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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, May 02, 1968, Image 10

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/ ♦V w aAiN.y, Cowlef-OawH# Thursday, May 2, 1968 1 0 TUES WEIU,: NI TTS 1 The fust woman, hired, as a . -telephone pueritt.u- was E im p a ' .I'M. Nil ft in Bo-son in 187H The Iot'i ond' was , lief..si-der, Stella. *“ grc»’» a a w i » 't»Ja^Met>» 3 u ijwaiah By E51MA 'GiMtLODK - George,.-Fetzer of Phelps. Sun • hmnson were Sundav guests pf worth, children Jane and Jinn Port Gibson — Mrs. Howard day. H . .v. , . .his. hrpthrr.Majjriec-BAker and , my ..were Sunday .dinner guests l o r n s o n s o Burgess,-i.he~Misses Fern, -Emilia iffOSS; CAN WUET vf ■ orp'ms 4preCv— *■’’0 • <iO SHQPPif '-kMrw.wywiCE9 rtMANK Vdtfie!©'” T h AHK VCU MUCH. VOU’P E ■ SWEL l GliiVTO v *0Rk- FCQ..;• - • EGQ&ET-jT ’ SHDP'AROUNp IP YCU WI5H, ' BUT IT AtLu JuSl &$OVE H lo r r i io n ’s Mike and Mark,.' McCtie el family'.' ■- \ <5. aj,.of ■ Mrs. Farnsworth’s mother ii Lyjta Guiiui k railed on Newark spoilt Tatsdhy^Vveniiii', The Junior Yuuth Fellowship Nirs. Evelyn; Noble of Newark. :a/. mul Mrs Richard Gurlorn ,AiUi their graiidpS’fents 'Mr. held u dance Saturday evening^ ruin Goellner attended a Clas- : h id -l'unuiy of Clifton St.,', a n d Mrs. Dale Wuife -at the Firem en’s Hall. The Jun- Sjc ca r Club meeting Sunday at | . f h e lps.’N. V. Sunday afternoon:. . -Mr'and Mrs. Mnsoiii A. Porter-‘iors vverc Karen Wright. Dawn:Corning. ': Mr. .mch Mr,s’ Roger Yost, Si*, n f Ciyde liad supper with'...Hadloe'k, Beverly Combs, Do.-. Mr ^ Mrs. David Slone-of lores Farnsworth. Fam Hyman. jju[niyra were suiiday dinner >nz J-w£ MEMOLKSj| F . i .lAt.iasu-K ,| is the BEST PLACE V I IN TOWN TOOEAU \ T - Lt ^ WITH\ soils Roger Jr. and Jeff of tli*-, ttieir granddaughters,. ^Mary. Moud-miir. Road were Suiid iy i'Cheryl and Pam Saturday, supper guests of Roger’s par-; ent.s Mr. and Mrs Lee Yost Mrs Robert Martin a dnti'hter M<-linda of Hoimoy\ Jiain. Bush .and; Miss ' Hazel wen; Thursday , . ih-rnopn and';,F,iriiswoi'th attended; a bo.wlltig ■eyenihg guests of Mrs: Cindy Burgess, Kristi and Kevin .Rude., with a few senior yoiith guests of Mr. and Mrs. William .Mr. and Mrs, Ctavid1 Crawford, M ,,, » i r s r p “ “ 1 u ° \ m ml Farnsworth, Mi. uiid Mrs Wi. There were about 20 present with ..their .leaders. Gary u;td „ i , „ . . Bonnie Burges:.. Refreshments Biuce banquet a t Cmtlli-s. Country wel.a gefved during the evening. - Hntup Ri.<tn lirait: Bndn.q Sifihir- ‘ , . „ m The Boy Scouts of Troop 1-22 ffofn Fort Gibson., with their were about 20 Dreseht daughter Laura-' of Rochester were about 20 present. calied on j ^ . Khoury W jg i r t f House Restaurant, Sodus Satui - day evening. Laura Lee, Burgess, daughter scoutmasters who spent the Saturday afternoon. Mrs, Eugene Kelly spent Sun-, day in Palmyra with her daugh­ ter, Mrs. Carl Sharrow and hus- baiid. ' - . ^ George DeLaney has returned ! CO L O R PICTURE TUBE W A R R A N T Y morrison 1 0 . Mai.un. Mrs. Lloyd Howell and chil­ dren Jack., Andy. JuhO and Matthew attended. ..the...Anne [:of.. mE„ and Mrs. Gary Burgesi Weekend c.a-mping at McFaul’s MacLeod daiif- i\nlal 111 Njnv- uf ( oiinty Road 27 was a pa- vVoods, Hydesville, were Bern- home1 after spending several ark Saturday Jui.ic. took part in ..tie-,t at the • Ncw'ark-Waytic* aru sim onse, John and Jim ( weeks in the Newafk-Wayne the feciital. ,■ jedtiimuiniy - Hosplifil-flife^veeit:--tCTnti; gicky' Busir' ,a^Td:-'\ ^ 'a^T^0n,>m:a^^y - .Miss Bonnir Goodall arrived j Eujene Jj. (fnd Steven, son of Nichols.- j Mr.r and Mrs. Willard Cook home-W ednesday alter a tw o M r ai)d Mrs.. Eugene Fletcher ' Robert \Cole son Don,.Mr. and- and' Mrs. Joseph Koeltz of Ne.w- \w»ekfejnp to-LHBdon. .Eiml.inth :of ■ county Road 2-i wereTSatur--Mrs. -Paul Cole, Donald cole, I ark were -Sunday guests of Mr. Mrs Clark Stov.cll called-on day night guests of ■ their cou- F rancis GuchoneVJ'm and K en-1 and Mrs. Laurence Fellows nf, Mr.s.'George Beatty of Palmy-r.i .sms Roger and Jeff Yost of .the neth Crawford attended, a mo- Flint, N. Y. Thursday. ' ■ iFloodmar. -Road. torcycle run at Newfield*, N. Y. . v, ■Ioev. -Debbie and Seana -Rol-.^ - Mr. j(nj^Mrs.. Jc.hri DeYuyst of Sunday, land, childreh df'.Mrl'and'Mrs'iRaTuiyr.V were supperguests \dr ' W s c Tflihhie Varmverbnke -of Roy Rolland, children of M r.!their dfrugtfttr and family Mr Avon and Mrs. Caroline Wine “It’s Smart T o Buy Where You Get Service\ #>*£331*3370 • LYONS ROAD • NEWARK and.Mrsl Roy RoiiaacLOf- Plwlpsiand Mrs, Robert Arthurten on gat’d of Webster etriled, on-their j ispe’nt J the , wdekend ‘with their ^Tuesday eYenhtg. — ' - »• brother William Bejie.tt&, .and grand Charles .Rolland of Field St. Macedon Promotion at Pensacola ' Communications Y Third Class Glen C. Jackson, trSNr. son'ST \BTfr'aTia-Mrsr-Ger^' - MF. I children Bonnie, David Jr. Und- ,®*r- apd WrS- Fred aid'A. Jackson of Canandaigua |;| Mrs. Wiiham Rogers of Mont-,;Daii\iy spent SundaySunday jn Clydelyde burghurgn andna ciaugntetaugnt?!• Aprii^tpm 01 Rnarioad-, ;Mncprionacedon, andnd husbandusband off ] clair, N. J.. who has been curing !withi Mrs. \ jn C b a a f m R M .a h o D ayton’s brother SP™ \ rport; ^ ^ e Srntday after-1 the ^ Dianne G. noon callers ron Mr: and M fs. Phillips of 1504 Quaker R o a d ,: TlfrYEftR Sixteenth Annual '.for her, parents Mr.. and Mrs. Jaiiies -and, Mrs. Barnes. - t - ............... 'Glen Lyon, foi’^everal weeks r e - ; . Mrs. -Bruce' Mourn spent and 1 Palmyra, has‘ been- advanced-b turned Tuesday ;o.ber h o n e for, weekend in Rochester *ith - her 1-his ' present rtifc w-hile -setiing a-few. days. Mrs.- Jessie McClel--daughter Mrs. Notmati Matilo, A ’qitedThe tlsn the-Nhval A ir'Staftodil’eiiSa- l„„ piihiiyr.i K W j O j j 'cS ” / , » 2 ' * J 5 « * . * * . - ' ' Idau-hter I^vnne*tc attended mh Lotrhworth Park-Sunday after- ,| His advancement was based mutioiuti i.yim . u..outjtaeg..ic n_ -------- - Ion—t-tme—m- servise -and -rirter Mr. and . Mrs. Clark Siowell ] military- appearance, perforpt thri- Mr. and Mrs. Lyon for dttys. Mr and' Mis. Jay Vandcr-.Anne MacLeod ’ dr. nee' recital on.\.'it ul, Ne\Hu i: weiy, louud«i.V, Saturday N f : ■•i.rk, Lynr.ct;r ROTARY BEMEFIT K-FUNt> v - umts of Mr. ar.d Mrs. Qark j’taking partY.'n_ • ' 1 AjirU 26. a t l h e M a r i o n Central I Navy-wide . test lor promotion, j St-well 1 Mi and Mrs Roy Rolhmd ‘ gi andchildreu Pensacola ,E til-.- home of t h e 1; .Mr m Mrs. Ciu.fHcs Rtfilnrid were weekend .guests- of hij ^ uiaX^ ir;. ^ “ mn took Naval Air Basic Training Com-* called on Mr, .-nd Mrs. Frank in -1 Mf . R ^ p d ^ irtyln*Utt rcciiav ! m ,-nd where alt- .naval aviators 41 o f. tananc„.tgua Sunday <4 Co n e l. - \ , Ml. and M-rs.' Robert Arthur- bre trhinedf If Ts also the home evening • \ The suLs Bowlinfi Teanf,-spi.n- ,<>n anfj t a u g h t . T r i m , . D e b -, of the Navy’s piiEision . flighrj Mrs sherm.ai Wilson attended -s-red by Stott s Dry Cleaners •: rfaUv.ft Mia. Douatas Dc- exhibition team tl« Blue. An- • tlF OWeih. ^ i m i a ' R a m ,, tin smc. mi , ('oinmittre .-n e e .i i n g Saturday a ! nient at - Rainbow - E a n ^ _ in V u ^ 1 ‘lnn,?nr^ “ : Werdsport Saturday. Those pir#--; dinnci, gut.st.. ticipating from Por.tr - Gib.1!- 1 {>! Mr- , .. ..... called o il His mothei Mrs. Wade were Blanche .Martyn, . ° f ^ * ltha^ VS 5 ' | ; , Adams at tin- Lyoiu. Community -Sherman. Jeanne O'Connor a i W p - J . m -H-stJital Sunday • .Alice, Curtis of JShortsV-Ule and . « ! - ~ v . ,, „ -1- - M T and M r s W a i t e r ' S n v d e r - ; Carol Zadnuia of N e w a r k . : - « r . and Mrs. tansinfi Go.odall.. ivij- ana mis waiwr onyuer-i. >, .......... x,-. .*™; dtumhters Bonn-.- anjl- Lynette, • Capandaigua inn. Mr and Mrs Ri bert Aflams Suhdav of Har.-e.v Leonard Two Servings: 5:30 - 6:3Q and 6:30 - 7:30 Sodus Central School CHILDREN A DU I IS . $ 2 . 0 1 ) 1 3 . 2 5 ' n Timothy ®o(jd«!l Lnf Rorhester siynt Saturday;, froop No. 302 hiked. .w ith. Jus hmliier Mrs.^Hcnxy , Outlet Bafur- i £ , ht Ttn., ,.d.,d show- • snvdcr ‘ tfav. fiv e nulrs nno waV. wAh rt.uit,n.tri u n a <uunaca a snow Mr. -and 'MsS-’-'feHana -Wirth ^ v e r iy shermaiC”' ^ \ B W f ‘tv- home of Mr. luidren Terrv C'-.rol and Jackie Those xworkiiig for their Flint- <<n4 PArs Leon DeCann of Ford hiidien T iny. Cuiol and Jaiku. Travt,lrr Gvpsy_ Badgf, . Rond. for their meec Miss Wen- were Valerie C-h'. HoDe6Robal)i Ay Wilictte and Mr Ronald L , son. Karen Wriclit. Dawn Hati- Bn-tton. ,both of Spencerport: Jock. -Marie Klimirv. ClK-rt-i -Mrs. . J ames . Giuwfofd rc-. attended me Unine 544 D-iriv -n H-u:dy. ' Leigh Hardy. Debhu- ' arm'd home Tnursday from V M. M4 I Debbie Vmidembrhd UV Jfqivdrk-Wayne.. Community. 41 11 H ' bmumuy ev e . y ■ Vandenbout. Sharon TtdFrTr' Hospxtar’^ Fre- she- had ucen a Mr. and Mrs. -‘ Cla-yk Stow?Il i «',n-( Bonni f ^ y f o n r M eia-' Ar- Mirgtehl-paWenh ( . f called on Mrs Elmer --Peck andG n - Dulmcs Bush, Mary i Miss Janet Yen. of Field St. Wr. vin-rv r.f Wiiii-im IHybia-n. Tliey w7>re aecompa- was Sunday nign* guest of Miss ’ ’ son ktond-iv uf ^ llham ' | nied b y assistaht leader Mrs. Cathy He-htme of -Atwater St. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman W ilson!Bu!h Hai^-V 111 *>er car... Mrs. Stanley Burcroff had of Palhiyra called on Mr. Wirth's parents Mr. and Mrs. Dale Wir’h Sunday evening Air, and ..Mr*. Donald Hvaiaa - BEWEF8TS attended a surprise birtliday ■p.oriy for Mrs: Marjorie aide. BOY SCOUTS STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS ROTARY FOREIGN STUDENT PROGRAM AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE ^ ROTARY HANDICAPPED CHILDREN'S CAM P - MYERS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL : * COMMUNITY BETTERMENT 'Betty‘Simonse, Bill B u sh'Pat- Blind ay amnei: with her son -Ja- - Tl.i- W M t t M M H igh Stlrn,,] W m iam M n ‘ ‘ .............................. ..Methodist Church. \A / n t n ■. P a c a - i i r r e r Mi', and Mrs. Robert Camp-1 I ' C S U U H . c a bell and daughter Barbara of _ -, _ . San Francisco, Calif, are spend-\ DOQTCI fO C .O n Q U C t ' ing a\-couple weeks with his par-1 Band and Chorus concert Fri day evening. Her son Jim took part in the chorus Mr. and .Mrs. Kenneth ..Mllli- ,kin, and family of Rose called - B H O C K S “ multiple chev / able - 100's -■ $3.29- - REG. $2.29 VASELINE White Petroleum JELLY IN PLASTLC N u r s e r y j a r 12 Oz. REGl 8!T c REG. $1.39 THE OUTSIDE PAINT THAT LASTS,.LASTS AND LASTS Thursday evening on’ Mr- ; ents Mr. jind Mrs. Gerald Camp- C i j ; - . Mrs. Robert Adams and family. i be!1 of the Floodman Road.\ M U C l i e S OTI U U t l e t ' Mrs Her.ry Snyder w as the: jyjrs Donald Cole returned' ; guest (Sf her mother M rs., homo Sunday fr o m Florida .Vernon Hyatt, chairman of the , f ^ ----------- wpere she visited, John Halla- w a-Orit'-Yii1 Water Resources than,’ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sedg\ j Board, has annminced ,a series- I wick' at Clearwater; Mr. a n d 'of studies on Canandaigua Out- Mrs. Stuart Chapman of Sem -; leL Areas subject to flood dam- inole. and- Mr and Mrs. L y le. a s e are being . investigated as Sfterman of Wiiliainsville, N. y . I well as the total capacity of the ‘ who were a t the Chapmans. She [ channel. | flew to Miami whrre she visited:| Also under study is the use of' Msr. Richard Fleck and M rs.! reservoirs, in addition to Canan- ; Eva Fleck, Mr. and Mrs. w il- daigua Lake, to control flow in liam Smith, Mr. and Mrs. -Lloyd | the Outlet and possible im p rove! Burcroff, Mr. and Mrs. Bru&e fishing potential Tliis will On-1 Barrelle; Mr. and Mrs. Stuart ! able the Board Jo advance one j Patfcrson, Mrs. Dolores R itten-1 step further in ' its planning house and Mrs. Bolva Brown o f ; w hich includes Jake regulation,1 Coral Gables, J * m eans of decreasing flood dam- • Those attending the Flremen’s'l ages, rccreulion dependent on 1 bawling tournament the -past4-waterT and otliens^ . ; weekend at Plattsburg. were I Cooperating agencies in the ■Mr. and Mrs -Lester Nicfiols,- sfudy- -ol- tlic-O u tlef -in-ef-ude- the ■ Mr. and Mrs’. Egrl Nicbols, Mr. U. S. Corps and Engineers--the and Mrs. Ernest .Rude, Mr. ?nd U. S. Soil Conservation ‘Service Mrs. Earl Rice, and Mr.. find■ vria the NiAv yhrk s t a t r XrtvisTfm ' Mrs i.niils VanParys. , - o f Fish and Gfanr, as well as tlir Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lannrtn State Division of Water R e - - and daughter Kim called on Mr. sources which has the overall and Mrs. Garv East aiid baby technical responsibility .of com- Todd of Marlon Sunday. - , pletiilg the .Judy. • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tack - - called on Mr. and Mrs Peter A feedlot with 1,000 cattle lias -Mouse of-MUmon ihui>day, - --th e sam e waste rtisposai prop- - Mr. and Mrs Laurence Baker lorn as a city with 16,400 peo- anci daughter Florence of Wil- pie. . . . 4 Soo-tfie light special J J 1 ' F3irlahe 2.-Dpor Hardtop equipment includes Vmyl-covered roof • Pleated vinyl seats • Body side moldings • Wheel covers.- Whitewalls • Torino HAIR SPRAY . 13 Oz. REG. 79c NfW\INSIDE PAINT WITH TH£ BUILT IN SECOND GDAT . jnetgfcjyqArS^-. • to the gallon - d ED W A R D S PainT & Wallpaper 132 E, Union DE 1.-2615 Newarlc, N . Y. Aathony & Alargarct Maugiri Owners BRACH’S Chpcolai’e Covered OHERRIES REGJ 89c SUPER SWORD EDGE BUMS 69c Express Your.. , Build a Bennett Home and have, what yoiFwant where . you want it. B.enpett can . assist yoii-in fmcjing a site and arranging fmanting-. FRfE DESIGN SERVICE Your P/an or Ours •* nUARANTEEO PR'CE U.S. PLAYING BRIDGE, PINOCHLE, POKER \AVIATOR\ REG. 49c KEN LA R S O N , Inc. NEWARK-PALMYRA RD. PHONE 331-3223 NEWARK, N. Yx -Area j y s m R e p resentative L. Koester 525 V\ ahvorth Rd. Walworth, hf. Y. Phone 597-4972 - Bqnnotl Homes, 190 OHvcr St. North Tonawanda, fi. Y. Send’me a FREE BtSpneit Homos Catalog Name Address . City & State Dept. UU-31 flshe 2 Cell BJlSHUMfl REG. \59 c WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO, LIMIT QUAHTITiES

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