is in Moonlighting star Bruce Willis, Caron insisted \I don't think there's all that much - my wife begs to differ. Also, he's not as good-looking as I am.\ One of the few PridJe & Joy' ~;~: Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning --Anniversary Special-- FREE Deodorizing & 3M Scotchguard ··FREE ESTIMA TES-- MITZI & JANITOR JOE CICERO 346 .. 5797 Glenn Caron, Creator and Executive Producer of the ABC- TV series Moonlighting, gestures during his luncheon speech at the Union College Ballroom May 15 at SUNY Geneseo. Photo by Jack L Haley criticisms Moonlighting receives genuinely enjoyed his college has to do with its troublesome years. \What a wonderful inability to meet it~ deadline. opportunity,\ he said repeatedly, \I'm less concerned with making regarding college in general and 22 of something,\ said Caron in Genesco College in particular. defense, \than I am with making He noted college life a group of things I'm proud of.\ scemed \not quite as wreckless as He also said his staff has taken it used to be. The wrecklessness on additional writers to combat was a wonderful part of the this problem in the coming college experience.\ season. Caron also lamented the Caron projected his drop in popularity of the liberal pleasant personality consistently arts major, due to what he called while taking questions. When a new sense of pragmatism. told a lot of Geneseo people look Reflecting on his own liberal up to him, he joked, \you guys arts degree, he said, \There's are easily fooled.\ something wonderful about Caron seems to have continued on next page 'r\\\\\\\\\\\\I\II.' I ROBERT A. ~ I CONNORS I I PAVING, INC. I I ~ ~' ~ ... \ V Blacktop ~ ~ v Sand and Gravel ~ ~ . , ~ ~ vStone ~ ~ Quality Workmanship ~ ~ Phone: &24-1520 (office) 229-5935 (home) I .'J;\\'I.IJ\\\\\\\\.I\\~ i

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